Posted:   June 6, 2009

With Adam gone from his side, Luke sat quietly.  He could see by the light inside that Adam and his mom were now having a very animated conversation.  He wasn’t sure if Adam was getting angry or trying to express his point of view.  He sat and waited while the two disappeared from his view.  He kicked to enjoy the nice outdoors before a possible storm.

He heard the back door opened and saw Adam smiling like he normally did.  His mom was right behind stern faced as ever.

Adam leaned over and whispered, “It worked.”

“You win Luke for now.  I’m going to allow Adam to move in with you despite my better judgment as a mother,” she spoke with her hands on her hips. “I’m not happy about this but I can see how much Adam does want this.  He probably needs it as well but I’m not sure about that part.  There are a few conditions however.”

“Yes ma’am,” Luke politely replied with Adam at his side.

“I first want there to a 2 week trial before anything is officially done the following week when Adam returns to his classes.  I want Adam then to freely decide if this is what he truly wants in life and you as well.  If you agree, then I insist that I pay half of the cost of this condo so you can’t push Adam out,” she explained.

“I can go along with the first part and agree with it one hundred percent,” Luke said. “This may not be what he wants.  However… it never was my intention to seek money out of you…”

“Oh please,” Mrs. Townsend rolled her eyes in disbelief.

“Mrs. Townsend, I have the available funds to fully satisfy the purchase price if I go that route,” Luke said and held Adam’s hand. “I’ve stayed silent for the most part but do have a nice inheritance thanks to some forward thinking parents.  I want to have full ownership of the place.  I don’t care if Adam pays me rent or not, just help with expenses.  What I desire most is his companionship out of this.  I do love him as you well know and have no desire to enter this with any help from you.”

“Gosh Luke, I never knew that you had money,” Adam said. “You don’t like spending it, do ya?”

“Adam, my goal has been to buy a place at the end of the lease instead of forking over the cash for a rented place,” Luke said.

“Luke, I appreciate your honesty but I want Adam to be as big of part of this as you,” she said.

“Right now, put the money in some investment for his future even though I’m sure you have that taken care of.  In the future, we may need to purchase something larger and nicer,” Luke explained.

“So you aren’t ready for Adam to be your partner, just your live-in until you grow tired of him and move on?” she asked.

“With all due respect, if the money is placed properly, he will still have it if we ever split up.  I really want to do this my own,” Luke said. “If Adam owning half is what it takes to make this happen, then I will do like I said and put my money in a fund for my future.”

“You have really given this some deep thought, huh Luke?” she said. “I’ll consider both sides and you make some great points.”

“Mrs. Townsend, there are no plans to break up just like you had when you married,” Luke said. “To me, this is somewhat like a marriage.  I’m committing to Adam the best way possible without a piece of paper.  Someday, maybe we can get married as a gay couple.”

“Well… let’s just get past the two weeks and go from there,” she said.

“This week I’ll start the ball rolling so the sale is final at the end of my lease at the end of next month,” Luke said.

“You men have a great night.  Luke you staying the night here with Adam?” she asked.

Adam looked at Luke, “I hope you say yes.”

“I think I can do that,” Luke smiled.

“I’ll see you two sometime tomorrow then,” Mrs. Townsend said and left the two alone.

Adam grabbed Luke and put a big kiss on his lips.  “We did it, huh?”

“I think so.  Adam, I couldn’t be happier but we do have to get through the two weeks first and reassess things then.”

“I know.  That was my idea in the first place to test the waters.  I think I’m going to like the waters and see how this works with college and all,” Adam said.

“Adam now that I think about whatever your mom decides as far as ownership goes is fine with me.  Either way I can live with,” Luke said.

“Me too,” Adam said.

The week was very busy for Luke in preparation to Adam moving for a trial run.  They saw each other on Tuesday as planned after Luke had made his offer on his condo.  The time spent together was enjoyable for both with both excited to see what lie ahead for the two weeks. 

Friday Luke headed to work early so he could return to help Adam move in with him.  He still had full day to somewhat keep his mind off what was to occur.

After two appointments, Luke walked around the gym to help out customers on various weight machines.  Lisa spotted him and pulled him aside.

“Are you excited?” Lisa asked.

“Actually I’m very excited but a little nervous not knowing how Adam will take to this,” Luke said quietly.

“Luke, you know full well he’ll be fine.  He’s so ready to do this and so excited about this,” Lisa smiled.

“We’ll see how excited he is when we hit that first major obstacle,” Luke said.

“You know he’ll suck it up and get over it.  Luke, he dearly loves you to death and think now you feel the same way, just as I do with Andrea,” Lisa said in reference to her partner.

“I think he will but you never really know someone until you live with them a while.”

“Do I ever.  You know how rough it can be,” Lisa said.

“I do but I want this work,” Luke said.

