Posted:  March 18, 2009

Zane woke the next morning at his grandparent’s lake house on a Sunday at the end of March.  He looked over and admired the guy who he loved with all his heart and soul after nearly 6 weeks of romance and drama.  His ass was a little sore but it was worth the soreness after two great fucks.  He looked down to see a huge stain where Connor’s semen had leaked from his ass. 

Connor rolled over and opened his blue eyes to see Zane staring at him.  He instinctively went for a kiss and met Zane’s moist lips.

“Ummm Connor, now I can’t wait til every day is like this,” Zane smiled and wanted more loving. 

“Me either.  We may be just 18 years old but I would marry your ass in a heartbeat,” Connor said.

“You’re not the only one.  How do our friends stand not being with their girlfriends all the time and not waking up next to them?”

“I’m sure some do but doubt too many of them are in crazy in love like us,” Connor said.

“I always wondered what the true meaning of pussy whipped was.  I know exactly what they are talking about.  Once you have sex like we do, you have that deep connection.”

“I realize now why there are so young dads at our school.  When I was breeding your ass last night, I only hoped and dreamed you could conceive our child. I used to look at them as stupid but now I can partially see their reasoning.”

“If they are in love, I can see that but normally the guy fucked his girl without protection at the wrong time,” Zane stated.

“Yeah most of them are upset and stupid on top of that to get someone pregnant that really doesn’t care one thing about other than their pussy.  I wouldn’t care if you got pregnant from me,” Connor laughed at how crazy it sounded.

“I wouldn’t mind trying to get your ass pregnant this morning,” Zane smiled and revealed his 7 inch boner.

“Go for it,” Connor smiled. “Like I’m going to deny you.”

Zane rolled on top of Connor and kissed him.  He rubbed his cock with Connor’s. “Day two of role playing.  We are happily married and trying to get pregnant.”

“Role playing or not, you are more than welcome to be in me all you want,” Connor smiled.

“Bitch, I want a kid.  Now spread those legs and give me that pussy,” Zane said.

“Yes honey,” Connor smiled and tried not to laugh at Zane.  He pushed his thin legs apart and watched Zane maneuver his taut body behind him.  He watched Zane lube up and then lube his ass.  Zane put his hard cock at Connor’s hole.  Connor opened his hole and felt Zane’s cock head enter him.  He gasped slightly all the while loving Zane fucking him.  Connor pulled Zane close and felt him go deep.  Connor threw back his head and groaned loudly.

The two rattled the bed and had the headboard beating against the wall behind it in perfect rhythm.  Zane was fucking Connor nice and steady at a pace they both enjoyed.  They expressed their love and how great this was to each other in the heat of passion. 

Zane turned Connor on his side and continued to fuck him.  The two young lovers kissed a lot and enjoyed being as one.  The bed continued to rattle and squeeze with each movement.

Zane groaned loudly and sent his load into Connor’s stomach.

“Fuck yea,” Connor moaned. “I hope like hell I conceive.”

“Honey, as hot as your pussy was, I think there’s a good chance,” Zane said and pushed his load deep in Connor. 

Connor felt Zane leave him with cum dripping from his freshly fucked ass.  He pushed out and farted bubbles of cum.  Zane had his tongue waiting and tasted the fine mixture he had created.  Zane sunk his mouth on Connor’s cock to get him off.  Connor rewarded his efforts and flooded his face with a nice morning load.

After kissing, they headed to the shower to start their day.  They showered and cleansed each other’s bodies with admiration and love. 

“Zane, you want me to piss on you?” Connor asked and needed to piss there in the shower.

“NO!  That’s nasty!” Zane said.

“I was just checking.  I think it is too but I think some guys like it,” Connor stated.  He turned away from Zane and let his piss fly.  Zane needed to piss as well and peed away from Connor.

After drying off, both knew they weren’t getting dressed and wanted to feel free while in the privacy of the house.  Zane led Connor to the deck so he could clearly see the lake about 50 yards away.  Connor saw it was rather rural in the light of the day. 

“Any spots you know where we could be alone and enjoy nature?” Connor asked.

“Yeah, there are trails all throughout the woods here.  When I was a kid, my cousin and I explored them when we got bored with the water,” Zane commented.

“We’ll definitely check em out,” Connor said. “Now I can’t wait til the summer and enjoy all there is to do out on a lake.”

“Dude, it is killer.  We ski, tube, you name it,” Zane said. “That’s when we will definitely need more people here.”

