Valentine Candy 4

Posted: March 11, 2009

The concert ended after 3 country artist finished.  It was a good three and half hours of torture for Connor and Zane.  The only thing that made it tolerable was the darkness and holding hands.  They didn’t mind between sets and could scour the crowd for cute guys.  Connor got a sense of Zane’s taste for older college aged guys with masculine features.

They waited at the entrance for ten minutes before spotting Connor’s sister, Emily and Vicki.  Both had guys by the hand while they walked with big smiles.

“Connor, Collin is taking us home,” Emily stated.

“I don’t think so,” Connor stated.

“Why not?” Emily asked.

“One word, Mom,” Connor said.

“Dude, we’re going to eat.  I’ll make sure they get home,” Collin said.

“Please Connor,” Emily pleaded.

“Fine but it’s your ass taking the blame if something happens,” Connor said.

“Thanks,” Emily smiled and headed off with Collin, Vicki and her other guy friend.

Zane and Connor exited the arena.  “I bet your sister gets fucked tonight,” Zane laughed.

“Yea right, like she would… oh shit she might,” Connor said in a panic.

“I was messing with you.  Vicki on the other hand has the making of a pure slut,” Zane laughed.

“She does.  She was whored out tonight, say?”

“Hell yeah she was,” Zane stated. “She was begging for a guy’s attention and found one that took her up.”

Zane and Connor drove straight home.  Both of Connor’s parents were in bed when the two arrived home just before midnight.  They climbed the stairs and went into Connor’s bedroom.  Connor locked the door and tossed off his shirt to a pile of clothes and turned on his kind of music with his iPod hookup.

“I wanted to do that,” Zane said, looking disappointed.

“Sorry but I was hot up in here,” Connor smiled and jumped on top of Zane.

Zane and Connor kissed there on Connor’s full size bed.  Connor unbutton Zane’s Abercrombie shirt and sucked on his small nipples and licked his chest.  After a few minutes, both were naked and enjoying each other’s athletically toned bodies made possible by swimming and good genetics.  They both wanted to suck each other and feeling horny after ogling over the hotties at the concert.  They 69ed in the middle of Connor’s bed to satisfy both needs.

Zane stopped, “Connor, let’s suck each other off until we bust in each other’s mouths.”

“Ummm…” Connor thought about it a second. “Okay.”

They continued 69ing.  Zane let Connor’s cock escape his mouth and groaned loudly.  He filled Connor’s mouth with his juice.  Connor was a little taken back but took Zane’s juice.  He swallowed the cum down his throat and smiled.  He looked up and saw Zane sucking his throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck, dude!” Connor said.  He felt his abs contract and his cock burst his juice into Zane’s mouth.  Blast after blast filled Zane’s mouth and throat.  Zane milked every savory drop and licked Connor’s cock clean with a little spillage out the side of the mouth.  Connor licked it up and was developing a taste for his own cum.

They settled under the sheets. Now the two teens enjoyed kissing and touching each other.  Both enjoyed the passion each shown.

“Fuck Connor, that was awesome, bro,” Zane said still in a haze.

“I know.  It was hot as fuck,” Connor said.

“You know it’s great to have a boyfriend, even better than I imagined,” Zane smiled and looked at Connor.

“It is.  I love having a boyfriend,” Connor said. “We don’t have to worry about getting each other pregnant or the other being on the rag.”

Zane laughed, “Those are some of the good points.  Wait until everyone knows you are gay.  Then it might not be so fun.”

“Zane, I’m glad you were outed,” Connor smiled. “I don’t know if I would’ve had the nerve to buy you candy or come on to you like this.  I did have a crush on you but thought it was a so-called phase in my life.”

“Dude, I had to hide that Valentine Candy, so my parents wouldn’t see it,” Zane laughed. “I snuck it out of the house in my backpack and dished what was left on the way to school.”

They lay beside each other and dozed off together. 

At 11 the next morning, a loud knock came at Connor’s bedroom door.  It woke them instantly and had the two scrambling for underwear. 

“Yeah!” Connor answered.

“Open this door, son,” his mom said.

Connor unlocked the door.  “What is it?” Connor asked and could see by his mom’s expression something wasn’t right.

“Zane needs to leave now,” his mom said quietly. “Your father has gone to get Emily at Vicki’s house.”

“Okay,” Connor said. “Let us get dressed though.”

“Connor, you guys wear Speedos at the meets.  I’ve seen both of you in less,” his mom stated and shut the door.

“Dude!” Zane stated.

“I know.  What if they know about us?”

“Fucking shit,” Zane said under his breath.  “Call me later.  If they know then they will tell my parents sooner or later.”

“Yeah or maybe something happened with Emily,” Connor said.

“Maybe, let’s hope nothing bad though,” Zane said dressing.  Before Zane left he gave Connor a nice kiss. 

