WRITTEN BY ANDY... Posted January 3, 2011

It wasn’t the best day in Matt’s life. The school had learned that he was gay this year, and new bullies had shown up, Kris had protected him the entire time, especially when word got around what happened to Lee and Andy. But lately, his newest nemesis was Lee’s best friend, Kelly; was making his life difficult. She never beat him or anything like that, but the tried smear tactics, and tried to alienate his friends.  With the plan not working so well, she had decided to make him out to be smarty pants know it all. It wasn’t helping matters are at all.
Kris was having problems for himself, the holidays were painfully bad for Kris because of losing Nathan, but lately this last semester his marks have been slipping, and he nearly failed four of his six courses. Walt took away his car, he made him do manual labour and other punishments, but it wasn’t helping.  When his report card came, Walt and his son had the most heated argument, about his schooling. They both knew, without saying they didn’t want Kris to become Nathan.
The last day of the New Year was a quiet one for Kris and Matt both in sadness over these issues. Kris didn’t want to tell Matt about his schooling problems, because it would worry Matt too much. Matt didn’t want to inform Kris about his bullying issues, and how much it really was affecting him because Kris would get all violent and he could get suspended.
Tanner entered the Raymond household with Brady, Johnny and Kevin.  Kris greeted them with usual energy; even with Kris current troubles, somehow he dug deep and brought that energy he was becoming to be known for. What Matt and the others didn’t know was that Kris used the energy and outgoing personality to smoke screen his own problems.
“What’s up guys?” Kris asked the group.
“It has been bad day for these three, and not a good one for me.” Tanner commented. 
“What happened?”  Matt asked putting shoulder around Johnny who was sitting on the bed next to him.
“Our grandmother’s heart is not doing as well, as it had been; the complication that occurred last year; the same issue has been happening again, and now it is just getting worse.”
“Nana has been in hospital since Christmas, and when we visited she looked frail. “  Brady continued.
Kris got up and hugged his brothers. Kris was always there his crew; his friends were the most important people in his life. He couldn’t handle them being so depressed. Kevin seemed equally upset.
Matt tried to comfort him with a hug, but Kevin pushed away. “No offense, I don’t want to be touched by you at the moment.”  Kevin had been listening to Kelly’s comments on being gay, and it had turned him silently away from Matt.
Tanner sat on Matt’s desk chair, “I cannot bring any happiness to the conversation either. I really am home sick. I been away from Toronto for a few years now, and miss my friends. They invited me to come up and see them, but we could afford it.”
Kris stood up. “I have heard enough, sure we all have shit to deal with, and life might not be great right now. That doesn’t mean we should let our current struggles get the better of us. Where’s Don?”
Brady and Johnny spoke in unison. “He went with his father to visit family”
“Would you guys stop doing that, it is really is freaky.” Matt spoke up, and the room laughed.  Kris received a phone call.
The smile and twinkle in Kris’s eyes spoke volumes. Everybody turned to their leader. “AWESOME! Get your sorry asses up were going to a party. Marty and few of his friends have New Year’s Party, and we are going.”
“I don’t know Kris,” Matt began.
“No excuses, we either all go, or we sit here feeling sorry for ourselves.”
We all went and Marty greeted us with open arms. Marty and Kris had become great friends in the years they knew each other, and Marty took Kris under his wing. Tanner noticed how Kris became more outgoing since he knew Marty, how he eventually earned the respect to be their fearless leader. The night was happy one; everybody forgot about their issues and enjoyed some smokes, beers and some great laughs. At midnight, the crew were sitting around the basement, playing truth or dare of all things, they were all drunk.
Matt chose dare and had to take the bong that had been passed around and ripped it good. It was so much fun for Matt he did it again and again. The high, he was feeling was so rewarding. Around three in morning, all the guys were asleep. Matt heard a noise and Marty was jerking off and winked at him. So the two guys enjoyed some fun.
Meanwhile, earlier that night around 11 o’clock, Scott and Juan Torres were enjoying some amazing beer.  Scott loved the night air; Daniel had taught him a lot about how to be open, and how not to be afraid of his sexuality. He brought Juan and Scott closer together. 
“Juan, how are you feeling?” 
“The best ever, the stuff we did last week was enjoyable. I cannot believe how much experience you have you are still so young.”
Scott agreed, “Daniel showed me a lot stuff, he taught me how I should not be afraid of myself, and let things go and enjoy the moment. We experimented a lot.”
