Posted:   March 13, 2009

Connor was shaking his head once the two were inside his bedroom. “You see the shit I have to put up,” Connor stated.

“Dude, your dad is f-ing crazy,” Zane stated with his arm around Connor and holding him close to his body.

“Yeah, he is,” Connor said. “I’m glad mom divorcing that jackass.”

Connor’s door flew open. “That makes two of us,” Connor’s mom said.

“Mom, were you listening to us?” Connor asked.

“I was coming up to apologize to Zane for that outburst,” she said.

Zane smiled, “I’m glad he’s gone though.  He’s rude.  I lost all respect for him now.  He acted like I was the cause of Connor being gay.”

“Yeah, you had nothing to do with it,” Connor said. “I had a crush on you since the 10th grade and for good reason I might add.”

“A lot of people would really think the same way as your dad, Connor.  You don’t know how lucky both of you are,” Connor’s mom stated. “Seeing you two close like this tells me there is something very special going on here.  I see absolutely nothing wrong with this now.”

“Thanks mom, I really like hearing that,” Connor smiled.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone,” his mom said and headed back out the door.  Zane and Connor kissed briefly until Zane’s cell phone was ringing in his pocket.

Zane answered it and found it was Kevin wanting them to come to the park and mess around since it was a nice day.  While on the phone, Kevin told Zane that he and Ben had decided against going to the lake with them since the water would still be too cold but definitely would come summer.  Zane hung up and told Connor what they had talked about.  They headed down the stairs and informed Connor’s mom their plans so she would know where they were.

At the park, they found Kevin and Ben along with a few other friends.  First off they started out by playing basketball for a few games until they grew bored and tired.  Next Kevin pulled out a Frisbee to toss it around in the park while they chatted freely about whatever came to mind.  With teen guys, girls and sex were a large part of the conversation. Connor and Zane were able to joke openly about their sex life in front of their friends now since they were out and pretty much accepted. 

They left the park with their shirts hanging from their waist.  “It really sucks Kevin and Ben have dates tonight,” Connor stated.

“Yea, it does but we’ll find something to do,” Zane smiled.

They were back at Connor’s house and took the liberty to shower together.  Both enjoyed the hot shower and mutually jacked each other off while doing so.

“Dude, if you get any fucking hotter, I won’t be able to control myself around you,” Connor said while they washed the cum from their bodies. “Look at you getting all tan.  Not an ounce of fat anywhere on your body.”

“Connor, look at your hot ass.  Damn ripped abs.  Nice firm chest.  Your ass is flat as hell though,” Zane laughed.

“Will we be able to manage to stay clothed this week at your lake house?” Connor asked and turned off the water.

“I hope not,” Zane snickered. “It’ll be fun running around naked up there.  It is a little isolated.”

“Great!” Connor said with a kiss and grabbed Zane’s nice ass while he kissed Zane.

“Say... why don’t we just head to the lake house now since everyone else is either gone or has something to do?”

Connor liked what he heard, “Sounds like a plan to me.  I don’t think my mom will care.”

“Awesome, you go check with her while I call my parents,” Zane said.

Connor threw on some shorts and scampered down to ask his mom while Zane grabbed his phone.   Connor confronted his mom in the living room.  She was hesitant at first but listened to Connor’s reasoning.  Zane came bounding down the stairs and said it was set.  Connor’s mom handed him some cash before he headed up to pack.  Zane left quickly while Connor packed to save time.

Within an hour, the two were headed off earlier than expected but beaming over the anticipation of what the week together held.

About half way there, “Connor, you wanna do a little role playing this week?” Zane asked while driving.

“Ummm… I guess so.  What do you have in mind?”

“You know would be dope?  We could... role play like this was our honeymoon when we get there,” Zane smiled.

“Sounds fucking sick as hell to me.  It’s not like we will ever get that experience in our life,” Connor said.

They tossed about ideas and laughed at how lame each other was.  Before going to the lake house, a stop at the closest Walmart was in order to stock up on food for the week.  They made it a quick trip and were eager to arrive at Zane’s grandparent’s lake house.

Zane turned off the paved road and headed down a gravel road. 

“You weren’t lieing saying this was isolated,” Connor commented in the darkness.

“It’s cool though,” Zane said. “I hope you don’t expect some tricked out condo.”

“Whatever it is, it’ll be great,” Connor stated.

Zane turned and unlocked the gate.  Connor pulled the car through while Zane relocked the gate.  Connor could barely make out the brick lake house while Zane directed where to park.

They walked to the door.  “Alright honey, carry your virgin bride through the door,” Zane laughed.

Virgin, my ass. That is so fucked up,” Connor said with a scowl.

“Please,” Zane pleaded. “Do it for me, honey.”

