The day had finally arrived. I woke next to Corey and kissed him. We had survived four years of
college and today was the end. Corey went off to get breakfast while I stayed in bed. It was hard to
fathom that soon this was all coming to an end. I had such mixed emotions about it. After today we
would rarely be together as a group.

I lay staring at some of our pictures I kept near our bed. They were great reminders of all the fun
days we had enjoyed together. Each one was nothing but college guys who were smiling and truly
enjoyed being around each other. I looked down to see the tattoo now adorning my chest. It was
“KMCC” in a circle with “BF” in the middle and I ran my fingers over the letters. The order was
important because it symbolized how we came to be such a close knit group. Kris was the first and
pretty much took me under his wing after I lied for him to stop him from getting suspended in high
school. Then came Corey, who I fell in love with and who has made me so happy. He also became a
great friend to Kris and was the first guy Kris had sex with. And finally there was Colt. At first
we though he was just a country hick but he turned out to be so much more and we were so happy to
have shared our journey with him. The order also represented the special bonds without our group.
Kris and I were together as best friends and roommates, Corey and I were together as lovers, Corey
and Colt had been roommates and were great friends, and completing the circle was Colt with Kris,
having shared so much together and formed a bond that would never be broken. All four of us had the
exact same tattoo on our chest as a symbol of the bond we had made. Naturally some laughed and joked
at the “BF” meaning butt fuckers, but we knew the true meaning was ‘brothers forever’ or ‘best
friends’. That was all that mattered to us.

Corey opened the door and announced breakfast was ready. I got out of bed, threw on some shorts and
headed out. Kris and Colt were naked and showing off the incredible bodies they had managed to have
over the four years. Since having girls the nudity had become less frequent. We were going to enjoy
breakfast naturally before an extremely busy and eventful day. I smiled and slid off my shorts.

“Damn bros, can you believe this is it?” Kris asked, sitting down.

“It’s not it,” Colt said. “Look at it as a new beginning for us.”

“Some of us,” Corey said.

“I suppose I should be pumped, but I can’t be,” Kris stated.

“It is weird knowing after today we’re all college graduates. I’ll say it right now, I see three hot
guys who I’m so very proud of. I didn’t know if I’d see the day all four of us would be graduating
together,” I said.

“I didn’t think I’d be graduating in four years either,” Colt stated.

Kris laughed, “We are because we busted our ass last summer.”

“Amen to that,” Corey said.

We sat eating and sharing our favorite stories from the four years we had basically been as one.
There were so many laughs while we told stories about each other. All seemingly centered around our
beginnings when we were young and innocent. 

After we finished eating we stood for a group hug and kiss. It was hard holding back the tears but I
managed to do so. We headed to dress for our upcoming graduation, with all of us graduating at noon.
Corey and I showered together and shared a lot of love in doing so. Now wasn’t the time for sex but
it would have been so easy to be with him. We got out and began doing our thing in our bathroom. 

“Fuck,” Corey said. “In three weeks we’re leaving this place for good.”

“Not for good,” I stated, shaving. “This place will always be with us. We’re moving to begin our
careers and a real life together.”

“I guess we are,” Corey stated. I had landed a job first with a computer company near my hometown,
and then Corey found a great job working in a gym. He wasn’t sure if he’d always work at one, but he
desired to work in the health industry.

I came out in my shirt and tie to find Kris dressed for the occasion. All we could do was sit and
smile at each other. He finally threw his big arm around my shoulder. “Bro, we made it. We fucking
made it!”

“We did,” I said and shook my short brown hair that was cut for graduation. “I’m glad we’re all
graduating together.”

“It is so perfect and fitting that we are,” Kris said, but he was missing that enthusiasm that made
Kris who he was. “I hate that you and Corey are moving though.”

“I do too, but we have to. You know I’m gonna miss you every day, but you’ll start your dream of
teaching and coaching this fall while Colt hopefully lands his perfect job. You and Melissa will
have a great life together too.”

“I hope so, I really do love her. I can’t believe how things have turned out but I’m so happy with
where we are right now, even if it’s the end of us as roomies and doesn’t feel all that great right
now. All three of you mean so much to me and I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“I feel the same way about you, Kris. You’ve given me so much over the years and I can’t even begin
to repay you. Just know that wherever we end up, all you have to do is call and I’ll be right here
for you,” I said, using my fist to bump my tattoo.

