Rooming With My Best Friend - Kris and Colt


Colt was the first to wake up but it took him a moment to realize where he was. He
was lying on Matt’s bed completely naked, not even a sheet covering him. When he
turned his head he saw that Kris was in the same state on his own bed, his morning
wood hard against his abs.

The events of the night before suddenly came flooding back to him, he had taken
that cock in to his mouth, but not before Kris had given him perhaps the best
blowjob of his life. It had been incredible.

Colt had thought the night on Spring Break had been a one off but he hadn’t been
able to fight his feelings and he had loved being with Kris again. As he stared at
Kris’ hard cock in the morning light he had a strange urge to go over to the other
bed to take it back in to his mouth; he‘d always wanted to be woken up like that
so he knew Kris would love it.

Quickly shaking the thoughts out of his head as his own cock started to harden,
Colt threw on his clothes and headed back to his own room where he grabbed a clean
set of clothes, a towel and went to take a shower. Even though Kris had wiped him
down with a towel he could still feel the dried cum all over his chest and abs and
it was beginning to itch.

After twenty minutes in the shower, just enjoying the warm water running over his
body, Colt dried off, put on his fresh clothes and returned to Kris’ room, just as
Kris was waking up.

“Hey, man,” Kris said, stretching out. “For a second I thought you’d gone and left

“Nah, I just needed a shower to wash all the cum off me,” Colt laughed.

“Good, I was worried we went too far again last night,” Kris laughed.

“We didn’t fuck last night, so we didn’t even go as far as we have done before.”

“True,” Kris said with a massive smile on his face. “I know I was drunk but last
night was amazing. I’m glad we can help each other out like that and not have to
worry about things being weird in the morning.”

“Why would things be weird? We’re not gay; it’s not like either of us thinks we’re
in a relationship or ever would be. We’re not leading each other on, we’re just
two guys who love sex and happen to enjoy having it with each other. Now get
dressed!” Colt said, throwing some clothes at Kris.

Kris laughed but got up, putting on some fresh clothes. They went out to get
something to eat and then returned to Kris’ room. They tried watching something on
TV but there was nothing that kept their interest. They tried to find some of the
other guys to play a game of something with but all of the others were either
still feeling a bit rough from the night before and unwilling to participate or
out of the dorm.

“Well Liz says she’s busy all weekend. She’s such a fucking tease. I’m glad I had
you to take care of me last night… I guess we could go to the Rec Center to work
out,” Kris said with a sigh. “That could kill some time.”

“Nah man, I’ve got a better idea…” Colt said, trailing off.

“What?” Kris asked, feeling a little worried seeing a smile beginning to creep on
to Colt’s face.

“Well, I’ve still got my tent and camping gear here since we were supposed to be
going camping. What do you say we call either Matt or Corey to find out where they
are, pack up some things in to the car and drive out to meet them? It beats
sitting around here all day and night.”

“That’s a brilliant idea, but let’s text Corey, I know Matt, now he’s got Corey
all to himself he’ll want to keep it that way. If we’re going we need to just show
up and surprise him. He’ll be fine if we do that but if we ask him first he’ll try
to talk us out of it,” Kris chuckled.

Colt said nothing more, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and fired off a
quick text to Corey. Within a couple of minutes he got a text back encouraging
them to join Corey and Matt and giving them directions for where they’d need to
hike when they got to the park; they would still get their workout.
Kris and Colt were like excited little boys getting ready for their adventure.
Colt ran back to his dorm to pack a bag as Kris did the same. They threw the bags
in to the back of the car and drove off, stopping off briefly at a store where
they managed to pick up bottle of vodka and some snacks to take with them, before
hitting the road again.

They got to the park with no problems and pulled up beside Corey’s car when they
made it to the parking lot. Grabbing their bags, tent, booze and food the two
started hiking down the path that would lead them to where Corey said he and Matt
had set up camp.

Carrying the extra weight in their arms and on their backs gave Kris and Colt a
good workout as they continued on their hike, having to carry the heavy items.
Kris almost suggested they should stop to drink a bit of the vodka so it would be
lighter for them to carry but they didn’t because he wanted to get to Matt as soon
as possible so he could see his face. He wasn’t sure if Matt would be pleased or

Following Corey’s directions it didn’t take the guys too long to track down their
friends. As Colt and Kris got closer Kris could almost see Matt’s ears twitch and
within seconds he had turned around and spotted them walking towards him with
their arms full.

“We made it,” Kris announced.

