Valentine Candy 3

Posted:   March 5, 2009

Connor and Zane headed to their friend’s house after being asked to go grab something to eat with them. 

“Dude, this is pretty awesome and feels pretty good,” Zane smiled. “You really don’t mind, do ya?”

“No, it’s cool with me,” Connor said, driving his car.

“Maybe just maybe the torment of old Zane here is starting to come to an end,” Zane stated.

“More like under control now that the new has worn off,” Connor stated.

“Yeah, thanks for bringing me back to earth.  There will be ones that still hate my ass and others that don’t care if I’m gay.  I can live with that.  It sure beats everyone hating on me like before.  I seriously have missed hanging out with my friends.”

They pulled up to Kevin’s house to see he had changed clothes as well into a nice tee shirt and faded designer jeans that were the fashion as well as looked good on him with his short spike blonde hair.  They piled into Kevin’s old SUV with designs on grabbing something to eat after a rough practice all week.

“Hey Kev, are your parents letting you out now?” Connor asked.

“Yeah a little bit, but I have to be home by 10,” Kevin moaned. “It sucks still.  That’s what I get for trusting Tom.”

“Dude, we knew the shit was going to hit the fan,” Ben stated. “We had it coming. Tom’s been hanging with a different and rough crowd besides just us here lately.  The dude has really changed from last year.”

“I’ll say he has. Your parents pissed too, Ben?” Zane asked.

“A little but they are over it now, thank goodness.  My dad was so pissed that night.  I’ve never heard any spew off cuss words like that at me before.  I had it coming for being a dumbass,” Ben laughed.

“I have.  Kevin gave Tom a good ear full Tuesday at practice,” Connor laughed.

“Dude, I’ve had it with that dude.  He was trying to get me in trouble but now he’s got the worst of it.  I heard they’re throwing the book at him since he was caught with some weed, a smoking pipe and beer in his car when they searched it,” Kevin stated.

“You smoke, Kevin?” Zane asked.

“I have but I don’t anymore.  My parents can handle the beer thang but I saw them go crazy over my brother’s possession charge,” Kevin said. “I learned my lesson right quick and don’t do it much but I did that night at the party since everyone else was.”

They pulled into the same fast food place as Connor did the weekend before.  Both Connor and Zane smiled at each other seeing where Kevin had picked to eat.  “This place cool with you guys?” Ben asked.

“You bet,” Zane smiled. “I love it here.”

They ordered food and found a corner spot to eat.  They continued bad mouthing Tom and started analyzing the swim team that they had.  Being all were seniors they wanted this year to be the best.  Ben was probably the weakest swimmer of the four but helped the team in the backstroke.  The other three were versatile in the pool and could swim any of the required strokes.

They returned to Kevin’s about 9 and decided to hang there for the rest of the night and avoid trouble out elsewhere.  They gathered in his living room to watch whatever was on television and was joined by Kevin’s little sister.  She made it obvious that she liked being with them and especially around Ben with his cute boyish looks.

Kevin’s parent broke them up right before 10.  They all understood and left his house promptly after saying goodbye and thanks.  Connor and Zane headed off and were finally alone for the night.

“That wasn’t bad, huh?” Zane stated.

“No, Kevin and Ben are good guys and fun to hang with,” Connor said.

“You think maybe they got something going on as well?”

“Honestly, I have no idea and the thought never crossed my mind,” Connor said. “I don’t care either for that matter.”

“You noticed they never mention me being gay,” Zane said.

“Maybe they don’t care if you are or not.  They probably want to be friends with you like normal,” Connor stated.

“Connor, you wanna spend the night again?” Zane asked.

“I’ll ask though I don’t have any clothes.  We do have practice early tomorrow,” Connor said.  He pulled out his phone and quickly called to ask permission.  He smiled when he hung up the phone since his mom agreed.  He drove to his house to get fresh clothes and a fresh pair of Speedos for practice.

Connor quickly walked in his house to get his clothes to take over Zane’s house. 

His mother heard Connor and walked up to his room, “Connor, I need a huge favor from you tomorrow night?”

“Yeah what is it?” Connor asked, gathering his clothes.

“I need you to take Emily and Vicki to the Brad Paisley concert,” she stated.

Connor rolled his eyes, “Do I have a choice?”

“You do but I think someone wants to go somewhere spring break,” she implied.

“Fine, I’ll take em if there is another ticket,” Connor stated.

“There is since Shelly’s parents were going to take them.  You’ll have fun and see lots of cute girls there,” she smiled.

“That is a major selling point.  I see if I can find someone to go,” Connor said.

“Ask Zane.  He might like to go,” she said.

Connor was thinking of Zane but was glad his mother suggested it. “I will do that even though he might not care for that type of music.”  He packed his things and kissed his mother good-bye on the cheek.

Connor got back in the car, “We have somewhere to go tomorrow night.”

“Where?” Zane asked.

“The Brad Paisley concert in town tomorrow night,” Connor stated.

“Oh great, exactly who I wanted to see right behind Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash,” Zane said sarcastically.

“Dude, Johnny Cash is dead, I think,” Connor stated.

