Posted:   May 15, 2009
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Luke entered the franchised gym around 1.  He checked the list for his assignments as a certified trainer and waited on his first customer.  She was a regular who had the funds to drop the pounds after having a baby.  Luke enjoyed working with her now and started to see results now occurring in her body.  After he finished, he walked through the gym to be available to first timers or anyone else in need of instruction.

About 3, a smile came on Luke’s face seeing one of his favorite former students, Adam.  He instructed Adam right after getting certified three year ago and watched Adam develop from a skinny 16 year old to a fit 19 year old.
“How’s it going, Luke?” Adam asked before Luke had the chance.

“Not bad.  How was your weekend?” Luke replied with a question.

“So so I guess.  Mostly just studied for a test and worked on a paper,” Adam replied in reference to his college work.  “Hey you got any suggestions to get me over the hump so my abs can get just hellified ripped like yours?”

“For one, lay off the soda and junk food.  Watching your diet is the key thing,” Luke said.  “Adam, I think honestly you are just fine.”

Adam promptly lifted his tank top to expose his six pack with some definition occurring, “See! I want the deep rips.”

“Hey, you got a good six pack going there bro.  Just do like I said and keep working on your core.  You have really come a long ways over the past 3 years though,” Luke commented and left Adam to help an older guy with a piece of equipment.  He watched closely until the man was properly doing the exercise with good form.

He went back up front and waited for his next client to come in.  Shortly a short fat balding guy came in the door.  In this line of work, Luke saw all kinds, shapes and personalities.  He was being paid for results by the client but knew he could only do so much.  Last year, he got his nutrition certificate and could work on both areas to help out even more.  He wasn’t muscle bound like more trainers, just fit as they come.  He thought muscle mass might be a deterrent to his clientele.   He got the greatest feeling of working with the younger crowd and seeing their bodies changes along with times their outlook and confidence just as he done with Adam.  He showed the older guy back and sat him down for an initial consultation before designing a workout plan for him.  After the brief meeting, Luke quickly had a plan for the day before working up the full regime.
He finished the training in the allotted hour.  He waved goodbye to his friend, Adam, while heading up front for his next appointment.  Over the past two years, Luke had gotten the reputation of being a great but fair trainer.  He wasn’t like some even one of his co-workers in training.  He allowed input on the training and offered encouragement and a gentle push.  He disliked the militaristic approach some took to training but knew each had a different style.

At 9, Luke headed home after a fairly busy day.  He parked his small car and headed inside to his meager apartment.  It wasn’t that Luke didn’t have money but lived a fairly simple life.  He didn’t measure happiness by objects but by actions and relationships.  He disliked coming home to an empty apartment but knew it was better than coming home to someone you wish would leave.  Four months ago, he was living his boyfriend until he finally kicked him and disliked the sight of him every day.  He desired to have another boyfriend but on his terms. 

Luke headed into work as he normally did.  Walking to the front door, he spotted Adam and waited to walk in with him.

“Have you given my proposal any more thought?” Adam asked.

“Adam, I wish I could but I’m quite firm in what I said, no dating customers,” Luke firmly stated.

“Fine then, I won’t renew my membership and go elsewhere,” Adam said with his bag over his shoulder.
“Don’t do that,” Luke replied. “You may regret it.  We may not be compatible.”

“If it doesn’t work out, then I can rejoin.  This place is the dope though, bro.  There aren’t many place around like this that offer so much at a decent price,” Adam stated.

“I’ll think some more about it then, Adam,” Luke said.  He opened the door and ushered the two inside.  Adam smiled and headed to the locker room to change for his workout that he had become so addicted to.  Luke went to his office to work up a plan for the guy the previous day and returned up front.  He had a few minutes to kill and saw his co-worker, Lisa, manning the front.

“Hey Luke,” Lisa greeted him.  “Looks like a light day for you so far.”

“That’s fine,” Luke said. “Lisa, can I ask your opinion on something?”

“Sure go ahead,” Lisa said.

“What do you think of me dating a patron here?  Do you think it would interfere?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with it and really shouldn’t interfere as long as you didn’t go overboard with this guy,” Lisa said.

“I don’t know.  I hate the idea of losing business and something terrible happening,” Luke stated.

“So what if we lose one customer?  It might make it nicer back there.  It’s way too crowded as it is,” Lisa stated and stopped to check in a customer while Luke patiently waited.  “Why is Adam asking you out?”

“How’d you guess?” Luke said.

“It’s pretty obvious.  He’s really beyond struck with you since he came out,” Lisa said. “Appease the kid and just go out with him one time.  Maybe once he sees the true Luke he’ll know what an asshole you really are.”  Lisa had to laugh at herself.