Kris did the same on his chest, which was now like a monument to the people who really mattered in
his life, with Nathan’s initial on his left pec and our shared tattoo on his right. I was sure if
things worked out with Melissa and if he had any kids then their names or initials would be etched
onto his body too.

“Same here, bro. No matter what happens, no matter where we are, we’re always gonna be together,” he
said with a knock at the door. He got up and headed to answer it. It was his parents coming to see
us before the big occasion. They stepped inside while Corey came out looking sharp as ever. Walt and
Jenny gave us each a big hug and waited until Colt came out to do the same.

“Excuse me, but how the hell do you tie these things?” Colt asked with his tie draped around his
neck. Walt stepped over and tied his tie for him.

“So is everything set for tonight?” Kris asked his parents.

“It is. We went by before we came here to double check. I think the hall will be so perfect for all
of you. I spoke to the caterer and everything is lined up,” Jenny replied concerning a big meal that
was planned for all of us and our friends. 

Next to arrive were Marie and Larry, Corey’s parents. It was amazing to see the change in them and
they were a family like the rest of us. It took a lot of time and heartache to achieve this moment
but it was great to have them here.

It wasn’t very long until Victoria and Chase came in the door. Things still weren’t good between
Colt and his dad but they couldn’t be better between Colt and his Mom. She had lost some weight
since the nasty divorce and looked as good as ever.  

Lastly, Mom, Vince and VJ came in the door. Sadly, VJ chose not to attend here and stayed close to
home, but he had excelled in college and had a great girlfriend now, who couldn’t make it for today. 

“How does it feel for y’all?” Vince asked us.

“We’ll tell ya tonight,” Kris replied. “Right now, I have very mixed emotions. It’s the end of the
best years of my life.”

“But the beginning of what could be even better years, Kris,” Walt stated. “I do have to say the
bond between you four, and all of you, is so special.”

“It is,” Chase stated. “They are the best group ever.”

“I’m ready for this to be over and see what happens after that. I’m in shock that this day is really
here,” Colt said.

“I know. I’m gonna be a college graduate,” Corey said.

“I’ll be so proud of you,” Marie said.

“I will be too. I told them earlier how proud I was of all of us,” I said.

“We’re proud of you too, Matt. I know how much the three of you have meant to Colt,” Victoria said.

We sat around talking, with the parents being the most vocal. The four of us sat there in a daze as
the finality of the moment was beginning to set in on us. 

We headed out and over to the arena. Just before we entered we saw Derek, Samuel and Rick walking
toward the entrance. Derek pulled Kris to the side for a quick word and I could see that Kris had
tears in his eyes from whatever Derek said to him, no doubt something about his brother Nathan and
how proud he would be of his little brother. Kris threw his big arms around Derek and hugged him so
hard he lifted him off the ground. Derek then moved to hug Corey and talked to him a little while
Rick came round and shook all of our hands, saying it was a proud day for him to see us graduate and
that it was privilege to be our RA. 

Once inside, it was chaotic getting everything in order, especially since we had to break up to sit
in order of how we would receive our diplomas. It was nice to sit with my classmates from my Senior
Year for one last time though. And then came the longest three hours of my life, mostly just
waiting. Colt was the first one to be called up and I think we all had tears in our eyes seeing
receive his diploma. We were so proud of him and how we’d all made it to the end. The best part was
hearing my name, walking across the stage and accepting my diploma. My body felt so light as I
returned to my seat and all I could do was stare at the paper and let it sink into my head I had
graduated. Then I left the floor and watched Kris and Corey accept their diplomas too. Both of them
had the biggest smiles I had ever seen on their face and I had to smile too. I saw Kris looking to
the heavens and whispering something before putting his hand over his heart and knew he was sending
a message to his brother that he had done it. Nathan would be so proud.

Once it was over we found each other. Our parents took so many pictures of us before we left the
arena. We headed back to our apartment with our diplomas in hand as graduates. We now had to wait
until 9 before heading for our meal and party since Scott didn’t graduate until after us. 

We entered with Melissa and Faith and took a seat. I was expecting complete jubilation but it was so

Corey spoke up after we sat there for a few minutes in silence, “Seriously, we should all be very
happy right now.”

“I want to be, but I can’t,” Colt said with his arm around Faith. 

