New Year’s Eve is a night to spend with your loved ones to ring in the New Year, a time for change and resolutions. For our five favorite college guys, New Year’s Eve has been interesting to say the least.  Some experienced new sensations, some dealt with harsh realities, while others examined their friendships and families. These little short stories show many new insights into the lives of Kris Stanton, Corey Teller, Matt Raymond, Colt Landerham and Scott Trenton.
Just a note: The stories in past and present are considered tie in stories. The future elements are my interpretation of the events after college. I recommend reading the dream sequence in part five of ‘The Adventure’ for some background reading of the future stories.   WRITTEN BY ANDY!!

Kris was lying in bed, it was nearing 10 o’clock.  It was a nice time for the nightly ritual to begin; about three months ago the 10 year old Kris was having nightmares. The first night he was scared shitless and jumped into Nathan’s bed. Nathan wasn’t too happy with it, but realizing Kris was scared about the dream he had, he held and stood by him the entire night. The second night and third night, the same thing happened, it was on the fourth the night that Nathan decided to help Kris go to bed, by reading him a story. It was story their grandfather read to him when he was baby. The Knight’s Tale, that did the trick.
So for the next three months, Kris and Nathan would go to Kris’s room and read a new chapter of the book. Until one night New Year’s Eve, Nathan was out with friends celebrating, and Kris was put to bed by his mother.
The nightmare returned that night. He saw himself begging Nathan not to go out, but he went and was never seen again. Kris spent weeks walking around the neighbourhood looking for him, and eventually found him in car after it hit a tree.  He woke up, sweating.
It was nearing midnight, and he didn’t want to go to sleep, fearing another horrible dream will be upon him so he did what he had done for the past few months; he got up and ventured into Nathan’s room.  The fifteen year old was expecting this; he smiled and brought little Kris into his bed.  Nathan had returned from his night a few minutes earlier.
“Kris? Are you back for another story? I am little tired...”
“The nightmares are coming back, the last dream was worse. You crashed into a tree.”
Nathan was about to take his drivers’ licence in few months, but he would never be such a clumsy driver.  “That’s horrible. I am sorry. “
“Fuck yeah.” He said quietly. Nathan never minded Kris swearing. His little brother meant the world to him. Seeing him scared every night was destroying Nathan inside. He really didn’t know what to do. Kris made him promise not to tell mom or dad about this.
Kris looked upset, because he wanted to be so like Nathan, and to be scared of dreams; it hurt him. He watched as Nathan brought out the novel. It was The Knight and Court Jester in the Magical Kingdom. It had ogres and wizards and witches in it. Kris loved the series that Nathan found two month ago. He was about to start reading a chapter called the court jester, when Kris stopped him.
“How was your day?” he asked, not really knowing why he asked the question.
Nathan was little taken back by this question, “It was alright bro, why do you ask?”
Kris thought about it, and the answer came to him, “I was curious, we rarely talk, and just read.”
“Well, that is so sweet. Tonight wasn’t that good, Derek, you know my tutor in math class; he asked me out after our session.”
“And did you go?” I asked intrigued.
“Yeah, he took me out for dinner and a movie, and he introduced me to his best friend James. It was great night.”
Kris smiled. “WICKED! I wish I could be like you.”
“What’s stopping you?”  Nathan knew Kris loved his computer, and never socialized or even attempted to make friends.”
“Bro, I am scared if say the wrong thing, “
“You be fine Kris, one day I see you being the life of the party.”
“Now who’s dreaming?”
They spend the rest of the night talking. It was helpful for both of them, Nathan admitted his feeling for Derek, and Kris mentioned how he had a crush on girl in school. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.  


It was approaching midnight and Nathan was tired; he thought back to last week when he took Kris to his first fair, and Kris never stopped smiling.  It was so much fun entering that dunk tank. He nailed Nathan on the first one. 
Tonight, though Kris was not feeling so hot, and asked that we had our nightly chat in his room. Nathan was amazed how easy it was to talk to him. Nathan entered Kris’s room; and for old time sake, they read from the Knight’s Tale, and Kris was enjoying the story.
About three minutes into it, a knock by the door came and Derek entered the room.
“Hey hun.” Nathan said, “I was just finishing up.”
“That’s okay. How you doing sport?”  He asked of Kris.
