Posted:   March 28, 2009

Connor and Zane sat on the couch doing their best to watch television in Zane’s living room.  Neither could keep their hands off each other after having great sex.  They heard the garage door open and tried to act cool and composed though Zane knew his parents knew he was sexually active.  His parents entered the house with Zane’s dad walking to them and his mom heading to their bedroom.

“How was dinner?” Zane asked his dad.

“Dinner was fine. It was great talking to your mom, Connor,” his dad stated.  “We now know where each other stand as far as you both are concerned.”

“Where would that be?” Zane asked.

“The three of us have come to an agreement.  We as adults realize and understand both of you are sexual beings at 18 years old and you will find ways such as tonight to have sex seeing how your hormones are crazy,” his dad stated.

“Who us?” Zane asked.

“Zane, I can tell you did and probably just finished no more than fifteen minutes ago,” his dad said.

“More like thirty,” Zane laughed. “Dad, it was incredibly hot tonight and we both needed the stress relief from all that’s been swirling around us this weekend. It was nice to be left alone and enjoy each other.”

“I get your point and do fully understand the joy of sex with a great partner like I’m sure Connor is,” his dad said with both now slightly embarrassed by Zane’s dad honesty. “That being said we have decided you guys are allowed to stay together one night a week here.  Jennifer agreed and we did too that you men shouldn’t be allowed to stay at Connor’s house with his sister there.”

“That’s extremely cool of you, Dad,” Zane smiled.

“Yeah, we really couldn’t expect much more,” Connor stated, smiling as well.

“There will be strict rules however.  The first sign of drinking or doing drugs will end it, no questions asked.  Connor, you have to keep your grades up and your mom thinks this might be the push you need,” Zane’s dad said. “Your mom and I ask you be discrete as possible.  We will know what’s going on and understand that part.”

“Definitely,” Connor nodded in agreement.

“We talked about spring break as well.  Your mom and I think it would be a great experience for you too to take the time together and experience what it is really like to live with someone before college if you men are still a couple.  We ask that you keep it on the down low and don’t go running to tell all your friends,” his dad said.

“Can we ask Kevin and Ben still?” Zane asked.

“If they want to go, I see no reason why not,” his dad said. “They knew you two now and can decide if they are comfortable with that.  Ask them not to bring girls, however.  That entire mix might not work.”

Zane looked at his dad, “I don’t see your point there.”

“We agree girls in the mix wouldn’t work,” his dad said.

“I don’t see any difference in Connor and I having sex than a guy and girl having sex there too.”

“You’re right but that’s what the females wanted,” his dad said. “How many parents of girls would let their daughters go shack up with two guys for the week?”

“The same number that would let two gay guys,” Zane said.

“I get your point, Zane,” his dad said. “You keep quiet and I’ll keep quiet if it comes to that point, alright?”

“Yes, sir,” Zane smiled.

“So are you boys… I mean men… happy with that?” his dad asked.

“Definitely,” Zane said. “Any rules on dating?”

“No, do whatever you want there as long as it doesn’t interfere with your school work or family activities,” his dad said.

“Dad, thanks.  I wasn’t sure how you would take me being gay,” Zane stated.

“Yeah thanks,” Connor said.

“I hope we aren’t giving you men too much leeway here and you don’t abuse the privileges we have given you,” his dad said. “Zane as far as you being gay, I have no problem with it as long as you are safe and most of all happy with your decision.”

“We’ll try not to take advantage of a great situation,” Zane stated. “Dad, being gay is who I am.  I’m happy now with a great boyfriend in Connor.”

“Zane, I better get home.  I haven’t opened a book all weekend,” Connor said.

“Yeah, I have a little homework as well,” Zane said.

The two thanked Zane’s dad and headed to the door.  They kissed openly in front of Zane’s dad before Connor headed home.

Connor went straight up to his room when he arrived at his house.  He opened his books and knew now he had good reason to finish his senior year strong.  He heard a light knock on the door.  He slowly opened his door now in his shorts and saw his mom standing there.

“Connor, I take Marty told you what we agreed upon,” his mom said and sat down on the edge of his bed with him.

“Yeah, he gave us the low down and the rules,” Connor stated and felt awkward with his mom being there.

“I trust you continue to show maturity in this development,” she said. “My little boy is really growing up now and is really becoming a man in front of my eyes.  I didn’t dream however you were gay.”

“Mom seriously when was my last girlfriend?” Connor asked with his arms crossed.

“I know it’s been sometime but you really don’t act gay the way I see it,” she stated. “How long have you known, son?”

“Maybe a year if not longer.  Mom, I’m attracted to guys.  I hope I never become your stereotypical gay guy like you think of,” Connor said.

“Me either.  So this is really serious between you and Zane?”

“Mom I couldn’t be happier and it’s as serious as it can be now.  We’ve already been through a lot together in a short time.  Crazy but it has made us that much closer,” Connor smiled.

“Are you in love?”

“Very much so.  He’s all I ever think about now.  I want to be with him constantly but know we still have our separate lives to live.”

“Just the thought of my boy having sex with another boy, I really don’t understand it or see where that is so pleasing,” she said.

