Posted:   January 23, 2010

Trey headed to the bathroom after a few drinks.  Just as he was about to open the door, another man was right behind him.  Trey held the door for both to enter the bathroom.  They smiled at each other and headed to the trough to take a piss.  Trey pulled out his cock and let the piss fly with the obvious stare coming from the man he entered with.  Trey gave the man the once over to notice he was older yet incredibly hot with nice arms.  Looking down, Trey could see piss flowing from the man’s average cock.  Both shook off and headed to wash their hands at the sinks with guys coming and going in the gay club.  Washing their hands, the eye contact was obvious as well.

Drying off their hands, Trey mustered the courage, “You here alone or have someone?”

“I was wondering the same thing,” the guy smiled. “I’m here with some friends but no one special.  You?”

“Same thing,” Trey smiled. “Care to grab a drink?”

“Ummm… don’t mind if I do,” the guy replied.

“Awesome,” Trey said. 

They exited the bathroom and waded in the crowd to make to the bar.  Trey ordered as did the guy.  Taking their drinks with Trey buying, Trey politely introduced him to the guy.

“Nice to meet you.  Calvin here,” the guy stated with his drink in his hand.

“Come here much?” Trey asked over the noise.

“Nah, not really my crowd,” Calvin replied at the mostly younger gathering.

“Oh,” Trey said with a different tone.

“Maybe it could be.  I do like what I have seen so far especially the one I’m having a drink with.  Unexpected but welcome,” Calvin stated.

“I was wondering…”

“No, younger guys aren’t usually what I’m after,” Calvin said and took a drink.

“Nice to meet you though,” Trey stood and put down his glass.  “See…”

“No Trey, please don’t leave just yet.  I know how it sounded but damn you’re cute.  I normally am not approached by anyone your age,” Calvin said.

“Calvin, this is a rarity for me as well.  I usually…”

“There you Trey.  We thought you got kidnapped,” Trey’s friend, Mike, said.

“No, just chatting here,” Trey stated.

“Okay then, you know where we are,” Mike said and ordered his drinks.

“Wanna grab a table if we can find one?” Calvin asked.

“Sure,” Trey smiled.

They walked around for a minute and found a table in the rear of the club.  They sat down and observed the dancing on the floor and the others near them. Shortly after another drink, they headed to the dance floor after Calvin insisted.  In the maze of mostly younger guys and those you wished they were younger, they danced to the loud, pulsating music.  After a good time on the dance floor, the two returned to their table.

“Trey, I had a great time but really need to run,” Calvin said at the table.  “Unless you care to continue at my place.”

“Ummm…” Trey rubbed the hair on his chin and wiped the sweaty hair from his face. “I could do that.  Let me tell my friends though.  They drove, so you’ll have to take me home later.”

“I understand,” Calvin said. “I’ll tell mine as well and met you outside the door.”

The two found their friends and met at the front door.  They found Calvin’s truck and headed to his house a few miles away.  Once at Calvin’s modest home, Calvin brought out the beer for one last drink.

“Now we can really talk,” Trey said, once at Calvin’s home.

“Yea, the noise in the club is unreal,” Calvin said.

Trey smiled, “I used to it.”

“I take you frequent there often,” Calvin said.

“Two or three times a month, my friends and I get together and go to have and check out the scenery,” Trey said.

Calvin took a drink and wiped the suds from his mouth, “Trey, I have to ask this.  Are you looking for a sugar daddy in me?”

Trey was a little taken back by the question and the insinuation, “Excuse me!”

“You’re a hot young guy… I was wondering,” Calvin said and could see Trey’s reaction.

“What the fuck!  Calvin, I saw a hot guy like you did and went with it.  You had your chance, if I recall, letting me walk away earlier.”

“Sorry I even brought it up,” Calvin said.

“Were you looking for a boy toy?” Trey asked.

“I see your point, Trey.  I almost didn’t ask it and now regret even doing it.  I’m such a dumbass but I’ve heard horror stories.”

“Me as well.  I was attracted to you as a male no matter your age which is what by the way?”

“I’m 42.  You?”

“22. You look great for your age or any age for that matter,” Trey said and was calming down.