“I knew y’all were close, but this is something else,” Melissa stated. “I’ve seen how you are
together but I was expecting a big throw down now.”

“You put four years of your life into something only to see it end. You’d feel the same way.
Basically for four years those three guys have been my life. Almost every day there was something
going on. Now that is all about to come to a halt,” Kris said.

“It really is. I can’t get over that in a few weeks Corey and I are…” I stopped with tears running
down my face. “It won’t be the same.”

“Damn Matt, you’re gonna make all of us start crying,” Faith said. “Colt’s about to get all choked
up over here.”

“I am. It’s over… it’s fucking over!” Colt shouted with tears in his eyes.

Corey stood and headed to the fridge. He came back with four beers and returned with two more for
him and me. “Before we start crying like babies, let’s celebrate this moment. I’m so damn proud to
have my diploma and to see y’all with yours. We accomplished something only one of us thought in the
beginning would really happen.” 

“True,” Kris said and raised his bottle. “Here’s to us. I’m glad you had confidence in me.”

“I just knew he was talking about me, dipshit,” Colt laughed before we toasted our success. 

“Won’t tonight be something else?” I stated. 

“I don’t know what to expect,” Colt said.

“I do. A lot of drinking and eating,” Melissa said. “I know a bunch of friends that will enjoy one
last big party together.”

We finished off the beer and headed to change for the night. We wanted it to be casual so we were
dressing like we would for a regular night out. I made sure everything was in place and perfect
since Scott and I had planned a picture show for everyone.

We arrived at the hall that was rented for us. It looked so great with it decorated for the
occasion. Each table had a placard with our name on it. We would sit with our families while we ate
and then see what happened afterwards. The plan was for everyone but us to leave after the show to
give us one last time to be together as a group.

After we arrived, I saw Sergio enter with Dillon and his family. Things didn’t turn quite like they
wanted, but they credited Kris and Colt for setting the example of how to remain friends after a
heated relationship. Things still weren’t resolved between Sergio and his family. We greeted
Dillon’s parents and helped them find their table.

“Before we start I want to say thank you to the four of you,” Dillon said. “You’ve made the last two
years so much fun.”

“We’re glad to have met ya,” Colt said.

“It is nice to finally get to meet all the guys Dillon has talked about,” his mom said.

Next to come were Brennan and Garrett, along with Brennan’s dad and Garrett’s mom and dad. Neither
had come around that often over the past year, but we couldn’t leave them out of this. Garrett and
Brennan seem more in love known than ever before.

Next were the newest additions to our group, Bruce, Aaron and Grady, along with their dates and
their families. Sadly, Grady’s dad couldn’t join us, but Aaron’s entire family, including his
grandparents, parents and two sisters, joined us. Bruce had his older brother, sister-in-law, young
nephew and parents with him. They looked so happy to meet us.

We stood around talking and waiting until seeing Shawn come in the door with his girlfriend and his
Mom. Shawn didn’t drink quite as often as he used to, but like the rest of us loved to let loose on
the weekends.

Next were Cody and Ethan with Cody’s girlfriend and their parents. At the time Ethan was single.
They were still our big party boys when it was time. Cody still had another year left in
architecture while Ethan finished up his engineering degree in the fall. 

Jordy arrived while we were greeting Shawn, Cody and Ethan. His boyfriend Alton was with him, as
were his parents. 

Jordy’s mom, who Jordy favored, walked up and hugged us. “I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve
done for and with Jordy.”

“Ma’am, it was so great getting to know him,” Kris stated.

Myles came walking in the door with a big smile. 

“I have a surprise for everyone,” he announced.

“Oh my God!” Kris screamed with Luke and Ted following in behind. It was the first time we’d seen
the two since their big days. 

“Did you think we’d miss this?” Ted asked before we all went to greet them.

“We’re Myles’ date tonight,” Luke laughed.

We stood around chatting with no tears being shed. We had had huge smiles on our faces. It was such
a great time having us all together. Finally Scott came walking in the door with Trevor, his sister,
parents and his girlfriend, Jenna. Scott still wasn’t sure how things were going to work with her
since he was moving away, but they still wanted to try being together. 

“Let’s eat!” Kris announced with Tabor, Deer and Levi coming in the door. 

“Y’all almost got left out,” Colt said.