“Oh thanks a lot,” Luke said, jokingly.

“Luke, I really think Adam is a cutie if you want to date a college kid,” Lisa said.

“How would you know if he’s cute or not?” Luke shot his friend a look.

“Lesbians can judge just like you gay guys.  I know whether someone is cute or not,” Lisa smiled.
“Fine then, I’ll give at least a shot,” Luke said and headed back.  He opened the door and waded among the customers to find Adam on the leg press and sweating profusely. “After you finish, can we talk?”

“I’m finished now!” Adam almost shouted and abruptly stopped. “What is it?”

“When do you want go?” Luke quietly asked.

“Are you serious?!”

“A little quieter but I guess we could give it a shot,” Luke said.

“Oh anytime would be awesome for me,” Adam said and wiped off his brow with his shirt.

“Well… I’m off Friday so about we meet up then,” Luke said.

“Great, what time?”

“Say 6ish.  I’ll meet you at the… wait you’re not old enough… how about…” Luke said.

“How about I come to your place and we go from there,” Adam said and now was nothing but smiles.

“I suppose that would work,” Luke said.  “I’ll think of something by then.”

They had to part ways with a page from Lisa coming over the intercom system.  Luke headed back up front and found a kid maybe 17 or 18 there in the front.  Lisa introduced Tanner to Luke for Tanner was seeking personalized instruction.  Luke could see the need right away with Tanner’s unfit body.  He show Tanner had a bag and showed him to the locker room.  Right when Luke entered, he saw Adam emerging from the shower.  He did his best to divert his eyes but couldn’t help see how blessed his friend was.  Adam only smiled and headed to his locker, dripping wet.  He instructed Tanner to dress and meet him just outside the door.


The week continued on as normal with Adam and Luke bumping into each other.  Each time Adam couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.  Luke did give Adam directions to his apartment during the week but talked very little with his busy schedule ahead of him.

Friday, Luke went to the gym to work out on his off day.  Lisa spotted him and walked over to where Luke was doing curls.  “You really have made some one’s day, you know?” Lisa said and watched Luke strain.

“Tell me about it. I am beginning to wonder what I have done,” Luke stated and stopped to rest.

“Luke, enjoy it for what it is.  It’s only a date and Adam can get it out of his system.  He talked endlessly about you yesterday to me,” Lisa said.

“You knew about this the entire time, didn’t you?” Luke said.

“I did just say you weren’t dating anyone a week or so ago,” Lisa smiled wryly.

“I’ll get you for this,” Luke said and started another set of reps.

He finished without running into Adam since it was early in the day.  He headed to his apartment and began debating whether he should go through with this date or not.  He wanted to resume dating but Adam wasn’t what he called his type.  He knew that if he broke the date he would crush his friend. 

Right before 6, Luke heard a quiet knock at the door.  He quickly threw on his polo shirt and headed to the door.  He opened and saw a very nervous Adam standing there.  He did think Adam was cute in a boyish way with his brown hair cut and spiked, a nice shell necklace, a green Polo shirt, nice khaki shorts and leather flip-flops along with smelling great.

“Come on in, Adam,” Luke said and got his first look at Adam really dressed for something other than working out.  “You do look great.”

“Thanks! You do too,” Adam said with his head lowered.  He entered the apartment of Luke and stood near the kitchen bar.

“Grab a seat.  I’ll be ready to go in just a second,” Luke stated.

“Sorry, I guess I was a little early,” Adam said quietly.

“You’re fine,” Luke said and headed to finish combing his blond hair and squirting on a few splashes of cologne.  He headed back up and saw Adam chewing his nails.  “A little nervous, huh?”

“Beyond a little.  I’m freaking out inside,” Adam said.

Luke put his arm around the taller Adam, “Don’t fret at all.  We’ll have a good time together.”

“Okay,” Adam said. “Where are we going by the way?”

“I was thinking maybe a nice seafood place down the street.  It’s casual and has great food,” Luke said.

“I’ll drive if you show me the way,” Adam said.  He walked out the door and went to his BMW X5 SUV. 

“Wow Adam, nice ride!” Luke said.

“Oh, I just got it three weeks ago.  I do like it,” Adam stated and opened the doors remotely.

“I would say so.  This is really sweet!” Luke said.

They headed off down the street.  Slowly Adam was getting more comfortable but still wasn’t totally at ease with Luke.  They headed inside and had to wait for a few minutes for a table.  They talked casually before being shown to their table.  Luke wanted to order an alcoholic beverage but decided on water just like Adam.  They promptly ordered with Luke having the Grouper and Adam having grilled shrimp.  Adam shook his hands out to calm himself down.

“Luke, this is a dream come true for me if you haven’t guessed already,” Adam said.

