Rooming With My Best Friend - THE NIGHT!


“Can you believe those bitches?” Colt said, downing his third beer.

“I know,” Bryson agreed, sitting across the table with his own bottle in hand. “I mean, look at us, we’re the hottest guys here and not one of us is out getting laid tonight.”

“I guess we should have known some of those girls would be frigid. What’s the point in coming on Spring Break if you’re not gonna sleep around?” Kris added, picking up another beer.

“Yeah, we all come out here showing off our hot bodies and it’s the gay ones who are shacking up and getting more action than the rest of us combined.” Jess said, leaning back in his chair.

“You’re one to talk, Jess,” Colt smiled. “We all remember the Ski Trip.”

“Hey, what can I say, when you’re horny you’ll do anything to get off,” Jess smiled back.

“Yeah? Then how about you suck my dick?” Colt said rubbing his crotch. “I dare you.”

“You serious?” Jess asked, wide-eyed.

“Yeah, I’m hard as fuck right now, and since I’ve already had my dick sucked by Corey, getting it sucked by you won’t be much different,” Colt said, slipping his shorts down to expose his hard cock.

“Fuck,” Jess said, putting his bottle down on the table.

“Are you guys really gonna do this?” Bryson asked.

“Why not?” Colt asked. “I need my dick sucked and if Jess is willing…”

“Oh, I am,” Jess smirked.

“Come on then,” Colt said. He stood up from his chair and took a few steps over to where Jess was seated. His shorts fell around his ankles as his cock bobbed up and down in front of Jess’ face.

Jess briefly shook his head in disbelief but was too turned on to pass up the opportunity. He moved forward off the chair until he was kneeling in front of Colt.

Reaching a hand up, Jess took hold of Colt’s throbbing cock, running his hand back and forth, causing Colt to moan. A drop of precum formed on the tip of Colt’s dick as Jess continued to run his hand up and down the shaft.

Jess ran his tongue around his lips, leaned forward and licked the precum from the tip.

Feeling Colt’s body shudder at the feel of the tongue on his cock and the taste of Colt’s precum made Jess hungry for more. He opened his mouth wide, taking the head of Colt’s dick in to his mouth, circling it with his tongue, probing the slit for more of Colt’s juices.

“Fuck this is gay,” Bryson said from his seat but he was unable to take his eyes off Jess as he took more and more of Colt’s dick in to his mouth.

“Fucking hot though,” Kris said, rubbing his hard cock through his shorts.

Jess was really going to work on Colt’s cock, whose moans grew louder by the second. If any of the other guys hadn’t known what was happening, they sure did now, and every one of them was watching the show.

“Holy shit, Jess, you can really suck cock,” Colt said as he started to fuck Jess’ face.

Jess smiled around Colt’s cock but didn’t stop sucking.

After another minute of watching Colt get his dick sucked and hearing him moan in pleasure Bryson felt his desperate need to get off take over his body. He stood up from his chair, dropped his shorts and walked over to where Jess was blowing Colt.

“I can’t fucking stand it any longer. I need to have my dick sucked now and since you’re enjoying Colt’s so much, how about sucking mine?” Bryson asked, pointing his cock at Jess’ face.

Jess looked up at Colt without taking his dick out of his mouth, silently asking for permission. Colt smiled and nodded, so Jess slowly pulled off and turned his head. He opened his mouth which was immediately filled with Bryson’s cock.

Colt didn’t move back, instead he reached down to stroke his cock while watching Jess go to work on Bryson, who was holding Jess’ head and really getting in to it, thrusting his cock in and out of Jess’ mouth.

Kris couldn’t take his eyes off the action and his own dick was too hard to be contained by his shorts. He pulled them down just enough so he could stroke his dripping cock.

“Aww, fuck, I need me some of that too,” Kris said, moving slowly toward Colt, Jess and Bryson until Jess was almost enclosed with Colt in front of him and Bryson and Kris on either side.

Pushing his shorts down completely Kris continued stroking his cock but as soon as Jess saw how much it was leaking he couldn’t help himself. He pulled off of Bryson’s dick, much to Bryson’s disappointment, and engulfed Kris’ cock within seconds, wanting to taste every drop that gathered at the end of Kris’ dick.