“Not, well I have been sick for week. I think it’s flu”
“I am sure, you be fine soon, and entering some girl’s pussy soon enough.”  Kris laughed at that comment, and Nathan joined him. Kris loved Derek from the moment they met a year ago. It was rocky at first, but soon they developed a strong bond; a few nights a week Derek joined in on the chats.
“You guys go have good time…”  Kris said, knowing already they have found love in each other’s’ eyes.
“You sure bro, I can stay and nurse you back to health.”
Kris stared at his brother and shot back, “The last time you helped me back to healthy you gave me Chicken Soup so hot I burned my fucking mouth. Besides, its New Year’s you guys deserve some fun.”
“The guy is right.” Derek said happily. Derek thought a bit and asked Kris a question.
“So are you going to make a move on Melissa yet?”
“Nah, I am going to play hard to get.”
“Bro, get your ass off the fucking computer and you will be with Melissa in no time.”
Nathan kissed his brother on the forehead and took Derek by the hand. Leaving the house, Nathan wondered where his boyfriend was taking him.
“Tonight is the night.” Derek said when they got in his car.
“For what?” Nathan asked
“We are finally going to have sex Nathan.”
“I don’t think so. “
“Why not?” Derek said while driving them to nice secluded park to enjoy some time alone away from everything.
“Honestly, I love you Derek, but I am not ready to make this leap just yet.”
“Aw.” Derek said. He was upset, but didn’t want to push Nathan if he wanted ready.  They chatted about nothing for a while. Nathan leaned his head in Derek’s lap, while Derek played his Nathan’s hair.
“Do you see us getting married?” Nathan asked out of the blue.
“Yes, I do.” Derek said, without much thought. “Ever since we met, I had found this need to get to know the real Nathan Michael Stanton. When we starting dating, I feel in love with your smile, the way you nose puffs out when you get mad.  Not to mention, when you showed me 9 inch dick. I couldn’t believe it. I loved you more and more ever since.”
“For me it took while longer, but staring into your eyes while you’re tutoring me, and eventually opening up you allowed me to see how great and wonderful you are as person, let alone a boyfriend.”
“Yeah, it the passion we have for each there that drives me to believe we will get married. I had my share of boyfriends, and lovers, but they are nothing compared to you.”
With that comment, they kissed passionately, and made out while nights breezes washed over them as January 1st dawned on the horizon.

Kris was alone. He stayed shut up in his room almost two weeks His parents didn’t know what to say to him, they were grieving too. Kris thought back to Nathan’s funeral, and start crying again. Why did it have to happen? Nathan was a good person!
“This all my fault; I should have fucking seen this coming. I knew as soon as Nathan started drinking, it would be his downfall. No, why the fuck did he have to die.” He spoke to himself. One year ago, he was making chicken noodle soup, and now he is as dead as a chicken.  His thoughts raged, ever since that night in hospital Kris had cried himself to sleep. His talk with Alison helped him, but it wasn’t enough. Seeing his lifeless body at the funeral nearly killed me. I lost the only friend, and the only brother I ever fucking had. I told him everything.
He got up and punched a hole in wall, he grabbed the lose floorboard and threw it out the window. His emotions were changing every moment. He got naked and got on his bed. The tears kept coming. “What the fuck am I going to do now? I am alone! Maybe I should join you. No! I am not going to waste my life you wasted yours.” 
Kris needed to talk to someone; he called Derek on the phone, no answer. Thinking back Kris realized Derek wasn’t at the funeral. “Good! He was the one who killed him. I trusted you with him, and now he is gone.”
He got up and punched another hole in the wall, and got back into bed. He took the covers and pulled them over his head and tried to sleep. It didn’t work. All he did when he closed his eyes was see Nathan’s head smashing into a tree.  “I am so alone.”  He cried some more.

Meanwhile in another town, Scott Trenton was having the best night of his life. New Years’ Eve in his home town was always special. Three minutes ago, he gave the girl of his dreams a kiss on the lips. His first kiss on the footsteps of his house was magical. Scott never felt so good. They continued to kiss and explore the roots of his each other’s mouths with their tongues.
The lights turned on, and Trevor poked his head out the door. Seeing, the action, Trevor spoke. “I am so going to tell.” 
Scott laughed it off in front Melanie, as she walked back home. As soon as she was gone, Scott ran towards his kid brother. “You ruined everything.”