“For sure,” Connor replied.  The two stepped back inside to find something to eat.  They found some cake donuts and milk they had purchased the previous day and sat on the couch.  Zane turned on the television.  He was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see cable was installed. 

Zane heard the front door click.  His eyes instantly grew wide.

“Hey…” Zane heard his cousin Rob’s voice. “What the…”

“OH Shit!” Zane turned and saw his cousin standing there with another guy.

“Damn Cuz!” Rob exclaimed. Zane didn’t know what to do or say. “Zane, chill the fuck out!” Rob said once he saw how uneasy Zane was.

“I had… no idea… anyone would be here,” Zane stammered along and was embarrassed as was Connor. 

“My boyfriend Tanner here and I were coming here since Dad said the house was free until Tuesday,” Rob said after sitting in the living room with Zane and Connor. “We came here to chill like you hotties.”

“I didn’t know you were gay,” Zane said and was able to relax.

“Same here Zane,” Rob said “Zane, you picked a fucking hottie if he’s your boyfriend.”

“He is. This is Connor,” Zane said.

“I don’t have to ask what you two have been doing,” Rob said. “Hell, I don’t blame you guys one bit.”

Zane blushed a little and saw a different side of his cousin than he had ever seen before.  “You know how it is.”

“So is this cool with you, Zane?” Rob asked.

“I don’t really have a choice, do I?” Zane smiled. “Dude, it’s cool.”

“Great,” Rob said. “We’ll get our things.  Looks like we have the other bedrooms, huh?”

Zane smiled while Rob and Tanner headed out to unpack their things. 

“Your cousin is cute and his boyfriend, damn!” Connor said. “That Tanner either looks like someone I know or reminds me of someone.”

“He is fucking hot. Maybe he’s in your dreams,” Zane said.  “Is this alright though with you?”

“Yeah, it is.  You know they came here to do exactly what we did,” Connor said.

“Yea, you’re right.  It’s just so weird seeing my cousin with a guy,” Zane said.

“He probably feels the same way,” Connor said.  The two headed to put on shorts and be decent in front of the unexpected guests. 

Rob and Tanner brought their things inside including lots of beer and alcohol.  Now Tanner had his shirt off and displayed his very nice firm torso.  They finished hauling in what they had brought and Rob grabbed a beer for him and Tanner to enjoy.   “Zane, why did you put on shorts?” Rob asked.  “Tanner and I were just about to join you seeing you guys weren’t ashamed of your bodies or cocks. We love running around naked.”

“I dunno know.  We were a little embarrassed,” Zane said.

“Embarrassed.  Hell, both you guys are hot,” Rob said.

Connor stared hard at Tanner.  “Dude, what the fuck? I know your ass is gay like me but damn!” Tanner stated.

“Tanner Boykin!  It finally came to me,” Connor shouted.

“Yeah!  Connor… Connor…”

“Connor Gentry.  We went to Westside together and we swam together one summer,” Connor said.

“You do know him,” Zane said.

“I told Rob you looked familiar,” Tanner said. “Your dad is the reason my parents almost got a divorce.”

“Huh?” Connor asked.

“Your dad and my mom were having an affair before you moved away,” Tanner laughed.  “Wait til I tell my mom who I saw.”

“No wonder we moved in such a rush when I finished the fifth grade,” Connor laughed.

“Yeah dude, your dad was fucking my mom,” Tanner laughed.

“Son of bitch hasn’t changed one bit either,” Connor said.

Now that they knew each other, the clothes were off.  Zane and Connor checked both of them out.  Tanner was fit as hell with a cock about their size with curly dark blond hair and rather tall about 6’2”.  Rob was buff too with a smaller uncut cock with short brown hair like his cousin Zane.  Rob was trimmed where Tanner was shaven. 

“Alright Zane, how long have you two been together?” Rob asked once everyone was comfortable.

“6 weeks right?” Zane asked Connor.  Connor nodded yes.  “How long have you and Tanner?”

“Since the third week of class back in the fall.   We met in the gym,” Rob said.

“I can tell,” Connor stated.

“We live together now in an apartment off campus,” Rob stated. “I want all the details on how my cousin hooked up with this hot guy.”

Connor and Zane both told their stories including the drama that had occurred since they first got together while Rob and Tanner nursed their beer.  Rob and Tanner gave their story and sounded as though they were as much in love as Connor and Zane. Zane then asked how it was living together since he and Connor were possibly doing it the upcoming summer.  

