Posted:   June 14, 2009

Luke was surprised yet happy to see Adam there at his front door.  Adam handed him the gift.

“The place looks nice, Luke,” Adam commented and watched Luke open the gift of candles and an expensive vase.

“Thanks,” Luke said and smelled the scented candles.  “How’s your mom doing now?”

“She’s almost recovered and should be back at the gym soon,” Adam replied quietly.

“That’s great. I haven’t seen you around much,” Luke said.

“I know with school and basically babysitting her bitchy ass, I haven’t had much time but I will find the time sooner than later,” Adam stated quietly. He turned to Luke and looked him in the eye, “What’s the chance of us getting back together?  I really miss you a lot and see where I really screwed this great thing we had going.”

Luke grabbed his salad from the kitchen bar in thinking about what Adam had said.  He returned and sat close to him, “Adam, I’m not sure really.  I’m lonely here but I think I really saw who was important in your life at this time.”

“I figured you would say that,” Adam said. “So what would I have to do to win you back and be with you?”

Luke took a bite, “Seriously, you need to decide at this time who is more important.  I dislike being second in line with the possibility of you not returning.  You basically abandoned me for 3 weeks.  Adam, I was very hurt if you want to know the truth.  Every time I tried you acted to me as if I was a bother and not that important.”

“Luke, I was scared at the time.  Mom has done so much for me since I came out.  I bet you were at your mother’s side when she was ill and needed you,” Adam said.

“I was but… I wasn’t in a relationship like I thought we were,” Luke took another bite to ease his hunger.

“You told me we were in a partnership and would stand by each other in times of need.  I see that’s a crock…”

“A crock is you never returning and now expect me to take you back,” Luke finished his salad. “I did my best to be there for you but you were very cold to me.”

“I’m sorry.  I was an idiot, alright,” Adam pleaded. “Luke, I still love you so much.”

“You sure didn’t prove it to me,” Luke said now in the kitchen.

“Tell me what needs to occur for us to be together,” Adam said.

“Like I said, you need to decide whether it is me or your mom,” Luke replied.

“Luke, can I come back if I tell mom no matter what I am here with you?”

“Ummm… I suppose I could give you one last chance.  Adam, I want a full commitment from you however and no bullshit this time.  I don’t want you running to your Mom at the next sign of trouble.  I think she manipulated you once she saw she basically fucked up.”

Adam smiled and pulled out his phone, “I’ll call her right now and tell her I’m here whether she likes or not.”  Adam called his mom with Luke being all ears.  The conversation started pleasant and quickly turned heated.  He could hear Adam screaming obscenities left and right into the phone with his face beet red.  Adam walked around still mad and screaming.  He hung up the phone and sat down on the couch.

“Are you happy now?” Adam asked.

“Why should I be?” Luke replied with a question.

“In case you couldn’t tell neither me nor her were happy.  Luke, thanks!”

“Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for making me take a stand.  She told me if I did this all financial aid other than college tuition is cut off.  I told her fine with me and would rather be with you.  I would rather be broke and happy than miserable with money to burn,” Adam said.

“Adam, you didn’t?”

“I did.  I can get a job and pay my way here.  You’re giving a second shot to be with the one person I adore and love.  If I don’t do it now, then we’re finished for damn sure,” Adam smiled. “I needed to do that a long time ago.  She holds her financial standing over my head and has controlled certain parts of my life too long now.  I need to grow the fuck up and see what the real world is like.  I have two years until I finish college and probably scraping by but I want this more than anything.”

Luke did what he wanted and gave Adam a big kiss of appreciation. “What about your stuff?”

“It’ll be in the garage waiting on me tomorrow,” Adam smiled. “She told me everything I need would be there.  Open the garage, get my things, return my car and never return.”

“What will you do about a car?  What will you do?” Luke asked.

“I’ll call Dad and see what he can do.  Now I see why he left here now.  I took up for Mom but see the real reason now.  She’s a controlling bitch!” Adam said and took out his phone to call his dad.  Luke was in a state of shock over the events but saw Adam was committed more than ever to being a part of their relationship.

“What’d he say?” Luke asked after Adam hung up.

“He laughed about the entire ordeal.  He’s giving his old Honda and buying a new one.  He said he would help where need be but minimally.  Luke, I want to be self-sufficient,” Adam said.

“I suppose we’re set then,” Luke said.

Adam took a deep breath and laughed, “I fucked my whole world but you know I don’t care.  I’m ready for this.”

Luke sat back a minute to digest the fast and furious action, “Adam, I do hope you’re prepared for the days ahead.  You are sacrificing a nice lifestyle to be with me.”

Adam shrugged, “It’s really what I want.  I can see where I do need to grow the fuck up and quit being a spoiled little kid.  I’m 20 years old and need to take full charge of my life.  If I don’t know, I could grow and basically be sucking Mom’s nasty tits for the remainder of my adult life.”

