Let us revisit our seven stories
CONNOR - Connor Turner was born in New York City, leaving home for a better life. He encountered the Orpheus, under the
ownership of Eric Sampson. While working as an elevator operator, the Orpheus was burned down due to the carelessness of one
of Connor’s friends. In 1953, the Orpheus reopened and Eric groomed Connor for a management position, eventually allowing him
to become the new owner when Eric passed on in the early 1980s. While Connor was learning the ropes of the hospitality business
he met and fell in love with Yvette, a French Canadian. Together they had a son who moved to Canada and subsequently had three
children; the youngest being Joshua Turner. Wanting to be closer to his grandchildren, Connor moved to Montreal with his wife,
Yvette. He left the rental of the Orpheus in the hands of a friend but unfortunately the Orpheus was looted when the friend
disappeared. After learning of the Orpheus’s condition, he left the building to his nephew, Michael, hoping he could make
something of it. While his wife was away, Connor had met a young traveller and tried to get him to open up. Connor died in
October 2012.
JOSH - Joshua Turner was born in Toronto in 1991. His grandfather was at his birth. He eventually went to college in Sudbury; it was
there he learned of his grandfather’s death. On the way to Montreal, Josh’s mother told him the little she learned of his
grandfather’s past in New York. At the funeral he gave a eulogy honoring his grandfather, Connor. It was later that day when he
encountered his cousin, Michael, and his partner Patrick. They wanted to make sure Josh was okay and stayed on the path that he
loved, which Josh knew was his writing. A month later Josh met Mike and Pat at a wedding and they offered him to stay with them
at the Orpheus to get some inspiration for his writing.  That Christmas Josh met Chris and learned of the gay lifestyle in New York
City. He loved this new environment and decided to submit his stories to the Roosevelt school, which Mike had encouraged him to
THE TRAVELLER - Broderick Malloy left his brother and his father at the age of 15. He needed to get a better life for himself.  He left
the night his father banged on his mother’s door in a drunken stupor. Before he went he left his brother, Thomas, a note and then
never looked back. For the next five years, Brody met people in the United States and Canada; he wandered the countries, where
he decided not to think of his past and only try to think of his present. His travels took him to Montreal in 2012, where he
encountered Connor Turner. Connor tried to get the Traveller to reveal something of his past but Brody never did. He then turned
up in Vancouver, talking to lady with pigeons, who stressed the need for companionship.  Sometime later, in California, Brody
encountered a pair of brothers, who he befriended, but ran away from before he got too close.  In April, Brody stumbled upon his
brother, Thomas, and they reconnected the bond they had as children. Tommy eventually understood Brody’s need to escape,
explaining that both he and their mother escaped their father.  After leaving Tommy, Brody met a father and son, who made him
think about his father to the point that he almost called him that night. However, he was mugged in Dallas. Meeting some friendly
college guys, he headed for Florida, hoping to escape his past again, but in August, having seen his father’s story online; he made
contact with him and decided to head back home to New York to confront him
MICHAEL AND PATRICK - Michael Turner and Patrick Corner are a married couple. They have been together for almost ten years.
They travelled to Montreal for Connor’s funeral and met Josh there. Mike promised his ailing Uncle Connor that they would watch
over his grandson. It was a month after Connor died that Michael and Patrick discovered that they owned the Orpheus. In a letter,
Connor gave them the deed to the building upon his death. They decided to visit the building and head for New York that day.
Seeing the ruined lobby of the Orpheus after it was looted made them rethink their idea, but after talking to Joe, who was
squatting there informing them of what happened after Connor left, they decided to renovate the Orpheus back into an apartment
complex.  At a wedding later that month, Michael and Patrick invited Josh to New York for the construction, and they also
encouraged him to submit his writing to the Roosevelt school. After some time with their head maintenance man, Chris, Josh
agreed. Michael also talked to Joe about staying on as the front desk manager. The Orpheus opens in January, with Ms. Tamara
Morgan being tenant manager. Michael and Patrick are currently interviewing tenants whilst preparing for the 80th anniversary of
the Orpheus.
HARRY - Coach Harry Wade was a high school coach in Dallas. He had a long-term girlfriend, Bianca, and a sister, Tamara. One day in
January 2012, Harry had to deal with a failing quarterback and then with an inappropriate shower scene between four friends while
he tried to read the contents of a mysterious envelope on his desk. He received a call from Bianca who had some good news. Otis,
Harry’s best friend and Principal of the school then told him the letter was for a teaching position at Roosevelt School in New York,
which would mean he would have to move if he accepted. As he left the school for his time with Bianca, he was pleased that the
four friends he caught in the shower are going to help the quarterback with his studies. After some sex with Bianca, he found out
that she got promoted and he then told her of his own job offer. They got into an argument, after which Harry talked to his sister
about whether he should take the job or stay with Bianca. He made his decision.
RON and ALTON - Ron  Harrison and Alton Fenton are boyfriends. Ron had been losing his focus at his marketing job and Alton lost
his passion for the restaurant he managed. While Alton groomed Trevor to be his replacement Ron had to deal with his boss who
asked him take a leave to get rejuvenated. At drinks that night Ron learned his focus was draining when his writing took more
interest in his life and Alton had lost passion for food there when he found better food in New York. They decided to take a
vacation at the Orpheus again, not aware that it had been changed into an Apartment complex under Michael and Patrick’s
ownership, and was not a hotel. They met Ms. Morgan who thought they were new potential tenants.
FRANKIE and CALVIN - Franklin Barone and Calvin Hoberster are College graduates who love ‘Rooming with my Best Friend’ and
were looking for a place to live. They have been best friends forever, but following in the footsteps of Rooming’s Matt and Kris,
they began a sexual relationship. During their search for somewhere to live they discovered the Orpheus was looking for new
tenants. They needed a place to stay in New York as they were both studying to be actors. They had an appointment with Ms.
Morgan and instead of viewing a potential room that was set up they mistakenly went to the basement apartments and found
rooms dedicated to fetish sex. In the moment they tried to have sex only to be found by a maintenance man, Chris. It was later
that day that Calvin admitted that he loves Frank, but both agreed that they were not in love with each other. After an encounter
with a pizza guy, they moved into their apartment. Calvin immediately finds Ms. Morgan attractive and later follows Chris back
down to the basement apartments where they see something odd.
Now the final chapter,
It was almost six o’clock and all was quiet. Rick and Connor were in the office waiting for the word from their boss, Eric Sampson,
who had asked that everybody meet in the lobby for a general tenants meeting. As the Orpheus’s youngest management officer,
Connor was tasked with making sure everybody would be there. He personally talked to all 50 or so tenants.
Rick was manning the front desk for most of the day and was rummaging through a box of supplies he had located. He found a
name plate and put it on his desk. Connor noticed it and gave his friend of four years a quizzical look. Finally, not getting any
response from Rick, Connor said the obvious; “That’s not your name, Rick.”
“My name’s Richard Joseph Sampson. This says Joe Renard. It’s the closest thing to my name.”
“Man, we could spend a few dollars and get you a proper nameplate.”
“Nah, I like Renard, it gives me flair,” he smiled.
“Okay, whatever. Hey, have you read the news about the new school opening up next September?”
“The one dedicated to FDR? Of course, though I’m surprised it took them that long to get it rolling. The Roosevelt school geared
toward writing… That should be something.”
“Yeah, it should be, Joe” He emphasized his friend’s new name. “It’s nearly six o’clock and Eric isn’t here yet.”
“Con, you worry too much. My uncle’s having an early dinner with his friend, Felix, at the bakery. And he will make an entrance,
you know that.”
Connor had been groomed by Eric since the day he started. During the re-construction of the Orpheus after the fire in 1949 Connor
was Eric’s right hand man. Most nights the two would have a beer and shoot the shit. It was two months ago that Connor told Eric
about his relationship with his family members and why he left home for New York City. Eric explained that his relationship with
his parents was surprisingly good, and he still cared for them both in his heart.
At the stroke of six, Eric appeared at the office door in a blue suit and white hat. Connor nodded his approval of the man’s attire
and gave a wink to Rick, who laughed at his uncle’s wardrobe. Eric was a casual man and wearing a suit was something reserved for
weddings and funerals.
The two men followed Eric into the main lobby, where all the tenants were gathered. One person stood out the moment Connor
saw her. She was talking to someone Eric had spoken with a few times, but Connor couldn’t remember the name.
Eric stood on the podium Connor had put in place earlier and he and Rick stood respectfully back in front of the two elevators.
Above them on the walls were two pictures, both with sheets of velvet over them, waiting for the right moment to be revealed.
Connor looked around the room and eyed each of the tenants that were his responsibility to oversee. His eyes first fell upon
Orville Morgan and his bride Loretta, who were newlyweds. They had taken up their father’s old apartment when Fred Morgan
decided his leave after the fire. Next to him was the head of the Malloy clan, Arthur Malloy, and his son Sylvester was wrapped in
his arms. Amanda, Arthur’s wife, was smiling at her new born child. Connor had liked the Malloy’s from the moment he met them
during his time as the elevator operator.  The rest of the tenants were new to the Orpheus, with the old ones having found other
accommodations during the reconstruction.
In the back on Connor’s mind as Eric was preparing his notes was what had happened to Bill, his former friend, who had caused the
fire. When Eric had learned that Bill unintentionally caused the fire, Eric, in his goodness, wanted Bill to retain his position and to
give him another shot. However, Connor and Rick had fought Eric on this. It was the first time the two of them were in agreement.