During the conversation, Zane’s phone rang.  He answered it since it was his mom calling.  Zane stepped away and told her who he was with.  He kept it short before returning to the conversation.  No more than he was seated, Connor’s phone went off with his mom calling to keep up on him.  He kept quiet about Tanner and would tell her in private later.

After talking, Rob wanted to take Tanner around the lake and asked Connor and Zane to join him.  They donned swimsuits with Connor and Zane in Speedos since they had little else.  Tanner came out in a red bikini but Rob was more conservative in his board shorts.

“See Rob, there’s nothing to be ashamed in a Speedo,” Tanner stated, concerning Connor and Zane.

“I know but they are swimmers,” Rob said, trying to justify his reason. “I think I look good in these.”

“You do,” Tanner kissed him.

Rob started the boat and gave all three a quick run of the nice lake. Connor could see a few boats along the way and loved the beauty that was this lake. As tempting as the water looked, it was still frigid even though Connor had to dip his toe in it to find out.

They were gone for over an hour in the boat and returned to the dock.  While walking along the dock, the temptation was too much for Rob and gently pushed his cousin Zane into the water.  Rob was there laughing at his cousin until he felt a hard push from both Connor and Tanner.

“You motherfuckers!” Rob screamed once he surfaced.

Tanner and Connor looked at each other and were laughing hysterically.  “Go for it,” Tanner suggested now they jump in instead of being pushed in.

“You first,” Connor said.

Tanner grabbed Connor’s hand and together the two hit the chilly water with Tanner pulling Connor in the water not to be alone.  The four adjusted to the water for a moment before getting out.

The four wrapped in towels headed up to the house and enjoyed a good laugh.  It was all in fun and no harm was meant.  They knew it would come soon or later, so Rob initiated it.  Once inside the house, the four shed their suits.  Connor and Zane went to find clothes for warmth as did Tanner.  Zane could see his cousin enjoying his nudity and never wanted to be dressed. 

“You see what I have to put up with,” Tanner stated. “Rob’s naked all the time at our apartment.”

“I enjoy it plus these two have seen plenty of dick in their day,” Rob said in defense. “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Tanner shook his curly hair and laughed. 

“Rob, you do look great.  I remember when you were a little chunky growing up,” Zane said.

“I know.  Now that I’m buff, I want to show it off,” Rob said and went to the frig for beer. “Zane, you and Connor want one?”

“No thanks,” Zane said.

“Nah,” Connor said. “I’m fine but bring me some water while you’re there.”

“Me too,” Zane said.

Rob returned with a beer for him and Tanner.  It was Busch Lite and didn’t hold an appeal for either Zane or Connor. “You guys are more than welcome to have some.  If we run out, I can always run back to the store.”

“We’re fine.  As part of our agreement, we aren’t supposed to drink,” Zane stated.

“I’m not going to rat you out, Zane.  If you really want one, grab it,” Rob said. “I’m more surprised Marty and Debbie let you guys come here.”

“Yeah, you guys are so lucky,” Tanner said with his arm around Rob.

“We are.  Our parents aren’t clueless.  We’ve pretty much told them we have sex,” Connor said.

“You did?” Tanner said. “My parents don’t know I’m gay!”

“They don’t?  How do you pull off living with Rob?” Zane asked.

“Trust me, it’s not easy but we manage,” Tanner laughed.

“This is so cool, you know.  We don’t have any gay friends.  You have to tell us all about what it’s like living together,” Zane said.

“Actually, it’s great most of the time,” Tanner smiled after taking a drink.

“The sex is off the charts,” Rob said and kissed Tanner.

“I bet it is,” Connor said.

“There’s way more than sex.  There’s lots of give and take.  At times, it’s not easy as you hotties might think,” Rob said. “We fight like brothers and get on each other nerves.  You really do have to love each other and have thick skin.  For the most part, it’s fucking awesome.   We are best friends now and enjoy being with each other.”

“You have to be able to laugh things off,” Tanner said. “It wasn’t easy at first but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The main thing is you better do it for the right reasons.  Don’t do it for the sex part or it won’t work.  We know a few guys, both gay and straight.  Once the thrill of sex is gone, there’s nothing there to keep you together.”

“Zane and I were friends long before this.  Now we are even better friends now that we are lovers,” Connor said and kissed Zane.

Rob watched the two kiss, “This is unreal, my cousin over there with his hot ass boyfriend.  I would have never believed it until I witnessed in person.  Zane, you were a damn dweeb when you were a kid but now you are fucking hot as hell.  I can see where swimming does a body great.”