“Blame Deer,” Tabor said and pointed. All four, Chase, Levi, Deer and Tabor, were maturing and
becoming very nice looking college guys. Now it was Tabor with a girl. They found VJ and asked him
to sit with them at their table. Chase and VJ had become good friends, even though they don’t live
close to each other. But living in the technological age makes communicating easier for them. They
both chatted and compared notes on who had the better college.

Slowly our food began arriving. It was so nice having the event catered for, with each person’s
family paying for the meals. It wasn’t cheap, but looking at the salad, appetizer and then main
course of shrimp and vegetables seemed to make it worth the cost. And on this occasion the money is
worth it. Naturally we had all the alcohol any one could want and drink. I had a glass of wine with
Mom and Vince.

After we ate, Kris moved to the front of the room. “We have a special slide show for everyone. I
hope some of you don’t get pissed since they’re from the famous collection of Matt’s. He always had
a camera in our face. Now it’s time to enjoy, laugh and maybe cry seeing how we’ve changed over the
years. Let me issue a warning that the show may contain nudity.”

“We expect nothing less,” Bruce shouted. We cracked up at his comment and knew how true it was.

Kris signaled for us to guys to gather around and pull our chairs together. The annoying sound of
chairs scraping filled the room but we wanted to see the show as a group.

The lights went down with music playing in the background. I knew it would be long but would be
worth it in the end. It began with a picture and then name of each of us. Then various shots of our
crew were shown from throughout our stay at college. We enjoyed seeing all of our friends and fondly
remembering those that had drifted away from us over the years. Images flashed up of Juan, Stephan,
Robert, Jess, Noah, Kendall, Alex, Garrett, Bryson, Brennan and Shawn from during our Freshman year,
gaining quite a few laughs from how some of them had changed. Then came Parker, Yancey, Bishop, Joe,
Antonio, Cody, Ethan, Kwan, Madison, Gage, Ted, Luke, Myles and Jordy from Sophomore. And finally
our Junior and Senior additions, Bruce, Aaron, Melissa, Sergio, Dillon, Faith and even Jenna with

Scott had worked so hard to add all the special touches to the pictures and had really done an
incredible job as a sort of retrospective of our college life became to play on screen. It started
showing Scott, Juan, Kris and I at the beginning, just days into college, and then progressed
through the years until the final picture from just a few days ago. A lot of our best memories were
seen, from the snowball fight Freshman year to the cruise in Junior and from our trip to Holland to
the birthday party marathon when we all turned 21. There were also a special pictures I took on
Parent’s day of Senior year where Corey and his mother finally came to a true understanding that
changed their relationship, as well as one of Colt and Chase showing their mother a lot of love.
There were even a few special football pictures that Colt had managed to get of Ted, Luke and Myles,
including a great one from when they had thrown Colt into the ice bath after their last practice as
a way of thanking him for all his work. Colt looked so proud as Ted patted him on the back and while
I didn’t understand it I knew it had made Colt feel like part of the team.

After our retrospective there was small section called the future. That featured Chase, Tabor, Deer,
Levi, Reese and some of their Freshman and Junior antics. There were also a few pictures of Trevor
and the friends he had made at college so far. It gave us all hope that every year of students who
came after us would have as good as time as we had.

Scott and I did our best to get everyone some face time, but some had to realize they joined us
later in the group or spent less time with us. The final pictures were special and had been taken
just a few days before. We got Melissa to take some group photos of us. One clothed, one with our
shirts off, one with us turned around showing our asses and the last one with us standing in a line
with our hands over our crotch. The closing shot was one Scott had put together of Kris, Colt,
Corey, Scott and I with our arms around each other and our backs toward the camera so it looked like
we were walking off into a sunset. Beneath the picture it read, ‘Always remembered. Never

Once it ended, everyone stood and gave us a rousing ovation. I was smiling ear to ear, as was Scott. 

We began milling around, trying to speak to everyone’s parents and mates, when I heard the door open
and looked up. Juan came walking in and asked if he was late. Everyone understood why he was tardy
and welcomed him to our party. I was so glad he could make it, even though he hadn’t graduated yet.
It just felt right having him here. His wife and growing daughter couldn’t be with us since it was
well past Britney’s bed time since she was approaching two years old.

