Corey’s POV

Closing my books with a sigh, I was so happy to have done what studying I needed to do for the night
and got up to head back out into the living area. I knew I needed to study now more than ever and I
was determined to do the best I could to give myself a better life than what had so far been afforded
to me. I didn’t blame my mom because, despite her problems, she had always tried her best when I was
younger, but the idea of having to go back to my hometown to work some store job to just scrape by
like we always had was enough to make me push that little bit harder for good grades and what I hoped
would be a better life. I knew Matt would do well and would probably earn more than enough to support
both of us in life, but I also wanted to be able to provide for myself and my loved ones no matter
what happened.

Feeling good about my progress and knowing in my mind that all of the key facts I needed to learn had
been stored in my brain for later use, I walked out to find the apartment empty. I quickly looked
around to check that Matt wasn’t in the kitchen and then headed over to Kris’s room to see if they
were in there, but that was empty too. Finding no one in the bathroom I gently tapped on Colt’s door
and when he called for me to enter I pushed open the door and stepped inside to see that he was alone.

“What’s up?” Colt asked.

“Sorry for interrupting,” I replied.

“No probs, man, I was just finishing anyway. You ok?”

“Yeah, I was just wondering where Kris and Matt are.”

“Are they not out there?” Colt asked, standing up from his desk and walking towards me.

“Nope, they’re not in the apartment.”

“Maybe they’ve gone for one of their runs,” Colt said.

“I thought that, but Matt didn’t come into the bedroom to change into his running gear.”

“Text him and find out where they’ve gone. They better not be out drinking while we’re here studying.”

I was about to text Matt when Colt started chuckling to himself. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Us,” Colt replied. “Look at us. Who would have thought we’d be here worried like a couple of women
about where our boyfriends are?”

I chuckled then too, “Well, maybe I would have thought that about me, but definitely not about you.
Sometimes I still can’t believe you’re with Kris.”

“What can I say?” Colt said. “I love him. Just being with him makes me happy. Of course it also helps
that he’s hot as hell and loves getting fucked.”

“He’s not the only one,” I smiled.

“Damn right!” Colt laughed. “I can’t believe how much I love sucking a nice cock or getting my ass
fucked by one.”

“You sure as hell loved it when I fucked you,” I smiled. “I’ll just give Matt a quick call to see
where he is.”

When Matt answered he said he had just gone for a walk with Kris so they could talk. I knew he missed
their chats and I’m pretty sure Kris felt the same way. When I hung up I looked up at Colt and slipped
my phone back into my pocket, “they’ve just gone for a walk.”

“I guess they needed some time where it was just the two of them,” Colt said as we moved out into the
living room and took a seat on one of the sofas. “I try to be there for Kris, but sometimes I think he
just really misses what he used to have with Matt.”

“I’m the same way with Matt. We’re great together and I try to be everything he needs, but if I’m
honest with myself I can’t be all of those things. We love each other and want to be together, but
there are still times when we need other people so we can talk things out, you know?”

“Yeah, I do. I kind of miss what we used to have when we were roomies too, Corey. I started to feel
like what Matt and Kris have was developing between you and I. We were becoming great friends.”

“Best friends…” Corey sighed. “Maybe we need to do more to get that going again. If Matt and Kris want
to spend some more time together then we can too. Maybe we need to figure out something that’s like
their running sessions. It’s healthy to get away from your boyfriend every now and then.”

“That’s part of what’s really confused me recently,” Colt said.

“What is?” I asked, wanting to hear him out and help in any way I could.

“The whole spending time with Kris stuff now we’re in a relationship. I love him to bits, like I
literally can’t believe how much I love him. I don’t think I realised how strong or powerful love can
be when you find the right person until we finally got together. Part of me wants him so bad and to
never be away from him. I want to keep him all to myself and forget about everyone else. Sometimes I
don’t want to be in a crowd of people, I just want it to be the two of us. I don’t care if we go for
something to eat, to see a movie, even if we just go to a hotel together or go camping; I just want to
be alone with him to do the things couples do. But then at the same time, like you said, I do want
some time away from him. Since we got together I’ve been with Kris pretty much every night. Don’t get
me wrong, I love sleeping with him, holding him in my arms or having him hold me, and the sex is
beyond amazing, but it can start to feel a bit routine after a while. I find myself wanting something
a bit different now and then.”