“I was fucking with you but I’ll go.  How did you get talked into this shit?”

“Well… we’re planning a trip at spring break at my request.”

“Oh I see now,” Zane said. “The bad part is my parents are going too to that concert as well.”

“Oh, now that really makes me want to go with my sister and her friend and to know your parents will be there.  Won’t we have fun?” Connor laughed.

Zane and Connor entered Zane’s house to find his dad in the living room watching television.  “Zane, you and Connor have a seat for just a minute.  I need to clarify something with you too.”

The two looked at each other and sat on the nice sofa across from Zane’s father.  Zane cleared his throat nervously, “You need something?”

“Yeah, I heard about this big party last weekend and the trouble it has caused at school,” his dad said, looking at both. “Were either one of two apart of this?”

“No sir, we were here,” Zane stated. “It has caused quite the stir at school. We heard all about it.”

“Yeah I heard.  I didn’t think either of you were a part of it but had to ask to clear my mind.  Your mom was sick you guys may have pulled something over on us.  She’ll breathe a lot easier now.”

“Sir, we didn’t know anything about it really until school Monday.  We are thankful we weren’t a part of it,” Connor stated.

“I believe you, Connor.  Being a father, I had to ask,” he smiled.  He got and kissed Zane on the forehead.

“Dad, tell Mom to make sure we’re up before and ready before 8:45 for practice tomorrow,” Zane stated.

“I’ll do that,” he said. “See you guys later.  Have a good night.”  He walked back to the master bedroom of the nice house that was located opposite of Zane’s in the split bedroom floor plan.

Zane and Connor headed back to Zane’s bedroom.  Zane locked the door and turned on his television before pulling Connor down on his bed with him.

“For just a minute, I thought I was busted,” Zane stated, now inches from Connor’s face.

“Yeah my heart skipped a beat,” Connor said with a kiss.   He delighted in slowly undressing Zane.  He enjoyed kissing Zane’s nice body.  Both waited all night to be together and continue the romance between the two 18 year olds.  Connor had Zane down to his grey boxer briefs and swept back Zane’s dark bangs.  The two fell on the bed with their mouths, tongues and hands going wild on each other.  Zane successfully had Connor stripped down to his A&F boxers and gently pulled the front down.  Connor leaned back and watched Zane please his cock.

OOO baby!” Connor moaned.

Zane stopped and looked at Connor, “This is risky as fuck.  You need to keep the shit down.  You never know who might be outside my door.”

“I’ll try my hardest but it feels so fucking good,” Connor whispered.

“I know it does,” Zane smiled. “I like doing it for one.”  He returned his wet mouth and tongue after tossing his boxer briefs in the floor.  He moved a hand to the base while his mouth took Connor’s cut 7 inches. Connor moaned softly at Zane’s action and loved seeing Zane cut his eyes up at him with his mouth stuffed full.  Connor felt his cock slip from Zane’s mouth and watched him kiss up his cut swimmer’s physique.  He grabbed Zane when he got close and kissed him.

“Fucking great,” Connor said. “I’m glad you stopped when you did.”

“I could feel you leaking and tasted how nice it was,” Zane smiled.

Connor kissed down Zane’s body and took Zane’s 7 inch cut cock in his mouth.  He looked up at Zane to see him leaned back on his palms and enjoying his mouth.  He licked up and down to hear slight moaning before taking the cock back in his mouth.  He went up and down and was starting to enjoy sucking cock, especially Zane’s.  He stopped and quickly kissed Zane. 

“Now for the part I’ve waited for,” Zane said. “Fuck me, Connor.  I’ll muffle my screams with my pillow.”

“Great idea,” Connor said.

Zane reached over to pull out a condom and lube.  He lay on his side and felt Connor’s finger slide up his hole.  He grabbed his pillow and wanted to scream.  Connor looked down to his finger going in and out.  He leaned over and stuck out his tongue.  He licked Zane’s ass cheeks and went to the pink hole.

OOOO fuck,” Zane screamed in his pillow, feeling Connor’s moist tongue. 

Connor licked around Zane’s hole and stopped after a few good licks, “I wanted to try that out.”

“I’ll definitely rim your ass for you,” Zane said with a kiss.

Connor donned the condom and lubed it up as well as Zane’s wet hole.  He leaned forward and pulled Zane’s ass wide open.  Connor ran his cock up and down Zane’s crack before placing at the puckered entrance.  Connor pushed in and felt his cock slip past Zane’s sphincter.  He saw Zane grab the pillow and bury his head in it.  He wrapped his arms around Zane’s athletic body and slowly went deeper.  He could feel how tight Zane was as well as the firmness of his aching cock.

Zane turned his head and whispered, “Fuck my ass.”

Connor kissed Zane’s neck and began slowly moving in him.  Connor began breathing hard and could hear the muffled moans of Zane.  He lightly slapped Zane’s ass and continued to fuck him.  He increased the pace and really was breathing hard.  Zane turned his head for a kiss and found Connor’s mouth there waiting.  Connor wrapped his arm around Zane’s head and another stroking Zane’s cock.

