Posted:   May 31, 2009

End of the Summer

Surprisingly to both Luke and Adam, the summer passed quickly before either knew it.  The casual dating had been perfect for both and helped both be independent along with having a date.  Luke grew to love Adam more each time they were together.  He watched Adam grow from a nervous 19 year old to a confident almost cocky guy who had matured and grown as a person.  Adam was able to accept Luke was a real person even though he saw Luke as his hero but adjusted along the way with dating.

It was Friday, the normal day of their date, Luke waited for Adam’s jubilant appearance.  Promptly at 6, he heard Adam’s familiar knock at his door.  He opened the door and saw his cute, tanned boyfriend that he so adored. 

“As always, you look perfect,” Luke commented and gave Adam a sweet kiss on his cheek.

“I try,” Adam said, all smiles as usual.

“I try too but I just can’t pull it off like you.  I just can’t find shirts that fit me so perfectly.  They are either too tight or too big,” Luke said with his arm around Adam’s waist and escorting him inside.

“If you would break loose and spend some money, you might be able to find some,” Adam laughed and knew Luke didn’t freely open his wallet to spend on clothes.

“I’m not fucking loaded like you,” Luke smiled.

“You are but you’re just too tight,” Adam said. “So what do you have planned for us?”

“I was thinking a quiet dinner.  I need your opinion on a big decision I need to make,” Luke said.

“We can discuss it now if it’s that important,” Adam said. “Does this have anything to do with us?”

“Let’s discuss later and it does sort of involve us,” Luke said. “Don’t worry your little heart.  It’s not bad.”

They went out to have dinner at one of their favorite spots, the place of their first date.  They got a table after a short wait with Adam anticipating what was coming.

“Okay what is it?” Adam asked after ordering and no longer being able to
wait to hear what was so important.

“Whether I have mentioned it before now or not, my lease is up at the end of September,” Luke said and took a drink of water.  “I was thinking about entering the market and buying a condo.”

“Okay, so what unless you’re moving away?” Adam asked.

“No, I’ve been looking around and may have found a nice place that would be perfect,” Luke said.

“I don’t really see what you’re getting at,” Adam said.

“Adam, do you think I should?” Luke asked and turned nervous at that moment.

“It sounds good to me,” Adam said.

“I thought you would say that,” Luke said.  “Adam, we’re at a crossroad in our relationship as well.  We can either continue as we or step it up a notch.”

“I agree whole heartily.  I don’t care one way or the other. What are you thinking?”

The great smelling meal arrived and set in front of them.  This allowed Luke time to gather his thoughts.  “I was thinking… we step it up.  Adam, I love being with you and know you feel the same way.”

“I can go for that,” Adam said after taking a bite of his fresh fish. “There’s really just one problem.  I’ll be entering my junior year at college here and may not be able to devote the time needed…” He looked across the table and saw Luke with a big smile.  “You aren’t serious…” Adam said with a discernable change in his voice.

Luke was smiling so big and knew Adam caught his drift, “Adam, I really want you to give some serious thought into moving in with me.”

“I knew we were getting serious but damn… you weren’t kidding?”

“Adam, I have never just told you this but in the last relationship I was in I was physically abused.  I wondered if I could ever love again.  You have never thought of laying a hand on me.  You are so incredible and loving.  Initially, I was skeptical about us but you are made for me and I can’t see me with anyone else.  That being said, are you mentally ready to make this huge step?”

“Luke, I’m blown away by this… all of this. I do need to talk to my mom to see what she thinks so I don’t want to say yes or no.  You know when you said it, I was like hell yes but there’s a lot to consider.  You right, I’m not sure if I’m ready to handle living with a guy.”

They continued to talk and discuss the dynamics of it with Adam in deep consideration.  They finished the nice meal with lots on their mind. 

They went to Luke’s apartment and headed straight to the couch and sat close together.  They enjoyed a nice kiss.

“Luke, if I say no to moving in, will things stay the same?” Adam asked with Luke’s arm around his shoulder.

“It will stay the same but… we would struggle to see each other,” Luke said.

“Yeah, I will need to be committed to school more along with still finding time to work out.”

“That was the reason I even considered it.  Adam, I want to be with you.  You make me complete.  I hate it when you leave and not seeing for days.  I know it’s selfish but I want a partner and lover in life.  I would have never imagined you would be the one but to me, you are.”

