To mark the two year anniversary; I thought it would be cool to look at what would have happened if
Matt and Kris weren’t rooming together at the start of their freshman year. So here lies the
beginning of the Rooming Series with some slight changes along the way. This is a one off story.

Following as close as possible, Kris and I sped down the long and fairly boring interstate in
separate cars to start our freshman year of college. I was excited yet nervous about what lie ahead
for me at college. I had never been away from home and going almost 4 hours away was scary to me.
Thankfully, my best friend since I can remember would be there with me. Going this far away wasn’t
my first choice but Kris convinced me to go to the same college as him. His father went here so Kris
was dead set on going here to keep the family tradition alive. At times, I was against it but
decided to go along and keep the friendship alive.

Kris led the way when we entered the spacious campus. I had visited one time and it looked so much
bigger now that I was really here for good. He knew exactly where we were going and drove straight
to our dormitory.

He jumped out of his car and was the excitable Kris I always knew, “This is so sweet!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied and turned off my car. The reason it wasn’t so sweet to me was I was
shafted to a private room because I applied later than usual and Kris was given a roommate, so even
though we had wanted to be roommates, for this year at least that wasn’t going to happen.

“This looks like home,” Kris said about my small apartment.

“Yeah, it does. I just wished we could have roomed together, it would have made the entire thing
more bearable.”

“Matty, you just need to get out more. I will make sure your ass gets out, don’t worry.”

After gathering all the stuff from my car, and getting things organized, we moved to Kris’s room. It
looked like a bomb fell there. On one side it looked like nobody lived there. We assumed that would
be Kris’s side of the room; whereas the other side was a mess. The bed was not made, clothes were
scattered everywhere; basically, my worst nightmare.

“Someone’s not feeling this,” he said.“I’m so fucking pumped… it’s totally unreal.

“Yeah, I want to be part of the guys and be accepted. Once they know I’m gay all hell will break
loose and I’ll be alone for four long years,” I stated.

“Matt, when I have not had your back?” Kris patted me on the back. “Just relax. I didn’t rat you out
when you told me 2 years ago and I don’t plan on doing it here with total strangers. How would that
make me look?”

While they were getting Kris’s stuff organized they didn’t realize Kris’s roommate entered. “You’re
right as always,”I said and smiled. “You’re the best friend a gay guy could have.”

“I am not rooming with any fag,” came the comment and we turned to look at the man who spoke it.
Kris stood up and went toe to toe with the guy. “You’re not rooming with him, you’re rooming with
me. I don’t want you to say that shit in my presence.”

“Relax, man. I’m just joking. I’m Lee.” I could tell it was no joke and Kris didn’t buy it either,
but he introduced us. I decided to leave and let Kris become friends with new roommate. I had to set
up my computer and call my mother anyways.

“It wasn’t 45 minutes later when Kris text me, “Get your ass up. You’re coming with me!”

Against my better judgement I met him in his room and we ventured out. Lee was there and said, “Hope
you guys have wonderful date.” Kris was mad.

“What the fuck is your problem?”

“I hate stupid fags and their queer friends.” Lee said without much thought. Before I could stop
Kris he punched in Lee in the gut.

Lee grabbed him and punched him back in the face. Kris took it and then kicked him in ribs. I was
just about to secure some help when Kris yelled and ran forward and threw Lee into the hall. The
noise was heard from all the rooms and everybody who was there came out to look. Rick, the resident
assistant, came up and yelled at them to break up the fight. They did. Kris had a bloody nose and
Lee had a black eye. They both went to the Rick’s office. I decided to return to his room and pray
that Kris was alright. Two hours later, Kris text me and told me the bad news. He was kicked out of

“They have a zero tolerance policy on violence so I have to go. My parents are going to kill me.”

“But, you were just kicked out of residence? You’re still in school?”

“Yeah, but I got nowhere to live. So I’m going to look tomorrow.”

That night, Kris slept with me in my bed, and I worried for him. Our first night here was not going
as expected.

The next day Kris left early to locate a new place to live. He had one connection in town, but he
doubted that it would work. I spent the rest of the day worried about him, and when he text so say
he secured a place I was relieved.

He said he had to get a job to pay the rent though, and so I wouldn’t him as much; that annoyed me a
lot. I came here to be with him, and now he’s gone. Before I knew it school began. After my second
class, I scrambled to find something to eat since I forewent breakfast. I saw a guy with a friend
sitting alone. They saw me searching and waved me over.

