Kris and Colt - Kris’ POV

We had arrived in Holland and were just back to our room on our first
night after exploring a little and stopping in a bar for a few beers.
It was awesome being able to drink legally and not have to worry
about getting thrown out. I couldn’t wait to turn 21 next year so I
could do the same back in the US.

When we got back to the hotel we waved goodbye to our new Swedish
friends, who really seemed great, and headed to Matt and Corey’s room
for a brief talk before heading back to our own. Colt and I talked
for a little while but I was feeling kind of dirty and sticky from
the day and didn’t want to get in the clean bed feeling like that.

“I need a shower before we get in bed, bro, but I’ve had such a good
time so far,” I said.

“I was just thinking the same,” Colt said. “Do you mind if I go

“Damn, I was just going to ask the same thing,” I replied.

“I guess we could go together, we have done before. It’ll get it done
quicker and we can get to bed ready for whatever tomorrow brings.”

“Sounds good to me. I still can’t believe our luck in being here.”

“Matt’s luck,” Colt corrected me. “But I am glad he wanted us to come
with us, I would have hated for us to miss this.”

I agreed and we both stripped down and headed to the shower. I turned
the water on and waited for it to get warm while Colt took a leak. I
was just testing the temperature of the water with my hand when I
heard a crack and suddenly my ass felt like it was on fire.

“What the fuck?” I screamed.

Colt didn’t reply, he was bent over laughing, holding a towel in his
right hand.

“I’m gonna get you back for that you fucker,” I said, gritting my
teeth and trying to rub away the pain on my ass cheek.

Colt was still laughing as he stepped up to me and pushed me forward.
I had no choice but to step into the tub, which had the shower over
it, and he quickly followed. I turned around to face him and
playfully pushed on his chest.

“My ass really fucking stings,” I said.

“Oh grow up,” Colt laughed. “You sound like a baby.”

I smiled at that comment but I couldn’t just let it slide. I moved
quickly and attacked Colt’s side with my fingers, tickling the
sensitive skin I knew he had on the side of his chest. He tried to
put his arms down to block my fingers from teasing that spot, but I
just grabbed his arms and soon had him pinned against the tile wall.

Colt completely gave into me and stopped fighting, allowing me to
hold him still against the wall. Our faces were so close and I could
feel his breath against my cheek. My dick quickly rose, and as it did
it came into contact with his own rapidly growing cock. We both
groaned and suddenly his lips were on mine.

I let go of his arms and put my hands on the side of his head,
gripping it tight as I pushed my tongue into his mouth and felt him
sucking on it. His hands came down to rest on my hips and then he
slid them around until he was cupping my ass and pulling me closer to

I gasped into his mouth when he squeezed hard on my ass and he broke
the kiss to look at me. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m still sore from you whipping me with that towel,” I smiled.

“Aww, do you want me to kiss the boo boo better?” he said in a
child’s voice, which sounded so funny in his accent.

I turned around and pointed my ass at him. To my surprise he actually
dropped to his knees and ran his hands all over my muscular ass
before he leaned in to kiss the spot I knew had to be red.

He continued placing kisses on my ass, first on the cheeks until he
moved toward the middle and I felt his tongue slip into my crack. I
moaned as he pulled my cheeks apart and drove his tongue into my
hole, fucking me with it.

I was moaning so loud when he pulled back and slowly licked his way
up my back until he was kissing my neck, wrapping me in his arms and
whispering into my ear, “Umm, you were quite sweaty down there. It
was kinda weird but you tasted so manly. It got me rock hard.”

That was when I felt Colt’s cock slide between my cheeks and he
started to slowly hump his dick against my ass. It felt harder than
ever and I could feel the hot precum smearing all over my ass and

Keeping his cock in contact with my ass, Colt reached over and picked
up the shower gel, squeezing some into his hands and lathering them
up. Then he started working them all over my body as he continued to
rub his cock against me. His hands travelled over my chest and abs
until he finally went down to my dick and stroked the soap up and
down the shaft in time with the thrusts against my ass.

I rolled my head back so it was on his shoulder and Colt once again
kissed my neck. I always melted whenever I was in his arms and he was
working my body. There’s something about Colt that makes me want to
give myself to him. Sure I want to throw him down and fuck him
senseless, but I love him doing that to me too.

The next thing Colt did was pour more shower gel onto his hand and
then he stepped back, dropping his hand to my ass. His fingers
slipped down between my cheeks and very gently he pushed one of his
fingers into me and slowly started fucking me with it. We both knew
what was going to happen from there.

