Posted:   July 4, 2009

Adam woke still Sunday after a long nap.  He could see it was now dark out and a little cold as well.  He looked over and watched Luke sleep off his hang over.  Luke woke shortly thereafter and greeted Adam with a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.

“You’re still my boyfriend, right?” Luke asked.

“As if I have anyone else, Luke.  You are still the best thing to ever enter my life and will stand by that long after we’re history,” Adam stated with a small giggle more than anything.

Both rose from the bed and found shirts with the cool temperatures upon them.  Luke headed to the kitchen with Adam right behind him.  Luke found some chicken and rice for their dinner.  While Luke cooked, Adam ventured back to finish and complete his studies.  Once cooked, the two sat and enjoyed a nice meal as a couple.

They snuggled together on the couch and watched whatever suited their taste for television.  Luke gravitated to the football game that was on since he did enjoy the game.  Adam had little interest in football but sat quietly with Luke.

“Luke, do you wanna head to the gym for a while?” Adam asked.

“I would but look at the time,” Luke said. "It is late you know."

“It’s only 8:15.  The place closes at 10 plus there won’t be anyone there,” Adam smiled. “Please for me.  I haven’t had the time to work out as much as I would like.”

“I’ll go with you,” Luke said reluctantly. 

The two dressed in sweats and headed off to the gym.  Luke wasn’t thrilled with seeing the place after being there five days a week.  They entered and were greeted by Karen at the front desk.

“What are you doing here so late?” Karen said with a little surprise.

“Adam wants to work out, so I’m here,” Luke stated with his eye roll.

“He’ll practically have the place to himself except for a few people lingering around.  Boy has it ever been slow here today!” Karen lamented.

Luke and Adam headed back to the locker room.  They could see the place practically empty and the ones there were on their last circuits it appeared or finishing on the treadmill and stationary bike.  Luke and Adam changed quickly and tossed their sweats in Luke’s personal locker.

“Perfect!” Adam stated, seeing no one was there except for a few ladies walking on the treadmills against the wall.  “Luke, I want you to watch me and give me your honest assessment.  Sometimes, I feel like I getting lazy and not having the proper form.”

Luke smiled, “Alright, it’ll be like old times.”

“Yeah, just like when you had to show me everything when I came here!” Adam said.

Adam started with the leg press.  Luke was impressed with the amount of weight Adam was able to handle with relative ease.  He asked Adam to try more on the next reps with more weight for a challenge.  Adam took a quick rest and did the 10 reps but with a little struggle in the end.

“Let me see how many you can do,” Adam said.

“Alright, let the pro at it,” Luke said.   Adam watched Luke and amazed at the ease Luke was able.  Luke pointed out a few little errors in Adam’s technique.  Adam got back on the machine and did as Adam instructed.

At 9:20, two high school jocks entered the gym.  Luke knew them by name, Corey and Reese, since they were regulars.  Luke greeted them with a firm handshake and told them about the time left as well.  At 9:30, Karen came back and found Adam and Luke bench pressing.

“Luke, is there any way you’d close up here tonight?” Karen asked.

“Yeah, as long as everything is done here,” Luke said.

“Yes the door is locked and the front lights are off,” Karen said. “You do have a key right?”

“Ummm… yeah, it’s on my key chain I think.  Let me go check before you get gone,” Luke said.  He raced back and saw the key on his chain and announced he had one.  Karen thanked Luke and headed out, leaving Luke and Adam with the two others.

Luke and Adam finished their presses and saw the two working out without a shirt.  He approached the two nicely built high school guys.  “Guys, you know it’s against state health regulations to be without a shirt,” Luke said and couldn't help but notice both had some nice abs and firm chest, shoulders and arms along with some big legs.

“Okay, sorry bout that,” Corey said and was disappointed.

“Since you didn’t give me any lip, just keep going,” Luke smiled. “Just don’t let anyone know and wipe your benches down good. I could be in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out about this.”

“We will, Luke.  Thanks, bro! You're the best!” Reese said.

Luke returned to find Adam doing curls.  After the first set, Adam quickly shed his shirt seeing and hearing Luke tell the others it was okay.  Luke threw off his shirt and did curls next to Adam to show off playfully.

“Damn Luke, you’re really ripped.  I know you juice,” Corey stated upon seeing the two working out.

“He is,” Reese followed.  “Your friend is as well.”

“This is Adam.  He’s my boyfriend.  No, I never touch the stuff, Corey.  Don't either one of you start either,” Luke boldly stated and introduced Adam to the two.

“Awesome dude, you two make a great fit,” Corey said.

“Thanks,” Adam proudly said.

They continued to work out and stayed a few minutes later than expected due to Corey and Reese wanting to finish up their circuits. 