“That’s normal,” I smiled, patting Colt’s hand to reassure him. “This is when the real relationship
begins. It’s been all new and fresh up until now and you’ve been blinded somewhat by your love and
desire for him. That newness wears off and maybe some of the excitement begins to fade a little, but
then it’s your job to keep that going. Find ways to make it exciting again, do things a little
differently to change things up. If you get through this little down period then you know it’s for
real. You’ll start to see little things about him that annoy you and that you wish he wouldn’t do, but
you brush them aside and either ignore them or get used to them because you love him. And he will do
the same.”

“You’re right there. He punched me in the back the other night because he said I was snoring too loud.
But then I punched him when he thought it was funny to let one rip under the covers. I know I fuck his
ass with my bare cock and have even had his shit on my dick, but that doesn’t bother me. His smelly
ass fucking farts that make me want to gag do, though. And then the fucker actually puts his head
under the covers to hide the fact he’s laughing his ass off while I’m having to hold my breath.”

I couldn’t stop a little laugh coming out hearing Colt talk. I smiled, “that’s a relationship with a
dude for ya.”

“I get that, but it still annoys the hell out of me,” Colt said, but he couldn’t hold in his own
laughter. “Do you think we need to give Matt and Kris some more time alone?”

“Do you mean as friends or like we discussed before about letting them have one of the bedrooms for a
night?” I asked.

“The last one,” Colt said. “We know they miss each other, and personally some of the times I’ve felt
closest to Kris is when one of us has been inside the other. I know them spending the night together
might not mean they’ll automatically fuck, but I don’t think it would hurt.”

“Me neither,” I agreed. “I’m assuming that would mean swapping for the night and not just me sleeping
out on the sofa bed while they get it on in my room?”

“It’s only fair,” Colt grinned. “Besides, in all that time we roomed together last year we never
actually spent the night together, not as anything more than friends anyway. I almost feel like we owe
it to ourselves.”

“And it could break the monotony a little. Give us something different to enjoy for a night before we
go back to our boyfriends,” I replied.

“Oh you’d enjoy my dick up your ass, Corey,” Colt smiled.

“And you’d love getting split in two by my fat cock,” I said, moving my hand down to squeeze my dick
through my shorts.

Colt moaned, with his eyes focused on my crotch. He ran his eyes up my body until our eyes met and we
leaned in slowly for a kiss.

“Let’s wait to see what Kris and Matt say before we go too far with this,” I said, pulling back but
still feeling the tingle in my lips from the kiss.

“Agreed,” Colt said, “but, er… why don’t we go shower just to make sure we’re ready for if they do?”

I smiled at Colt and agreed, knowing no matter who I shared a bed with tonight that my ass was going
to get fucked. We headed off into our separate bathrooms and I quickly jumped into the shower to clean
myself out. When I was done and had dried myself off, I didn’t bother throwing on any clothes and just
walked back out to find that Colt had done the same. We sat back down on the sofa and continued to
talk until Kris and Matt came in the door.

They were barely inside before Colt brought up the idea of us switching. I didn’t know how Matt would
feel about it, but since Kris was more than eager Matt quickly agreed and Colt seemed even happier
than he had before. I wondered just exactly what he’d done to himself in the bathroom as he cleaned
himself out to get him so excited.

The four of us then sat around, talking about all kinds of things and drinking a couple of beers,
which is something we didn’t do all that often when college work had to be done or if we had classes
the next day, so it made a nice change.

At about 11.30, which was quite early for us to think about calling it a night, we all stood and got
ready for what was about to happen. I immediately grabbed Matt to give him a passionate kiss to show
him that I loved him and that whatever happened with Kris was cool with me. Kris did the same with
Colt and then we were all staring at each other.

