Posted:   October 7, 2011

Exactly one year ago today, I posted the first chapter of ‘Rooming with My Best Friend’.   It is hard to believe one year later the story is still continuing and going strong as ever.  I want to thank each one of you who has supported me throughout the year.  It means the world to me.  During that time, I’ve encounter some really great people via email.  Andy and Big ‘D’ have been such a joy to work with.   I think their hard work has just added to this little story I created over 2 years ago and just ‘threw’ it out there to see what people thought of it.  I know I’m not the best writer you’ve ever read but I try to make it fun and enjoyable while being as realistic as possible.   THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Now on with another wonderful and hot story written by Big ‘D’ for you.


Matt and Corey had gone to Corey’s for the weekend since Corey wanted to take Matt home to see how his family life really was. Whether that was a good thing remained to be seen.

Kris had a date himself and had just finished picking out an outfit he thought would impress his girl, Jacee. He wanted to look presentable enough for wherever they went but still hot enough and appealing enough that by the end of the night he would be naked in her or his bedroom.

He laid his clean clothes out in the bathroom ready to put on and had stripped naked, getting his shower things from his room when Colt walked in.

“What the fuck?” Colt asked. “Why are you naked?”

“I’m just about to have a shower, smartass. What do you care anyway? It’s not like you haven’t seen or felt all this before.”

Colt just smiled and shook his head. “Why are you getting showered anyway? Don’t tell me you’ve actually got a date tonight. Hasn’t Jacee come to her senses yet?”

“Yeah but this could be the end,” Kris stated

“Why’s that?  Are you tired fucking pussy already?”

“Fuck no but Colt you know I can be happy and content in any situation.  Plus… I can get laid anytime by just about anyone.  You saw the looks I got at the fair.”

“Yeah,” Colt conceded. “I saw those looks but you wanted them. Kris, I think you could get laid whenever you want around here.  I’ve heard the talk.”

Kris shrugged, “Thanks, bro.  So, I take you have a hot date as well.”
“Hell yes, and she’s gagging for it. She’d better cancel her classes on Monday because she’ll be lucky if she can walk by the time I’m through with her.”

Kris smiled. “Yeah, well I’ve got to get ready anyway, Jacee will be waiting.  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll change my mind in the process.”

Kris walked in to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He turned on the water and let it run for a moment to get warm as he put everything he would need within his reach before stepping under the warm spray, making sure to close the shower door so Matt wouldn‘t complain about the floor being too wet again.

The warm water hit Kris’ face and he let out a groan, it felt really good on his skin. He turned around to let the water rush over his muscular back as he picked up his shampoo and washed his hair.

Turning back around the water hit his chiseled pecs, running between his hard abs before reaching his cock, the warm water seemingly caressing the head as it flowed over it, causing it to thicken.

Lathering up his hands with shower gel Kris ran them over his chest, moving his hands along his body, tracing the shape of his muscles. When he got to his nipples he made sure to give them a little pinch and a jolt of electricity shot through him making his dick throb.

His soapy hands traveled over his pecs, softly stroked his abs and ran along his semi-hard cock. He felt amazing. He couldn’t wait for his date and what he hoped would come afterward. He was so turned on he just wanted to fuck his girl right then, but he would have to settle for his hands.

He washed the soap from his body, making sure to focus on his cock to get it as clean as possible in case Jacee wanted to taste it later, before squirting more shower gel in to his hands that he used as lube as he started to deliberately stroke his cock and fondle his balls.

Kris was moaning at the sensations he was causing himself to feel. He would occasionally take his hand that was gently massaging his balls and run it up and over his body, caressing himself, pinching his own nipple, making his cock twitch and pulse.

Feeling a little more adventurous, Kris put more gel on to his hand and reached around until he was running his hand over his own ass. Slowly he moved his hand until it slid in to his crack, rubbing against his opening. He flicked his finger back and forth a little, teasing his hole and loving the feeling, but never pushing the finger inside. Still he was getting more and more turned on by the second; he would have to blow a huge load before he could do anything else.

Knowing that he had little time before he was due to meet Jacee, Kris started jacking off hard, focusing on making himself cum, but just as he was about to reach climax he heard the bathroom door fly open and quickly stopped, turning to see what was happening.

Without any hint of a word the shower door was flung open and Colt climbed in to the shower butt naked.

“What the fuck, man?” Kris asked. “Can’t you see I’m in here?”

