Valentine Candy 13

Posted:   April 29, 2009

Connor woke the next morning Monday of his and Zane’s spring break.  He looked around and didn’t see Zane.  He rose from the bed and went to the bathroom to take care of business before walking out the bedroom door.  He looked around and spotted Zane and Rob out on the deck.

Connor walked straight to Zane and planted a kiss squarely on his lips.  Connor could feel Zane grabbing his flat ass before he sat in Zane’s naked lap.

“That’s how every morning should begin,” Rob commented with a smile. “Do that every morning and you guys will be just fine.”

“That’s the easy part,” Zane said and had his hand on Connor’s abs.

“Connor, Zane’s been out here bragging what a good fuck you are,” Rob said.

“It’s easy with Zane.  His hot ass is just so fuckable,” Connor laughed. “I’m sure Tanner thinks the same way about you.”

“He did last night and just about every night we’ve been together.  Tanner is one incredible fuck!” Rob said. “There’s little that he won’t do sexually except threesomes.”

“Thank God!” Connor said.

“We’re exclusive to each other, so you don’t have a thing to worry about,” Rob said.

“Rob, does it get old being with the same person all the time?” Connor asked.

“To me, we haven’t got to that point and hope we never do.  We do mix it up occasionally with toys and shit like that,” Rob said.

“We haven’t gotten into the toys yet,” Zane said.

“You need to.  Buy a double dong that way you both can get fucked at the same time.  Tanner had about worn ours out,” Rob laughed.

“Where is Tanner?” Connor asked.

“Oh don’t look for him before noon.  He can sleep with the best of em,” Rob said.

They headed inside to find something to eat and drink.  Connor and Zane ate breakfast burritos that they both enjoyed while Rob had a few cake donuts and juice.  They tossed about ideas for the day such as boating again and hiking the crude trails near the lake house.  Tanner finally woke about 1 and found them sitting in living room.  He did show his love to Rob and enjoyed a nice kiss for his lover to start his day.

“We got a nudist colony started here or what?” Tanner commented.

“We’re just hanging out,” Rob replied. “Look at you.”

“I know but it’s still early,” Tanner said.

“Early my ass, it’s past one, dude,” Connor laughed.

“That’s early for me,” Tanner said and walked his naked ass to find something to eat in the kitchen.  He came back with a burrito and juice to start his day.  He sat close to Rob and heard the plans for the day.  First was hiking out in the woods and then hitting the water again to see more of the lake.

They headed out with all four now dressed for the so called or trek through the woods since the trails weren’t really defined.  Not too far in the dense thick woods, all four took off their shirts with little breeze stirring. 

“All I’ll say is, let’s not get lost out here,” Connor stated.

“We won’t,” Rob said. “I have a keen sense of direction.”

They walked through the woods and came up a stream that fed the lake.  There were a few rocks around and provided a seat for the hikers.

“Have you guys ever fucked outdoors?” Rob asked.

“Yes… we have at that state park near our house,” Zane proudly stated.

“That’s my cuz.  Showing a little adventure with his sex life,” Rob smiled. “You guys wanna get a little dirty here?”

Zane and Connor looked at each other.  Zane broke off a big smile. 

“I take it he does,” Tanner laughed. “It would be fun but I don’t…”

“They know,” Rob cut him off.

Zane eased off his shorts and put his cock at Connor’s mouth while Tanner was doing the same to Rob.   Connor opened his mouth and took the cock that was at his lips.  Zane instantly moaned at feeling Connor’s wet mouth.  He smiled at his cousin who was enjoying the same pleasure no more than 15 feet away.  Zane tested Connor seeing Rob fucking Tanner’s mouth.  Connor was able to take all Zane offered and enjoyed feeling Zane’s 7 inches go in and out of his mouth.  Shortly they switched positions for the suckers to get their cocks sucked.  Connor shoved Zane’s head down on his cock and watched him blow his cock with passion.

Almost at the same time, Zane mounted Connor while Rob mounted Tanner. 