“Damn,” Colt said, watching Jess slurp on Kris’ cock like a starving man. When he looked up, just past Jess’ head he saw something he couldn’t believe. “Holy shit, look at that…”

Bryson, Kris and Jess all turned around to see Brennan on his knees working over Alex’s cock. Alex’s eyes were rolled back in to his head from the amazing feelings he was getting through his dick.

“Oh man that’s hot,” Jess said, staring up at the three guys surrounding him. “All right guys, since I’ve gone this far I might as well go the whole way. Who wants to fuck me?”

“What the fuck? Are you serious?” Bryson asked.

“Hell, yeah. I’m horny as fuck and I need a dick inside me,” Jess said, looking up with pleading eyes.

“Fuck no, that’s too gay for me,” Bryson said, taking a step back.

“Me too, man,” Colt said, also stepping back.

“Kris?” Jess pleaded.

“Sorry dude, I don’t think I can either.” Kris said.

“Why? You fucked Corey.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have told you guys that,” Kris said, hanging his head.

“What so special about him that you’ll fuck him but not me?”

“I was drunk.”

“You’re drunk now,” Jess said.

“Not that drunk, sorry,” Kris said.

“Fuck you then,” Jess said, turning around. “Hey, you two, either of you want to fuck me?”

Alex was quickly brought back to reality and shook his head. Brennan looked at Jess with curiosity, trying to make out if it was all just some kind of joke.

“Are you serious?” Brennan asked.

“Fuck yeah. So? How about it?” Jess asked.

“Damn right I’ll fuck you,” Brennan said with a huge grin.

Jess crawled across the floor toward Brennan, removing his clothes as he did, until he was just in front of him, turning around to present his ass, ready to be fucked.

“Holy shit, are they really gonna do this?” Bryson asked.

“Looks like it,” Colt said.

“What the fuck?” It was Noah’s voice this time. “I’m not gonna stop you guys from doing this shit, but I’m not sticking around to watch it. I’m off to bed.”

“Me too,” Kendall said.

The room soon cleared out until just Bryson, Colt, Kris, Jess and Brennan remained.

“Are they really going to fuck right there?” Colt asked in disbelief.

“Looks like it,” Kris said, “Brennan’s already got a condom on.”

“Fuck, I can’t stay here to watch this,” Bryson said. “Let them have their fun but it’s not for me.”

Despite not wanting to stay to watch Bryson couldn’t bring himself to leave, curiosity got the better of him. He had never seen two men fuck before.

“Go slow, it’s been a while,” Jess said, looking back at Brennan.

“Don’t worry, you’ll fucking love it,” Brennan said as he slowly pushed his dick into Jess’ tight hole.

“Oh fuck,” Jess said as he threw his head back.

Brennan sunk his dick in to Jess with relative ease and in less than thirty seconds he was moving in and out of Jess quickly, holding on to his hips to control the speed of his thrusts.

“Oh fuck man, that feels so good,” Jess said, pushing back against Brennan.

“Right, this is too weird now,” Bryson said. “You two can keep watching if you want but I’m going to bed.”

Bryson headed upstairs. Colt and Kris kept watching Jess and Brennan go at it for another minute, slowly stroking their cocks until the scene grew too much for them as well and they headed off up to their room in the loft.

Inside their room Kris and Colt quickly striped out of their remaining clothes and lay down on their makeshift bed on the floor of the loft.

“Damn, I’m still hard,” Kris said, “even watching that shit got me horny as hell. Why couldn’t we find an easy girl tonight?”

“I know that’s right,” Colt said. “Some girl with a nice wet pussy who would let us fuck her.”

“Hell, I’d just settle for a blow job right now,” Kris said, throwing his head back in frustration.

“Yeah?” Colt said, leaning up on one elbow, eyes focused on Kris. “You know, we’ve both fooled around with Matt and Corey and had our dicks sucked, so maybe we can help each other out.”

“For real?” Kris said, sitting up to look at Colt.