The feelings running through me were amazing and my cock was
throbbing it was so hard. I didn’t want to cum just yet. I wanted to
prolong the fun. I carefully pulled myself off Colt’s hand, feeling
his finger pop out of me, and then I spun around to wash his hot
body, taking time to focus on his hard chest, chiselled abs and his
beautiful cock.

Once I had his dick nice and clean I dropped down to my knees, taking
Colt’s cock into my mouth. I used my tongue to caress the head and
then started bobbing up and down, going along the shaft, taking more
and more each time I went down on it.

Colt was really moaning, a sound I loved so much, and I knew I was
pleasing him. He must have been feeling the heat though because he
pulled me up to my feet and grabbed my head, kissing me so hard and
passionately it took my breath away.

“I need to fuck you,” Colt groaned in my ear.

I couldn’t talk, I just nodded and turned the water off as Colt
reached for a towel. We quickly dried each other off with a lot of
touching and kissing. I still felt a little damp when we stepped out
of the tub but I really didn’t care, I was too horned up to give a
damn about anything but Colt’s cock.

Colt took me by the hand and led me to our bed. He pulled me into his
arms and laid another passionate kiss on me as I dropped the towel to
the floor. When we broke the kiss, both gasping for air, Colt pushed
me back onto the bed, positioning me so I was perched right on the
edge. He dropped down and almost inhaled my cock as it disappeared
into his mouth.

He used his tongue to swirl around the head and to dig into the slit,
trying to taste my precum. He was so hungry as he worked over my
cock, bobbing up and down and almost deep throating me until I just
couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck me, Colt! Please fuck me!” I screamed.

When Colt pulled back and I looked into his eyes it was like they
were glazed over. He got to his feet and went over to his case,
pulling out some condoms and a small bottle of lube we had brought
with us. He could barely get the condom on his cock quick enough and
then he pulled me to where he wanted me with my ass hanging over the
bed so he could pour lube onto my hole and push it inside with his
fingers. He then rubbed lube all over his cock to get it nice and
slick and pressed the head against my ass.

I moaned and pushed out as I felt him enter me, sliding deeper into
my body. I threw my head back and enjoyed the familiar sensations of
his hot cock filling my ass. He went really slow as he pushed in and
it felt like his dick was never-ending.

I was panting when he finally bottomed out and ground his hips
against my ass. He then bent forward and slipped his tongue into my
mouth with his cock buried deep in me. We made out for a few minutes
with him flexing his cock inside me and ever so gently rocking back
and forth, barely taking any of his cock out of me, but it still felt
like he was fucking me.

Eventually he pulled back and took his dick completely out of me. I
moaned and looked down to see what he was doing but he still had that
really focused look on his face. He grabbed the towel I dropped and
climbed up onto the bed, dragging me with him, placing a pillow under
my head and the towel under my ass. Without so much as a word he
lifted my legs and slid his cock back inside me.

I had thought Colt was just going to fuck me and fuck me hard, but he
moved my legs so they were on either side of his body and pushed them
around his waist. He leaned down and placed his hands on the mattress
on either side of my chest, staring down into my eyes as he started
thrusting in to me gently.

Maybe half of his cock left me before it was pushed back in. It felt
so good having him inside me and I tried to work his cock with my ass
by squeezing it. Soon Colt dropped down so he was holding up his
weight on his forearms, his hands sliding under my shoulders so he
could hold on to me as he continued to stare into my eyes and move
his dick in my ass.

After maybe ten minutes Colt moved his hand to the back of my head so
he was cradling it. My legs were now fully wrapped around his waist
and I had them crossed over so he couldn’t pull away. His cock was
working my ass to perfection as he leaned down to kiss me, and as his
tongue invaded my mouth with his cock doing the same to my ass, I had
a warm feeling take over my entire body. What we were doing felt so
right and I rarely felt anything like it with anyone else.

Colt then picked up the pace a little more and I knew he must be
growing closer to his climax. My cock was rock hard against my abs,
almost trapped beneath our bodies. I reached down and wrapped my fist
around it, jerking myself in time to Colt’s thrusts as he filled my

With a primal scream, Colt buried his cock inside me and I could feel
it expand. He was shooting his load inside me. Damn that was hot. It
was all I needed for my own cock to explode, coating my chest and abs
in the white cream.

We could barely breathe when we came down from our orgasms. They had
been so intense. I collapsed back onto the bed as Colt slowly pulled
out of me, removed the condom and threw it in the trash. Then he got
the towel out from under me and gently wiped the cum and sweat from
my body before doing the same to himself. I barely noticed that some
of my cum had splashed on him.

