Posted:   January 16, 2010

“Are you sure about this?” Brad asked Cade sitting at his computer.

“Do it, Brad.  We can be very selective,” Cade replied with his arm around Brad’s waist.

The thing was to hit the enter button on the laptop.  Brad hit it and it was done.  They had placed an ad to have another guy join them for fun aka a threesome and expand their sexual life together.  They decided at this juncture in their year long relationship to spice things up and see how it went.  Both were curious to see how having another guy would work.

“I really hope that wasn’t a mistake,” Brad stated.

Cade’s lips hit Brad’s lips, “It’s only one time even if we find someone who meets our lofty standards.  I know we’ll get a response by our pictures.  Your nice long cock and hairy body looks great against my sculpted fit as hell body.”

“That’s what really worries me.  The trolls, the scum bags, the fakes,” Brad stated. 

“Stop your worrying.  It was like when we bought this house.  You worried about the price even though we paid cash for it.  You worried about the furnishings,” Cade stated.

“You didn’t grow up with nothing.  You’d worry about all that stuff too,” Brad said.

Cade shook his brown mop, “Only one thing gets your mind off your worries.”

Brad smiled at his 22 year lover, “You’re right.”

Cade pulled the 31 year old Brad from the office chair and led him by hand to their bedroom.  It was around 10 pm when they entered the nice bedroom.  The next hour the two lovers enjoyed steamy man sex like they normally did with Cade begging for more at the end.

“Cade, after an hour of sex, you still want fucking more?”

“You know me, all nighters are my passion and desire especially with you, Brad.  Your 9 inches feels so great and always leaves me feeling empty,” Cade said, perched on top of his lover.

“Tomorrow night I will.  I promise to have sex with you until you tell me when to stop,” Brad said.

Cade smiled, “I’ll remember that.”

“I know you will,” Brad stated.  The two kissed each other good night and snuggled close to enjoy a good sleep together.

The next day, Friday, in mid September, Brad came home from work and entered the house.  He walked in with Cade sitting at the bar in the kitchen with his laptop.

“Brad, come here!  We got some responses to our little ad!” Cade said with excitement.

“How many 50 years old want get with us?” Brad asked and wasn’t feeling it.

“I’ve already deleted those.  You should have read some of the stuff they wrote.  Bondage, rape fantasies, all that shit,” Cade said with Brad behind.  “Now, this guy sounds interesting.”

“He does and has a cute body,” Brad said. “I make it sound like this is a job interview not some one night hookup with us.”

Cade scrolled down to show Brad the two he really had interest in.  Brad looked at both and was shocked at the responses. 

“You pick Brad,” Cade stated with the two emails and picture up.

“I pick this one,” Brad pointed at the screen.

“I like this one,” Cade pointed to the other one.

“You told me to pick and now you’re overruling me,” Brad stated.

“Fine,” Cade said in disgust.

“Look Cade, we’re partners in this relationship.  If we can’t decide as partners which one gets the privilege then let’s forget this all together.”

“As always, you’re right.  Let’s talk about it before doing any definite,” Cade said. “You ready to work out?  We can talk about it while we strain our muscles and get all hot and sweaty.”

The two headed to change and to work out in a converted basement area downstairs.  They discussed the two possibilities before coming to a conclusion at the end.  They showered together down in the basement before retreating to replenish their aching muscles.  Cade did the honors and sent off the reply to the one they had chosen.  Brad, in the meantime, started cooking for the two a light and healthy dinner to stay on track with their plan.  With Cade’s encouragement, Brad was fitter than he had ever been and loved how he felt and looked.

After Cade emailed, the two retreated to the living room of the spacious house. 

“Cade, did we fuck up?” Brad asked having second thoughts.

“I don’t know.  He hasn’t said yes to it yet,” Cade responded. “We both agreed to spice…”

“I know but now the thought of sharing you with a total stranger,” Brad said. “I hope I can handle seeing you having sex with him.”

“Goddamn it Brad, chill!  Things will be fine.  I’ll love you just as much if this even happens,” Cade said. “I’m the jealous one remember?”

