Posted:   May 23, 2009

Monday, Luke came into work at around noon and spoke briefly with Adam when they crossed paths in the middle of the gym.  He could see the sun was really giving his date a deep dark tan.  Adam was gone in a flash and didn’t bother Luke at all during his time there at the gym.

Lisa came walking up to Luke and politely pushed Luke into his office and shut the door behind him, “You are not going to believe this but Adam told how you and him swapped…”

“Oh fuck no, he didn’t?  You’re kidding right?” Luke said with horror now covering his face.

“I’m afraid he did to me and everyone around that was willing to listen,” Lisa said.

“Oh fuck!!” Luke shouted and didn’t care who heard him. “I knew he was immature but not everyone…”

“I’m just messing with you.  You really did swap?” Lisa sat there straight faced until busting out laughing.  “I got Luke Banner to confess.”

“I will fucking kill you for this and it’s not funny in the least,” Luke said and inhaled deeply to relax and calm back down.

“He did say personally to me in private what a good time you had.  He hinted maybe you did something but didn’t tell me directly,” Lisa laughed. “So is he a keeper or what?”

“Lisa, I talked to Blaine, you know, the therapist friend of min.  He said to casual date and see what happens,” Luke said. “What do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Lisa said.  “So you actually…?”

“I did but not sorry to say either,” Luke finally was able to manage a smile.

“You guys and your oral sex,” Lisa said.

“Give me break over here.  What else is there for two girls?” Luke laughed.

“You got me there,” Lisa smiled. “We better break this little pow-wow up. Both of us have clients waiting.”

Luke returned up front and saw John there waiting on him and eager to go.  Luke chatted politely with him before they started their work out.

“Yeah my friend who recommended you told me you had a date with him.  How’d it go?” John asked before doing his first reps.

“You know Adam, huh?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, he lives down the street.  He is just the finest guy around.  You are so lucky,” John commented.

“Thanks, give me ten right now,” Luke instructed.  He was pleasantly surprised by this revelation that Adam had recommended him.  They talked shortly between reps to John had asked Adam how he got so fit and recommended the best around.

Later that day on his third client, he walked up front to find Mrs. Townsend, Adam’s mom waiting on him.  He greeted her politely and spoke briefly with her.  She was there to become fit and re-enter the dating world a few pounds lighter.  She did talk Luke’s ear off by telling him how much she was thrilled her son was with such a good guy and needed Luke now in his life.

The next day Tuesday, Luke headed home about 7 and did call Adam on his way to inform he was off just as he had promised when Adam came to his office earlier in the day.  Luke showered quickly and knew Adam would at his doorstep before he had the chance to breathe.

Adam was there in no time.  Luke was actually glad to see Adam since they rarely spoke over the past 3 days.  Luke’s goal was to see if Adam was relaxing somewhat and had any hope of being a potential boyfriend for him.  Adam entered as promised with each a grilled chicken salad from a nearby fast food place.  They talked about mostly about working out and living healthy while eating.

They sat on the couch together to watch some television.  Adam delighted in throwing his arm over Luke’s shoulder.

“Adam, over the past few days, I’ve been able to think a lot and about the two of us,” Luke said.

“Here we go,” Adam said quietly.

“No it may not be as bad as you might think,” Luke said.  “First off I do appreciate and now see where you are coming from with respects to me.  I suppose I idolized a few guys when I first started at the gym but didn’t have the balls to just say it.  Adam, I hope you can handle this and take this the right way.”

“You don’t have to say it.  It was fun while it lasted,” Adam removed his arm and dropped his head in self pity.

“Adam, I’m not dumping you.  We just need a small understanding to make this work in the end,” Luke said. “I think we should keep dating say once or twice on the weekends and see each other like we are tonight.  You know we can casually date while we both adjust and decide if this is worth the effort to pursue.”

Adam gives Luke a pearly white smile, “I can damn sure live with that.  I wasn’t intending on going blazing guns just yet.  I do have a life you know?”

They talked a little longer about the relationship.  Luke was beginning to see a different Adam he really liked.  He saw Adam now was at ease with him and was great to talk with.  Better yet, he was a great kisser and a lot of fun to make out with.  Adam still enjoyed worshipping Luke’s body when the chance arose but now Luke enjoyed the same over Adam’s smooth dark skin.  For Luke it was a total departure from the norm.  He was insanely attracted to very masculine hairy guys who were older and very mature and settled in life.  Adam was fairly masculine but was still finding his way in life as a gay young man.  