“Hey, how are you doing?” the first one asked.

“Umm, okay. I’m Matt.”

“I’m Jess and this is my roommate Juan.”

We talked about the classes and then Jess commented on the girl scene and I rolled my eyes. I really
didn’t speak much, unless I was asked. After a few minutes I made an excuse and got out of there. I
thought Kris would be mad at me for not making friends, but he wasn’t here to force me.

Four hours later, back in my room, as I was playing video game, thinking about what I did with Jess
and Juan, I decided I need to start opening up, and since Kris isn’t here I will do it myself. I got
up and decided to freshen up and find meet some of the guys.

I went to the bathroom next door and did my duty. While washing my hands I saw the cutest guy ever
in my life step from the shower area with a towel around his waist. The water glistened down his
body, a hot body in my eyes.

“Hey what’s up? He asked.

“Ummm…not much,” I replied and was scared to talk to him.

“Don’t worry. I think you’re fucking hot with the sexy body,” he smiled. “I’m Scott.”

“Matt,” I blushed.

“Awesome, hot stuff!” Scott said,“Which room are you in”

“Just… next… door?”

“Cool, you care if I stop by later, and take you for a test drive?”

I blushed again and nodded. Scott smiled and removed his towel and I saw him in his full glory.
Scott noticed my reaction and came up to me a kissed me hard on the lips. I wasn’t expecting this
type of reaction and broke it off and left.

Twenty five minutes passed and I was still processing what had occurred, however, a knock at the
door stopped me. There standing there was Scott. His shirt was open, and was wearing shorts and
hottest briefs I ever seen showing for low shorts.

“Nice room, Matt.”

“Thanks. I’m sorry for running out on you.”

“Chill out bro. I like you. You seem to like me. So, there’s no reason why we can’t act on those

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just make out and have a great time. I knew you were gay by that stare you gave me. So let’s
have fun, and I really think a relationship could develop.”

“Well… I don’t know.”

“That’s a yes.” Before I knew it Scott was naked and starting to undress me. I really wasn’t
comfortable with this move, but I just went with it. An hour later, I experience the best blow job
in my life. We went out for dinner and he kissed me goodnight.

“I really do like you Matty.”

“You’re growing on me to Scott.”

I went to bed and had some amazing fantasies. The next day, I went to Scott’s room, but he was out;
his roommate, who was also a looker, greeted me.

“Hey, you must be Matt.”

I was surprised he knew who I was. “I’m Corey. Scott mentioned how much he liked you and enjoyed
your date last night.”

“That’s sweet. Are you gay too?”

Corey was thrown off guard, but smiled and nodded, “But I won’t stand in your way. I’m just looking
for friends, not action.

“I feel like an ass for asking if you’re gay. I was wrong in doing that.”

“I’m glad you did,” I said. “I haven’t thought another thing about it. Now most people know it’s no
biggie. There were some gay haters here, but Rick mentioned to me that he was suspended.

I nodded and informed them what happened to Kris and Lee. We chatted about our classes and family;
Corey seemed closed off though discussing his family and I didn’t want to pry. Scott entered and
joined us for a chat a few minutes. I kissed him hello, and Corey smiled.

“I’ll give you guys your privacy.” Corey said. I suggested we go to my room, and Scott nodded.
Before were the door in my room closed, Scott had me naked on the bed, and we started making out.

He stayed with me the entire night and I woke him and kissed him. “I really do like you Scott.” We
spent the morning chatting and Scott was surprisingly more open than I gave him credit for. He
talked about his brother, Trevor and how he was handling coming out. There was more to Scott than
just sex.

Scott and I ventured into the Rec Center for the first time to check out the pool and try swimming.
It was fun; Scott was so hot in his speedo. Then, as we leaving at the front desk was Kris.

“Hey, Kris.”

“That’s all you have to say to me? You haven’t talked to me in three days.”

I was thrown by his comment and spoke:“I was busy.”

“I can see that.” Kris was angry,“Well, now I’m busy, so fuck off.”

“Hey! That is no way to speak to my boyfriend.”

“You don’t want to mess with me little man,” Kris said. I didn’t know who Kris was nowadays. I
pushed Scott out.

“Sorry about that. I really forgot about him.”

