Posted:   May 18, 2009

Luke came to work earlier than normal with a shorter than normal day planned.  He opened the door and saw his friend/co-worker once he entered the large open free weight area on his way back to his small office.

Lisa quickly followed Luke, “So, how’d it go?”

“We don’t have that much time today.  All in all, it was fine,” Luke stated and sat down at his desk.

“See it wasn’t that bad after all,” Lisa said.

“If you don’t mind, shut that door and I’ll be brief,” Luke said while Lisa shut the door.  “Lisa, Adam said I was his hero and was just in awe of me the entire night.  Do you how… uncomfortable that was?”

“Luke, accept the fact that some guys look up to others,” Lisa said. “It’s quite normal.”

“I understand that fact but we were on a so-called date,” Luke stated.

“Well… there are others here in awe of you as well.  Adam is just one that was bold enough to come out and say it,” Lisa stated.  “The bigger question is there any chance of romance between you two?”

“I don’t know, Lisa.  I did like him and found myself very physically attracted to him.  The maturity level was so different.  He acted like a 10 year old at times but….”

“So does that mean there’s another date or not?”

Luke smiled, “Yes, tonight there is.  I want to see if last night he was just nervous and worked up over the date.  I hope is able to relax and be somewhat mature about it.”

“Good for you Luke.  I’m proud of you for at least allowing Adam another chance to redeem himself,” Lisa stated. “Is there any underlying reasons like the kid is loaded why you want to give him another chance?”

“Lisa, money is not a factor in this at all.  In my younger days, it would be but let’s just say I don’t have money problems at the present moment. I want to date again but not sure he’s what I’m looking for at this time.”

“I was just checking. He’s different than your others.”

“He is so very different in many ways.  He’s really cute, huh?”

“I think Adam is very boyish cute with great potential to be a really hot guy,” Lisa said and stood since they both had work to be done.  Luke did have something extra to think about now.

At five, after a long day filled with clients, Luke headed home.  He didn’t see Adam all day so he called to confirm the time.  He talked with Adam a few minutes before getting out of his car and heading inside in place.  No more than hanging up, he received a call from a friend, Blaine.  Blaine was checking to see if Luke might be interested in coming to this keg party with him.  Luke hated saying he had plans but did so though he knew he could use a good night of drinking occasionally and whatever else arose. 

With little time to spare, Luke headed out to go to Adam’s house.  He dressed nicely and was smelling great as always.  He glanced over the directions and knew the general area where Adam lived.  He knew the area was a nice one with the upper class of the suburban area.  He quickly found Adam’s neighborhood and the gated subdivision.  He entered the code as given and drove through the gate.  He was awestruck by the sizable houses and the wealth he saw.  He dreamed someday he might want to live in an area like this with the sizable inheritance he had from his parents’ death.  He found Adam’s house at the end of the second cul-de-sac and drove up the drive.  He got out of his car and was impressed.  He rang the bell and waited.

“Luke, come on in,” Adam’s mom said.  “Adam will be ready in just a minute.”

“Thanks Mrs. Townsend, it is great to see you again,” Luke cordially stated and entered the beautiful house.

“Adam!” she yelled in the direction of Adam’s area.  She turned,  “Luke, I can’t personally thank you enough for all you have done for Adam over the years.  I admit I was skeptical at first when he wanted to start working out but he loves it now.”

“Yes, he has worked very hard and really seems to like it a lot,” Luke said.

“I also want to thank you for going out with Adam.  He was on cloud nine last night and all today. Adam told me all about your date.  I don’t think he could have picked a better or more handsome date,” Mrs. Townsend continued to shower Luke with compliments.

Adam appeared and walked down the long stair case.  Luke saw him and was so impressed with Adam’s sense of style.  Luke could see Adam had a taste for clothes that fit him perfectly and accented his firm young 19 year old body.  Adam was all smiles when he too saw Luke.

“You ready?” Luke asked.

“Oh yeah!” Adam said.

“You guys have fun,” Adam’s mom said and watched the two walk out the front door.

“So what do you have planned for us?” Luke asked.

“Well… we can go grab something to eat and maybe catch a late movie if that’s alright with you?” Adam said.

“Sounds great to me.  Where am I treating you?” Luke asked.

“I was thinking that awesome place with all the games for adults,” Adam said.  “We can eat and play a few games if you want.”

“I do like that place,” Luke said. “I’ll drive tonight even though my ride isn’t as nice as yours.”

They got in the car and headed out. 

“Luke, I’ve taken your advice and swore off sodas and fatty foods to see if that helps me even more,” Adam said once in the car.

“Adam, you are just fine the way I see it,” Luke said.