For a moment Colt seemed like he was going to protest and back out of the agreement, but Kris
reassured him and all but talked him in to spending the night with me, though I did make sure to
encourage Colt myself. I was kind of excited at getting to be with him without Matt, Kris or both in
the room with us. As much as I enjoyed it the last time I buried my cock in Colt’s hot ass, there was
a little bit of me that was always aware that Matt was watching and it stopped me from truly letting
go. Now that wasn’t going to be a factor.

As Colt and I were walking towards his bedroom I felt my dick harden with the excitement of what was
about to happen. By the time we made it through the door and Colt had closed it behind him, I almost
couldn’t control myself and all but pounced on him, pushing him back against the wood and capturing
his mouth with mine. I think he was a little stunned at first, either by how forward I was or by the
impact of hitting the door, because he didn’t kiss back at first, but then after a moment he really
got into it and kissed me with such hunger.

Our hands were all over each other and I loved that we were already naked because it meant we didn’t
have to waste time taking clothes off each other. I pushed Colt harder against the door, holding him
in place with my hands and pulling back from his lips so I could move them down to his neck to kiss
the smooth skin and caress it with my tongue.

Colt was moaning and purring as I assaulted his body with my mouth. He ran his hand up so it was
gripping at my hair and pressed me harder against him as I found the spot on his neck I was looking
for to make him really whimper.

“Fuck, Corey!” Colt moaned, bending his head a little so he could nibble on my ear while my tongue
continued its dance over the skin on his neck.

I got a little carried away, especially with Colt teasing my ear with his tongue, and gently bit down
on Colt’s neck, sucking at the skin. He groaned and I felt his body shiver as I still had my hands
pressed against his chest. Pulling back and looking down at the damage, I realised that I may have
marked him with a love bite and wondered what Matt, Kris and all our other friends, including the
football players would think if it was visible in the morning.

Colt’s mind seemed to be elsewhere though and he was too caught up in the moment to care. He reached
up and took hold of my head, pulling me in for one of the most powerful and passionate kisses I have
ever experienced. His tongue pushed between my lips and seemed to explore my mouth before finding my
own tongue in a duel that left us both panting for breath.

When we pulled back we had to steady ourselves on each other. I clung to him as my chest heaved and my
body tried to draw in the air it needed to function properly. Colt had his arms wrapped around me and
pressed the side of his face against mine. He then turned his head and pecked at my cheek, moving up
until he was kissing me just behind my ear.

I moved my hand down then, running it over his firm pecs and down the side of his body until it rested
on his ass. Clutching his nice meaty cheek in my hand, I pulled him closer to me and pressed my own
crotch forward so that our throbbing, rock hard cocks met and slid against each other. We both moaned
at the contact and hugged each other even tighter.

Colt bit my shoulder as another moan escaped his lips and my dick jerked, slapping against his abs. I
could feel the precum that was leaking out of my cock smear against his skin.

We pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes. There was nothing but lust in his and I knew he was
seeing something similar in mine. We lunged at each other again, our mouths crashing together and our
tongues battling. He let me press him fully back against the door and our dicks stayed in contact as
the kiss intensified and our thrusts against each other grew more forceful.

Eventually I had to pull back for fear that he would actually suck my lips off my face. I don’t think
in all my time being with someone that I had kissed or had been kissed like that. It was incredible
and left my lips feeling both tingly and a little bit swollen.

Keeping him pressed back against the door I moved my lips lower, first to his jaw and then down his
neck until I was kissing across his chest. I loved Colt’s pecs and always admired them. To me they
were perfect. They were a nice size, neither too big nor too small, with great definition, and I loved
the smooth rounded shape that seemed to follow the curve of his body with such precision it looked
like they had been sculpted on. His dark nipples stood out against his skin, which was getting lighter
due to the lack of sun exposure, and I delighted in taking them in my mouth.

“Oh Corey,” Colt moaned. “That feels so fucking good.”

I smiled as I made my way further down Colt’s body, kissing the cut abs that were getting harder by
the day. I ran my tongue down the groove in the middle of his 6 pack until it dipped into his belly
button and then made its way down the little trail of hair he had leading to his throbbing cock.