“Thanks,” Calvin said.  He leaned over and kissed Trey.  He enjoyed feeling Trey’s tongue ring as they explored each other’s mouth.  “You’re a fucking great kisser, Trey.”

“You are too, Calvin.  Has me wanting more,” Trey smiled.  He flung off his shirt and allowed Calvin to explore his youthful body.  Calvin sucked on Trey’s pierced nipples and licked all over his smooth body.  Calvin pulled his shirt with the heat building between the two.  Trey had no qualms about Calvin’s hairy muscled up torso.  He returned the treatment and had both horny for more action.  Calvin and Trey kissed before Calvin slid off Trey’s black jeans and boxer briefs. 

“It even looks bigger now,” Calvin commented after seeing Trey’s cock earlier.  He pushed off the jeans and boxer briefs to see Trey totally naked and looking so hot.  “Fuck guys my age now!”

“You like my young body?”

“Do I ever,” Calvin replied and got on his knees to show him how a mature gay man worshipped his man.  All Trey could do was sit back and enjoy Calvin’s efforts. 

Calvin stopped after 5 minutes and dropped his jeans and tighty whities.  Trey smiled at the traditional briefs and wanted to show Calvin he too knew how to suck cock.  Calvin sat back for a moment before moaning and pressing down on Trey’s brown hair.  Trey easily took Calvin’s cock in his throat and got a good whiff of Calvin’s musky smell.

Calvin pulled Trey up for a long kiss with both stroking each other.  “Fuck me, Trey!” Calvin said with passion and lust throughout his body.
Trey kissed Calvin and shoved his forefinger in Calvin’s hairy ass.  Calvin groaned into Trey’s mouth.  Trey pulled his finger out, spit on it and returned it to probe Calvin’s hole more.

Oh Trey!” Calvin moaned and groaned countless times.

Trey pulled his finger out one last time, spit on his hard 7 inches and stuck it at Calvin’s hole.  He pushed into Calvin and felt his hard cock slip in.  Both groaned with the initial plunge.

Fuck me,” Calvin said breathless.

Trey slowly worked his cock.  He could feel the friction and spit a few more times on his throbbing hard cock.  He plunged deep into Calvin and heard the soft moaning.  The moaning increased as did their breathing and sweat.  Trey was hitting all of Calvin’s buttons with his slow methodical fuck.  Calvin rolled over after taking Trey on his back and wanted more doggie style.  Trey slipped back in after more spit. 

Harder.. fuck my ass harder… oooo yes… fuck me boy… fuck me with that big young cock of yours!” Calvin spurted out feeling Trey in him.

Trey reached around and found Calvin’s cock rock hard.  He tugged on his cock while fucking him.  Trey kissed Calvin’s neck before sticking his pierced tongue for Calvin’s tongue. 

“I’m fucking cumming…” Trey screamed.

OOOO give me that boy fucking load!” Calvin screamed as well.

Trey pushed deep and unloaded his load inside Calvin’s ass.  Calvin started cumming as well.  Trey pulled out his cum covered cock and slowly stuck it back in Calvin.  He pushed his load deep.  He pulled out and collapsed on top of Calvin’s body.

“Damn boy, what have I been missing?” Calvin asked.

“It was just as hot for me.  I heard older guys were great fucks,” Trey said.

“I assume you’re hot ass is ready to go home,” Calvin stated.

“Not until you’re ready for me to,” Trey replied.

“Sleep with me then,” Calvin said.

“I will definitely do that,” Trey said.

The two cleaned up their sticky mess and walked to Calvin’s bedroom. Trey lay next to Calvin and stroked his big chest he so admired.  Calvin returned the attention by stroking Trey’s cheeks and neck.  Trey jumped on Calvin’s body for some lip action which he received.  Trey felt his cock getting hard with more stimulation no more than ten minutes after shooting his load.

“Calvin, want some more of me?” Trey whispered.

“Fuck yea I do.  I thought you were getting hard again,” Calvin stated with Trey on top of him and rubbing Trey’s small ass cheeks.

“I will,” Trey said and slid down just a little.