With the alcohol running through their veins, the four started telling all kinds
of stories, trying to make each other laugh, scream or puke depending on the mood.
With almost nothing left in the bottle Colt grabbed it and downed what was left.
They were all having a great time together but the night had grown dark and not
knowing what time it was they decided to call it a night.

Matt and Corey slowly rose to their feet and somewhat gingerly made their way over
to their tent, taking one of the lanterns with them. Kris grabbed the other
lantern and headed over toward Colt’s tent but Colt couldn’t be bothered getting
up so instead he started crawling like a baby toward the tent.

Kris couldn’t stop laughing watching the big muscular country boy crawling along
the ground toward the tent. Both were in hysterics as Kris held open the tent for
Colt to crawl inside.

“You’re a fucking idiot!” Kris laughed, moving in to the tent and zipping up the

“And that’s why you love me,” Colt smiled.

The tent was quite small but it was easily big enough for two, with just enough
room to move around in when the boys were on their knees. Slowly they stripped
down to their underwear and sat down on their sleeping bags facing each other.

“Shit, man,” Kris said. “I know we only drank about a quarter of that bottle each
but I feel fucked.”

“That’s because it was neat. I daren’t even think how many beers that adds up to,”
Colt said, swaying slightly.

“Yeah, and it probably doesn’t help that it’s the third night in a row we’ve got
drunk. We’re becoming alcoholics!” Kris chuckled.

“And we’re tame compared to some guys I know,” Colt said.

“Aww, shit, man,” Kris said, reaching down to reposition his hard cock.

“Are you getting hard again?” Colt laughed.

“It was talking about sex, I told you it always gets me horny.”

“That was like an hour ago!”

“Yeah, and I’ve been hard the whole time,” Kris said, really laughing.

“You’re fucking insatiable. After the amount of cum you dumped on me last night I
thought you’d be done for a week,” Colt laughed, brushing his chest where Kris had
sprayed him with spunk the night before.

“Nah, I’ve got a lot more left in these boys,” Kris said, cupping his balls. “I’ll
let you see for yourself if you want…”

“You mean…?” Colt asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, why not? We blew each other last night and loved it. We might as well do it
tonight. We’re alone again and it’s a hell of a lot better than just jacking off,”
Kris said.

“Okay, I agree with you there,” Colt said. “But you know we didn’t come out here
yesterday with Matt and Corey in case we ended up giving in to temptation again.
Do you think it’s a good idea?”

“We gave in to temptation last night, mate, and we fucking loved it. Why not do it
again? Look, we agreed this morning it’s just two guys who love sex enjoying it
with each other, yeah?”

“Yeah…” Colt sighed.

“So let’s just do this tonight, have fun, blow a load and see what happens. That
okay?” Kris asked.

Colt just nodded and tried to stand up inside the tent but there wasn’t enough
room so he sat back on his sleeping back and pulled off his underwear, throwing
them off to the side, until he lay in front of Kris completely naked with his rock
hard cock throbbing against his abs.

Kris smiled and quickly pulled off his own underwear, stroking his dick slowly,
making sure that Colt saw how turned on he was. Still in silence Kris crawled
across the small space between himself and Colt until he was between Colt’s legs
just inches away from Colt’s cock.  From between Colt’s legs Kris looked up until
the two locked eyes, huge smiles etched on their faces. Holding Colt’s gaze, their
stares intense, Kris slowly started blowing warm air on to Colt’s dick, travelling
from his balls up the entire length of his shaft until he reached the head.

Colt moaned and broke eye contact by throwing his head back. His dick throbbed and
jumped at the feel of Kris’ breath. Snaking his tongue out of his mouth Kris
gently ran the tip over the head of Colt’s dick, moving down the shaft in a curved
line. When he reached the base he withdrew his tongue and once again blew air on
to it as he travelled back toward the head.

Colt shivered, almost screaming, “oh fuck, Kris, that’s incredible. Suck my dick,
man, I’m begging you.”

Kris smiled and lowered his head, this time opening his mouth to take the very tip
of Colt’s dick in to his mouth so it was just between his lips as his tongue
darted out, teasing the slit.

Colt was writhing around beneath him when Kris opened his mouth wider, enveloping
Colt’s cock in the warmth. Kris took as much of the dick in to his mouth as he
could, softly running his tongue along the shaft as he brought his head up and
going back down. He continued this movement until Colt started thrusting up in to
Kris’ mouth.