Luke laughed at the comment, “Let’s say we start slow for the first night.  Seriously Adam, it’s late and we both need some rest. I hope you feel the same way in the morning.”

“I hope I do too or else I’m fucked,” Adam bluntly stated.

Luke and Adam headed off with the hour approaching 11.  Adam was pleasantly shocked to see Luke’s new king size bed.  He did the only thing he knew next and kissed Luke passionately to show his appreciation for allowing him another chance.  They curled up in bed together like old times and laughed about how insane this was.  Luke held Adam close to him as the two drifted off to sleep.

Adam woke early the next morning to leave to gather his college things from his mom’s house.  He drove up the drive and opened the garage to see his things piled up and in disarray.

He sorted through the pile to find his backpack and books.  The door opened.  “Adam, you’re making a big mistake here.  Please reconsider what you’re doing here,” his mom stated in her robe.

“Mom, I’ve made up mind.  I’ll back for the rest of it later,” Adam said. “My car will be here after I finish.  Oh yeah, Dad’s letting me have a car.”

“Son, stop it right now!  You are a fool for doing this!  Come back to Mommy and will patch things up.”

“Mom, no way in hell am I reconsidering my decision.  I need to grow up and live my life without you waging money in my face.”

“Adam, I really hope you’re happy with Luke!  You both deserve each other, you little faggots! You seriously make my stomach turn thinking about what you two queers do in bed! You are a disgrace, Adam, to my family! Tell your faggot ass boyfriend he’s lost a client too!”

“Fuck you Mom!  I see how you really feel now that you have no control over me! You’re nothing but a controlling bitch who if not for your family would be shit!” Adam shouted and raced to this car.  He laughed out loud at his explosion.  He knew that little explosion felt good and came to realize how his mom really felt.  He hated the fact for 3 years she put on a good front but actually hated that he was gay.

He drove to college and spoke with his dad the entire drive.  He was surprised that his dad was the understanding one of the two, despite never saying one or the other after Adam came out.  At college, he could barely concentrate on his studies.  After his second class, he ditched his third class of the day.  He called Luke to tell him what had occurred and to leave the door open for him to move his things.

Adam promptly returned to his mom’s house to find his things now in the yard.  He quickly gathered the things and dropped them off.  He went to his father’s place of work and together they went to drop off his car.  Adam had one piece of unfinished business and pissed all over the front driver’s floor before tossing his keys in the bushes.  His dad saw the display and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Adam, I don’t think pissing in the car will help things,” his dad laughed.

“It may not but damn it sure felt good,” Adam laughed.

“I did get a call today from her.  She called you every name in the book,” his dad stated.

“Right now Dad, I’m done with her,” Adam said. “I’ve got to see the true colors of her and how did you stay with her for 20 years?”

His dad laughed, “It wasn’t easy at all.  You’ve seen the reason.”

“Dad I sincerely apologize to you.  Mom twisted things around and made you out as the bad guy in this.  I see now who it really was,” Adam said. “Dad, do you dislike me being gay?”

“Adam, you are who you are.  At first I wasn’t happy but now I see there’s nothing to do but accept it.  You’re a handsome young man and your boyfriend is very lucky.”

“No I’m the lucky one.  You should see him.  He is so fucking hot!” Adam said.

“I wouldn’t expect anything else.  I do want to meet him and see this guy that has made my boy into a man,” his dad said.

Adam took his dad’s car and drove to work out for the first time in a while.  He spotted Luke once inside the door and waved since Luke was busy with a customer.  They spoke briefly with Luke handing Adam a key. 

Adam waited patiently back at the condo for Luke.  He lit the candles and dimmed the lights.  He heard a car drive up and hoped it was Luke.  He lay on the couch in his low rise briefs to wait.

Luke opened the door.  He was confused at the darkness but then spotted Adam there waiting on him.

“Hot damn!” Luke said.

“Baby, I’m yours now!” Adam said.

Luke walked over and kissed Adam.  “I love the welcoming home gift.  Adam, you look spectacular here in your briefs and so fucking hot! I do forgive you more than ever since you are making a huge sacrifice.”

“It’s worth it for you,” Adam kissed Luke. “I would be more insane for not doing it.”

“So it’s really over between you and your mom,” Luke said.

“It is no matter what happens to her.  All my things were in the front yard when I returned today,” Adam stated. “Have you been called so many degrading names in your life?”

“Not to my face I haven’t,” Luke said. “Adam, I’m proud of you and even prouder to have you back where you belong.”

“I’m exactly where I need to be.  I need to be out from under her and here in your loving arms,” Adam said. “How stupid was I to almost let you get away from me?”

“I refuse to answer that,” Luke laughed.  He stood then and removed his shirt and shorts.  Adam leaned over and began worshipping every inch of Luke’s hot cut torso to begin one long night of love making for both. It turned out to be the most intense and passionate night for both in their history together.  The sounds they made together could have woke the dead but neither cared that night with Adam fucking Luke hard at times and others with so much love.  They finally concluded about 11 with both worn out from the hours of body contact, kissing, sucking and fucking.  Both knew the flame had returned after almost being extinguished.

