Posted:  March 18, 2009

Zane and Connor sat quietly and watched Aiden, aka Snake, and Quinn, a junior both knew, head in the opposite direction from them. 

“I guess that answers that question, huh?” Connor smiled.

“Yeah, what a lucky fucker,” Zane laughed.

“Maybe he is but not nearly as lucky as I am,” Connor smiled.

“Sorry, I’m one lucky fucker too,” Zane said. “Quinn is hot and never dreamed he was gay.  His track friends would die, huh?”

“Like I said, I don’t care what someone is now.  Aiden’s a good guy and is a hell of a swimmer.  I don’t know much about Quinn other than he does smoke sometimes.”

“Maybe they’re going to get high,” Zane said.

“Who knows?” Connor stated.

“See no telling how many gays we have at school,” Zane said. “Chill out and everything will work itself out.”

“I will,” Connor said.  They kissed briefly and groped each other.  Neither didn’t care if Aiden walked up on them or anyone else for that matter.

Connor and Zane separated and left the park.  Connor called home to see if his mom had cooked which she hadn’t.  Connor stopped for a double cheeseburger and went home.

He saw Cookie’s truck parked on the street when he drove up.  He entered his house to find Cookie sitting with his sister.

“Hey Cookie,” Connor spoke.

“Cookie?  Who’s Cookie?” Emily, his sister, asked.

“Emily, we call Brandon that in the locker room.  He gets in the shower and thinks he’s David Cook,” Connor laughed.

“I would kill on American Idol, huh?” Cookie smiled.

“Yeah if they let you sing naked in a shower,” Connor laughed.

“We’re going to kill tomorrow, huh Flat Board?” Cookie laughed.

Connor saw his sister looks, “My ass is flat as a board.”  Connor turned around and showed he had no ass under his jeans. 

“Connor!” his mom stated.

“It is,” Connor laughed.  “YeahCookie, we will but we’ll miss Kevin and Ben for sure.”

“I know but at least a got a sweet assignment,” Cookie smiled.

Connor climbed the stairs to head to his room.  He logged on his computer and checked Facebook.  He read his emails before lying on his bed to watch television.  He did enjoy a good jackoff session before falling asleep for the night.

The next day Friday at high school, Connor bolted past his regular group and went to find Zane.  Zane was normally right on time and didn’t socialize much before school started.  Connor spotted him driving up and waited to walk with him into school. 

“This is first,” Zane smiled, dressed in jeans and a Polo shirt.

“I would rather be with you,” Connor said.

“Damn Connor, you’re as big a fag as Zane,” both heard and turned to see Tom right behind them.

Connor shrugged his shoulders, “Oh well, he’s my friend and a hell of swimmer.”

“You guys won’t do shit this year without me,” Tom stated.

“Maybe we will, maybe we won’t,” Connor said. “At least it is fun now.”

Tom laughed, “Yeah, all you faggot cock suckers having an orgy after practice now, huh? I know you are and love every moment of it too. Zane, I bet your asshole is so loose now after taking all those cocks.”

“Fuck off, Tom! I’m tired of your shit!” Zane said and stood it as long as he could.

Tom threw Zane to the ground in a quick swift motion.  Connor summoned up the strength and pulled Tom off Zane before any punches were thrown.

“All three of you to the office!” they heard the voice of their principal.

Zane and Connor walked in front with the principal holding Tom and motioned to a student that witnessed the incident.  He pulled them into his office and slammed the door.

“What was that all about!” he shouted.

“Ummm… nothing really, sir,” Tom stated.

“What then was Connor doing pulling you off Zane?” the principal asked and looked at the four.

“We were… just horsing around,” Tom said.

“Michael, what did you see?”

“Ummm… nothing really, sir,” Michael said.  “Just Tom grabbing Zane and pushing him to the ground.  Connor was pulling Tom off.”

“Thanks,” Tom said to Michael.

“Tom, do you really like causing trouble here?  I heard you get your kicks out of tormenting some of the students,” the principal asked.

“If a guy tells you to f-off, what would you do?” Tom said.

“Zane?” the principal asked.

“Sir, he’s constantly on my case.  I can only take so much.  I did tell him to f-off to get him to leave me alone,” Zane plainly stated.

“Tom, why do mess with Zane?” the principal asked.

“He’s a faggot and I hate faggots, plain and simple sir,” Tom said.

“Pure hatred huh?” the principal asked.

“Yeah, hate em all,” Tom stated.

“Michael and Connor, you guys are finished.  Ask Ms. Jackson for a pass to get in your classes,” the principal said. “I have to talk to these two alone.”

Connor and Michael got up and headed out.  Connor headed to class, wondering what the punishment would be for Zane for opening his mouth. 

At lunch, Connor found Zane eating after searching the halls for him.

Zane smiled, “Dude, it was fucking beautiful.  I didn’t get shit but Tom got nailed for a week with in-school suspension.  Mr. Glover raked Tom over the coals and sympathized with me after I admitted I was gay.”

