This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. While it is set during the summer series what happens is a complete fantasy and did not really happen in the ‘Rooming’ story. It has been written purely for your pleasure and as an example of how the fantasy section for “Rooming With My Best Friend” will work, featuring sexual acts that would otherwise not happen in the context of the main story. Any submissions from other readers are welcome as are suggestions for future fantasy stories written by Big D, who has offered to make some of your fantasy chapters a reality. We hope that you enjoy this addition which we are sure will be the first of many fantasy chapters.


It had only been six days since I’d last seen Corey and I was really starting to miss him. I knew I’d see him again next weekend but I just couldn’t help the way I felt. I knew I loved him when we were at college but being away from him just made me realise it that much more. I wanted to be with him, everyday if possible, and not being able to do that made me feel sad.

I tried to take my mind off it, helping my mom around the house and working for one of her friends, but my mind would always come back to the same thing.

Even Kris seemed to be getting sick of my mood. He was around almost every night trying to get me to do things, trying to cheer me up but nothing worked. He said he had something planned for the weekend that would take my mind off it but I had no idea what that was, which worried me a little, especially when he told me to make sure I packed a bag.

Mom hadn’t been home from work for long when Kris pulled up outside our house. I had quickly filled her in on the details, or what details I knew, and she had the same attitude as Kris; thinking I needed to get away from the house and just enjoy myself.

Kris came bouncing in the door with a huge grin on his face. I was surprised he had actually bothered to put clothes on since half of the time he was topless at the very least, but for some reason he actually seemed shy around my mom.

“So, what’s the plan?” Mom asked Kris.

“I would love to tell you, but I want to keep it a surprise until we get there, but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of precious little Matty here,” Kris said, pinching my cheek.

Mom laughed and told us to be careful but to enjoy ourselves. Kris told her we would and picked up my back, almost running out the door he was so eager to get going. I did love to see his energy and his excitement and no matter what I was feeling it always put a smile on my face.

We jumped in to his new ride, that he was so proud of, and without a word he pulled away and started driving. We continued to sit in silence with me watching him as he concentrated on the road. He really had planned what we were doing because not once did he seem to question where we were going, even when we went far out of town.

We drove for about 45 minutes until Kris slowed down and pulled down a little dirt road. I looked at him questioningly but he just smiled at me, still saying nothing. He kept driving until finally we came to a gate with a small hut beside it.

We were at a camp site. I never knew it even existed but obviously Kris had not only looked in to it but had booked it too because as soon as he told the man his name the gate opened and we were allowed to drive straight in.

When we pulled to a stop in the small parking lot Kris jumped out of the car and ran around to the trunk, grabbing his things, which included his tent. He had the biggest smile on his face, it was almost mischievous, but it was also strangely sexy too.

He headed off down a path and I had no choice but to follow him. It was like he was teasing me. We hadn’t really spoken a word in the last hour but his body language said everything it needed to. He was hoping for some fun this weekend.

Eventually after about a ten minute walk we came to a clearing, completely surrounded by trees with a small lake right in the middle. There was freshly cut grass all around and a picnic table that was not too far from a stone barbeque. There was also an unexpected little treat because there was a tiny log cabin set back against the trees that housed a toilet. It was an amazing spot.

I was looking around admiring the scenery and really wondering how I never knew the place existed when I heard Kris chuckle.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing, you’re just looking around as if you’re expecting something.”

“Yeah, I am,” I said.

“What?” He asked, puzzled.

“About eight other guys appearing from the trees any minute.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, bro, but this weekend it’s just me and you. We can’t even get cell phone reception out here.”

“What?” I said, reaching in my pocket for my phone.

“I’ve cleared this weekend with Corey, he knows where we are, so don’t worry. I just want you to forget about everything and just relax here with me for the next two nights. We’ll be home on Sunday and you can talk to him all you want then.”

I felt a little angry that Kris would trick me in to something like that but I also knew he was doing it for my own good. Knowing that my phone couldn’t ring would mean I wouldn’t be looking at it every 10 seconds wondering if Corey was going to call or text.