“Fuck yeah Zane.  Ride that fucking dick,” Rob shouted.

MMMM, I will,” Zane moaned and leaned over to kiss Connor.  Zane was rather turned on watching his cousin get fucked and drove him to match his cousin’s motions.  Zane leaned over and whispered in Connor’s hear, “This is hot as fuck.”

I know,” Connor returned the whisper. 

First Connor leaned Zane forward and began driving his hard cock deep in Zane.  Zane now was feeling it and let his emotions be heard.  The four continued to enjoy a nice spontaneous fuck in the outdoors on a nice spring day.  Zane busted first and splattered his abs with his nut.  Connor pulled out and sent his load there with Zane’s.  The two kissed and held each other.  Neither could keep their eyes off Tanner and Rob.  Both watched until Tanner flooded Rob’s ass with a hot load.  Rob quickly shot his load and grabbed Tanner for a nice passionate kiss.

“Dudes, that was sick as fuck!” Tanner exclaimed.

“Hell yea it was,” Connor said. “You guys are fucking hot as hell.”

“So are you!” Tanner said. “I loved seeing you two hotties fuck.  What a great show!”

Finally the four were able to recover from their sex.  They used the cold spring water to wash what cum was still on their bodies.  Rob the naturalist didn’t put back on his clothes and freely walked back to the house with the others admiring his boldness.

It was past 4 by the time they returned to the house.  They agreed it was great fun even though the so called hike was lame.  They sat around the living room and watched something they could agree upon which happened to be on MTV. 

“Damn, now I hate we’re leaving tomorrow after that,” Tanner said.

“Leaving?” Zane questioned him.

“Yeah we just came for a few days since you guys have it from Tuesday on,” Rob said.

“Stay here with us!” Zane requested.

“Are you sure?” Rob asked.

“Definitely!” Zane said. “That is unless you two need to get back.”

“We’re off work all week or at least I am,” Rob stated.

“It’s settled then.  You are staying,” Zane said.

“We didn’t bring enough clothes,” Tanner stated, “Or at least I didn’t.”

“There’s a washer and dryer here,” Zane said.

“If we’re staying, I for damn sure need to make a beer run,” Rob smiled. “You care if we stay?  It’s has been fun.” Rob turned to Tanner.

“Sure we can stay.  We don’t have shit to do back at the apartment,” Tanner smiled.

“Awesome!” Connor said.

“Tell you what.  I’ll shower, get dressed and head back to get beer and any other things you can think of,” Rob said.  “What kind of beer do you guys really want?”

“Rob, we’re fine,” Zane said.

“Zane dammit, high school boys that don’t drink just a little is fucking crazy,” Rob said.

Connor spoke up, “I know it’s expensive but Corona would be better than that piss you’re drinking.”

“Fork over the money,” Rob stuck out his hand.  Zane headed to his bedroom and handed Rob some money.

“While you’re out, definitely bring something to eat,” Zane said.

Rob and Tanner headed to shower together in the bigger bathroom.  They were quick about it and soon came parading across the living room to get dressed.  Soon they were out the door for a beer run.

“Connor, you really don’t mind if they stay, do ya?” Zane asked.

“Actually I…”

“I knew it,” Zane cut him off.

“I was going to say I didn’t mind until you rudely cut me off,” Connor said. “I mean really what are we going to do that they don’t know about?”

“You’re right there,” Zane said. “I cut you off.”

“Zane, if you haven’t noticed already, I’ll go along with just about anything you want.  I’m ass-whipped if there is such a term.”

Zane laughed and kissed Connor, “I don’t know if there is but I like that.  We both are so ass-whipped it’s unreal, say?”

“I am,” Connor smiled.  “At least we won’t be bored stuck up here alone together.”

“That’s for sure!” Zane smiled. “Connor before this, I honestly didn’t care for Rob.  Now, I really like him and enjoy being him.  It seems we both have grown up and now are like relatives should be.”

“Hopefully you won’t turn into kissin’ cousins,” Connor smiled.