“Still, when you introduced yourself to me last year, you were shy; which went against your reputation. Now, that I got to know the real Scott Trenton, I know you are more complex than I give you credit.”
“Juan, I have loving family, and annoying little brother and sister, and great dating life. But I never was able to connect with people; Daniel helped me.”
“You didn’t need help Scott, getting to know you this past year, made really like you as a great friend, and more.”
“You mean?” Scott arched is brow in surprise. “You want too.”
“Yeah, I am drunk and I curious what your dick would feel like. We can use your bedroom since I never have seen it.
“Yep, let’s go.” Scott smiled and they went to his bedroom, Juan took the entire room in. Juan never saw it before. What surprised him more was the smell of weed.
Scott just nodded. “Yeah, I don’t do it that often; I don’t want it to become a habit.”  They started to make out and explore each other’s bodies. Scott always wanted to fuck in his father’s chair in the family room. He didn’t want to ruin the mood, by suggesting the change.
It was two in the morning, and they just finished their some powerful love making. Juan enjoyed the experience. Scott lit a cigarette. “That will go down in the record books.”
A knock on the door scared the shit out of both of them, Scott called out. “Yes?” 
“Scott, I really had this strange nightmare, can I come sleep with you.” Trevor answered opening the door slightly. Trevor came in and got into bed with big brother. Juan was able get out of the bed silently without Trevor seeing. He waved a good bye to Scott, and Scott held his brother close, Juan left out the open window.
“Are you okay, Trevor?”
He shook his head; Scott held him and thought about the wonderful fucking he just experienced, as he waited for Trevor to go to sleep. When Trevor feel asleep again, Scott kissed his forehead and went off to dreamland.

Meanwhile still, that same night, Rick had just completed his night at the restaurant and he was mad as hell. His hours were fucking cut. He hated that. New Year’s Eve was the hottest night in town for the restaurant.  He had to clock out at 6 pm, and not 10 pm like normal; the boss said he should be lucky that Rick didn’t get laid off.
The last year was hell for him. Derek turned out the biggest scum in the world; Samuel was hurt and spent the last five month in hell. He finally went for treatment and know runs the Rec Center. Lately, things between the Samuel and Rick have been strained, all because of that fucking jackass, Derek. He strolled into town feel in love with uncle, and broke Samuel’s fucking heart in the process. “I hate it. Now, I want to contribute to our family. I can’t with my fucking hours cut, Rick said out loud.
Rick walked in the door of their house on campus, and Samuel was busy. Even on New Year’s Eve, he had a lot to do. The previous owner was set to retire in January, and Samuel needed to learn a lot about running a rec center. Samuel acknowledged his presence and went back to his paperwork.
“How is it going?” Rick asked
“Fine; I didn’t realize how hard it would be to run the place.”
“I am sure you will be okay, you are smart man.” Rick encouraged.
He nodded and grunted.
“I guess I will leave you to it.” Samuel nodded again.
Rick started to his room, but turned and yelled. “SAM!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!”
“What?” He looked up.
“I didn’t break your fucking heart. He did, don’t be taking it out on me. Okay.”
Samuel got up and walked me over to the couch and sighed. “Rick, I’m sorry.”
“We haven’t spoken. I mean really spoke in since he left. You didn’t even know I went to go find him and beat the shit out of him.”
“I know, I really am sorry, but it took a lot of strength to get this mess fixed up. I was in awful place. I needed to someone to blame and took it out on you.” Samuel hugged Rick.
“I accept that. Now let’s make this right, fuck the rest of the paper work; you and I are going to have our chats, and we are going to talk all night if we have to, until we can get us back to normal.”
“I agree.” Samuel nodded and we headed to Samuel’s room which was bigger and started talking.
“I was thinking.” Rick began, “Why not add an addiction centre or wellness centre to help college kid’s deal with addiction, with abuse and relationships.”
“Honestly, Rick. I was thinking the same thing. That was the paperwork I was working on, this evening. It would have to be small, something I would lead myself, and then if the demand increases I will establish a better facility. Hopefully around 2010, it will be a fully functional addition to the Rec Center.”
“That would be a great addition, but I thought you would have issues running such a program, with what happened.”
“Rick, I found talking about it would help me a lot more. I wanted to open up to you about what I was feeling, in my darkest moments. I couldn’t; the hurt he caused was so strong.”
“It’s alright.”  Rick told Samuel about his cut shifts and his problems with Kathy. Samuel talked about what he was feeling, how hurt he became; how he even thought about killing himself. The thing that kept him going was Rick. It was a great feeling. The talk continued into the early hours of the morning.