Luke smiled, “Adam just think of us as friends sharing a nice meal together and do try to relax some.  I’m only human and we’re both just gay guys going out together for something to eat on a first date.”

“I know but damn you are so hot.  I still can’t believe I’m sitting here with the hottest guy on the planet,” Adam stated.

“I wish you would stop it right now.  I appreciate the admiration and all but it is making me very uncomfortable at the moment,” Luke stated.

“I’m sorry Luke. I needed to get that out of my system and tell you my true feelings if you didn’t know already.  I think I see this is just a one-way street though.  You still see me as a customer and little else,” Adam stated.

“Right now I see a hot young guy who is having dinner with me out on our first date together,” Luke said.

The meal arrived in short order and smelled great.  Adam began a barrage of questions about Luke’s workout until Luke stopped him to talk about something other than his work.  Luke was interested in getting to know Adam outside the gym such as his home life and interests.  Adam told a little about his life but kept it minimal for the time being other than it was just him and his mother now after his parents went through a heated divorce.  Luke listened before telling Adam his parents were both deceased now after having Luke late in life.  They did share in being only children.  They finished eating with Adam grabbing the check and paying the entire bill despite Luke’s objection.

They headed back to Luke’s apartment.  Adam parked his Beemer.  “I guess I should go now,” Adam stated.

“Why?” Luke asked.

“You’ve done your duty and went out with me.  Now your obligation is finished and complete.  Luke, I’m not a total dumbass and can tell when someone is not that interested in me,” Adam bluntly stated.

“I was going to ask you inside and at least talk some more and get to know you better but…”

“I guess I could do that at least,” Adam said. “Are you sure you are just leading me on here?”

“Fine, fuck it then. Leave!” Luke said and was fed up with Adam’s inferior and childish attitude.

Adam bent over and began sobbing on the wheel of his SUV.  Luke’s heart dropped seeing his friend in tears and went to Adam’s side. “Come on, let’s go inside,” Luke said.

“I’m fine!  I heard you did this just to get me off your arrogant ass.  I really see what kind of guy you really are now,” Adam sobbed. “So fuck you Luke!”

“Adam, I was having a good time until you started acting like a fucking 14 year old.  I do like you and have enjoyed being with you tonight but I guess not.  I see the true Adam isn’t getting his way and now pouting over it.”

“Fine, let’s go inside then!” Adam opened the door and slammed it shut. “This is no longer a dream.  It’s more like a nightmare.”

Luke put a strong grip on Adam’s arm, “Look here Adam.  You brought this all on yourself.  Sure at first I was extremely hesitant about this but you know once you calmed down I did like you that was until this little sophomoric outburst.”

Adam pulled away, “I sorry Luke.  I was so worked up over this date and knew deep down you did it as a favor to me.  I’m just a foolish romantic with wild dreams.”

“Aren’t we all?” Luke said. “So you wanna sit down and talk some more?”

“I suppose I could.  I’m really am sorry, Luke.  I’ve made a total ass out of myself, haven’t I?” Adam stated and sat down with Luke.  He wiped his face.

“Adam, I’m in part to blame as much as you.  I did do it as a favor to you but with that said I’m in the market for a guy,” Luke said. “Adam, you really have a lot going for you, you know that.  You are so cute, smart and at times funny but… I wish you would take me off that pedestal.”

“Luke, you mean so much to me.  You have totally transformed my life both inside and out.  Remember when I first came to the gym all skin and bones?”

“Yeah I do,” Luke smiled.

“My self confidence was zero, a big fat zero.  I was skinny as hell but thanks to you and you pushing me, look! I now have a body to be proud and am not the least bit ashamed,” Adam said spreading out his arms. “A lot of my friends compliment me on the transformation.  Sure, I do think highly of you and have you on a high pedestal but wouldn’t you if someone would have changed your entire life?”

“I guess you’re right,” Luke said. “I have never looked at it from that prospective.”

“Too, my parents were separated so my home life was miserable when I first arrived.  You always gave me that big smile and made me feel so comfortable and welcome along with becoming a trusted friend.  In case you haven’t surmised, I have lots of money but even that didn’t make me happy until I started working out and being around you.  You made working out fun and better yet, I got results I’m proud of.  Now I’m addicted to it like it is a drug.  I need to work out every day or do something athletic to satisfy that urge.  Without your help and even encouragement now, I wouldn’t be half the person I am.  Luke, you’re my hero!”

Luke sat there in amazement, “I don’t know what to say now.  I guess I need you the next time I ask for a raise.”

“I’ll do it in a heartbeat, just say the word,” Adam smiled.  “With all that said maybe I went about this the wrong way and shouldn’t have pressured you for a date.”

“Adam now I am glad you did,” Luke stated.