Kris put his hands on Colt’s hips and held him down. Colt groaned, trying to move,
but Kris was too strong for him. Colt had to submit to Kris’ mouth, which had
withdrawn so that only the head of Colt’s cock was still in there, Kris’ tongue
lapping and circling the head.  Kris started bobbing up and down, really going to
work on Colt’s dick, making him feel more of the pleasure he had felt last night
when his dick was in that very mouth. Colt was beginning to wonder why he ever
thought twice about having his dick sucked by Kris. Every time they had sex it
blew his mind.

Thinking about the other times he had been alone with Kris, the two pleasuring
each other in different ways, and thinking about how they might continue to do
things together in the future coupled with the feelings Kris was causing him to
feel in his cock had Colt right on the edge. He felt his balls tighten up and
could feel the orgasm building within him but he didn’t want the blowjob to stop.

“Oh fuck, Kris. You’re so good, man…” Colt panted as Kris continued to work his
cock. “Oh shit, you’re gonna have to stop or I’m gonna cum.”

Kris smiled and continued sucking Colt, teasing him, a mischievous look on his
face. He enjoyed torturing Colt when he was sucking his cock. He wanted him to
either beg him to stop or to physically push him off his cock.

“Kris!” Colt screamed. “Oh god, oh god. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum… Holy shit,
holy shit… Suck that cock, Kris, suck that cock. FUCK! Oh, dude, that’s it, that’s
it… Let me cum in your mouth, Kris, let me cum in your mouth.”

Kris almost stopped sucking at Colt’s last words, he wasn’t sure he ever wanted
someone else’s spunk actually in his mouth.

“HOLY SHIT! Let me cum in your mouth and let me see you swallow that shit and I’ll
let you fuck me again,” Colt screamed without taking a breath.

Kris’ eyes went wide in surprise but they quickly glazed over with lust. He wanted
to fuck Colt’s tight ass so bad that he stopped thinking and just kept sucking.
His mind went back to the last time he had been inside Colt’s ass and how amazing
it had felt, maybe the greatest sex he’d ever had. He definitely wanted a piece of
that again.

Kris was quickly brought back to reality by Colt’s primal scream and the first
shot of cum as it fired in to his mouth, shooting straight in to the back of his
throat. He swallowed without thinking. Shot after shot of cum flew out of Colt’s
dick, pulsing on to Kris’ tongue. Kris was shocked at how it didn’t actually taste
bad at all. He kept swallowing and flicking his tongue over the head of Colt’s
cock until Colt’ was completely spent and pushed Kris off his cock before
collapsing back on to his sleeping bag.

Colt lay flat on his back, panting like he had just ran a marathon. As Kris
watched Colt struggled for breath it looked as though Colt almost glowed after the
orgasm. Kris was almost in awe as he slowly ran his hand up and down his cock,
stroking it as he moved his mouth around trying to get his jaw to relax.

After a few minutes Colt’s breathing returned to normal and he pulled himself up
in to a sitting position against one of the tent posts. He saw Kris starting at
him like an animal sizing up his prey. Kris was stroking his cock and he looked
hungry, like he was about to attack.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Colt asked, worried.

“Don’t you remember what you just said?” Kris smiled.

“No. What did I say?”

“You told me that if I let you cum in my mouth and swallowed your load that you’d
let me fuck you again,” Kris said, licking his lips.

“Hey, that was all just in the heat of the moment. I was about to cum, you can’t
take what I said seriously,” Colt said, sounding panicked.

“Fuck off,” Kris spat. “That’s bullshit and you know it. I know you loved being
fucked by my hard cock when we were on Spring Break and I know you’ve been dying
to have me fuck your brains out ever since. You want me just as much as I want

After a moment of seriousness a huge grin broke out on Colt’s face and with a sigh
he rolled over on to his side, reaching for his backpack. He fumbled around for a
second before he pulled out two items and tossed them to Kris, who caught one in
each hand.

Kris stared down at what he now held in shock. In his left hand was a box of
condoms, in his right was a bottle of lube.

“Hang on, man, did you plan this?” Kris asked with a smile.

“Hell no,” Colt replied. “I just figured that after what we did on Spring Break,
after our little talk this week about why we shouldn’t be alone out here and then
after what we did last night that if we were going to be alone in a tent in the
middle of nowhere, both horny and drunk, then I’d better come prepared just in

Kris said nothing in reply but his beaming smile told the story. He quickly
grabbed a condom out of the box, ripping open the packet with his teeth. He slid
the condom down his rock hard cock and lubed it up until it was dripping, just
waiting to slip inside Colt’s tight ass.

Colt still hadn’t moved and was sitting with his back against the tent post, just
watching Kris.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?” Kris asked, staring at Colt. “Aren’t you
going to get in position to be fucked? You know you want my cock inside you.”