“Why not? We’re alone. No one’s going to know. Besides, you said you’d sucked Matt’s dick, which is a hell of a lot bigger than mine, so I’m sure you could take me,” Colt said, slowly stroking his dick.

“You want me to suck your dick?” Kris asked, subconsciously moving a little closer to Colt.

“Yeah, you want me to suck yours?” Colt asked, looking down at Kris’ throbbing dick that was leaking precum again.

“You’d suck my cock?” Kris asked, surprised.

“It’s only fair. You suck mine and I’ll suck yours. Deal?”

Kris remained silent for a moment, his eyes moving between Colt’s hard cock and Colt determined eyes, trying to be sure he was serious before making a move.

Colt chuckled, reaching over to take Kris’ cock in his hand. Kris gasped as Colt stroked him, rubbing the precum all over Kris’ cock.

“I bet you weren’t this uptight with Matt and Corey,” Colt smiled.

“I just didn’t know if you were messing with me.”

“Dude, I’ve got your dick in my hand, I’m not messing. Now are you just gonna lie there or are you gonna jack me off as well?”

“Fuck it,” Kris muttered, reaching over to stroke Colt’s dick.

The two lay side by side, looking at each other as they stroked the other guy’s dick. Both started moaning and began slowly thrusting in to the other’s hand, until they were simulating fucking each other’s fist, their dicks only inches apart.

“Man, that feels good,” Kris said through panted breaths.

“Yeah, it does,” Colt said. “But I bet your mouth feels better. I bet Matt’s taught you how to suck a cock real good, I mean, Corey does.”

Kris laughed, any thoughts of what they were doing being wrong had left his mind and he was just going to enjoy spending time with one of his closest friends, helping each other to get off.

He took Colt’s hand off his cock and pushed Colt on to his back. Colt looked up in shock as Kris crawled in to position between his legs, grabbed his cock so it pointed toward the ceiling and quickly wrapped his lips around it. Colt gasped at the feeling.

Kris closed his eyes, not really wanting to see what he was doing but also determined to do a good job. He thought back to all the blow jobs he had got from girls and then to those Matt and Corey had given him. He knew what felt good and as he started working Colt’s cock he wanted his friend to feel those same feelings of pleasure.

He ran his tongue around the head of Colt’s dick before taking more than half of it in to his mouth and running his tongue up the shaft as he came back up, circling the head again before going back down.

“Holy shit, Kris,” Colt moaned. “That feels so fucking good.”

Colt moved his hand down to stroke Kris’ head and hair as Kris continued to work his cock. Colt never thought he would enjoy being sucked off by a guy so much, but there was something about having his dick sucked by a straight guy like Kris that turned him on more than ever before.

Kris knew exactly what to do to make Colt feel good and he knew that he was doing a great job by the moans escaping Colt’s mouth and from the precum that was now flowing on to Kris’ tongue.

Another minute of sucking and Kris pulled back. Colt groaned.

“What the fuck, man? Why did you stop?” Colt asked, sitting up.

“My fucking jaw is aching like a bitch. Anyway, it’s your turn to suck my cock, if you think you can…”

“Is that a challenge?” Colt asked, raising an eyebrow.

He was up on his knees before Kris could react giving Kris no time to prepare as Colt tackled him on to his back. Kris was still in shock from being tackled when he felt a mouth engulf his cock. He looked down and couldn’t believe that he was looking at Colt, someone he never dreamed would do something like this, actually sucking his cock, and he was good.

Kris relaxed as Colt went to work. He couldn’t believe how good Colt’s mouth felt on his cock. It might have been Colt’s first time but Kris couldn’t help think that Colt had been born to service cock. Every move Colt’s mouth made, every sweep of his tongue, caused Kris to moan and arch his back, grabbing a fist full of the blanket beneath him as he tried everything in his power to stop himself from cumming. He wanted the blow job to last.

“Shit, Colt, you’re fucking amazing. Suck my cock, man.”

Colt smiled around Kris’ cock, feeling satisfied. He hadn’t sucked a cock before and he wasn’t sure he would again but he took great pleasure in knowing that he was great at it, like with so many other things. It was good for his ego.