“I see the advantages of a young stud.  No hour or more to get hard again,” Calvin smiled and felt Trey’s cock pushing against his hole.  He reached over and pulled out some lube to make it more comfortable despite his ass still full of Trey’s last load.  Trey squirted a little on and reentered Calvin.  Calvin moaned instantly and could feel the warmth of Trey’s cock in him.  He reached down and pulled Trey deeper. 

“OOO feels so good,” Trey moaned going slowly.

“I’ll say.  Fuck me boy!” Calvin said.  “Show me what a stud you really are!”

Trey pulled out and slammed his cock into Calvin.  Calvin grimaced and let out a whimper. 


“No felt so good!  Fuck me!” Calvin replied.

Trey saw his older sexual partner wanted it hard and wasn’t about to disappoint.  He grabbed Calvin’s hairy legs and started assaulting Calvin’s ass repeatedly.  He could hear the moans mixed with his own intense forceful grunts.  Skin started popping together with Trey’s hard ass pounding thrust.

“Fuck yea!” Calvin screamed. “Love it Trey!”

MMMM!” Trey grunted and slammed his cock.  He pulled out with only the tip in and rammed it home full tilt.  Calvin was man enough to take it along with enjoying this young guy using his ass. 

“Fucking harder!” Calvin said.

Sweat beaded up on Trey’s head.  He wanted give to Calvin what he wanted.  The noise level increased in the room with the two going at hot and heavy.  Trey slowed the pace to let both catch their breath.  He kissed Calvin with tongue before pushing him over on his side.  The pace was slow at first on their sides.  Trey increased the pace until reaching another fever pace of great man sex. 

Calvin reached down and stroked his cock while taking all Trey was giving.  He felt a deep push, loud animalistic howl and warmth again in his ass.  He stroked hard until busting again.

Trey pulled out after Calvin finished.  He pulled him close and drove his tongue in Calvin’s mouth.

“Damn Trey, I haven’t came twice during sex in a long time,” Calvin said after the long kiss.  “You really did a number on my ass.”

“I hope it wasn’t too much,” Trey stated.

“Hell fire, what’s too much?  If it had been, I’d told you to back off.  Truthfully, I’ve been longing for sex like we had for a while and you sure delivered like a pro,” Calvin stated.

“Glad I could.  The pleasure was all mine, trust me,” Trey stated in his glow.  He lay his head on Calvin’s hairy chest and put his arm across.  Both were soon asleep with cum drying on and near them.

Shortly after waking that Sunday, Trey announced he was ready to head home for a while.  Calvin and Trey did shower together and dressed.  Calvin couldn’t thank Trey enough for the night the two shared.  Trey thanked Calvin as well and said he hoped it wouldn’t be a one-nighter.

Calvin dropped Trey off at his place he shared with his roommate.  Trey floated inside to find his roommate Sammy on the couch.

“What are you so chipper about, Trey?” Sammy asked.

“I had the best night of sex ever,” Trey said.

“Surely not that fucking daddy you were with,” Sammy said. “Dude he was twice your age.”

“So what if he was, he was fucking awesome!” Trey smiled.

“You finally found the right one, huh?”

“I found the right one alright.”

“Is he loaded like you wanted?”

“Hell if I know but after last night I don’t care.  Older men are wonderful,” Trey said.

“Trey of all guys I just can’t see you with an older man.  If he was 18 or even younger, of course I could.  Why the change?”

“I was sick of twinks and wanted something different,” Trey said.

“Good luck with that.  You seeing him again?”

“Tonight I am,” Trey smiled. “Sammy did you even see him?  Calvin is so hot and all muscled up with one hot hairy chest.  He was all man in my book.”

“I guess I didn’t.  Trey, are you sure about this?  This is so unlike you.”

“I’m pretty sure.  We’ll see though,” Trey stated. He headed off to his room and lay on his bed.  He was in dreamland about the endless possibilities. 

Later that night, Sammy was able to catch a glimpse of Calvin when he showed up to take Trey out.  Sammy liked what he saw and could see why Trey was so taken with him despite the age difference.  The two headed out for a nice quiet dinner with lots of conversation between the two.  At the end of the night, Trey was back home after the short date.  He was as smitten as ever with Calvin even without getting naked with him.  He felt as though it was a beginning to a mature relationship.


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