With a sigh I put down my bag and helped Kris put up his tent. We threw our things inside once it was up, which included Kris’ shirt. I had to chuckle. I had wondered how long he would be able to keep it on for.

We slowly walked around our clearing for about half an hour, just idly chatting about everything in our lives. It really was great. I felt truly relaxed for the first time in a week and couldn’t thank Kris enough for actually making me do this.

When we got back around to where our tent was, Kris pulled his shorts off and ran to the lake, jumping straight in. I laughed but quickly lost my clothes, running toward the lake myself.

Kris was just coming back up from under the water as I hit the surface, sending a huge wave crashing into his face. He coughed and spluttered for a moment and then he started smiling, there was a really evil glint in his eye.

Before I knew what was happening he lunged for me and we started wrestling each other in the water. It was great fun. Kris was obviously much better suited to it with his added muscle but he was quite gentle, letting me fight back, to the point where I thought I might have him beat only for him to use all of his strength to swing the battle around the other way.

It was like we were little kids just playing around. I had only managed to dunk Kris twice and he had got me four times already, so on the fifth dunk I took I kept the water in my mouth and when I came back up I sprayed it all over his face.

“Oh, you’re really gonna get it now, fucker!” Kris laughed.

I ran for it. It was hard moving fast in the water, swimming a fast as I could until my feet hit the bottom and I was able to make it up onto dry land. I must have only made it about fifteen feet when I felt Kris tackle me.

I fell flat on my front with Kris’ entire body weight coming down on top of me. I was stunned for a moment which allowed Kris to flip me over and straddle me, holding my arms above my head.

We were laughing, our chests heaving from the exertion when all of a sudden things went quiet. We made eye contact and just held each other’s gaze for the longest time. Then, without words, Kris slowly leaned down and placed his lips against mine.

My eyes went wide but I didn’t try to stop him and when I felt his tongue running along my lips, I opened them to let him in and we started making out like I don’t think I ever have before.

Our cocks were hard in an instant and Kris started to grind his in to mine as he kept me pinned beneath him, our tongues battling.

I quickly pulled my face away and Kris looked at me, almost with hurt in his eyes.

“I can’t do it, Kris. It’s not fair on Corey.” Those were probably the hardest words I’ve ever had to say.

“It’s okay,” Kris said.

“No. It’s not.”

“It is, Matt,” Kris said using one of his hands to stroke my face.

“What do you mean?”

“I cleared it with Corey.”

“What do you mean you cleared it with Corey?”

“Well, when I called him to tell him what was happening this weekend and that I had to get your sorry ass out of the house, he said that if we wanted to fool around or even go further then he’s okay with it because he knows how much it means to us. It would be a one off, Matt, sex between two best friends. We both need to do this before we can move on.”

Fuck…” That was the only word I could think of in response.

“So what do you say?” Kris asked, starting to rub his hard cock against me again.

“You’re sure Corey said it was okay?” I asked.


“I’m still not…”

Before I could finish what I wanted to say Kris covered my mouth with his and started to kiss me again. It was filled with so much love and passion it almost took my breath away.

When Kris pulled back and stared in to my eyes I knew he was right.

“Oh God, Kris, fuck me. Just… fuck me!”

Kris smiled again and went back to attacking my lips. He let my hands go so that I was free to move them. I ran them over his muscular back, enjoying the feeling of my best friend as he continued to grind his cock into mine, our precum mixing between our bodies.

We continued kissing for another five minutes, just feasting on each other’s lips, our cocks constantly rubbing against each other, our hands exploring every inch of the other’s body.

Eventually Kris broke the kiss and climbed off me, standing up and putting his hand out to help me up. When I took his hand he helped me to my feet but he never let go of my hand.

Gently he led me over toward the picnic table and I just followed him submissively, ready for whatever he had planned.

He turned around to face me and kissed me again as he put his hands on my hips and lifted me up so I was sitting on the edge of the table, my legs spread, one on either side of Kris, with him still holding my waist and kissing me deeply.

Soon he moved his lips from mine and started kissing my neck, making me whimper at the feeling of his lips on my skin. It was so good. I put my hand on the back of his head as he slowly worked down my body, laying kissed all over me, focusing on my nipples for a moment before he continued to head south.