Brad slumped down before Cade grabbed him.  They kissed on the couch before turning on the DVR to watch a television show or two they had recorded for this moment.  All relaxed, Cade’s cell phone began ringing. Cade found it and answered the call.  Brad watched Cade talk and pace around.  Cade hung up and returned.

“We’re set.  Tomorrow at 5,” Cade said. “He’s coming over after he gets off work.”

“How did he sound?”

“Excited and eager.  He said he had never been involved in a threesome,” Cade said.

“He’s a fake,” Brad said.


“Either he’s photoshopped those pictures of him or something.  I just know it,” Brad replied.

“Brad, he wants to talk and get to know us before we jump in bed.  We agreed on the phone if any of us wasn’t totally comfortable with the situation, it would end,” Cade said. “He really sounded like a sweet guy on the phone just a minute ago.”

“He’s horny and wants us, that’s why he was being so nice,” Brad said.

Cade shook his head, “Just wait before you jump to any conclusion.  Now about that promise you made last night.”

Brad smiled, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

Saturday, Brad was up earlier than normal.  He looked to his right to see Cade’s well fucked ass shining with dried cum around the open hole.   The temptation was there to finger it but didn’t want to disturb his lover after 2 long hot rounds of mind blowing sex.  Finally he had a lover with a sex drive that matched his, nightly but not hourly.  He stretched out his body and drained his long 9 inches.  He waited to shower and enjoyed experiencing those moments with Cade.  Once Cade was up, he prepared their breakfast to start their day.  Neither had plans for the day.  Cade wanted to go shopping and knew he was going it alone unless he called one of his friends to join him.  Cade returned from his trip with lots of buys, including food, alcohol and fresh cut flowers.  The last thing he produced was a box of Magnum condoms for the night.  Both agreed it was a good idea since they were involving a total stranger in their sex life.

With the clock nearing 5, Brad grew more nervous and was ready to see how the night would go.  He was downing a few beers until Cade stopped him so he would be able to perform soberly.  Few minutes after 5, Cade got a call from the stranger.  He seemed to be lost and running behind to boot.  Cade gave directions the best he knew how and told Brad the situation.

At 5:20, the doorbell sounded off.  Brad and Cade looked at each other and smiled.  Cade walked to the door to see what was lurking behind.  Opening the door, he broke off into a big smile seeing Kyle on the other side.  Kyle followed Cade into the living room where Brad was waiting. 

Brad stood and stuck out his hand.  He could see Kyle was a little shorter than what he thought at maybe 5’8”.  He noticed Kyle’s head down and slumped shoulders. “Good to meet you.  Are you nervous about this?”

“About to shit my pants,” Kyle said with a nervous laugh.

Cade and Brad laughed.  “I feel the same way, dude,” Cade stated. “Brad, isn’t Kyle the hottest ever?  Just look at those arms and that chest.  That shirt shows great details.  I love your hair and the highlights.”

Red faced, Kyle said, “Thanks both of you look great and just like the picture.  I was wondering how true it was especially Brad.”

“It’s real, Kyle,” Cade stated.  “We were wondering the same about you.  You know the freaks as well as the technology to make any guy look great.”

“Want something to drink there, Kyle?” Brad stood. “We pretty much have everything thanks to Cade’s shopping spree.”

“Man, a cold beer would sure hit the spot right about now.  My mouth is so dry… you know… all nervous and shit,” Kyle said.

Brad headed to the beer frig and returned with Cade showing Kyle a little of the house.  Brad handed Kyle the Beck’s and waited for the two to return. The three sat around and drank to get to know each other a little better.  Kyle was from a divorced family as was Brad whereas Cade had it made from the beginning.  Cade did his best not to boast but it had a way of coming out.  While they talked, Cade and Brad sat snuggly against each other and weren’t short on affection.

“Kyle, are you getting more comfortable now?” Brad asked.

“Yea… I guess so.  Are you sure you two want me or need me to join you?  I mean you look so in love over there, which I’m beyond envious of since you’re both so damn hot,” Kyle replied.

