Matt was at the door and waiting for Kris to answer.  Matt was dressed in his tight jeans with a long sleeve black tee.
“Bro, it’s about time you got here,” Kris said opening the door in his jeans and little else.

“I got here as soon as I could.  Corey called me…”

“Alright, you’re forgiven,” Kris stated.

“Wow, what are you two doing home on New Year’s Eve?” Walt asked seeing the two.  “I expected you two college boys to be hitting the town.”

“Dad, I didn’t wanna go out and wanted to kick it here,” Kris said.  “We won’t bother you.”  Kris whispered into Matt’s ear. “Besides, Marty got arrested with his bongs last year.”

“Kris, you’re never a bother,” Jenny said. “I love having you here and don’t have to worry about you.”

“Matt, you wanna go outside and hang out there,” Kris said, motioning with his head.  Matt did notice Kris’s blond hair had grown a little from the buzz cut he had kept late in their first semester.  Matt walked out with Kris trailing behind him and grabbing a sweatshirt.   He grabbed a lawn chair with Kris doing the same.

“It is nice out here,” Matt said.

“Damn right it is,” Kris said. “I don’t have to worry what I say.”

“Our mouths have gotten a little loose here lately.”

“Bro, I know yours has.  I’m really proud of you.”

“That’s really nothing to be proud of,” Matt stated.

“No, I was talking about how great you did your first semester of college and to top it off you have a boyfriend.”

“I surprised myself a little but I have you to thank for getting me out of the room…”

“You’d sat there and been perfectly happy but I wasn’t going to let your ass do that, bro.   You got out there and made just as many friends as I did and loved it.”

Matt smiled at Kris, “I guess I did.  We really got so lucky.”

“I guess so,” Kris said.

“We did.  Scott is a really great guy.  You know I was scared to death once he asked me if I was gay but he was cool with it…”

“Yeah because he might be too.   I don’t get that shit at all, him and Jess being fucking bi.    Liz’s pussy suits me just fine; I am surprised I haven’t been missing her much though.” Kris stated. “Anyways, Scott and Jess really showed it on the ski trip how damn bi they were.”

“It did surprise me a little, especially Jess.  Kris, I did walk in on them fucking in the shower one morning.”

“Glad it was you and not me…”

“Kris, you’ve seen me and Corey fuck.”

“I guess I have then,” Kris said and got up.  He walked around and moved a few things to produce a twelve pack of beer.  “Now you see why I wanted us to come out here.”

“No doubt, from your floorboard collection?” Matt said with Kris handing one to him.  “Kris, I don’t know. What if your parents walk out here?”

“They are probably either fucking or asleep… ooo I don’t want to even think about my mom and dad fucking.  That’s nasty.”

“It is but it is the reason you and I are here.  They had to do it one time or another for us to be conceived.”

“I have to remind myself of that very fact all the time.  Do you think we’ll be sexually active at their age?”

Matt laughed, “I sure hope so. I know you will be for sure.”

Kris smiled and took a drink, “I hope so.  How hard would it suck if we couldn’t get boners and have to use that shit just to get hard?  Right now just the thought of sex gets me hard.”

“Hopefully we’ll never encounter that problem.  I just hope mine last for years,” Matt stated and took a drink but kept it hidden between his legs just in case Kris’s parents were to walk out.

Kris sat nursing his beer, “Man, I’m so glad Colt is our good friend now.  You know at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like the guy.  He’s country to the bone but that’s Colt.   Then our fight was something else.  I finally found someone that goes off just like me on really stupid shit.  Monica is lucky she wasn’t black and blue after what she did to him.  Hey, how come you didn’t deck Corey’s ass when you saw him with that guy?”

“I was too hurt and stunned to do a thing.  Once I calmed down, I knew I still loved him so much but there was no way I was going to crawl back to him for what he had done.  Kris, I really thought it was over.”

“Yeah, there is a little forgiveness in you.  I thought it was over as well but something told me he was it for you.  Strange but I didn’t see you with a bowed up guy like Corey,” Kris stated.

“Well, he was as close as I could find to you,” Matt laughed.  “No there’s something about him that attracts me to him.”