“Luke… it’s a big step.  Sure I worship you but this is asking a lot,” Adam said. “So when do I get to see this place you’re looking at?”

“I have a few minutes tomorrow before work if you wanna go see it.  We can wake up and call my agent to show it again.”

“Luke,” Adam inhaled deeply. “With all you have put on me, I was thinking of going home and discussing this with mom before it gets too late.  I could meet you back in the morning.”

“Okay, I understand.  I was hoping we could stay the night like we normally do but I can see where you’re coming from,” Luke said and tried not to sound too disappointed with the fact he now looked forward to sex with Adam and having him sleep next to him.

“You know I could stay with you tonight and see the place before talking to mom about it after I see the place, even though it could be a shack.  The place is not the determining factor in this,” Adam said.

Shortly and earlier than normal, the two were in Luke’s bed naked and lip locked.  Now after three months together, they knew each other’s bodies like their own and knew what excited the other.  Luke had had many lovers/sexual partners in the past.  Adam started out as the least experienced of them but had evolved into his best lover.  After lots of foreplay, Adam slowly slid his 8 and half inch cock into his lover.  Now Luke loved the feeling of Adam’s big cock in him and pulled Adam close and deep in him.  Slowly they made love to each other at a slow steady pace with Luke on his back to where they both could see each other’s face.  Adam sped up to hear Luke’s moaning in pleasure.

They changed positions.  Luke got on his knees and felt Adam back in him.  This didn’t stop their kissing.  Adam still was able to hammer his cock in and out of Luke with his hands on Luke’s thin hips. 

They changed again with the two on their sides.  Adam went back inside of Luke.

“Damn Adam, you are on fire tonight,” Luke turned to say.

“I love you so much and enjoy showing you how much I do love you,” Adam said with his hand on Luke’s abs.  He moved it lower to find Luke’s cock.

“OOOO fuck yeah!” Luke moaned while in ecstasy with Adam's cock deep in him.

The nice long love making ended after they both shot their loads.  Adam took Luke's across his face and enjoyed cleaning his lover's cock clean.   He shot his white hot load across Luke's chest and stomach.  They lay together in bliss and still showing their love to each other with kisses and petting.

“Adam, I hope you didn’t think I wanted to have sex to change your mind.  I did it because I do love you,” Luke said with his hand on Adam’s flaccid cock.

“I know that.  Hell, I love fuck… no making love to you so much.  We do have something rather special here, don’t we?”

“Yea we do,” Luke said. "I do love you so much."

Luke fell asleep on Adam’s chest that was so hard now with all of Adam’s hard work at the gym.  With Luke asleep on him, he was able to think and ponder what was placed on him.  Being so close to his mother, he wanted her opinion and input on this.  He also hadn’t decided that moving in with Luke was right from him at this time since he knew his junior year in college would not be easy.

They woke the next morning almost at the same time.  They showered quickly and were able to quickly see the condom Luke liked.  Adam liked it for it was fairly new but not really spacious like he was used to.  They parted ways since Luke was due at work for another full Saturday.

Luke entered the gym with a decently full schedule ahead of him.  He was sitting in his small office and saw Lisa walk in.

“Well?” Lisa asked and knew full well of Luke’s plan.

“Adam said he would think about and talk it over with his mother,” Luke replied.

“I know you’re just messing with me,” Lisa said.

“I’m seriously not,” Luke said and shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh give me a break.  I think I know Adam better than that.  I bet he was jumping up and down,” Lisa smiled.

“I was a little surprised too.  He was very non-committal to me and needed time to think about it before saying yes or no,” Luke said.

“I’m shocked, Luke.  I just knew he wouldn’t even think about it,” Lisa said.  “Oh Luke, you’re trying to get me back, aren’t you?”

Luke shook his head no and left for his first assignment of the day.  During lunch, he called Adam to at least set something up for the night.  Adam agreed but wanted Luke to come to his house where they could discuss this further with his mom.

At seven, Luke was at Adam’s door.  Mrs. Townsend was there to answer the door and show Luke inside.  Once inside, Luke could smell food and knew this was a discussion over dinner.  Luke came down the stairs and had a stoic look on his face.  Now it was nothing for Adam’s mom to see the two be affectionate and saw the two kiss.

