Posted:    November 26, 2009

Jeremy woke the morning of Thanksgiving.  Not ten seconds awake, he was dreading this day.  He rose from his bed in his apartment and stretched his 6 foot 24 year old slender body.  He glanced in the mirror above his dresser and broke out a smile, seeing his nice 7 and half cock that had been up his 30 year old neighbor’s ass last night.  He laughed to himself and remembered the night very well with the married guy screaming for more and more.  He headed to the shower to clean up and dress for the day.  In the shower, he jerked his cock over the memories of this affair that he was having and how great yet daring it was.  He spewed his first load of the day in his hand and tasted it, licking off every drop. 

Once dressed in tight jeans and a long sleeve shirt, he pushed his long brown hair behind his pierced ears.  He headed out and waved at the neighbor.  He continued on and jumped in his ragged car to make the hour long trip to his mom’s house for the day.  Heading down the road, he blared the music out of his car and sang along with the tunes.

Pulling into the dirt drive, Jeremy cussed seeing more cars than he had hoped for.  He expected his mom, her latest boyfriend, his kids and maybe his mom’s sister.  He parked his car beneath an old oak tree where his favorite tire swing used to hang. 

Walking into the older house, the smell of food and smoke mixed to fill Jeremy’s nostrils.  He was greeted by a family friend, Joe before walking to find his mom and aunt along with his mom’s friend Sue in the kitchen.

“There you are Jeremy.  I’ve been waiting on you,” his mom said and greeted him with a motherly hug, holding out her cigarette. 

“Good to see ya,” Jeremy said. “When are we eating?”

“Deb you need to feed that boy.  He looks like Adam all skin and bones,” Sue stated. “Jeremy, Adam is around here somewhere.”

“When are we eating?” Jeremy said again.

“Oh in an hour once the ham finishes,” his mom said. 

Jeremy saw some craved turkey and took a slice before returning out to find Carroll, his mom’s boyfriend, Joe and Louis all in the living room with a beer in their hand.  He spoke to be friendly.

“There’s beer in the cooler out on the porch if your mom lets her boy drink,” Joe said.

“I’m 24 now.  I think I’ll go grab one,” Jeremy said and thought how red neck could this be with smoking in the kitchen and drinking beer in the living room.

Walking out on the porch, he reached in the cooler to grab a beer, naturally cheap beer but still it was beer.  He opened the top and saw someone leaning against a car smoking.

He walked across the yard and noticed the closer he got it could maybe be Aaron.  Aaron turned his head with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  Aaron’s pushed back his colored bangs.

“Aaron?” Jeremy asked.

“Hey Jeremy, wassup?” Aaron replied.

“Not much, how you been?”

“Be a lot better if I wasn’t here,” Aaron said.

“I know the feeling but it’s just for a few hours,” Jeremy said.

“It still fucking sucks ass, dude,” Aaron said. “I’m here or else mom would be all up in my ass.”

Jeremy laughed, “You’ve changed a little bit since the last time I saw you.”

“I probably have but you have too,” Aaron stated.

“Are you in college now or what?”

Aaron laughed after taking a hit of his cigarette.  He stomped it out. “I was in college until I flunked out.  Hated it and now in trade school for computer shit.  You still have your hot shot job?”

“I wouldn’t call it hot shot but yea I’m still there,” Jeremy said.

“I sure as hell wished I could move out this shit ass town.  They don’t understand me at all.  No one does,” Aaron said.

“What do ya mean?” Jeremy asked.

“Everyone thinks I’m so circus freak now,” Aaron said.

“I remember this place too well.  I’m sure you get some looks with those gauge earrings, pierced brow and tattoos on your arms,” Jeremy said. “I have a tattoo on my back.”

“I don’t have that many tats.  Care if see yours?”  Aaron asked.

“No,” Jeremy said and lifted the back of his shirt to display the nice size dragon tattoo on his back.

“Nice dude,” Aaron said. “I don’t have any on my back but one on my chest and waist.”   Aaron lifted his shirt to show Jeremy his tattoo.  Aaron pushed down his sagging jeans and boxers to show his waist tattoo.

“I like that one,” Jeremy pointed.

“You do?” Aaron said. “I don’t show that one much.” 

“It’s cool if that’s who you really are,” Jeremy said.

“Between me and you and this car, it is,” Aaron said. “I’ve been gay my entire life and needed something to express it.”

“Between us, you aren’t the only gay guy here,” Jeremy said.

“Fuck yea!  Now, I’ll say it, damn Jeremy, your ass is fucking hot!” Aaron said. 

“Thanks, so this stays here, right?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m not telling.  No one here knows and the main reason I’m ready to get out of here.  No good gay guys around this place,” Aaron said.

“That’s why my ass doesn’t live here,” Jeremy smiled. “Here I was wondering if I’d be alone and talking to the walls.”

“Same here.  You’ve made my day for sure,” Aaron said. “You ready for another cold one?”