As Colt continued to suck Kris’ dick, driving him wild, Kris’ legs slowly pulled back until Colt could see Kris’ tight ass. The hole looked like it was winking at him. It was so inviting. He couldn’t believe what he was about to say.

Slurping on the head of Kris’ dick, Colt pulled back, letting Kris’ cock slap against his stomach. Kris looked up at Colt wondering why he stopped.

“I’m sorry man but I can’t take it any more. I really need to fuck you,” Colt said, lust and hunger clear in his voice.

“What?” Kris asked, not sure he heard right.

“I need to fuck you, dude, your ass is begging for it.”

“I don’t know, man.”

“Oh come on, you know you’re curious. Matt and Corey love it, so it must be good.”

“Yeah, but still, I don’t know…”

“Hell, you saw how much Jess liked that cock up his ass a few minutes ago. I bet you’d love it.”

“I’m not Jess though,” Kris said, starting to panic.

“And thank fuck for that, I wouldn’t want to do this with him anyway. It’s different with you. If you don’t like it I’ll stop.”

Kris thought for a second, wondering if actually having sex with Colt was going too far. As he was thinking it over Colt took Kris’ cock back in to his mouth and started working him over again. Kris started moaning again. Colt’s mouth felt so good.

“Oh fuck… okay… go for it,” Kris panted, caught up in the feelings.

“Go for what?” Colt said, briefly releasing Kris’ dick before taking it back in to his mouth.

“My ass, man,” Kris said, moaning. “Oh God, fuck me.”

“That’s more like it,” Colt said, taking his mouth off Kris’ cock, but he continued to stroke it as he reached over for a box of condoms.

Colt wanted to keep Kris in a state of sexual frenzy as he prepared him for taking his cock since he knew Kris wouldn’t back out if he was feeling good.

It was difficult getting the condom on with one hand, but Colt quickly managed it and popped open a bottle of lube lying near by. He quickly lubed up his own cock and added some more to his hand so he could lube up Kris’ cock as well.

Now ready and with Kris lying on his back in front of him, waiting for his cock, Colt moved forward in to position until the head of his dick was brushing against Kris’ virgin hole.

Kris moaned at the contact but Colt didn’t push in. He held his own dick in one hand, rubbing the head back and forth over Kris’ hole, teasing him, while with his other hand he continued to stroke Kris’ cock.

“Oh man, come on, if you’re gonna fuck me, fuck me,” Kris groaned.

Colt smiled. Getting macho hunk Kris to submit to him and pretty much beg to be fucked made Colt’s dick throb all the more, so much so that he could feel his own heartbeat in the end of his dick.

Finally Colt pushed forward, his dick pressing right up against Kris’ tight hole that had slowly started to open up as Colt rubbed his dick against it. Suddenly the head broke through and the first two inches of Colt’s dick disappeared inside Kris’ virgin ass.

“FUCK!” Kris screamed, grabbing the blanket on the bed and putting it between his teeth so he didn’t alert the rest of the house to what was going on.

With his other hand Kris pressed against Colt’s chest trying to make sure he couldn’t enter him any further. The pain was almost too much.

“Holy shit, your ass is tight,” Colt said, panting.

“What the fuck do you expect?” Kris growled, his voice muffled by the blanket.

“I’m just gonna hold it here a second so you can get used to it, and so I don’t cum,” Colt said, panting even harder, his dick was throbbing inside of Kris.

“Fuck it hurts,” Kris whimpered.

“You’re such a pussy,” Colt said, returning a hand to Kris’ dick that had started to go soft.

“You have no fucking idea what it’s like,” Kris said, the pain in his ass lessening slightly as Colt’s stroking brought his dick back to full hardness.

“You’re seriously telling me you’ve never been fucked by Matt?”

“Never. We might have fooled around but he’s never fucked me.”

“I bet you wish he had though, don’t you?” Colt said with a smile.

“Fuck you, Colt,” Kris almost spat.

“Er, I think you’ll find it’s me that's fucking you.” Colt grinned.