Trevor laughed wickedly, as he ran towards his room saying, “I’m going to tell.”  Their father wouldn’t want his oldest 13 year old son to date so soon.  Trevor entered his bedroom and jumped on the bed, laughing.
Scott grabbed Trevor. “It’s not nice to spy on your brother like that.” Trevor bowed his head in shame. Trevor loved tormenting Scott, but always looked up to him.
“I was just joking about Scott. I wasn’t going to tell.”
“Well, you have to be punished.”  Scott said seriously and jumped on his brother and started tickling him all over. Trevor squalled with laughter, as Roy, their father entered the room, demanding to know what all the noise was.
Trevor and Scott laughed, and Roy left the brothers to their childish playing as he went back to sleep. Scott went to check his email on Trevor’s computer, and laughed at screen saver picture of Trevor trying to give him a head lock.
“Well, Trevor it has been fun but I got another date.”  Scott was about to meet Duncan for midnight sleepover at his house.
“But you just went on a date with that girl.”
“I am just going where the wind is blowing.” Scott smiled and left his brother to think about that comment; He checked to look at his kid sister sleeping, so sweetly. He thought having a sister would be a pleasant change; and now three years later, she demanded so much attention still, that he and Trevor can get away with anything.  He left the Trenton household to spend the night with his best friend and perhaps more.

Kris was waiting for Melissa at this Chinese restaurant he located last week. It being New Year’s Eve, there weren’t a lot of places to choose from. Kris arrived early, he say a group of teens sitting by a nearby table. One called him over. Seeing that he has a few minutes to kill, he ventured over.  The one who called him over introduced himself as Marty.  Kris was unsure of what to do. He only recently made friends with Tanner Johnson and his crew in junior high. He felt anxious talking to a stranger like this.
“I’m Kris Stanton.” He said nervously.
“It’s nice to meet you? Are you meeting someone here.”
“Yeah…my girlfriend, Melissa.”
“That’s cool bro. If you want to grab a seat and wait with us until she arrives that will be okay.”
This caught him off guard, but he took Marty up on the offer. He was introduced to Marty’s friends Lark, Scout and Johnny, and Kris started to get comfortable. He asked questions of the group, and was taking an interest into their responses. In the next five minutes, he learned their names, ages, and family histories. Kris was just making every day count, like his brother had wanted. Thinking about Nathan hurt still, but he made it his mission to change.
Melissa entered with Tanner in tow. I said goodbye to the group, and went to great them at the table he had reserved.
“What’s up Tanner, where’s Tricia?”
“Kris it’s long story, but essentially she dumped me for football player.”
“Really!” Kris said surprisingly. “I would have thought you being a soccer player would have been good enough for her.”  I met Tanner Johnson in April, when he found me on the curb of the school depressed. We started speaking and our friendship grew, so much he made me join the soccer team, which led to meeting Brady Kramer and his best friend Kevin Smith. Since then the four have bonded.
“Guess not.” Tanner lamented
“I’m sorry bro. That girl doesn’t know what she is missing.”  Kris smiled
“Kris, I asked Tanner to join us, no sense in being alone on New Year’s”
Kris loved how thoughtful she was. Melissa was a special girl. He first met her in junior high. He wanted to get to know her. But was too fucking shy.  He just thought of her every day.  When Nathan died, Kris needed to make a move on her. So he asked her out in January, and have been together since. They had their fights, but it was great relationship.  Kris kissed her to show his thanks for treating Tanner so nicely.
“So,” Kris asked Tanner. “Where is the crew tonight? I was thinking about getting everybody together to watch the count down on TV.”
“Kris,” Melissa pouted. “I wanted to spend the time with you.”
“Besides,” Tanner interjected. “Brady and Kevin went to visit Brady’s grandma. And…”  Tanner stopped talking when he noticed the table of teens Kris was at earlier, he saw Johnny. “I don’t believe it. Johnny is here.”
“Who?” Kris asked. Tanner pointed towards the table.
“That’s Johnny Kramer, Brady’s brother.”  No way, Kris thought, Brady talked about how much Johnny annoyed him. He had never seen him before. Then, Kris remembered Johnny mentioning a brother.
“I didn’t make the connection, when I talked to him.” Kris said.
“You talked to him?” Melissa was surprised. “Kris, ever since I have known you. You have been a shy guy, I never thought in million years you would make a conversation with complete stranger.”