Zane spread out his arm, “Fuck yeah it does!  I was a dork but look at my ass now!  Rob, it’s just as weird for me seeing you with a guy.”

“Was I weird to you Tanner growing up?” Connor asked.

“No more than I was from what I can remember,” Tanner stated.  “I have to ask this.  Did being around guys in Speedos swimming turn both of you gay?”

“It didn’t for me,” Zane laughed. “I knew something was different when I was going through puberty and wanted to see just guys.”

“Not for me either,” Connor said. “Just like you guys, either you are attracted to guys or not.”

“Well put,” Tanner said. “I just had to ask since there seems to be a lot of gay swimmers.”

“I bet it is great to see all those young cocks in the locker room after practice,” Rob commented.

“I won’t lie it is.  Probably no more than after football practice or soccer practice though.  Our locker room is pretty loose now and yes we do get our eyes filled with nice naked bodies,” Zane stated.

They continued to fill the afternoon and into the early evening with chatting.  Zane and Connor soaked it all in as Tanner and Rob dished out advice when it came to living together.

Rob was the cook and grilled hamburgers he had brought for their dinner.  Zane and Connor finally succumb to the pressure and took a cold beer to have with their burgers and chips.  After eating, they sat on the back deck, drinking a little with Rob and Tanner really drinking.  Zane freely handed his pack of smokes to Rob but did light one up when he was drinking.  Rob laughed at his cousin for having cigarettes until Zane told him it was for after sex.

About midnight, each couple headed to their respective bedroom to be alone with their boyfriends.  Connor and Zane held hands while they made their way to the main bedroom.

Connor playfully threw Zane on the bed and pulled off his shorts to get him naked.  Zane did the same to Connor and pulled him close for a passionate kiss.

“Zane, your cousin and Tanner are actually some rad guys.  It was great chilling with them and hearing what it could be like for us in a few months,” Connor said, lying on top of Zane.

“I’m shocked to be honest.  Rob is definitely fly.  It was awesome chilling with another gay couple like us.  It does give us a lot to think about concerning moving in together,” Zane said.

“It does but I can’t wait to be with you 24/7,” Connor said. “It could be rough but we’ll make it.”

“We will.  I just know we will,” Zane said. “Now let me have that dick I’ve wanted all night.”

“Fuck that, let’s 69.  I want your dick just as much!” Connor said and reached down to grasp Zane’s cock.

Connor flipped over still on top of Zane.  He moved his mouth down and started licking Zane.  Zane was doing the same to Connor with Connor’s cock in his face on top of him. 

After sucking and licking each other, Connor feasted on Zane’s ass to fuck him.  He buried his face between Zane’s legs and ate Zane’s hot ass with gusto.  He could smell Zane’s undeniable scent while he tongued and probed Zane’s entrance.

Connor stopped and found the lube.

“You are still going to try to get me pregnant, huh?”

“You bet I am but with love,” Connor smiled.

“We always fuck with love,” Zane said with a kiss.

Connor slid his cock into the hole he fondly loved.  He could see the joy written all over Zane’s face.  Zane grabbed his flat ass and pulled him close.

“Show me that love!” Zane said.

“I will… I definitely will,” Connor said. “You will know your ass was made love to after I finish.”

“I do every time we fuck,” Zane said and felt Connor deep in him.

Connor kissed Zane’s neck while slowly fucking him.  He moved to his ears, cheek and finally his lips.  He lightly bit Zane’s lips while probing his cock in him.  Zane moaned in ecstasy and pulled Connor’s head to ram his tongue in Connor’s mouth.  Connor leaned up and started sucking each of Zane’s skinny toes, one by one with Zane freely voicing his elation. 

Zane then mounted Connor’s cock and rode his boyfriend with fervor like never before.  The bed shook and rattled with Zane’s riding Connor.  Connor loved seeing his lover ride him and grabbed his bouncy cock to jack him off.  Zane did everything he knew to grind and ride Connor.  He groaned after a few minutes and released his orgasm across and upon Connor.  Connor groaned loudly and flooded Zane’s ass with his baby makers.  Zane collapsed on top of Connor feeling the warmth flood his ass.  He felt Connor slip from his hole and put it back in him to continue to enjoy the great feeling. 

“Connor, we make a great twosome,” Zane said. “I love you being in me.”

“Zane, I just love you to death,” Connor said.

“Is sex just the greatest?”

“Yea it is especially with a guy I love.  Being gay and fucking guys is the bomb!”

“Fuck yea!” 


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