“Of course, I am,” Jeremy said. 

The two old friends headed to the porch to grab another beer apiece.  They stayed close and sat on the porch to talk about old times when they were kids growing up.  Aaron and Jeremy were friends not by choice but because their moms were.  This meant they were slung together early on life yet parted ways once they grew older as teens.  They saw each other around town as teens but didn’t hang with the same group of people.

After barely getting seated, the two were called to eat.  Both were thankful since they were growing hungry.  They entered the house and made their way to the kitchen to see all that was prepared.  Jeremy loaded his plate with turkey, dressing, green beans and potatoes with hopefully room for his mom’s peach pie or Sue’s strawberry cake. 

Jeremy and Aaron retreated to the living room with their plates and were still treated like youngsters even though both were in their twenties.  They could hear the chatter among the older folks while they devoured all the good Thanksgiving meal. 

After eating, Jeremy sat with his mother for a little while since he didn’t see her that often. 

“I see you and Aaron are like you were when you were kids,” his mom stated.

“Well… we are the youngest here,” Jeremy stated.

“I know but that Aaron is so different now,” his mom said. “Sue just knows he’s doing all kinds of drugs.”

“Maybe he is or maybe he isn’t.  He seems like the old Aaron to me, Mom.”

“You two came from a different generation.  Jeremy, you didn’t see nothing wrong with the way he looks,” his mom said.

“No Mom I don’t.  What matters is what’s inside a person.  You can be the prettiest woman on the planet but still be a bitch,” Jeremy said. “You don’t know how many people dress up for a show and are so shallow inside.  Take Phil for instance.”

“I know what you mean.  Nice looking but inside he was a rat,” Mom said.  “So Aaron’s a nice kid still?”

“If you wanna call a 21 year old guy a kid, he is or at least to me he is,” Jeremy said.

“You both are still kids and will always be,” his mom said. “I better get up and help clean the kitchen before Sue starts screaming.”

Jeremy and his mom separated.  Jeremy headed out to find Aaron.  He was looking around.  “Aaron’s heading home if you’re looking for that punk,” his dad said.

Jeremy walked out on the porch and saw Aaron opening his car door.  He yelled for Aaron to stop.  Aaron stood and waited while Jeremy walked his way.  “Where ya going?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m going home.  I’m finished eating and ready to get the hell out of here,” Aaron answered.

“Stay a little while longer, please,” Jeremy said. “I letting my food settle before diving into the desserts.”

“Why should I?”

“Sorry I asked then,” Jeremy said and turned away to return to the house.

“Okay, just like always, pouting to get your way,” Aaron laughed. “I guess I could eat some pie or have another beer.”

Together, the two returned to the house.  They grabbed another beer and sat outside with clouds coming up.  They commented about the weather before heading in to eat some of what was left of the desserts.  They finished the desserts and washed it down with the beer.  They stayed a little longer until both decided it was time to head out.

“Hey Aaron, you wanna show me your place since I’m here?” Jeremy asked.

“Trust me, it’s a shit hole,” Aaron said.

“I don’t care if it is as long as the beer is cold,” Jeremy stated.

“We can stop at gas station and grab some,” Aaron smiled.  “My place is on Tucker Road, near the old McKenzie house.”

“I’ll follow you and pay for the beer,” Jeremy said.

“Suits me,” Aaron said.

Jeremy followed Aaron and paid for a better quality beer at the gas station.  He continued down and followed Aaron to his place, which was an old single wide mobile home that had seen better days.

“I said it ain’t much,” Aaron laughed once at his place.

They enter the smelly trailer.  The best part was it was clean.  Aaron grabbed a beer and commented how much better it was than the horse piss they were drinking. 

Aaron slung his arm over Jeremy after both had drank two more, “Dude, I’m still fucking tripping you are gay!”

“Aaron think about it.  Did I ever have a steady girlfriend that you can remember?”

Aaron gave it some thought, “I don’t think I can right now.”

“There you go.  I knew I was when I left here and went to college,” Jeremy said. “After one semester with this sophomore fucking hottie, I knew I was gay.  Now where’s the pisser?  I’m about to piss in my pants.”

Aaron laughed, “Good luck in finding it.  It’s behind the kitchen.  You can’t miss it.  Oh, jiggle the handle a few times, bitch won’t hardly flush.”

Jeremy returned and told Aaron he was right.  Aaron headed to the bathroom to use it as well.  Aaron returned without his shirt and put his arm back around Jeremy.  “Jeremy, I hope you don’t mind my arm,” Aaron said.

“No not all,” Jeremy stated. “I like a hot guy who… who goes after something he wants.”

“Fuck yea, it’s been a dry spell for me here.  How about you?”

“Ummm… I can’t say that,” Jeremy said.

“You fucking dawg! Is he hot?”

“Not really, he’s married but has one hell of an ass,” Jeremy stated.

