Posted:  April 7, 2009

Connor woke the next morning, Sunday, with a week to go before spring break in March.  He eyed his hot delicious boyfriend Zane and wondered just how lucky a senior could be.  He looked down and saw Zane’s tempting morning wood.  He slid his hand down and lightly touched Zane’s waist.  He couldn’t resist any longer and opened his mouth.  He took Zane’s hot 7 inches in his mouth with love. 

OOO fuck yeah!” Zane woke and saw what Connor was doing.  Connor stopped. “Don’t stop now! Matter of fact, turn around so I can suck your hot dick!”

Connor maneuvered around to where the two could enjoy each other’s morning wood cocks.  Connor slid back down and now loved feeling Zane’s cock slip between his lips.  Connor loved the feeling as well as Zane took his 7 inches in his mouth.  Connor licked and sucked on Zane’s cock before jumping on top of him.  “I am so in love with you right now, it’s fucking unreal dude.  I love you so much.  I can’t wait til every morning I wake up next to your hot ass and every night we make hot love to each other like we did last night,” Connor talked very fast and grinded his cock into Zane’s pelvis.

“Whoa there tiger, slow down a second,” Zane said.

“I can’t Zane.  I’m fucking in love with you!” Connor said, fast and furious.

“I’m in love with you too, Connor,” Zane said. “Normally I’m not a morning person.”

“Me either but damn I want you again.  Fuck, you are so hot!  I’m the luckiest guy alive to know you are my boyfriend.”

“I’m just as lucky.  Connor, don’t sell yourself short there, you’re fucking smoking!”

Connor smiled and roughly kissed Zane, pinning Zane’s head against the pillow.   Connor reached over, grabbed a condom and ripped it open.  Zane grabbed the lube and lubed his ass up along with Connor’s throbbing cock.  Connor spread Zane’s thin legs and lifted up his ass.  He put his cock at Zane’s hole and quickly entered him.

Fuck yeah! I’m fucking the hottest motherfucker alive!” Connor said and showed his excitement for the moment that was occurring.

“OOO Connor, I’m getting fucked by the hottest fuck I know!” Zane said and felt Connor deep in him.

“Dude, if it were possible, I would get your ass pregnant in a heartbeat.  That way we could be together and have a common bond,” Connor screamed.

“Connor, rip that fucking condom off and try to get my ass pregnant!” Zane screamed and was feeling so horny.

Connor pulled out.  He pulled off the condom and slung it across the room.  He lubed up his raw cock and quickly slid back in Zane’s waiting ass.  “OOOO Fuck yea!  This feels so fucking good!” Connor screamed.

“OOO fuck does it ever!  Fuck my ass, Connor! Fuck me!”

“I will bitch!  Don’t you worry!” Connor screamed again and pushed hard inside Zane’s ass.  Zane’s headboard slapped against the wall while Connor continuously fucked that ass.  Both were screaming and moaning with sweat building up on Connor’s brow.  He pulled out and slammed his cock back in.

“Fuck yea!” Zane screamed.

“You like that?”

“Oh do I ever!” Zane said and felt Connor’s cock slammed back in his ass. “OHH fuck me!”

They continued fucking and screaming as their sexual action was driving both crazy. 

Connor’s eyes opened wide, “I’m about to cum!!”

“Breed my boipussy with that hot load!”

Connor pushed deep and felt his cock shoot into Zane’s love tunnel.  He leaned over.  Zane pulled him close with Connor blasting his load.  They kissed passionately while Connor finished cumming.  He could feel his cum seeping out of Zane’s ass around his cock.

Zane reached down and began jacking his cock.  “Don’t you dare cum, bitch! I want your fucking load in my boipussy just like I bred your ass!” Connor screamed.

Connor lubed up Zane’s cock and slid his ass down on it.  He went up and down only a few times before Zane filled his ass with his load.  Again he leaned over and kissed Zane when he felt the first blast enter his ass.  Connor took every shot and enjoyed the warm feeling in him.

“We are some horny gay fucks, huh?” Connor laughed.

“I love it though,” Zane smiled.  They were both reeling from their morning sex. “I’ve never seen you like that Connor.”

“I guess something came over me.  It was great, huh?”

“You bet.  I can’t wait til spring break now!”

“Me either!”

Zane pulled Connor from his bed and led him to his shower.  The two lovers continued to kiss still somewhat reeling from the experience.  Connor dried off Zane and received the same treatment in return.  Both sprayed on deodorant for the day before Zane started shaving the stubble from his face.  Connor watched Zane shave and commented how sexy it was.  They both decided to don loose baggy athletic shorts not really knowing when Zane’s parents would return. 