Kris and Colt both burst out laughing and as they did Kris relaxed enough to let Colt slide all the way inside him. Kris groaned again, biting down on the blanket but Colt stopped moving and kept stroking Kris’ cock.

“You are so fucking tight, Kris,” Colt said. “Your ass feels so good. Better than any pussy I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, let’s just hope none of those girls you fucked had to feel so much pain. It fucking stings like hell.”

“Oh, shut up and take it like a man,” Colt said as he slowly pulled out of Kris before pushing back in.

Kris groaned and moaned as Colt continued to move inside of him, moving back and forth until he’d built up a nice rhythm and was slowly fucking Kris.

Facing Kris allowed Colt to see that Kris was still feeling some discomfort so he propped himself up on one hand so he could continue to fuck his hard dick in and out of Kris’ ass whilst using the other to jack Kris’ own cock, which to Colt’s surprise was still hard against Kris’ abs.

Colt continued to fuck Kris for a few more minutes but it was getting too much for Kris, even though his dick was still hard and the pain had lessened slightly. He placed a hand on Colt’s chest and sat up, pushing back against Colt until his dick popped out of Kris’ ass.

“What the fuck, man?” Colt protested, catching himself from falling over. “That was just getting good and I was really getting in to it.”

“I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t take any more,” Kris said, rubbing his sore ass.

“Oh come on, you can’t stop me half way through,” Colt said, still rubbing his cock. “This guy needs attention.”

“Well, I can suck it again if you like, but you’re not fucking me.”

“Just stop being a pussy and let me fuck you,” Colt demanded, moving closer to Kris.

“Don’t call me a pussy. You’ve got no fucking idea how much that shit hurts,” Kris said, standing up to get in Colt's face.

“Yeah, well I bet I’d be able to take it better than you.”

“Go on then,” Kris said, pointing down to the bed.

“Go on what?” Colt asked confused.

“Prove how much of a man you are. Prove to me that you’re a better man than me and can take a cock for longer than five minutes.”

Colt raised an eyebrow.

“Now that definitely sounds like a challenge… alright… you’re on,” Colt said, pulling off his condom and throwing it across the room. He got down on the bed on his back and looked up at Kris who was standing there in shock. “Come on then stud, fuck me and see if I can’t take it. I’m not gonna wimp out like you.”

“Oh, you asked for it now, fucker,” Kris said, quickly grabbing a condom and sliding it over his rock hard cock in seconds.

He lubed his cock so it was nice and slippery, dropping the bottle of lube as he got on his knees between Colt’s legs.

Colt pulled his legs up and hooked his arms under his knees, almost teasing Kris with his hole, laying himself wide open and daring Kris to take him.

Kris smiled and rubbed the head of his cock against Colt’s opening, knowing they needed the lube. As much as Kris just wanted to fuck Colt to show him how much it stung when Colt fucked him, Kris actually cared about Colt and didn’t want to hurt him too much.

“Are you gonna do it?” Colt asked, raising his head to look in to Kris’ eyes.

“I’m just teasing you like you did with me,” Kris smiled.

“Just get a move on and let me prove you wrong,” Colt smiled back.

Kris moved his dick until it was aligned perfectly with Colt’s hole and began pushing in. Colt gritted his teeth at his body’s reluctance to let Kris inside him, but finally his ass gave away and Kris’ cock sank deep inside him.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” Colt screamed, dropping his legs and pushing back on Kris’ chest to stop him from entering further, much like Kris had done to him.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Kris said smiling.

“Like a bastard, but give me a second and I’m sure I can take more, unlike you.”

“Hey, I took you for a good five minutes. I bet you beg me to stop long before then.”

“Like hell I will,” Colt said, grabbing for his shorts. He pulled out his phone and found the stop watch function. He set the clock running. “Let’s time it, shall we? I’ll last a lot longer than you did, so come on, fuck me.”

Kris shook his head, still not believing that he had his cock inside Colt’s tight ass, but loving the feeling as it gripped his dick. Slowly he started pushing in further until he was balls deep inside Colt, the two of them panting and moaning.