Bill knew the no smoking policy. Eric relented and Bill was sent away. Connor had hoped Bill was okay wherever he was. In his
heart of hearts, he knew Bill wouldn’t intentionally start the fire, but it still happened because of him. It was at that moment one
of the tenants stared at him.
The guy was named Arlo Stevens; he was one of the last tenants to be signed up. He was rather young, but he lived with his
mother. Arlo had red hair, glasses, and always wore shorts. He was a mystery to Connor and Rick, all they knew about the guy was
that he wanted to be an actor. Connor felt like he knew him but he didn’t know how or where from. The guy spoke with a deep
southern accent.
Eric was tapping his cards, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for coming to this gathering. This is a small celebration
and the official grand reopening of the Orpheus. It was on this day in 1932 that my business partner Lyle Wade and I agreed to open
the Orpheus. Although Lyle died during the initial construction, he will always be remembered. I want to thank the Malloys, the
Collins, The Morgans and Grantley’s for continuing on with us through this reconstruction period. Your loyalty to my apartment
complex will not be forgotten. “
Eric nodded to Rick, who pulled on the rope. The first picture was unveiled. It was the Orpheus, twenty years ago, with Eric
Sampson standing at the entrance and Leanne Wade, Lyle’s wife, standing next to him. “This was the Orpheus at the beginning. To
look forward we need to be aware of where we came from.” 
Below the huge poster was a listing of the original fourteen tenants and staff at the Orpheus. Connor had read the plaque of
names and the Malloys and Morgans were there, but two names stuck out, R J Turner and S G Harrison. He had approached Eric
earlier in the week and asked him about the Turner and Harrison names. Eric stated that “both Mr. Turner and Mr. Harrison were
with the building just one year before they departed for employment opportunities elsewhere. They were both Lyle’s tenant
choices and in honour to his memory I allowed them to become tenants. They were the only two family members I personally
didn’t vet. I regret that I hadn’t had time to meet them.”
Connor asked, “Was the Turner a relative of mine?”
“Maybe, Con,” Eric smiled, “but honestly, I have no idea. S. Harrison moved to Philadelphia and the Turners’ moved to Los Angeles.
I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.”
Connor’s mind went to the present when Rick nudged him to say it was time for their surprise. “Eric,” Connor piped up as Eric
finished his last sentence. “Rick and I have another picture that is relevant here.”
Before Eric Sampson could wipe the shock off his face Rick pulled the rope off the next picture. It was Eric Sampson in his blue suit,
arms folded in front of him, smiling. Below was a plaque, “Eric Harold Sampson, owner. 1932-“
“But how?” Eric asked, nearly speechless.
“Amanda Malloy was recruited to paint your portrait from the pictures we provided,” Connor smiled.
“Thank you Amanda. Thank you Rick and Connor. It’s beautiful.”
“Three cheers for Eric Harold Sampson.”  After three hip hip hoorays, the attendants waited for Eric say his final remarks.  “There is
only one thing left to say…”
He said four words and the lobby went loud with applause. Eric went to personally thank the Malloy’s for the portrait and Connor
subconsciously moved toward the woman he saw earlier. Rick laughed at that as he had personally invited the woman for Connor.
He tapped his friend on the shoulder, “Connor, I would like you to meet a friend of Eric’s, Philippe Ardont, and his niece Yvette. “
Connor was speechless for the first time in his life. Yvette was the most beautiful woman he had ever met, “Philippe, Yvette, this
is our new assistant manager, Connor Turner.”
Their eyes met and then Connor said the same four words that Eric had ended his speech with, “Welcome to the Orpheus.”
THE ORPHEUS - SUMMER 2013 - 60 YEARS LATER, to the day
Josh was sitting on his bed in his new apartment in New York City. Even if he wasn’t going to be accepted to the school he wanted
to spent time with his cousin. They allowed him to take up residence for the summer at the Orpheus. His cousin Michael told him
he could stay rent free, however, neither him or his dad would allow that, so they both paid a part of the rent.
Josh was alone on the bed, wondering how he should handle the little package in his hand. Michael and his husband of ten years
had managed to pull some strings with the Roosevelt School and his stories were seen by key people there. Now, after two
interviews and a comprehensive writing exam, which included three short story original entries, Josh held the answer in his hand.
Would he be accepted into the Roosevelt School?
Josh was not a nervous person, which was a feat for him. He never got nervous, he was worried a lot about fitting in, about doing
the right thing, but nervous was not in his nature. He didn’t know what to do, it was early morning and the envelope had arrived
under his door as awoke.
For more than two hours he had sat holding it, avoiding it and ignoring it. He loved it in New York, especially since Chris and
Malcolm had shown him a great side to the city that made him feel alive, not to mention the sexual exploration he had enjoyed
over the previous few weeks. Although he wasn’t planning a relationship with anybody, witnessing the love Chris and Malcolm
had for each other was cool and gave him hope. They were friends, but they were also so much more.
It was then that he heard a knock on the door and wondered if it was his cousin Mike. He got up to answer it, but when pulled open
the door it was Chris, the head maintenance man, who looked amazing in his overalls over a white wifebeater that exposed his
incredible arms.
“Hey buddy,” he smiled as he went to sit down on one of Josh’s chairs.
“What’s up? Any particular reason you’re here?”
“I was just making my rounds and I wanted to check on you. I heard you received your acceptance letter.”
Josh looked at the envelope on his bed, “I don’t know if I’ve been accepted. I haven’t opened the letter yet.”
“Well,” Chris smiled, “will you allow me?” Josh nodded so he got up and went Josh’s unmade bed to pick up the envelope. Chris
was like that, he wouldn’t let Josh’s insecurities about the future get in the way and if needed he would force Josh to look at the
future and hit it head on. Since they met, Chris had forced Josh to do things he would never have done on his own. After learning
about Josh’s writing, he suggested that Josh write about his first sexual encounter, and so, with a lot of encouragement and being
locked in Chris’s place, Josh wrote the scene.
Now was no different. Chris forced Josh to read the letter and not to procrastinate. It just came to Josh that Chris was the reason
why he waited. Chris opened the letter, read the first few lines and gave a sad smile whilst shaking his head. The expression made
Josh’s heart since and he started to worry. Now that he wasn’t accepted what would he do? Would he have to go back to Sudbury?
Would he be forced to go back home and away from New York? He needed to know for himself what the letter said. He yanked the
paper from Chris’s hand and read it himself.
Mr. Joshua Turner,
We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted the Roosevelt School.  
The rest of the letter was forgotten. He stared daggers at his friend, “You fucking asshole! I can’t believe you tricked me!”
Chris just laughed, “What are friends for?”
Josh laughed as well and went to fist bump Chris, but it quickly turned into a hug. “Thanks, man.”
“Anytime, Joshie.”
“Don’t call me that.”  
Chris noticed the clock on the night table, “Shit, I’m late, and I’m meeting Malcolm later, do you want to come?”
“Nah, I need to read the whole letter and see what else I have to do and know.”
“Okay, buddy. We’ll be in the basement apartments if you need us.”
Josh was curious about them since Michael had never mentioned them, other than that they weren’t usable at this time,
something about the odour.  Before Chris left, Josh walked over to him with a mischievous look on his face and pulled the zipper
on Chris’s overalls down. He bit his bottom lip as he exposed Chris’s chest. His pecs were two perfect mounds of muscle, dotted
with luscious pink nipples that always seemed to be erect, calling out to his tongue. The hard abs came into view next, each one
hard like it had been chiselled into the flesh. And finally the cuts at his waist swirled down to the incredible the eight and half
inches dick that was flaccid and yet still remained long and thick.
“You never wear underwear do you…?”
“Nope… I’m always ready… whenever you are…”
Chris winked and slid his thumbs into Josh’s pants, slowly pushing them down to reveal a nice tight pair of Joe boxers that clung to
Josh’s hips. He chuckled, “I see you’re wearing these things again?”
“Yeah,” Josh smiled.
“Well, I’d better get back to work,” Chris quickly said, letting Josh go as he tucked himself back into his overalls, zipping it back up
as he turned and headed out of the room, making sure to give Josh a good view of his muscle ass as he left.
Josh showered and threw on some clothes as the contents of the letter were finally sinking in. He needed to tell Mike and Pat the
great news.
He opened the door and went left, but realized he had meant to go right. That’s when it happened. He collided with another
person, knocking him down.
As tried to regain his bearings he looked down and felt his breath catch in his throat. Oh my god, he thought, whoever he is he’s the
hottest guy I’ve ever seen.
He couldn’t help but stare at the guy, seeing his brown hair and the blue eyes that were to die for, not to mention his shirt that was
open at the neck to showing a glimpse of his well-defined chest. He was almost perfect if not for the black jeans covering his most
prized part, but Josh’s mind was going wild trying to picture it.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get up myself.”  The stranger announced.
Josh put his hand out and the stranger took it. They looked approximately the same age, but the beard on the stranger’s face was
so sexy.
Is this love at first sight? Josh thought to himself again.
He decided to use Chris’s advice and take charge of the moment, “Hey, sorry, I’m Josh, what’s your name?”
The 20 year old guy looked Josh over and smiled, “I’m Broderick, but my friends call me Brody. Brody Malloy.” After a few more
awkward seconds passed, Brody asked, “Do you know where this apartment is?” 