“Yeah, Marty, called me over and we had a chat, while I waited for you.” Kris filled them in.
“Is he nice?” Tanner asked, “He will be joining us in high school.”
“From what I gathered he seems smart, and very sociable. He mentioned he had friend Don that he grew up with, and he had a brother.”
“Cool, I will talk to Brady, and see if he is okay that more people join our little crew.”
“Maybe if Johnny was included, they may respect each other and bond some more.” Melissa added.
“I saw the more the merrier. With five or six guys we can have a party, and start really having fun.” Kris agreed. Melissa noticed the changes in Kris, and kissed him again to show her approval.
The night continued as Tanner and Melissa talked about high school, and how much fun it would be. Tanner wanted to be the best sports player out there; just to prove to world, that he can do more than fix cars. Melissa looked forward to the parties and social events.  Kris just listened and enjoyed the friends at his table.  He was happy for the first time in long while. The three ended up back at the Johnson household to watch the count down on TV.

Meanwhile, at another table in another restaurant another fourteen year old boy was sitting with his mother.
“Matt are you okay?”  Linda Raymond asked her son
“Yeah mom, just a little upset.” Matthew Raymond answered
“Why?” She said with a slight concern in her eyes. She knew what was bothering Matt. All through junior high he had been moping around. He went to school, he came home, he played video games; he went to school, he came home, he played videogames. He hasn’t even tried to make friend.
“I hate holidays, especially New Years’. I have nothing to do, except play on the computer or video games. Last year, when the power went I couldn’t even do that.”
“Matt, listen to me you need to change. I love you, but I am not your friend. I am your mother. “
“What are you getting at Mom?” He said.
“You need to make friends, you need to have fun, and you need to go out there.”
“I am happy with my computer games.”
“Why do you mop around so much at home?”
“I don’t mop.” Matt said.
“Yes you do. Don’t you want to have friends?”
“Yeah, but I don’t know what to say. What if they reject me for who I am?”
“Why would they do that?”
“Because I am g… Because I am not normal.” Linda new Matt was gay for a while now, but she never let on. Matt needed to discover this for himself. Matt on the other hand just realized his love opposite sex, and started to look at gay sites, and started talking to other gay people. He didn’t think he would ever meet people.
“Matt, you are normal, just shy and anti-social.”
“It’s not a crime.” I said. “I tried making friends, what about Jerome and Curtis.”
“Matt dear, Jerome is our mail man; and Curtis is 10 years old. You need to find someone your own age. I worry about you a lot. What if you go to high school and you are picked on. What if you go to college without a single friend?”
“Then, I would be content to stay that way. If you don’t need a husband, then I don’t need a friend.”
“Let’s not talk about your father right now. I just want you to be happy.” Linda commented.
“I am happy.” Matt said.
“You just said you were are depressed and that you hate New Year’s.”
“That is because my favourite TV shows aren’t on.”
“Okay dear. How would you like some ice cream after dinner?”
That put a smile on Matt’s face, but they both know that Matt was unhappy, and he just putting on a brave front. They ate ice cream watching ball drop on Dick Clark’s show. Linda that night prayed for his son to meet a friend, who would help him succeed in life.

Meanwhile, it was 8 o’clock and Colt Landerham was getting ready for his date.  Elisabeth was the hottest cheerleader in school, and somehow she took a shining to Colt.  He was just about out the door when his father came in and asked him to hold on a minute.  Colt waited, and his father, Bob asked him to do something horrible.
“Can you babysit your brother and his friend?”
“I don’t need a fucking babysitter.”  Chase argued. Chase was Colt’s one year younger brother. He always wanted to be like Colt; he followed him around all the time, he listened on his calls, he was all around annoying. It drove Colt crazy. Chase’s friend was Tabor, Tobar, Tiber.  Whatever his name is, it is stupid ass name.
Bob looked at Chase; he understood Chase and Colt had normal sibling rivalry. “Chase, I trust you at home alone, but your friend Tiber. He is a little out there.”
“It’s Tabor. And there is nothing wrong with him.”
Colt interrupted. “Why can’t you look after the kid and his sidekick Tambor.”
“Your mother and I going to swank New Year’s Eve party at our country club.” Bob said smartly.