When he reached my cock he didn’t even hesitate, he just sucked it into his mouth and went to work on it, using his tongue to circle the head and massage the shaft of my big cock. Oh God it was amazing! His time with Colt had certainly done wonders for his sucking ability. He was driving me wild.

“Ooh shit, Kris, suck my big cock.” I screamed.

He quickly pulled off, “So fucking big, Matt yet so beautiful.”

He went back to work on my cock but I could sense that he was doing something else. With the position he was in though, I couldn’t see what so I just sat back and enjoyed the feelings he was causing in my cock.

Slowly Kris started pushing me back even further, with my ass over the end of the table as he kept sucking me, I had no idea what he was doing but it felt too good to stop him.

Then I felt his finger brush against my hole. It was slippery with his spit and with the next stroke of my cock, Kris sank his finger deep inside me, causing me to buck up in to his mouth, almost choking him.

He pulled his mouth back so he was just using his tongue on the tip of my cock as he really started to finger fuck my ass. Damn it felt good! Soon he added more spit to his fingers and push a second finger in my ass to really open me up.

“Oh fuck, Kris, please, I need your dick inside me.” I whimpered. I had never wanted something so much in my entire life.

As Kris pulled back, his fingers leaving my ass, I watched as he sprinted over to the tent. In what seemed like no time at all he was back with a towel, two condoms and a bottle of lube.

I managed to get control over my body again. I turned around on the table presenting my ass to him as I watched through my legs as he rolled a condom down his hard cock and started lubing it up.

“Fuck, Matt, your ass is so sexy, but I want you on your back. I want to be able to look into your eyes as I fuck you.”

I growled. I wanted him so bad. He threw me the towel and I laid it down on the table, before lowering myself down so I was flat on my back, my ass hanging off the edge of the table with my legs pulled back, showing my hole to Kris.

“Fuck…” he breathed.

He moved slowly toward me and quickly slipped his lube covered fingers back inside me, getting me good and ready to take his cock that I could see was throbbing.

I noticed that he was shaking a bit as he lined his cock up with my ass and gently started pushing the head inside me. We both gasped and I grabbed the edge of the table, squeezing it as I felt his cock stretch me as he sank deeper into me.

Fuck! I actually had Kris’ dick inside me!

“Oh fuck, Matt. You are so tight, bro,” Kris panted as he bottomed out inside me.

“Oh God, Kris, you feel so good inside me. I’ve wanted to feel your dick inside me for so long, since the day I met you. Now shut up and fuck me.”

I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth but they were true. I wanted Kris, and more than that, I needed him. I love Corey but I’ve always wanted just one night with Kris and this was it. I was going to enjoy it.

Kris leaned down to kiss me as he slowly started pulling his cock back and pushing it in, seemingly deeper than before. He was so gentle with his thrusts as he continued to kiss me. I was quite surprised. He wasn’t just fucking me, he was making love to me. How I didn’t blow with that thought alone was beyond me.

He pulled back from the kiss and continued to stare in to my eyes. His gaze never left mine as he started to pick up his pace a little more, fucking me with quicker strokes that really allowed me to feel the full length of his cock inside me.

Using some of the talents I had perfected over my months with Corey I kept tightening my ass muscles and every time I did, Kris would yelp and thrust even harder inside me.

He was really starting to pound my ass and I reached up to run my hands all over his sexy body and back while he fucked his hard cock in and out of me. His muscles felt amazing beneath my fingers. He was so sexy.

The feelings inside me, not just physical, but emotional too, were almost too much. Kris, my best friend in the world, who I probably loved more than anyone else, even if not romantically, was finally making love to me, giving me the dick that I had craved for so long.

I reached down to where his dick was sliding in and out of my ass so that I could feel the exact point where we were joined. My fingers felt the hard shaft of his cock as it disappeared inside my ass, fucking me good.

Kris’ eyes still never left mine. The look in his eyes was so intense, so piercing and there was so much love and passion behind them. I could feel his feelings for me just from looking at his eyes. We were sharing the love we had for each other as best friends in the most special, most intimate way possible, we were making love.