Connor did the best he could after Zane opened the door.  He put his arms under Zane and lifted him up.  Now they were both laughing while Connor stumbled to get Zane across the threshold. 

“Before we do anything, we need to get our stuff inside,” Zane said.

“Way to break the moment, sweetheart,” Connor laughed.

After a few trips, they had their things inside.  Connor looked around at the house and like how it was made for being a lake house.  The floor plan was rather open with a nice size living room, kitchen and dining room as one.  To one side was the main bedroom with an old walk in shower.  The other side had three bedrooms with one being bunk style to allow multiple guests when needed.

Zane grabbed Connor and kissed him passionately, “It’s just you and me for one solid week.”

“I know.  I’m glad we went ahead and decided to make the trip,” Connor said. “This is the perfect place for romance.”

“You’re telling me,” Zane said.

Connor reached over and ripped off Zane’s shirt.  “What the fuck!” Zane shouted and was pissed along with being somewhat animated. “This was one of my favorites shirts, bitch!”

“Zane, I’m sorry.  I want you so bad, dude!  I got carried away!” Connor said.

“How would you feel if I tore one of your favorite shirts?” Zane said a little angry.

“Here,” Connor ripped off his shirt and threw across the room. “You feel better now.”

“Hell no,” Zane whined.

“Fuck!” Connor shouted. “Way to kill a good thing!”

You started this shit by ripping my goddamn shirt!” Zane shouted.

“Goddamn right I did!” Connor said.

Zane sat down on the couch and put his hands to his face, “We’re not here five minutes and we’re fighting like I swore I would never do with you.”

“Yeah our first fight, huh?” Connor sat down next to Zane.

“Are we going to do this the entire time, Connor?” Zane asked, almost in tears.

“Not if I have anything to do with it.  Zane, I love you too much,” Connor said.

Zane looked at Connor, “Connor, I overreacted just a little.”

“Hey, it was your favorite shirt and you reacted to that,” Connor said and put his arm around Zane’s bare shoulders.

“No, I jumped down your throat when you were trying to be romantic with me.  You didn’t do on purpose.  If you did, that’s fine.  Hell, I got a closet full of old t-shirts just like that one.  Besides, we won’t have much use for one here,” Zane cracked a smile.  “Connor, I’m crazy mad in love with you.  I wonder if we would ever have a little spat.”

“It was just a little one, huh?  No big deal,” Connor said.

Zane leaned over to kiss Connor.  Connor grabbed him and probed his tongue deep into Zane’s mouth.  Connor allowed Zane to fall softly on him while the two exchanged spit and tongue, all the while becoming increasingly excited by their actions.  Zane stopped kissing Connor and lightly caressed Connor’s pecs.  He sucked on his nipples while Connor ran his hands up and down Zane’s back.

“This is more like it, huh?” Zane asked.

“You bet it is.  Our honeymoon is supposed to be filled with love,” Connor said.

I’m your bitch,” Zane smiled.

“No, we’re each other bitches all week,” Connor smiled and kissed Zane again.  Zane undid Connor’s shorts.  He dropped his head down and licked Connor’s cock under his boxer briefs.  Zane pulled back the waist band and exposed Connor’s meat.  Connor lifted up and pushed down his shorts and boxer briefs to enjoy the freedom.  Zane took the opportunity to get naked and dropped his shorts. 

“Hell yeah!  Is that a thong?” Connor asked with excitement.

“Yea, you like it?” Zane asked.

“Leave it on for damn sure.  You care if I fuck you with that on?”

“Ummm… fuck no, that’s why I wore.  Every bride wears a thong to let her groom fuck her with it on.”

“Connor, I’m going to give you the best fucking hummer of your life,” Zane smiled.

“Go for it!” Connor stated and waited for Zane to live up to his word.  Zane dropped his head in Connor’s lap and licked Connor’s ridges of his ripped abs that were developing thanks to hours of swimming and hard work.  Zane’s wet tongue found Connor’s cock and tasted it the entire length.  First he worked on the head while mixing in long wet licks.  He moved and sucked Connor’s nuts slowly.

“OOOOO Babbbbyyy!” Connor moaned.

“Dammmn, your cock is the best!” Zane said. “Fuck, I love it and you so much!”

Zane returned his mouth and tongue.  Connor ran his hands through Zane’s dark hair that was now shorter.  Zane concentrated on the task in his mouth and would cut his brown eyes to see Connor enjoying it.  Zane opened his throat and deep throated his boyfriend’s cock to Connor’s delight.  He pulled off and returned to working on the head with his tongue and mouth. 

Zane kissed Connor’s abs and made his way up.  The two grabbed each other and kissed passionately with love flowing from them freely.  Connor kissed Zane’s neck and started his way down Zane’s tight body.  He pulled Zane’s cock out from the pouch of the thong and enjoyed sucking and licking his lover’s cock.  Zane threw back his head and quietly moaned while Connor sucked him off.   