The country club only allowed well to do, white families, and looked upon minorities as disgusting. Colt thought it was barbaric. Colt always heard the terms like fag and fruit and other offensive terms. That being said, Colt was no prime example of politically corrected behaviour. In junior year, there was kid in school, named Jeremy; he was outgoing queer, so Colt and his gang decided to beat him up.
“What if I promise Tabor doesn’t touch anything.” Chase pleaded.
“Chase, I don’t want to babysit you either, I have date with Elizabeth tonight.” Colt complained.
“Are you going finally pop the cherry with her.” Chase asked.
“That really isn’t your business, and I wouldn’t get the chance if I have to watch your stupid ass.”
“COLTON!”  Bob screamed. “There is no discussion, I need you to do this favour, and if you cannot do it there will be punishments. “
“Fine!” He folded his arms and sat on the couch.
“Asshole,” he directed his comments to his brother. “If you or Tombar do anything I don’t like I will seriously beat the leaving crap out of you.”
“Yes brother, I will obey everything you say.”  Chase said.  Colt’s father and mother went to the country club, and Chase sat waiting for Tabor to arrive. Colt told Elizabeth the bad news.
Around 9 o’clock, Tabor showed up and from the moment Colt saw him, he thought there was something funny about him. Maybe he was closeted queer, Colt thought. Anyways, Colt ordered pizza.
“Here is the deal.” Colt said in commanding voice. “You guys can go where ever you want, I don’t care, believe it or not Chase I trust you a lot.”
Chase smiled at his brother’s comment; Colt never said anything nice about him. “You do?”
“Don’t make me fucking regret it. I am doing this so I can spend the evening at Elizabeth’s house. I will leave a message saying you guys went to Timber’s house.
“Tabor.” Chase and Tabor corrected at the same time.
“Whatever, so at 1 am I want you at his place, no questions asked. If you don’t I will find you and feed your dick to the horses. “
Chase and Colt looked into each other’s eyes and agreed; they both left the house. Chase and Tabor decided to hit the movies, while Colt lost his virginity that night.

Matt was pacing in the hall, anxious. He wants the Stantons to like his house and his mother. It was just few weeks ago that Matt and Kris started to develop a close relationship. Matt still remembered wrestling Kris to the ground, and getting him to open up about his brother. To lose a brother at such a young age, Matt couldn’t understand that.
Since then Kris and Matt and their crew stayed together going bowling and the like, but Kris had the idea that our families should get together for a meal and celebrate the New Year’s right. Matt knew this was because Melissa gone for the weekend.
The doorbell rang, and Kris walked in like owned the place smiling at me and slapping me on the back.  Kris looked back and in came his parents. Kris told him a lot about them. Walt entered first.
“You must be Matt,” he said. Walt was glad Kris could find a great friend. Tanner was okay, but Walt had suspicions that Kris stayed really guarded with him.
“Yes, sir. I am. It is a pleasure to meet you.”
“Matt relax, it’s not the queen you are meeting.”  Kris said, while Matt motioned the group into the living room, as Linda came into the kitchen. “Hello. Jenny.” She said.
“I didn’t know our mom’s new each other.” Kris whispered into my ear.
“Yeah, Mom volunteers part time as nurse at the community college, where your mom works at.” I whispered back.
Turning back to the rest of them, “Linda, you need to get out more. It has been four years since the divorce. There is this new professor who has a kid a few years younger than Matt here. I believe you guys would hit it off.”
“Jenny, I am not looking at the moment, I want to devote my time to my favourite son.”
“Your only son.”  Matt corrected her. “You don’t need my blessing Mom.”
“True.” She said kissing him on the forehead. Kris snickered which earned him slap from his father. At which point Matt giggled uncontrollably. The dinner conversation was light. Walt told many stories of Kris when he young, which was totally embarrassing for him. Matt smiled and asked probing questions, to keep Kris squirming.
Linda told some amazing tales from Matt’s childhood, at which point Kris asked more questions.  The phone rang and Linda went to answer it. After a few minutes of shouting was heard from the kitchen, the guest all looked up and Matt was by his mother’s side.
“Your father called.”  She told Matt and those assembled. “He had to cancel his trip, Matt. Something about an emergency meeting, he said.” Kris just came back from the bathroom and took in the scene. Walt spoke up.
“Linda, in light of this news, I would love to extend an invitation for Matt to join us; we are going away up north to a little cottage Jenny rents from a College friend she knows.”