“You are so fucking tight,” Kris moaned. “Your ass feels so good wrapped around my cock.”

“What the hell did you expect, Kris? It’s not like when you fucked Corey. This ass has never had a dick up it.”

“Until now...” Kris smiled.

“Yeah, until now,” Colt smiled back, “but I’m not whining like a bitch like you were. I’m man enough to take a cock up my ass.”

“We’ll see about that…” Kris said, pulling back until his cock almost came out of Colt before ramming it back in. Colt groaned and arched his back.

Kris started moving back and forth inside Colt, building in to a steady rhythm as Colt’s whole body started loosening up.

The pain Colt had felt with the initial entry and as Kris’ cock stretched him wide had slowly started to fade and as much as he didn’t want to admit it, Kris’ cock was starting to feel good inside him.

Kris kept the long strokes up for a little while until he saw Colt relax entirely and he knew that was his cue. He started moving faster inside his hunky friend, getting faster and faster until he was really pounding Colt’s ass.

Colt couldn’t believe how good being fucked felt. He had never dreamed he would be in a situation where he would ever allow himself to be fucked but he was in that situation now and he was really starting to enjoy it.

“Holy shit, Kris, fuck me man, oh God, it feels so fucking good,” Colt panted, all thoughts of timing the sex had been forgotten, he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Colt’s moans were mixing with Kris’ own grunts and the sound of their flesh slapping together as Kris’ balls bounced off Colt’s ass as he really went to town on Colt’s ass, fucking him hard and deep.

Kris was panting more and more as he continued to fuck Colt’s ass. The feeling was incredible, tighter than anything he had ever fucked before.

On a particularly deep thrust Kris’ dick hit Colt’s spot, causing Colt to scream out and buck up in to Kris, whose dick went even deeper. Both screamed out and in the heat of the moment, overwhelmed with passion and lust, Kris bent down to place his lips against Colt’s.

Colt was so caught up in the amazing feelings coming from his ass and his rock hard cock that was leaking all over his abs that he didn’t think before opening his mouth to accept Kris’ tongue in to his.

The two made out passionately, their tongues fighting for dominance and Colt’s hands all over Kris’ body. Kris continued to fuck his hard dick in to Colt’s ass as his tongue probed Colt’s mouth.

The thought that his dick was deep in one end of Colt while his tongue was deep at the other end was almost enough to make Kris cum that very second, but he wanted to last longer, to make Colt beg him to stop.

Kris pulled back from the kiss, placing his hands behind Colt’s knees to really get some leverage as he began to pound in and out of Colt’s ass. Every inward thrust rubbed Colt in exactly the right spot causing him to moan in ecstasy, precum flowed out of his hard cock that was slapping against his abs, as his ass tightened around Kris’ cock.

“Oh shit,” Kris cried out, “your ass is too damn tight and it’s squeezing me just right.”

With a final deep thrust, pushing his dick all the way in, Kris panted and screamed as his cock exploded inside Colt, filling the condom to capacity.

Struggling for breath after the most intense orgasm of his life, Kris collapsed on to Colt’s sticky body, his cock still hard inside him. Their lips found each other again and they made out like crazy.

Coming down from his high, Kris pulled back from Colt’s lips.

“Fuck, that was hot,” a voice that belonged to neither guy filled the room.

Kris and Colt panicked, with Kris’ cock still deep inside Colt, they looked over toward the door of the loft to see Bryson standing there completely naked, jerking his own cock after watching the two of them go at it.

Kris quickly pulled his dick out of Colt, which made Colt groan, his ass felt empty.

Kris pulled off the condom and almost collapsed next to Colt on the blanket.

Colt was still lying on his back, panting, his rock hard cock throbbing against his abs. It was bouncing up and down, twitching.

Bryson laughed, “Fucking hell Colt, being fucked must have felt good. I’ve never seen a cock so hard.”

“Shit, man, it did,” Colt said still panting. “I never thought it would but it did. You know, my cock is still hard and is really craving attention, Kris here can’t hold out as long as I can, so what do you say I show you how good that shit can feel?”