When he was done he threw the towel across the room and lay down next
to me. We were basking in the glow of our sex when I rolled over onto
my side to look at him. He was so hot. I moved my hand and slowly ran
my finger over his chest.

He turned his head and smiled at me, “that was awesome.”

“Hell yeah it was. No one ever fucks me like you do. It’s so good,” I

Colt just made a noise that said he agreed and I snuggled up to him
with my arm across his chest. I placed my head on his chest too and
could feel his heart beating against my cheek. I pulled myself up and
looked into his eyes.

“I never feel like this with anyone but you. We have a connection I
don’t have with anyone else.”

“I feel the same way,” Colt almost moaned.


“Yeah, it’s always awesome, and so much more intense than it ever is
with Andrea.”

“Don’t talk about her here. We’re alone this week without girls. I
think maybe it’s time we try to sort out whatever this is between

“I don’t follow,” Colt said, still breathing heavily.

“We’ve been fighting it for so long. I think it’s time we try being…
boyfriends… just for a trial run. We can start over here so we’re
free to do whatever and just see where it goes. What do you think?” I

Colt leaned over and slipped his tongue into my mouth. He was
grabbing my ass while we kissed. No answer was needed. I smiled and
lay back down, cuddling up to Colt again and feeling his arm wrap
around me. I had no idea if we could work as a couple but part of me
really wanted to see if there was anything there or if we really were
just best friends who loved to fuck each other.

* * * *


I was really unsure about going to the club at first because of the
nature of it and of how when we first walked into the main area there
were so many gay men totally naked and dancing with each other,
grinding against each other and almost fucking on the dance floor.
Even though I was naked too I felt nervous about what some of them
may try with me.

We ordered our drinks and I saw Kris looking uneasy, as I’m sure I
did. Sitting down at the table we all began to relax and unwind and I
was soon open to the idea of being here and just seeing what
happened. Kris and I had discussed the trip after our little miscue
over being boyfriends and we agreed to let ourselves be free on this
trip and just enjoy what Holland had to offer because we wouldn’t do
most of the things we could here back home in the States. Not only
were we allowed to drink and smoke weed legally at our age but there
were clubs like this one where you could actually have sex in them.
There were bowls of condoms everywhere so whenever you felt the urge
you could just grab one and fuck. It was something else.

I knew before we arrived at the club that it was open in regards to
sex, but already being naked both added to my anxiety and eased my
mind, if that’s possible. I felt more wary because guys would just be
able to grab my ass or my cock, which I noticed was one of few cut
ones in the club, but more at ease because we were all naked and if I
did get approached by a guy I would be able to fully scope him out
before anything happened.

Instead of thinking too much about what might happen I decided to
forget it and enjoy myself. I wanted to just see what the place had
to offer without overthinking everything. Right about that time Kris
announced he was ready to have some fun so we all got up and went to
the dance floor.

Once we were up I really got in to the music and the beats. It was
more electropop than what I was used to but it did sound good in the
club and I just moved to the music, even though I could see Matt and
Corey laughing at Kris and I. The floor was so crowded that I kept
bumping in to people but I soon got used to the feeling of naked
flesh against my own.

After a few dances we headed off to cool down a little and get
another drink. It was right about then that Kris said he needed to
use the restroom and walked off. When he wasn’t back after more than
five minutes I smiled and wondered what he was getting up to in
there. For a moment I thought about going to find out but just as I
was about to move a guy walked up to me.

“Hello,” he said in English, but he said it with an accent that told
me it wasn’t his native language.

“Hi,” I replied and noticed his eyebrows raise a little. “What?”

“Your accent. I like it. I did not think you were from around here
but I wasn’t sure. American?”

“Yeah, I’m a country boy,” I smiled.

“I can tell,” he smiled back. “It is very thick but very sexy. Like
the rest of you.”

I chuckled then and took some time to look up and down his body. He
was hot. He was in his early twenties by my guess and had short brown
hair that was gelled up away from his face. His eyes were a soft
green, they were mesmerising, and his lips that formed a really cute
smile were a dark shade of pink. Then there was his body. It wasn’t
anywhere near as built as Kris’, Corey’s or mine, but he had
definition that could only come from some kind of sport. Finally my
eyes focused on his nice uncut cock, though it’s hard to tell size
when they’re soft as they can either be a shower or a grower.

“What do you do?” he asked.

“I’m in college. I work at our athletics department with some of the
sports teams, but mainly the football team.

“American football, yes?”