Josh looked at the piece of paper. “Yeah, it’s two floors down actually. Go down in the first elevator. It’s the third door.”
“Thanks. Do you live here too?”
“Sort of… My cousin runs the place.”
“I see, well thanks for helping me out. See you around.”
“Sorry again about bumping into to you.”
“It’s nothing, Josh.”  
Josh watched the guy’s ass as he went back down the hall to the elevators. It was magnificent.
Remembering why he left the apartment in the first place, Josh went down the hall, took the stairs two floors up and knocked on
Mike’s door.
After a few seconds Michael and Patrick opened the door together. Josh shoved the letter in Mike’s face. Then he went to their
breakfast alcove and helped himself to the food. Patrick eyed him.
“He got in!” Michael yelled. Patrick smiled even bigger. “Josh this is wonderful. Feel free to join us for breakfast and we’ll
With his mouth full of pancakes, Josh just nodded with Patrick laughing. Michael walked over and gave Josh a big hug, whispering
in his ear, “Your grandfather would be proud of you.”
Josh had no doubt. He smiled back, “So would your uncle. What you did for the Orpheus, Zaidy will be smiling up there.”
“Josh is right, honey.”
They smiled at each other as there was another knock on the door and their resident manager, Tamara Morgan, entered.
“Good morning, Patrick, Michael…” Turning he saw Josh, “How are you doing, Joshua?”
“Great, Tammy, and how are you?”  Josh never liked the formalization of his given name. Ever since Tamara first called him that he
would call her by her nickname, which seemed to make Pat smile.
“I’m doing quite well on this beautiful morning.” Turning to her bosses, she said, “I just wanted to inform you that Franklin and
Calvin will be moving in later today and I had hoped you would be able to greet them like you have your other tenants. However,
with knowledge of tonight and the many activities, I believe I know your answer. ”
“Yes, it’s regrettable that we can’t welcome them personally, they moved in on the wrong day.”
“Of course, I’ll make sure they are informed that you have other matters that require your attention and that you will give them a
proper welcome when your schedules are less busy.”
“That seems to be the most sensible course,” Patrick suggested, attempting to mock Tamara’s formal speaking, which Josh smiled
With that, Tamara made her exit. Josh kicked his feet up, “I’m going to like it here.”

He entered the elevator after bumping into the guy who knocked him down. The guy was hot, but there was something about him
that made Brody open up to him. It was the first time since he ran away that he actually used his real name. For five years he had
just been the Traveller, going from city to city anonymously. Now he was in the place to meet the person he ran away from,
Sylvester Malloy, his father.
Although coming back to his hometown was a hard undertaking, he knew it had to happen. But, just like his brother confronting
him in Oregon, he needed to talk to his father. He had never made peace with him, so whenever people asked about his life, his
past or even his name he would run away or evade the question. He ran away from those two brothers in California, and the old
man in Montreal, but slowly he opened up, especially to that father and son in Texas. Had he not been attacked that night he
probably would have called his old man then, however, he procrastinated again and again.
The Rooming story was always there, hanging over him. He had seen it in Florida at the restaurant. He had seen it when he
encountered that old lady with the pigeons and then in Texas with the boys who found him. That story, the one that he first saw in
rough draft form in his father’s office one night and that started the bad blood between father and son. It was like a haunted ghost
always showing it wherever Brody went. Now, five years later, he was standing outside the apartment of his father, the author of
Rooming with My Best Friend
He had been so concerned with how he would treat the man that he didn’t even see where he was going when he ran into that
Josh guy. After that, for some reason, he seemed more relaxed.  He knocked and waited. When the door opened he just stared at
his father. He looked fit, with white hair and beard. He was in jeans and a white shirt. What Brody also noticed was the small
“Broderick… I’m sorry, Brody.”  Sylvester scooped his son into a bear hug. Brody was surprised. Somehow it wasn’t the same man
he left behind all those years ago.
“Can’t breathe,” Brody whimpered and Sy loosened his grip. “Dad, what’s happened to you?”
Sylvester smiled broadly and told his son to sit with him, “Come, we have much to discuss.”
Brody didn’t think before he spoke, he let the emotions that had been held up inside for the last five years come pouring out out.
“Dad, I’m sorry I left in the middle of the night. Although I don’t regret the choice, leaving Thomas and Mom behind was by far the
worst thing I could have done. “
Sy was about to interrupt but Brody held up his hand, “Dad, you need to realize you were trying to get me to be a person I wasn’t,
trying to put me on a path that wasn’t me. I needed to escape that and find my own way. Then your drinking added to the need to
“Son,” he began, “I forgive you. I know why you left. Your brother contacted me four months ago. He explained the conversation
you had with him. I’m sorry for my behaviour that night, but we need to discuss what you were seeing and not seeing.”
“Dad,” Brody started, not wanting to relive that horrible moment. On his darkest nights during his travels his dreams were flooded
with one memory; His father coming home in a drunken rage, banging on the door of the master bedroom, asking to be let in.
“Brody, you need to understand what happened. It has to do with the Rooming series, you see.  You found the notes I had for that
series in my desk four months before you left. You remember. Well, then you confronted me about it. Wanting to know where the
ideas came from and how much was real.”
Brody remembered that conversation word for word, even after five years. “Yes, and you admitted that most of the story was true,
that you had lived the life of Matt Alexander Raymond. Then I asked you the question, whether you were gay…”
“I lied to you and said no. We don’t need to rehash that talk again. We both know that’s what started the rift between us.
However, your mother wasn’t aware of my Rooming storyline. One night as she was going to bed she noticed my laptop was open
and she read one of the steamier chapters, the one where Corey and Matt first had sex.”
“You mean, Mom didn’t know about your college days or about your sex life?”
“Yes, she did. I had told her about my experiences in college, but I told her it was just experience, nothing more, and that we had a
love that was more than that. Well, let us just say that after reading the story she had doubts about my sincerity. I will be honest
that for some time before you were born our relationship wasn’t as good as it had been. The point is, that morning before work
she confronted me about the story and asked point blank if I was gay. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it, but my silence
spoke volumes and she got the answer she didn’t want.  I tried to be normal and marry someone I loved, and I did love your
mother, but the need to be with a man yearned at me. So that night me and the buddies drank and drank, I needed to talk to your
mother so I came home and banged on her door. She never let me in and I slept on the couch. She and your brother blamed me for
your leaving.”
Brody didn’t know how to take this story, he thought his father was becoming a drunk, but it was just something completely
different. “So, that’s why you got divorced?”
“Yes, son, we realised that although we both loved each other, she would never fully satisfy me and I could never fully commit to
her. After I left I stopped at a bakery next door and the owner smiled and offered me a free coffee, seeing that I was down. We got
to talking and before I knew it…”
“Stop, I don’t want to hear about this Dad!”
Sylvester chuckled, “No, we became good friends, and each day I continued my story while I continued to work with the Roosevelt
School. As you recall the notes you saw on my computer were rough, and even the chapters your mother saw were vague. I spent
three months at that bakery getting it right. I borrowed the look of Kris from one of the afternoon bakery workers. Kris was also
named after him. Matt’s look was based on one of Chris’s friends, but mainly on my college experience.”
“I don’t get it though. It was 70s when you were in college. Are you telling me you experienced this type of thing in New York? I
mean, no offence, but Matt, Kris, Corey and Colt seemed to have very accepting friends.”
“Yes, the sex was real, but the harassment was toned down a lot. The Colt and Corey relationships never happened, in that I never
had a boyfriend in college, the experimentation was with my roommate, Jason.  You read the entire story right?”
“Yes,” Brody nodded, he was surprised still by how easy it was to have a conversation with his father, like the past five years were
“Well, you must have noticed that Matt had longed for a relationship with Kris, and that people from the beginning commented on
how they wanted Matt and Kris to be together, that was the truth I put in there. And when Kris and Matt finally made love in
Sophomore year, I finally gave in to the public and gave them that. The relationship with Corey was true in terms of the sexual
relationship I had with him, but the emotions that Matt had for Corey were the emotions I had for Jason, my roommate, that Matt
secretly had for Kris.”
“I see, no offence, but Dad, this a little too personal for me. I have to admit that you are totally different now than you were back then.”
“The same can be said of you, son. I think your five years made you patient, understanding and willing to listen. You seem to have
mellowed. I’ll admit I expected an angrier person than you are.”
“Truth be told, I expected a drunken man, but after really reading the Rooming story in its entirety I saw the love of writing and the beautiful
relationship you had with Matt and Corey. It showed the love. I laughed at the relationship between Corey and his mother. But, the point is,
it was that writing and the emotion inside it that made me come seek you.”
“I’m glad you did. We have so much time to make up for. I want to know what happened to you on the road. Where have you been? What
have you done?”
Brody laughed for the first time in weeks, “That could take awhile.”
“That’s fine, I have requested the apartment next door, which became vacant a month ago to be put on hold. Had you not contacted me
when you did I would have contacted you somehow.”
“What?” Brody was shocked, “You want me to live here?”
“Yes, come back home, let us start afresh.”
Brody thought about it, and there were many pluses to staying. Reconnecting with his father was one of thing, but there was the small
selfish reason of wanting to seek this Josh guy out. But, more still he was tired of travelling. “Dad, I can’t pay the rent.”
“Don’t worry son, we’ll find you an adequate position somewhere, you need to come home.”
