Posted:  November 1, 2009

With nothing to do or planned on the day of Halloween, Niles walked down his suburb street and saw his friend Barry out in the yard doing some yard work.  Niles stopped to speak with his friend and see what excitement he had planned for the night since he didn’t have any at the time. 

“Hey Niles, how’s it going?” Barry asked with a rake in his hand.

“Bored more or less you might say,” Niles said. “Had to get out of that house and stretch my legs for a while.”

“Where’s your girl today?”

“I don’t guess we’ve talked for a while.  Leann split about 3 weeks ago,” Niles replied.

“Oh man, sorry to hear that.  I don’t guess I noticed her car missing,” Barry replied. “You’ll have no trouble finding another one.”

Niles looked at Barry and never considered himself that good looking especially to another guy.  Niles, 26, commented, “Right now I don’t really care if I find one or not. I’m not over Leann just yet. It might take me a while since I had big plans for us.  You know: marriage, kids, all of it.”

“Susan and I didn’t have it easy until we decided we couldn’t live with nor could we live without each other.  There were some really rough moments before I…”

“Before what?”

“Knocked her up,” Barry smiled. “That did the trick for us.  Thank goodness she left and took the little munchkin to her parents for the weekend so they could show him off.   Left me here handing out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters tonight and some peace and quiet.”

“Sucks for you,” Niles said.

“You wanna came out and help?  We can combine our candy,” Barry suggested.

“I don’t have any candy to hand out but hey I guess I could stop by later on.  Haven’t done the Halloween thing in a while,” Niles stated.

“Got some cold ones in the frig now when you come back.  We can drink and pass out… candy that this,” Barry chuckled at his own humor.

“You’re on then,” Niles smiled. They stood around talking about the breakup for a little while until Barry restarted his yard work. Niles headed back down the street to his place.  Around six, he journeyed back up the street and knocked on the door.

“Trick or treat,” Niles joked when Barry opened the door with a bag of candy.

“Funny, very funny,” Barry said. “Beer’s in the frig and cold.”

“Now that’s my kind of treat,” Niles stated and headed to the kitchen.  He found the 12 pack waiting to be devoured. 

“Bring me one too while you’re at it!” Barry hollered.

Niles pulled out 2 cans and headed back to the living room.  He opened his beer, threw his feet on the coffee table and gazed at the television to see a college football game on the screen.

Slowly, the doorbell started ringing.  Kids of all ages and some adults in costumes and not in costumes began arriving at the door.  Barry and Niles alternated between trips to the door to pass out the suckers or chocolate mini candies Barry’s wife had purchased for the night and trips to kitchen for more beer to drink while enduring the little and big ones.

“By the time, the candy is gone the beer will be too,” Barry laughed. “Glad you came along to help me kill it.”

“Any time you need help there, you know my number,” Niles said.

At 8:30 with all the candy about gone, Barry and Niles turned off the front porch light to signal the end of handing out candy for the night.  Both kicked back and relieved that was over for another year. 

“I can’t believe those teenagers have the gall to come and ask for candy,” Niles stated.

“I know but did you see that one teenage boy dressed as a wrestler.  He was sure built for a teenager.  He was cute too,” Barry said.

“I don’t guess I did him but what did you just say?” Niles asked.

“He was cute and built.  Nothing wrong with stating the facts is there,” Barry said.

“I don’t guess so,” Niles said.

“Bet he gets the ladies or guys whichever one he likes,” Barry said.

“Girls probably.”

“You never know these days,” Barry said. “Being gay is more accepted than ever today. I run into young guys all the time these days.  Some you would never suspect.”

“I know.  Don’t remind me,” Niles said.

“Sorry Niles, I forgot about your brother,” Barry said. “You still have a problem with that?”

“Ummm… a little.  Just knowing where his mouth has been,” Niles said.

“What’s the difference than your mouth eating pussy? I’m sure he feels it’s detesting.  Sometimes it is pretty nasty if you ask me.”

“Better than a dick in your mouth,” Niles said.

“Can’t be any worse,” Barry said. “Bet he sucks dick better than Susan does.  I suck dick better than she does.”  Barry laughed.

“What the hell? I can’t believe what I heard you say, Barry.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had a guy blow you before.”

“I can’t say that I have,” Niles said.

“Well, there’s always a first you know,” Barry said.

“You’re kidding right?”

“Drop em and I’ll show you unless you’re scared to show your stuff,” Barry said.

“You’re nasty Barry, you know that,” Niles said.

“I can be real nasty, Niles, if given the chance with the wife and kid gone,” Barry stated.