Colt said nothing, he just kept smiling at Kris, loving how frustrated it was
making him.

“Fine, if you won’t move by yourself, I’ll just have to take what’s owed to me,”
Kris said.

Smiling, Kris grabbed hold of Colt’s leg around the ankle and used his strength to
quickly pull Colt along the ground until he was in the middle of the tent, flat on
his back, his legs either side of Kris. They looked deep in to each other’s eyes
that were filled with lust; they both wanted, even needed it to happen.

Kris stroked his dick, running his hand from the base, up the shaft, circling the
head with his palm and back again, still looking down in to Colt’s eyes. Taking
one of his lubed up fingers Kris ran it up Colt’s crack, applying just a little
pressure when he reached the hole, almost teasing it. Colt shuddered and groaned.

With a grin Kris rubbed the head of his dick over Colt’s hole and asked, “how
badly do you want my dick inside you?”

“Oh fuck, I want it so bad. Fuck me, Kris,” Colt moaned. “It felt so good last
time, I just wish you’d lasted longer.”

“Yeah?” Kris asked with a smirk. “Well maybe this time I can grant that wish…”

The smile stayed on Kris’ face as he slowly slid the head of his dick in to Colt’s
ass. Colt groaned as he felt himself being stretched. Kris continued to push his
cock in to Colt at a slow pace. Despite the resistance and the tightness Kris’
cock sunk deeper in to Colt much easier than it had the first time on Spring
Break, though he knew he still had to take his time.

Before long Kris was all the way inside Colt’s ass. Colt could feel Kris’ pubes as
they tickled his ass. The two moaned and remained still for a moment; Colt
adjusting to having Kris’ dick inside him again with Kris savoring the amazing
feelings shooting through his body as his cock was being squeezed by Colt’s tight
tunnel as it seemed to twitch around Kris’ dick, almost massaging him.

After holding still for what felt like forever Kris slowly pulled his dick back
until it actually popped out of Colt’s ass. Colt let out a deep groan and looked
at Kris with pleading eye, wondering what he was doing.

Kris smiled and slowly pushed his cock back in to Colt’s ass until he bottomed out
again. Then once again he pulled back, removing his cock from Colt and rubbing it
up and down his crack.

“Oh stop fucking teasing me, Kris,” Colt pleaded. “I need you to fuck me. Please.”

Kris’ smile actually hurt his face. He had never been so turned on in his life.
Hearing Colt literally beg to be fucked had his cock throbbing and leaking in to
the condom. Kris was going to give Colt exactly what he wanted.

Taking his cock back in to his hand Kris quickly shoved it back inside Colt, not
taking his time like before, plunging straight in until he could get no deeper.
Colt screamed and tried to back away from Kris’ cock but Kris grabbed Colt’s hips
and pulled him forward, sinking his cock as deep as possible.

Colt’s back was arched, his chest rising and falling rapidly as Kris pulled his
cock back until just the head was left inside Colt’s ass, then he rammed it back
in, long dicking Colt, driving him wild.

Any pain that Colt had felt after being stretched wide by Kris’ dick again had
faded much quicker than the first time. Kris continued to make long, deep thrusts
as Colt relaxed back, laying flat on his back, his knees pulled up toward his

Kris shortened his strokes and quickened the pace of his thrusts as he really got
in to fucking Colt’s ass. Colt was so in to it that he lowered his feet to the
ground on either side of Kris and as Kris thrust forward in to Colt’s ass, Colt
pushed back to force the dick deeper.

Colt was moaning, almost screaming every time Kris slid inside him. Kris then had
an idea. He moved slightly on his knees and took hold of Colt’s ankles, pulling
them up until he held them both in his hands; Colt was spread-eagled beneath him.

Keeping up a quick pace Kris kept moving back and forth, pushing his dick into to
Colt and pulling it back out again. In that position Kris had total control over
Colt, who was thrashing about on the floor writhing in ecstasy. Every inward
thrust caused Colt’s dick to jerk up and as Kris pulled back out Colt’s dick
slapped back down on to his abs.

Colt kept moaning and groaning as Kris began to speed up, really fucking his hard
dick in and out of Colt’s ass. Kris had already lasted longer than the last time
he fucked Colt and he knew that he could go for quite a bit longer, he was nowhere
near orgasm yet.