“Look Kyle, we don’t have to do this, you know?  We agreed if any of us wasn’t sure we could end it without hard feelings,” Cade stated.

“Seeing you two Cade I want to out of sheer lust but I feel like I’m intruding on you two,” Kyle said.

“Why don’t you come and sit with us?  I know I have enough loving for two young hot fuckers,” Brad smiled.

“Alright,” Kyle said with a little smile.  He walked slowly to the two.  Cade and Brad parted and let Kyle sit between them.  Brad threw his hairy arm over Kyle’s shoulder.  He leaned over and planted his lips against Kyle’s while rubbing Kyle’s crotch.  Cade waited until Brad was finished and took advantage of Kyle’s mouth and tongue.

“Damn Cade, this is smoking,” Brad commented. “I didn’t know how I would take it seeing you lip locked with Kyle but I love seeing it.”

“Kyle’s lips and tongue are too much!” Cade said and resumed.

Brad lifted up Kyle’s shirt to see if his photo did him justice. “OOO yes, nice and ripped there, Kyle,” Brad said before kissing the ridges of Kyle’s abs.

Kyle stopped and shed his shirt.  Cade joined Brad to get in on the Kyle body worship.  Cade sucked Kyle’s nipples until they were hard.  He shed his shirt and continued.

“OOOO fuck guys,” Kyle stated with his head tilted back. “Feels so good.”

Brad and Cade continued to work on Kyle’s gym-toned body.  Brad stood, “Fuck it guys.  My ass is getting naked.”  Brad threw off his clothes while Cade watched for Kyle’s reaction when Brad’s cock came out. 

Kyle’s mouth flew open seeing the long cock.  “I’m speechless.”

“I was the first time I saw his cock too.  A thing of beauty attached to a guy who knows how to use it,” Cade stated.

Holding his cock, “There’s plenty for both you,” Brad smiled and stood in front of the two.

“I’ll say,” Kyle said.

“Kyle before we work on that monster, let’s get naked as well. I’m fucking psyched to see your ass naked,” Cade stated.

“Fine with me,” Kyle said.  He pushed off his jeans going commando.  His nice cut 7 inches of cock was sitting under his trimmed bush.  He watched Cade slide out of his jeans and Diesel trunks.  “If I was to wear underwear, I’d wear those.  They look great on you, Cade.”

“Underwear freak,” Brad said. “You should see his drawers, filled with no telling how many pairs.”

“I haven’t wore underwear since the 11th grade,” Kyle said with Cade now naked.  “Fucking hell guys you are both even hotter naked.  Cade over here all smooth and shit even has his bush shaved.  Brad is all man on top of that.”

“Thanks Kyle, you fucking hot too with matching tan lines like mine from the summer.  Hey, don’t going commando just rub your dick raw?” Cade asked.

“I’m used to it and feels good swinging in there all day,” Kyle said.

Cade smiled and leaned his mouth over.  He opened his mouth wide and took Brad’s cock in his mouth.  Kyle watched for a moment until Brad pointed at his balls.  Kyle leaned over and licked Brad’s low hangers while Cade was sucking his lover. 

“This is the ticket here,” Brad said.

“No this is,” Kyle said. “Getting to work on a fucking slab like this.  Every gay guy’s wet dream or at least mine.”

Brad enjoyed the attention.  Cade and Kyle switched.  Instead Brad pulled Cade up and drove his tongue in his mouth.  “Cade, I love you so much,” Brad said with Kyle on his cock.

“I love you too,” Cade said. 

Kyle stayed on his knees and started switching back and forth between the two.  Brad and Cade continued kissing.  Brad switched with Kyle and wanted a piece of the two.  He sucked one then the other.  He grabbed both cocks and opened wide to take both in his outstretched mouth.

“OOOO yea, Brad,” Cade commented.

“Damn!” Kyle said.

“Switch with me Brad.  I wanna try sucking both of you,” Cade said.

Brad joined Kyle.  Kyle kissed Brad.  “Good luck getting both of our dicks in your mouth,” Kyle said.