The night ended far too soon for Luke.  Adam did have a paper that needed his attention and some final details.  Adam was growing on him minute-by-minute they were together alone.  He wasn’t sure Adam was ready to handle a physical relationship filled with nights of sex like Luke’s other guys.  He trusted and was very assured Adam would never lay an unwanted hand on him.

At work the rest of the week, Luke had no trouble talking with Adam and sought him out when he did spot him in and around the gym.  Now, others could see something was between them but Luke kept it very professional and didn’t allow it to interfere.  Adam gained a sense of when it was appropriate to speak to Luke and when to walk away. 

Together they set another date with intentions of catching a movie that Adam had his heart set on.  It wasn’t Luke’s genre of movies but could see Adam’s desire to see it. 

Friday, before leaving, Lisa grabbed Luke before he walked out the door.

“Make it quick,” Luke insisted.

“I take you and Adam have another date planned?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, we do,” Luke replied.

“I wanted to stop you and tell you that I’ve really seen a big change in Adam.  He now has this swagger about him like never before,” Lisa stated. “Luke, you should be proud of him.”

“I am.  He’s changed for me as well and I have you to thank,” Luke said.

“Getting serious, huh?”

“We’ll see,” Luke smiled and headed out to his car to head home for his impending date.   He dressed quickly and knew now that Adam was prompt and usually ready to go at the set time. 

As usual, Adam was on time and looking great as ever.  Luke got a keen sense Adam was a little nervous and kissed him to calm him down.  They headed off to eat in Adam’s nice ride before heading to see the indie film Adam so desired.  Luke initially was very skeptical about Adam’s selection but was pleasantly surprised by the film.  He did enjoy innocent holding hands during the movie like he did in his younger days of dating guys.

They came back to Luke’s apartment around 11.  Luke noticed Adam growing more nervous once they started home.  He did his best to calm his nerves by kissing him and holding him tight.

“Adam, what’s the problem here?  You are nervous as cat,” Luke said.

“Oh I’m fine,” Adam said and yawned. “I’m maybe a little anxious about how the party will go tomorrow night.  You will be there, right?”

“Let me tape it to your forehead so you won’t ask again.  Yes, I’ll be there after work,” Luke said.

“Great!  I hope you will enjoy it,” Adam said.

“I’ll be fine,” Luke said and kissed Adam.  He pleasured in lifting up Adam’s shirt and kissed his fit torso.  He could hear Adam taking deep breaths while he kissed Adam’s chest and played with his nipples.  Luke stopped and looked at Adam, “Is there still a problem?  I know you like this.”

“Dammit Luke, in a week, you know me too well.  We are at an important juncture here and I’m scared to death I can’t please you,” Adam boldly stated.

Luke pulled Adam close, “We won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

“I know but I want to be so… fuck it, Luke… I want to fuck you in the worst way tonight.  I even planned it so I can stay the night with you.  I’m so afraid I can’t please you like your other boyfriends,” Adam confessed.

“If that moment comes and I for one hope it does, I have a feeling you will be one hot lover, Adam.  You have the most important ingredient in that you love me.  Adam, I’m starting to love you as well,” Luke said. “So you seriously can stay with me tonight?”

“Yeah, Mom had no problem with it,” Adam said.

“Adam, relax and enjoy this.  Together we will be comfortable in whatever we do together sexually,” Luke said.  “I want you to make love to me if we get to that point.  If we don’t, we’ll still have a hell of a night sleeping together.”

Adam took a deep breath, “I’m the luckiest guy on this fucking planet.  I have a guy who is hotter than fuck and now says he is starting to love me.  Better yet, he’s not forcing me into anything I don’t want.”

“You bet Adam.  You are hotter than fuck to me as well,” Luke said and grabbed Adam for another round of kissing and tongue swapping. 

Adam pleasured in removing Luke’s shirt and worshipped his hero’s chest, armpits, abs and deep Adonis cuts.  Luke unbuttoned his shorts and watched Adam lick his cock under his boxer briefs.  Adam pulled down Luke’s boxer briefs to enjoy Luke’s cock freely.  Luke interrupted Adam to get him naked as well.  Luke grabbed their cocks and grinded them together despite the size difference.

Luke grabbed Adam’s hand and led him to his bedroom where they would be more comfortable.  Adam now had his hands and lips all over Luke even while they walked.  They literally fell on the unmade queen bed together.  Both were eager to please the other’s hard cocks and 69ed each other.  Luke now loved Adam’s cock between his lips and could feel Adam sucking his cock as well.

Luke pulled off not to spoil the moment as did Adam.

“Adam, I’m ready if you are to…” Luke said.

“I’m so horny right now.  I would love to fuck you,” Adam smiled.