“His ass or his dick?” Kris laughed.

“No him and not either one of those.  I’ve tried the other way and it don’t work at all.  Tell me that you didn’t think Colt would be a problem for us…”

“Oh yeah I did.  I just knew he’d bolt out the door the second he found you were gay.  Actually the only real problem we’ve had is that asshole Lee.  If he fucks with you, I’m fucking his life for damn sure if Corey doesn’t do it first,” Kris stated.

“Corey may not since he had the chance already,” Matt stated.

“You know why do people have to mess with others that aren’t like them?  I don’t get it at all,” Kris said.

“Somebody aren’t as big hearted and open as you are, Kris,” Matt replied. “You see the good in people where others seek out the bad.”

“You know Mom and Dad didn’t say shit about my tattoo.  Since they didn’t I may get another one once I figure out what I want next.  I can see me with a body full of them by the time when finish.  Matt, when are you getting one?”

“Bro, I don’t know about that.  It is just so permanent.  Yours and the guys look nice and all but on me?”

Kris laughed, “I can see you screaming like a little bitch.  It ain’t that bad, you know.”

“I know,” Matt said.  

They sat talking casually about some of their high school friends; Johnny was visiting Tanner in Toronto; Brady and Kevin didn’t home either. Kris started to realize his high school friends were nowhere near Corey, Colt and Scott.  Kris was drinking but didn’t want to overdo it for the night.  Kris had stood sitting long enough.  He suggested him and Matt wrestle in the leaves.   Matt really didn’t want to but did so to appease his friend.   They rolled around in the fallen leaves like kids with both laughing hysterically with Kris’s pants down to his knees.  Kris went even further and pulled down his boxers.  Matt laughed and said he’d seen Kris naked so much it didn’t thrill him anymore.   They both took the opportunity to take a leak while they were up with Kris doing everything he could to piss on Matt’s shoes. 

Returning, Kris took his seat and opened another beer from his stash.  “Bro, next semester is going to be the shit.  Do you really think Noel will ask to his beach house?”

“I don’t know but I sorta hope so…”

“Fucking crazy will be what that will be.  Imagine all of us in a house together and having to share a bathroom or two,” Kris said.

“It’ll be just like our ski trip except about sixty degrees warmer,” Matt said.

“We can see some skin then and show ours,” Kris stated.  “There you go another reason to keep working out.”

“I will since Corey likes it,” Matt said.

They talked about their classes coming up and their vision for the future.  Matt had it in his head to do something with computers such as web solutions or web site design, although writing was interesting hobby too.  Kris wasn’t sure what he wanted to do or major in.  They were amazed at fast the time did pass.   Kris pulled out his old cell phone and saw they had five minutes left in the year.  

“What was your favorite part of the year, Matt?”

“I know you expect me to say finding Corey but the best part was deciding to room with you.   Without that, my life would be so different and there would be no Corey or any of our great friends we have now.”

“My favorite part is having you as a roommate too.  We are there for each other when need be.”
They counted down the time until the clock on Kris’s phone hit 12 am.  Kris took a beer and poured on Matt’s head.   Matt found one and did the same to Kris.  Matt looked at Kris with his hair soaked.  “Thanks for last year and may this year be that much better!”

Kris leaned over and kissed him on the lips. “Same here, bro. I wonder how the other guys are ringing in the New Year.”

