As always, all my stories are fiction. Hope you will enjoy another Valentine's themed story involving 2 younger guys.
Posted:  February 15, 2009


Connor entered after knocking on the door to his friend Robs nice suburban house with other friends from high school already gathered there on Friday night before Valentines Day.  He knew Rob too well and knew it would be a subdued party with zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs.  Connor didnt mind it in the least and accepted it as fact.  He found food that Robs mom had diligently prepared before joining the others around the television with intense gaming action going on.  So far, it was a guys only party but that changed when two cute girls entered the house.

Connor mingled and talked among his friends as a few others arrived.  He enjoyed the social time and kicking it with friends from high school.  About 8, there was a strange hush over the gathering.  Connor noticed Zane and Kendra walk in together.  He looked around and saw whispering back and forth but knew it was quite juvenile for a bunch of seniors.  He continued to talk and grabbed more to eat and water to drink while he was up.  With the crowd, he wanted to flag Zane down since Zane had been absent from the first week of swim team practice for the upcoming season.  He looked around and spotted Zane sitting outside alone in a patio chair.  Both were seniors and 18, sharing the same birthday a month earlier.  A few years ago, they had joint parties but havent done so in a couple of years but Connor still considered Zane a friend.

Hey Zane, whats up? Connor asked.

Hey Connor, Zane replied quietly with his head down.

Is something the matter, bro?

Oh get real! You know what the matter is! Zane replied and disgusted with the party.

Ummm no I dont, Connor stated mystified. Hey, I missed you at swim practice.

You will not see there, alright Zane stated sharply.

Why?  You had improved so much last year, Connor said.

You are fucking clueless, arent you Connor? Zane stated pushing back his brown bangs from his face.

Ummmyeah, clue me in, Connor said, rubbing his shaved head.

Did you come out to badger me or what?  I told Kendra I had no business being here, Zane stated.

You have as much business as anyone else.  Its just friends here having a good time, Connor said.

You must be the dumbest fuck I know, Connor.  Everyone else knows what happened over Christmas break Zane stated.

I heard someone mention your name about something but I dont have a clue, bro.

I was outed.  Casey told someone I was gay, which I dont deny but damn. Word has spread like wildfire, Zane said.  I quit the swim team so I wouldnt have to deal with the hassle and stares.  You know how open things are after practice.  I know everyone there would have ragged my ass endlessly and made crude jokes.

Connors big blue eyes grew wide, I had no clue.  Youre right I was fucking clueless, bro.  Im sorry you quit but I think I totally understand now.  No wonder I havent seen much of you lately since we dont have a class together.  You doing alright?

Does it look like it?  You are the first guy who has spoken to me in weeks.   I am so ready to leave and I just got here, Zane said.

Did you drive?

No, why?

I would be happy to take you home if youre that miserable, Connor replied.

Sure, get me out of here, Zane stated.

Let me say goodbye and thanks to everyone.  Then Ill take you home, Connor said.  He walked inside and made up a cockamamie story about Zane being sick.  He heard the laughter of his friends.

Hes sick, alright! Rob yelled. Dude likes guys.  Connor, you taking him home?

Yeah, he asked so I am, Connor said.

OOOO, Rob laughed. Have fun!

Connor mouthedfuck you to Rob and left out the back door.  He found Zane and walked around the house to his car.  He promptly drove him home a few miles away.

Thanks, Connor.  Finally some guy isnt freaked out and will actually talk to me, Zane stated.

Any time.  See you at the Valentines Dance tomorrow?

No you wont.  I wouldnt be caught dead there and hear more shit and all the back stabbing.  Anyway, thanks for the ride, Zane laughed and exited Connors car.

The next morning Connor was up early and drove for Saturday practice at the pool.  He swam his laps as assigned by his coach.  He waited in the locker room after practice for a meeting called by the coach after the first full week.  The coach sat everyone down and went over his basic assessment of the first week.

By the way, where has Zane Morrison been? the coach asked, scanning all of us in front of him.  He promptly heard the laughter.

The faggot quit, Tom, a senior captain, stated.