Connor put on some athletic shorts and t-shirt before readying himself.  He walked down the stairs and saw his mom sitting with her legs up and slumped over. “Mom, is something bad wrong?”

“We’ll talk about it as a family,” she replied with a stoned look on her face.

Connor went to grab something from the refrigerator.  His dad and sister walked in the door and sat in the living room. 

“We’re waiting on you Connor,” his dad stated.

Connor walked in and sat in the loveseat with his sister.  He thought it to be very strange.

His dad inhaled deeply, “We want both of you to know we love you very much.”  Connor looked and saw tears flowing down his mom’s face. “Jennifer and I are getting a divorce.”

WHAM!  The ton of bricks had landed out of nowhere.

“We’ve tried and tried for 3 years but it is not working for us.  We’ve decided to move on and not delay this any longer.  Neither of us are at fault and things happen in 21 years of marriage,” his dad stated. “I’ll be getting an apartment, probably tomorrow.  Your mom and you kids will stay here for the time being we hope.”

“Kids, we are so… so sorry,” his mom sobbed.

Connor looked at Emily in shock.  Emily covered her face and began to cry in sorrow.  Connor too was saddened by this abrupt and decisive decision but was relieved in a way.  They talked for a little while as a family before Connor walked back up the stairs to his room.  He called Zane and told him what it was all about.  Zane was relieved but offered his support if necessary for Connor.  They talked and talked on the phone with Connor feeling better already. 

That night, Connor walked downstairs and found his mom sitting at the kitchen table.  His heart went out seeing his mother saddened by the impending divorce.

“You okay, mom?” Connor asked.

“I will be,” she replied. “Connor, have a seat.”

“Okay,” Connor said and sat across from here.

“Connor, this was years in the making for us.  We stayed together because of you and Emily.  Now we see you are both fairly independent and decided to do what was best.”

“Mom, I never heard you and Dad fight.”

“We really didn’t.  It was the silent treatment.  If you of us got angry, we wouldn’t speak.”

“I noticed Dad wasn’t home much lately,” Connor stated.

“That was by design on his part. Connor, we haven’t been intimate for years now,” his mom stated.

Connor got an awful look on his face, “Mom, thanks but too much info.”

“Son, it is a part of marriage.  How do you think you and Emily were brought into this world?  Your dad had the little talk years ago with you.”

“I know but I don’t really care to think about it,” Connor said.

“Connor, I know you have sexual thoughts and urges.  Your dad and I were having sex at the age of 16.”

“You were?”

“Yeah, we would everything possible to sneak around and have sex.  Your father was a great lover and is the only person you need to know that I’ve ever had sex with,” his mom smiled.

Connor smiled, “I knew you were high school sweethearts and married shortly after you graduated.”

“Looking back, it may be part of the problem.  Connor, I was pregnant at the age of 17 and was the reason we married. I had a miscarriage shortly after we married that summer. There was none of this living together or being a single mom at the age of 17.  Things are different these days,” his mom seriously stated.

“Thanks for sharing that with me,” Connor said. “Are you telling Emily that?”

“Maybe I should but next week she’s going on the pill or something whether she’s sexually active or not.  I’m not having her get pregnant at a young age like I did.  Connor, I really haven’t minded you not having a serious girl.  I think it is great you don’t seriously date but I know you still have those urges to have sex.”

Connor blushed, “Ummm… yeah, I am 18.”

“You are and have a wonderful life ahead of you.  Don’t blow it,” his mom stated.

“Thanks mom for scaring me.  Now, I’ll never sex with a girl again,” Connor laughed and went back to his room to digest the most adult talk of his life.  He was startled by the talk and his mom’s openness to his sexual being.

Connor headed off to school and told his dad goodbye with a sincere hug.  He drove alone with his sister staying home.  He parked and headed to the front door ten minutes early.

“Hey Connor,” Rob said.

“Hey Wassup?”

“Not much.  You and that Zane have been spending a lot of time together I heard.  Are you…?”

“Dude, he’s on my team.  I’m just trying to be his friend.  Shit!” Connor said.

“Connor I was just asking. Damn, getting all sensitive on my ass,” Rob said.

“Wouldn’t you be if your friend insinuated things about you?” Connor said.

“Yeah but I’m not buddying up with some gay guy either,” Rob said.

“So what if I am?  We were friends before this shit ever happened,” Connor said. “I’m not homophobic like a lot of people I know.”

Rob spotted some other friends, “See ya!”

Connor wondered if this was just the beginning of defense.  He didn’t need this at the time and had enough things to occupy his time and thoughts.  He found Zane at lunch to eat with him along with Kevin, Ben and others from the swim team.