Meanwhile, while things were happening at Stanton household; over at the Teller residence, Corey was feeling upset.  The moment, he came back from his time with Matt, his mother was drunk and yelling at him. Larry was cold and unresponsive as ever. Corey needed to get out of here. He couldn’t stand being in this household any longer.
He thought of running away, he got in his car and drove. He made it past the park where he first met Ben and Josh. He made it past the hideaway spot where he had sex Kelsie, and his car took him to location he visited only twice before. The cliff, where he almost gave up his life, he got out of his car and looked down, and he thought back to those dark days, when the high school students ridiculed him. Derek showed up and they had a long talk about life, and how he predicted I would find the right guy to be with. Corey thought back to the day he met Matt, and how it was in oddest of places, and how quickly that romance bloomed. Now, he was standing at the edge, and thinking to himself, how much of his life he would have missed had he ended it then. He turned back to his car and got a bottle of Jack Daniels and took a swig.
He got a phone call, and wishing it was Matt answered it only to discover Heath’s voice on the other end, asking if he wanted to hang out, JJ is throwing a party. He couldn’t face those people, especially in his present condition, and declined the offer, and told Heath and Lane to have good time.
For two full hours Corey sat on the bench by the cliff, thinking all the good times, especially the last few days he spent at Matt’s house; although most of it was purely physical, they did have some interesting conversations. Matt filled me in on his some very personal stuff; mainly that his life hasn’t always been good, especially with his father, and with Daniel and Jacob. Corey explained to him his family history and mentioned how it never occurred to him seek out his father.
He was just about to get up and go for a bite to eat, when realized two things, he drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels, and that someone was taping him on the shoulder. Corey turned to look to see Derek there.
“Hey buddy. Are you okay? I couldn’t help noticing what was in your hand.”
“I am doing okay; just don’t want to go eat right now.” Corey thought for a second, “What are you doing here?”
“I can’t stay in that college town anymore; I am not doing any good. My travelling across the state helping people out made me feel like I was accomplishing things. I miss that, and I decided to keep travelling.”
The news shocked Corey, although Derek wasn’t around much in last four month with his job. Derek still kept in touch via phone, whenever he needed someone to talk too. The month where Corey fucked up big time by cheating on Matt, Derek was there for him. They had long, long chat on how they both agreed Corey made a big mistake; but Derek reassured him, that in time Matt will come around, he even suggested contacting Scott and Kris to get his story across. The advice paid off and it worked well for Corey. It was Derek who put a good word with the Rec Center that got him his job there. Now, Derek was leaving again.
“You can’t leave. What if I fuck up again?”
“I have faith in you Corey. I was there for you four years ago on this very cliff. If something happens, I will be there for you. I will come back to help you. But believe me. I trust you, to make things right. We all have our moods, and Matt may not understand the life you came from. I do, I lost my father and brother, I lost my boyfriend; then I got my shit together and I have Samuel and Rick now. You have Matt and Kris and Colt. You will be fine.”
Corey thought about it and took another bottle and offered it to Derek, who declined.
“You are right, so how are Samuel and Rick handling this ‘change of careers’?”
“They do not like the decision I made, but after a long fight and many talks, Samuel and I agreed this was the right choice, and agreed further that I would come back for all the important events.  So, I start my journey tomorrow. “
“I am sure you will have fun, who knows what new person you might connect with.”
“True, but think about this Corey, look how one bad event brought so much good. I ran away from my problems and found you and Colt and Scott and helped you guys in your time of need. You had difficult time in high school, and now you seem to be fucking enjoying yourself.  Right?
“Yeah, Matt I loved dearly, Kris is hilarious, Colt and his dip; and Scott is just fucking Scott. Not mention the entire crew.” At which point Corey spoke of their ski trip.
The talked more about Corey’s friendships, and the good that had come from his life, then moved to reunion that happened earlier, and how surprised the guys were to learn that they all had this connection with Derek. Corey and Colt still cannot believe that Derek had encountered all of us before. As the night continued, Derek said his goodbyes, as he was going to check into a motel before he goes on.
Corey declined an invite to stay with him for the night, and became brave enough to go back home, and face his mother and stepfather. It was midnight when he arrived home, Marie was passed out on the couch and Larry was nowhere to be seen. Corey grabbed a few more bottles of Jack Daniels and drank well into the morning; he didn’t know if he fell asleep or lost passed out.