“Messing with married guys, huh?”

“Why not?  He wants my dick and I deliver,” Jeremy said and rubbed Aaron’s flat stomach.

Aaron reached his hand over and felt Jeremy’s crotch, “I think I feel why now. MMMM... Can’t say that I would blame him.”

“You can have it if you want it,” Jeremy said.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Aaron said.  Jeremy lifted off the couch and slid off his jeans and boxer briefs.  Aaron grabbed Jeremy’s cock.  “Nice fucking cock Jeremy, just how I imagined a stud like you would have.”

Jeremy kissed Aaron while grabbing at Aaron’s cock.  Aaron got naked and showed his 6 inch cut cock that was shaven.  Aaron leaned over and kissed Jeremy’s stomach before licking his cock.  Jeremy rested his hands on Aaron’s dark hair and didn’t force him down on his stiff hard cock.  Aaron sucked his balls before opening his mouth to take Jeremy’s rock hard cock.  With Aaron’s wet mouth on Jeremy’s cock, Jeremy slid his hand down Aaron’s back.  He found Aaron’s ass and stuck his middle finger inside.

“OOOO shit yea,” Aaron stopped and resumed.

“Gawd, I wanna fucking 69 with you, dude,” Jeremy stated with his mind filled with lust over his friend.

“Hell yea, let’s do that!” Aaron said. 

They changed around with Aaron on top of Jeremy.  Jeremy fingered Aaron’s ass while he took his cock in his mouth.  He moaned and groaned while sucking Aaron over Aaron doing the same to him. 

After a few minutes, Aaron stopped and moved around, still on top of Jeremy.  “Fuck me Jeremy!  I want you to fuck my ass so hard!” Aaron said, staring into Jeremy’s eyes with complete lust.

“Aaron, I’d love to fuck that hot ass,” Jeremy said.

“Fuck yea!  My dream is to get with your hot ass and this is really happening!”

“Get ready to have that dream come to reality,” Jeremy said.  Jeremy pulled Aaron down to him.  They kissed and kissed with sparks flying with both guys horny as ever.  Aaron spat on his hand, reached behind and stuck Jeremy’s cock at his hole.  He pushed back and felt Jeremy slid inside him with lots of friction going in.  He let out a small gasp with Jeremy’s hands all over him.

“Fucking ride that dick, Aaron! Feel that dick in your ass!”

“I will!  OOO yes, I will!” Aaron screamed riding Jeremy’s rigid cock.  Aaron leaned up and moved a little to really take this cock.  He bounced up and down with Jeremy eyeing his every move and his hands on Aaron’s thighs.  “OOOO fuck yea!”

“Ride me… oooo yea Aaron, ride that fucking dick you wanted!” Jeremy screamed with his hands all over Aaron’s body.

“OOOOO fuck yea!  Feels so damn good, Jeremy,” Aaron said with his head cocked back and his ass going crazy on Aaron’s cock.  He squeezed his ass tight a few times and gyrated his hips to incite Jeremy more and himself as well.  Both were moaning and panting.

Jeremy grabbed Aaron’s hip and guided him up and down.  Jeremy and Aaron continued groaning and really into their sex.  Jeremy reached up and pinched Aaron’s hard nipples.  He twisted them a little before Aaron leaned back over for more lip.  Jeremy took over and rammed his cock in and out of Aaron’s nice hot ass.

“OOOO Jeremy!”

“OOO Aaron, your ass!”

“Your dick!  Fuck me!  OOOO yes, fuck me!” Aaron screamed in ecstasy.

Jeremy grabbed Aaron’s cock and stroked it slowly.  He didn’t want to push him too far.  He stopped and gently pushed Aaron over to his back to hammer his cock inside him.  Aaron spread his legs and took the hard pounding like he wanted and was screaming for more.

Jeremy was feeling the built up in his nuts, “Aaron, I need to bust.”

“Bust those fucking baby makers in my ass,” Aaron said and grabbed Jeremy to pull him deeper. 

Jeremy pushed hard, grunted and released his load inside Aaron’s ass.  Aaron jacked his cock hard as ever until he busted with Jeremy’s cock deep inside his cum filled ass.

“OOOO fuck yea!” Aaron said. “That was too good!”

“I know.  You’re one hell of a fuck, Aaron,” Jeremy said on top of Aaron still.

“You are.  Just what my horny ass needed here on Thanksgiving,” Aaron said with Jeremy slipping out of his ass.

“I really stuffed your turkey,” Jeremy said.

“The best part was the stuffing with cream,” Aaron smiled and kissed Jeremy.  They kissed and stroked each other wherever they could find in their bliss.

“Thanks dude,” Jeremy said.

“Thanks for giving me that fucking dick of yours.  My dream is now fulfilled,” Aaron said.

“Giving thanks is the true meaning of Thanksgiving,” Jeremy joked while laying naked with Aaron.


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