“Awesome. I was so worried,” Connor said.

“What’s so awesome?” Kevin asked and sat his tray down.

Zane and Connor filled Kevin, Ben and a few others, including Aiden and Quinn, in on the full details.  They all laughed hearing Tom got the worst end of the deal.  They finished off the lunch hour talking about the meet, which got all of them psyched for it.  Kevin and Ben had long since accepted their punishment over the party issue and would be there alongside their teammates.

After classes, Connor found Zane and headed to the pool for the dual meet with a smaller local private school in the area.  Coach spoke very little while the swimmers dressed for the meet.  The crowd was sparse with only a handful of parents and a couple of students there to watch the meet. The meet went off without a hitch with Connor and Zane’s team edging out the other school.   Connor won one of his swims along with killing in the relays.  Zane finished second to the best 100 meter swimmer in the state and liked the progress he was making.  The team did miss the contributions of the missing 5 but knew they would be able to go next week in a city wide meet that featured all the teams in the city.

The locker room after the meet was a little excited from the meet and gave some of the younger swimmers like Cookie a little experience.  While showering and dressing, they all wanted to head out as a group or as many as possible to down some food for their bodies.  

Most of the team drove to a local cheap pizza buffet to eat as much as possible.  Now they enjoyed spending time with each other except for a few who weren’t as team spirited or were just aloof.  They ate and ate until the pizza place closed at 10.

Most of the guys walked out together.

“Oh fuck no,” Kevin said in a panic and pointed.

It was Tom heading in their direction.  “There you gay fucks are!” Tom said with glazed eyes, dressed in a large coat. 

“Look Tom, you brought all of this on yourself,” Kevin said.

“All because of this little gay fuck,” Tom reached and grabbed Zane around the neck.  Zane’s eyes grew wide when he felt something sticking in back.

“You’ve lost your fucking mind!” Kevin said. “Quit messing around here!”

Tom pulled the gun from Zane’s back and waved it for all to see, “Bitches, you want some of this shit.  Bring it on motherfuckers!!”

Zane was frightened for his life.  He did the only thing he knew and grabbed Tom’s arm holding the gun.  The gun blasted off in the air after Zane leaned over and bite Tom’s arms as hard as he could.  “Fuck!!!” Tom screamed in pain. Now the parking lot was buzzing with action from the attention of the gun blast. 

Kevin grabbed the gun from Tom’s hand and pointed it at Tom.  His hands were shaking, “Bitch, who’s the boss now?”

“I was…just trying to scare this little fucker,” Tom said with his eye wide open. “Just give me the gun.”

“Not on your life,” Kevin said with the gun shaking in his hand. 

Zane ran into the arms of Connor.  Connor kissed Zane on the mouth and didn’t care who saw it.  Sirens blared in the background with Kevin holding the gun on Tom.  The crowd was growing while Connor and Zane held each other with the police fast approaching. 

The police skidded to a stop and pulled their weapons at Kevin.  Kevin threw up his hands and fell to the ground.  A policeman grabbed the gun while Tom jumped in his car.  He hit the accelerator to speed away with tires smoking.

“That’s the guy you want!” Ben pointed. “It’s his gun and he started this mess.”

One policeman jumped in his car to chase after Tom. The others sat on the ground and explained what had happened.  It took over an hour to get everyone’s stories.  The cops finally told them they had Tom in custody and he wouldn’t cause them anymore trouble since he had pending troubles as it was.

“So Connor, are you and Zane…?” Ben asked.

“Yeah we are boyfriends,” Connor admitted. “I was shitting my boxers and knew Tom was crazy but damn.”

“What a way to come out, huh?” Aiden laughed.

“Right now, I don’t care,” Connor said. “You let someone have a gun to the person you really care for and see how you feel.”

“That is so cool, dude,” Kevin said. “I think most of us had a feeling you two had something going on. I was scared shitless for Zane, too.”

“We do,” Zane smiled and kissed Connor.  The two kissed for a minute.

“Hell fire, we were all scared,” Aiden said. “That kiss was hot, dudes!”

Connor looked up and saw Zane’s parents racing to his side.  The next thing he saw was his mom racing into the parking lot.  Zane’s mom ran out the car and grabbed her baby.  Connor’s mom did the same.

“Brandon called the house and told us what happened,” Connor’s mom said.
“I had to call Zane’s parents.”

“Are you boys okay?” Zane’s dad asked.

“I am now.  Still shaky though.  Dad, he had a fucking gun in my back. I was scared he would do something stupid,” Zane said.

“Zane grabbed his arm when he was being a showoff and bite a big chunk of his arm.  Kevin here grabbed the gun and held it on that crazy ass son of a bitch.  Mom, I was scared he was going to hurt my boyfriend,” Connor said.

“Your what?” Connor and Zane’s mom both said together in shock.  They both looked at their sons.