Slowly, the parents and others began leaving. Walt reminded us that we had to vacate the building by
6 in the morning so they could clean it up. I took a minute to myself and sat in corner watching
everything around me. My mind was fluttering with emotions and memories as I thought back to the end
of my freshman year right before Christmas and I was seeing a lot of these same friends exiting the
building for the first time, not realizing what an impact they would have on me or how I’d feel when
I left them for good.

Back then we had barely known Colt for two months and I never would have guessed the impact he would
have on us, especially Kris. They had become such good friends and really were a perfect match,
maybe even more so now they were no longer lovers and rarely if ever fooled around.

Jess was great. There had been a lot of ups and downs with him, especially his fight with Scott and
him leaving for a year, but he had grown so much and we were all proud that he had come back a
changed man, made things right with Scott and was helping younger guys like Chase, Tabor and now
Trevor so they didn’t make the same mistakes he did.

Scott was truly one of my best friends and even though he had never been a roommate he had a special
place in my heart. I hoped that if we did live near or with each other when we moved that we could
continue our weekly swimming sessions that had become such a joy and were something I looked forward
too. I even smiled remembering how we had our thing one time and how things could have turned out so
differently for all of us if I had ended up with Scott instead of Corey.

Corey was smiling and chatting away to all the guys. Just watching him made me feel all warm inside.
I love Corey like I’ve never loved anyone before. Sure it was rough at times, and for a while at
various points it seemed like things weren’t going to work, but I’m glad we worked things out. Now,
I couldn’t be any happier in my life. We both leaned on each for support and cherished every minute
we were together. If this chapter of my life was ending I was so happy that the next one that was
about to begin would be with Corey. He was everything to me.

Finally there was Kris, the center of attention as always, having people hang on his every word. I
knew it was a risk agreeing to room with him, even though we were best friends in high school. You
often hear the horror stories like how Colt and his roommate had come to school as friends yet
became enemies by the end. I owe everything to Kris. He made me get out and be sociable when I would
have been just as content sitting in the room and he changed my life in so many ways for the better.
Now, we were closer than I ever could imagine and I love Kris like the brother I never had and he
would always be a part of my family.

About 1, it was just us guys left. We pushed a few tables together and pulled up some chairs. Most
of them had drinks but no one was getting intoxicated.

“Guys, that slide show was so great. Matt, if you don’t make it in programming, you will as a
photographer,” Ted stated.

“I’ve made a DVD for all of us to have,” I said.

“Awesome,” Brennan said. 

“Bros, this is fucking it,” Kris stated. “Who here is not in complete and total shock this day is

“Yeah, now all we have are the memories,” Bruce replied. “I hate like hell we joined the crew late.”

“Matt and I did our best to get a few pictures of everyone,” Scott stated.

“You did awesome!” Shawn said. 

“Mine too,” Jordy signed.

“I don’t know about y’all but we’ve fucking cried enough,” Colt said. “I want us to have the best
time ever.”

“We will,” Aaron said. “Ted, Luke, how are things going for y’all?”

Luke smiled, “Not bad, but Ted and I were talking earlier… The league is so different to college.
They expect you to know your shit.”

“I agree. The Cowboys tossed me a playbook my first day with them. You should see the size of it,”
Ted said and held his hands apart. “You thought learning shit for college was hard.”

“Matt will still be here for a few days if you need some help,” Kris laughed.

I laughed, “Ted, you’re on own big guy. I may be the last one here you want tutoring you on plays.”

“Scott, when are you leaving?” Shawn asked.

At that question I thought back to when I first met Scott. He was the first friend I made at
college. Our friendship started off competitively with our battles over Street Fighter, even if I
let him win some, but over the past four years the bond grew stronger and I consider him to be a
great friend. The day we met Kris had dragged me two doors down to meet two guys, Scott and Juan. He
introduced me to them and said he brought me here so I could show them who was king of Street
Fighter. I don’t think we ever did truly find out.

“I have to be there by Thursday of next week,” Scott replied. 

“Good luck,” Ethan said.

“I hope so. Damn, I’m gonna be lost without all of you,” Scott stated.

“Yeah, but at least you’ll be with Matt and Corey,” Kris stated.

“Maybe Shawn and I too,” Bruce spoke up.

“Fuck!” Kris said. “I feel so left out now!”

“Tell me who here isn’t?” Corey said. “Matt and I have to be gone before the first of June.”

“At least, you two will be together,” Dillon said. 