The aroma that hit my nose when his hard cock brushed against my cheek was almost overwhelming. It was
a mixture of shower gel, sweat and sexual musk. It was the smell of a man, one who was primed and
ready to fuck, and one I needed in my mouth.

Holding my position and dropping fully to my knees, I stuck my tongue out and lapped at Colt’s balls
before licking my way up his veiny shaft so I could take his leaking cock into my mouth. After
swirling my tongue around the head and dipping the tip into his slit, I pushed down and started
suckling on his beautiful cock.

Colt’s hand came to rest on my head, but he wasn’t pushing me down, trying to force me to take more of
him into my mouth, instead he was caressing it, encouraging me and letting me know that what I was
doing felt good. It was only then that I realised just how much I had wanted this alone time with
Colt. I think in some ways I had wanted it ever since I met him and that desire grew even more as I
got to know him and saw his body develop. He was a total stud now and one I considered to be a true

The moans that kept coming from Colt’s mouth and the way his dick pulsed and jerked as I sucked it,
pumping precum almost constantly onto my tongue, told me that he was enjoying what I was doing. I
stopped focusing on the head and moved my mouth further down the shaft, using my lips and tongue to
stroke it as my hand moved down to play with his balls. I bobbed my head up and down, taking more of
him with every downward motion until he was buried in my throat and my nose was nestled in his trimmed

“Holy shit, Corey! Best fucking cocksucker ever!”

Whether involuntarily or not, Colt started thrusting his hips a little, driving his dick into my mouth
so he was soon fucking my face at a nice, steady pace, which allowed me to just sit back and take him
without being pushed. When he did that I moved my hands so that one was caressing his taut abs, which
felt so good as they tightened beneath my fingertips, while the other hand was on his hot ass as it
tensed and clenched with every thrust he made into my mouth.

After maybe another minute of letting him fuck my face I pushed his hands away and impaled myself on
his cock so the tip of his dick actually entered the throat. I felt his knees almost buckle as a high
pitched groan rattled in his chest and I took the opportunity to ram a finger up his ass, which had
nothing but a little saliva spread on it to ease the way.

“FUCK!” Colt screamed, and suddenly his dick was pulled from my mouth as his body sunk to the floor
and I barely got my finger out of his ass in time before he would have been sitting on my hand.

He threw his head back against the door and tried to catch his breath. Then he pulled me to him and
had me climb up so I was straddling his waist, trapping our hard cocks together as he pulled me into a
kiss and ran his hands up and down my back.

We made out in that position for a little while with me putting my arms around his neck. When we
pulled apart I slowly rose to my feet and then extended my hand out so I could help Colt get to his.
With his hand in mine I led him over toward the bed, but before I could push him down onto it he
pulled me in for another kiss and I ran my hand down his body and slipped my finger back inside him.

After making out again and feeling Colt start to drive his ass back onto my hand to fuck himself while
he moaned into my mouth, we pulled apart and I pushed him up onto the bed so he was on his hands and

Having him in that position was too tempting after I saw his hot bubble butt waving at me and I
quickly had his cheeks spread so I could plunge my face between them. I bathed his hole with my
tongue, running it around the outside, feeling him squirm and hearing him yelp, and then I jabbed at
the opening with the tip of my tongue.

“Fuck me, Corey! Fuck me!” Colt screamed, reaching back so he could pull my face harder against his

I pushed my tongue as far inside him as it would go, with the tip actually popping past his sphincter,
and then I stood up and slapped his ass. He yelped, but it was one of pleasure, so I slapped him again
and got the same response.

He was still pointing his ass right at me so I moved in and let my dick rest in the crack. My cock
looked so thick when it was nestled between his cheeks and I couldn’t wait to stretch his tight little
hole with it.

Still not wanting to just get straight down to the fucking, I took my dick in my hand and used it to
point the tip of my cock straight at Colt’s hole. When they were lined up I pressed forward just a bit
so there was a little pressure on his ass and then rubbed the head back and forth over his hole.

“Oh god!” Colt moaned. “I wish you could just sink that fucking thick cock deep in my ass.”