“Yes. Not soccer.”

“You must see a lot of hot muscular guys without many clothes on.”

“I guess I do, but then we’re seeing that right now,” I smiled. He
chuckled and again I was captivated by his smile. “What do you do? I
know you must do sport to have a body like that.”

“I am a diver,” he said, “though not really good enough for national

“That’s a shame,” I replied. “It keeps your body looking hot though.”

He grinned at that and then stepped a little closer to me. “Do you
want to go somewhere a little more private?”

I quickly glanced around for a second, I don’t know why, maybe to see
if my friends approved, but then I realised I didn’t care. Here was a
hot guy asking me to go with him to at least fool around, and looking
into those incredible eyes again I knew I wanted to. I had only
spoken to this guy for maybe two minutes and I would likely never see
him again, but I really wanted to fuck him. Just the idea of doing it
had my dick growing hard because I knew I would never EVER pick up a
guy in a club back in the US, so it really was a once in a lifetime
thing. Why the fuck shouldn’t I do it?

“Yes,” I finally replied.

That beautiful smile appeared on his face again and as he turned and
started walking away I followed him, walking past crowds of guys
doing all kinds of things, up a flight of stairs and down a corridor
until we found ourselves alone in a dark room.

The guy stepped up to me and I realised we never really introduced
ourselves. For some reason that made my cock even harder. I was about
to fuck a guy who was pretty much a complete stranger and whose name
I didn’t even know. There was a surge of adrenaline that shot through
my body at how unlike me that was, even with girls, and how it was
something so new and exciting, and all the hair on my body was
standing on end. It was exhilarating.

Just as I came out of my thoughts the guy’s lips were on mine and we
were making out like crazy. I decided that if I was going to do this
I was going to do it completely and just let go and enjoy what was

When he broke the kiss he moved his lips to my neck and then down to
my chest. The time he spent kissing and caressing my pecs told me all
I needed to know about how much he loved my body. His tongue bathed
my abs and when he finally took hold of my dick and started licking
the head I nearly lost it.

Before I knew what I was doing I pulled him to his feet and gave him
one of the hungriest kisses I’d ever laid on anyone. Slowly I started
walking backwards until he had no choice but to lay down on a table.
He was completely at my mercy.

I dove down onto his dick and greedily started bobbing up and down on
it, taking as much as I could without gagging. He was leaking a lot
of precum, just like I was, but it tasted different to any I had
experienced before; there was more of a nutty taste to it, and then
that thought made me chuckle with his cock in my mouth, thinking that
his nut tasted of nuts. I guess the beer was working, but my laughing
made him moan as I sent vibrations up his cock.

“Oh, that feels so good,” he moaned. “Fuck me American boy.”

I grinned hearing him refer to me in that way. He didn’t know my name
and I didn’t know his. For all I knew he was on vacation too and
would go back to his own country and tell all his friends that he got
fucked in a club by a hot American stud and they would all be jealous
of him.

Quickly moving across the room to retrieve a condom from one of the
baskets they had, I returned to him and then looked around again.

“What is wrong?” he asked.

“Do they have any lube?” I asked.

He sat up, “They are pre-lubricated condoms. You do not need any. But
I am prepared anyway.”

“You mean…?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He leaned back and pulled his legs up allowing me to see his hole
glistening. Fuck! He really was ready. I took the condom out of its
packet and rolled it down my cock, running my hand over it to feel it
was indeed covered with a kind of lube.

I stepped up and took the guy’s legs in my hands, pulling them up to
give me better access to his ass, which was hanging over the edge of
the table at the perfect height for my cock. I didn’t even have to
use my hands to guide it into his hole I just moved my hips forward,
pushed against him and his ass slowly opened up, accepting my cock.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me!” he screamed as my cock went deeper inside

Soon I was balls deep in his ass and enjoyed making him groan when I
pressed my hips against his and ground my cock into his ass. Then I
withdrew my entire cock slowly and plunged it back in.

“FUCK!” he screamed even louder, arching his back and pushing his ass
harder onto my cock.

“That feel good?” I asked.


I smiled and pulled my cock out of him again only to drive it back
in. I did that a few times and each time he would scream louder and
became more vocal, begging me for more. I loved what my cock was
doing to him and how much he loved it. This guy I only just met was
getting my cock shoved up his ass and he couldn’t get enough.

Finally I grew tired of teasing him so I kept my cock inside him and
started to fuck him. First I started with some long, slow thrusts,
letting him feel all of my dick sliding in and out of him, but as
soon as I saw he could easily take more I let the animalistic passion
take over me and really felt my blood pumping as I pushed his legs
back, rose up onto my tiptoes and hammered my cock down into his ass.