Quit?  We need Zane on this team!  I dont care what he is or what he has done.  We are a much better team with Zane here!  Someone needs to talk to him and convince of that fact, the coach said.

Connor, you do it.  You drove his queer ass home last night I heard, Tom laughed.

Guys, one more comment like that and we will be minus a captain.  You got me? Coach leered at Tom. I want Zane back and thats final.  If he comes back and I hear one word out of one of any of you, youre off the team.  I dont care who you are!  Youre out of here!  Do I make myself perfectly clear?

Why do you want back so bad? Tom asked.

We need Zane here.  He was the most improved guy on this team last year and the returning members know it.  He gives us our best chance to win this year, Coach said. Seriously guys, who cares if hes gay or not?  There are probably some Olympic swimmers that are gay and you dont even know it. 

The meeting ended shortly thereafter.  Connor drove straight to Zanes house.  He saw his car parked in the drive.  He knocked on the door.  He waited and was greeted by Zanes mom.

Is Zane home? Connor asked.

Yeah Connor he is, his mom stated. Great to see you. He should be in his room.  He just finished eating.

Thanks and nice to see you, Connor politely said.  He walked down the hall and lightly knocked on Zanes door. Zane opened the door in his boxers.

Hey Connor, what are you doing here? Zane asked in amazement to see Connor so soon again.

I was basically appointed by Coach to try and talk you into coming back to the team.


He says we need you this year if we have chance of success.


He knows about you.  He plainly stated if anyone harassed you they were off the team no matter what.  He didnt seem to care in the least you are gay and for that matter, neither do I.

Thanks but I want to think about it, Zane said. If I show up Monday, then youll know my decision.

Thats cool, Connor said. Ummm you wanna maybe hang out tonight or something since you said you werent going to the dance?

I guess I could, Zane said.

Great!  Maybe I could talk you into joining the team then.

Maybe but you better be a great talker.  Im pretty damn stubborn, Zane smiled. I thought you were going to the dance tonight?

Well we need you desperately Zane.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, you know?

I guess they do, Zane smiled.

See ya say around 6, Connor said.

Sure, see ya then, Zane said.

Connor left Zanes house and stopped by a store before returning to his house.  He spoke with his family before heading to his room.

Before 6, Connor was dressed in his best designer tee and low rise jeans with lots of cologne. 

Connor, are you going to the dance dressed like that? his mom asked.

Ummm sure mom, they said it was casual, Connor said. Besides its just a dance.

Well, have fun, his mom said. What time will you be home?

Oh who knows? Connor smiled. I have my phone and will call you later.

I know you know how to use that phone, his mom commented and watched him leave.

Connor drove to Zanes house after laying a total lie on his mom.  He had secretly had a crush on Zane since the tenth grade and now was his chance to act before Zane slipped out of hands.  His stomach was in knots when he drove on Zanes street.  He continued to tell himself that they were just friends but hoped for more on this Valentines Day.  He gathered his composure before leisurely walking to the door.  He rang the doorbell and waited for an answer.  A few moments later, Zane came walking to the door in his shorts.

Connor oh fuck no! Zane said. Its not 6, is it?

Yeah Im afraid it is, Connor said.

Bro, Im so sorry.  I lost track of time and basically forgot all about us hanging out tonight.  My parents left right after you did and I lost track of the time.  Have a seat, Connor.  Ill run throw something on right quick.

Take your time.  Were in no hurry, Connor said.

Ill be back before you know it, Zane said.

Where did your parents go? Connor asked.

Dad is the hopeless romantic and took Mom to this swanky hotel for the night for Valentines.  So they wont be back until tomorrow, Zane shouted while going down the hall.

Connor patiently waited and looked at the family photos scattered throughout the living room and hall.  He heard Zane coming down the hall.  He looked up and saw how hot Zane looked in his Polo shirt and faded True Religion jeans.

Im ready now, Zane said. Im so sorry.

Hey it was no problem.  Were just going to hang out while I try to talk you into rejoining the team.

Hey I guess we are.  You wanna go grab something to eat?

Sure, Connor replied.