Colt on the other hand, caught up in the amazing feelings being created in his ass
couldn’t help but reach up to stroke his dick, but Kris felt so good inside him
that he quickly had to stop because just the occasional stroke brought him to the
edge and he wasn’t ready for the orgasm to take him yet. He was being fucked again
and it felt amazing. He loved it and he even found himself thinking that he could
get used to it, especially if he roomed with Kris, Matt and Corey next semester.

With Colt’s ankles still in his hands Kris moved Colt’s legs until they were
resting on his shoulders. Kris then moved forward, pushing Colt’s legs back toward
his chest until Kris could place his hands down on the floor, rising up on his
feet until he was on tiptoes. This position pulled Colt’s ass up off the ground
which allowed Kris to really start pounding down in to it.

With every thrust there was a high pitched moan from Colt, a deep grunt from Kris
and the sound of their flesh slapping together as Kris power fucked Colt, his
balls bouncing off Colt’s ass with every downward move.

Kris continued to fold Colt in half, pounding in to him for another few minutes,
making Colt scream, unable to believe how long Kris was actually lasting. Colt
felt like he was continuously on the edge of orgasm but never quite reaching it,
he couldn’t even think of the words to describe how he was feeling.

Kris’ legs were beginning to get tired from what was essentially a press up
position, his dick moving up and down, in and out of Colt with every one he did.
He was glad he didn’t go to the Rec Center earlier, he was getting all the work
out he needed in the tent with Colt.

Pushing Colt’s legs from his shoulders so that they fell on either side of him,
Kris leaned down, moving back to his knees, until his lips met Colt’s. Colt threw
his arms around Kris, embraced him and returned the kiss with passion.

Their tongues battled against the other as they made out, Kris not just kissing
Colt’s mouth but attacking his neck too as he continued to fuck his throbbing cock
in and out of Colt’s ass. Colt tried to thrust up to meet Kris, his hands running
all over Kris’ back until he moved them down to Kris’ ass, where he grabbed hold
and tried to pull Kris even deeper in to him.

Kris kept fucking away, muffling his screams of pleasure in Colt’s neck. Colt had
seemingly lost all ability to speak or scream and was just laying back loving
everything that Kris was doing to him. This was the fuck that he had been thinking
about ever since he had Kris inside him the first time. It had lasted longer than
Colt ever dreamed it would. Kris had fired off two quick rounds on Spring Break
but he was like a totally different person, full of stamina, who was still not
exhausted and who would keep going until he was satisfied.

As Kris continued to thrust deep, he kept hitting Colt’s spot, forcing Colt to
release his grip on Kris, who quickly pulled away from Colt and sat back on his
knees, his dick never leaving Colt’s ass.

Kris leaned back slightly, placing one hand behind him on the ground to support
his weight, giving him a great angle so he could use the hand to push off as he
continued to fuck Colt’s ass. It also freed up one of his hands, which he quickly
moved to Colt’s dick, which he started to furiously jerk in time with his own cock
moving in and out of Colt.

Colt still couldn’t form words but he joined Kris in moaning loudly as they both
raced toward orgasm. They were so glad they were out in the middle of nowhere,
alone in a tent. Had they been in the same position the night before they would
have woken up everyone in the dorm. Instead they could just let loose and enjoy
the moment and even though they didn’t really want Matt and Corey to hear them
they were having too much fun to care. The sex was just too good.

Suddenly, with a primal scream, Colt erupted all over his abs, chest, even
shooting as far as his neck and as he came his ass tightened like a vice around
Kris’ cock, who screamed out as he too went charging over the edge, firing his cum
in to the condom. Kris actually felt like a gun had gone off the shots were that
powerful, the orgasm so intense.

After a moment, as he came down from his orgasm Kris slowly pulled out of Colt’s
ass, which seemed to want to keep him inside it, it was almost hugging his cock.
He pulled the condom off, tied the end and threw it over toward the door of the
tent, away from the sleeping bags.

Kris collapsed on to his sleeping bag beside Colt. He was panting harder than he
had in a long time, sweat was dripping over his muscular chest, pooling between
his abs, his whole body glistened in the lantern light.

Colt lay next to Kris exhausted. He too was covered in sweat, his chest heaving,
he was panting heavily as he stared up at the roof of the tent unable to move or

After about five minutes of silence, Kris started to giggle. “Fuck man, can you
believe we just did that again?”

“No…” Colt panted, still struggling for breath.

“Was I better than last time?” Kris asked.

“Fuck yeah… I’ve never felt… anything like that… to say… it blew my mind… wouldn’t
do it justice…” Colt said between deep breaths.

“Well it was without a doubt the best sex I’ve ever had, by a long way. I could
get used to fucking your ass.”