“Me too,” I groaned. “Damn… I’d better get a condom.”

Somewhat reluctantly I stepped back from Colt and he almost leaped across the bed to grab his box of
condoms and the bottle of lube he always kept at the ready, even though he spent most nights in Kris’s
room now. Fucking with condoms had become a real rarity for me, but I knew it was the best thing to do
and the smart thing to do since I was with someone other than my boyfriend. I was pretty sure things
would have been fine if I went bare with Colt, since he wasn’t fucking around on Kris, but it’s always
better to be safe than sorry and I didn’t want to risk it.

Instead of handing me the condom so I could roll it down my cock, Colt put the box and the lube down
on the bed and dropped off the edge so he was on his knees on the floor in front of me. He looked up
until we made eye contact and then smiled as he reached out his hand, pulled my dick towards his lips
and took me into his mouth.

“Yeah, Colt! Suck that dick!” I moaned as he ran his tongue around the tip of my cock.

Colt moaned and hummed as he really went to work, devouring my cock and trying to suck it deep. I
loved seeing his lips being stretched as he forced my dick into his throat and then gripped on to my
ass, making sure he had all of me between his lips. The sensation of being buried in his mouth was
incredible, but it didn’t last long as Colt quickly pulled off and was gasping for breath and holding
his jaw.

I chuckled and reached down to stroke his cheek. I smiled down at him and gently eased his head
forward until my dick slipped back between his lips. Keeping my hands on his head I thrust forward,
but only slowly, so it was like I was making love to his face rather than fucking it.

After maybe a minute of me long dicking his mouth he took over again, wrapping his hand around the
base of my cock and suckling on the head like he was trying to draw out some precious nectar. His
tongue and lips caressed the tip of my cock and had my abs tensing and my dick bouncing on his tongue
as he sucked me.

Colt was working me so good I was afraid if I let him continue I was going to blow. I didn’t want it
to be over so quickly so I reached down and pulled him to his feet, bringing his lips to mine in a
deep kiss that let me taste my own juices on his tongue.

When we broke apart this time Colt reached for the box of condoms. He pulled one out and handed it to
me while he grabbed the lube and started to prepare his ass. I watched him slip a finger inside
himself, fucking his hole gently with it, as I tore open the wrapper and rolled the condom down my
throbbing cock. Once Colt was done lubing his ass up, he moved over to me and made sure every inch of
my dick was coated and ready for its journey into his ass.

After he was done he climbed back up onto the bed so he was on his hands and knees again. Now that I
was covered and lubed up my dick was pulsing and I couldn’t wait to get inside him. I quickly brought
two fingers up to my mouth and sucked on them to get them nice and wet. When I was satisfied they were
coated enough, I moved in and pushed them both into his ass at the same time. Usually I would have
gone slowly and inserted one at a time, but I knew he was getting fucked pretty regularly by Kris now
and he had already had a finger inside himself so he was more than ready for two fingers, though I
still needed to prepare him for taking my thick cock.

I moved my fingers in and out, slowly at first, and then I went faster and faster until I was fucking
him at a nice pace. He was moaning pretty loudly and I couldn’t help but give his ass a few whacks,
which made him yelp and push his ass back harder onto my fingers. Since he was really getting in to it
I started curling my fingers slightly, occasionally finding his spot, making him scream. I also gently
opened the two fingers up inside him, trying to make a V shape with them so I could open him up good
enough, but it was driving him crazy.

“Fuck me, Corey! Fuck my ass with your fat fucking cock!”

I could hear the hunger and near desperation that laced Colt’s words. I pulled my fingers from his ass
and gave it one last spank. My dick was still rock hard and was ready for the next move. I gave it a
couple of strokes, just to make sure it was fully erect and then stepped up, pressing the tip against
Colt’s hole.

“Yes! Put it in me, Corey! Fuck me!”