They headed to the car.  While walking to his car, Connors phone rang.  He saw it was a friend and shoved it back in his pocket.  It rang again when they got in the car.  This time he turned it off.

Youre blowing up over there, Zane said.

Not anymore, I turned that bitch off, Connor smiled.

They headed out to find somewhere that wasnt crowded.

Connor, Ive about decided against coming back to the team.  I dont want to go through the training and all thats involved.

Zane, we really need you.  I hate swimming all those laps too but in the end it is worth it.

Yeah Connor, you do have a kicking

Its cool Zane.  I take that as a compliment.  Your body is nice too and hasnt gained a pound from what Ive seen.

I know but is it really worth it?

I think so.  Im not going to beg but please!

Zane laughed and reached behind the seat to grab a sack.  He opened the sack and saw a box of Valentine candy.  Oh how sweet you bought your mom a box of candy.

Connor spotted a fast food Mexican place and wheeled his car in the parking lot with his heart pounding almost out of his chest and his mouth drier than a desert.  It is for your mom right? Zane asked.  Connors face grew pale.  Am I right? Zane asked again.

Connor took a deep breath, No, its for someone I want to be my Valentine.  Zane darted his eyes around and was confused. 

This is a joke right? Zane asked.

Zane, Ive had a crush on forever, Connor started to cry.  Im sorry!

Dont be sorry, Connor. Im touched and had no clue, Zane said.

Im just like you and am nothing but a pure faggot! Connor cried.

They looked at each other in silence.  Connor, I dont want to say at this moment.

I was hoping maybe I could drop the hint later on, Connor wiped his eyes. Now I feel like total shit!

Zane leaned over and kissed Connor on the cheek, Thanks it was really sweet of you.  Right now, Im shocked!

Lets just go then, Connor said. Ive made a complete fucking ass out of myself!  I was hoping we might become more than friends.

No Connor, you didnt.  Ive have a mad crush on you forever as well.  Dude, youre so fucking hot. I had to cover myself all of last season to keep from popping wood when we showered or ran around the locker room naked.  Ill be more than happy to be with you in whatever capacity that is.

Zane, I really do like you a lot, Connor smiled.

I like you too Connor, Zane said.  He leaned over the console and put a hot kiss on Connors lips.  The two kissed for a moment and finally went to eat.

After eating, the two drove around talking and sharing things about each other the other didnt know. Connor talked endlessly about the swim team and could watch each others back. They drove up to Zanes drive now with Zane recommitted to rejoining the team.

Please Connor, come inside, Zane said.

I guess but for just a little while, Connor said.

Zane grabbed Connors hand and unlocked the door to his house.  The two fell together on the sofa and made out like lovers.  They were out of breath but continued to enjoy their first make out session. 

Zane, I really need to go, Connor said after catching his breath and his shirt pulled up.

Okay, I was hoping we might get naked and have some real fun, Zane smiled.

Man, I would love to but I dont have sex on the first date, Connor smiled. You would think I was too easy and was a total fucking slut, then.

I would love being your slut if you would give me the chance, Zane said.

Next time I will, Connor said.

Okay, Zane said regrettably with the box of candy in his hand. Remember next time but this was a great Valentines Day any way. Thanks for the little hint.

It was that and glad to have you back on the team.  See your hot ass Monday then, Connor said with a big smile.

Zane followed him to the door and they kissed goodnight.  Connor headed to his car with his jeans tented like never before.  He pulled out his phone and called his mom to tell her he was spending the night at a friends house.  She asked who like a good mother and Connor said it was Zane.  His mom agreed and knew Zanes family from swimming.  He turned his car around and headed right back to Zanes house.

He knocked on the door and waited.  Zane opened the door.

Its next time, baby! Connor smiled.

You bitch! Zane laughed. You were leading my ass on.

Actually I wanted to be with you and called Mom to say I was staying the night, Connor smiled.

Hell yeah, I was just about ready to go bust a nut, Zane said. This is the best Valentines Day ever.

It will be, Connor smiled and kissed him.