Practice was actually a welcome sight for Connor.  He could use it as an escape from reality and concentrate on just swimming for a small part of his day.  He enjoyed the locker room banter and joking that was becoming a big part of the team’s chemistry.  Chemistry was as big a part of swimming but didn’t hurt things either.  Now, most paraded around naked in the locker room and joked with each other concerning their teen bodies. They assigned harmless nicknames to some such as Wolf to a junior who blessed with lots of body hair, Snake to Aiden the sophomore for his long cock, Midget to a junior who had a small cock.  Raven was given to Zane for his long dark hair and raver look.  Flat Board was Connor’s nickname for his flat ass, which Connor agreed was true. Washboard was given to Ben since he did have the best abs of the group while Sailor was given to Kevin for he was now the captain of this team.  Cookie was given to one sophomore who blessed everyone with his singing voice in the shower in reference to David Cook of American Idol.  Dash was given to a junior for his weird large protruding ass like Kim Kardashian.  It was all in good fun and worth lots of laughs in and out of the locker room.

Connor headed home to find his sister and mom eating with their dad gone for the first day of the separation. 

“Connor, in case you were wondering, there will be no spring break trip this year for us.  We were hoping maybe it could respark our romance but it was too far gone,” his mom stated.

“That’s cool.  I figured it was,” Connor said.  He found a plate to eat lots to fuel his energy for swimming.  He finished and went upstairs to mess around on the computer.

The week progressed while Connor adjusted to his life there at home.  It was odd to him not having his dad around but was closer to his mom.  At swimming, he was ready for the first meet of the year but it still was 2 weeks away.  He could see and notice the effects that all the swimming had done to his teen body with his jeans barely staying up on his waist.  He liked the sagging style but now was able to do without any problems.  He noticed Zane was the same way and quickly had gotten into great shape with a lot of hard work.  The two found different times to be together and alone.  Sex was hard to come by with both now aware that they could get caught.

The following week, Connor continued to hear the whispers and taunts.  He was beginning to get so put off and pissed off by the talk. He did everything he could to dispel the rumors and buried himself in the pool to be the best he could for his senior year.  He tried to bring Zane in his other circle of friends for both of their sakes.  He was surprised and shocked at how ruthless and cold hearted his other friends were to Zane.  He disliked it so much so he made up his mind to now distance himself from them and didn’t care about the ramifications.

That Thursday before the dual meet, the first meet of the year, the squad practiced and went over the finer points to make sure everything was near perfect.  Coach liked what he had seen from the group and posted the various assignments after practice.  Zane had three swims, freestyle 100 meters, breast stroke and medley relay.  Connor had four, freestyle 200 meters, butterfly, relay and medley relay.

“I can’t wait til we kick some ass tomorrow,” Zane said to Connor while they stood in the parking lot after practice.

“I can’t either,” Connor said quietly.

“What’s up with you?”

“Can we go somewhere private and talk?” Connor asked.

“Sure we can.  Follow me to Beacon Park,” Zane stated.

Connor followed Zane and both parked in the lot.  They walked together and sat on a concrete picnic table in the middle of the park.  The sun was still shining brightly in the middle of March. 

“So what’s so important you needed to drag me out here?” Zane asked.

“Dude, the talk is really getting to me.  Hell, I’m as fucking gay as you are,” Connor said.

“It hurts like hell, huh?”

“Yeah it does.  I wish they would shut the fuck up.  From now on, it is just you and me.  I’ve tried my hardest to be friends with those dudes.  I’m fucking sick of it,” Connor said in frustration.

“I’m too,” Zane said and kissed Connor on the cheek.

“Thanks, for here on out, I don’t give a fuck about anything except swimming, us and ACT in a few weeks.  My home life sucks ass too and all this is really wearing me out,” Connor stated.

“You’ve helped me out so much, dude.  Anything you need I’ll do it,” Zane said with his arm around Connor.

“Thanks!” Connor said. “When do you think we should come out to our parents?”

Zane looked at Connor, “I dunno know but I’m just about ready to.  I hate lying out my ass about everything.  Something tells me they have a deep notion that I am.”

“My mom has no clue but I want to tell her so bad now,” Connor said. “She’s really told me a lot and feel we are really close as ever now.  I did tell you she put Emily on the pill.”

Zane laughed, “Yeah and Cookie might be hitting that shit now.”

“It is weird those two are dating but I can’t blame her.  Cookie is cute as hell,” Connor said.

Zane smiled, “That was so gay but exactly what I was thinking too.  He does have a cute body and decent cock.”

“Yeah it could be Snake,” Connor laughed. “He would tear some girl’s shit up or some guy’s ass up.”

“You think?”

“I have no clue or care now what anyone is now,” Connor shrugged his shoulders. “I’m so past all this he’s gay, he’s straight or he’s bi shit.  Just fucking accept the person for who they are not whether they like cock or pussy.”

“It took you long enough to realize that,” Zane laughed.  He spotted a car and recognized it as one of their teammates.  He poked Connor in the side and pointed.  They watched the two pile out of the car and start holding hands.

“Oh look…” Connor said and nudged Zane.


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