Posted:  June 24, 2009


Adam and Luke both woke to the sound of the alarm on this overcast Saturday morning.  Adam hit the ‘sleep’ button and rolled over to catch a few more winks.  The alarm sounded off again.

“Dammit!” Adam screamed in a bit of anger on having to get up on a Saturday.

“Adam, we better get up,” Luke said.

“I know that but I really wanted to sleep in today,” Adam stated and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Welcome to the real world,” Luke laughed. “We both have to get up and get ready for work.”

“I know… I know,” Adam said and pulled his naked toned body from bed.  The two shared a short kiss before heading off to shower together.  They both dressed and were ready to go on time with Adam spending extra time gelling up his spike brown hair.  Luke was letting his blond hair grow and just tucked the length behind his pierced ears.

“I hate opening the store on Saturday,” Adam lamented about his new job he had for a month.

“It beats working til 9 tonight like you did last Saturday,” Luke said.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right there,” Adam said. “I really haven’t minded working that much.  I am able to see some cute guys and work with one really hot one.”

“Watch it there,” Luke joked.

“You said Marc was hot,” Adam said.

“I know I did,” Luke laughed. “You better leave or you’ll be late.”

“Yeah, see ya after 5 then,” Adam stated and headed off to work at A&F in a nearby mall.  He actually enjoyed working there and enjoyed the benefits as well, such as discounted clothes.

At 5, Adam returned to the condo.  He thought Luke would be home by then and called his cell phone to see where he was.  Luke said he was running a little late due to a late arriving appointment.  Adam changed clothes to something more comfortable and patiently waited on Luke while doing a little studying.

Shortly after 6, Luke came in the door.  He found Adam in the second bedroom of the condo that was made into a study area for Adam.  He kissed him on the neck and surprised him. 

“You wanna go out tonight?” Luke asked.

“I guess so.  What’s the plan?” Adam asked.

“Start out be eating and then heading over to a party my friend Blaine is having at his new place,” Luke stated.

Adam shrugged, “Sounds okay to me.”

“Will you drive?”

“I see now where this is going.  You want to drink possibly and have me drive your ass home.”

“When was the last time I drank?”

“Ummm… never as far as I can remember.  I guess you deserve a good night then,” Adam smiled.

“Yes I do,” Luke smiled. “I don’t think I have ever seen you drink, have I?”

“Nope.  Don’t like it,” Adam stated. “Fucks up my diet.”

Luke laughed and went back to change.  Adam followed right behind him.  Luke hit the shower while Adam changed back into his regular clothes.
Luke finished showering and returned with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Adam, all my friends are dieing to meet you tonight.”

“Oh so it is show off your new lover night, too, huh?”

“Yes and I’m proud to do so,” Luke said.

“I hope I don’t disappoint them.  They do know I’m younger, right?”

“Oh yeah!  I’ve been bragging you on constantly here lately.  They all want to see what has me so in love again.”

“They’ll be surprised not to see with some old guy, huh?”


The two headed out to eat after both were looking great and smelling great.  They went to a restaurant that was owned by 2 gay men and enjoyed the atmosphere and clientele. They enjoyed healthy food before going over to Luke’s friend Blaine.

Adam drove up after taking directions from Luke.  Adam could sense he was a little nervous upon entering Blaine’s new house. 

“Blaine, this is Adam,” Luke introduced the two.

“Finally a chance to meet the famous Adam,” Blaine stated and shook Adam’s outstretched hand. “Damn Luke, you did great!”

“Thanks,” Luke said.

Blaine took both into meet Blaine’s current boyfriend, Sammy.  Sammy was a little older than Luke and was beginning to bald slightly.  They spoke briefly before Luke grabbed a beer.  Next Luke introduced Adam to more of his old friends.  The night continued on with Adam more or less standing or sitting in the background.  He endured the night and hoped Luke was having fun reuniting with some old friends.

The main crowd began to leave as the night grew later.  Adam was hoping it would be their chance to leave as well.  He had noticed Blaine and Sammy huddled up together for a little time and talking quietly.

“Luke, I’m ready to go,” Adam said once he found Luke.