“You have law school,” Colt said to Dillon.

“I know, so my ass is stuck here for three more years,” Dillon stated.

“Lucky you,” Kris said. “I won’t be far.”

“Kris, you’ll be the best teacher and coach in the state in a few years,” Brennan said.

“We all know that,” Sergio said. “You could see it when he coached us, especially this year when we
won in basketball. I’ve never seen anyone so excited.”

“Thanks,” Kris said.

“Myles, are you ready for your new job?” Juan smiled since Myles was working in management at Juan’s
place of employment.

“I am and I’m ready to give you hell,” Myles laughed.

“You know I have one regret leaving here, it’s that we didn’t do shit for spring break this year,”
Scott said.

“Hey, we tried but everyone had their own agenda,” I said.

“I want to go on another cruise,” Jordy signed.

“We should have,” Kris said. “Wasn’t that the best time ever?”

“I guess, but then maybe it was when we went camping and to the nude beach,” Myles stated.

“I’m still pissed I didn’t go with ya,” Ted laughed.

“We are too,” Scott said. “Imagine him walking around naked.”

“He did in our damn apartment all the time,” Luke said.

Corey leaned over and whispered to me, “Now they tell us.”

I nodded and smiled. We took a break to get something to drink and use the restroom. Once we
finished we moved and sat on the floor in a big circle. We sat around talking and reliving the good
times. I was amazed at the little details some remembered. 

Ted stood, “Guys, I hate it but we really need to go. I just want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed
getting to know each one of you. Without you my college experience wouldn’t have been the same.
Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.”

“Same here. I want to thank you too. I know I wasn’t around that much, but each time I was I really
enjoyed it. I know each one of you will be a big success in life,” Luke said. “If you are ever in
San Diego, call me.”

Myles was last, “I wasn’t going to cry but damn… I hate goodbyes. I feel like things will never be
the same again. We’re all moving on to different phases in our lives. Soon some of us will be
married and have kids. I too want to thank you most of all for being a friend.”

We stood and each said goodbye. Ted grabbed me and hugged me so hard. I saw tears in his eyes.
“Matt, you take care of Corey. You know there will be tickets for you at each home game. I expect to
see you there.”

“I know I will be, along with lots of others,” I said, choking up. 

“Thanks for everything you did for me and Reese. You don’t know how much you mean to him. He’s
really gonna miss you next year.”

“I’ll miss him as well, but he’s doing great.”

I walked away and wiped my eyes with Juan coming to say goodbye, along with Brennan and Garrett. I
didn’t know when I’d see these three again. Each held a special place to me.

Then Bruce, Aaron, Grady, Cody, Ethan, Sergio and Dillon headed out the door and Jordy wasn’t far
behind them. We hugged each of them and wished them well. 

I turned to look at Colt and Kris with such fond memories. They had been through such an interesting
ride together over the four years; from friends to fuck buddies to boyfriends to best friends. I
thought back to when Colt joined our crew and how he was so unsure of being associated with gay
people. I can even remember the first fight the two had about that very thing.

“Let’s just get it out. Do any of you have a problem with that?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… I don’t know about that,” Colt replied.

“Colt, give them a chance. They’re really cool guys,” Jess said. “You sounded surprised when I told

“I know but…” Colt said and stopped. “I’ll try.”

“Dude, who really gives a fuck?” Kris said. “I mean they aren’t like some gay guys. Sure Matt shows
it every now and then, but he’s my best friend ever, especially now with all the shit we’ve been

“I said I’d try. I’ve just never really had any gay friends…” Colt said

I chuckled thinking about how much Colt had changed and how he went from that guy to the one who was
dating Kris, but everything that had happened to him and to us over the years had all gone into
making us better people.

Now it was down to Scott, Jess, Shawn and the four of us. Even though we met Shawn later in my
freshman year, it seemed he had always been there with us. There had been mostly ups with him,
although there had been a few downs.

I pulled Scott aside for a quick word. He seemed a little taken aback, “Bro, you okay.”

“Yeah, just wanted to say thank you. Scott, I will never forget how much you were there for me when
I needed a friend.”

“It’s nothing really?” Scott smiled, knowing that was a bold face lie. We both knew what we meant to
each other. After a brief pause to compose himself, Scott stated, “No Matt, thank you.”

And with that we hugged.