“Maybe but I want really cut,” Adam said. “When you’re a skinny kid like I was growing up, you want to be as ripped as possible.  I’m like you and want firm definition but not muscle mass like a lot of those guys at the gym.”

“You are pretty ripped from what I can tell,” Luke said.

“I know but you can always strive for more,” Adam said.  “So how was the gym today?  Did I miss anything?”

“Not one thing,” Luke said and continued to drive and talk about work since that was the thing that had most in common.  Luke could sense Adam was relaxed and enjoying this more than the first time.  He could still feel the hero worship but it was more toned down.

They quickly found a table.  Adam scanned the menu and asked Luke’s advice on what to get to continue his diet.  Luke offered a few suggestions on the menu in keeping with Adam’s wanted diet plan.  When the waitress arrived for drink orders, Adam took water as did Luke though he wanted an adult beverage in the worst way.

When she was gone, Adam spoke, “Luke if you want a beer, order one.  I really don’t care at all.”

“I’m fine and need the water even more,” Luke stated.

“If I were say 21, would you?” Adam asked.

“Ummm… probably,” Luke said.

“Luke, I want you to be Luke and not change because I can’t have a nice cold beer,” Adam said with the waitress returned with two large glasses of water with lemon.

“Ma’am, can I have a draft Miller Lite as well?” Luke asked.  The waitress took the order after checking Luke’s ID.  She promptly returned with the cold beer and sat it next to Luke’s water.  Luke took a big drink of the cold beer and enjoyed the taste.  They ordered their meal and continued to talk.  Luke enjoyed hearing Adam’s tales of life as they turned to his acceptance of being gay.  Adam knew like some he was gay early on in life.  Luke was similar but took until he was out of high school before coming out.  He admired Adam’s courage to come out as a junior in a private school.  The meals arrived shortly while they continued to talk about being gay and the troubles encountered.

After eating, the two retreated to the game area.  Adam pulled out a wad of money and grabbed a hand full of tokens.  Luke had been there a few times and did enjoy the games.  Quickly he saw a different side of Adam, who had a fierce competitive streak in him.  This fueled Luke and drove him to succeed as he would with his other friends. 

Before either knew it, the time has slipped away playing the many games offered.  It was now past 10 and too late for a movie.  Adam now insisted that Luke came back to his house to finish the night. 

Once back at Adam’s nice house, Adam gave Luke a full tour of the expansive abode.  Luke was at a loss for words at the grandeur and size of the house.  They headed to the back area.  It was eloquently landscaped with a large pool, waterfall, Jacuzzi and nice patio area.  They sat down in the nice lounge chairs close to each other.  Mrs. Townsend stepped out with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Did you boys… I mean men… have fun?” she asked and sat down her glass.

“Mom we did,” Adam stated. “If you don’t mind, we would like to be alone.”

“Oh excuse me!” she said. “I was just trying to be friendly.”

“Please?” Adam asked.

“I’ll go inside and into my room,” she said, picked up her glass of wine and headed back inside.

“Sorry about that but she still thinks of me as a little boy,” Adam stated.

“Most moms will always do that.  My mom always thought of me as your little boy,” Luke said.

“I don’t what I do though without her.  She has been so supportive since I came out and has never once questioned me,” Adam said.

“You really don’t know how lucky you are.  Adam, I never told my parents I was gay.  I tried numerous times but just couldn’t do it especially when they got sick,” Luke said.

“They were too young to die,” Adam said.

“No not really.  I was the miracle child for them.  My dad was 52 and mom was 42 when I was born.  They were told by the doctors Mom couldn’t conceive but did.  Mom was diabetic and was sick all the time,” Luke said.

“I bet that was hard,” Adam said.

“It was looking back.  To escape, I threw myself into the gym and like you loved every minute of it.  I knew for certain I wanted to be a trainer and help people achieve their goals,” Luke said.

Adam stood and walked over to Luke.  He fell on top of him and gave him a nice kiss.  “Is this fine with you?” Adam asked. “We did need to change the subject and I think someone needed a hot wet kiss.”

Luke smiled and pulled Adam closer, “It was great, exactly what I needed but I could go for some more.”

Adam kissed Luke hard with both of their hands going crazy.  They stopped to catch their breath and resumed with Adam having Luke’s shirt lifted up. “I fucking love this shit!” Adam said.

“I do too,” Luke said.  They kissed again.  Luke felt Adam with his hand lower and soon unbuttoning his shorts. 

Adam pushed down Luke’s shorts and groped Luke’s cock under Luke’s blue boxers, “Can I suck you?”

“Are you sure?”

“Hell yeah!  I want this dick in my mouth,” Adam said. 