They left the house shortly after Ben called and wanted them to come to the local park to play basketball that nice sunny day.  Neither were great at basketball but they were horrible either.  They arrived and found Ben and Kevin along with Rob and Adam.  They decided on teams and decided on a little 3-on-3 game.  With the warmth of the spring day, all 6 were shirtless when the games began.  Connor and Zane got to see how developed both Rob and Adam were with Rob thinner than Adam’s muscled teen physique.  Without thinking, Zane instantly commented on both.  Rob and Adam laughed it off and didn’t give it second thought.  By the end of three spirited games, each parted ways.

Connor and Zane headed to Zane’s house.  They drove up and saw Zane’s parents had returned from their overnight trip. 

“Zane, how was your weekend?” his dad asked shortly after the two were in the door.

“Great, dad,” Zane replied and wiped the sweat from his brow with a kitchen towel that was handy.

“Did you men have fun?” his dad continued.

“Yeah, we had friends over last night and finished shooting hoops with them,” Zane commented.

“That’s great Zane,” his mom said.

“Yeah mom, I have really enjoyed this weekend.  It was way better than last weekend,” Zane smiled and put his arm around Connor’s sweaty waist.

“I take it you two,” his dad said, pointing his finger back and forth, “really enjoyed your alone time here as well and had great sex.”

Zane threw up his hands in disgust, “Dad, can’t you see there’s more to us than getting naked?”

“Still Zane, I know you know the teen brain operates,” his dad stated.

“I’m sure you and mom did too, so what’s the big deal?” Zane asked.

“Marty, he does make a good point,” his mom said and smiled at Zane. “I can tell this is more than sex between these two handsome well fit young men.”

“Deb, I was only stating the facts here,” his dad tried to defend his statements.

“Dad, I fucked his brains out and Connor fucked my brains out,” Zane said in disgust. “Are you happy now that I’ve told our sex life?”

“Was it good sex or raw dog sex?” his dad asked and continued to badger.

“Marty, I think that’s enough from you.  If you don’t mind, I think Zane has told us more than enough or more than I want to know.  Hun, we are past the fact these two are sexually active, so drop it!”

Connor raised his eyes and looked at Zane. 

“Deb, I want these two to realize there’s more to a relationship than sex,” his dad stated.

“Marty, look at them.  I see two happy young men and can see there’s more substance to their relationship than most straight couples.  Zane really loves Connor and Connor really loves Zane.  We saw that last weekend.  Of all people, you seem a little hung up on the fact they are having sex,” his mom boldly stated.

Zane’s dad rubbed his chin, “Guys, I’m sorry I went on like I did.  I want to make sure neither of them get hurt and realize the meaning of sex and the implications of it.”

“Dad, thanks for your concern,” Zane stated. “Dad by your example with Mom, there’s way more to us than sex. If you want we’ll video tape it and show you.”

“I don’t think so,” his dad said.

“I think they are mature beyond their years or else I won’t allow this to continue.  I’m sure they get wild in private and are enjoying the experience of having a true lover just like we did when we first got together and weren’t but 2 years older than them.  By what I see, Zane is more mature than you were, Marty,” his mom stated.

Connor saw this might take a while and pulled Zane aside.  “Dude, I really need to get home.”

“I’ll call you later,” Zane said.  They walked to the front door and kissed.  Connor waved goodbye and said thanks before going out the door.  He headed straight to his house and knew his clothes were still at Zane’s house.

Connor opened the door and saw his mom watching television in the living room.  “’Bout time you decided to come home,” his mom said.

“Sorry I didn’t call,” Connor said.

“I knew where you were,” his mom said. “Do you guys have a good weekend?”

“Mom, don’t start with me now,” Connor said sharply.

“Son, I was only asking and didn’t really mean anything by it,” she replied.

“We had a great weekend.  We hung out with our friends a lot of the time,” Connor stated.

“Connor, I’m glad to see they haven’t abandoned you like you told me they did with Zane.”

“Zane was the groundbreaker and made things much easier for me,” Connor said.  “Sorry I was a little snappy.  Zane’s dad was asking very personal questions to us.”

“Son, I don’t want to know anything about what you did in private.  What you and Zane do is your personal business.  I’m not stupid though and know what two lovers do in private.”

“We were alone, Mom, since his parents left but did have friends over.”

“You didn’t tear up their nice house, did you?”

“No ma’am, we did our best to keep it clean,” Connor stated and made his way up to his room.  He cracked a book to study for a few classes until Zane called and to tell him everything was settled with his parents and a mutual understanding had been struck.