Kris started giggling again and Colt couldn’t help but join in as they continued
to laugh, the vodka having an effect on them still.

Nothing was said for about twenty minutes, the two remained on their backs on top
of their sleeping bags staring up at the tent roof. Colt eventually managed to
move and grabbed a towel from his bag, using it to wipe the cum off his body
before laying back down.

“So…” Kris said, turning slightly to look at Colt.

“So what?” Colt asked, meeting Kris’ gaze.

“You really do love being fucked don’t you?” Kris asked.

“Only by your cock,” Colt joked.

“I’m serious, man, you really do enjoy it, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do,” Colt smiled. “I can’t believe how good it feels when you fuck the
shit out of me.”

Kris chuckled, almost in disbelief. “It didn’t feel that good when you fucked me.”

“Maybe that’s just because we’d never done it before?” Colt stated. “We were both
kind of nervous and we didn’t really know what to do. I’d never fucked a guy
before I fucked you. But you know, then you fucked me and I loved it, and you saw
me fuck Bryson. I mean, he’s straight as an arrow, he hasn’t even mentioned it
since other than last night when we asked him but he took it more than okay and
seemed to love it, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, I guess he did,” Kris sighed, thinking about it.

“You know, now I know what I’m doing and have been fucked myself, I bet if you let
me fuck you again you’d love it just as much as I just did,” Colt said softly but

“I don’t know, man,” Kris said, remembering the pain in his ass the last time he
let Colt fuck him.

“I know you’re still curious and have been ever since you fucked me the first
time. Since then you’ve seen other guys loving it too and you feel like you’ve
been missing out, don’t you? You want to know how good it makes us feel.”

Kris could hear the request in Colt’s voice, he really wanted to fuck him again.
Just thinking about it started to make his dick get hard again. He thought back to
the two times he’d fucked Colt, to fucking Corey, watching Colt fuck Bryson and
then seeing Matt fuck Corey, each time the guy being fucked loved it, so why
wouldn’t he the second time around?

“Fuck…” Kris sighed. “I can’t believe I actually want you to fuck me again, but I
do. I’m up for a second round, but I’m not making any promises about how long I’ll
be able to take it. If it feels like it did last time, you have to pull out and
I’ll suck you off, deal?”

“Deal!” Colt grinned, reaching over to grab a condom which he quickly slid down
his dick before applying a generous amount of lube.

Kris moved to the middle of the tent and assumed the same position Colt had when
Kris had started to fuck him almost an hour earlier. Colt crawled along the floor
and positioned himself between Kris’ legs.
Colt pushed Kris’ legs back, exposing his ass. Kris hooked his hands behind his
knees to keep his legs in that position as Colt slowly started rubbing his dick up
and down Kris’ crack, making Kris moan, actually wanting the dick inside him.

With Kris holding his own legs it freed up Colt’s arms to allow him to get in to a
comfortable position. Slowly he pushed forward, the head of his dick pressing
firmly against Kris’ ass.

Nothing happened. Kris’ ass wouldn’t let him in.

Pushing a little harder this time, Colt heard Kris gasp and almost let go of his
legs but still he was unable to penetrate the insanely tight ass. Colt was
beginning to get frustrated. His cock was throbbing and he wanted to fuck Kris so
bad but he wanted him to love it, to beg for more so he knew he couldn’t just
shove it in because it would mean if they ever got together in the future Kris
would never offer up his ass again.

“Okay, man, this isn’t working,” Colt sighed. “Maybe if you get on your hands and
knees like Bryson did when I fucked him it will be easier for me to at least get
my dick inside you. It worked with him.”

Kris nodded but said nothing. He pulled away from Colt and turned around, getting
on to his hands and knees, pointing his ass at Colt, waggling it slightly to tease
him. Colt groaned seeing the tight hole in front of his face and moved in to
position until his dick was sliding up and down between Kris’ crack.

Colt slowly moved back and forth, not yet inside Kris, but instead letting Kris’
tight ass cheeks squeeze his cock, making both guys moan. Seizing the opportunity
with Kris moaning, Colt aimed his dick at Kris’ hole and pushed against the tight

Again he was met with resistance. He managed to get the very tip of his cock
inside Kris’ ass, but from the way Kris’ body tensed up and how tight the tip of
his cock was being squeezed he could tell Kris didn’t like it and was in pain, so
he withdrew.

Kris actually felt disappointed when he turned back to look at Colt who had a look
of defeat on his face. Kris was almost sorry for him.

“Okay, so that didn’t work,” Kris said, turning around to meet Colt’s gaze. “We
can try one more position before we give up and we can suck each other off again.”