Damn. I couldn’t believe how much he wanted it. I never dreamed I would hear Colt beg for my cock, but
that’s what he was doing. I know that Kris told me he was the bottom more often than not when they had
sex, but Colt clearly loved getting fucked just as much as Kris did. In fact part of me wondered if he
was so eager for me to fuck him because maybe Kris wasn’t quite delivering what he wanted. I soon
cleared all of those thoughts out of my head and started pushing forward. Colt’s ass opened up to take
me and I slid inside.

“FUCK!” Colt screamed. “Oh fuck! That is one fat fucking cock, Corey.”

“I’m barely in yet,” I chuckled, seeing that only the head of my cock and a tiny bit of the shaft were
actually inside him.

“Fuck! Just go slow! I forgot how big your dick really is.”

“I forget too. Matt’s so used to taking it now it just sinks in.”

Colt’s ass was gripping my cock tight, squeezing the tip and almost milking me of my cum as the tight
sphincter seemed to massage me, driving me closer to my orgasm. I didn’t want to shoot so soon so
instead of pulling out I gave a sharp push and buried another inch of my cock inside Colt’s tight ass
to take the pressure off my dick.

“SHIT!” Colt groaned as he buried his head against the mattress.

“Sorry… I felt like your ass was jerking me off it was twitching so much. I had to get deeper. Just

“That’s easy for you to say, you don’t have a big, fat fucking dick in your ass.”

I laughed at that and Colt quickly followed. I held still and ran my hand up his back to try to sooth
him. I couldn’t believe how tight he was, especially since I got in him much easier when I fucked him
at the end of last semester.

After a short wait Colt seemed to relax and I was able to slide the rest of my cock inside him with
relative ease. I held still again when I bottomed out to let him get used to it, but then I felt him
start to push back against me and knew he wanted it, so I let my lust and desire take over again.

I pulled almost all the way out of his ass and then drove my dick back in. Colt screamed and clawed at
the mattress beneath him. When he didn’t tell me to stop I did it again and this time I got a moan
that sounded a lot less painful. I kept doing it until the sounds coming from him were almost whimpers
and he was rocking back on his hands and knees to meet me.

My dick was sliding in and out of him now and I quickly picked up the pace so I was fucking him in a
nice steady rhythm. Every once in a while I would bring my hand down to slap his jiggling ass and it
would get a yelp out of him, followed by an even harder shove backwards as he tried to impale himself
on my cock.

I then took hold of his hips and picked up the pace a little bit more, fucking him hard. I was
drilling my dick up into him, pulling him back to meet my thrusts as I straightened my legs and drove
all 6.5 inches of my thick cock into his ass. My hips were slapping off his ass as I pounded him hard,
but he didn’t mind, he just kept pushing his ass backwards to add to the force of my thrusts.

I ran my hands up his back, which was beginning to shine with the sweat that was building, and gripped
onto his shoulders, using them for leverage as I really yanked him down onto my cock, shoving up as
hard as I could. Colt was screaming and panting, but again he never said to stop.

Eventually I needed to catch my breath. I pulled out of his ass and took a step back. He almost
collapsed on the bed, but before he did he turned to look at me. The expression on his face let me
know that he wondered why we had stopped.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes,” he panted.

“I didn’t hurt you?”

“No, it felt good. Your ass would know if you were doing something I didn’t like.”

I laughed at that and knew he was right. Colt wasn’t the kind of guy to just sit back and take it if
he didn’t agree or like it, not in the bedroom at least. I reached out my hand and he soon took it in
his. I pulled him to his feet and into my arms for a nice, long kiss. My dick was still rock hard and
he made sure to stroke it as we continued to make out.

When we broke apart I had an idea. I quickly grabbed him, spun him round and pinned him back against
the door. He looked at me in shock, a little uncertain about what my intentions were. I moved in again
to kiss him and as our lips separated and our tongues battled I lifted him up and put his legs around
my waist. He quickly understood and wrapped them around me, quickly throwing his arms around my neck,
and then I lifted him up into position and slowly lowered him down onto my cock.

“Oh fuck,” Colt said, burying his face in my neck as my entire length plunged back inside him.