“I couldn’t Sir.”
“Enough of this Sir business; call me Walt. We would be happy too. For one, ever since Kris met you, we haven’t seen him this happy in long, no since…anyways.”
Linda looked at her son, “Do you want to go Matty.”  Matt nodded and Kris smiled at the new chain of events.
Kris put his arm on Matt’s shoulder. “Matty boy, this is going to sweet.”
Matt smiled, “Yeah, Kris; Thank you Walt and Jenny for allowing me to come.”
“You’re Welcome.” Jenny replied
“This year is ending on high note, first you coming out the closet and now a get away with your family.”
Everybody looked at Matt. “KRIS!!” He screamed and ran to his room.
Kris followed him up. He knocked on the door, and Matt whispered for him to come in.
“I am sorry Matt.”
Matt was crying with his head in his hands. Kris came and sat next to him, whipping the tears out of his eyes. “It should have thought before I spoke.”
“Yeah, you should. But I need to be comfortable with people knowing I am gay. I just didn’t expect it.”
“Listen to me Matt, you know my biggest secret. Very few people know about Nathan. I don’t tell that to anybody. In fact, Tanner, Johnny, Don and the rest don’t know about him. I told you because I respect you.”
“I know that. I am just worried that being gay will affect my friends”
“Matt, don’t worry about being gay. Mom and Dad don’t care. I will protect you, if the need arises. I will tell you this right now. Nobody will ever make fun of you because you are gay.”
With that comment, Matt hugged Kris and they continued talking about Matt’s gayness. Kris asked all the standard persons a straight person might ask.
A knock on the door later and Walt and Jenny came in. Jenny spoke. “Matt, we are going now. We would love to get to know you, so please come to cottage we are going in three days.”
Kris smiled and spoke for Matt, “He is coming. If it is alright Mom, I am going to stay the night with Matt.”
“Give us a call and will pick you up tomorrow. In fact why don’t you guys stay over until the trip?” Walt mentioned that idea because he wanted Kris and Matt to develop lasting friendship. Losing Nathan was hard on Kris. Jenny smiled and nodded. With that the adults left and Kris and Matt talked the rest of the night, about how interesting the next four years of high school. Midnight came and went without much notice.

Meanwhile Corey Teller was just watching the stars outside. His first few months in high school were not the best. He had his eyes set on a hunk that was the star of the football team, JJ Thompson. He had been very nervous to even talk to JJ.  He let his nerves win out and spent most of his time doodling away in his notebook of how he felt about JJ.
What was worse for Corey was he never was good at making friends. He tried on the first day, but Phillip his classmate ignored him, they were friends with Ben and Josh two of the best class clowns ever. Corey admitted they were quite funny. Corey decided he couldn’t join their circle; he had nothing to offer them. He was just a chubby freak.
Christmas was bad; Marie and his new stepfather Larry were passed out drunk, and neither of them got him a present at all. Since then Corey took to taking long walks to get away from them.
This New Year’s Eve, he found a park bench to sit by and he watched the stars outside. Another year and I am still in this shit hole. How worse can my life get really? I was molested when I was 8 and now I am too fucking nervous to make friends.
A noise interrupted his thoughts, and he looked over to the bushes and out came four people. It took him a second to recognize Ben and Josh.
They fist pumped each other as they said goodbye to their dates.  Ben and Josh were walking towards Corey not really seeing him discussing what just took place.
“I cannot believe it.” Ben announced to his friend. “We just fucked two of the hottest girls in high school.”
“Not just girls, but cheerleaders.” Josh corrected him.
“Not just cheerleaders, but sisters.” Ben added.
“Twin sisters.” They spoke at the same time.
“You guys really did that.” Corey startled them.
“Yeah, bro. It was fucking awesome.” Josh sat next to Corey all of sudden.
“What you doing out here?” Ben asked curiously
“I don’t want to go home, my mom is drunk and I don’t want her screaming at me tonight.”
“That sucks bro. If you want, you can come with us; we are heading over to a party that friend is having. He is the quarterback.”
“JJ Thompson.” Corey inquired. They nodded.
“Sure, it beats sitting here. I’m Corey by the way.”
“I’m Josh, and this is my buddy Ben. Stick with us bro. We will show you a great time.” With that they went to the party.


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