“Hurry up, bros.” Kris called again.

“Relax, Kris. We’re coming.” Kris was back to being his usual self.

Scott sat next Jess who gave him a small hug, and spoke to Kris. “We’ll, we’re here.”

“I just wanted to say something now that it’s just the core crew who started this whole thing left.
Most of us have been friends since day one and over the past four years we have grown into an
amazing group of friends. Y’all taught me a few things over the years. Jess taught me the importance
of staying in school and working hard. Shawn taught me not to pressure people into doing things they
don’t want to do, and that not every guy likes gay sex.” We all laughed. “Scott has been a clown but
has also shown us all about the importance of forgiving people. The point is, this may be the last
time we see each other for a while so I wanted to say how much you all mean to me, how much you were
there for me. I know I had a shitty temper and we may have blown up at each other a few times, but
in the end we are brothers, and best friends and I will cherish everybody here.”

The words really hit Kris hard because he started to cry. Colt was there to hold him. Seeing Kris
cry and getting emotional made me tear up some more. I tried to hold it back as much as I could but
it couldn’t be stopped. Corey held me and wiped my eyes.

I spoke up. I needed to say something too. “Guys, I was born gay, but it was something that I never
really felt was truly accepted before but then you guys just treated me like one of the guys and
like there was nothing different about me. You treated me as a friend first and a gay person second.
You are great friends and I will always love you too.”

“Okay, enough of this serious crying shit.” Scott stated. “I have one question for everybody here,
what is your best moment and your biggest regret?”

Shawn thought for a minute and said: “My best Moment is meeting Matt and being welcomed into the
crew with open arms. My biggest regret is not having sex with Kris.” Kris looked stunned until Shawn
burst out laughing, “in your fucking dreams, bro!”

Kris laughed and punched Shawn playfully on the arm.

Jess spoke next, “Well we know my biggest regret… but my best moment is right now, chilling with
great friends. Although Scott’s party during Freshman summer was pretty nice too.”

“Well,” Colt answered next. “I don’t have a biggest regret. Well, maybe not starting out with you guys
from the beginning. My best moment was being roommates with you three and my sexual exploration and
relationship with Kris.”

“Corey?” Kris prompted.

“I don’t know. My biggest regret was the mistake I made during Freshman year and my blow up during
Sophomore. But then they made mine and Matt’s love much stronger and showed us that we can get through
anything together. My best moment, without a doubt was the moment I met and then fell in love with

Scott spoke next, “My biggest regret is pretty small, I wished was rooming with you four from the
beginning. I missed out on a lot. My best moment is plain a simple, every day with my buds.”

“Well,” I said, “I have no regrets. You all had my back and these four years were the best days of my
life. My best moment, besides meeting Corey, that’s easy, punching out that guy who threw the beer on
my shirt.”

“Kris?” Colt said, “What about you?”

“I have no regrets either. And we all know what the best moments were for me…” Kris smiled wickedly. I
pretty much knew, but I was surprised that everybody else knew too.” 

At two thirty we turned off the lights and locked the door. The final phase of my college days was now
complete. I drove us back in almost total silence. 

Kris was driving us home, with me and Corey in the back. I was resting my head on Corey’s chest and
could hear his heart beating. I thought back to the first time I saw him. I was washing my hands and
saw the cutest guy ever in my life step from the shower area with a towel around his waist. The water
glistened down his body, a hot body in my eyes. I was stunned and in awe.

“Hey what’s up?” he asked.

“Ummm… not much,” I replied and was scared to talk to him.

“Don’t worry. I think you’re cute too,” he smiled. “I’m Corey.”

“Matt,” I said.

“Awesome bro!” Corey said. “Which room are you?”

“Just… next… door,” I stated in nerves.

“Cool, you care if I stop by later?” he asked

That was the day my life truly changed and now I was so happy that our paths crossed that day because
our lives could have been so different if they hadn’t.

We entered our dark apartment and stripped down. Even though Corey and I would be around for a few
more weeks it was still different. No more classes. No more parties. No more trips. No more just
hanging out. No more going to the Rec Center as a big group. 

“Damn, I don’t even wanna think about the end of the month,” Kris said.

“Me either,” Colt echoed. 

“I’m gonna miss y’all so much,” I said with tears in my eyes. “I love you all.”