“It’ll be fun trying,” Cade said.  He licked both before taking Brad’s big cock in his mouth.  He kept stroking Kyle who was lip locked with Brad.  Try as he might, there was no way both of their cocks were going in his mouth.  Brad dropped down with Cade to suck and lick Kyle’s hard cock.

Within a minute or two of their action, Kyle knew he was close to blowing.  “Guys, I’m about to fucking bust…” It was too late.  Streams of cum hit Cade’s cute face.  “Sorry!”

“It happens even to the best of us.  We got you excited and shit happens,” Brad said.

“You finished though?” Cade asked.

“Fuck no! I’m just getting started here,” Kyle said with Cade licking the cum off his face and wiping off what he could get his tongue on.  “I haven’t busted since Tuesday and needed that shit.”

“Glad that was you not me,” Cade said. “My nut is busting every night.”

“Yea, you have great help,” Kyle laughed. “What’s next?”

“What do think?” Brad smiled.

“I figured it was,” Kyle said. “I don’t know about taking a horse cock up my ass.”

“We’ll loosen it up and have you begging for it,” Cade said. “Let me go get the condoms and lube before we start.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” Kyle said with Cade heading off.  When he returned, Kyle was on the couch with his legs spread wide.  Brad was in between and tasting Kyle’s fresh ass.  Cade put down the condoms, a towel and lube and had to be a part of the action. 

“OOOO man that feels so fire!” Kyle moaned with Cade on his ass.

“Best ass muncher I’ve ever felt,” Brad commented.  The two continued to swap off with Kyle moaning and groaning while taking it and stroking his cock back to life.

“You ready yet?” Brad asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Kyle responded.

“Doggie on the floor.  You can suck me while Brad fucks you,” Cade said.

Kyle hit the floor with a towel under him.  He got on his knees and presented his ass for Brad.  Brad stroked his cock until it was rock hard and ready to fuck.  Cade unrolled the condom on him.  Brad got behind Kyle while Cade parted Kyle’s ass cheeks.

“This is going to so hot!” Cade said.

Brad pushed forward and hardly pierced Kyle’s sphincter before coming out.  He massaged more lube onto his cock.  Cade parted the cheeks and watched.  Brad’s long cock slowly entered Kyle’s hot ass.

“OOO goddamn!  OOOO Fuck!” Kyle screamed.

“Hurts like a bitch but will be so great in a second,” Cade said and moved in front of Kyle.  He could see the pain written all over Kyle’s face.

Brad pushed a little more in.  “OOOO moootherrrfucccker!” Kyle screamed. Brad pushed more in and heard the same thing again, long and drawn out.

“Damn Kyle, your ass is so tight and hot!” Brad stated.

“Brad, don’t hurt him.  Take it slowly on him,” Cade said. He stuck his cock in Kyle’s face.  Kyle opened his mouth and took Cade’s cock in his mouth.

Brad waited and waited.  He tried moving with half his cock inside Kyle.  He leaned over and kissed Cade while moving so slowly.

Kyle took Cade’s cock from his mouth, “Fuck me, goddamn it!  Fuck my ass! Feels fucking awesome!”

Cade moved down and kissed Kyle, “I knew you’d love it!”

Brad started fucking Kyle at a slow pace.  He increased the tempo a little to hear loud moans coming from Kyle.  He kissed Cade again, slapped Kyle’s hot ass and went as deep as ever.  Kyle screamed but wanted more and more.  Brad was happy to deliver with Kyle moving with him to take his cock.

“Boy fucking loves my dick now,” Brad said.

“Fucking right I do.  Cade’s one lucky motherfucker to take your dick every night,” Kyle said. 

“Guys, I’m feeling left out and want fucked too,” Cade pouted though it was an act.  He loved seeing his lover fuck this hottie. 

“I’ll fuck your ass,” Kyle said. “I’ll do it with Brad’s fucking dick in me too.”