“Nah, man, I don’t think I could,” Bryson said, still jacking his cock.

“Oh come on, you’re curious, I know you are. You wouldn’t have stood there watching us if you hadn’t been. You want to know what it feels like.” Colt said, now stroking his own cock.


“Are you curious?” Colt asked.

“Yes,” Bryson replied without hesitation.

“Do you want to know what it feels like to get fucked?”

After a brief pause Bryson finally spoke, “Fuck… yes, I wanna know. There must be something to it with the amount of guys we know liking it, especially you.”

“Okay, so how about this?” Colt asked. “This is a one time only offer, after tonight it will never be offered again, and what happens on Spring Break stays on Spring Break. So… do you want to get fucked?”

Bryson stood by the door, his hand stopped moving on his cock, just holding it still.

“Oh, fuck it,” Bryson said, moving across the room toward Colt.

A huge grin spread across Colt’s face. He quickly grabbed a condom and slid it on, spreading lube all over his cock and his hands.

Unlike Kris, or Colt himself, Bryson got down on all fours on the blanket, presenting his ass to Colt like he had seen Jess do earlier. Colt wondered if Bryson really was just copying Jess or if Bryson just didn’t want to see what was about to happen. He didn’t care.

Colt moved in to position behind Bryson and slowly ran a lubed finger down Bryson’s crack. Bryson shuddered and actually pushed back against Colt’s hand.

Colt smiled, rubbing his hard cock up and down Bryson’s ass.

“Oh God, Colt, if you’re gonna fuck me, just do it, man.” Bryson moaned.

“He likes to make people beg for his cock,” Kris said from his position on the floor next to them, having finally recovered from his orgasm. His own cock was still semi hard and he was stroking himself watching what was happening, which was almost beyond belief.

“Fine,” Bryson said, giving in. “Fuck me, Colt. Make me feel as good as Kris made you feel.”

“With pleasure,” Colt smiled, slowly sliding the head of his cock into Bryson’s tight ass. “Fuck, you’re even tighter than Kris.”

Bryson moaned and gritted his teeth as Colt slowly slid his dick inside him.

“Jesus, did it hurt you two this much?” Bryson asked, panting heavily.

“Yes,” Kris and Colt said together.

“It gets much better though, believe me,” Colt said, rubbing Bryson’s back. “Just ride out the bit of pain you’re feeling right now and I promise you it will be worth it.”

Bryson continued to wince as Colt moved deeper inside him, but with Colt having just been fucked by Kris he knew how to take his time with Bryson to make him feel as good as possible.

It didn’t take long for Colt to bottom out inside Bryson. He held the position to let Bryson get used to the feeling of being so full of cock.

As Colt continued to stroke Bryson’s back, hoping to make him feel better, he felt Bryson relax beneath him and after another minute or so Bryson actually started pushing his ass back against Colt’s cock.

Colt smiled. Once again he had made a hot, straight stud submit to his cock, but unlike Kris, he knew Bryson was going to love it.

Colt started to move slowly, his inward thrusts met Bryson’s backward pushes and together the two were working toward a steady rhythm, with Colt building up speed until he was fucking in and out of Bryson’s ass quite hard, their balls occasionally slapping together.

Both guys were moaning in pleasure, any feeling of pain Bryson had felt was gone and he was just enjoying what Colt was doing to him, which felt better than he ever dreamed it would. He told himself that it would never happen again, but while he was being fucked this one time, he would let himself enjoy it.

“Was I right, Bryson?” Colt asked. “Does my dick feel good inside you?”

“It feels amazing,” Bryson panted, struggling to speak. “Oh Colt, fuck me harder man.”

Colt was more than willing to oblige. He grabbed hold of Bryson’s hips so that he could really go to work on Bryson’s ass, pounding in to him as hard as Bryson could take.

Kris had been watching the whole thing and thought seeing the two hunks fuck in front of him was one of the hottest things he had ever seen. His cock was back to being hard as steel and he felt the need to get it serviced.

“Alright, this is too fucking hot,” Kris said, standing up. “One of you needs to suck my dick.”