“What position?” Colt asked, stroking his cock to keep it hard.

“Well, I remember Matt telling me once that when you first get fucked it can be a
good idea to lower yourself on to the cock because it makes it much easier and the
person getting fucked can control what’s happening. Maybe we could try that before
we give up?” Kris suggested.

Colt said nothing but the grin on his face told Kris all he needed to know. Colt
quickly moved to the middle of the tent and eagerly lay down on his back holding
up his hard cock that had returned to its full size.

Chuckling slightly, Kris moved toward Colt and positioned himself so that he was
squatting over him, his head almost touching the roof of the tent. It was a tough
position to get in to but with the help of the tent posts Kris was able to get
himself in to position so that Colt’s cock was just grazing against his asshole.

Kris took a deep breath, feeling nerves for the first time as he lowered himself
gently on to the tip of Colt’s cock. Just the position itself made Kris feel more
comfortable and more open, something that was quickly backed up as he lowered
himself further and slowly, still with a little resistance, the head of Colt’s
dick slid inside him.

“Fuck,” Kris panted, staying still, using the posts for support.

“Damn,” Colt said, his breathing more rapid than before. “We should have tried
this position to begin with, my cock almost slid right in!”

Kris laughed and began to lower himself a little more. He felt quite a bit of pain
as he lowered himself down. His ass was being stretched by the dick inside him but
he was glad that he was on top and had control. When the pain became too much, he
stopped moving, trying to get used to the feeling, and thankfully Colt didn’t move
beneath him either, understanding that Kris needed time to adjust to the dick in
his ass, which was really squeezing Colt’s cock, driving him crazy.

After a few long and slightly painful minutes Kris had continued to lower himself
until the majority of Colt’s cock was inside him. Taking deep breaths he took his
hands from the support posts and just sat back, getting used to feeling so full.
As he sat there Colt reached up and slowly stroked Kris’ cock back to life after
it deflated slightly. With Colt doing that Kris start to feel better and he
started to relax, which made his ass relax and the pain
After a few long and slightly painful minutes Kris had continued to lower himself until the majority of Colt’s cock was inside him. Taking deep breaths he took his hands from the support posts and just sat back, getting used to feeling so full. As he sat there Colt reached up and slowly stroked Kris’ cock back to life after it deflated slightly. With Colt doing that Kris start to feel better and he started to relax, which made his ass relax and the pain faded even more.

The position Kris was in felt quite uncomfortable, squatting over Colt’s dick, so he moved off his feet gently, moving on to his knees, all the time keeping Colt’s dick inside him. As he landed fully on his knees Colt’s cock was driven deeper in to him so that Colt bottomed out.

“Fuck!” They both screamed.

After another minute or so Kris started moving his hips slightly and at that moment Colt knew most of the pain in Kris’ ass must have gone. He placed his hands on Kris’ thighs and slowly encouraged Kris to move up and down on his cock but rubbing his hands up and down the length of Kris’ thighs, occasionally rubbing Kris’ hard cock.

Each movement of his hips caused Kris to wince but the groans escaping his mouth weren’t entirely unpleasant ones and Colt couldn’t help but smile. He was actually fucking Kris properly this time, with Kris in an active role, and Colt wasn’t going to let Kris chicken out this time, he was going to fuck him until he came inside him.

Seeing Kris relax more Colt decided it was time for him to move so he rotated his hips slightly, pushing up in to Kris, which caused his dick to be driven deep in to Kris‘ ass. Kris let out a whimper, leaned forward and put his hands forward until they rested on either side of Colt’s chest, supporting his weight.

Kris wasn’t moving but the angle he was positioned in gave Colt the perfect opportunity to start thrusting up in to Kris‘ ass. He put his hands on Kris’ muscular arms, stroking them and then grabbing on to them. He placed his feet on the ground and as he lowered he ass to the floor his cock pulled out of Kris until only the head remained inside Kris’ ass, before he drove his dick back in.

Kris screamed, but it was a good scream. The dick inside him was actually feeling good. He was being stretched wide open but it didn’t actually hurt any more. Every inward thrust made him emit a high pitched groan. He was starting to enjoy it himself.

Colt could see the pleasure in Kris’ face as the grimaces faded and turned in to soft smiles. Kris and Colt made eye contact and smiled at each other as Colt continued to fuck up in to Kris.

Colt thrust up again as hard as he could at the perfect angle so that his cock hit Kris’ button just right. Kris screamed and threw his head back as his eyes rolled in to the back his head.