The two drank a few more and continued to watch the game with the lights out.  The thought of getting his cock sucked by a guy had rarely entered Niles’ head before this day.  With more beer in his system, the idea started sounding more appealing by the minute with no sexual involvement with another person since his girlfriend left.  With his bladder about to bust, Niles headed to the bathroom and took a long piss.  He looked down at his nice cut cock and wondered what it would really be like to have a male suck him off.  He returned and sat down on the couch opposite of Barry.  He sat there building up the courage to take Barry’s offer.  He stood and walked to stand in front of Barry.  He opened his jeans and pulled out his cock.

“I’m ready to see what it’s like to have a guy suck my dick,” Niles said with his hands on his hips and his cock hanging limply.

“Ummm… this will be a real treat from what I can see in the dark,” Barry stated and flipped on the side lamp to shine some light on his subject.  He leaned over and pushed up the front of Niles’s shirt to rub his hairy stomach.  He stuck out his tongue and started licking Niles to get him hard.  He stroked Niles.  “You like this so far?”

“Feels sort of nice, Barry,” Niles said and pushed his jeans totally off.  He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans.   He pulled off his shirt while Barry continued to play with his cock.  He watched and felt Barry’s mouth take in a little of his cock.  He didn’t know what to say.  He stood naked and started to enjoy his first blowjob from a male. 

“Nice cock, Niles.  Leann was a fool to leave you by what I see here,” Barry said and returned his mouth and tongue to Niles’s growing cock.

“I know but man this does feel good,” Niles said and put his hands on Barry’s shoulders. 

Barry rubbed Niles’s stomach with one hand and continued to lick and suck Niles’s cock.  Niles started moaning with pleasure and rubbing Barry’s shoulders. 

Barry stopped and looked up at Niles, “What I wouldn’t give to have this up my ass.”

“Barry, for crying out loud, you’re married,” Niles said.

“Maybe but that still doesn’t keep me from getting fucked by guys,” Barry said.

“You’re nuts,” Niles said. “It’s one thing to blow me but to fuck you, please!”

“You can see what your brother sees in guys if you wanna go there,” Barry said.

Niles stood for a minute while Barry returned sucking his cock.  He knew how good it felt and actually better than his girl ever did.  He leaned over to grab one last drink of beer.  “You got condoms?”

Barry stopped suddenly.  “You better believe I do just for guys.”  Barry headed out the door and returned.  “Keep in the glove box for safety on the road and out and about.”

“Here or in your bed?” Niles asked.

“Here’s fine with me,” Barry said and started taking off his clothes.  Niles watched Barry undress and saw he was in decent shape for a 27 year old man. “Just like fucking a girl but tighter.”

“Whatever you say,” Niles said.  He unrolled the condom and started to think about what he was about to do. He hesitated and stopped, looking at Barry’s hairy hole presented for him. “Barry, I can’t fuck you.”

“Why not? Please!”

“I just can’t fuck a guy.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea,” Niles said. “Sorry to get you all worked up but I can’t do it.”

“I could finish you off.  Seeing a guy nut is pretty intense in my book.”

“I guess you could do that,” Niles said and took off the condom.  Barry got on his knees and took Niles’s cock back in his mouth.  Niles started moaning again and soon felt the undeniable urge building in his nuts.  “Stop!”

Barry pulled off and took Niles’s cock in his hand.  Niles threw his head back and blasted his load on Barry’s hairy chest and neck. 

“Feel good?” Barry asked.

“Of course it felt good,” Niles said. “Always does.”

“You wanna help me get off?”

“I’m not sucking you,” Niles said.

“Hand job is good with me,” Barry stated.  Niles sat close to Barry.  He took Barry’s cock in his hand and started jacking him off.  He liked hearing the sounds coming from Barry’s mouth.  He stopped and felt Barry about to explode.  He moved back and witnessed Barry blowing his load. 

“Sorry Barry,” Niles stated. “I just couldn’t fuck you.”

“I gotcha,” Barry said. “I just knew I had you horny enough to do it but oh well.”

“Sorry I tricked you there,” Niles said.

“It was a treat though to suck your dick and see you bust on me.  Niles, you’re a hot guy in my book,” Barry said.

Niles dressed and said his goodbyes.  He walked down the street a little tipsy.  Walking, he wondered what it would have been like to fuck his friend.  He headed home for the night with doubts he would ever have the chance to experience man sex ever. He did make a point to begin treating his gay brother differently and saw a very small sexual portion of his brother’s world.  He knew it had been a good Halloween night, none the less. 


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