“It’s okay. It happens. He treats you like that though maybe you need to rethink your friends.”

That night, Scott wanted me to go to college party, but I wasn’t in the mood, plus there was this
art project I needed to do, which required me to visit an art gallery. Scott surprised me and
instead of going to the party he asked to accompany me to the art gallery. He seemed very interested
in the some art pieces, but most of the time he made me laugh.

At the end of our time there, I kissed him. “Take me to your place.”

Scott smiled wickedly and that night we made wild passionate love for the first time. However,
around 2 in the morning, Jess, Juan and someguy I didn’t know entered with Corey. Corey seemed to be
fighting with them.

“Take me home, please!”

“You are home,” Jess mentioned, but then Corey punched him. Scott was a wreck, I was being rational
and asked Juan was happened. He mentioned something about Corey not realizing he drank too much and
probably had a shot of some kind of drug.

Corey started fighting with guys.“COREY! STOP!” I didn’t think it would work but he stopped. I asked
Scott to stay in my room, while I took care of Corey. Scott thanked me for taking charge, and Jess
and Juan left him, not sure what they could do. “Please, don’t let them come back. Don’t let them
come back.”

I held him the entire night, and the next morning he seemed to regain himself. “What the fuck?”

“Corey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I wish I knew what I took though.”

I explained what had occurred to him.

“Thank you, Matt. You really are a great friend.

“It was the least I could do.” Scott entered and was happy to see his roommate was okay. It was
Sunday, now and Scott twisted my arm to see the college football game. We went there and I knew more
people than before. Michael, Robert, Jess, Jeff, Juan, Stephen, and others were coming to Jess’s
truck which was great for tailgating. Jess became the ringleader of the crowd, he told an
exaggerated story of what happened to Corey last night and before the day was over I had a handful
more friends.

Mom called and apologized for not being there, but I said it was okay and I told her about all the
fun I had been having. She was happy that I had come out of my shell a little. After the phone call,
though, my mind turned to Kris. I would have loved to see him there. I decided to go to Rec Center.

Kris wasn’t at the front desk, but I found him cleaning the floors. “What do you want?”

“I wanted to see how you are. I missed you. Why didn’t you come today to the game?”

“Well, sorry, some of us have to pay rent. My friend here wouldn’t let me stay with him for free.”

“I see… why are you cleaning the floors? I thought you were on the front desk.”

“If you must know Matthew, there was altercation and I got demoted. Some idiot kid was making fun of
these gay guys and I wouldn’t let it continue. I got real mad.”

“Your temper is going to destroy you.”I said in calm voice.


I wasn’t going to sit around a take that shit, so I left him there to his work.

It was three days later and I was coming back from class, I saw Corey coming in as well, so I
invited him to my room to chat.

“Thanks for the other day, Matt.”

“It was nothing really. Did you enjoy the game?” I really didn’t want to talk about it. For me being
new to this college world that was some scary shit. I continued, “I really didn’t understand it at

“It was okay, next time if you want I can explain it for you.” Corey went back on that subject,
“Matt, again, you showed what kind of person you were. Scott is lucky to have you.”

“Maybe, he does think of sex a lot.” I suggested.

“Name one college boy who doesn’t,”Corey replied

“Do your parents know you’re gay?”

“They know. At first, it was hell. My step dad was rude and very cold. My mom accepted it but won’t
talk about it now.” Corey sighed.

I could tell Corey’s life was a hard one. I really didn’t know how to reply, so I just said, “Umm.
My mom has accepted me from day one. She has even tried to set me up at times.”

“Yeah, there you could fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like a rose. Why did you want
to take the single bedroom?”

“Honestly, I’m a pretty shy guy and don’t really like crowds that much. However, I had agreed to
room with my old high school friend, but I applied too late and it fucked me over big time.”

“What friend? No offense, bro, but I haven’t seen you with anybody, except Scott.”

“I was at the game, there were a lot of people there,” I added a little harshly. “Yeah, he got
kicked out of residence the first fucking night here, and now he works at the rec center. He is
really bitter. I really don’t know if he will stay at school.”

“So, what is sex like with Scott?”

I was surprised he would bring up that conversation. I replied, “OOO fine,”

“I want the scoop.”

“I’m sorry Corey, but I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Fuck that shit. You look like you want to tell me.”