Corey was working out long and hard at the gym; it was just about closing time; so he had to leave. When he left the facility, he was feeling slightly better. It had been a long year, Ben and Josh turned out the total assholes. He can still remember the day like it was yesterday. One day after class in late September, he accidentally left his notebook behind. Corey went back to get it, but to his horror Josh and Ben found and say his doodlings and love letters to JJ. Josh and Ben gave the notebook to JJ, and within a month, the whole school knew he was gay. JJ led the charge, the writing on his locker was one thing, but the constant teasing and name calling that was another thing. Then Ben and Josh started to get physical. The word spread to the neighborhood, and everybody knew about this; his trusted teachers started to slowly turn of him. He was outsider. He lost every friend he had, and did any hope to come from this. This stress at home was worth, his own mother wouldn’t accept him; she turned her back on him, and refused to speak to him at all for a long time.  As the torment at school increased, and his home life not getting any better, Corey had nowhere to turn, he thought to end it. 
Today, leaving the gym, he felt better, whenever the stress would workout. People at school completely ignored him, Josh and Ben still called him names, and JJ would play cruel pranks on him, but he didn’t let it bother him. Derek helped last year by saving his life.  Corey found himself on a bench by that same cliff on this New Year’s Eve. He had no friends, no family that would accept him. He was alone, utterly and pathetically alone. He grabbed a bottle of Jack and drank hoping for a better year.
His thoughts turned to ways of getting out of this mess. Maybe he could change, become straight. Start liking girls. Join the football team. He decided it was worth a try, as his life couldn’t get any worse. He went home and started making a list of the girls he could date that would help him gain some popularity. He thought of plan about the notebook too.

Matt wanted this year to be over. This last four months have been hell not having Kris in his life. There was one saving grace, meeting Lisa. She was kind, supportive and a great listener. We spoke many times since their time after the Ferris wheel meeting.  She told him about her boyfriend, Steve; and Matt felt he could trust her with my current issue with Kris.
It was 8 pm, and Matt was sitting alone thinking about calling Kris.  Then Matt thought better of it, he needed to make the first move, also; he was probably fucking Melissa right now, and my contact would aggravate him.
The phone rang, “Hello.”
“Hey, Matt; Tanner and some of the guys are going to continue the New Year’s tradition and have party at Marty’s house. Are you game?”
Johnny waited for my reply; the last two New Years were sweet. “Will Kris be there?”
“I have no fucking clue. Matt you need to get over this and just have fun. You do remember fun?” Johnny said nicely.
Matt thought it over and declined, it would not be the same without Kris; he made Matt better person. He couldn’t do it. A knock at his window, startled Matt.
“Hey hot stuff.” Lisa called out.
“Hey yourself.” Matt replied. “I do have a front door you know.”
“This way was much more fun. Anyways, I am going to show you a good time.”  She grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him out his bedroom door and down the stairs. Linda noticed this, but was glad her only son was going out. She had thought, with this spat, Matt would return to his own ways.
“Where are we going?” Matt asked.
“Liberty Avenue, we are going to dance and you going to shake your hot butt like nobody’s business; guys will hit on you and you will turn them down.”
“I don’t know Lisa.”  Lisa forced Matt into her car not giving him any choice in the matter.
“You are going to have a great time. Matt, you seemed so lonely over Christmas, now we are going change that.”
The drive to Liberty Avenue didn’t take that long; Matt hadn’t been here in a few months. Lisa and Matt talked about Steve, and he learned that he got drunk earlier in the day. They arrived at a teenage gay club. “What is this place?”
“My gay friend Cortin mentioned this place, it opened up last month. I went here last weekend. I had fucking blast.  No alcohol, but a killer dancing scene.”
“You do know I don’t dance.” Matt reminded her.
They both walked into the club, and the smell was intoxicating to Matt. He never realized that the gay scene had grown this month. He saw four guys dancing up a storm.
“Okay big boy get out there. I’ll take that.”  She took his coat and shirt off him and pushed him onto the dance floor. The room turned to look at this fine specimen. Matt always hated his appearance, but now some guys were looking at with big smiles. Matt took a minute and awkwardly joined the four guys dancing; all of them were enjoying themselves. The music was great and nobody seemed to notice Matt’s unique dancing style. Matt forgot about his troubles and enjoyed the night. Sometime later when a slower song came on, one of the guys asked him to dance. They kissed and talked during the number.