Brody just nodded.
“Excellent.”  He got up and made a phone call to Ms. Morgan and she arranged for the paperwork to be sent up. “Come on, son. It’s time to
see your new place.”
My new place, Brody thought, I am home. The traveller is home.

Alton awoke early and went straight down to the lobby to look at the vacant space again while Ron stayed in bed. It was an exciting few
months. Ron remembered how he asked Alton not say anything and to just go with the flow when the Orpheus’s resident manager had
mistakenly thought we were incoming tenants. She had showed them around one of the vacant apartments. She mentioned that the only
condition was they had to meet the owners. So the next day Ms. Morgan had arranged an informal interview at the owner’s penthouse
apartment. Ron thought Michael and Patrick were a great couple and great partners in both senses of the word. Patrick was more business
savvy than Michael, who tended to the rule his thoughts with emotion, but by the end of the makeshift interview both Michael and Patrick
agreed that Ron and Alton would fit into the Orpheus’ family rather nicely. That night, after a longer discussion, Ron and Alton agreed to
move in. With the coming weeks and months, the formal paperwork, credit check and background checks were put in place, however, it was
just formality. Most of the procedures took less than a week, but Ms. Morgan had to deal with another crisis that prolonged the process,
however, by mid-March Ron and Alton had moved into the Orpheus.
The issue with Ron was what to do about his marketing job. Upon his return from New York he had a meeting with Mr. Granger. Arnold
Granger had hoped that Ron had finally been able to apply himself more to his job than he had done before. However, Ron explained that it
was not that simple and that he and Alton had decided to move to New York. Not wanting to lose his star player, Granger thought fast.
“I think I have a compromise, assuming of course that the New York environment well help you re-focus.”
“It should do that, yes.” Ron agreed, though he also thought being in New York would help with his writing.
“Then I suggest we make your job a work-at-home position. All the meetings and schedules can be arranged via teleconference and skype,
and we would only need you to come to one or two meetings here in Philadelphia. The other option, which may be more to your liking, is
transferring you to our New York office. Bob Rayburn is a star in the marketing world down there and he’s been trying to poach you for years.
He would welcome you.”
“That would sound perfect, but…”
“Ronald, you know the third option is termination and I doubt either of us want to go down that route.”
“True, I would like the New York option, but on one condition. I control how many projects I take on,” Ron continued. “As Alton and I
discussed my work situation I understood that my life was too focused on marketing and my other passion suffered. When I tried to focus on
that passion my work suffered. The reason was because I took on too much. So I need that autonomy to choose the amount of clients and
projects I take on and I would also prefer a work from home type scenario, if Bob Rayburn is for it.”
Granger nodded, “That makes sense. I’ll contact him and see what he says.”
Within days Bob Rayburn contacted Ron and agreed to all his conditions, even allowing Ron to take extra vacation time. Bob knew the asset
Ron was to Granger, and he wanted Ron at his branch. So the deal was set and Ron and Alton moved to New York City.
Now, after Ron had taken a shower and made some breakfast he got the documents ready for the meeting with the owners around
lunchtime. He was just about to finish printing them out when he heard some light conversation. For some time the room next door to them
had been vacant.
Curious, he walked out in his casual slacks and blue button down shirt, stopping briefly to comb his blond hair. He didn’t like wearing glasses
but Alton believed it made him look wise. As he stepped out he heard snippets of conversation. He was two feet away when he heard Ms.
Morgan say, ““You, sir, may still address me as Ms. Morgan.”
As he exited his apartment, Ron looked like he was going for a leisure stroll, a habit he did from time to time. Ms. Morgan made eye contact
with him and nodded, “Good morning, Tammy.”
“Hello, Ronald.”
“Would you like some coffee? You look like you could use a break.”
Thinking about it, she agreed and entered his apartment. “How are you doing?”
“Great. This apartment has a great view and all,” he said, pouring her a cup from the percolator and then taking one for himself.
“I was referring to your potential new venture downstairs. Michael told me about Alton’s fabulous idea,” she said, taking a sip.
“Yeah, I’m happy about it too. I have a meeting with Mike and Pat later on to cement the details.”
“Curious, though, that Felix went along with Alton’s plan. The bakery has been a permanent stable here just as much as the Orpheus has. To
part with it after so many years I would have thought unfathomable.”
“True, but Al had made special arrangements with Felix.” Ron told her Alton’s plan and she had to complement them on their ambitious
“How are my new neighbours?” Ron asked, to change the subject.
“They are interesting to say the least. I look forward to getting to know those two.”
“Are we interested in our new tenants?” Ron smiled knowingly.
Tamara stared at Ronald and then continued drinking her coffee, ‘I don’t believe that is the case. For one thing they are much too young and
for another it would be inappropriate to date a tenant.”
“Bullshit,” Ron countered. “Tamara, I’m aware of the reason your last name is Morgan. I’ve done the research on Morgan’s name and its’
association with the hotel.”
“Ahh, but Craig was not a member of management at the time I married him. Besides, the marriage was a failure from the start. Craig and I
couldn’t handle each other.”
Ron knew there was more to the story than met the eye, but he didn’t speculate. Although Tamara kept Morgan’s name it had much to with
hiding her maiden name than anything else.
She continued on a new subject after draining her coffee cup, “Mr. Malloy’s son will also be a tenant here.”
“I’m not familiar with Mr. Malloy, other than his reputation.”
“The Malloy family has been with the Orpheus since its beginning.” So had her family but she didn’t say that. “Sylvester Malloy is a
prominent teacher at the Roosevelt School.”
“And his son?”
“I am unaware of his personality, only meeting briefly to give Mr. Malloy the formal papers for his son.”
Noticing the time, “I have to go, Mike, Pat and Al will be waiting for me.”
With that, Tammy and Ron exited his apartment and headed for the elevator. “Do you know why the third elevator never works?”
“That is the only working elevator that goes the basement, a place still in disarray since the looting.”
“I see.”
They rode the elevator in silence and parted ways. Ms. Morgan headed to the office behind the front desk while Ron went to join Pat, Mike,
Al and Felix Jr.”
“I’m sorry for my tardiness.” Alton kissed him on the cheek and Felix shook his hand.
Patrick smiled, “It’s okay. We were preoccupied.” He pointed to the ladders by the elevators.
“So, let us get down to it. Are we all in agreement?”
“I think so.” Michael nodded, “we hammered out the details the moment Alton suggested the idea to us.”
“I need to thank Felix for his input and ideas.”
“Dad never wanted us to do this because it would take away from the bakery. I’m surprised neither of them came up with this idea though,
it would only add to the Orpheus and bakery, not subtract from it.”
“I agree.” Alton said clapping Felix Jr’s shoulder. “Honey, do you have pictures?”
“Yeah,” As Ronald showed the owners their drawings Alton thought about the moment he first saw the place and wanted to do something
with it. He woke four nights after Ron and he moved in and went down to lobby to think. Then, as Felix opened the bakery, his idea struck. It
didn’t take much convincing on Felix’s side. His main concern was his clientele and it would impact his bottom line. Having thought about
the solution both Felix and he went to Michael and Patrick with their idea.
It took weeks to get the little details hammered out. The most difficult was the name. Alton wanted his name and Felix demanded his.
However the solution was reached and the two moved forward. Now, Alton’s vision came true and finally The Orpheus would have
something it hadn’t had in years.
After they shook hands, Ron and Alton went for a walk outside the Orpheus. They were happier than they had ever been. Ron was
explaining to Alton that Bob Rayburn agreed with him that Alton’s venture needed a huge marketing campaign. Ron and Bob had worked
together the last two weeks creating an add blitz. Ron’s ideas were coming in fast and furious. The thing that also was interesting was how it
impacted Ron’s writing. The ideas from his marketing campaign translated to his creative ideas for a new novel we wanted to write.
Although it was taking time to plan the details. He was happy with his dual focus now.
Alton listened to Ron about his ideas and stories and loved how much he had improved since their move to New York. Alton was just as
happy, the new venture of taking Felix’s bakery and adding a café inside the Orpheus was all Al talked about. It allowed him to use his
knowledge of restaurants but also to bring in inspiration of the New York culinary world.
The two held hands and smiled. They slowly made their way back to their room, both filled with love for the other. As soon as they were
back in their room their lips came together and they knew they had to have each other. It may have only been 2pm but it was time for some
afternoon delight, yet another outlet for Ron’s passion that both got equal satisfaction from.
Alton pulled his beautiful blond boyfriend to him, pressing their bodies together, his own firm pecs pressing against the toned yet slender
body of his lover. His teeth bit hard into his lip as he tried to muffle the moan that wanted to escape them as he looked into Ron’s dazzling
blue eyes, eyes that always made his heart melt and his dick pulse as it rose between them. He pressed his forehead to Ron’s, letting his
fingers slide up into the blond hair, twirling the blue tints around in his fingers as he felt Ron’s warm breath tickling the hairs of his beard.
Their faces inched closer together until the tips of their noses brushed against one another. They both moaned and closed their eyes, their
faces hovering for a moment, lost in the sensation of longing for a kiss at the same time as desperately trying to hold back from devouring
the other’s lips to prolong the moment and the anticipation.
Ron could feel his boyfriend throbbing against him, even though they were both still clothed. His own dick was rock hard but it was trapped
under the waistband of his boxer briefs that felt like they were getting tighter by the second. He ran his hands up under the shirt of the
bigger man, feeling the muscles in his back. Finally their lips touched, softly, briefly, the tiniest of pecks.