With the break, both called home to report everything was okay and going well.  For both, there was no drama on the home front and glad their sons were doing fine.  Zane and Connor sat in the living room and waited for Rob and Tanner to return.  Zane threw his arm around Connor while they watched a little television and talked about nothing important until hearing Rob and Tanner return from their trip.  They helped out and soon had the car unloaded. 

Zane laughed, “When you mean beer run, you mean beer run.”

“You do know there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow,” Rob said. “We’ll drink and fuck all day.”

They grabbed the burgers and fries to eat.  Connor grabbed two Coronas for him and Zane to enjoy.  They sat around and ate before getting into a mean card game that Rob loved.  The game offered everyone a chance to drink and talk.  Rob and Tanner were interested in really how things were at their school since both were admittingly out and open.  They gave the full run down from start to present.  Tanner was shocked but glad to see there were understanding people in their school.

With Rob and Tanner there for good, the week continued for the four.  The next day Wednesday, it did rain as forecasted and confined the four to the lake house.  With the sun out the next day, the four took advantage of it with boating and more exploring of the woods, including more hot outdoor sex.  Now Connor and Zane started to like drinking and enjoyed having a cold beer in their hand.  Friday, with the temperature climbing, Zane and Connor laid out and tanned most of the day.  Neither were burnt and had a great start to what promised to be a sizzling summer tan.  Saturday, they finally jumped in the lake.  Even though it was still cool the four adjusted and endured the water. 

Sunday came too quickly for the four.  They cleaned the house and washed every linen and towel in the place.  Zane hated to part from Rob but knew they were close as they had ever been.  Connor and Tanner got reacquainted as friends and enjoyed talking and laughing about the old times.  They hugged each other goodbye and promised to see each other more with the summer fast approaching. 

Zane drove home with Connor sleeping most of the way back.  Both were tired from the long week together.

Connor woke about 20 minutes from home.  He stretched out in the passenger and leaned over to kiss Zane on the cheek while Zane was driving.  “What are we going to do now?” Connor asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Zane, I don’t know if I can go to sleep without you next to me.  I don’t if I can stand to be away from your smoking hot ass now.  Forget the sex, which was over the top and beyond great for me, I want to be with you now more than ever.  That week there showed we are made for each other and make great lovers.  We had a few quarrels but we overcame them like true boyfriends should do.”

“Connor, these next few weeks are going to be the longest weeks of my life.  I too don’t know if I can handle being away from you.  Won’t living together be the shit?”

“You’re telling me.  What’s the first thing you’re buying for our apartment?”

“A big sturdy bed for damn sure,” Zane laughed. “We need a strong bed that can endure us going at it every damn night.”

“I know that shit’s right,” Connor said with a huge smile.

They continued to talk and dream about their upcoming move together.  They talked how they wanted it decorated and exactly how each room would be like dreamers.

Zane pulled into Connor’s drive and knew the vacation was officially over.  They opened the trunk and took out Connor’s two bags.  Connor opened the door and found his mom waiting on him.

“Connor, how’d it go?”

“Great Mom,” Connor said. “I had the best time ever.”

“So no problems between you two?”

“None whatsoever,” Connor said. “I can’t wait til we move out together.”

“Me either,” Zane said.

Connor climbed the stairs and threw down his bag.  He walked back down and gave Zane the longest kiss ever.  He hated seeing him go and watched him drive out the driveway and down the street.

“Connor, you’re too much in love with that boy,” His mom commented.

“Yes I am and love him to death,” Connor smiled.

“Connor, we really need to talk about this in full detail,” his mom said.

“Sure but what’s there to talk about?”

“Connor, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Mom, you saw us kiss.  Now I don’t know what I’m going to do without him,” Connor said.

“I was afraid that would happen.  I knew either you two would be so in love or ready to call it quits.  I’m not sure you’re ready however to live with someone.  Marty, Debbie and I have been talking and think you boys are moving too fast too soon and need to step back for a moment.”

