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Posted:   February 28, 2009

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Connor woke the next morning with Zane basically lodged up against him.  He was now thankful he put back on his boxers before falling asleep.  He quietly rose and found the bathroom to take a full needed morning piss.  He washed his hands before returning to find Zane now up.  Zane turned on his television and motioned for Connor to join him in bed.

Connor came and lay next to Zane and felt Zane’s arm go around his shoulder.  Zane looked him deep in the eyes, “Last night was very special to me.  You had the guts to admit you wanted to be with me and even better returned to be with me.”

“Guts or sheer stupidity,” Connor laughed.

“So you think it was stupid to have sex with me?”

“Zane, it was guts to come out and on to you. The sex was fucking great!”  The stupid part is what will follow after this.  I don’t know if I could handle it as well as you have.”

“Handle it, hell, I’ve been a fucking recluse since I was found out.  Every time someone mentioned it or made a smart ass comment, I was ready to fight but summoned up the fortitude not to be as ignorant as they were.  Connor, there’s no way I’m telling a sole what we shared together last night or your sexuality.  The sexual part was a very small piece yet so wonderful.  Kissing and holding each other meant the world to me.  I know someone out there still cares and likes me.”

“Zane, don’t think anything if I shy away from you at school tomorrow.  I can’t handle the whispers and back stabbing that could follow. You know how they enjoy starting vicious rumors.”

“Connor, I ask that you not ignore me and act like I don’t exist.”

“I won’t but don’t expect me to run straight to you when I see you either.  We will find our time to be together.”

“I think I see your point and don’t wish what has occurred with me on anyone,” Zane said.  They kissed and groped each other a little while before both decided not to take it any further with Zane’s parents possibly coming home soon after their night away. 

Connor dressed after they both ate.  Right as Connor was about to leave, he heard the garage door open, signaling the arrival of Zane’s parents.  Connor waited to speak briefly to them since he did know them from swim meets.

“Dad, you’ll be happy now Connor has talked me into rejoining the team,” Zane said once his parents were inside.

“Thank goodness, I don’t see why you were so hesitant in the first place, Zane,” his dad said.

“Coach wanted him back,” Connor said.

“Great to hear,” his dad said.  “Connor, did you stay the night here I assume?”

“Yes sir he did,” Zane spoke.

“Good Zane, I worried you might get scared here alone,” his mom said.

Zane laughed, “Mom, please!  I’m 18 years old.  I’m fully capable of staying here alone.  This September I’ll be gone to college.”

“Oh I know but I still can worry about you,” his mom said.

Connor said his goodbyes and headed home.  His mother was there waiting on him when he walked in the door. 

“How was the dance?” she asked.

“Crowded, so I didn’t stay very long.  I had business to take care of and did that,” Connor stated.

“Business?  What kind of business?”

“I had to talk Zane into rejoining the swim team that’s why I needed to stay the night.  It took me all night to talk him into it, which is why I wanted to stay.  We need him this year if we’re to have any chance.”

“I see.  Zane was one of the stars last season and heard he was foregoing his senior year of the team.”

“Yeah, he said he wasn’t up for the time it took to be at the top of his game with him working hard to get into a big time college.”

“Well… he may be right.  College is important and you really need to nail one down here soon so we can start planning for it,” his mom stated.

“I will when I have the chance.”

“Connor, you need to retake the ACT and bring up your scores.”

“I know that.  I will here shortly,” Connor said.

“I’ll remember that, son,” she stated.

Connor walked back to his room and turned on his phone for the first time since he turned it off the night before.  He couldn’t believe the text messages and voice mails.  He read a few of the messages and listened to his voice mail.  The last few were gave him a good reason why he didn’t go since the cops were out in full force and had pulled over a few of his friends.