Soft kisses followed, their lips grazing each other, filling the room with the quiet smacking sounds as their saliva mixed on their lips. Ron
was the first to break, opening his mouth slightly, letting Alton’s bottom lip slip between his so he could suck and gently nibble on it.
They both moaned, clinging to each other, never wanting to let the other go. Their lips came together again, but this time they were open
and their tongues sought each other out, embracing between their mouths and dancing in a rhythm that matched the beating of their
After a brief make-out session with their hands running all over each other, they stepped back, panting for breath. Ron then stepped
forward again and placed his hand on Alton’s cheek. Alton nodded and closed his eyes, letting Ron slowly remove his glasses. Opening his
eyes again, Alton’s vision was blurred, but despite one of his senses almost being completely taken away from him he trusted Ron
completely and knew that his lover would guide him through their love making like he had so many times before, making him feel safe,
Using his hands, Alton felt up and down Ron’s nice, tight body, searching out the buttons on his shirt, which he quickly had open so he could
reach in and caress the muscles beneath. He loved his boyfriend’s compact body, the pecs and abs smaller than his own but still damn
impressive, with incredible definition that only felt harder under Al’s fingertips as he traced along the lines, seeing with his hands.
When Ron’s lips settled against Alton’s neck, the bigger man began to purr and whimper, holding onto his boyfriend’s shoulders as his
hands quickly went to work on stripping him of his clothes. Soon they were both naked and Ron pushed Alton backwards slowly until the
backs of his knees hit the bed and he fell down onto it, instinctively spreading his legs to accommodate his boyfriend who dropped down
on top of him and resumed the work his lips and tongue had been doing on his neck.
Their dicks, both average in size but more than enough to please the other, slid up and down alongside each other as their hips moved back
and forth, humping against each other while Alton grasped at Ron’s hair, his own head thrown back in pleasure.
Kissing up Alton’s neck, Ron found his boyfriend’s lips again and slipped his tongue into his mouth as he reached down and pulled Alton’s
legs up, opening him up even more so Ron could scoot down into position, ready for his entry.  Alton braced himself, knowing what would
follow, but he was left gasping as Ron’s hand settled on his throbbing cock, running up and down it, smearing the leaking precum all over
the man on the bottom’s dick before moving the hand to his own cock to lube it up enough to ease the pain of penetration.
With his dick glistening from the mixture of the two men’s precum coating his shaft, Ron gently pushed his way inside Alton, teasing his
lover’s hole at first by letting the head kiss against it, pressing in slowly only to pull back until Alton’s hole was so hungry it seemed to open
up, wanting to suck Ron’s cock in.
They both gasped and moaned as the head of Ron’s cock slipped inside, followed gently by the five inches of his shaft until he was buried
deep, his pubes pressed firmly against Alton’s ass. Ron didn’t move, always taking a moment to get used to the incredibly tight ass he was
inside, amazed by how well it gripped his cock no matter how many times he’d been inside it. Alton once again held onto his boyfriend,
feeling warmth spread through him that seemed to radiate from his lover’s hard cock.
Finally, Ron began to move, sliding his dick out of Alton’s ass almost completely before pushing back inside, letting him feel every inch that
travelled into him, lighting up the walls of his ass with incredible feelings that were heightened even more by the friction from the lack of
lube. He was tingling from the inside.
As Ron set a nice pace, rocking his hips back and forth to withdraw and then bury his cock in Alton’s ass, their eyes met and they leaned in
for another kiss. Ron’s tongue slid back into Alton’s mouth, connecting them in two places as their bodies moved together in unison, caught
in a wild, lust-filled dance that drove Ron’s cock deeper and harder into Alton than before until Alton was calling Ron’s name.


“Chris… Chris… oh, fuck me!” Malcolm moaned when Chris pulled back from their passionate kiss and again assaulted his neck with his
tongue, never missing a beat as the cock travelled deep inside the bottom.
Frankie felt a lump form in his throat but he wasn’t sure what was causing it. Was it because he had walked in on two men at such an
intimate moment, right when they were in their midst of a passionate fuck and felt like he should retreat? No, it because he was jealous,
seeing the way the two moved together, he wanted someone to make love to him like that. He was so engrossed he completely forgot that
Calvin was standing next to him.
He watched with envy. Chris was on top of Malcolm, holding him close, his arms now pushed up under Malcolm’s back, holding onto his
shoulders as he drove his dick inside him. Malcolm in turn has his legs wrapped around Chris’s waist at the same time as he was clutching on
to his bulging biceps, not wanting to let the amazing stud slip from his ass.
Malcolm’s moans, along with the sight in front of him of Chris’s naked muscle ass moving up and down, clenching with every thrust he
made into Malcolm, had Frankie’s dick growing in his pants and he couldn’t help himself as he reached down to stroke it, feeling the head
pulse. It took him a moment to realise that the bed was moving, not just from the incredible technique that Chris was using to send shivers
up Malcolm’s spine, but it was actually spinning, slowly, moving around in a circle.
Frankie had to bite his lip as the angle of his view moved with the rotation of the water bed that rippled with the pair’s movements. No
longer was he staring at Chris’s hot ass as it pulled up and then sank back down as his dick plunged into Malcolm, he now had a side view
allowing to actually see the length of Chris’s shaft as it withdrew from Malcolm’s ass and then slid effortlessly back in. Seven perfect inches
moved back and forth, in and out, pulling out just to the point where the ridge of the head was visible before it all disappeared, being
buried balls deep in Malcolm’s hot, upturned ass.
Malcolm’s own eight inch dick was rock hard and was bouncing up and down between his abs and those of the hunk fucking him. Their lips
locked again and they were completely oblivious to the fact that they were being watched as they engaged in one of their hottest fucks yet.
Frankie continued to watch, focusing in on the point where Chris disappeared inside Malcolm, seeing the bottom thrust his hips up slightly
and his ass cheeks clench, trying to milk a load from the bigger man’s cock as it continued to glide in and out of him, playing a symphony on
his insides, lighting his body on fire with the tingles that were ignited through the nerve endings in his ass.
“I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna cum,” Malcolm moaned, clinging tight to Chris’s big body.
“Cum for me, Mal, let me feel you spray that cum all over my body. Then I’m gonna fill you up with mine,” Chris groaned as he drove in
Malcolm screamed and arched his back, throwing his head from side to side as his dick exploded, sending ropes of cum flying into the air,
coating his and Chris’s body and even fires so far that one blast landed on Frankie’s hand. Chris soon followed, burying his face in Malcolm’s
shoulder as his body was overcome with his orgasm, both his dick and ass clenching with each shot.
Frankie had watched the scene with his own eyes and could not believe what he was witnessing. Calvin pinched him and pointed to
Frankie’s hand. Frankie blushed but then very slowly brought his hand up to his mouth, licking the cum from it before he felt Cal’s tongue
slip inside his mouth, hoping to get a taste too. Back on the bed, Chris and Malcolm were locked in a deep kiss with Chris still lodged in
Malcolm’s ass. It was only when Cal cleared his throat, getting the attention of Chris and Malcolm, that Frankie quickly stepped back and
tried to cover the bulge in his own pants as the two young studs on the bed looked up at them.
Chris and Malcolm laid there exhausted. After a moment, when it dawned on Malcolm that someone was watching them, he covered up.
Chris followed suit. “You following us?”
“Yes,” Frankie admitted honestly, “We were unloading our stuff and noticed you going to the third elevator. We were curious.”
“You didn’t think maybe I didn’t want to be followed?”
“Yes,” Calvin admitted, “However, we didn’t really care. We seem to remember you asking us not come down here to do the act we just
witnessed you do.”
“It’s called sex,” Malcolm stated. He was not ashamed. When Frankie heard his voice he had to sit down. It was bad enough that Malcolm
looked like Matt from the Rooming series, but the voice had been the one Frankie always imagined him with.
Calvin responded, “Sorry, sex. I assume the owners are aware of your activities below decks?”
“Actually, no,” Chris admitted, “but they wouldn’t mind because nobody comes down here.”
“Then why were you running maintenance here when you caught us?”  Calvin asked.
“This was my place to fool around and I really didn’t want outsiders here.”
Frankie was waiting for Calvin to respond but he didn’t. Malcolm and Chris, who had started to get dressed, also looked at Calvin.
“Cal?” Frankie prompted his friend.
“Sorry. What?”
“Where were you?” Frankie asked, not caring about Chris and Malcolm anymore.
“Sorry, I just had a brainstorm.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Chris, nobody comes down here why?”
Chris, surprised to be addressed, said, “The smell, and because nobody knows what to make of these basement apartments. I mean there
are about 12 rooms that people use for sex.”
“I see, well….” Calvin stopped again, obviously thinking.
“I think we can make this place usable again.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Malcolm asked. Frankie ignored the Matt lookalike and stared at Calvin.
“I think we can turn this place into a nightclub. The living area is big enough to hold a bar and dance floor.”
“What about the smell?” Chris seemed more curious.
“I’m sure we can do something with it. There must be a way,” Calvin said. “The point is these rooms can be used for sex again, and other
activities. Allow couples to have meaningful relationships in private, or just play out their fantasies.”
“Fuck,” Chris smiled brightly for the first time. “Yeah, I see that now. It could be a huge money maker.”