Luke lifted up and felt Adam pull down his boxers.  Adam grabbed Luke’s cock and felt it grow hard in his hand.  Luke then felt Adam’s tongue going up and down his hard 5 and half inch cut cock.  He leaned back while Adam played with his balls.  Adam kissed Luke quickly and returned to take Luke’s hard cock in his mouth.  Luke moaned quietly and felt Adam’s warm wet mouth cover his cock.  He watched Adam bob up and down.  Adam’s mouth and tongue felt so good.  Luke put his hands on Adam’s nice shoulders and continued to enjoy the nice blow job.

“Your cock is perfect,” Adam said.

“Thanks, it is one part I do wish was bigger,” Luke laughed.

Adam returned to enjoy his dream blow job.  He moved up and down then licked up and down before returned to have Luke’s cock all in his mouth.  Luke now was in a daze.  He pulled Adam up from his cock and reached to unbutton Adam’s shorts.  Adam tossed off his shirt and quickly had off his white 2(x)ist trunks. 

“Damn!” Luke said and stared at Adam’s big hard cock now in his face.

“Big uh?”

“Fuck yeah! Don’t count on me deep throating this shit!” Luke said.  He dropped down and began to lick up and down Adam’s long 7 and half inch cut cock.  He took his time and enjoyed each inch.  He took Adam’s balls one by one in his mouth.

Fuck!” Adam shouted.

“Did I hurt you?” Luke asked quietly.

“No, I think my mom saw us!” Adam said. “Whatever you do though don’t stop.  I love your wet tongue.”

Luke licked up Adam’s cock and kissed Adam’s hips.  He opened his mouth and took a few inches in his mouth with his hand at the base.  He used his tongue on the underside and could hear Adam moaning loudly.  They stopped briefly so Adam could sit down.  Luke got between his legs and continued.  Adam ran his hands through Luke’s blonde hair and rubbed his shoulders.  He looked down and came to the realization of what was occurring.  Luke continued to get Adam’s cock deeper in his mouth but knew all of it was out of the question. 

“Fuck this is so goddamn hot!” Adam said and watched Luke continue to please his cock like no one had ever done.  He had his cock sucked before but could sense Luke was experienced and never shied away like his last boyfriend did.  Luke looked up and saw the joyous expression on Adam’s face while running his hands up and down Adam’s six pack. 

“Oh shit!” Adam screamed and pushed Luke quickly back.  Luke barely had his mouth off Adam’s cock and felt a blast of cum hit his cheek.  Adam continued to shoot his load and soaked Luke’s shirt with his cum.  “I’m sorry!  Fuck!  Look at you!” Adam said in a panic.

“It’ll wash out,” Luke said. “It was fucking hot as hell though.”  Luke kissed him. Adam licked his cum off where he could.  After he finished he returned to Luke’s cock, determined as ever.  He sucked and licked for a few minutes. 

Adam!” Luke shouted and tried to push Adam off.  He started blasting his cum down Adam’s throat with Adam’s lips securely around his cock.  Luke groaned and filled Adam’s throat and mouth with his cum.  Adam swallowed all Luke offered and licked his lips. 

“Damn, I wanted that shit!” Adam said.

Luke grabbed Adam and could taste the cum still remaining in Adam’s mouth.  They battled tongues and continued kissing.

“Adam, you were fucking awesome!”

“That was the easiest blow job of my life.  I loved every second of it.  Now I wished mom would have come out and watched,” Adam laughed.

“Will she say anything?” Luke wondered.

“I don’t care if she does.  She knows I suck dick and fuck guys,” Adam boldly said. “Matter of fact, if you wanna stay, you can.”

“We better not press things now,” Luke said. 

“I know but you can,” Adam said.

“I better get going.  It really has been a long day for me,” Luke said.

“Please don’t just blow and go.  At least stay a few minutes longer, please!”

“Well… alright after we get our shorts on,” Luke said.

“Deal,” Adam smiled.  They put back on their shorts.  Adam fell in Luke’s arm and cherished each moment.  “Was I any better tonight?”

“I felt like I was on a date tonight,” Luke said.

“Awesome!” Adam shouted. “Luke, I know was just begun but I love you so much.  I know you don’t love me yet but I hope you will give me a chance and grow to love me.”

Luke smiled, “I thought you loved me without really getting to know me.  Adam, I think you deserve every chance and I promise to give you my best shot.”

“You gave me your best shot,” Adam laughed.

“Like I really had a choice.  Your mouth was clamped tight on my dick,” Luke laughed.

“I wanted my hero’s cum down my throat.  Sorry for the super soaker,” Adam said.

“It’s already starting to dry,” Luke laughed. “You did almost drown me there.”

“I guess I did,” Adam said. “One last thing before you go, would you be kind enough to be my date here next Saturday night?  The gay college group is coming here for a pool party.  I would love for you to be my hot ass date.”

“I’ll check my schedule.  I’ll do my best to be here,” Luke said.