“Zane and I are boyfriends, aren’t we?” Connor said.

Zane put his arm around Connor and kissed him, “Yes we are!”

“Alright, party’s officially over,” Zane’s dad announced to the others that were still there. “We have business to take care of here.”

The others dispensed and headed to their cars. 

“Son, is this for real?” Zane’s mom asked.

“Mom, it is.  That’s the cause of this whole matter…” Zane told his parents and Connor’s mom the story with his arm around Connor.

Connor’s mom took a deep breath, “Connor, we do need to talk privately about this.”

“Yeah Zane, we need to as well,” Zane’s mom said.

“Mom, please let Connor stay with me tonight.  I need him worse than ever.  There was a lot that went down tonight and need a warm body to hold me,” Zane pleaded. “I want the person I love to be with me in my time of need.”

“That’s insane,” Zane’s mom said.

“Honey, if Jennifer will let Connor, I think the boys are pretty serious.  From what I’ve heard it sounds like a pretty dramatic and horrifying experience,” Zane’s dad said. “Jennifer?”

“I guess he can,” Jennifer said. “Connor, be home early though.”

“See you two at home then,” Zane’s dad said and left in the car.

Connor and Zane got in the car.  “Man, what a fucking night,” Connor said in relief.

“Tell me about it.  Connor, I knew he was going to pull the trigger and end it all there.  He reeked off weed and crack I think.  He was fucking high as shit.”

“That was pretty obvious.  My only question was how the hell did he know we were there?”

“I have no clue. I bet one of those like Soup or Roger opened their mouth.”

“Soup has been known to hang with the wrong crowd,” Connor stated.

“I could really use your love tonight.  I don’t care what we do later on.  I do need you to hold my close,” Zane said. “Man, my dad was actually cool about this, huh?”

“We’ll see just how cool is he is in private,” Connor said.

They drove in the drive and parked.  Zane’s dad was waiting on them in the living and pointed to the couch.  “Rough way to end a good night, huh?”

“You’re telling us,” Zane said. “Tom was high as all get out.”

“Guys, the cat is now out of the bag,” Zane’s dad stated. “You both know from now on things are different.  Zane, we will not treat you differently and suspected you were a little different.  This explains a lot over the past 3 months.  Your mom and I noticed you had changed and were withdrawn. Honestly we didn’t know if it was drugs or what.  This we can live with.”

“Dad, it was rough the first month.  Connor has been my savior,” Zane said. “He’s really helped out a lot and made things a little normal now.”

“Guys I’m not stupid and know what goes on between two good looking gay guys,” his dad stated. “Zane, at one time, I thought I was curious too.  I fooled around a guy or two little here and there.  To me it was what I called a phase.  I want the honest truth here, are you guys sexually involved?”

Both Zane and Connor’s faces grew blush from embarrassment, “Dad, we are.”

“Okay then,” his dad rubbed his chin. “Are you both going through a phase or really gay?”

“I’m gay, Dad.  I have no desire to be with a girl whatsoever,” Zane said. “I’m very attracted to guys and have been for some time now.  In a way, I’m glad this is all out but not like I expected to come out to you and mom.”

“I think I am now.  I love Zane to death so I guess I am as well,” Connor said.

“Yeah dad, he kissed me in front of everyone there tonight.  No one really knew he was gay,” Zane stated.

“I was scared something really awful was going to happen.  The kiss just happened as did telling everyone you were my boyfriend.  You do things when you are frightened.  My defenses were gone plus I really didn’t care who saw it or what was said.”

“You both are brave young men for tonight in all aspects.  I’ve gained a ton of respect for you two and know both of you can handle this relationship.  I can see a lot of love and devotion between you two.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell either one of you how hard this is going to be.  You really have to have some thick skin.  I do have a very serious question for you, are you safe?” his dad raised his eyes.

“I’m safe now,” Zane said. “Connor, like always, was there for me.”

“I was trying to be nice,” his dad said. “Do you practice safe sex?”

“Yes sir, we do and plan to continue to do so,” Zane smiled.

“Guys, you know sex is an act of love and devotion.  I know that in the world today it is now become a game to a lot of people.  Hell, I know guys who think nothing of having casual sex with a girl and then never speaking to them again.”

“Yeah, we do too,” Zane said. “Dad, this hasn’t been going on for a long time.  Seriously we are still learning but it has been fun.  We do think we have something special going here.”

“Ummm… I think I can see that,” his dad stated. “I don’t mind saying either that both of you are nice looking guys.”

“We think so, too,” Connor laughed.

“Guys, it’s been a long night,” his dad said. “I think we should go to bed.”

“Yeah,” Zane smiled.

“Son, enjoy it while you can,” his dad winked at him.

“I will trust me,” Zane said. 

Zane hugged his dad and told him thanks.  He grabbed Connor’s hand and kissed him.  “Now it’s our time.”


Hope you are liking this story.