The following week school wise was back to normal for everyone. Connor started to see a little improvement with his grades thanks to his studying for a change. Connor and Zane now seemed to be accepted by the ones they wanted to be friends with but could still hear an occasional derogatory remark from some students who were homophobic and decided to let their views be heard.  At practice, Coach got down to serious business with the main part of the schedule upon them.  They had a significant meet the Friday before spring break out of town and would be another measuring stick before conference.  Connor hit the water hard and sought the opinion of his coach and trusted teammates for his let down.  His coach thought Connor was maybe trying too hard and tensing up, causing him to slow down.  Connor watched film of the previous meet and could see his stroke was strained and labored.  Kevin, Aiden and Bear reiterated the same thoughts and told Connor to loosen up.  Connor didn’t ask Zane his opinion since he wanted an unslanted and brutally honest assessment.

During the week, Connor and Zane found time after practice to be together a few times but didn’t have sex any during the week.  If they weren’t together, they were on the phone with each other.

Friday came, the day of the out of town meet.  The team was allowed out an hour early to make the trip.  The trip again allowed the team to bond and to enjoy being together.  Once at the pool located at a state university, they saw the other 5 teams gathered there for the meet.  Connor knew his heat was first and tried every imaginable tool to relax until Zane gave him a big kiss.  Now the team knew accepted the two as boyfriends and thought nothing of it.  Connor headed to his lane and warmed up.  He knew the best swimmer of the group was right next to him which allowed him to know what he needed to do.  He was off with the gun for the 4 laps of the pool.  Once in the pool he concentrated on the task at hand.  After almost three laps, Connors was trailing by a half a body length.  At the turn, he pushed hard off the wall and was almost dead even with the swimmer next to him.  The final 25 meters was a dead sprint to the finish with Connor getting touched out at the wall by the taller, lanky swimmer next to him.  Connor was slightly disappointed at finishing second but did post his best time of the year by a full 2 seconds.  He exited the pool and was patted on the back by his teammates and Coach.

The meet was a great success for the team by placing second to a larger stronger team.  Coach was proud of their effort and was proud of the improvement and determination shown by his team with Zane finishing second in both his races and the team winning one of the relays thanks to Aiden’s strong finish.

By the time the team returned to campus, it was past midnight with the meet running 30 minutes later than scheduled.  On the bus ride home, both Zane and Connor agreed to stay together the next night since both were very tired and sleepy.  Connor was surprised to see his mom still up and waiting for him even though she knew he was coming home when he drove in the driveway nearly at 12:30.  Connor sat and told her about the meet.  He was pleased with his results and expressed that he may be on the right track.

“Are you disappointed you can’t be with Zane tonight?” his mom asked.

“Oh, a little but we both understand and know the rules you guys set out,” Connor said.

“Connor, I can tell that you are really in love with him,” she said.

“Yeah, mom,” Connor said with a little grin, “I am.  He’s now my world and really means a lot to me.”

“I know and see that just the little time I see you two,” she smiled. “I wasn’t crazy about this… you know… gay thing but now I can see it doesn’t matter much.  I had dinner with his parents tonight since Emily’s gone for the week.”

“I bet I can guess the subject matter,” Connor said.

“It was about you two some but I did enjoy having dinner with adults for a change,” she commented.

“Anything about Zane and I that I should know about?” Connor asked.

“Well… Connor, we discussed a few things concerning our boys,” his mom smiled. “All of us are so proud of the way you guys have handled matters so far.  If things continue like they are, we see no reason you two shouldn’t have a place of your own.”

“Yeah, we’ve talked about that,” Connor said. “Zane is set on it but how will I afford it?”

“Connor, we were talking about for the summer,” his mom smiled.

“No shit?” Connor said in his excitement. He wiped his mouth after seeing his mom’s look, “Sorry it slipped out.”

“Connor, we believe you are ready and no sense denying you two the chance to do so.  We can see come summer you will be together in some capacity.  If you decide on a college soon, then we think you should get a place there,” his mom stated.

“When my scores arrive, I should have a better idea really where I can go,” Connor said now smiling from ear to ear.

“Look at the time, I’m know I’m tired and sure you are as well,” his mom stated since it was nearing one in the morning.

“Thanks Mom, I do love you,” Connor said and bounced to his room.  He was now excited with the prospects of moving in with Zane and lay in bed dreaming of the fun times they would have living together.