Awesome,” Adam replied.  They kissed again before Adam escorted Luke through the house.  Adam did laugh seeing the cum stains on Luke’s shirt once in the clear light. Luke laughed as well.

“Adam, I do want to see you even again,” Luke said once outside and heading to his car.

“Fuck yeah! When?”

“I’ll call you.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting.”

Luke headed off to his car and could smell the cum that had dried. He stripped off his shirt and laughed.  He headed home and was growing to like Adam more.  He liked being with Adam and was glad to see how Adam had chilled out.  He loved the blow job he was given and knew it was a great start.  He was surprised at the ease and comfort Adam had with sucking his cock.  If nothing else, Adam could be a nice change of pace in his life and be a fuck buddy.  He laughed at the thought and knew Adam wanted more but he wasn’t sold on the idea of Adam being his boyfriend.

The next day, Luke was up early and enjoyed a nice run around the area to get his blood flowing and working up a great lather.  Even on his off day which this Sunday was, he still didn’t feel good until he had achieved a good soaking sweat.  He enjoyed the run at a leisurely pace and gave him more to think about him and Adam with the air flowing through his blond hair.  Once finished and feeling good, he headed inside to shower and do some pressing things around his apartment. 

Around one, he heard a loud knock at his door.  He went to the door and fully expected to see Adam standing there.  He opened the door to see his closest friend Blaine.

“What are you doing here?” Luke asked.

“Can’t a friend stop by for a visit and give him the low down on what he missed last night,” Blaine said. “Damn Luke, your ass gets fucking hotter every time I see you.”

“I am a certified trainer.  No one wants some fat ass slob as trainer, do they?” Luke laughed. “Wanna a beer?”

“Of course I do,” Blaine smiled and sat at the kitchen bar to ogle at his friend and former love interest.  Luke handed him a beer and took one as well.  “So what was so important you couldn’t come last night?”

“Well… I had plans,” Luke said and took a big drink.

“He better have been hot as hell,” Blaine laughed. “You sure missed a great party.”

“I know I did,” Luke said.

“Was he hot?”

“Well… to me he is.”

“Oh another old guy again huh?”

“Well not exactly, he’s 19,” Luke stated.

Blaine almost did a classic spit-take, “You’re shitting me?”

“No I’m not.”

“I wanna hear about this guy.”

“I’m glad you asked and trust your honesty.  He is cute but school boy cute if you know what I mean?”

“I do.”

“Well I was his trainer when he first came to the gym.  We both soon knew each other was gay.  He up and asked me out.  It took some prying but I decided what the hell.  You should have seen him.  He called me his hero,” Luke took another swig.

“That’s cool.  So this kid adores you?”

“Yeah.  The first date…”

“More than one?”

“Let me finish.  The first date was almost a total disaster.  He had me so high up in the clouds it was unreal while having very little self esteem.  It finished well enough so we went out last night too.  He actually calmed down a lot.  The problem is even though we are only 4 years different in age, it seems like we are 10 years different.”

“Is he a good fuck, though?”

“He can suck a mean dick,” Luke smiled. “We didn’t fuck but I think he would have.  That’s not the point.  Should I continue?”

“That’s up to you Luke.  Cut him some slack and see what happens.  You are used to older guys who are finished growing up and know what they are in life.  He sounds like he is still trying to find his way in life.”

“Spoken like a true clinical therapist,” Luke laughed.

“That’s my job.  First question you need to ask do you see yourself in 2 months with him?”

“Damn, I have no clue,” Luke stated.

“If you think there’s a chance, just casually date him here and there.  You might find you really do like a younger guy.  Is he buff like you?”

“Yeah, he really has a nice fit body.  I haven’t told him so but it is fucking perfect.  Nice abs, nice chest, good deep Adonis cuts, muscular legs and calves and so dark.”

“I don’t know what you are complaining about over there.  Sounds like to me Luke is not ready.  Do you still have nightmares about Johnson?” Blaine said in reference to Luke’s last relationship.

“Well… sometimes I do.  I think maybe I scared of getting back into a relationship now and him being a customer.  You should see how he acts around me,” Luke finished off his beer.

“From one gay guy to another, I would do like I said, just casually date him and see where it goes,” Blaine said.

“I can do that.  I just hope Adam can,” Luke lamented.

“If he really likes you, he might.”

“He told me he loved me last night,” Luke said.

“Oh shit!  You may have a problem then.  He is infatuated with your ass,” Blaine laughed.

“Yeah he is,” Luke said.

They changed the subject with Luke having to endure tales of Blaine’s party and the guy he hooked up with.  Blaine didn’t stay long and soon headed out the door after another beer.  Luke thanked him for stopping by and left his apartment to get away and do some more thinking.


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