Connor finished Zane and had him on the verge of blowing his load.  With adrenaline rush and lust consuming Connor’s every being, he hoisted Zane up in his arms.  The swift lift caught Zane by surprise.

“I’m carrying your ass to the bed so we can do this shit right,” Connor said and swiftly moved to the bedroom.  He laid Zane on the bed and smothered him with kisses.  “Dude, I’m going to eat that pussy out like there’s no tomorrow and then fucking your ass with everything I got.  Goddamn I’m fucking horny as hell to fuck you!”

Zane chuckled and loved hearing the excitement in Connor’s voice.  He spread his legs wide while Connor moved between them.  Connor pulled back the strap and dove straight down to eat Zane’s hot ass.  He kissed the entrance before letting his tongue and finger penetrate the opening.  He buried his mouth and nose in Zane’s ass to eat it like he never had before.  Zane squirmed and groaned feeling Connor’s tongue and seeing Connor’s shaved head in his ass. 

Connor lifted up his head, “You ready to get that hot ass fucked?”

“More than anything! I wanted fucked by you!” Zane shouted.

Before causing a mess, Connor raced to grab a towel from the adjoining bathroom.  He found a little lube in his bag.  He lubed up his cock and Zane’s ass.  He put Zane’s ass on a pillow and moved the thong strap. He ran his hard wet cock up and down Zane’s ass.  He put at the entrance and felt it slip into Zane. 

Zane felt a slight pain but soon felt the ultimate joy of sex.  He watched Connor go deep and soon felt the brush of Connor’s trimmed pubes against his ass.  “Fuck your bride’s pussy!”

“Fuck your pussy is so goddamn hot!” Connor screamed.

“Your dick is too.  Now fuck your bride!” Zane screamed with his legs wrapped around Connor’s waist.

Connor started slowly fucking Zane.  Their tempo along with their breathing slowly increased.  Zane was screaming his head off and was feeling euphoric.  Connor was ramming his cock in Zane’s ass causing the bed to squeak loudly and the headboard bang against the wall. 

“OOOOO Connor!!!” Zane moaned.

“OOOO Zane, fuck yea!” Connor moaned.

Sweat broke out on Connor’s forehead with the intense action.  Zane pulled down Connor and filled his mouth with his tongue.  This slowed both down to savor the moment and intimacy they were sharing.  Connor slipped out of Zane.  Zane shed his thong and lay on his stomach.

Connor stuck his hard dripping cock back in Zane.  Connor plunged deep into his boyfriend’s ass and loved the feeling of his cock inside of him.  He kissed Zane’s neck and continued to fill his ass with his hard throbbing cock.

Connor leaned back, “I’m about to fucking nut!”

OOO Connor fill my pussy with those baby makers!”

Connor groaned as loud as ever.  He felt his cock explode inside Zane.  Shot after shot filled Zane’s boy pussy.  Instantly, Zane felt his cock explode as well underneath him.  Connor slowly pulled out his cum covered cock from Zane’s well fucked ass.  Cum was oozing out and too tempting from Connor’s tongue to resist.  He licked what love juice he could with Zane wanting to savor Connor’s cum swimming around inside him.  Connor pulled himself up and kissed Zane with fervor.  Both were still in such bliss.

“Connor, we’re goin to have a hard time matching that shit!” Zane said.

“I know… I know, babe,” Connor stared into Zane’s brown eyes. “Let our friends beat that shit right there.”

“They can’t.  I doubt too many newlyweds felt the passion I was feeling that whole time,” Zane said. “Remind me to get pissed off at you every day.”

The two kissed more with their hands all over each other.  They were able to pull their hot sexy naked bodies from the bed.  Zane wrapped his arm around Connor’s waist and found the smokes they bought for this occasion.  They went on the back deck.  Zane sat in Connor’s lap and lit the cigarette.  They both laughed at the insaneness of smoking after sex.  Zane took a drag before coughing as an inexperienced smoker.  Connor took a hit and coughed as well.

“What do people see in these?” Zane asked, looking at the burning cigarette.

“Hell if I know.  That might be a waste of money,” Connor said.

“I think you are right there,” Zane said.

Both took another hit before Zane got up and extinguished the cigarette.  He came back and sat back on Connor’s naked lap. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“Of course not, babe.  I love you just like this,” Connor replied. “I can feel you leaking a little.”

“I know I am but damn it feel so good still to know a part of your juices are deep in me,” Zane said.

Connor held Zane close and enjoyed the body contact while they listened to the crickets in the background from the back deck.  The two stayed and enjoyed the peace and serenity offered and spoke very little.  The only sound coming was the smacking of lips.


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