He was right, I wanted to tell someone. The sex had been great the last couple of days. I didn’t
know Corey that well, so I didn’t really want to get into it with him. Had Kris asked maybe I would
let him know.

“He was great,” I responded

“What a crock of shit, Matt. What is Scott like?”

“None of your business. That’s personal. Why do you fucking care?”

“I care because I’m trying to be your fucking friend and I thought Scott was just making shit up
when he talked about it. Geez.” With that, he got up a left.

I really didn’t know what to make of this encounter, and I just cried. My first thought would be to
call Kris, but I didn’t. What I did do was call my mother. She seemed annoyed at first that I
interrupted her from something; I told her that I wasn’t making many friends anymore and she told me
to get out and try something.

There was a party in Jess’s room, so Scott and I went. I could tell Scott didn’t like staying in my
room all the time. He craved action, and trying to be a good boyfriend I went with him.

At the party Jess came over to me and we chatted, he told me about his sister and he was kind of
jealous that I had the hottest guy in room. He went on to mingle with the rest of the guys. He was
ball of energy, and reminded me of Kris. Corey was standing alone at the back with a beer. I let
Scott play with the guys and ventured over to him.

“I want apologize for the other night. I’m just not accustomed to talking about my sex life with

Corey smiled, “It’s cool, I just need to learn to take it slow with you.”

After a minute he asked, “You really like Scott, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.”

“I can really tell now. You did your best to stay apart from him but you ended spending almost all
the time together.”

“Do you think the other guys are comfortable with us?”

“Yeah, I think you’re fine. But can I offer some friendly advice.”


“Keep your eye on him. He seems to like playing the field. A few nights ago he was telling me how
much of player he was in high school.” To make his point clear, he pointed me to Scott. Scott was
little to close for comfort with Jess.

“Thanks? So, have you found any guys around here you are interested in?”

“Matt, I’m here just for an education and to make some friends. Not really interested in romance.
However, had you not been taken, I would have gone for you in heart beat.”

“I’m nothing special.” Matt offered.“Scott says how lucky he is to fuck you though.”

“I guess that’s something.”

“So, is he good in bed?”

“You really want to know?”

“I guess so.”

“I was a little nervous but once I got inside it felt good. The best part was he was very passionate
and affectionate. There, you happy?” I smiled

He laughed, “Yeah, I’m glad I got you to open up. Scott affectionate?”

“Yep, I will admit that the first time it was rough and very Scott driven, but eventually he
developed passion for it.”

“I might have to try him out then,” he laughed, but I thought that he might be serious. Of my look,
“Matt, relax I have no interest in Scott, or even if I did I wouldn’t ruin things for you.”

Scott had come over. He was ready to get some action and me having an overly hyper sex drive agreed
and we returned my room. After our powerful sex, which was just some of the best fucking I ever had.
We talked. Well it was more me talking and Scott listening, I was talking about Corey and how were
becoming friends.

The next morning, I saw Jess in the shower area. I had to look at Jess’s package, and he smiled and
returned a glance at mine.

“What are you doing up so early this morning?”

“I’m hitting the links today. Your boy is going too. I think Corey well be there also.”

“I had no idea.” I was surprised Scott never mentioned it.

“I guess he doesn’t tell you everything then,” Jess laughed. “I thought you guys were tight.”

After saying a quick goodbye to Jess I went back to room to vent. All I could think about was
Corey’s warning last night that Scott seemed to like to play the field. We started to think we had a
connection though.

My phone rang and I answered it.

“Hey bro, what’s up?”

“I’m good, you?”

“Well I got fired from the Rec Center. I hate it when kids use the fag word and basically I
challenged him to fight. I beat him up, but the manager saw it and fired me.”

“That’s horrible, why are you so happy about it?”

“It means I don’t have to work anymore. My friend and I are going to be roughing it for a few months
actually. He wanted to see the rest of Texas. Well, I since I have no more future here. I’m joining

“What about school? What about your parents? What about me?”

Kris thought for a second, “Well, I am dropping out of school. I wouldn’t have made it here anyways.
I’m not that smart. As for my parents, they will be upset, but I need to do what is in my best
interest, like Nathan did.”

“But Nathan died doing that.”

“Yeah, but I won’t get behind a wheel fucking drunk now will I?”

“What about me?”

“Matt we have been apart almost two weeks, you don’t need me. Besides we rarely talk as it is.”