Luke reached over and produced a condom and lube.  Adam took the condom and set it next to him.  He dove straight down to rim Luke’s hot ass.  Luke was shocked but loved Adam’s wet tongue and Adam’s eagerness.

Adam stopped after a few intense minutes of rimming and rolled the condom on his long cock with Luke now eagerly waiting.  Luke lubed up his ass and then Adam’s cock.  Adam smiled placing Luke’s calves on his shoulders.   He knew in a matter of moments he dream really was coming true.  He lined up and began to get nervous again.

“I have one request, don’t slap my ass,” Luke said.

“Okay, no problem,” Adam said with a kiss to relax.  He pushed his cock and felt it slip past Luke’s sphincter into Luke’s ass.  He looked down to see his cock was inside Luke. 

“Damn!” Adam shouted.

“Fuck!” Luke said, feeling the initial pain of being back with a guy.

“I’ll be as gentle as possible,” Adam said quietly and staring into Luke’s eyes. “I wouldn’t dare hurt you.”

Luke reached up and pulled Adam to him.  He could feel Adam’s big hard cock going deeper and finally felt Adam’s small patch of pubes scrape against his body.  Adam was gentle and waited for his lover to adjust to his size.

“You like my tight ass?” Luke said into Adam’s ear.

“Fuck yea!  You like my big cock?” Adam said.

“Do I ever.  Feels so great in me,” Luke moaned before uttering words Adam never dreamed would escape Luke’s mouth, “Fuck me!”

Adam felt joy like never before.  He could feel the pleasure Luke’s tight ass gave his cock and began moving slowly in him.  He pulled back and felt his cock escape Luke’s hole.  He guided back in gently and felt Luke’s gentle touch.

“MMMMM!” Adam moaned and was in heaven seeing who he was fucking.

“OOOOO Adam, fuck me!” Luke moaned. 

Adam abruptly stopped as a precaution and then grabbed Luke’s ankles to repeatedly shove his cock in and out.  He loved the ease Luke was able to take him. 

“Oh fuck yeah!” Adam groaned.

“Harder!  Make me feel that big fucking dick in me!” Luke said.

The two moved as one with both filled with lust for the other and the incredible feeling of hot sex.  Luke’s beds squeaked with each movement and heighten the action.  Luke moaned and panted with the feeling of his ass being invaded.  The two kissed passionately while Adam continued to fuck Luke.

The two stopped and switched.  Luke mounted Adam’s cock and slowly started riding him.  His body was filled with delight and ran his ass up and down Adam’s cock.  Adam loved watching every movement of Luke and how each muscle contracted.  He grabbed Luke’s cock and started to jack him off.  Adam rose up and began meeting Luke’s plunges.  Luke moaned and screamed feeling Adam.  He could feel Adam’s cock massaging his prostrate vigorously.  He tilted his head back and covered Adam’s chest with his load.   Adam squeezed every drop out and felt Luke reach and pull off the condom.  Only a few jerks were necessary to finish off Adam.  He exploded up Luke’s back and onto the comforter.  Luke fell on top of him and smothered him with kiss of passion.

The two finally lay together in bliss.  Adam looked over and pinched Luke’s bicep.

“Fuck that hurt,” Luke shouted.

“I’m so sorry but I was just checking to make sure I wasn’t dreaming,” Adam said in a daze.

“Adam, you were one hell of a fuck,” Luke said.

“The pleasure was all mine,” Adam said. “You know I just fucked the hottest guy ever.”

“Stop it now!” Luke said.  “I don’t want to hear my boyfriend…”

“Boyfriend? Are you fucking serious?”

“My boyfriend who I am growing to love and cherish.  Adam I think I’m in love with you,” Luke said with a kiss.

Adam broke the kiss and wiped his brow, “I could seriously die tomorrow and die one happy man.”

Luke looked up and smiled.  He kissed all over Adam’s neck and watched the goose bumps rise all over his skin.  “Adam, don’t ever again cut yourself short here.  You are fucking perfect, dude.”

“Damn, you did like my dick up your ass,” Adam smiled and forced his tongue into Luke’s mouth.

“Seriously, from a mature point of view, you were so gentle with me, which I do appreciate. I could feel the love and loved it.”

“Yeah, once you adjusted, you wanted it.”

“OOOO did I ever.  Your dick is so hot and great size,” Luke said, stroking Adam’s cock.

They were able to come down and cuddled together with Adam not wanting the moment to end.  He held Luke close and could feel Luke’s body heat and mix with his.  He watched Luke drift off to sleep while Luke was still holding him.  He watched his new boyfriend sleep so peacefully there with him.


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