“I think that’s what he wants,” Brad said.  He pulled out with a pop.  Kyle was relieved for the moment.  It didn’t take long before Kyle was hard and ready to feel Cade’s ass.  He entered Cade with a grunt.  Cade took his cock and moaned slightly.  Brad watched for a moment and didn’t mind at all seeing Cade’s ass fucked by another man. 

“I’m ready,” Kyle said.

Brad donned another condom and entered Kyle again.  Within a minute the three had a rhythm going and were sweating and moaning in the floor. 

“This is a fucking threesome,” Brad stated with hands on Kyle’s hips.

“I know.. I know,” Cade said. “Love this shit!”

The action continued in the middle of the living room.  All three were really into and feeling so euphoric.  Cade stood up and blasted his load all over Kyle’s back.  Seeing him bust, Brad pulled out and shot his load to mix with Cade’s.  Cade licked the mixture off Kyle’s back while Kyle pounded his cock.  Kyle flipped over with Brad wanting a good facial and shot his second load.

The three collapsed in the floor together.  They kissed each other and were feeling so blissful. 

“I could do that all night,” Cade said.

“I know,” Kyle stated.

“Cade, you know me. I’m good for another round,” Brad said. “It takes me a little longer than Kyle though.”

“Guys, I really need to get.  I told you had to work in the morning.  If I didn’t have to, I would go longer,” Kyle said.

“It’s barely 8 o’clock,” Cade stated.

“Cade, I’m fucking nutted out truthfully.  Two loads and my ass is done.  I could watch you two go at it however,” Kyle smiled.

“That’s cool dude,” Cade said.

“Cade, let’s call it a night.  We’ve pushed it far enough though Kyle you were beyond a dream for a third,” Brad said.

“Thanks,” Kyle said. “I’d be more than happy to do it again sometime.  Seriously that was so awesome.  I’m still reeling over here.”

“Yea it was great,” Cade said.  The three started kissing again.  They moved to the couch with Kyle in the middle. 

“Kyle, let us talk it over before we commit again,” Cade said.

“OOO I understand completely.  The last thing I want to do is interfere with you guys.  That being said it was beyond fucking great.  Words can’t describe how great it was,” Kyle said. Kyle found his clothes and started dressing.  He finished and headed to the door.  Cade and Brad enjoyed long kisses with him before watching him walk to his car.

“Well?” Cade looked at Brad after they returned to the living room and had another beer.

“Thanks Cade. It was so great!”

“Yea it really was.  I don’t know about doing that again though with him.”

“Are you kidding me?  I would in a heartbeat,” Brad said.

Tears welled up Cade’s eyes, “I knew you would find another… fucking twink.”

“Cade, what the fuck!!! I love you.  You’re the one that wanted to do this shit in the first place,” Brad said. “I can’t believe you!”

“I know but… damn he’s too cute.   I don’t want anyone coming… between us, not Kyle or another hottie,” Cade cried. “Seeing you fuck him and how much you… you were into it.”

“Think of me watching you two going at it.  That wasn’t just a kiss or two you know or him fucking you as well.  You were really into Kyle big time,” Brad said with arm around Cade.

“I was but now I’m having remorse big time here.  I was caught up in the action,” Cade wiped his face.

“It’s settled then.  When Kyle calls, tell him thanks for one hell of a night but not again,” Brad said. “We’re partners here and if you don’t want to do it again, then there won’t be a next time.”

“I’m sorry Brad but maybe by in the morning, I’ll have changed my mind,” Cade said. “Right now, that trial didn’t go so well for me. My jealousy trait got a hold of me.”

“I was worried about that,” Brad said.

“I can’t help it.  I’ve always been like that,” Cade stated. “You know how I am.  That’s why I hate going to those dance clubs with you.”

“I know, Cade.  I know far too well,” Brad said.

Since they were naked, Brad knew the only solution to solve the little jealousy act was to make love to Cade the best he could the rest of the night.  The two stayed in the living room to start and moved to the kitchen area to finish a long deep fuck.

“Well maybe if you fuck me like that, I’ll consider having Kyle back over,” Cade smiled and totally satisfied.

“That’s my boy!” Brad said.


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