Connor knew something had occurred and was aching to know.  He logged on to his Facebook page and knew something had went down but wasn’t sure exactly what.  He called his friend Rob but got no answer or voice mail, which was very strange.  He called another friend Jennifer.  She was able to give him the full scoop of what went down with the cops busting a huge party after the dance.  She was quiet in her tone and continued to name off those who were in deep trouble, including Rob and swim team captain Tom.  He hung up the phone and immediately called Zane to spread the gossip about what had occurred.  Connor was relieved to know he dodged a lot of trouble and was thankful more than ever he was Zane. 

Connor spent the remainder of the night putting together the pieces of what had occurred and realized he would have been right there with them if not for being with Zane.  He wasn’t a wild kid but under the peer pressure he would drink and occasionally take a hit.

School was abuzz with talk the next day.  A few asked where Connor was and missed him being there.  He only laughed and made up an excuse.  He was glad to see the school day end and head to the pool.  He had a big smile on his face when he spotted Zane in the locker room.  He dressed next to him.

“I dunno know about this shit,” Zane said.

“I do.  You’ll do just fine,” Connor smiled. “I have confidence in you.”

TO THE POOL NOW!!!” Couch stormed into the dressing room. “ALL OF YOU OUT!!”

They scurried like mice and hit the pool.  “Laps until I say enough!!” Coach shouted.

“What’s up his ass?” Tom asked Connor under his breath.  Connor shrugged his rounded shoulders and dove into the water not to test his angry swim coach.  The practice was hard and intense over the next hour or so with very short breaks.  They swam and swam until most were barely able to lift their arms above their heads for a stroke.

Coach called them out of the water and into the locker room.  He slammed his clipboard down in disgust.  “First off Zane, it’s good to have you back,” Coach stated before his face grew red. “I’m normally very mild mannered here as most of you know.  I just want to know what the hell happened to half this team Saturday night!!!”

A hush went over the swimmers.  They knew then that coach wasn’t happy.

“Alright Mr. Captain, do care explaining to us what went on?” Coach asked directly to Tom.

“Ummm… we…”

“I know what happened, Mister!! There’s zero excuse for it, either.  You and some others here have put this season in danger for being stupid!!!  This is for each one of you,” Coach said with an angry face.  “I find out you’ve had a run in with the cops for any reason or think it’s fine to party in public, you’re gone!  Thanks to you, my phone has ringed off the wall from the administration here.  Varsity sports are a privilege here at this school in case you didn’t know.”

“Coach, I’m very sorry!” Tom said.

“What a fine example you’ve set here for all of us,” Coach said to him with his teeth clinched together. “You are all dismissed for today except for Zane.  Come tomorrow expecting more of the same.  I promise you will get the message or else!”

Connor watched Zane and Coach go to his office.  Mumbling and mostly cursing occurred as the team shed their Speedos and headed to shower or dress.  Connor spotted Zane exiting the coach’s office. Connor walked over to Zane, “What’d he say?”

“Not much actually other than to thank me privately for coming back,” Zane said. “Connor, would you stay with me while I swim a little longer?  I need to catch up you guys and can see I’m far behind.”

“Sure, I could do that,” Connor said. “I’m the one you talked you into this.”  The two left and went back into the pool.  Connor swam alongside Zane to push him and to be in better shape himself.  Coach was standing along the edge of the pool and watched the two swim lap after lap.

“Now there’s two men committed to being winners and going the extra mile,” Coach finally was able to smile with Zane and Connor exiting the pool.

“Coach, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to give it my all.  I could tell very quickly I wasn’t in swimming shape,” Zane said and slumped over at the waist.

Coach patted the two on the back, “Where either of you involved in Saturday’s night little incident?”

“No sir, I was with Zane talking him into joining the team.  If not, I would have probably been one of the ones you were so pissed off about,” Connor stated and was trying to recover.

Coach shook his head, “They have caused me a ton of grief today.  They don’t know it but they won’t be swimming in the first meet of the year.  It wasn’t my choice and I’m sure they will find out sooner or later.  If nothing else, I’ll have a team in great shape!”

“That you will,” Zane smiled. 