“Mom do you want the truth of the matter?  Can you handle it?”

“Son, I want to hear and become educated about your lifestyle.  I won’t hold anything you say against you,” she said.

“Mom, remember when you and dad first began having sex and how pleasing it was,” Connor said.

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Those were some good times.  It wasn’t great at first Connor.  After a few tries, it became great and very intense.”

“Zane and I are getting that way.  He made love to me tonight and I could really feel it,” Connor stated. “It was great with lots of kissing.”

“He stuck his penis up your hole?”

“Yeah Mom, he did. We switch off and I… you know… do him too.  We both enjoy the intimacy of sex,” Connor said. “This doesn’t gross you out?”

“No, I know what gay men do having sex and can’t imagine you and Zane doing that,” his mom said.  “Does it hurt?”

“A little at first then it feels great,” Connor said. “I think it is a beautiful act since we are both fit young guys.  It’s a huge turn on to me to watch Zane’s nice body move with mine. I’d do almost anything to please him.  Seriously the part I enjoy is kissing him.  We do that a ton.”

“I see your point Connor.  At one time, your dad was a very handsome man with a nice body,” she stated. “Connor, I’m glad we can be this open with each other.  I can see now where we made the correct decisions.  I believe both of you are mature enough to handle a sexual relationship and do it for the right reasons.”

“Thanks Mom, I feel better about it as well now that you know,” Connor smiled.

“How long has this been going on between you two?”

Connor lowered his head, “Since Valentine’s Day night.”

“I see.  Did you go straight over there and skip the dance?”

“No it all started with a box of candy I bought.  I wanted to do it as a way of telling him I liked him more than a friend since he was outed by someone at school.  Zane took a lot of sh… crap and was really down in the dumps.  I have always thought he was so hot.”

“He is a cute boy.  You two do make a cute couple,” she smiled.  “The more we talk the more I’m starting to see a Connor I never really knew existed.  I see a sweet and lovable boy I never knew I had.”

“I hope it last but know your first time normally doesn’t,” Connor said.

“Connor, my first time lasted almost 25 years.  Maybe your first love will last that long,” she smiled.

“I hope Zane ends up a better person than Dad.  He’s really an ass now,” Connor said. “I have no respect for him and don’t care if I ever see him again.”

“Maybe someday he’ll see that same person I’m seeing now,” his mom said. “He needed to witness the love and devotion I saw Friday.  He wouldn’t understand the love you two seem to have for each other.  If I hadn’t seen it, I doubt seriously I would be this okay with it.  It showed me two guys could love like a guy and a girl.”

“We can without the risk of getting pregnant,” Connor smiled.

“Son, I do worry with you with AIDs so prevalent,” she said.

“I do too but if we stay faithful to each other, there should be little risk,” Connor said.

“Well, I better let you get your rest.  I’m sure school will be hopping tomorrow,” she said.

“It will,” Connor stated.  He kissed his mom on the cheek and was now glad they had this little discussion.  He felt great inside knowing his mom was accepting and wanting to be a part of his life.  He actually enjoyed being honest with his mom and appreciated your honesty as well.

Connor woke at his regular time and had his normal fight with his sister over bathroom time before school.  He walked down the stairs in his shorts and Abercrombie pullover shirt to grab an energy bar as his breakfast.

“Connor, good luck today,” his mom commented as he began to leave.

“I might need it,” he said and felt a nervous pain in his stomach.

Connor and Emily, his sister, headed off to school as normal. 

“You think everyone will be rough on you today?” his sister asked.

“Emily, I have no idea.  I would imagine most of the talk will be about Tom,” Connor stated.

“I hope you don’t come home with a bunch of bruises,” she laughed.

“Me either,” Connor said while navigating the traffic around Emily’s junior high.

“Good luck bro and I mean it,” Emily said.  She opened the door and headed to her group of friends.

Connor drove down the road and found his parking spot.  He got out with his backpack and looked around to see Zane was already there.  He walked nervously and found Zane huddled with a group of students.  Connor stood back and listened to the talk that was focused on Tom’s death.  Zane turned and smiled at Connor.  The first bell of the day rang and broke the group up.

“What was that all about?” Connor asked.

“They wanted to hear my end of the story,” Zane commented.

“Anything thing negative?”

“Nothing at all actually.  I heard a few praises on what a better person I was than most would have been for what Tom attempted to do to me,” Zane smiled.

“Great!” Connor said.  He split off with Zane and headed to his first class of the day.  He saw a few looks but most were interested in his story including the teacher.  He gave his side of the incident and what followed.

The day continued like that.  Every class Connor had to tell his story to the class and teacher.  By lunch, he was glad for a break and sought out Zane.  He found Zane among Connor’s old group of friends and slid down next to Zane.

“Connor, we heard about what you did,” Rob stated. “It’s cool bro and sorry for some grief we handed you or at least I am.  I heard you and Zane showed a lot of class and went to visit Tom’s parents.  That took a lot of guts.  I don’t know that I could have done that after what he had done.”