“It will then,” she said.  They parted ways after the short conversation to help where needed.

Right after five, Luke left and headed to his apartment.  He stopped to have a duplicate key made before going to his apartment.  He drove up and headed inside to shower before Adam arrived to unload. 

He just stepped out of the shower when he heard Adam’s familiar knock.  He wrapped a towel around his waist to let Adam inside.  Adam had a unique look on his face and not all smiles like Luke expected.

“Well, this is a great start,” Adam said.

“It was either this or make your ass wait,” Luke smiled and kissed Adam on the lips. “Welcome home!”

The kiss did bring out a smile.  Luke headed back to at least have on shorts and shoes to help Adam bring in his things.  He went out and saw Adam’s nice SUV wasn’t packed as he expected. 

“I just brought a few things for now until we move into the condo,” Adam stated with his arms full.

“I was wondering,” Luke grabbed what he could.

In a few trips, Adam had his SUV unloaded and did his best to find a spot for his things among Luke’s.  “How the fuck did you ever live with someone here?” Adam shouted in disgust.

“It’s only for a few weeks.  The hall closet is relatively empty.  Use that one for now,” Luke said.

Adam sat on the bed and pounded his fist angrily into the mattress.  Luke came to comfort him seeing he was visibly upset. 

“I suppose this is now sinking in, huh?” Luke said with his arm around Adam.

“I’m sorry Luke this has nothing to do with you,” Adam said. “My mom just started dating this guy last week.”

“Good for her,” Luke said.

“Once it was determined I was moving out, she up and ask this guy almost half her age to move in with her.  The worst part he has a 10 year old son that’s moving in too.  Here she gave me all kinds of shit over this and she barely knows him,” Adam said.

“Did you tell her about how you felt?”

“I did but she told me she was old enough to decide these things on her own.  Here she was preaching to me and does the same shit.  I’m not pissed because he’s younger; it just goes all over me she’s known him less than two weeks and already has him moving in with her.”

“That looks like a problem to me.”

“Exactly! I’m thrilled she’s dating and found someone. She said she did it because she would be lonely with me gone.  Luke, this two weeks is out the fucking door now.  My ass is here no matter what now she told me.  She told me it was my choice just like it is her choice now.”

“It is that but I see why you’re upset.  I think I would be as well.  Look on the bright side, you’re now stuck with me,” Luke said.

“Luke I’m sorry to start on such a downer.  This just hit me out of the blue,” Adam said. “Deep down while I’m pissed off at mom, I’m beyond thrilled to be living with you.”

“Together we’ll get pass this.  Adam, I’m here for you now,” Luke said. “I want you to know I am madly in love with you and have looked forward to this all week.  I too can’t wait to wake up next to one hot fucking guy every morning.”

“Thanks Luke, I love you so much.  I guess this is my problem…”

“Now it is our problem.  Adam, I know this is your first time to live with someone but when one of us has a problem or is troubled, it is both of ours.  That’s part of living together.  We’re not married so to speak but we are now in a way from how I look at it.  I’m very committed to you and look so forward to all the time we will spend together.”

“Wow I never saw it as a marriage so to speak but I guess it’s as close as we’ll come,” Adam said. “Does that mean tonight is our honeymoon?”

“Adam, it can but I want you to know living together doesn’t mean sex every hour of the day.  It’s a partnership first with sex and devotion to each other as part of it,” Luke said.

“Damn I was hoping this meant we would fuck like dogs all the time,” Adam laughed. “I know there are lots more than sex.  I really am happy to be here with you and seeing you every day.”

“Me too but you know there will be a slight adjustment as we see things about each other that comes out by living together.  Sure we have slept together often but one of us leaves sometimes.  Now there’s no leaving and it is just me and you,” Luke said.

“That’s the part I’m most excited about.  Long nights on the couch.  Mornings in bed with each other.  Having someone hold me every night.  Eating most meals together. Holding one another after a bad day.  Kissing goodbye.  Seeing you walk through the door after a hard day and being able to talk about things.  I’m ready for this and would be so excited if mom hadn’t fucked things up.”

“Adam, my suggestion is to stay quiet for the time being and leave well enough alone.  You told her how you feel.  No matter what happens you’ll still love her.  Besides, she’s given her approval to this now.”

“Still… I’m fucking pissed,” Adam ranted.

“I know but drop it.  Make tonight be about us,” Luke said with a kiss.  He felt Adam grab him and passionately kiss him.  They kissed each other over and over, uttering, ‘I love you’ each time they separated.

They finally were able to pull off the bed and go get something to eat out like they normally did.  The meal was small for both since they had other things on their mind than eating. 