Connor and Zane headed to shower the chlorine off their bodies.  Zane looked around in the shower.  He reached over and kissed Connor squarely on the mouth.  “Thanks!”

Connor smiled, “It was all worth it now!”

Connor was beyond tired when he got home.  He spoke very little to his parents or his younger sister.  He went to his room and collapsed on the bed from exhaustion.  He woke up in the middle of the night and realized he had fallen asleep on top of his bed.  He pulled back the sheets and finished the night off.

The next day with school calmed down somewhat, Connor headed to the locker room after classes.  He looked around and didn’t see Zane anywhere among the guys.  He dressed quietly and walked to the pool.  He spotted Zane already there with a few laps under his belt.  Zane stopped and smiled but continued.  Coach came out and conducted another tough grueling practice.

After practice Coach sat with them in the locker room and explained what had occurred.  Tom and five others were suspended from the first meet of the year which was in a three weeks.  The best part was it wasn’t against a strong team and should be punishment enough since matters were being dealt with personally at home thanks to good parents except for Tom’s and one other.

Zane hit the pool again after the long speech with Connor there at his side.  Tom and two others joined them as self punishment.  Coach called Connor out of the water and instructed he was in charge of shutting things down for the night.

The five swam for another twenty minutes after Coach had left the building.  They went into the locker room to dress, shower and leave.

“Thanks a fucking lot, Zane,” Tom commented.

“What’d I do?” Zane asked with his arms spread wide and naked.

“You’re making us look like fools,” Tom said. “Here you are swimming after a tough ass practice and showing us up.”

“I’m making up for lost time,” Zane stated. “By Thursday, I should be back up with you guys.”

“Thank god!” Kevin, another swimmer stated.

“I figured your gay ass was trying to prove something now that your prissy fucking ass is back on the team,” Tom stated.

“Prove what, bitch!” Zane confronted Tom.

“Touchy little faggot, aren’t you?” Tom said.

Zane got in Tom’s face, “I’m not scared of your ass one bit!”

“I didn’t want your faggot ass on the team in the first place!” Tom said and stood to confront Zane. “We don’t need your queer ass on this fucking team!”

“Goddammit Tom, shut the fuck up!” Kevin said and pulled Tom down. “Fucking shit dude, we’re up to our assholes in trouble and now you’re starting more shit!”

“Fucking right I am!” Tom shouted. “I hate this little bitch ass faggot on my team! He’s here to see whose dick he can suck next.”

“Shut the fuck up! Just fucking quit if you don’t like it! I’m sick of your shit!!  All you do is bitch everyday!! You are so fucking rude to Zane.  He’s here to help us out,” Kevin said with a tight grip on Tom’s arm. “We’re all fed up with your shit!”

“Fuck all of you!! Have a great year with this fag!!” Tom pushed off Kevin’s hold, grabbed his things and marched to the door. “I fucking quit!!”  He slammed the door on the way for emphasis.

“Good, we didn’t need his crazy ass anyway!” Kevin said. “Come on Ben, we need to jet too.”  Kevin and Ben dressed quickly and left.

Connor and Zane were in a state of shock at the moment. Connor stated, “I’ve never heard Kevin cuss like that ever.  Come to think of it, I’ve never heard him cuss once.”

“I think he was a little pissed off,” Zane said. “Connor, I’m glad Tom is off the team.  I think he was the one stirring the pot.”

“I think so too.  We’ll do great without him,” Connor said.  They headed to the showers late. They showered close together and enjoyed the alone time. 

“Damn, I want this shit again,” Zane said with his hand on Connor’s cock.

“Ummm… go for it then,” Connor said. “I really don’t mind a bit.”

Zane dropped to his knees on the tiled floor.  He licked Connor’s cock with water splashing down his back.  He opened his mouth and took Connor’s cock in his mouth.  Connor leaned up against the shower wall and moaned with pleasure.  He could feel Zane’s mouth and hand on his abs.  He ran his fingers through Zane’s dark hair.  He quickly pulled him up feeling the built up.