Meanwhile in Scott’s smoked up car, Colt was swearing. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
Scott driving, “You were the one who wanted to surprise Kris and Matt.”
“I thought you knew where you were going?” Colt puffed.
“I got directions from Matt’s Mom. Is it my fault they blew out the window?” Scott argued back.
“Yes! You are the one smoking weed with the window open.” Colt shot back.
“Oh okay then.” Scott agreed. “I think I know where we are going.”
“Just stop and ask for directions.” Colt suggested.
“Will be fine, I  go where the wind blows. It can be adventure.”
“Just admit we are lost.”
“We are lost. But we are making good time and having so much fun getting there.” Scott stated.
“Look there is a sign.” They stopped and Colt screamed. “Scott, how the fuck did we end up in Oklahoma.”
“Oklahoma where the wind blows.” Scott said happily. “I guess, we made a wrong turn somewhere.
“You think.” Colt thought for minute, “Let’s just camp out here; it is almost midnight anyway.”
They stopped and got there gear out of the trunk. Scott set up the tent and Colt stoked the fire. They sat around in for few minutes, listening to the nature outside. “Scott, I will admit, this had been a fun adventure.”
“I agree buddy, now we can do some old fashioned bonding.” Scott smiled.
“Don’t get any ideas, I am straight and still on the rebound.”
“No, I mean in general bro. We really haven’t spent that much time together on the ski trip.”
“You seemed to fucking Jess the whole time.”
“True. I just wanted to get to know you.” Scott agreed. 
“Ask me anything you want, I will be as honest as I can.”  They two guys talked the whole night.
“Honey, I am home.”  Samuel said walking into his house as Derek was cooking away. It was New Years’ and Derek missed his man. He came up and kissed him on the lips, and started stripping Samuel right when he got in the door.
“I take it you missed me.”
“Shut up and get into the bedroom.” Derek ordered. The dinner was put on hold an hour as Samuel and Derek enjoyed themselves; Rick entered echoing Samuel’s opening. “I’m home.”  Without, hearing a response Rick checked the meal and it was burning. He turned off the stove and threw out the remains of the turkey. He could hear noises in the bedroom, and smiled.
Samuel and Derek heard the TV blaring and came out in their boxers to see Rick watching some movie.
“Hey Rick.” Derek said and kissed Rick on the head.
They enjoyed a great dinner of Chinese food and Derek told him that Kris and Corey had stopped by the school. “They stayed a night in their suite.”  Rick knew Kris and Corey were okay, and would cause no real damage. 
“Samuel, honey; is there something wrong.” Derek noticed Samuel was barely eating.
“Are you going to go travelling again?”
“Yes, you know how much….” Derek trailed off seeing Samuel’s face. “What?”
“Love, I can’t stand being away from you. I miss you too much; my own nephew doesn’t have time for me anymore.”
“Don’t drag me into this.” Rick said, “Besides, I have to run a new complex.”
“You said it was like a ghost town, had Kris and his buddies not did there naked run, you would had no fun at all.” Samuel spat back at him.
“Derek, I was thinking, why don’t I join you on your travelling?  You told me how nice it was when you got home, and I really would love to help you with the people you find.”
Derek looked him in the eye seriously, then smiled, then laughed. “I have been waiting 5 months for you to finally speak up about this. I know how upset you have been feeling, I just wanted you to come to that conclusion on your own. After the kids get back to school, me and you will be hit the road.”
They both smiled and kissed to that new arrangement. Rick looked on hopefully. Samuel and Derek knew what he was after. “NO!” They both shouted at the same time.
Rick putted. “Why not.”
“You have your hands full with your RA duties, and running a Rec Center is hard work. Besides, Trey is more than qualified to handle it.”
“FUCK!” Rick called out noticing the time, it was late he was supposed to meet Kathy, he hugged Derek and Samuel and left. Derek and Samuel kissed again. They decided on whipped cream for dessert, as Samuel led his man into the bedroom for round two, making their own fireworks.


Just as Linda was coming in the door from work on this New Year’s Eve, she heard her phone ring and hoped it was Matt.   She looked down to see it was the Stanton’s number and politely answered it.   Jenny was calling to see if she and Vince wouldn’t mind coming over for a nice night while their boys were out of town.   Linda did call Vince to check his plans and call right back.  Vince had little plans and didn’t mind going to spend some time with Kris’s parents.

Walt answered the door and smiled with Linda and Vince coming inside.   Having meet Vince early at the parent’s weekend made things much easier.   Jenny took their coats while Walt showed them in the living room.   Once Jenny returned, Walt opened a bottle of wine for them to share.