“Yeah, and it could add some more publicity to this place.” Malcolm agreed.
“Let’s go talk to Mike and Pat right now.” Calvin smiled. “That is if you’re okay with us taking away your private sex rooms.”
Chris smiled, “The names Chris Thompson and this is my best friend Malcolm Alexander.”
“I am Calvin Hoberster and this Frankie Barone.”
Everybody shook hands. “We need to plan this out more though. Are we sure we can do this?”
“Chris,” Calvin began, “You run the maintenance here and at the Orpheus. In your honest, opinion can this smell be removed?”
Chris thought about it and nodded. “Yes, it can.”
“However,” Malcolm spoke up, “We need to redesign all these rooms. They’re so dated. I mean how many people actually want to fuck in
the water or on an airplane anymore?”
“Especially considering they can do that now pretty easily,” Calvin said.
“Wait,” Frankie spoke up at last. “Are we seriously considering doing this, taking this basement apartment and transforming it into a bar and
night club fantasy fuck palace?”
“Oh my god,” Calvin smiled, “that’s the perfect name.”
“The fuck palace?”
“No, the Fantasy Club and Bar.” Calvin pictured it. They had a secure elevator that would take the guests down to basement where they
could dance the night away or could experience some of the best sexual moments with their partner.
“Cal, can I speak to you for a minute?” Frankie pulled his friend to main lobby.
“What is wrong with you?” Cal asked, concerned. “Isn’t this a good idea?”
“Yes, it has potential. Bro, how can we do this? We don’t have the money, the experience or time to transform this place. So, I need to ask,
why do you want to do this?”
“It just popped into my head.”
“I think you’re just avoiding life.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Come on, Rodney dumped you what, two, three weeks ago? And then the following night you declare your love for me. And just today you
were flirting with Tammy. Now you want to put your energies in some hair brain scheme. I notice a pattern, you’re doing everything you
can to avoid dealing with Rodney’s breakup.”
“That is so not true.”
“Really? Then tell me why you want to go to Mike and Pat about this idea when it is not fully developed. We just met Chris and Malcolm and
you’re treating them like partners. We caught them fucking.”
“Well, Chris did catch us before.” Calvin argued.
“More avoidance… Talk to me, Cal. Why do you want to do this?”
“Three reasons…” Cal stated, his anger was rising, “For your information, Franklin, I did think it through.  Reason 1, we need money while
we try to pursue our acting careers. Reason 2, it would be nice for some of the college guys and girls to have a club that’s more suited for
their needs. We’re their age so we can relate to them. And Reason 3, I want to do this.”
“Why?” Frankie had been waiting for those words exactly. “I’ll tell you why, and then you can have the power. You didn’t have power over
Rodney. You don’t have the power in any relationship that may exist with Tammy. You can run this Fuck Palace and be in charge so you
won’t be rejected.”
Calvin knew Frankie was right. Rodney dumping him had effected his emotions and decisions for the last few weeks. He was surprised
himself when he declared his love for Frankie and was stunned that he was flirting with Tamara Morgan. Now he was thinking about
engaging in a business endeavour. He was avoiding his feelings by taking charge more and more.
“You’re right.” Cal finally admitted. He hugged his best friend, “What was I thinking? I just wanted more control, like how Matt controls
“Bro, we have that in our friendship. You always stop me from doing stupid stuff and you always keep me inline. If you ever need to boss
someone around, boss me around.”
“Okay, Franklin Barone, let’s go tell Chris and Malcolm we re-thought this thing and need more time.”
“No, bro, I’m here to make sure you’re doing the right thing for the right reason. I believe your fuck palace idea will work. I just don’t want
you to avoid your feelings anymore with this project.”
“You would never let me,” Calvin admitted. “And about me telling you that I was in love with you…”
“That was the first red flag. This was the second. I think we know where we stand with this relationship. And if we ever want to cross that
line, we will in the meantime. Let’s do your fuck club and see where that takes us.”
Before they knew it the four of them were riding the elevator up to the lobby, wanting to speak to the owners. Ms. Morgan was the only
one who set up those appointments.
Chris departed with Malcolm as they needed to prepare for that night’s little gathering. They went into the storage room behind the
elevators to grab some stuff that needed to go on the walls. The ladders were already there.  Frankie couldn’t believe how much Chris and
Malcolm looked like Kris and Matt. He wondered what they were packing and then he recalled and smiled to himself. Yes, they are like Kris
and Matt.
Calvin saw Ms. Morgan in the office and knocked.
“Calvin, how may I be of service?” Tamara smiled, brightly.
“I need to speak to the owners, are Pat and Mike around?”
“As I mentioned before when I showed you the apartment earlier. They are both engaged at the moment with the preparations tonight.”
“We really would like to discuss something that would be helpful to the Orpheus.” Cal batted his eyes. Then he gave her the puppy dog
“I can see if they are available, however I am not sure they will be able to meet you at present.”
“That’s okay,” Cal smiled.
She dialled the phone to Michael’s cell and was surprised to hear his voice. The surprise was not because it came from the telephone but
because it came from behind her.
“Yes, Tamara?”
“Michael, these two gentlemen would like a moment of your precious time to discuss something that could be advantageous to you in
regards to the Orpheus’s wellbeing.”
“Yeah,” Frankie spoke up, “We have an idea we wanted to run past you and Pat.
Ms. Morgan said, “I believe that is what I just conveyed to Michael, Franklin.”
“Sorry, Tammy.”
“It is Ms. Morgan to you.”
Mike held up his hand as Pat came into the office. “Guys, we do have 30 minutes right now, if you can spare it, if not we can make some
time later in the week.”
Anxious to talk to the owners and to get their input, they agreed to talk to them now. As Calvin spoke quite professionally about the idea he had
about turning the basement apartment into a nightclub with fantasy elements, the owners seemed to see the potential in the idea.
“Although, it’s great idea right now, there are some obstacles, like the noise level. Most of our guests prefer quiet, so having people coming
through the lobby at all hours of the night would definitely not help matters.” Patrick stated.
“Simple, we will build another exit with a staircase going outside the rear of the Orpheus and the elevator can be used just by employees.”
“Boys, I think we may have something here. If the planning works out Pat and I will help with the finances too.”
Frankie and Calvin smiled at that. They left the office with an appointment in a week to set out a formal business plan. The thing Frankie was
surprised about the most was that they seemed to be okay with sex angle of it. It made him wonder what kind of childhood the owners had.
He took his best friend by the hand went to the elevators. They looked into each other’s eyes and Cal smiled, sweetly, “Thank you, Frankie.”
“For what?”
“For being my best friend.”
“Nah,” Frankie brushed him off, “we owe some of this to Rooming with my Best Friend, that story showed us was true friends are all about and it
allowed us to get closer than we ever were before.”
“True, I wonder who wrote that story,”
“I doubt we’ll ever know,” Cal shrugged as the elevator opened. Out walked Sylvester Malloy and his son, Brody. They walked down toward the
entrance of the Orpheus. Cal and Frankie entered the elevator.
“Whoever he is,” Frankie stated regarding the author the Rooming series, “He was a brilliant man.”
They were just about the push the button when they saw something. A man in his twenties, with glasses and wearing a tie and shirt was running
towards Ms. Morgan. The man, with the name Wade on his jacket, hugged Tamara. Before they could see any more the elevator doors closed and
the best friends went up to their apartment. They kissed each other as Frankie realized he really was rooming with his best friend.

Coach Harry arrived in New York worried. He had yet to secure a permanent residence, however his sister surprisingly had a connection for him and
within a few hours he had found a place to live. Now, three days later, he was standing outside the Orpheus, wondering if this was the right move
for him.  When he went through the revolving door the shock of his life greeted him.
Tamara was exiting the office, but she saw his glasses and freckled face. She never mentioned that she worked at the Orpheus, only that she was in
New York and knew of a few spots. Coach Harry Wade ran into her waiting arms.
“Harry? You made it.”
“Yeah, what are you doing here?”
“Silly, I work here. Did I forget to mention that? My bad…”
The professional air she had with the other guests was gone with her baby brother.  “Yeah, you kind of neglected to mention it.”
“Where’s your stuff?” Tammy asked, curiously.
“I have the important stuff in my car but it’s just a few things here and there.”
They heard a cough and spun to see Mr. Malloy. “Are you Harry Wade?”
“Yes, sir,” Harry was taken aback, having only arrived in New York three days ago nobody should have recognized him.
“I’m Sylvester Malloy. This is my son Broderick.”
“Brody,” the former traveller corrected, extending his hand.  Harry shook it, still not registering Mr. Malloy’s presence. 
Almost perturbed, Sylvester stated, “I’m going to be your mentor at The Roosevelt School. You see, I was one of the people who believed you had
the skill to teach. Not to mention your expertise with the written word.”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Malloy, I should have recognized you.”
“It’s alright, we only spoke on the phone twice. However, I am slightly surprised to see you here at my residence.”
At this juncture, using her professional speaking voice, Tamara Morgan, the resident manager, spoke up, “Mr. Malloy, I would like to formally
introduce our new Orpheus tenant, Coach Harry Wade. Michael and Patrick only finalized the decision within the last day.”
“I see,” Sy smiled brightly, “This will make our work go by much easier now, being in the same building.”  He turned to Tamara, “Will he be located
near my apartment?”