Colt took the opportunity to move, quickly taking Kris in his arms and rolling over until Kris was on his back with Colt on top of him, Colt’s dick never left Kris’ ass.

The way Kris had been positioned before meant his legs were now either side of Colt and as Colt leaned down to kiss Kris’ neck, Kris wrapped his legs around Colt’s waist as Colt began to thrust hard and deep in to Kris. Kris was in sexual ecstasy, all the pain was gone, only pleasure remained.

Colt’s lips travelled from Kris’ neck up his chin before reaching his mouth so the two could make out. Colt held Kris’ head in his hands as Kris ran his up and down Colt’s back, his legs still wrapped around Colt who continued to fuck him.

The whole situation was too hot and too much for them. After no more than two minutes in that position, with Kris’ dick sliding between their abs, he felt a rumble in his balls and before he knew it, with a scream that was muffled by Colt’s tongue being in his mouth, his cock exploded between them, coating their abs.

Feeling Kris’ warm cum splash against his stomach pushed Colt over the edge. He didn’t stop kissing Kris as he unloaded inside him. It was his third orgasm of the night but it was no less powerful than the previous two.

The two continued to make out as they came down from orgasm, before slowly pulling their lips apart and looking in to each other’s eyes.

Kris unwrapped his legs from around Colt’s waist and Colt slowly pulled his cock out of Kris‘ ass. He took off his condom and tossed it near the door of the tent where Kris had thrown him. Colt then collapsed beside Kris, their sides were still touching.

“So,” Colt said, barely able to speak. “Was that better than the first time I fucked you?”

Kris laughed, “It was a million times better, man. Now I understand why you’re in love with my cock.”

They both burst out laughing and after wiping the cum off their bodies with the towel they quickly fell asleep in the afterglow of their amazing sex.

It was still dark outside when Kris woke up, but the lantern was still on inside the tent and gave off enough light for him to see that he was cuddled in to Colt, his arm draped across Colt’s chest with Colt’s arm around Kris’ shoulder. One of Colt’s legs was also thrown over one of Kris’. But none of that was what surprised Kris the most, what really surprised him was that his dick was once again rock hard and with the position of Colt’s leg over his, Kris’ cock was brushing against Colt’s hole.
Kris tried not to move but no matter what he did his dick seemed to be trying to press forward in to Colt’s ass. It wanted to go inside.

It wasn’t long before Kris saw Colt stir and heard him let out a groan as he turned his head to look at Kris. Colt was still sleepy as he reached down with his free hand, wrapping it around Kris’ hard cock.

With another groan, his voice groggy, Colt finally spoke, Are you trying to fuck me again, man?”

Kris didn’t know what to say so he said nothing as Colt’s hand started moving on his dick.

“You know, if you did, I wouldn’t mind,” Colt whispered.

Kris smiled. That was an invitation and one that was too good to pass up. He quickly grabbed a condom, slipped it on and with no trouble at all his cock slid inside Colt‘s ass, making them both moan.

Both guys were still sleepy but both enjoyed the feelings the other was causing with their body. Neither tried to change their position. Kris had his arm across Colt’s chest and Colt had his around Kris’ shoulder as Kris slowly, almost sensuously, moved inside of Colt, slowly fucking him.

Both guys were moaning and kept holding on to one another, Kris kept sliding his dick in and out of Colt, lowering his head until it rested on Colt’s chest.

As he kept moving his hips, fucking Colt, Kris placed a kiss on Colt’s chest, just catching the nipple, making Colt jerk and back in to Kris, driving his dick deeper.

Kris smiled at that reaction but instead of placing another kiss on Colt’s chest he extended his tongue, slowly teased the nipple as Colt’s groans turned in to screams of pleasure.

Kris moved the arm over Colt’s chest down to Colt’s leaking dick and started stroking. Colt had gone to another planet as he exploded, his shots even in his fourth orgasm of the night were so powerful they splattered the wall of the tent.

Colt’s ass clamped down on Kris’ dick and Kris pulled his cock out of Colt just before he came. He ripped the condom off, threw it to where he thought the door was and with a few quick strokes of his own cock he covered Colt’s ass in his spunk.

After his orgasm Colt had passed out from exhaustion and pleasure, not even aware of what Kris had done.
Kris looked at his sleeping friend, or were they lovers now? He didn’t know. They had fucked each other a total of five times, not counting the blow jobs. Did that make them more than friends? Pushing the thoughts out of his mind he smiled, placed his head on Colt’s chest as it continued to move up and down and joined Colt in a very deep and happy sleep.


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