“Yeah, but you were taking far too fucking long, I have a date too you know, so I figured I‘d just join you,” Colt said, only now seeing how hard Kris’ dick was and how it was covered in suds.

“What?” Kris asked, looking down consciously.

Colt stepped forward and grabbed hold of Kris’ dick, running his hand up and down the shaft. “Now I understand what’s been taking so long,” Colt laughed.

Colt continued to stroke Kris’ cock as they made eye contact. Colt could feel his dick growing. It had been quite a while since he’d last held Kris’ dick and he’d actually missed having it in his hand.

Giving in Kris reached forward and quickly stroked Colt’s cock until it was rock hard and throbbing against his palm. They were moaning as they jacked each other off, slowly inching closer until their lips met and they started making out, one hand holding the other’s head while the other stroked his dick.

After a moment Kris slapped Colt’s hand away from his cock quite aggressively. Colt shivered seeing the lust and desire in Kris’ eyes.

Kris moved one hand until it was on Colt’s ass with the other behind his head, pulling both toward him at once until his tongue was back in Colt’s mouth with their dicks rubbing together as they thrust against each other’s bodies.

As they continued to rub their cocks together and make out Kris got even more aggressive, pushing Colt back against the wall, the water flowing down Colt’s toned body.

Kris stepped back slightly, moving his lips from Colt’s lips to his neck, down to his chest to his nipples, kissing each of Colt’s abs in turn before planting kisses all along the shaft of Colt’s cock, which he quickly took in to his mouth.

Kris wasn’t in the mood for foreplay or messing around, he was really going to work on Colt’s dick, diving down on it, running his tongue up the shaft, circling the head and then going back down. His head was bobbing up and down at a very fast pace. Colt was really moaning, thinking he could blow at any moment.

Kris looked up at Colt to see that his head was thrown back and either his eyes were closed or they were focused on the ceiling above his head, so Kris took the opportunity to reach for the shower gel, which he used to lube up his fingers.

He continued to suck on Colt’s dick, seeing Colt completely relax back against the wall, almost needing it to keep him upright. It was now or never. Pulling back so his mouth was focused mainly on the head of Colt’s dick, Kris quickly ran his hand up Colt’s ass crack. When he reached the whole he pushed inward and with little resistance his finger slipped deep inside Colt’s ass.

Colt screamed and bucked his hips, pushing his dick further in to Kris’ mouth, but as Kris started to really finger fuck Colt’s ass, Colt really got in to it and started pushing back against the invading finger that was giving him almost as much pleasure as the mouth that was wrapped around his cock.

Colt was in total ecstasy, Kris knew how to work his body to perfection. As much as he loved girls and was looking forward to hopefully getting to fuck Andrea that night he had really missed Kris’ touch, it drove him mad every time they fooled around.

Feeling that Colt was almost at his climax Kris pulled his mouth off of Colt’s cock and stood up. Silently he placed his hands on Colt’s shoulders and forced him to turn around. Kris was being very dominant, his lust driving him on.

Putting a hand in the middle of Colt’s shoulders Kris pushed forward until Colt was leaning against the wall, his head resting on his arms as Kris kicked his legs further apart.

Using even more shower gel as lube Kris slid his finger back inside Colt’s ass, adding a second within seconds. He went back to work really finger fucking Colt’s ass, using the other hand to stroke Colt’s back or reaching around to quickly jerk Colt’s cock.

Kris leaned in and started to kiss Colt’s neck, even biting it slightly as his fingers worked over Colt’s hole. Colt was caught up in the feelings as Kris continued to kiss his neck and held him close, one hand on his cock, the other fingering him.

Without warning Kris pulled back, pulling his hand off Colt’s dick and out of his tight ass. Colt heard the shower door open and was about to turn around, thinking Kris had left the shower just as Colt was really getting to his boiling point, but the door quickly closed again and he felt Kris’ hand on his back.

Moving back in to position Kris slipped his fingers back inside Colt’s ass, trying to get them as deep as possible, twisting them around, really fucking Colt with them.

What Colt didn’t know was that when the shower door had opened it had been Kris reaching out of the shower to grab one of the condoms he had put in his jeans pocket ready for later that night if all went to plan with Jacee.

Kris had torn the condom wrapper open and as his one hand was still working over Colt’s hole, the other was slipping the condom on to his dick. Kris grabbed the shower gel again and spread it all over his cock.