“We have time for a quick shower?” Reese asked.

“I guess so but no horsing around.  We need to get out of here soon,” Luke said while waiting on the two.

Corey and Reese entered the locker room.  They undressed without a thought as did Luke and Adam.  Corey and Reese hit the showers with Luke and Adam in the communal showers.  Adam could see the glances at his cock and didn’t care if others saw it.  He did notice and enjoyed seeing the fresh meat hanging down between Corey and Reese's legs with very little hair around or above them. 

They finished up in the shower and headed to dress.  “Luke, how long you and this hottie been dating?” Reese asked.

“Dating over 6 months, living together about 3 now,” Luke said.

“How is it?” Reese asked while sliding on his boxer briefs over his cut cock.

“Honestly, it is great,” Luke said and started dressing as well.

“I can’t wait til Corey and I move out together as a couple,” Reese said.

“What the fuck?” Corey loudly stated and rather steamed at his friend/boyfriend.

“Dude, they don’t care if we’re like them,” Reese said. “Do you?”

“That’s cool guys,” Luke said.

“Now everyone will know about us,” Corey lamented loudly.

“We won’t tell a sole.  To me that is very private information and will be kept in the strictest confidentiality,” Adam said with a firm hand on Corey's rounded shoulder.

“Is it just the bomb to live together?” Reese asked with excitement in his voice.

“It is most of the time,” Luke said.

“I can’t wait til we graduate and move in together Corey,” Reese kissed Corey.

“Do you fuck constantly?” Corey asked.

“Not constantly but consistently we fuck,” Adam said. “That’s one of the advantages but there’s way more to it than sex.  I love Luke and being with him every day.  Love should be first and foremost.”

“Still dude, being able to fuck when you want would be the fucking bomb,” Corey said.  “Now we have to sneak around and plan our fucks almost to the minute. We just pray we don't get caught by our parents.  They would die right there.”

"I think I would die too," Reese stated.  "Is it really cool living together?"

"Trust me it is," Luke smiled. "Now, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Me either," Adam said right behind him.

They talked a little while longer with Corey and Reese very interested in Adam and Luke’s life together and their fitness schedule as well.  After 10:30, the four exited the gym with everything closed up and the lights all off.  Corey and Reese said thanks in the parking lot for letting them stay longer and the nice talk.  They walked to their car with their arms around each other.

“Thanks Luke for coming with me,” Adam said.

“I enjoyed it and saw a different side of that place,” Luke started his car. “Corey and Reese were a trip, huh?”

“Yes and cute as hell,” Adam said.

“Yeah I have to admit they were.”

“Now there are two guys I wouldn’t mind getting in bed with,” Adam laughed.

“I could tell they were more your type,” Luke said.

“I bet you was that fucking fine ass if not finer at 17,” Adam said.

“Ummm… maybe but I was just as scared as they were about getting caught,” Luke laughed.

The two arrived at the condo and headed inside.  It was nearing 11 so, after a quick drink of water, the two headed to their bedroom.  They stripped off their clothes and curled up together in the coolness of the condo.  Adam loved having Luke touching his body and showered him with kisses.  Kissing led Adam to drop down and suck Luke’s cock.  Luke threw back his head and enjoyed Adam’s mouth and tongue.  He leaned up and ran his fingers through Adam’s spiked blond hair.  After sucking and licking Luke’s cock, Adam lowered his head and went down to rim Luke’s hot ass.  
Adam could quickly taste and smell the soapy residue on Luke’s ass.  He worked his tongue in and out to hear Luke groan and moan.

Adam kissed his way up the body he so adored and grabbed his cock.  Lip locked, Adam felt his cock slid in Luke’s hole and heard Luke moan into his mouth.

“OOO Adam!” Luke said with his head back now after breaking the kiss.

Adam pushed his entire cock into Luke’s tunnel.  He held it there and pulled almost out before sliding back in deep.  Luke moaned and pulled Adam into him.

“Fuck me!” Luke said into Adam’s face. “Fuck your nasty ass boyfriend!”

“I do love my nasty ass boyfriend!” Adam said and plunged deep to the sound of Adam’s groan.

Baby, yes!!! Fuck my ass!!! I want to feel you deep in me all night, babe!!

OOOO Luke, I will fuck you hard like a bitch!!! ” Adam screamed and was as into their sex.  He pushed hard and could feel his long cock buried deep.  He heard a loud whimper from Luke.   

The night wasn’t their normal slow love making and turned into nasty loud ass pounding fucking.  They needed the change to keep their sex fresh and exciting.  When Adam got close to nutting, he would slow the pace to make the night longer.  Finally with both sweating and worn out, Adam blasted his lover with his load after a good 20 minutes of fucking his hot ass.  Luke followed right after.  The post-orgasmic glow was shining on both while they kissed each other and made the bed a total disaster area.  They both laughed but didn't care.