That was right, I had been neglecting Kris a lot with everything going on. “Kris, I need you. Right
now I’m dealing with a problem with my boyfriend, Scott.”

“Are you mad at him?”

“I thought we were doing something together today.”

“Get over it,” Kris said. “You can’t control him. And you don’t control me. I know you’ll do fine
Matt, you’ve come a long way since we met in high school. I have faith in you. I just called to say

“Kris, can we talk about this.”

“I don’t have the time bud; Derek is coming in a few minutes and then we’re leaving. Goodbye Matt,
good luck.”

And with that he hung up. I really didn’t know what to do. I called my mom, she wasn’t home. I put
it out of my head and just sat and thought. Later that night Scott entered and he said sorry. He
thought he mentioned it to me. He started kissing me, as if it were some sort of apology.

After talking to Kris I needed some loving, and Scott delivered. The next week flew by. Scott and
Corey seemed to be busy a lot these days with their school work though.

On Thursday afternoon, I walked into take a shower and there was Jess fucking Stephan. I wanted to
move away from the scene, but my eyes were fixated on Jess’s package. I finally left them to their
peace and called Corey, wanting to talk to him. As of right now, I got no other friends to talk to
about this gossip. He wasn’t responding.

“Hello,” I got after the third ring.

“Hey, Corey are you free, can we talk?”

“Sure, I’ll come over.”

Within a minute, he was there and I told what I saw, he wasn’t surprised in the least. He suggested
we keep this quiet for now though. “Hey, I’m going to golf with Jess and Kendall; are you
interested? We could use a fourth.”

“Nah, golf isn’t my thing. Besides what about Scott?”

“He’s still in class. He said he had a night special for you, since you’re going home this weekend.”

Corey was out the door. And two hours later Scott was in my arms giving me a beautiful kiss on the
lips. It had been a long time this week since we had been physical.

“We do have some making up to do,” I smiled and was smothered by his kisses. He yanked down my
boxers briefs and played with my cock. I lay back and enjoyed it. Scott lifted up and slung his
boxers and shorts to the floor.

“This is more like some alone time,”Scott said softly and sexy.

Yeah it is,” I quickly said and messed with his new haircut.

I woke the next morning alone. Scott had an early class. I text him goodbye, not having any classes
Friday. Last night was the best sex of my life.

I regretted going home, because I would be away from my Scott. The weekend flew by. I loved my time
with my mother, but I wanted to get back. So I arrived early Sunday morning to surprise Scott.

I walked briskly in anticipation of seeing my boyfriend. I knocked on the door and waited. I knocked
again and could hear someone in there.

“Damn!” Scott said and hid behind the door barely open. “I just woke up!”

“That’s fine,” I said. I pushed the door and felt resistance. “Stop playing. I came back early to
be…” The door opened wider and now it was plain to see why Scott resisted.

When the door opened to Scott’s room after a slight struggle, I saw Corey. He was in Scott’s bed
with a sheet over what appeared to be his naked body. My heart broke right there.

“I can explain,” Corey said in a panic yet very nervous. He was naked too.

“No… you can’t,” I said with tears in my eyes. “I don’t guess I was good enough for you!”


By the end of my freshman year, things went from bad to worse. Corey and Scott both tried to be
friends with me, but I didn’t want anything more to do with them. They gave up and started dating
each other. Jess was a great friend to me, and the crew were great to me too. They all alienated
Corey and Scott from the group. Juan sided with Scott and disappeared. Eventually Jess’s grades
suffered and he departed school. With Jess gone, the crew he formed disappeared, and so I was again
left alone. I decided to focus on school completely and aced every course. I saw Scott and Corey
every once and while, but we stopped talking completely. Kris and I spoke once or twice in the
school year. And then a redneck named Colt entered the picture. When it was learned that I was gay,
he made some remarks to me. I stayed in my room for the rest of the year, not wanting to encounter

As the summer was about to start I walked outside to thinking of transferring and starting over at
school closer to school. I sat down on the nearby bench. A nice red haired kid was walking up the
path where was. He saw me offered me a shy smile. “Hey. It looks like you could use a friend. My
name is Cord.”

I smiled for the first time in a long time, “I am Matt.” He sat on the bench and we started talking.
Thanks to Andy for writing this.   As the author, I enjoyed it and how things could have been different.

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