By Midnight, Robbie asked for Matt’s number and they kissed again. “You are a hot stud. Too bad I am leaving tomorrow.”
“Where are you going,” Matt asked. “Back home I am visiting my cousins; and wanted to check out the gay scene before I left.”
“It’s too bad.” They kissed goodbye, and a moment later Lisa hit his butt, and winked. “A keeper?”
“Nah.” They went back on the dance floor for a slow number and enjoyed the night.
Matt whispered in her ear. “Thanks. This is a fun way to ring in the New Year.”

Meanwhile in the Stanton household; Kris wasn’t that happy. Melissa was sleeping in his bed. She refused to put out. Melissa and he were trying to build their friendship up again. Kris needed more. Before the fight Kris could always talk to Matt about what is bothering him. He got up and did something he hasn’t done in years. He went on Facebook; he had 50 messages waiting for him. He started replying.
It donned on him, after six messages; he didn’t even no these people; they were all gamers he knew when he was 12, before Nathan’s death. He turned off the computer; grabbed beer, and questioned whether he should drink or not. He lost Nathan, he lost Derek, and now he lost Matt; Tanner and the boys are still around; but it’s not the same.  
He put the beer back and opened his window, it was slightly cold outside, but he went out of his room; in just a pair of sweatpants. He thought it over and over in his head. I was miserable for a long time after Nathan died, and when found Matt I found my equal; now it’s over. Why does all this shit happen to me? What the fuck did I do to people?
“CAN YOU TELL ME!!?” He screamed to heavens. “I was a good guy, and then you did this all to me. The fucking nightmares; the car accident; wasn’t it enough that I was fucking shy kid. You had to kill the only person I truly loved. TELL ME! WHY! Then that accident caused me to beat up a good guy and he left town!  Now, I tried to make peace, and move on!! Matt came into my fucking life, and I was happy! HAPPY!  I am alone. I have nobody to fucking talk too. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!
“I tried to change. I became more outgoing, Marty took me under his wing, and eventually I was accepted as part of the crew. One little fight, and few harsh words, and Matt and I are over. You killed my brother in a car accident because he was drinking too much; you should have killed; then maybe he would have smartened up.”
Kris stared at the heavens, hoping for a response. After a few minutes he just sat there. “Thanks a lot. What’s next I’m going to be hit by a car? Why don’t you hit Matt and make me feel worse. What did we ever do to you to make yourself so fucking vengeful?”
He started to cry. “I lost Nathan, I lost Matt, and it’s all because of me. If you are out there, please; give me my best friend back. I can’t stand being without him anymore. I said horrible things to him. Just please Give me one more change.”
He went back inside, and sat in his desk chair crying. “I am sorry.”

In another town, Chase and Tabor were coming back home. Tabor was smiling ear to ear. “I can’t believe it we lost our virginity tonight.”
“It was so sweet, dude.”  Chase agreed. They just came back from a New Years’ party, and these to hot seniors were staring at them. Chase and Tabor made it across the room to them and started chatting, and by midnight as the cheers were heard, Tabor and Chase were in engaged the best French kisses they ever experienced.
“Come hot thing,” one said and motioned for Chase to follow her upstairs. The other one brought Tabor to second bedroom.  They enjoyed the quick fuck, and headed home.
“I can’t believe it happened.” Tabor commented now on Chase’s bed. 
“I’m surprised she even did it with you, you have such a small package.”
Before they could say anymore, they heard a loud crash in Colt’s room and a groan. They ventured out too see what Colt has done to himself now.
They entered the room, and Colt is on the ground. Bryan is over at the computer. “Don’t worry guys, Colt is okay, he just had a lot to drink.”
Chase ran towards his brother to check if he was breathing. He was.
“What happened?” Tabor questioned Colt’s best friend. Before Bryan could speak, Colt groaned again.
“Tabor move your ass and help me with him.”
“You guys, got it I see; I got to get home, my girl is waiting for me. “ Bryan was gone out the window.
“I don’t like him.” Tabor said; Chase nodded. They moved the unconscious Colt to his bed.
Chase was upset. He loved his brother, but can’t believe he keeps doing stupid stuff like this. He told Tabor to go to sleep in his room, as he sits with his brother. The night continued, and Colt groaned a few times. Tabor came in around 2 am to check on Chase.
“How is he?” Tabor put a comforting shoulder on Chase
“I don’t know. I think he is hurt.”
“Chase, he probably ate to much or something, if he really was in pain, he would be screaming.”