With Luke on his side and ready to go to sleep, Adam still was horny and wanted more.  He slid his cock back in Luke's warm cum filled ass for another go around. 

Luke jerked his head around and stared into Adam's eyes, "Babe, you feel so good in me."

"You don't care, huh?"

"Fuck no! We're lovers and this is what lovers do when they are still horny."

Adam gave Luke a big kiss and filled his mouth with his tongue.  He ran his hands all over Luke's smooth warm body while this time making sweet slow love to him.  The night grew late with the two making love.  It was slow and more like normal.  Adam filled Luke with his love while Luke covered the sheets with his second climax. 

Adam fell asleep shortly thereafter but clung on to Luke the entire night while sleeping.  He enjoyed the feel of Luke's warm muscular body and alway loved sleeping with him. 

Adam woke with the alarm.  Now Luke was used to it and usually woke to shower with Adam to start their day.  

“Adam, remind me to get you pissed off at me more often,” Luke said after waking and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“I did pound that ass pretty hard last night, huh?”

“Yeah, you did and loved it.  I’m a little sore this morning but damn, it was worth it,” Luke said with a kiss.

They started their day with Adam off to college and Luke out for a nice cool morning run.  Luke used the run to start his day and to assess what was occurring in his life.  He knew he had taken a big chance twice with Adam and now couldn’t be happier.  He felt refreshed by taking a young lover and enjoyed the energy that Adam brought to the relationship.  He saw Adam basically mature before his eyes in a matter of months.  Now Adam was living on his own support and glad to see how that he was handling the responsibility without his mother’s heavy hand in their business. 

That Monday night, Luke waited for Adam to get off work.  He had seen him briefly at work.  Adam flung open the door and looked worn and tattered.  He was able to smile seeing Luke in his boxers waiting on the couch.  Luke stood and gave his boyfriend a big kiss and pulled him to the couch.

“How’s this really working out for you?” Luke asked.

“Fine,” Adam replied.

“Just fine?”

“Luke, it couldn’t be better.  I’m fucking tired as shit but to see you there and know that you are the love of my life makes it all worth it.  No matter what happens in the future with us, I will never find anyone better than you.”

“Adam, thanks!  We have grown together, huh?”

“We sure have.  You know I don’t miss my mom one bit and don’t care what she’s doing.  I’m completely satisfied with the outcome and wouldn’t change a thing except for the break we had.  Damn, I was so foolish! I came so close to missing something great.”

"I'd missed out, too," Luke stated and pulled Adam close to him. "I do love you so much!"

"I love you just as much if not more!" Adam said and ran his finger over Luke's chisled cheeks.

They held each other close on the couch and made love to each with their mouths and hands.  To Adam, touching Luke never got old nor did kissing his sweet lips or feeling his tongue shoved in his mouth.  They didn’t have sex but still showed their love to each other.

The weeks turned into months for the two.  Their love for each other grew as the days flew by.  Luke could see change in Adam over the months.  Adam grew to see Luke as his equal and better yet as his lover and partner in life. 

After that nightly encounter, Corey and Reese were frequent visitors to Adam and Luke’s condo.  They did move out together and were the happiest couple ever even if their parents strongly disapproved of their lifestyle.  Adam and Luke didn’t mind since Corey and Reese were fun to be around and shared a lot of common interests.  Corey and Reese did look to Adam and Luke for guidance when they started out but as time went along they were just great friends.  The obvious event occurred when Luke and Corey started drinking a little bit too much.  All four ended up naked and shared their partners with each other.  Adam had no problems this go-around and enjoyed the orgy.
Adam finished college with ease while Luke remained at the gym but with multiple offers for advancement.  That summer after Adam graduated, Luke broke from the gym and took a job with another gym with more benefits and better pay.  The hours were the basic 9 to 5 now.  Adam and his mother never spoke again but Adam did grow close to his dad.  His dad became a frequent visitor and accepted Adam without any question seeing how in love they were.

Luke was never so happy in his life.  He loved Adam beyond words and cherished every moment the two were together.  Luke evidentially let Adam slap his ass in lovemaking since he knew the intention was love.  He knew Adam would never lay a hand on him out of anger like some of his previous lovers did.  He was glad he took a chance on Adam and found the payoff to be greater than he ever imagined.  Sure there was a huge rough time when Adam left but that was a distant memory and never spoken of except jokingly.  Now they look forward to making it official and become married in the near future.  In the meantime, the two were content in being lovers.


Thanks for reading!!  Hope you enjoyed this story.