“Really I am,” Luke said, scooted next to Adam and put his arm around his shoulder.  Adam looked at Luke’s arm and hand and smiled at Luke. “How does that feel?”

“Actually great,” Adam replied.

“Adam, we need to come to a happy medium.  Drop me down a bunch while raising yourself up.  I’m surprised you don’t have guys begging to date you,” Luke said using a little physiology.

“I wish,” Adam said. “This is the first date I’ve had in a year if you want to call this a date.  Normally I clam up around guys I wouldn’t mind dating but you are different and so… infectious.”

“Now I’m like some disease instead of a hero,” Luke laughed.

“You know what I mean.  People just gravitate to you and feel so at ease around you.  When I am… I am sorry I was about to start up again,” Adam said.

“You know you are so sweet,” Luke said and leaned over to kiss Adam.  Initially Adam was shocked and terrified.  “In case you don’t get the message now, I do like you.”

Adam pushed back, “Hold on just a second.  You saw me naked the other day…”

“I did but Adam, accept the fact I do like you.”

“You want in my shorts, don’t you?”

“Dammit Adam, there you go again.  Stop it now!  I was trying to be affectionate with you just a little.  Just accept the fact I was starting to like you.  I have plenty of chances to hook up with guys but those don’t do it for me now.  Sure in my younger days, I might be trying my hardest to get you naked.”

“So you don’t want me naked?”

“No! That’s not the point here! I want to possibly have a relationship with you.  Of course someday sex would be great but not on the first date. This is not some random hook up,” Luke said.

Adam kissed Luke and caught Luke this time by surprise.  Luke felt Adam’s hand at his stomach.  They broke the kiss and just stared at each other for a moment.  “So you really aren’t opposed to the idea of having a relationship with me and see where that leads?” Adam asked.

“No that is if you will do the things I said.  Do I have to drill through your thick skull I do like you and have really enjoyed being with you?”

“I’m a little insecure over here.  Tell me again,” Adam smiled.

“I’ll show you,” Luke said.  This time they met lips.  Adam again had his hand on Luke’s stomach with Luke’s hand on Adam’s stomach as well as they kissed there on the couch.  Luke lifted his shirt and let Adam freely feel his abs.

“Damn, it’s like touching steel,” Adam said.

“You know your abs aren’t bad at all.  I do like them.  Adam, I’m not attracted to muscle bound guys like you might think.  I like my guys fit but not too much muscle. You are actually fucking perfect,” Luke stated and lift up Adam’s shirt to touch his abs. Adam quickly tossed his shirt off and enjoyed the admiration he was receiving from his hero. 

“My turn now,” Adam said.  Luke tossed off his shirt. “This is a true dream here.  You don’t know how long I have wanted to touch your 8 pack.  I have a small fetish about abs.”

Luke watched Adam touch, feel and kiss his abs and his firm chest.  “I guess we are alike.  Most gay guys do like their men with some ripped abs.  I know I do as well.”

“I do too,” Adam said and continued to seize the moment. 

Luke stopped him, “You think we could talk some more without losing our shorts in the process?”

“It’ll be hard.  Just sitting here with you shirtless is good enough for me. I’ve always dreamed of this,” Adam smiled.

They talked more and did occasionally touch and pet each other.  The more Luke talked to Adam the more he did grow to like him. 

Around 10, Adam stood, “I guess it is time now for me to go.”  Adam grabbed his shirt and put it back on.

“I guess so.  Adam, it was great, even hot for me!” Luke said.

“Dude, I’m still reeling over here.  I hope I can drive home,” Adam said.

“So how about another date tomorrow?” Luke asked.

“You’re kidding, right?  What time?  Where?” Adam shouted.

“I don’t know. You pick this time, my treat.  I get off at 5 so say around 6:30 or so,” Luke said.

“I will be waiting then.  You wanna come pick me up?” Adam asked.

“I could do that.  Just give me directions,” Luke said. 

“Give me a pen,” Adam said.  Luke scurried to find one.  He let Adam scribble the directions.  “You’ll need a gate code to get in.”

“Rich bastard,” Luke laughed.

Adam just smiled.  He handed back the paper.  Luke walked with him to the door and gave him a nice goodbye kiss. 

Once Adam was gone, Luke pondered the events of the night.  He was attracted to Adam, he had to admit.  He wasn’t used to the juvenile outburst but did like talking and kissing Adam.  For him, Adam wasn’t initially his ideal date but he did like the idea of dating a cute twink for a change of pace to see where it might lead. Normally he dated guys older as was the case with his last boyfriend who was 8 years his senior.  He knew this couldn’t end up as bad as the last one and would never allow a guy to physically and mentally abuse him again like his last one did.


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