Zane led Connor to his bedroom.  They fell on his bed and stripped each other. Both were nervous yet excited. Zane made the first move and dropped down to lick Connors nice 7 inch cock that was rock hard.  He kissed Connors abs before dropping his head down.  Connor moaned loudly feeling the first mouth ever on his 18 year old cock.  He watched Zane move his mouth and felt Zanes swirling tongue on his cock. 

OOO Zane this feels soo good!

MMMM, Zane moaned with Connors hard cock in his mouth.

OOO yes! Connor screamed.  He was in never-never land and had never felt such pleasure.  He could feel his nuts churning and pushed Zane off.

Whats the deal? Zane asked.

I was about to cum, Connor said.

I am good, huh?

Very good, Connor kissed him.  He kissed his neck and down Zanes tight fit torso.  He licked Zanes hard 7 inches and grabbed Zanes nuts.  He aped Zane and kissed Zanes ripped abs before opening his mouth.  He closed his eyes and felt Zanes cockhead slip into his mouth.  He was now sucking his first cock and enjoyed it.  He bobbed up and down and licked Zanes hard cock. 

Fuck yeah bro, suck that dick! Zane moaned.

Connor stopped. This isnt as bad as I thought it would be.

You are doing great, Zane kissed him.

Connor returned his mouth.  He slowly went up and down to savior this moment in his life.  He looked up and saw Zane in another world with Zanes head thrown back and moaning constantly.

OOOO yes babe, Zane moaned.  MMMM your mouth is so hot! Fuck, youre a good cocksucker.

Connor felt his head then being pushed off.  Zane pulled him up and again kissed him. 

Fuck me Connor! I want that big dick up my fucking ass! Zane said.

Oh fuck yeah! Ill fuck you! Connor said.

Zane reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a condom and lube. Finally I get to use this shit for other than jacking off.

Are you a virgin? Connor asked.

Yeah, are you?

Connor smiled, I am too.

So hot, two virgins losing their virginity to each other on Valentines Day, Zane smiled.

No better time, huh?

None, baby! Zane kissed Connor again.  Both were hard and dripping.

It took a few attempts but Connor finally was able to get his cock inside Zanes ass.  Zane screamed in pain feeling his first cock.  Connor was glad to wait and let his hard cock calm down.  Zane finally relaxed on his knees and felt Connor slowly fucking his cherry ass.

OOO Yes, fuck me! Zane screamed.

Your ass is fucking tight!

It should be! Zane screamed. Your fucking cock is so goddamn big Connor but I love this shit! Fuck me!

Connor continued to slowly fuck his friend but the moment ended far too soon for both.  After only 2 minutes, Connor pulled out and shot his big load across Zanes back.  He wiped off his milky cum.  Zane was still hard.  He reached over and grabbed a condom. 

Your turn now, Zane smiled.

Fuck yeah! Connor smiled.

He got on his knees.  He felt Zane lubing up his hole and felt a finger slid in.  He wanted to be fucked and waited until he felt Zanes skinny 7 inches slid past his sphincter into his ass.  He screamed at the top of his lungs.  Zane waited too for Connor to relax.  He fucked Connors ass slowly.  He wrapped his long arms around Connors head and fucked Connors tight ass slowly.  Connor moaned and groaned loudly like he had seen in porn films on his computer.  He could hear the sound of their skin popping together.

OH FUCK! Zane screamed.  Connor felt a warm sensation as Zane filled the condom full.  It was too quick for both but still great in their eyes.  Zane pulled out slowly and unrolled the messy condom.

The two collapsed together on the bed and held each other close.

I dont see how guys fuck for long periods of time, Zane said.

I dont either but hopefully we will work our way up to being able to fuck a long time, Connor smiled. Zane, I wanted it too much and just couldnt hold back.

I was the same way, Zane smiled.

Zane grabbed the box of Valentines candy and opened the box.  They took turns feeding each other until they said no more.

Zane, Ill never ever forget this, Connor smiled with his arm draped around his friend and now lover.

Neither will I.  I wanted to lose my virginity to someone special and I sure did, Zane smiled. He petted Connors chest up his shoulders.

I did too, Connor said with a kiss.


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