Connor kissed Zane and went down his torso.  He jacked Zane’s cock and dropped to his knees to taste his friend’s cock.  Zane rubbed Connor short hair while Connor did his best to blow his friend.  Connor pulled off and licked up and down.  He returned his mouth and felt Zane pushing his cock deeper.  Connor gagged slightly and felt Zane pulled completely out.  Connor got off his knees and felt cum hitting his body.   Zane’s mouth found his.

Zane kissed Connor deeply and jacked him off vigorously.  Connor moaned loudly and spewed his nut all over Zane’s body.  They rinsed the cum off their athletic bodies and continued to kiss.  Both entered the locker room with their arms wrapped around each other.

“Damn, I hate we have to go,” Zane smiled. “I needed that shit!”

Connor returned the big smile, “Yeah me too but we better before someone suspects something.”

They dressed and exited the pool.  Connor double checked the locks and lights before heading home.  He was still tired but had an extra pep with the small encounter with Zane.

Wednesday the next day at school, Connor spotted Zane eating alone after sitting his usual lunch spot. 

“Where you going?” Rob a friend asked.

“To sit with my teammate,” Connor stated and picked up his tray.  He sat across from Zane and gave him his big toothy smile.

“I was wondering if you were going to ignore me,” Zane said.

“Zane, this is the first time all week I’ve seen you sitting here,” Connor commented.  Within a minute, they looked up and were joined by Kevin and Ben, their teammates.

“Wassup?” Kevin asked.

“Just eating, what does it look like?” Connor said. “Seen Tom today?”

“Yeah, he was badmouthing the team like you’ve never heard,” Ben opened his mouth.

“We don’t need him,” Kevin said. “He really gets under my skin.  He really thinks he’s the shit!”

“Don’t I know,” Zane laughed.  Zane was glad to have his teammates eating lunch with him and didn’t feel so alone like he did until swim practice.  They talked a lot about swimming before having to part ways for  afternoon class.

Before practice began, Coach pulled aside Kevin, Ben, Connor and Zane.  “I heard our cancer quit.”

“If you’re referring to Tom, he did, sir,” Kevin stated.

“Any reason?” Coach looked at the four. “I knew the four of you were here with him last night.”

“Well…” Connor started to say.

“I’ll handle this, Connor.  He was ragging on Zane again.  It did get a little tense there for a second.  I just finally told him to quit the team.  He was always complaining about this or that and thought he was better than the rest of us, especially in the pool but in reality he wasn’t.  He thought he was always the target but he started everything and then would act like it wasn’t his fault.  Seriously Coach, I’m glad he’s gone!” Kevin stated.

“Okay then. Let’s hit the water then.  Thanks for your honesty,” Coach said and was satisfied with what he was told.

With Tom gone, practice and the locker room was a little easier going.  Zane slowly began to feel at ease and began to look forward to practice.

The week continued on as normal at school, practice and at home. That Friday after what was a short quick practice, coach let them go early knowing that high school kids had plans for a Friday night.  The team showered and dressed without any problems. 

Connor exited the locker room and found Zane waiting on him outside in the parking lot.

“You got plans tonight?” Zane asked.

“Yeah I do and I was hoping they included being with you,” Connor smiled and barely got it out before Ben and Kevin came walking up.

“Hey, you guys wanna go grab something to eat?” Ben asked.

Zane looked at Connor to see him smiling, “I guess we could do that.”

“Awesome, meet me at my house and we can all go from there,” Kevin said.

“See ya there then,” Connor said.  Connor and Zane waited for their friends to leave. 

“You don’t mind, do ya?” Zane asked.

“No, I can see you are glad someone else isn’t afraid to be seen with you,” Connor smiled.

“Thanks!” Zane said.

Connor called his mom to tell his plans and followed Zane to his house.  Zane changed clothes real quick before heading over to Kevin’s house to meet up with them.


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