“You are probably right. You okay?” He asked Tabor.
“Fine, why?”
“Just asking,” Tabor gave him a questioning look and went back to sleep in Chase’s room.
Around 4 am, Chase had fallen asleep on the floor. Colt had finally awoke and seen Chase there, sound asleep. Tabor was at the door. Tabor told him what occurred and how Chase was worried for him. They carried him into his own bed. 
“Tell him I said thanks, when he wakes up.” Colt said.
“Why?” Tabor asked suspiciously.
“Chase is a good brother.”

Meanwhile still in another town, as the night approached, Corey could feel his stomach already in knots.   Since being set up by Heath, he and Kelsie had been on three dates.   He felt so good around her since she was a lot of fun.   The best part about Kelsie was the fact she lived about twenty miles north and knows nothing of the history of Corey.   All she saw was a cute soon to be 18 year old guy with earrings and a nice body.   All the girls in town wouldn’t give him the time of day.
Driving his mom’s car to pick up Kelsie was Corey’s way of escaping his hometown.   He would never be so happy to see high school end if he made it alive that long.   Not that he threatened suicide again, but at times feared for his life.   With the new principal this year, the beating stopped, and he knew the rednecks were cruel and may go too far.  It wasn’t bad enough hearing ‘faggot’, ‘queer’, ‘homo’ and other assorted names in between class but the threats were horrible at times.   Actually the classroom was a sanctuary where the taunts ended plus the gym was as well he frequented daily to work off his pent up frustration; and when that wasn’t available he workout at the local gym.  At times he thought about Derek, how gave him that advice to work out, he wondered if his life was better than, his rooming from city to city.
Just down the road, he passed JJ’s house.   He slowed and envied the house but more the friends JJ had. Sure the house was much nicer than his but he wanted friend’s more than material goods.  Still his mom or step dad didn’t accept him.  His mom was beyond thrilled he was dating a girl.  She held out hope that Corey was over what she termed ‘some phase’ but he knew it wasn’t a phase at all but an act to get more people to like and accept him.  He didn’t care if he was going to live a lie.   
As he continued driving, he cracked a smile.   He was thinking about just receiving his acceptance to college.   It wasn’t easy but he did what was needed to get accepted.   Now if the next 8 months would fly by to begin life anew. He feared that the same thing would happen though.   He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about it but wanted to find that right someone or anybody for that matter that would accept him for who he was.  He was putting on a nice act for Kelsie and actually was developing feeling for her.   He was prepared for the evening with the supplies if it came to that. The feelings were of a deep friendship, than actual love. He felt like he couldn’t deceive her anymore.
Arriving at Kelsie’s modest home, he knocked on the door and adjusted his buttoned up shirt and pulled up his jeans in case her father objected to seeing them a little low like he and all the guys now wore them.  Soon her father was at the door and welcoming Corey inside.  Soon Kelsie appeared from the rear of the house wearing a sweatshirt and tight jeans.  Corey stood and smiled at the brunette who was so cute in his eyes.
“Mr. Michaels, what time does she need to be home?” Corey asked.
“Oh before sunrise,” he replied and laughed.  “Oh I’d say before at least two.  Her mom waits up on her.”
“Yes sir,” Corey said.
The two left the house.  Corey was a pure gentleman and opened the car door for his date.  He loved it when he got inside and she kissed.  “Tonight is gonna be special for us.”
“I hope so,” Corey said. “So do you care what movie we see?”
“Of course not since I’m with you,” she said.  “You know I’d really like to meet some of your other friends sometime.”
“We might.  You know Heath and Lane already though,” Corey stated.
They drove back to Corey’s hometown to eat and to the only movie theater there was and lucky to have that one.   Exiting the car at the movie theater, Corey just hoped someone would see him as he held Kelsie’s soft hand since he didn’t see one person while the two ate.  Maybe this would change their perception of him.   He paid for the tickets and entered the small two screen theater.   He saw Jill, a classmate, with an older guy.   She waved to him and continued on.  He turned around and saw Teague.   Teague and another friend saw Corey as well and walked away.  Deep down he was glad to see two of his classmates to verify that he was with a girl. 
After the movie, Corey and Kelsie left the theater.   On the way back, he did pass back JJ’s house to see a lot of cars enjoying the night.   He really wished he could explain his circumstances to JJ, maybe his influence would help matters.
“Corey, you and I need to find a place where we can be alone,” Kelsie said.
“We sure do,” Corey said.