“Me too,” Corey said and wiped his eyes. “Damn, we’ve been through so much together. We’ve been
through the breakups, deaths and everything else together, but we’ve also basically become mature men
along the way.”

“We have at that, bro. Nathan would be so proud of me today. I know he was just smiling when I went
across that stage. Nathan, I did overcome,” Kris said and tapped his tattoo before pointing to the

“We all overcame,” Colt said. “I wouldn’t have made it without you. Kris and I shared so much together
but it made us better men. Now we both have two people I can see us spending our lives with us.”

“I think so as well,” Corey said. “Maybe your relationship did make you stronger.”

“I know it did. I don’t regret it one bit,” Kris said. “I know what it’s like to love a man now.”

“I always have,” I laughed. “I’m glad that y’all breaking up didn’t ruin things between all of us. It
showed that your friendship came first.”

“It did. It was the hardest thing ever but it was something we knew was probably coming. We made a
great couple, but in the end we make better friends just like Kris and Matt,” Colt said.

“Yeah bro, we fucking started this shit together. Can you believe what we ended up with?” Kris asked
as the mood turned lighter.

“I can’t. We ended up with the best friends ever. I know we are going different places but we’ll
always be together in spirit,” I said.

“Didn’t we end up with the best group ever? You could see the envy even on Chase and VJ’s faces,”
Corey said. “Mom told me she knew I had some good friends but I cut them short in that they were great
friends. I knew that and appreciate all of them. Never once did Matt and I get questioned why we were
together,” Corey said.

“That was part of the deal, remember?” Kris asked. “I made it damn clear even to Colt that I wouldn’t
take people talking shit about you, Matt or any of the others because they were gay or bi. You see
what happened to a few…” Kris said.

I remembered our deal like it was yesterday. It was the first nightly chat I had with Kris at college.
He my rock and my best friend, I couldn’t have done it without him. I thought back to that day nearly
four years ago when we first arrived. He jumped out of his car and was the excitable Kris I always
knew, “This is so sweet!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied and turned off my car.

We headed inside to get our room assignments. Luckily we landed a second floor corner room. We climbed
the stairs and opened the door.

“This looks like home,” Kris said.

“It does,” I said and eyed the blank room. “It’s small, you know.”

“It is, but we’ll survive,” Kris smiled.

I was snapped out of my memories when I head Colt say, “Assholes. I didn’t know what to expect when I
first met y’all. I’m glad I opened my mind or else I’d missed the best fucking years of my life.”

We sat there talking for about an hour. 

“Bros, I know we still have a few weeks to be together, but tonight I’d really like it if we slept
together,” Kris stated.

“Okay, but how?” I asked.

“We can pull out that couch and blow up the air mattress. We can move ‘em close together and sleep
that way,” Kris replied.

“Then we could hear Matt and Corey fuck all night,” Colt laughed.

“Maybe,” Corey smiled. “I like that idea. It’s only fitting, but what a night it’s gonna be when it’s
time for us to move.”

“Don’t talk about that shit!” Kris said. “It’s really starting to hit home even more now.”

We did as Kris wanted. We stripped off and got in bed. We lay together like four friends at a bunking
party. It was so surreal now to me.

I lay there in Corey’s arms while hearing three guys snoring. I was thinking about all the good times
I had experienced over the past four years. I thought about all the friends I had made since the day I
arrived. To me, it was more than getting a formal education.  It was about making friends and
relationship with people I loved being with.  Coming to college, I heard all about how I shouldn’t
room with Kris and how it would tear us apart.  Boy were they ever wrong there. The best decision I
ever made in my life was ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!


Well that is the end. It wasn't easy to write the last chapter since I was saying goodbye to some very
good friends in the story and outside the story.  I've got emails from some really great people over
the years and still do today.  That's been my reward.

It was time to move on after writing this story for you for over 3 years and 238 chapters, not
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I kept writing since I enjoyed telling the story.  It takes me about three hours to write, edit and
post each chapter but I don't regret it one minute.  It is my hobby and something I enjoy.   I don’t
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Mostly, I want to thank all of you for sticking with me over the years. I'll miss your emails
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I really can’t thank Big D and Andy, along with the others who have tried their hand at writing about
the guys, enough. They are the backbone to this story once it got going.  Big D and Andy will be
greatly missed by me. Big D not only captured Kris and Colt’s relationship with amazing stories, but
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