With food ready, the three sat around the table with Luke not knowing what to think. He accepted the baked chicken, green beans and salad.

With a glass of wine, Mrs. Townsend spoke up and gave Luke her look of seriousness, “So Luke, Adam tells me you have asked him to move in with him.”

“Yes ma’am, I did,” Luke replied.

“Luke, the question is, are you ready to make this commitment to Adam?” she asked and took a sip with her eyes staring down Luke.

“I am really more than ready if you want to know the truth.  It is evident we love each other,” Luke said.

“I can see that but this is such a big commitment for Adam,” she said and continued to dominant the conversation.

After finishing a bite, Luke said, “I realize that but this is a way we can see each other more and be together.  Fact is I get lonely and want Adam there with me to share our lives together as a couple. I really do love Adam and thinks he loves me just as much.”

Mrs. Townsend took a few more bites and took another drink with Adam sitting quietly and eating.  “Luke, I want to say no to this.  I seriously think Adam is not ready.  Sure he just turned 20 but he still needs time to mature further.”

“I understand and respect your decision. I have no other choice but to accept it and just continue until he is ready,” Luke said and tried not to show his disappointment.

“Luke I haven’t made up my mind just yet.  I wanted to hear your reason for this,” she said.  “We still have time, right?”

“I suppose we do,” Luke said.

They finished eating without much talk.  When they finished, Adam grabbed Luke by the hand and led him outside.  They found their favorite duo lounger and sat close together.

“Luke, I’m sorry you had to endure that,” Adam said.

“She has every right to do what she did. I know she’s looking out for you.”

“I know she did but it makes me look like such a momma’s boy.”

Luke laughed, “Well… you are.”

“I know it but how many moms let their sons stay with their boyfriends when they are dating like we have been for the past 3 months?”

“You got a good point there,” Luke said.

“Luke, so you know, my mind was made up and I was going to take you up on the offer.  I suppose I could act out and move out but then…”

“I know you want please your mother and not disappoint her.  I see nothing wrong with that since you do have a great relationship with her.”

“Yeah and she provides the funds for me too,” Adam said and resided to the facts of harsh reality.

The two took advantage and began making out in the chair.

“Well…” both heard and looked up to see Adam’s mom there standing above them.  They broke the kiss but stayed close. “I can see you guys aren’t lacking in the one main ingredient to your relationship. Do ya?”

“Mom, I wish you would let me fail in my…” Adam said after sitting up.

“Son, I’m only trying to protect you and watch out for your best interest like any good mother would in this cruel world of ours.  I don’t want my son to suffer like I have through the heartache and pain,” she said and pulled up a chair next to us.

“I appreciate it that very much, Mom but give some slack. Someday I will move out whether you want me to or not,” Adam said and was defending his views.

“I know you will Adam but you’re still in college.  Besides we have already discussed this at great length,” she said.

“Fuck!” Adam cursed.

“Adam, cussing at me like that will definitely not change my mind,” she said and snarled at Adam.

“Fine, just leave then and let me and Luke enjoy our time since you are against us living together,” Adam said and watched his mother walk slowly back into the house.

“Adam, I’m very proud of you,” Luke said. “Be patient and it will happen if it was truly meant to be.”

“I know but I feel like I am letting you down now,” Adam stated.

“No you’re not letting me down.  I knew it was asking a lot of you,” Luke said. “You’re still in college and this experience will be very new to you.  I have lived with a guy and know what to expect.  I have a little feeling you will not turn into a monster like my last one.”

“Thanks, now you’re being so sweet. Last night watching you sleep on me, I decided then that I wanted every night to exactly like that.  Just seeing you sleeping and knowing you were really my boyfriend and my true love in life.  At first, sure this was a dream or fantasy coming from a hopeless romantic.  Now it is well beyond that and has actually evolved in a relationship I love being a big part of.  I hate being away from you and look forward to us being together now,” Adam said.

“Adam that is so sweet,” Luke said with a kiss.  “Did you tell your mom just what you told me?”

“No why?” Adam looked at Luke. “I’m not sure she would understand and tell me how stupid this was or I was too young to live with a guy in a relationship.”

“That little explanation would change my mind for sure. It sounds like you are ready to move out, be an adult and live with a guy you love,” Luke smiled. “I’m very impressed Adam.”

Adam pushed Luke off him and headed inside.