My balls were bouncing off his ass, slapping hard against his skin,
as I drilled down into him, hearing the table creak beneath us. I
wondered if it was going to break under the strain, but I didn’t
care. Even if it collapsed I would have just kept on fucking him on
the floor.

I was really pummelling his ass as he screamed and threw his head
side to side, when another guy walked into the room and walked
straight up to the table. He bent down and kissed my guy right on the

“Here you are, baby,” he said. “I can see you found a fucking stud to
nail your hot ass.”

This guy was definitely English. He spoke in a much more fluent way
than the guy I was still fucking hard, but I was in shock and started
to slow down.

“No,” the new guy said. “Don’t stop. I want you to fuck my hot
boyfriend until he cums.”

I couldn’t believe it. I was fucking another guy’s boyfriend with him
watching us. The guy on the end of my dick didn’t even say he had a
boyfriend, I only knew now when I was buried deep inside him. I don’t
know why I was shocked by how open they were in their relationship
but having his boyfriend’s permission was all I needed and I
continued to nail his ass.

It wasn’t long before we had a few more guys watching, who had no
doubt heard the screams. I kept up the fast pace and soon the guy
beneath me let out the loudest scream yet as he arched his back and
cum rocketed out of his cock, spraying everywhere.

“Damn!” I exclaimed.

“Holy shit,” the English guy said. “You literally fucked the cum out
of him. You are one hot fucker.”

My cock was being squeezed tight by the ass it was still in as the
English guy came up to me and grabbed my head, pulling me in for a
deep kiss. Slowly I pulled myself out of his boyfriend and he reached
down, removing the condom. We kissed some more and then I felt his
hands on my ass, first just massaging the cheeks but then he slid his
finger into my crack and quickly had it inside me as I braced myself
on his body, holding on tight.

“Fuck…” I moaned into his neck as the feelings in my ass made my
whole body tingle.

“Can I?” he asked, using his finger to fuck my ass.

I looked into his eyes and saw the lust in them. I was so fucking
horny and needed to get off. Since I’d already come this far I didn’t
see the point in stopping now. I nodded and the guy’s lips were back
on mine.

When we pulled apart he pushed me up on the table so I was on my
hands and knees and then dove face first into my ass, using his
tongue to work in and around my hole, really getting it wet. It felt
so good and I was soon pushing back against his tongue while he tried
to fuck me with it.

After another minute or two, when he had me moaning pretty loud, he
pulled back and flipped me over. I watched as he grabbed a condom and
rolled it down his cock. My breath caught in my throat just a little
when I felt the head of his dick press against my ass, but then I
went back to moaning when he started to push inside.

“So fucking hot,” I heard one of the guys who was stood by watching

I didn’t have time to dwell on the thought of being watched by a
whole bunch of guys as I got fucked by a random cock because my ass
was soon being invaded and stretched by a nice big dick and I
couldn’t help but moan as it moved further into me.

No sooner had he bottomed out in my ass than he pulled back and
started fucking me. It was a bit of a shock. I hadn’t been fucked in
a while and I thought he would take his time but he just started
fucking my ass, quickly picking up the pace until he was ramming me
hard and fast.

I was moaning pretty loud as he fucked me, first in discomfort and
then in pleasure, as any pain I felt faded and I found myself really
enjoying his cock as it pushed against the walls of my ass and
regularly hit my spot.

For some reason I had my eyes closed and when I turned my head and
moaned from a particularly hard thrust I felt the soft head of
another cock against my lips. Without even looking to see who the
cock belonged to I opened my mouth and started sucking on the dick. I
was so lost I didn’t even think about what I was doing. I was so
horny and hungry that I needed this as much as the guys who were
dicking me from both ends.

I really attacked the dick in my mouth and it showed when the guy
pulled out after only two minutes and shot his cum all over my chest
with a groan.

“Fuck that was incredible,” he said in another English accent.

“My turn,” came another voice, this time with what sounded like a
German accent.

My eyes shot open and I looked up to see the guy I had fucked, the
guy I guess I had sucked, the guy fucking me and the one who was just
about to press his cock against my lips, all stood over me. I
couldn’t believe the position I was in and it was something I never
dreamed of. I knew for sure it was a unique experience and was
something I would never let happen again, but the dick in my ass felt
so good I just let it happen and opened my mouth to accept the new

I worked the dick in my mouth almost in perfect time to the thrusts
in my ass and soon I had the second load of the night blasted on my
chest almost as soon as the guy pulled out of my mouth.