Kris slowly pulled his fingers out of Colt’s ass, much to Colt’s disappointment, but he never said a word as Kris began to slowly kiss his way up Colt’s spine until his lips were once again nipping at Colt’s neck.

Kris moved his hand around to Colt’s front, pulling him closer and caressing his chest. Colt relaxed back in to Kris, who took the opportunity to run his hard, condom covered cock up and down Colt’s crack, putting pressure on Colt’s very wet hole.

Colt started rubbing back against Kris’ cock, helping the rhythm to build up so that Kris was rapidly sliding his cock between Colt’s cheeks. Colt moaned and leaned forward slightly, further exposing his hole to Kris, who took the chance and slowly pushed his dick inside Colt’s tight ass.

They both moaned. It had been too long since Kris had felt his dick being swallowed by a tight, hungry ass and Colt hadn’t been fucked since his last time with Kris either; he really felt Kris’ dick stretching him. It was amazing.

Kris began to increase the speed of his thrusts, he was on autopilot, almost animal like as he began to really fuck his hard dick in and out of Colt’s ass.

The feelings were so good that Colt seemed like he was trying to climb up the wall of the shower, but Kris wouldn’t let him get away, wrapping his arms around Colt, running his hands over the hard body before him as he licked Colt’s neck and kept thrusting in to him.

Colt was panting with joy, not wanting Kris to stop. “Oh man, fuck my ass. Harder” Colt screamed, actually begging for more. He wanted it so bad he could hardly speak and his voice seemed to disappear before he could say anything else. He couldn’t say how much he was enjoying it he could only grunt his approval.

Colt was loving the feeling so much and was being worked so perfectly by Kris’ cock that was rubbing against his prostate and making him feel better than ever before that without warning and without a hand on his cock he started to cum all over the shower wall. He was screaming so loud it was almost deafening as Kris continued to wildly fuck his ass.

After the powerful blasts had stopped Colt’s cum continued to dribble out of his cock, never quite seeming to stop. It kept flowing out of the head, running down his shaft and over his balls until it reached the point where Kris’ cock was still thrusting in to his ass, acting like extra lube.

Kris saw what was happening as he looked down, still attacking Colt’s neck with his lips and tongue and he nearly came himself, but he held back, wanting even more. He thrust faster and harder, fucking Colt’s own cum in to him. It was such a turn on.

Colt was screaming, whimpering, still unable to form words. He almost wanted to tell Kris to stop but it was still feeling too good and he wanted more. Kris gave it to him. Running his hands all over Colt’s body, squeezing his nipples, kissing and biting his back, neck and ear.

“Tell me how much you love my cock,” Kris growled into Colt’s ear before taking it between his teeth.

Colt couldn’t answer he just let out a high pitched groan.

Kris was really going to work on Colt’s ass, almost making Colt head butt the wall, but it was amazing, he had missed it so much. He was in another world as Kris jack hammered his cock in to him.

After another minute or so Kris wrapped his hand around Colt’s throbbing cock and started furiously jacking him as he continued to fuck in and out of Colt‘s ass, their bodies slapping together.

Kris’ motions got even quicker. Colt was looking down at Kris’ hand that was wrapped around his cock, it was moving so fast it was almost a blur. His thrusts in to Colt’s ass were almost desperate, he needed to cum.

Within seconds Kris and Colt were screaming out as Kris shot his load inside Colt and Colt exploded all over Kris’ hand, firing shots out that painted the wall for the second time in five minutes.

Colt remained leaning against the wall, panting heavily, as Kris slowly pulled his cock out of Colt’s ass and Colt heard the shower door open. Managing to turn around he saw Kris grab a towel and step out. Colt looked at him in amazement.

Kris smiled. Looking at Colt he said “thanks for a great fuck, bro. I needed that.” He leaned in to kiss Colt on the lips. “And at least now your sorry ass can’t complain when you don’t get laid later tonight because you‘ve just been royally fucked. Enjoy your date.” Kris beamed, softly slapping Colt on the cheek before shutting the shower door.

Colt crumbled to the floor of the shower, exhausted, the water flowing over him as he watched through the glass as Kris pulled off the condom, threw it in to the trash can, quickly dried himself off, got dressed, did his hair and left for his date.

Colt would be a little late for his date but can’t say he didn’t enjoy the reason.


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