“Adam, I’ve been bragging on you all fucking night, dude,” Luke said and was a little tipsy. “Blaine, here,” Luke grabbed Blaine by the arm, “wants to feel that fucking monster of yours up his hot little ass.”

“You are kidding, right?” Adam stated with wide eyes.

“Fuck no, Adam.  I want you to see what it is really like to fuck an older guy,” Luke said and braced himself with Blaine. He reached over and grabbed Adam’s cock under his jeans. “I think it would be hot to see my boyfriend fuck one of my best friends.”

“You’re wasted, Luke.  Let’s go!” Adam said.

“I’m not leaving this goddamn house til you show Blaine what a great fuck you really are,” Luke said.

“Fine motherfucker,” Adam said and dropped his jeans and low rise trunks.  He grabbed his long cock and held it. “Who wants this shit first?”

“Damnnn!” Sammy commented with his eyes wide open.

“We all do!” Blaine said. “You weren’t fucking kidding, Luke. Your fucking boy toy here is fucking hung like a goddamn horse.”

Adam could tell the three others were drunk.  He threw off his shirt and grabbed Blaine by the collar. “Suck my fucking dick!” 

“Yes, sir!” Blaine said.  He dropped down and took Adam’s cock in his mouth.  Luke quickly shed his clothes and was there beside Blaine to offer his help.  Sammy watched for a minute and grabbed Adam for a kiss.

Adam moved to the couch and watched Blaine and Luke swap off sucking and licking his cock.  He could see now Sammy had moved behind both and began rimming their hot ass.  “Ummm yeah, suck me!” Adam moaned and pushed down Blaine’s head to take all his hard cock.

“That’s my boy!  Make him take your hot dick!” Luke shouted.

Sammy stopped rimming Luke’s ass and left only to return with condoms, lube and poppers.  Sammy donned a condom and got behind Luke.  Luke moaned with Adam’s cock in his mouth and Sammy’s fat 6 and half inches penetrating his ass.   Blaine stopped, grabbed the condoms and poppers and kissed Adam with lots of tongue.  Blaine unrolled the condom on Adam’s cock.  Adam looked around and watched Luke get fucked by Sammy.  The sight didn’t excite him in the least.  Now he was determined to drill Blaine’s ass hard.

Blaine straddled Adam and lowered his lubed ass on Adam’s rigid cock. 

“Fucking ride my shit!” Adam said.

“Your boy loves the dirty talk!” Blaine said.

“OOO Sammy fuck that ass!” Luke moaned and was in another world.

Adam grabbed Blaine by the slight love handles and pulled him down hard.  He didn’t care whether it hurt him or not. Soon he was slamming his hard cock in Blaine’s ass with abandon while Luke moaned over Sammy fucking him.  Blaine took a hit of the poppers and endured the hard fucking he was getting. 

Adam pushed him off and doggie fucked his ass as hard as he could in the middle of the living room floor.  Blaine screamed.  Adam didn’t know if it was in pain or excitement.  He continued to fuck Blaine hard and would cut his eyes at Luke.  He watched Sammy pull out and spray his load across Luke’s back.  Luke moved over and let Blaine suck his cock while Adam fucked him.

“I love you, Adam,” Luke said and kissed him.

Adam didn’t respond and continued to fuck Blaine.  He watched as Luke shot his load all over Blaine’s face.  He pulled out and shot across Blaine’s back.  Together the three of them finished off Blaine’s 6 inches.

Luke grabbed Adam and kissed him passionately.  Adam wasn’t happy about the events that had just occurred but did enjoy feeling Luke’s lips.  They were joined by Blaine and Sammy in their kissing.

“Fuck Luke, your boy is the shit!” Blaine said. “You were right.  He has a great cock!”

“I told you he did.  I get to enjoy this bitch every night,” Luke said while holding Adam’s flaccid cock.  He kissed the head and Adam’s abs.

“Whew, I’m tired now,” Adam said.

“Yeah, we better jet,” Luke said. “That was a great capper to a fantastic night.”

“Yeah it was,” Sammy said. “We definitely need to do that again.”

Adam rolled his eyes and began to dress.  He helped Luke a little since Luke was feeling the alcohol in his system.  After Luke was dressed, they said goodbye and headed out the door.