The moment they returned, Adam flung off his shirt and pulled off Luke’s.  He pushed Luke playfully to the couch and began worshipping Luke’s cut firm body.  He done it countless times but felt so different this time.  He took his time and touched every sensual part of Luke’s body before stripping off Luke’s shorts and boxers.  With Luke just how he wanted him, he kissed his thighs and used his long wet tongue to lick Luke’s cock.  He went back all the time firmly looking into Luke’s blue heavenly eyes and sucked each ball.  He opened his mouth and took Luke’s now hard cock in his mouth.  He bobbed up and down to Luke’s ultimate pleasure.  Luke leaned over and kissed Adam’s back while feeling such joy.  He pulled Luke up after a passionate long blow up to return the favor.

Luke kissed and licked down Adam’s body, stopping from some nipple play that Adam now loved.  He delighted in removing Adam’s shorts and trunk underwear and tossing them with his.  He licked some before taking Adam’s long cock in his mouth.  He loved sucking Adam and hearing the excitement in Adam’s moans.  Now, Adam freely was able to enjoy this for all its greatness.  He ran his hands through Luke’s blonde hair while Luke had one hand at the base and the other on Adam’s ripped abs.  Adam pulled Luke up for kiss.

Adam headed to the bed for a condom and lube.  He returned in record time. 

“Adam, I dearly trust you.  Fuck me without a condom,” Luke said.

“I’m so clean. Are you sure?” Adam asked.

“I am clean too and know for sure I am,” Luke said.

“You went too, huh?”

“Yeah for us,” Luke said with a kiss.

“I did too since mom insisted,” Adam said. “This will be so awesome.”

“It is,” Luke said.  He took the lube and covered Adam’s cock and then some on his ass.  Adam sat on the couch and felt Luke grab him after he straddled him.  Luke leaned for a kiss and guided Adam’s hot lubed cock into his ass.  Luke’s eyes rolled back in his head with delight.  He slowly went until he felt his ass on Adam.  They tried to keep kissing while Luke rode up and down Adam’s cock.

“This is so fucking hot!” Adam screamed.

“Fuck yeah!” Luke moaned.

Adam watched Luke ride him while massaging Luke’s chest.  He kissed it and moved his hand to Luke’s bulging thighs.  Luke continued to ride Adam’s cock that never felt better in him.  He squeezed his ass to deliver excitement to Adam.

“Fuck!” Adam moaned. “Don’t do that a lot.”

“It feels good though,” Luke groaned.  He lifted up and allowed Adam to ram his cock in and out.  Luke put his arms on Adam’s shoulders and moaned with every deep prod.

Adam’s cock slipped out and allowed the two lovers to switch positions.  Luke got on his back to keep seeing and watching Adam.  He spread his legs and felt Adam slip back inside him.  He closed his eyes to take in the elation that was filling his body.  He could feel Adam pumping at a good steady pace that was perfect.  He saw sweat dripping from Adam’s forehead and wiped it off for a taste.  The couch shook slightly and the sound and smell of sex filled their senses.  Adam grabbed Luke’s cock to jack it off. 

“You don’t know how great this feels,” Luke moaned. “I can feel your love so deep in me.”

“I can feel it as well,” Adam said.

They continued fucking on the couch.  Luke could sense he was close to blowing and did so in a matter of seconds.  He groaned and shot his load unto his stomach.  Adam could feel Luke’s orgasm. 

“Oh fuck!” Adam said.

Luke pulled him deep into him.  Adam groaned and erupted into Luke’s hot ass.  Adam wanted to pull out but Luke kept him deep.  Adam collapsed on top of Luke still inside him.

“We’re as one now,” Luke said.

“We are,” Adam said. “Fuck was that ever fucking hot!”

Luke grabbed Adam by the back of the head.  He kissed him as hard as he could and slammed their lips together.  Adam felt his cock slip out.  Luke could feel Adam’s cum dripping from his ass.  Adam dropped down and desired to taste the heavenly mixture.  Luke pushed out as hard as he to expel cum for Adam’s delight.  He pushed and pushed until he felt no more was left.  Adam had some still on his tongue to share with his lover and did so.

“Fuck if every night living with you is like this, this will be so fucking sweet,” Adam stated still aglow.

“Let’s hope it will and continue to grow our love,” Luke said. “Adam, I love you and don’t care how often you hear it either.”

“I love you too!” Adam said.

Slowly still aglow the two went to the bedroom with their clothes right where they left them.  They crawled into bed to watch television together.  Adam loved having Luke close and felt so secure in his arms.  He tried to watch television with Luke but was more interested in Luke.  After a while Luke turned off the TV to devote his attention to Adam.

“Has it totally hit you yet?” Luke said quietly petting Adam’s dark face and cheeks.

“It’s starting to a little with all my things here,” Adam said.

“Every day you’ll get used to it,” Luke said.

“I’m already used to it,” Adam said.