The three satisfied guys then moved back a little and the English guy
fucking me reached down to wrap his hand around my throbbing cock. I
was surprised it was the first time I even thought about my cock
since I started getting fucked. He jerked me furiously and picked up
the pace of his own thrusts, so I knew he was close.

I wasn’t sure but I think the guy fucking me was trying to hold off
on his own orgasm until I came because he really went to work on my
dick, jerking me off harder and faster than ever before. Then he
changed the angle of his thrusts and hit my spot. I let out a scream
and my cock erupted with one of the biggest loads of my life. Almost
as soon as I started shooting he pulled out and added his load to my
body as well.

I lay back when my dick finally stopped pumping and had to catch my
breath. I was covered in cum and laughed at the insanity of the
situation. I was helped to my feet, which were a little unsteady, and
then they led me to a nearby shower where the first guy washed the
cum from my body.

When I was clean, and had dried myself on one of the towels that were
available, I headed back downstairs to find my friends, wondering
what the night brought for each of them.

* * * *


This club was awesome. It was pretty much everything I wished for. I
got to drink without question or need for ID, everyone was butt naked
and treated it like a normal thing, and they just let go and danced
their hearts out, enjoying their time and not caring what anyone else

Our night got off to a bit of a slow start because I think we were
just trying to get a feel for the place, but after sitting down and
drinking at a table for a while we got up and started dancing. I
loved it. Guys were brushing up against me and I think some tried to
discretely feel me up, but I really didn’t mind. I know it sounds
vain but I love it when people appreciate my body.

After we had danced to a few songs we all decided to take a break and
headed back to our table for a drink but I really needed use the
restroom so I told the guys where I was going and headed off to
relieve myself.

I went straight to the urinal, letting the flow go as soon as I was
close enough. Behind me I heard a toilet flush and then the door to
one of the stalls being opened.

“Damn!” a voice said.

I was too busy peeing to turn around but I knew he was right behind
me and I could feel his gaze fixed on my muscular ass. Then, while I
was still taking a leak, I felt his smooth hands brush against my ass
cheeks and he stepped up, wrapped his arms around me and I felt his
hard cock against my lower back. I was shocked at how forward he was,
but at the same time it was kind of hot.

“You are so sexy… such an amazing ass,” he whispered in my ear in
what appeared to be an American accent.

When I finished and shook off the last few drops, he was still
holding me and started running his hands around my body, sliding them
down until he was gently stroking my dick.

“You don’t see many cut ones around here. Are you from America?” he

“Yes, aren’t you?” I asked, not even thinking about what we were

He chuckled. “No, a lot of people think that because I speak with an
American accent.”

“So where are you from?” I asked as my cock started to rise from his
continuous stroking.


“You don’t sound like other guys I’ve met from Sweden.”

“I do if I talk in Swedish. I guess you could say I speak English
like a lot of people speak French when it isn’t their first language.
They put on the accent they think is typically French. I’ve tried
other accents, like a London one, but this Middle America one always
seems to be the best.”

I was in awe of the guy being able to speak different languages and
communicate so well. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to if I tried
to speak Swedish.

“What’s your name?” I breathed.

“Tobias. What’s yours?”

“Kris,” I said and then I realised we were still in the restroom,
standing in front of a urinal and his arms were around me with him
slowly jerking my hard cock.

He must have noticed my body tense up as I looked around because he
slowly moved us backwards until we were inside the stall he had just
come out of. As soon as the door was closed behind us he spun me
around and pinned me against the wall of the cubicle.

It was only then that I got a good look at the guy who had got me so
hard with the way he was touching me. He was really hot. He had short
brown hair that was shaved around the sides but spiked up on top. His
eyes seemed to change between blue and brown as he moved, which was
fascinating. There was stubble lining his jaw and when he smiled it
was such a sweet, sexy smile. Then there was his body. It was nowhere
near as built as mine, and he was kind of slim, but he had really
defined abs that were covered by a fine coating of hair. Finally I
glanced down at his dick to see that it was rock hard and pointing
toward the ceiling. It was uncut and it looked to be pretty thick,
though it was average in length. The guy was a stud.