He knew the perfect spot and drove the short distance.  It was down a dirt road and in a thick forest of pines and oaks. 
“Corey, you’re not bringing me here to kill me, are you?” she asked.
“No, this is a special spot…”
“Oh I bet you bring all the girls here and why it is so special.”
It wasn’t long before the two were hot and heavy.  Corey let one head overrule the other that night.  He was surprised at how long he lasted.  Kelsie repeated over and over how much she loved him.  Corey could never speak the words and always kissed her. 
Sitting on the hood, the two counted down by Kelsie’s phone until the clock struck midnight.  They kissed passionately with Kelsie’s hand running all over Corey’s crotch.  They could hear the firecrackers popping in all directions. 
“Corey, I want you again,” she whispered.
“Babe, I doubt I’m good for another round.”
“Still you’re the best. I understand plus I’d be really sore tomorrow.”
Corey had her home before two.  He left hoping being seen with Kelsie would do some good.  Inside he was feeling empty and knew it wasn’t him.  He pulled over half way home and banged his head on the steering wheel.  He should feel so good about the night but didn’t. He couldn’t lie to her anymore, decided to tell her. He also thought about running away, and finding Derek again.

For the Scott this New Year’s Eve was bitter sweet. This would be the last one he would spend with his baby brother before college. What is worse for Scott, he still hasn’t told Trevor that he is leaving with Juan to college out of town.
Scott’s parents were attending a party at the Torres’. Scott offered to babysit, and he decided that would be the time to communicate his leaving. For Scott, he had seen everything this town has to offer.  Scott went to check on Trevor who was reading a book on his bed. He seemed either engaged in this book, or had something on his mind. Scott ventured it was the latter.
“Bro, you okay”? 
“Yep.” He said without thinking, thus telling Scott something was up.
“Spill it, what’s up? “
Trevor had come to realization that he was gay last year, but had been able to tell Scott that. He tried dropping hints, by wearing gay clothes.  Trevor just didn’t know how to break the news.
“I am gay, Scott!” Trevor said suddenly.  Scott tried, but could not withhold his laughter.  Trevor gave him a confused look.  Scott, pulled himself together, and sat on his brother’s bed next to him.
“Trevor, I known for the last few years; you have been showing the obvious signs. The clothes are one part of it.”
“Really, you know all this whole time, how come you never said anything.” Trevor asked, shocked by this news.
“Because, it is up to you when divulge that information to us.”
“I guess;” Changing thoughts, “I am so proud to be gay, I want everybody to know now.”
“Bro, I am proud for you, but you need to be careful you don’t want to flaunt it in people’s faces. You might end up hurt or worse.”
“I will try. It is just so hard” Trevor said, and got up and started getting dressed for a night out. He wore tight black pants and a open pink shirt showing off his chest.
“That is what I am talking about. Those clothes are so gay, if you wear that in the wrong crowd you are going to be beaten up. Besides, where are you going? I am babysitting you.”
“Scott, please let me go. There is this hot guy I want to meet.”
“No! I want to spend New Year’s Eve with you. You can meet him another time. Tonight, we are having a brother’s night.” With that Trevor called his friend, Landon and told him he couldn’t go.
Scott and Trevor ordered pizza; Sammie was at a sleepover, so it was just the two of them. Scott didn’t have the heart to tell him yet. They moved on to ice cream sundaes and watched this old movie. Neither brother would admit it, but they both enjoy spending time with each other.
It was approaching midnight, and Scott was thinking about how he was going to tell his brother he leaving him for better educational pursuits.
“I guess this will be our last time to hang over the holidays, I am sure you find great friends at that new University you are going to.” Trevor commented, sadly.
Scott spat out his drink when he heard, in shock that his brother knew.  “How did you know?”
“I found your acceptance letter. I knew you got in because you had that dopy smile on your face.”
Relived, that Trevor knew, he asked: “Are you okay with that. It means a lot of changes.”
“You are telling me you, you won’t be hogging the bathroom anymore, and I can finally watch TV shows I want.”
“I mean, you will have to set an example for your sister, and be a great brother to her.”
“I am.” Trevor said matter of factly.
“Sure.” Scott said disbelievingly. “Admit it though you will be miss me.”
“Nah, I can bug you long distance.”
“Great, I cannot wait to hear about your first cherry pop.”  Scott said sarcastically.
With that, they watched the Ball Drop in New York City, and at Midnight, Trevor hugged Scott, the emotional behind that hug spoke more than words can say. Trevor will miss his brother.

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