Adam got in his car and headed to their condo.  After a few miles, he glanced over and saw Luke sound asleep in the passenger seat.  He had to wake him once they arrived and helped him to their bed. 

Adam woke the next morning and still perturbed a little at Luke.  He was okay with everything about the night until the orgy in the living room.  He went to the bathroom and went to find something to fill his growling stomach.  He ate quickly before retreating to begin studying for college.

He finally heard Luke wake by 11 that Sunday.  He heard his door open.  He felt a sweet peek on the cheek.

“What’s my fine ass boyfriend studying?” Luke asked.

“I’m studying my criminology,” Adam stated. “What do you care?”

“Someone woke up in a pissy mood this morning,” Luke said.

“Let me finish and we’ll talk about it,” Adam said.

“Fine,” Luke said and left to eat and shower.

Luke was waiting and watching UFC reruns when Adam walked into the room.
“I know you’re pissed off because I got drunk last night.  Ain’t that right?” Luke asked and sat close to Adam.

“I didn’t care one bit about that,” Adam said. “I hated having sex with your friends.”

“You did?” Luke asked. “I thought you would enjoy a little change.”

“What are we now, Luke? Fuck whoever we want!” Adam said strongly.

“You didn’t have to drop your jeans and grab your cock if I remember right,” Luke said.

“I tried my best to be nice but your ass was too drunk,” Adam said and could feel his emotions coming on. “Luke, I thought we loved each other and no one else.”

“We do.  That was just a little fun sex,” Luke said.

“No it wasn’t.  I hated…” Adam began to cry, “I fucking… hating seeing Sammy fuck you… I fucked Blaine out of anger and revenge…”

Luke put his arm around Adam, “I had no idea you would be like this.”

“You said we… were partners…” Adam sobbed and ran back to the bedroom now sobbing uncontrollably.

Luke raced after him and found Adam crying on top of their unmade bed.  “Adam, I’m sorry! I really am.  I didn’t know this would affect you this way.”

“Luke, you are the only person I want to be with…” Adam tried to stop crying.  “How would you feel if I was in here raw dog fucking… Blake or someone I thought was hot ass?”

“Damn, I feel like an ass now,” Luke said and kissed Adam. “Please stop crying for me.  I’m the one who needs to grow the fuck up.  That was very childish of me to make you have sex with my friends.  That’s something lovers like us shouldn’t do.”

Adam wiped his eyes, “Luke, don’t take this the wrong way, but I found nothing attractive about your group of friends.  I don’t like older hairy guys with bellies. I don’t see what you like about them.”

Luke was able to laugh, “Being with you for 5 months, I’m beginning to wonder myself.  Adam, I wanted to show everyone what a hot boyfriend I had.”

“I could see that,” Adam said. “I don’t go bragging to my friends at college what a fine hot ass you have and how great sex is between us.”

“Guilty as charged there,” Luke said. “I opened my mouth a little too much but damn I’m so proud to be your boyfriend.”

“Oh you’re just saying that to make me quit being a baby,” Adam said.

“I am.  I’m crazy in love with you!” Luke said.

“You didn’t show it last night!”

“I thought I was by sharing you with Blaine and Sammy.”

“That to me is no definition of partnership or true love,” Adam said.

“Adam, I’m sorry about last night.  I can see where I really hurt you by getting drunk and letting the others experience the man I love,” Luke said. “It won’t happen again unless you’re for it one hundred and fifty percent.”

“I didn’t mind the drinking one bit.  I knew you were there to have fun and have a few drinks,” Adam stated. “You know if you want you can stock beer or other alcoholic beverages since you do own the place.”

“Thanks Adam,” Luke smiled. “Adam, I have to confess I wasn’t real hip on this relationship at first.”

“Oh no shit. I thought I was going to have to get down on my knees and beg you.”

Luke laughed, “I was totally wrong in every way.  Now after a few bumps, you have shown me love like I have never felt before in my life.  I look forward to every day with you and your youthful energy here.  I do love you and cherish being with you so much now.”

“Thanks!” Adam leaned over and kissed Luke.  The two enjoyed the wet kiss and rolled around on the bed while making out.  Luke laid his head on Adam’s chest.  Both were asleep in a short time.