Leaning in he planted his lips on mine in a hot kiss, with his tongue
demanding entry into my mouth. As soon as he pulled away from my lips
he moved down and started kissing and licking my neck. He was sending
chills all over my body and it felt so good. Any ideas of this being
bad were gone because I was really enjoying what he was doing to me
as he started attacking my pecs with his tongue. I was soon moaning
as his mouth closed around my nipple. My dick was throbbing so hard,
not just from what Tobias was doing to me but also because of the
situation, I was in a bathroom stall with a guy working his way down
my body, it was mind blowing. There were so many times I wished
something similar would happen with a woman, and I found it really
exciting, especially knowing I had nothing to hide in this foreign
Tobias kept working his way down and ran his tongue over my abs while
his hand continued to stroke my hard cock. After slipping his tongue
into my belly button he moved it down and started licking the head of
my cock.

“Oh yes… suck me,” I moaned.

Tobias smiled around my cock and went to work, bobbing his head up and
down, using both his hand and mouth to caress my shaft and head,
usually at the same time. I put my hand on the back of his head and he
moved his hands allowing me to fuck his face, moving my cock in and
out of his mouth.

After a couple of minutes of that he slapped my hand away and deep
throated me, swallowing all of my cock and actually sticking his
tongue out to lick at my balls. I groaned so loud it echoed off the
walls, but I didn’t care. It felt so good.

Just as I thought I was coming close to shooting my load in his mouth
he pulled his head up off my cock and spun me around, forcing me to
brace myself against the wall of the cubicle. Before I could say a
word he used his hands to spread my ass cheeks and buried his face
between them, using his tongue to circle my ass and then to push
inside, fucking me with it.

I was moaning and was clawing at the walls of the stall from the waves
of pleasure running through my body. I was so turned on and the whole
situation was beyond hot. Feeling the pleasure building in my ass I
pushed back hard against Tobias’ face, driving my ass onto his tongue.

Tobias then pulled back and blew on my hole making it twitch and
pulse. It was incredible. Slowly he licked his way up my spine until
he was kissing my neck again, wrapping his arms around my chest, which
was rising rapidly from my erratic breathing, and then I felt his
thick cock slide up my crack.

“Can I fuck your hot ass?” he asked.

So many thoughts ran through my mind, not least about getting fucked
by a guy I had only met five minutes ago, but he had worked me over so
well I knew I wanted it, and Colt and I did say we would just go with
whatever happened here because it wouldn’t ever happen at home, or in
fact ever again.

“Yes,” I panted. “Fuck me.”

Tobias kissed my neck, giving it a playful little bite that made me
jump, and then he ran from the stall, sprinting back within ten
seconds with a condom in his hand. He closed the door to the stall
again and I reached over to lock it. Then I turned around and Tobias
pulled me in for another kiss. As our tongues waged a war I reached
down to run my hand up and down his hard cock for the first time,
knowing it was thicker than any cock I had taken before, but that
excited me. I was entering new territory on so many levels.

The next thing Tobias did was to pull back from the kiss and reach up
to slip his fingers into my mouth. When he did that I got the hint and
started sucking on them, getting them nice and wet. He then pulled his
fingers out of my mouth and drew me in to another kiss as he reached
around and slid one of those fingers up my ass.

I moaned and threw my arms around him, holding onto his body and
burying my face in his neck to muffle my screams as he pushed his
finger deep inside me and started fucking me with it, quickly adding
the second.

“Oh God… fuck me…” I panted into his ear.

Tobias pulled his fingers out of my ass and took a step back. He
looked up and down my body once again and I’m sure I heard him growl.
He grabbed the condom and tore open the packet, rolling the condom
down his cock.

He reached out of took my arm, spinning me around so I was pressed
against the wall again. He stepped up to me and I felt his cock
rubbing against my ass. I put my hands on the wall and pushed my ass
back, giving him better access. He then spit into his hand, rubbed it
all over his cock and pressed the head against my hole.

Wrapping his arms around my chest I felt him push in, trying to enter
me, so I pushed out and he slowly slid inside me. Being pretty thick I
felt Tobias’ cock stretching my hole and it was quite uncomfortable,
but he went very slow and just eased himself into me, which was good
with the lack of lube, although the added friction felt amazing.

When he bottomed out, Tobias held on to me even tighter and kissed my
neck again as he ground his hips against mine, making sure I had all
of him inside me. He held still for about a minute, running his hands
over my pecs and abs while still kissing and licking my neck, before
he gently pulled out and then slowly pushed back in again.

I moaned and threw my head back onto his shoulder. When I did that I
exposed my neck to him even more and he went wild, attacking the skin
with his lips and tongue, it was amazing and it felt so sensual. All
the while he was moving his cock in and out of my ass. The discomfort
from being opened up wider than ever before had gone while he held
still and now all that was left was pleasure as he started to fuck me.