Adam woke the next morning, Wednesday, in September before his alarm went off at 7. He looked to his left and saw Luke still sleeping with the sheet barely covering his naked hot body.  He leaned over and softly kissed Luke’s back and neck.

Luke woke and rolled over to see Adam smiling.  “Normally I would be so pissed being woke up this early but I can’t be.”

“I’m still reeling over here,” Adam said and felt Luke’s lips touch his.

“I’m too,” Luke said. “I doubt there are newlyweds who did what we did.”

“I know.  That was off the charts. It was like neither of us wanted to quit and just couldn’t get enough of each other.”

“Adam, not every night will be like last night.  That was your true definition of make up sex.”

“Damn, let me leave about every other week so we can do that shit again.”

Luke laughed, “I don’t think so.  I saw it as making up for lost time.”

“Hell we still have what… ummm… 5 more nights to catch up then,” Adam laughed.

“Seriously Adam, I do love you very much.”

“Luke, I’ve always loved you,” Adam smiled and kissed Luke.  They kissed for a few minutes before showering together so Adam could head off to college. 

Since Luke was up early, he decided to head into work and work out hard before his shift began.  He arrived at the gym shortly after 8 and found Lisa working the counter.

“What on earth are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was up and decided to come on in.  I am going to work out, shower and start my work,” Luke stated. “Oh in case you didn’t know, Adam is back with me in a big way.”

“I thought you two were finished, done, complete,” Lisa said in a mild state of shock.

“I honestly thought so too,” Luke smiled. “He did what he had to do and now is back living with me.”

“No wonder that old smile is back on your face,” Lisa said. “Luke I know it’s hard to take someone back after what you described.  You are a good person, you know that?”

“Good maybe but stupid,” Luke laughed. “I’ll see ya later.”

In middle of the day, shortly after noon, he was glad to see Adam back at the gym.  They spoke briefly between Luke’s clients while Adam went hard and heavy at the weights before moving to the cardio machines.  Adam told Luke goodbye at the end of his long work out and said he would see him at the condo.

“You live that guy?” a customer, Blake, who was in college as well, asked after overhearing their goodbyes.

“Yeah, I do,” Luke replied.

“You are so lucky.  Adam is so hot!” Blake stated. “I’d drop my boyfriend in a heartbeat to get with him.”

“Blake I had no idea you were gay,” Luke said.

“Same here,” Blake laughed. “Hey Luke, you mind helping here on this incline press.  I saw your boy doing them earlier and want to be fit just like he is.”

“Sure no problem Blake but only for a few minutes since I have a customer coming in.”

“Dude its cool,” Blake said.  Luke helped Blake on the incline press for a few minutes before retreating up front to get his next client.

Luke headed home and was anxious to see what Adam had in store for him.  He opened the door and smelled smoke coming from the kitchen.  He walked in starting laughing at Adam’s futile attempts at cooking.  He grabbed Adam by the bare waist and gave him a kiss.

“Dude, I fucked up!” Adam said. “I was trying to have something cooked for you.”

“Don’t worry.  You were trying,” Luke laughed. “Adam, you look so hot tonight again in your shorts.”

“Oh I just put these on to run around in,” Adam said.

“You are really looking great,” Luke said.

“Stop it!  You are just saying that,” Adam said.

“No seriously, Blake McMahan even commented on how hot you were,” Luke said.

“Who is that?”

“The tall kid with the short brown hair that was there today with you at gym,” Luke stated.

“OOOO, I had no idea what his name was.  I had seen him a few times and recognized his face,” Adam said.

“He told me I was lucky to have you,” Luke said.

“No he didn’t.  You’re making shit up.”

“No, I’m not.  He said he would drop his boyfriend in a heartbeat to be with you.  Adam, whether you realize it or not, you are looked at quite a bit at the gym.  I’ve seen how guys eye you,” Luke stated.

“Yea, those perverts are looking at my cock!”

“They are also looking at your body and admiring how good you look without a shirt.  Look at yourself in the mirror, Adam.  You are dark and very ripped now.”

Adam walked to the bathroom, “Ummm… I guess I am.  I still can’t hold a candle to you.”

“I think you can now after all your hard work,” Luke said.

“Okay maybe but what about dinner tonight?”

“Oh just find something in the freezer,” Luke said. “Adam, I’m very sore today from last night.”

“You should be,” Adam laughed. “You need a massage?”

“Ummm… yeah if you want. It would be so nice,” Luke said.

“Dude, I would love to,” Adam said.  Luke pulled off his shirt and sit on the couch.  He cringed when he felt Adam’s strong hands on his back. “Feel good?”

“You bet it does,” Luke said. “Let me lay down and let you massage my legs.”

Adam laughed, “I can massage your anal canal while I’m at it too.  It’ll work the soreness out in there.”

Now you catch my drift,” Luke smiled.