“I’m too,” Luke said. “Adam, this is so great.  Would you make love to me again?”

Adam laughed and kissed Luke on the lips, “Like you even have to ask.”

Luke smiled and saw Adam trying to get hard.  He leaned over and started licking his lover’s cock.  That was all it took to have Adam hard and ready for the next round.  Luke spread his legs and watched Adam slide behind him.  Adam ran his long cock up and down before invading Luke’s ass.

Adam slowly made love to Luke.  They took it easy and enjoyed the moment.  They kissed a lot and share in the joy each other was receiving.  Adam could see and feel the love coming from Luke and knew this would be so perfect. 

Late that night, the two lovers feel asleep in each other’s arm.  Both were satisfied sexually and hoped their romance would continue to grow.

The next morning, Luke was up early.  He got up quietly to let Adam sleep.  He smiled seeing Adam look so peaceful there in his bed.  He showered and shaved for work.  He dressed and kissed Adam before leaving.  With the kiss, Adam woke and saw Luke there above him. 

“Have a great day,” Adam said. “Hey is it okay if I come work out?”

“Of course, it is.  By the way your key is on the table,” Luke said.

“Thanks, see ya later,” Adam said.

Adam watched Luke leave, grabbed Luke’s pillow and feel back asleep until he got up.  He wasn’t used to being in Luke’s apartment alone and really drove home the point he was living with Luke.  He did his best to clean the place and have it looking like he wanted.  He moved some things around before getting ready to head to the gym to continue his work out regime.  He spotted Lisa quickly once inside and gave her a big hug of appreciation.  He spotted Luke with a client and started his workout.  He completed his workout and headed back to the apartment without speaking with Luke.

The next day, they stayed together after an uneventful night.  Adam was up early and helped himself to his regular breakfast as usual.  Right as he finished he heard his cell ringing.  He saw it was his friend Tanner.  He answered it and grew faint hearing what Tanner was saying.  He hung up the phone and ran to the bedroom in tears.

“Luke!” Adam screamed.

Luke opened his eyes and saw tears flowing down Adam’s face, “What’s the matter?”

“That fucking bastard put Mom in the hospital.  I don’t know all the details but I need to go to the hospital in a hurry,” Adam said.

Luke rose, “Not without me you’re not.  Let’s get dressed.”

They dressed as quick as ever.  Luke took his car and got more details while speeding to the hospital.  Adam sprinted to the entrance and found his mom was in intensive care.  Adam walked as fast as possible to see Tanner’s mom, his mom’s best friend, there waiting. 

“What happened? What happened?” Adam hysterically asked.

“Have a seat, Adam,” she said while they waited.  She went into details of what information she knew.  It boiled down to she was beaten in a rage by her new lover she knew nothing about.  She had cracked ribs, collapsed lung and bruises all over.   At the time, Adam walked back and broke down seeing his mom in such terrible condition.  His mom was barely awake and gave Adam a hug of assurance. 

Spending the day at the hospital wasn’t what Luke or Adam had in mind.  Adam hated leaving his mother’s side but saw progress each time back.  Luke and Adam headed home after a dramatic day.  Adam could hardly sleep that night.  Worse he had his first day of his junior year that Monday.

Adam was up early and went to class but had his mother on his mind the entire day.   As soon as possible he went to the hospital to be with his mother, now in a room and recovering speedily.

Adam’s mom was able to return home by Wednesday.  Adam was there at her side and started filling in the blanks with each visit.  The best part was her abuser was in jail and would be spending time there for some time with unknown convictions on his record. 

Friday, Luke came to his apartment and excited to see Adam there. 

“How’s your mom?” Luke asked.

“She’s getting better but has a ways to go,” Adam said solemnly. “Luke, I’ve decided my mom needs me now.”

Luke put his arm around Adam, “You do what you think is best.”

“I’m sorry!  I never imagined something like this would ever happen.  It’s all her fault but she needs me,” Adam cried.

“I know she needs you.  I understand,” Luke said.

“I’ll be back when it’s time,” Adam cried.

They embraced and kissed.  They loaded Adam’s things into his SUV.  Luke offered to help but Adam refused.

“I love you,” Adam cried.

“I love you too,” Luke gave him his best smile.

Luke watched Adam leave and sat motionless on his couch.  He knew it was possibly over as quick as it had started.  He stared blankly at the wall with tears in his eyes.

Despite their best efforts over the following weeks, Luke could feel the two drifting apart and spend very little time with Adam.  He never once tried to persuade him to come back.

Luke moved into his new condo both happy at ownership and sad because Adam was there like planned.  He unpacked all his belongings in a short time. 

He came home from work the Monday after moving in.  He prepared a healthy salad with salmon.  He took a few bites and heard a knock at his door.  He walked slowly to the door.

He opened the door and saw Adam there with a big gift in his hand.