“Now this is something.  Here the boys are off in Vegas while we’re sitting at home on New Year’s,” Walt stated.
“You can tell we’re getting older and wiser,” Vince commented. “They always say tonight is amateur night.”

“Yes they do,” Walt said.

“Linda, I have a pot of coffee if you’d rather…” Jenny suggested.

Linda smiled, “That sounds wonderful.”

“We’ll let the men talk in here,” Jenny said and went to her kitchen.  She sat down the wine and poured two cups of coffee.  “Have you heard from Matt?”

“Well, I did this morning and they made it.   It must be nice to be young and endure that drive,” Linda replied and took the coffee.

“You’re telling me.   I’ll tell you though something is up with Kris.   I expected he’d be bouncing off the walls but he wasn’t.”

“Jenny, you know how they are.  One minute it’s the greatest day ever and the next is the worst.  Matt has those mood swings.  Knowing Kris I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

“I guess so.  My biggest fear is having him call from jail…”

“Mine as well but we know they’ll have the best time ever.  It is really sweet of them to go all that way for Juan’s wedding,” Linda stated and took a sip of the coffee.

“Oh I’m sure there was an ulterior motive if I know Kris like I do.  Really though he is making it so well in college.  I wasn’t sure he’d have the discipline or drive to succeed in college but I think Matt is a major part of that.”

“Well it is a two way street.   Matt is now beaming with confidence like I’ve never seen before or imagined or all his friend he has.   Kris has helped him out so much.  It’s funny how proud he is of his new body…”

“Oh God, Kris is obsessed with his.  I see him just staring in the mirror and admiring each muscle.  Boy he really has some.”

“I’ll say.  I think they all feed off each other.  Corey is so built as is Colt too.  I never imagined would find a boyfriend like him or he’d stick with one as long as he has,” Linda stated.

“I hope Kris will find someone.  You know I wouldn’t even care if he was gay.  Nathan was and we accepted him.  I can just get over wanting grandkids if Kris is happy in life.”

“Jenny, I suspect you will have some one day.  I really don’t think Kris is but you never know these days.  I’ve long accepted the fact I’ll never have grandchildren.”

“We love no matter what… I still love Nathan,” Jenny said with tears in her eyes. “He’d be so proud of Kris and adore Matt to death.”

Linda reached across the small table and patted Jenny’s shoulder.  “Say we better go see what those men are doing in there.  Kris is a lot like his dad and you never know what he’ll be doing,” Jenny said and managed a smile.

“Matt is like his dad Larry too.   There’s one part I hope he can avoid,” Linda stated and stood.

“I bet it is drinking but I know Kris drinks and it is part of college life and growing up,” Jenny stated.

“Yes, they really are growing up…”

“Way too fast for me,” Jenny stated as they walked out.

“For me as well but we can’t hold them back,” Linda said and walked to sit next to Vince.

“No doubt you two have been talking about your boys,” Walt laughed.

“Yes, they are our life,” Linda said.

“My son is my life as well,” Vince said.

They enjoyed the night and barely made it to the New Year.  They watched the ball drop at Time’s Square on TV and talked about Dick Clark when he used to host the New Year’s show.   When the clock struck midnight, they held up their glasses and tossed to the New Year.   Ten minutes after, Linda grabbed Vince’s keys and knew he’d been drinking wine with the bottle empty between him and Walt.

“Those are some good people,” Vince said.

“Yes they are,” Linda stated. “My son is very lucky to be friends with their son.”

“Now if only VJ could find a friend with great parents,” Vince said getting in the car.

“Maybe he’ll get lucky just like Matt did.”

“I doubt that lucky but there’s always hope.”