“Unfortunately, no,” She began, “Because of the late night decision to have Mr. Wade stay with us he was given one of the few remaining openings
left. He will be one floor up.”
“Well,” turning to Harry again, Sy said, “I look forward to us getting acquainted, if you’d like join me for dinner tomorrow.”
“That sounds wonderful,” Harry smiled back. Brody had been listening to the conversation but he was mainly staring at Harry and Tamara. Their
features were similar, brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. He had to ask the obvious question, “Are you two related?”
“Yes,” Tamara began, which Harry knew she would. “This is my brother. I helped get him an apartment here, young Mr. Malloy.”
With anther quick goodbye, The Malloys exited the apartment lobby and Harry Wade allowed his sister to lead him up to his apartment.
“So, I have to ask, why the change in last names?”
Tamara had married Craig Morgan briefly after a two month courtship. Harry had been there for the wedding in Las Vegas. Three weeks later the
marriage ended badly.
“Well, after Craig ended our marriage I used his name to gain some much needed contacts here in New York City and eventually the name stuck.
“I see, so you’re not ashamed of being a Wade?”
“Nah,” she turned when she was standing outside the door to his apartment, “this is you.”
“Tam, come in for a minute. I’m still in shock that you work here.”
She laughed, “Yeah, I really wanted to surprise you, bro. Are you sure you made the right decision?”
“I needed to take this job, not only because the money is better, it’s doing something I love.”
Surprised, his sister countered, “I thought u loved coaching and teaching English?”
“I do, but this will allow me teach something that is in my heart; writing, not just English language. I can educate kids on the proper use of commas
and semi colons. By allowing them to create fictional prose that well help the reader see the vision the author tried to convey with their words.”
“That does make sense, and I can tell you have that passion for it with the way you speak about it. However, what about the coaching, are you not
going to miss that?”
“Actually, no. Sure I’ll be away from my students in Dallas, but there are coaching positions in New York I could apply for, not to mention I can use
my coaching talents in any array of disciplines, not just the sporting world.”
Tammy had to agree with her brother there, “Well I’m glad you made the right choice. Having you close by will definitely be a positive around here.”
Sensing something, “Do you not like the position here, Tam?”
“No, nothing like that, it’s just I’ve been moving around for a while so it was hard to keep in touch. Now we’ll be together almost under the same
roof. Though I don’t actually live here, I have a place about ten minutes away that lets me see Central Park from my living room.”
“Cool,” Harry said, looking around his new home, not as nervous as he was when he first arrived. He didn’t have much stuff back home and one
more trip next week should take care of all that. He looked at the time, it was nearing six. “Would you care to join me for dinner, Tam?”
“Sure, but it will have to be around eight as I have some details to attend to regarding the little ceremony.”
“Ceremony?” Harry asked with interest. Tamara explained about Mike and Pat’s ceremony and celebration of the Orpheus’ eightieth year.  Before
Harry could ask about it some more his cell rang.
“Coach Harry?” The young caller asked. “It’s me, Phillip.”
Surprised by how Phillip, his former quarterback, got his number and even more curious about why he was calling he asked: “How can I help you?”
“Coach, me and the guys just wanted to say you moving was such a fucked up thing to do. Leaving us with that asshole of coach, what the fuck man?
Why did you have to leave us? We don’t want another idiot telling us what to do. We have our idiot.”
“You know why I left, Philip. By the way that language is not very mature for someone your age.”
“Fuck that. You leaving was so stupid. I understand the money, but we cared about you. I changed for you. And you fucking left us with that stuck up
“That prick has a name,” Harry calmly stated. “Richard Johnson is a good friend of mine and he was a great assistant coach. I would ask you to show
him some respect. Oh, and another thing, Philip, you changed for you, not for me. You became an A student within two weeks because of William
and his friends.”
“How did you know I started hanging out with them?” he asked suspiciously.
“It doesn’t matter. I’m proud of you. I left because I needed to do this for myself. I needed the money, yes, but I needed to let other people
experience what you and your friends have accomplished. I explained that to everybody when I made the announcement before the summer
“Yeah, you made it sound like you’ve given up on us.”
It was Harry’s turn to swear, “Bullshit, Phil. If I had given up on you I wouldn’t have cared if you had to be kicked off the team in January. I wanted to
teach the craft I love to as many people as will have me. New York and The Roosevelt School allows me to do that. I will still be there for you and the
others. As you can see I’m just phone call away. Phil. Why are you really calling?”
It was obvious to Tammy, who had been listening, and Harry, that there was another, more emotional reason for Philip’s call.
“Coach, you were a father to me. Ever since you found me my freshman year and helped me become a better football player, and then later in
junior year when I had girlfriend trouble, you were there for me. The reason I changed in January is because I knew you meant fucking business and
I was ashamed that I failed you by letting my courses slip.”
Harry was speechless. Although he knew Phillip had two parents, to hear his words was surprising to say the least. “I’m honoured by that statement
Phil.  You must know that leaving was not an easy decision. I loved my kids, and having to be so far from you and them is hard. But life it about
choices and I needed to make this one.”
“Is there anything I can say to make you change your mind?”
“No. But don’t think of this as a bad thing. I’m sure in time you’ll appreciate and respect Coach Johnson as much as you did me.”
“Yeah, Dick Johnson… what a stupid name,” he said without thinking. “Maybe you’re right.”
“I’ll tell you what, I’ll come back March break and we can talk some more. And I do mean it. If you need to talk I’m be here for you.”
“Thanks,” With that, Phil said goodbye and hung up.
“That was a nice thing to do.”
“I do miss the guys. That was the only thing holding me back.”
“It wasn’t the only thing,” Tamara stated, as if challenging her brother. As if on cue, his phone rang.
Tamara was going to wait, but checking the caller ID, Harry motioned for his sister to leave. Upon her departure, Harry answered the phone.
“Yes, Bianca. What do you want?”
“I want you to come home.”
“No, you made it quite clear that your career is more important to you than our relationship.”
“It’s not.”
“Then come and join in New York. I’m sure you can make a name for yourself here.”
“I can’t, Dallas needs me, and the position I have is a great opportunity. I want you back at my side Harry.”
Harry knew Bianca would never change. He was about to respond to her when it occurred to him that he didn’t have to. He just hung up the phone
and slowly erased her name from his contacts, blocking her from calling again.
Harry was in new city, in a new home and with a new job. It was time to start a new life. With that mindset he opened the door and headed to lobby
to see what the ceremony was all about.

Michael and Patrick sat in the vacant office. They were waiting for Tamara’s cue that the guests had arrived for the event. It was nearing six o’clock
and Michael wanted to mirror what had happened with his uncle sixty years ago upon their reopening after the fire. Today, not only was the
Orpheus almost filled to capacity, but its eighty year history was an important achievement in itself. It had survived a fire, four year reconstruction
schedule, a hotel transformation, abandonment, looting and now 80 years to the day it reopened officially as the apartment complex it started out
to be.
Patrick Corner looked more nervous that Michael had thought possible.
“Are you okay?” he asked his partner of ten years.
“Yeah, I just want to do your uncle proud.”
“We have. Not only have kept his Orpheus alive and strong, we have helped his grandson mature after his passing. Josh is turning into a fine young
It was true, Josh was becoming a great man and Chris seemed to have had a great influence on him. It was obvious how much Josh had changed since
the funeral in October and the Christmas break. He wasn’t as shy and was slightly more outgoing, seeming to know himself more.
There was a knock on the door and they listened as Ms. Tamara Morgan spoke, “Gentlemen, all the guests have arrived and are awaiting your entrance.”
“Thank you, Tammy.” Mike said, grabbing his partner by the hand and followed Tamara outside. There, standing around the office, were all the tenants,
employees and management that made up the Orpheus family. Tamara had arranged a small carpet of blue and brown to be put down to separate the
crowd and to create an aisle for them.
As the crowd saw their owners and friends they cheered for them. Most of guests had been at the Orpheus before and came back after the reopening
was announced. Some were new that Ms. Morgan had secured and poached from competitors, and the rest came on their own.
Michael first acknowledged his cousin, Josh, who was standing next to Malcolm. Josh was looking at Mike in awe. He was taken aback by the admiration
these people had for the owners, but Josh and Mike knew it was the loyalty to Connor and the Orpheus and their trust in him that made them loyal to
Mike and Connor before him. 
Standing just in front of Josh was Broderick Malloy, whom Michael had not formally met. He was aware of Sy’s son and how he ran away from home due
to an unfortunate miscommunication. He extended his hand to the young man. The former traveller took it. “I’m glad you’re back with your family,
“It’s Brody,” the traveller smiled. Although it was a rough five years, in his being he knew he’d found the right place for him. His heart wanted to be
there, and learning the truth about the night he left made him accept his father even more. All that remained was to get his brother to join them.
“Thank you, Mr. Turner for allowing me to stay with him.”
“It’s nothing, son.” Michael and Patrick walked on to where they saw another couple holding hands. Ronald Harrison and Alton Fenton were going to
interesting people. Alton’s idea to create a bakery café within the building was such a great idea. The passion and commitment in Alton’s eyes was
stunning to say the least. Ron took Mike’s hand.
Ron was happy to be there. The New York scene was what the doctor ordered with his commitment to his marketing job and to his writing flourishing
there. Not to mention that helping his boyfriend in realizing his dream was something he couldn’t deny himself. Al was happy too, with his mind
wrapped around the new café bakery design. It would help him bring in the new cuisine that New York offered.