Kris stepped forward until he was in front of both Bryson and Colt. He knew Colt would suck his dick but how he would get in to a position where that could happen was something he couldn’t quite figure out.

He was just about to say something when he felt a pair of warm lips wrap around the end of his cock. Kris was in shock as he looked down to see Bryson, so lost in the pleasure of being fucked that he had barely thought about what he was doing, sucking his cock.

The passion and hunger was overwhelming for Bryson and he couldn’t believe the position he was in but it felt so good that he really got in to being fucked by Colt as he sucked Kris’ dick as well as he could.

All three guys were moaning loudly, no longer caring if any of the other’s heard them. They had built up a nice rhythm with Kris fucking Bryson’s mouth while Colt fucked Bryson’s ass.

Colt was really doing a number on Bryson’s ass and had it not been for Kris’ cock being stuffed in his mouth, muffling his screams of pleasure, Bryson would have woken up everyone in the house and probably in the houses next door too.

“Holy shit guys, this is too fucking hot, and Bryson, you can really suck cock… I’m gonna cum soon.” Kris panted.

Kris had expected his words to make Bryson pull off, but Bryson was too caught up in the feelings Colt was giving him that he didn’t care, he just kept sucking Kris’ dick.

Finally Kris couldn’t take it anymore and since Bryson wouldn’t pull back he decided to really fuck Bryson’s mouth. Within seconds Kris went over the edge and released his second load of the night in to Bryson’s mouth.

Bryson didn’t stop sucking. As Kris’ cock pulsed inside his mouth, sending shot after shot of warm cum on to his tongue he started to swallow until there was nothing left in Kris’ cock, his balls completely drained.

Even then Bryson didn’t stop and it was Kris who had to pull his own cock out of Bryson’s mouth because it had all become too sensitive for him.

Kris collapsed in a sweaty heap on the blanket beside Colt, who was still ramming his cock deep inside Bryson.

Without Kris’ cock in his mouth Bryson was really moaning as Colt fucked his ass.

Colt felt himself drawing closer to climax; Bryson’s ass was too good wrapped around his cock. He placed his hands on Bryson’s shoulders and slowly pulled him up until Colt’s heaving, muscular chest was resting against Bryson’s sweaty back and he continued to thrust up in to Bryson’s ass.

Colt reached down to grab Bryson’s dick and he started jerking him off in time to the thrusts of his cock still ploughing in to Bryson’s ass until it all became too much for them and Colt sank his teeth in to Bryson’s shoulder.

The little bite pushed both guys over the edge and they came at exactly the same time, Colt deep inside of Bryson, the force of his shots almost broke the condom, with Bryson exploding all over the floor beneath him.

After a few moments as they were coming down from the height of their orgasm, Colt put his forehead against Bryson’s back as it moved up and down with his unsteady breathing.

Slowly Colt pulled his cock out of Bryson’s ass and removed the condom, tossing it in a trash can across the room.

Bryson and Colt both collapsed beside Kris, all three were still panting from the action they were just involved in.

“Fuck, I can’t believe we just did that,” Bryson said when he could form words again.

“Neither can I,” Colt said. “But fucking hell that was good!”

“This doesn’t make us gay or anything though, does it?” Bryson asked, sounding a little unsure of himself.

“Fuck no,” Colt said with conviction. “We’re all straight guys who just helped each other get off when we didn’t have women to fuck, that’s all.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Bryson said with a sigh. “This was a one time deal. But I’ll tell y’all one thing, tomorrow night we need to go out and find ourselves some pussy so we can forget about what just happened.”

“Too fucking right!” Kris finally chimed in. “I need to nail me a hot chick now. But for a one night deal, it was pretty fun, wasn’t it?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Bryson and Colt said at the exact same time.

All three guys burst out laughing and relaxed next to each other in the after glow of their incredible sex. They said goodnight to each other and fell into a very contented sleep.


This was written entirely by a reader, Big 'D'.  He said he would write it and as you see he did. I want to give thanks to him for a great job in capturing that night of Spring Break.  Hope you can breathe after that sizzling hot chapter. 

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