Connor woke late the next morning, 11 or after.  His first order of the day was to get food in his stomach.  His mother was doing some household chores such as cleaning and washing.  He scanned the refrigerator and pantry to satisfy his hunger.

“Connor, you seriously need to put on a little weight now,” his mom stated in passing.

“Mom, I’m fit from all the swimming.  My abs are now ripped, huh?” Connor flexed shamelessly for his mom in just his shorts and underwear, which was his normal attire most days around his house.

“Yeah, I suppose they are but you could still use a little weight.  Your face is so thin,” she stated.

“Ah, I don’t care as long as Zane doesn’t care,” Connor said.

“Connor since Emily is gone, you and Zane are welcome to stay here tonight,” she stated. “I wouldn’t mind at all having you here.  It does make me feel more secure.”

“I’m sure we can do that,” Connor said. “I ask that you not get in our business.”

“I won’t.  Connor, I have yet to see you and him being boyfriends,” she said.

“Are you sure you can handle seeing me kiss a boy, hold hands or have my arm around him?”

“I hope so and do need to witness for myself.  Zane’s parents say you are some loving guys,” she smiled.

Connor found something to eat in the freezer and put in the microwave. He cooked his food and sat down with his mother to talk more. He made it clear that she know there would be times when the two wanted to be alone without interference or the watching eyes of his curious mother.  He called Zane after eating for their plans for the day.  Zane told him he would be over right after he ran a few errands and would definitely stay at Connor’s for the night.  Connor showered after hanging up.  He put on a sleeveless tee and shorts to wait on Zane’s arrival.

Zane arrived an hour later with the time being near 2 in the afternoon.

“What do you think?” Zane asked and pointed to his shorter haircut that had become a burden in the pool.

“Seriously, I love it,” Connor said and kissed Zane on the lips. “Looks good, huh Mom?”

“Yea Zane, it looks very nice,” Connor’s mom stated.

“Thank you,” Zane smiled and grabbed Connor’s hand.  The two sat down on the couch in Connor’s living room. 

“Zane, are you excited about this summer?” Connor’s mom asked.

“Yes ma’am, I really am,” Zane replied. “My parents told me all about what you guys were thinking.”

“I can see there’s no holding you guys back no matter how hard we try,” Connor’s mom said.

“You could Mom but we would be together someway somehow,” Connor stated.

“That’s why we came to the decision we did and felt the same way, Connor,” she said. “Just don’t do anything stupid and jeopardize a good thing, alright?”

“Gothcha,” Connor smiled.

They talked a little more until a loud knock came at the front door.  Connor’s mom rose from here chair and walked to the door.  She opened to find her soon-to-be ex-husband Darrin standing there.

“Hey Jennifer, is… oh there he is…” Darrin, Connor’s dad, stated.

Connor saw his dad.  Fear and uneasiness shot throughout his body.
“Hey dad,” Connor said quietly.

His dad shook his head, “So is it was Zane, huh?”

“Darrin, if you came by to harass Connor, I sug…” Connor’s mom started to say before being interrupted.

“Jennifer, I didn’t come to harass him.  I wanted to see how he was doing but it looks like the little cocksucker has found his match,” his dad stated.

Connor glared hard at his dad, “That’s my definition of harassment.”

“Harassment is telling you how I feel about your fucking ass having sex with this homo and how queer it looks with your damn arm around him,” his dad said.

Connor stood, “Dad, you can leave right now.  I’m gay.  Either accept or continue to not be a part of my life.”

“I can’t believe I raised a queer!” his dad got louder. “Connor you should be ashamed of yourself!”

“Darrin, I have no problem with this,” his mom said.

“Of course you wouldn’t, you know what it’s like taking a cock in your mouth or up your ass,” his dad said.

“Come on, Zane.  We don’t have to take this shit!” Connor said and grabbed Zane’s hand.

His dad stood in front in of the two as they were trying to leave. “Listen to me you little goddamn faggot.  Either come to your senses or your ass has seen its last dime from me! I refuse to accept this… this nonsense.”

Connor went around his dad with Zane, “Dad, fuck you! I don’t give a shit about your money.  I’m fine without you or your money in my life!”

“Don’t you cuss at me, you sick queer!” his dad screamed with Connor walking away.

“Darrin, let them go,” his mom said.

“Jennifer, you allow this shit?” his dad said.

“Yes I do!” his mom said with Connor and Zane climbing the stairs. “Connor is very happy now.”

Connor stopped and watched to make sure nothing happened. 

“You are as sick as they are,” his dad stated and walked to the door.  He opened the door and slammed on the way out. Connor and Zane continued to Connor’s bedroom…

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