Connor looked at his mom, “What a crock of shit!  Mom, we are dead set on moving out.  If I have to work like a dog, I will.  You can’t stop us now.”

“Connor, don’t ruin your life over your first boy,” his mom said. “Think about it.  You’ll miss a lot if you are too involved with him.”

Connor grew madder hearing his mom retreat, “I’m not ruining my life.  I know you messed up early on with Dad.  You had a great 25 years together.  I want the same chance as you had.”

“Connor looking back, I missed the best years of my life because I was married.  I never got a chance to experience a lot of things,” his mom said.

“Mom, I’m not going to miss one thing.  Zane will be there with me to experience everything.  There’s no other person I would want to be with than him.  Matter of fact, I miss him already.”

“Connor, just think about it.  All your friends will be out having a good time while you’re tied down in a relationship,” his mom said.

“Mom, if you mean having different partners and experiencing different people, I don’t want that.  I want Zane and only Zane,” Connor said. “We will be there together with our friends will be right there with us.  Mom, I love him so much!”

“I know you do, son,” his mom said. “Sex can make you think you’re in love.”

“Mom, I could be out there hooking up with different guys each time,” Connor said. “By the way, I know why we moved so quickly after I finished the fifth grade.”

“Yeah, your dad changed jobs.”

“No Mom, he was having an affair with Mrs. Boykin and got his ass caught.  Remember Tanner their son?”

“Yeah,” Mom nodded.

“He’s Rob’s boyfriend and spent the week with us.  He gave me the low down on everything,” Connor stated and told her everything he told him and how Rob and Tanner gave them the low down on living together as a young gay couple in college.

“That sorry son of a bitch!” Mom screamed after Connor finished.

“You got that right,” Connor said.

“Connor, we’ll talk more about it later but you need to think about it more,” his mom said.

“Mom, nothing now could change my mind,” Connor said. “The only thing stopping us is a break up.”

Connor went upstairs and called Zane.  Zane couldn’t talk at the moment since he too was given the same speech.  Zane turned on his computer and opened his email.  He let out a loud scream when he saw his ACT score.
He ran to his door and yelled for his mom to come check it out.  He waited patiently until his mom came in the room.  He got up from his computer and showed his mom his score of 25.

“Connor, this is great,” his mom said.

“Perfect Mom.  Now I don’t have any worries except where Zane and I are going.”

His mom gave him a hug and told him she was happy for him about the good score.  Connor waited and waited for Zane’s return call to tell him the good news about his score.   Zane finally called and was excited about Connor’s score.  Zane wasn’t too happy about being told the same thing as Connor but both agreed it was going to happen with or without their parent’s approval since they initiated the entire thing and had the two beyond excited about living together after graduating.

The following weeks passed slowly for the two but were filled with swimming and romance. With every opportunity, Zane and Connor did their best to show they weren’t going to be stopped from living together after graduation.  Both set of parents saw the determination and relented after a long sit down chat with everyone involved. Both didn’t want their sons to be hurt and scared over a teenage love affair. 

After much debate, the two decided to skip their senior prom.  A lot of their friends encouraged them to go but understood the reason why they did go.  Instead, the two went to dinner alone and stayed at Zane’s house for the night.

The swimming season ended just before graduation with both entered in their classifications for the state tournament along with the team competition.  Connor gave it his all and finished only as high as fourth in the individual events he was entered.  Zane bested him one spot in the 200 meters and finished third in the state for their classification.  The team as well finished third thanks to a great relay race won by Snake at the touch.

Graduation meant the end of high school for the two.  Now both were accepted as being gay and neither caught much grief along the way over the past 2 weeks.  Zane finished in the top 10 of the class with honors.  Connor wasn’t as good of student but did finish with a GPA above 3.0. 

With graduation, Zane and Connor were more than ready to enter their next phase of their life and their relationship.  Both were excited yet knew there were still many challenges ahead for the two lovers.  They knew one thing; they both were so in love thanks to a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Night that turned in way more.

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