Sitting by the lake near Chase and Colt’s house, Chase leaned back on the palms of his hands with his low rise jeans and Polo shirt.  “Dude, just think next year at this time we’ll be finished with our first freshman semester in college.”
Tabor, Chase’s best friend, flipped back his dark blond hair in his jeans and Hollister light blue long sleeve tee shirt.   “Dude, I hope.  First let me worry about getting into college.”
“You’ll get in.”
“I hope I do,” Tabor stated. “Dude, I’m worried that they won’t accept me.”
“It would suck if you didn’t.   Maybe you’ll know in a few weeks.”
“I hope so,” Tabor said. “Hey, toss me your can.”
“Where’s yours?”
“Ummm… in my truck.  Come on dude.  It’s bad enough Colt didn’t get us some beer and Gavin got busted… what a dumbass!” Tabor stated.
Chase reached in the back pocket of his jeans and tossed Tabor his can with another two stashed in the tent behind them.   Tabor and Chase packed their lips and spit on the ground.   “Dude, I wonder what Colt is doing right now in Vegas?” Chase pondered. “How sweet is that.  I know those dudes are in the casino and winning lots of money.”
“Colt is probably getting his ass fucking laid if I know him,” Tabor laughed.
“No, he’s probably too drunk to even get it up,” Chase said. “Man, I wish I could’ve gone.  He’s so lucky.”
“He is.  Dude, do you think we’ll find friends like Colt has?”
“I sure hope so,” Chase said and spit.  “They are so cool.  They are the best guys and treat us like one of them.”
“Fuck yeah they are.  Kris is the fucking shit…”
“He is.  What do you really think about Matt and Corey?” Chase asked and swept his dark brown hair from his face.
“Actually they are really cool guys.  Once I’m around them it never occurs to me they are fucking homos… I mean gay.   Boy I thought Kris was going to tear into us after that game after we call Reese a fag.”
Chase spit, “You’re telling me.  They are right though once you think about it.  Gay people are just like us.”
Tabor laughed, “Except they fuck each other up the ass.”
“Dude, I still can’t believe Colt got Ted here to speak at our football banquet…” Chase said.
“I know.  Can you believe he mentioned our names?   Us dude… fucking us… man they were so jealous.”
“Imagine how awesome it would be if Ted came to turkey hunt with us.   An All American linebacker will be hunting with us,” Chase said with excitement.
“Dude I know they will be so jealous,” Chase stated.  “Do you think we’ll get as big as Kris, Colt and Corey when we get to college?”
“Dude, I’m shredded as fuck now,” Tabor replied.   He stood and rose up his shirt to show his well-defined slender cut torso.
“Tabor, we all know you are.  I’ve seen your six pack plenty.”
“Hey, you should be proud too.  Girls love a guy with a six pack…”
“I know they do.  How do you think I got Christie?”
“Your big dick,” Tabor said and sat down.  “Chase, you wanna just get naked like Colt and them do?”
“Not really,” Chase replied.
“I think that it is the best.  Those dudes can sit around naked and not think a thing about it.”
“I know.  No telling how many times I’ve seen Colt naked since he’s been home.  He says he refuses to put on clothes before he showers or goes out,” Chase said.
“Do you sleep in the nude?”
“Ummm… I have been lately.  If it is good enough for Colt then it is good enough for me,” Chase replied.
“I have been too.  Man, it feels so great to let the boys breath.  It took me a few nights to get adjusted to it but now I fucking love it.”
Chase laughed, “I will hate to hear our mouths next year.”
“I know.  Fuck is my favorite word.”
“I noticed that so has the entire school,” Chase said.  Tabor leaned over and hit Chase in the arm.  The two wrestled around on the ground.  They decided to quit before one of them got pissed. 
They continued to talk but mostly about their school while stoking the nearby fire that kept them warm though it wasn’t that cold.   With their phones in hand, together the two counted down to the New Year.   They were prepared for the occasion and starting shooting bottle rockets and then at each other.  It reminded them so much of the Fourth of July when Colt and the guys were there.
“Tabor, I wonder how many people I can bring on birthday?”
“I don’t know.  Kris would be happy with ten,” Tabor replied and flipped back his hair. “Are you really getting some ink?”
“Yes I am but I don’t know what it will be.  It’s sweet that I can get ink and buy tobacco in less than a month.”
“I know.  I have to wait another two months,” Tabor said.  “Chase, I’ll be so pissed if I don’t make into college.    Just imagine if I do…”
“Dude, we will be just like Colt and Kris this time next year!” Chase said.
“Yes we will but we damn sure ain’t fucking each other if I have anything to do with it.  There will be way too much pussy to even think about a guy,” Tabor said.
“You never know.”  Chase smiled.

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