Suddenly Kris changed his movements and he started rotating his hips as he thrust in to me, rubbing right against my spot. That was all it took and without touching myself my entire body started to spasm and I let out a scream as my cock exploded all over my body, covering me in cum.

My ass must have worked over Kris’ cock good as I was in the waves of my orgasm because within seconds of me finishing and laying back, spent on the table, Kris pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and with just a single stroke shot a massive load all over my chest and stomach.

When he finally came down from his own orgasm he let his body fall down over mine and found my lips again. He took my head in his hands and just held it as he made love to my mouth with his. It was the most amazing kiss I ever had.

After a short while when we had managed to recover, we both smiled at each other and hand in hand we walked back down to the lake and jumped in to clean ourselves off.

We just swam around and relaxed in the water, enjoying each other’s company in the afterglow of such amazing sex. Eventually we climbed out of the water and just lay down on the ground to dry off in the sun. It was incredible. It was as if no one else existed in the world but us.

We were silent for a long time just enjoying the heat of the sun on our naked bodies, staring up at the clouds. Kris was the first one to move.

He rolled over on his side so that he was facing me and softly ran his hand over my body. I turned my head to look at him.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked him.

“Just how amazing this is, being here alone with you, finally having had sex with you.”

“Yeah, it really is.” I said. “So you really wanted to have sex with me?”

“Hell yeah, Matt. You’re my best friend and I love you so much. You’re pretty fucking sexy too. I guess on some level I’ve always wanted to have sex with you ever since I found out you were gay.”

“Really?” I asked, genuinely surprised.

“Really. But there is one more thing I’d like us to do while we’re out here.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“I want to feel you inside me, Matt. I want you to make me feel like I made you feel earlier. I want you to make love to me and do what I know you’ve always wanted to do.”


“Yes,” Kris said, his hand stroking my cock that had very suddenly started to get hard again.

“I’m much bigger than Colt though, it will probably hurt.”

“I’ve thought of that, Matt, and I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t care. I want you inside me and I know there’ll be some pain, there was with Colt at first, but after that it felt great, and with you I know it will be amazing.”

I didn’t get a chance to say anything else. Kris grabbed my hand and pulled me up. We headed back toward the tent with a quick detour via the picnic table to grab the lube and the other condom.

I couldn’t believe this was about to happen.

As soon as we were in the tent Kris was back to kissing me, running his hands all over my body, stroking my cock. Oh God, I wanted him so bad.

I pushed him down to the floor and turned him so he was on his hands and knees. I didn’t plan on fucking him this way but there was something else I had always wanted to do.

I ran my hands over Kris’ sexy muscle ass that was pointing at me, savouring the feeling as my hands ran over the smooth flesh with just the slightly bit of hair in the crack.

I parted his cheeks and saw his beautiful pucker for the first time, I couldn’t help myself. I dived in head first, lapping at him, making him jump with the first contact and then whimper and yelp as I continued to work his hot ass with my tongue.

I was pressing my tongue into him, trying to get as deep as possible and I noticed that he was beginning to relax and his ass was opening up. Having got it nice and wet with my tongue I put my hands on Kris’ hips and forced him to turn over, laying on his back.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and spread a large amount over Kris’ hole, using my fingers to work it inside. Kris was writhing around beneath me, pushing down trying to get my fingers deeper inside him.

“Oh God, Matt, that feels so amazing. No one has ever licked or fingered my ass before.”

I smiled, glad that I was at least giving Kris a first time experience since he’d already fucked Corey and Colt and had been fucked by Colt. Even so, I was determined to be the best fuck he’d ever have, with a man or a woman.

I slipped the condom over my cock and lubed it up as best I could, moving toward Kris until my cock was resting against his hole. Instead of pushing in, I slapped my dick against his opening a couple of times.

“Fuck me, Matt, fuck me!” Kris screamed. It sounded like he was begging me. He really wanted this. I couldn’t fucking believe it! This was a moment I had dreamed about so many times.

I started pushing forward, pressing my dick against his hole but I almost bent my dick in half. Fuck he was tight! I lubed up my cock some more and slid my fingers back inside, adding a third to help stretch him some more. When I pressed my dick against his ass the second time, the head slid right past his sphincter into his ass.