He was holding me the entire time he fucked his cock up into me,
picking up the pace until he was drilling my ass, really pounding me
to the point that my head was almost knocking against the wall. We
were both moaning and panting and I heard noises around us, including
a toilet flush, so I knew other people could hear us going at it and
it only turned me on more.

Fuck, it felt good. Even after all this time I was still surprised by
how good a dick felt inside me and how much I loved getting fucked.
Sometimes there was real feeling between two guys getting together,
like with me and Colt the night before, and then other times it was
just pure animalist desire and urges, like now with Tobias as he
hammered my ass and nearly had me climbing the walls.

Suddenly I felt his body go tense against mine and he pulled his cock
out of me, threw off the condom and shot his load all up my back. He
moaned and bit down slightly on my shoulder as he came. My own dick
was rock hard and needed release.

“Tobias?” I heard a voice call.

“Oh shit…” Tobias breathed, still panting. “I’ve got to go… I’m in
here, hold on.”

Tobias reached over and flushed the toilet, throwing the condom into
the little trash can beside it. Then he opened the stall door and
walked out to meet whoever it was who had called out his name. I was
in shock. The guy had just fucked me, shot his load up my back and
then left me with a huge hard on.

I sat down on the toilet lid and wrapped my hand around my cock with
the intention of jerking myself to a quick orgasm, but I was quickly
interrupted as two guys with nice bodies and uncut cocks walked into
the stall and closed the door behind them.

It was really cramped and I didn’t know what to think, especially when
one of the guys just dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his
mouth. The other guy managed to move himself so he was standing beside
me and then he leaned down, pressing his lips against mine.

Pulling back he smiled and spoke, “I am Xavier and this is my
boyfriend Mikael. We heard you moaning and got very turned on but we
never imagined you would be so sexy.”

I smiled but my words we caught in my throat. Mikael, who had my cock
lodged deep in his throat, was totally working me over and I was so
desperate to cum. When I saw the hot, uncut cock hanging stiff between
Xavier’s legs I reached for it and gave it a few strokes. Then I
looked up at him and he smiled, placing his hand on the back of his
head as he guided my mouth onto his cock.

Opening wide, I took his cock into my mouth and worked my tongue under
the hood of his foreskin. I loved uncut cocks, they were so different
to the cut ones I was used to. My mind was racing with the thought
that after being fucked in these toilets by a guy I just met I was now
in the middle of a chain with two boyfriends, one sucking my dick and
the other fucking my mouth. It was unreal.

My mouth was being ravaged by Xavier’s cock and I soon felt it grow
between my lips. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and painted my
chest with his load, moaning and almost collapsing against the wall.

Slowly and without words he sank to his knees and pushed Mikael out of
the way, taking his place on my cock. He went to work straight away,
bobbing up and down and tugging on my balls. I knew I wouldn’t last

By the time Xavier reached further down and slid his finger into my
well-fucked ass, I noticed Mikael was now standing beside me with his
own hard, uncut cock throbbing, so I wrapped my hand around it and
pulled him to me, taking it into my mouth and doing the same to him as
I did to his boyfriend.

Soon all three of us were moaning and then Mikael pulled out of my
mouth and shot his load all over my chest, mixing his cum with
Xavier’s on my pecs. When a shot of warm cum landed on my nipple it
was all I could take and I exploded in Xavier’s mouth without warning.

Even though I took him by surprise, he took all of my load, not
letting a drop slip from his mouth, and then he stood up, pulled
Mikael toward him and they made out, sharing my cum between them
before they swallowed it.

I was pretty much collapsed back onto the toilet, feeling exhausted. I
had just had some really mind blowing sex and even though it was
something I would never normally do, despite being pretty open and
liberal, I couldn’t have been happier to have experienced it.

The two hot boyfriends pulled me to my feet and each gave me a nice
tongue-filled kiss. Then we unlocked the door and stepped out of the
stall. The whole room smelt of sex but I didn’t know if that was
because of us or if it always did and I just hadn’t noticed. Either
way I didn’t care.

Xavier and Mikael pulled me over to one of the sinks and they each
grabbed a paper towel, wetting it slightly. Xavier then wiped all the
cum off my chest while Mikael focused on cleaning off the earlier load
Tobias shot up my back.

Once I was clean I gave the guys one last kiss and said goodbye,
walking back out into the club to find my friends, feeling totally
satisfied and knowing that I truly had let go and just enjoyed the
unique experiences this amazing country had to offer. I couldn’t wait
to see what happened next.

The End!!

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