“It was the right thing to do,” Zane stated. “It wasn’t his parent’s fault he flipped out.”

“Still dude, put a damn loaded gun in my back all spaced out.  I would have been pissed and not been so forgiving,” A friend, Calvin, stated. “Connor, we heard you outed yourself in front of everyone.”

“I was scared and my natural defenses were gone,” Connor said.

“It’s cool though. We had a small feeling something was going on,” Calvin stated now with hordes wanting in to be and hear Zane’s account.

After lunch, Rob waited and pulled Connor aside, “Connor, I’m sorry if I was a little rough.  I don’t care now that you are gay and see you’re a good person.  Not that I’m gay but I wanted you know it was cool with me since you are.  Don’t let that interfere with anything in the future.  We were all wrong in giving Zane a hard time and the cold shoulder.  He’s really a good guy, too.”

“Thanks Rob.  That means a lot to me,” Connor smiled.

Connor headed off to his next class.  He was glad when swimming practice finally arrived.  He entered the locker room as he normally did.  Coach was there waiting for everyone to arrive.

“Tough weekend, huh men?” Coach asked with all gathered around him.  “Let’s start from the top.  I can’t tell you how proud I am to see a group of guys coming together like you have.  I was impressed that so many of you wanted to be together after the meet Friday.”

“Now to the rough or sad part,” Coach continued. “I’m sorry to hear that such a great time was rudely ended by a crazed ex-teammate.  No matter how much he disliked someone he want way too far to bring a gun and threaten another person’s life.  To top it off, Tom did the most selfish thing by committing suicide.  I heard we do have some classy guys who found it in their heart to visit his parents.  I’m proud of each of you that took the time to visit his parents.  I stopped by and want you to know how much each visit meant to his parents.”

“Coach, I need to apologize to the group,” Soup stood. “I told Tom where everyone was and had no idea he would be so stupid.  Zane, I’m very sorry!”

“Soup thanks and I’m sure you had no idea what he was up to,” Coach said.

“He said something about teaching those guys a lesson but I had no idea what he meant.  It’s all my fault he found you,” Soup said quietly and sorrowfully. “I felt so awful once I heard he put a gun in Zane’s back.”

“Thanks for your honesty,” Coach said. “Let’s hit the pool and do what we can to get this out of your minds.”

With that, the guys dressed quietly and hit the pool.  Coach didn’t appear to be in a tough mood and ended practice after 30 minutes. The boys were a little surprised by this but understood the reasoning.  The locker room was still subdued for the most part with guys quietly talking and showering before exiting to go home.  Most were shocked at how Tom’s death had affected the group since he had bailed on them and repeatedly downed the team when given the opportunity.  It showed the team had heart.

The week continued for Connor and Zane.  Neither attended Tom’s funeral Wednesday afternoon though a lot of their school was given permission to do if desired.  There was no practice Wednesday but a few did swim laps including Zane and Connor to continue their progress.  Zane did his best to tutor Connor for the impeding ACT test and was able to keep it serious for the appointed time throughout the week. 

Friday was the first serious meet with a local school hosting area teams.  It was an annual event and gave the teams a good measuring stick on their progress.  The schools varied in size from the largest school in the area to the smallest of private schools with Zane and Connor’s being in the middle in a nice suburb of the city.  Connor was very disappointed in his lackluster performance and only finished fourth at the highest in his races.  Zane placed third in one swim and fifth in another against strong competition.  The team finished third among the seven schools that participated with Aiden, aka Snake proving his worth and showing great speed in the pool.  Coach was satisfied with the final results yet could see where improvements could be made going into the heart of the schedule.

With Connor’s test the following day, the two along with Ben and Kevin and a few others ate afterwards together and parted ways early after a mentally and physically draining week.  Connor spoke briefly to his mom and expressed his disappointment in his results.  Being a normal mom, she did the best she could to encourage her son and knew he was giving it his all.

After Connor’s test the following day, Saturday, he was relieved it was over and felt good about the test.  He called Zane once in his car and asked if it was okay to stop by for a while.  Zane excitingly agreed and would be there waiting on his arrival.

Connor drove in Zane’s drive and was greeted with Zane there waiting in just his shorts hanging low on his waist and showing off Zane’s hot body.  Connor smiled and knew how lucky he really was to have such a hot boyfriend.  Connor got out of his car, an older model Honda, and walked with a big smile across his face.

“You think you did okay, huh?” Zane asked and approached Connor to meet him.

“I don’t have a clue,” Connor replied, smiling.

“What’s the big smile for?”

“Seeing your fucking hot ass would make any gay man or boy smile,” Connor said and kissed Zane with his mouth wide open.  He ran his hands down the back of Zane’s shorts to feel Zane’s ass with both hands.

Zane caught his breath, “Wow! It’s early and you already want me.”

“Zane, I won’t lie but hell yeah!”

“Tonight will be great for us then,” Zane said. “This really gives me second thoughts about asking Kevin and Ben.”

“I don’t care one way or the other,” Connor said. “As long as you are there, I’m cool with it.”

Zane wrapped his arm around Connor and headed inside.  His mom was smiling when they entered the front door…