“Your ass is so fucking hot,” Connor whispered.

“OOO fuck me a little harder,” Zane whispered.

Connor continued to fuck Zane with his cock slipping out once.  He quickly shoved it back in.

“Not so damn hard,” Zane turned his head.

“Sorry about that,” Connor replied.

Connor continued to fuck Zane until he felt his balls churning.  He pulled out quickly and knew he was about to bust.

Zane flipped over, “Flood my fucking guts.”

Connor stroked a few times and watched one hard shot after another plaster Zane’s flat stomach.  Zane was stroking as well and soon busted his nut right there in the mix except for one shot that hit his chest.  Zane grabbed Connor’s cock and used it to smear the mixture into his smooth skin.  He pulled Connor’s cock to his mouth and tasted the salty mixture with his tongue.

“How’s it really taste?” Connor asked.

“Like heaven and love mixed together,” Zane smiled.

Connor collapsed on top of Zane and began kissing him passionately.  They stopped and lay side-by-side with their hands on each other’s spent cocks.  Zane found the remote and turned off the television for the night.

“It gets better each time,” Connor stated. “Sex is fucking great.  Fuck everyone else and what they think.  Gay sex is the shit.”

“Fuck yea it is and especially with your hot ass,” Zane smiled.

After petting and more kisses, the two decided it was time for some sleep.  Zane reached across and grabbed Connor by the chest to spoon with him as they slept.  Connor turned his head and smiled.

The two were up before Zane’s mom came as requested.  They rode together to practice and waited for Coach to arrive to unlock the doors.  Coach apologized for being late and promised an easy practice as the result of his tardiness.

Practice was structured and got more into the various swimmers and their designated specialties such as backstroke, butterfly, etc.  One sophomore emerged out the group and easy was able to replace Tom’s spots if not better.  The practice was just as long but easier on all.

Coach called Kevin into his office at the end of practice.  Kevin returned to the locker room with a huge smile.

“It must not be all bad,” Ben said to Kevin.

“No, Coach named me Captain for the year since I showed leadership in getting rid of Tom,” Kevin smiled.

Various teammates congratulated Kevin upon hearing his designation.  The locker room was more peaceful and at ease.  Most of the swimmers had no problems in being naked around each other and was accepted practice in the confines of the locker room.  Zane even kidded with one sophomore and laughed easily with him.  To both Zane and Connor seeing the young naked guys was easy on the eyes.  Aiden, the up and comer swimmer, was a bit of an exhibitionist now and loved showing off his body and big cock to anyone interested.  Coach even commented how well the atmosphere was upon seeing the guys becoming as team in the locker room and jokingly laughed with Aiden about him wearing board short to hide his monster.

Zane and Connor spoke briefly in the parking lot after practice.  Basically, they set plans for the night, including Zane coming to Connor’s house after the concert to stay with him.

Connor entered his house and saw his mom sitting at the kitchen table sorting through what appeared to be mail or bills. 

“Hey Connor,” his mom spoke briefly after hearing him come in.

“Mom, is it cool if Zane stayed here tonight after the concert?” Connor asked.

“Ummm…” his mom said and distracted.

“Can he?”

“Oh yea, yea, I was going through the bills.  Emily is staying at Vicki’s anyway.  You’ll need to drop them off afterwards anyway.”

“Okay,” Connor stated.  He climbed the stairs and heard music blaring from his sister’s room. 

“Connor, you like Brad Paisley?” Emily asked.

“No, not my type of music but I’ll live,” Connor said.

“This is his song,” Emily commented with the music blaring.

“Oh okay,” Connor said and didn’t care who he was.

He went to his room and did normal guy things such as turn on his television, check his Facebook page and text Kevin on his cell phone.  He lay on his bed and soon was out like a light.

At the appointed time, Connor drove to Zane’s house with Emily and Vicki in the back seat.  He honked his horn and waited for Zane to come to the car.  Zane stepped out of his house in faded jeans, a button up Abercrombie shirt, a shiny necklace and a hat turned around backwards.

“Oh he is so cute,” Vicki stated.

“Yea he is.  Connor, is he dating anyone?” Emily asked.

“No but you are too young for him,” Connor laughed.

“Not for me,” Vicki said. “I like older guys.”

Zane opened the car and smiled at the girls.  The girls were like butter and wanted Zane’s attention while Connor drove to the arena for the concert.  Connor rolled his eyes at the girl’s admiration which Zane accepted and played along with.

The admiration soon ended after the four entered the arena.  Barely seated, the girls found guys from their school and wanted to leave.
“You can go.  Meet you out front at the entrance where we came in,” Connor said.

The girls bolted out of their seats and headed to be among their friends.  Zane and Connor left to grab a drink and people watch in the corridor.  Both stood along the outside wall and watched the hordes of people, both young and old.  Zane’s parents spotted them and spoke briefly.  The guys recognized a few high school kids they knew and didn’t speak.  They returned to their seats just in time before the arena darkened.

“This is going to be so boring,” Connor stated.

“Yeah, but we can be bored together,” Zane smiled and reached for Connor’s hand slyly in the darkness as the first artist began his set.


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