Mike and Pat continued to walk the short path to the makeshift podium in front of the elevators, saying a few words and shaking the hands of his
tenants. Mike nodded to his new potential business partners, Frankie and Calvin. They were crazy best friends that had charm, charisma and a risky
business style that Connor would have loved. Their idea for the basement apartments was something that could make a huge name for the Orpheus and
allow more students to enjoy it too.
Frankie had his arms around his best friend Calvin and was whispering in his ear, “Are you excited to be here?”
Calvin nodded and whispered, “I’m excited to be anywhere with you, my friend.”  Frankie blushed as he shook Patrick’s hand. 
Mike was near the front where he came upon their newest tenant. Harry seemed to have a curious look on his face. “I’m so glad you can be here for this
“Oh,” Harry looked surprised, “why is that?”
“You’ll see in a little bit. Welcome.” Harry shook his hand and thought for a minute. With this new life about to start he decided that it didn’t matter, he
would just take every day one step at a time, never looking back. He secretly thanked Otis for submitting his application to the Roosevelt school. Tamara
stood by Harry until Chris gave the signal that he was ready. Michael and Patrick stood with the crowd waiting.
Tamara Morgan walked up to the podium that was switched on in front of the two elevators.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, this celebration is to help acknowledge the 80 years of the Orpheus. It has been burned, transformed and forgotten, but now it
is back. Back to its roots. The men who helped bring it back would like to say a few words to mark this occasion. I give you Michael Turner and Patrick
A light applause was given and the two men walked to the podium, nodding to Tamara as she stood next to her brother again.
Patrick stood to side to let Michael start speaking. It wasn’t time for his surprise yet. Michael began, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for
coming to this gathering. This is the official grand reopening of the Orpheus Apartment Complex. It was on this day in 1933 that Eric Sampson and his
business partner Lyle Wade agreed to open the Orpheus. Although Lyle died during the initial construction he will be remembered.  With us today are
two members of the Wade family. Harry Wade is our newest tenant. During our interview with him we realized he was related to Lyle and Leanne Wade
and today I learned that our own resident manager, Tamara Morgan, is Harry’s sister. Michael applauded them sincerely to acknowledge their relatives.
Eric Sampson, the original owner and manager of the Orpheus is also represented here today. Joe Renard, please stand up.”
The aged and friendly front desk manager rose from his seat; one of two people who were given this honor.  “Ladies and gentlemen, I present Eric
Sampson’s nephew, Rick Joseph Sampson. Joe knew my uncle, Connor Turner, and has stayed with the Orpheus through its many years and
transformations.” He turned to Joe and Harry and continued, “Joe and Harry, if you can do us the favour of unveiling the first portrait.”
Honoured, they moved toward Chris, who held a rope, and pulled on it. It was attached to a covering just to the right of the first elevator. The drape fell
and there was Eric Sampson and Lyle Wade sitting at a boardroom table with a picture of the Orpheus on an easel. Below that framed picture were three
small framed photos. The first was of the Orpheus on its opening day in 1933. The second was a picture of the rubble that remained from the 1949 fire.
The last was a plaque listing the residents of the Orpheus from 1933 to 1953.
Harry looked in awe of Lyle Wade, unaware of his existence, but curious to see how he was connected to his family. Joe smiled at his uncle as he
returned to his seat with Harry’s help. Chris moved to the second portrait, waiting for the next cue form his bosses.
Michael addressed the crowd. “The Orpheus was the home to numerous families for many years. Although some have come and gone, three
representatives of our oldest families are here today. We have representatives from the Morgan family and the Harrison family. The Morgan clan
arrived at the Orpheus during it’s time as a hotel, while the Harrisons were tenants during their early 1930s. However one clan has remained with the
Orpheus since the beginning, and his two descended are here tonight. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Sylvestor Malloy, son of Amanda and Arthur,
and his son Brody.”
A light applause was given as Brody stood up and walked proudly with his father to where Chris was waiting. Brody was surprised by how nice it was to
have his father by his side again. It was hard to believe he ran away from him. Brody and Sylvester pulled the rope and the cover dropped to reveal the
portrait of Connor Turner with his arms folded in front of him. A smaller portrait stood just below it; a picture of Orville, Loretta and Craig Morgan. 
Below them were three more picture of the Orpheus with the first being during the 1953 reopening, the second the 1992 Hotel opening, and then once
again there was plaque of the tenants and guests who made it their homes. It would have been a huge plaque if all hotels’ guests were listed so only
returning guests were there. However they added a single one-time guest by mistake.
Turning to crowd again Michael waited for the Malloy’s to go back to their places. “I would like to honour my uncle who took the reigns of running this
building for nearly 30 years. Most of our returning tenants were fiercely loyal to him and I appreciate the trust you’ve placed in me because of my
uncle’s reputation. He was a good man and great family man. He stepped away only because of his family and I know he never regretted that.” He
turned to Josh when he spoke next, “He was praised by all who knew him, especially Josh Turner, his grandson.”
Now addressing everybody again, “I want to say in closing that I hope to do him proud as my partner and I run this place for the years ahead. Your loyalty
to the Orpheus will not be forgotten. I personally would like to welcome our newest members, who have joined in the last few months, Alton Fenton,
Ron Harrison, Harry Wade, Franklin Barone, Calvin Hoberster, Joshua Turner, and Brody Malloy. Welcome to the Orpheus.”
As the applause was heard again, Patrick walked up to the podium, “Actually there is one more portrait to unveil, which is a surprise to Michael, and I
think it would be fitting if he and Josh pulled the rope together. Josh, Michael, please.”
They  approached the rope that Chris offered and he winked at Josh. With one motion the two let the last cover drop and there was a portrait of Michael
Turner and Patrick Corner  in the same boardroom as Lyle and Eric, with a new remodelled Orpheus on an easel between them. Michael stared at his
“Surprise,” Pat chucked. Turning to the crowd, he said, “Photoshop does wonders.”  Michael looked at the pictures below. One was of the how the
Orpheus looked after it was looted in 2011 and the other one was of it as it stood that day. Again there was plaque, this time listing the current tenants
of the Orpheus.
Michael hugged Pat and addressed the Orpheus family one more time. “Thank you for staying in our home. Goodnight.”
The crowd applauded again and mingled around as refreshments and buffet food were brought out of nowhere. Michael and Patrick walked around the
Ron and Alton were still looking at the pictures that were now on every one of the long walls that housed the elevators. Ron noticed the Harrison name
on the 1933 list and Alton was surprised to see his name on Orpheus hotel list. They had only stayed three nights in New York in 2011. As they examined
the pictures they held hands as they bumped into Felix Jr. Within seconds, Alton and FJ, as Ron called him, were talking construction plans. Ron grabbed
some food as Mike found him. With him were Frankie and Calvin, whom Ron never met. “We may have more work for you,” Mike stated, knowing of
Ron’s career. Excited, Ron listened to the Fantasy Club and Bar idea.
As they talked about that, in another corner Tamara and Harry were eyeing the Morgan family. Harry had never met Craig or his parents during Tamara’s
brief marriage, but he could see there was some love she had for her husband, who was still missing. A hand appeared on his shoulder. The brother and
sister turned. Joe was staring at them. “Tamara, Craig was such a great guy, most of Morgans were.”
And before long Joe told Tamara about some of the best Morgan stories. It was about then that Sy Malloy pulled Harry away to discuss a time the next
day to meet so they could get the curriculum sorted for his students. “You must be proud of your son, Brody.”
“Ah, yes, it’s been a long time. It was during our separation that I decided to finally focus on my writing and within a few months Rooming was
published and just about every gay college guy was giving me complements. Before long two other authors with unbelievable talents asked to add to
my work. But yes, I am proud of the man Brody has become and I hope to rekindle what we lost during our time apart.”
The two men watched Brody and Josh talking with Chris and Malcolm. “I still can’t believe it.”
“I know,” Josh smiled at his new friend, “they look just like them.”
“Actually, I think they’re hotter,” a new voice joined the conversation. Chris knew it was Frankie and made room for himself in the circle. “Kris and Matt
are good guys, but Chris and Malcolm have chiseled pecs.”
“Yeah, don’t I know,” Josh stated without thinking. Brody looked at him, “How would you know?”
“Exploratory research,” Josh joked back.  The group laughed. 
Frankie got Chris and Malcolm to come with them, “We seem to have green light on the bar.”
That left Josh and the former traveller alone. “Exploratory research, huh?”
“Yeah, would you like to see my methodology?” Josh winked. It was obvious he liked Brody who had a roughness that sounded so interesting and quite
sexy. Brody thought Josh was a shy kid, but now he seemed more outside of this shell and man that intrigued him.
“Sure, come with me.” Brody took Josh by his hand and they grabbed a beer from the refreshment table before going for a walk to get to know each
other better.
Connor may have died, Michael thought, but his presence would always be remembered. He didn’t build the Orpheus but he helped shape it for the
future and Michael knew that he and Patrick would continue to build on what his uncle wanted.
THE END for now
Note: The first seven chapters are on this site right above the OLDER ROOMING STORIES. It is also on the Nifty website under the GAY College story section -
a Tale of Seven.    
Thanks to Andy for writing this wonderful tale.   Just so you know, the author mentioned is nothing like the real author of "Rooming"..

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