He let out a scream and pressed his hand against my chest so I stayed still, not moving, almost in disbelief at the way his ass was squeezing my cock. I knew he had been fucked by Colt but it really was like fucking a virgin.

Kris was biting his lip and trying to grip the ground sheet in the tent as I moved deeper inside him, inch by inch, until I was balls deep. I looked him straight in the eyes when I announced that I was all the way inside him and I could have sworn there was a happy tear in the corner of his eye to match the satisfied smile on his face.

“Oh fuck, Matt, you’re so big. I can feel every inch of your big cock stretching my ass. Fucking amazing!”

I gave him some time to get used to the whole of my big dick being inside him, taking the opportunity to lean down and make out with him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, pulling me to him, even reaching down to grab my ass, trying to pull me deeper inside him.

After another minute of intense kissing, I felt Kris relax and he even started bucking his hips, which I knew was a signal that he was ready so I slowly started moving, thrusting in and out, pulling back just an inch before pushing back in, slowly working my way inch by inch until I almost slipped out of his ass before plunging my dick back in to his depths.

He was moaning with joy as I started with my long strokes, pulling back to get a better angle on his ass so I could really drive my cock deep. He was loving it. He had a smile on his face and his dick was rock hard against his abs.

I reached down and started running my hands all over his amazing body as I picked up the pace a little, making shorter, faster thrusts to really start fucking him. I couldn’t get enough of his body, it was so sexy. I had always admired his body but now that I had the chance to caress it and savour it, I took in every detail and ran my fingers over every inch.

Finally I moved my hand to Kris’ cock and slowly jacked him, knowing that I wouldn’t get him off at that pace as I lifted his legs up on to my shoulders and pushed them back, exposing his ass to me more so I could start pounding into him, really going to work, fucking him as our flesh slapped against each other.

As I was pulling back on one thrust my dick slipped out of Kris’ ass and before I could push it back in he pushed me off him and forced me backwards until I was laying flat on the ground.

He leaned down to kiss me again, another deep, tongue filled kiss, before placing kisses down my body, focusing on my nipples as he stroked my cock to keep it good and hard.

He continued to tease me for a few more minutes, holding me down and then he wrapped his hand around my cock, holding it upright as he moved to straddle me. I couldn’t believe it.

I watched in disbelief as Kris started to lower his ass down onto my big cock, which sunk inside him with ease after the deep fucking I just gave him.

He moaned as my dick slid back inside him but when I bottomed out, with him sitting down fully on my cock, he threw his head back, his body arching as he let out a scream of delight.

He leaned down for a quick kiss and started raising his ass up before plunging it down onto my cock, screaming each time I bottom out, my dick running over his spot. He started moving faster and faster, really fucking himself on my big dick, forcing it deep inside him.

It was so hot seeing his hot muscular body actually riding my cock, his abs tightening with every move he made, getting more defined as he rode me and even more as they started to glisten with the sweat that was dripping down his body.

I had to run my hands over that amazing body, loving the feel of the hard muscles. With my hands moving over his body he leaned back and picked up the pace, riding my cock up and down, really going to work. I was surprised he could take the pounding, but he seemed to love it.

He moved forward and leaned over me again so he could kiss me as he rotated his hips and kept working my cock with his tight ass. I grabbed onto his cheeks and started to fuck up in to him making him moan into my mouth as my cock started running over his spot.

Suddenly he clenched his ass and that’s all it took, the tightness was too much and I was too worked up. I started unloading into the condom inside his ass, my cock erupting, feeling like it might actually pop off my body. I screamed, threw my head back and thrust up in to Kris as deep as I could.

Kris quickly grabbed his cock and within seconds shot another huge load all over my body, a drop even landing on my lips, which I quickly licked off and swallowed. It tasted incredible.

With a final scream Kris collapsed on top of me, his hot sweaty chest resting on mine, my semi hard cock still inside him as he took my head in his hands and kissed me before pulling back and looking deep in to my eyes.

“I love you, Matt.”

“I love you too, Kris.”


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