I held him still for a moment, resting his back against the door to support his weight. Then I used
the strength in my arms to lift him slightly at the same time as I pulled my hips back so my dick
pulled out of him. Just when it felt like my cock was going to slip out, I pulled him back down and
rammed my hips forward, bottoming out inside his ass.

I immediately started moving with him, driving my cock into him and pulling him down to meet me. He
was clinging to me and panting in my ear, moaning and saying fuck over and over again. His dick was
rock hard between us, but neither of us were touching it since we needed our hands on each other to
make the position work.

“Yeah! Fuck me, Corey! I love being fucking manhandled by you. So fucking hot!”

I kept thrusting into him and humping him against the door. “Does Kris never fuck you like this?”

“Not… very… often,” Colt moaned, speaking every time my dick withdrew and gasping every time I plunged
it back in. “He makes… love to me… most of the time. I love it… but… sometimes I just… wanna get

“So tell him,” I said, ramming my dick in hard. “Believe me… he can fuck you pretty hard.”

“I know… but I don’t… like to ask.”

“He’s your boyfriend… You need to ask.”

“I know… let’s not… talk about him. Fuck me!”

And I did just that. I pushed Colt harder against the door and planted my feet on the ground. I
lowered him down on my body slightly so his weight was now resting on my hips and the tops of my
thighs. Then I moved one hand down to grip his ass, pulling the cheek away from the other so my dick
had an easier time of drilling into that sweet hole. With the other hand I moved it around to Colt’s
back, using it to move him how I wanted so I was really hammering him hard against the door, burying
my dick deep inside him.

Colt was screaming so loud now it was nearly deafening. His arms were wrapped around me so tight it
was almost hard to breath and his nails were digging into my skin as he clenched his fists and clawed
at my back a little. He pulled himself tight against my body and pressed his mouth against my
shoulder. At first he was just kissing it, but then he started biting it and I felt myself getting
ready to shoot.

I quickly pulled my dick out of him and lowered him back to the floor so he could put his feet down.
When he did he was slightly uneasy on his feet, so I helped to steady him and then dropped down to my
knees in front of him, pulling his cock down as it pointed toward the ceiling, and sucked it into my

Colt instantly gripped onto my head and started fucking my face again, telling me how good it felt.
His dick was throbbing harder than I had ever seen it in all the time I had known him and the precum
was leaking out of it like a broken faucet. He tasted so good and when I felt the hardness in my mouth
I knew I needed it in my ass. 

I pulled off my condom as I continued to suck him and threw it across the room. I then concentrated on
making him feel good. I also knew how long it could take him to cum so I wanted to get him nice and
worked up and maybe somewhere near the edge before I let him slip inside my ass to fuck me.

When I felt his grip on my hair tighten and he started pushing his cock harder against my face, trying
to bury it in my throat, I knew he was getting there, so I pulled off, stood up and kissed him hard.
I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock, stroking it up and down a few times as we kissed.
I then leaned back, looked in his eyes and said, “Fuck me, Colt. Pound my fucking ass until you cum.”

Colt smiled and kissed me even harder than before. He took my hand and led me over to the bed.
Instead of pushing me up onto it he made me bend over it and brace myself on my hands on the
mattress. My dick was so hard thinking about him fucking me, but Colt had other ideas first.

He bent down behind me and used his hands to pull my cheeks apart. He then started blowing on my
hole, teasing it and making it tense and wink. The whole time he did that my dick was bouncing
between my legs and there were tremors running around my body. Finally he leaned in and swiped his
tongue across my hole. I screamed and I felt Colt smile as he dove right in and attacked my hole with
his lips and tongue until I was whimpering and begging for him to fuck me.

“Please Colt! Please! Fuck me! Put a condom on quick and just fuck me!”

Now it was Colt’s turn to slap my ass and I felt a wave a pleasure surge through me at the stinging
that warmed up my cheek. I bent my head so I could see what he was doing and saw him rolling a condom
down his hard cock. He smeared lube all over it and rubbed it in, making sure it was nice and slick.
He then moved in and drizzled some of the lube on my ass before pushing it into my hole with his
fingers. I was moaning and felt my pucker twitching. I wanted him inside me so bad.

“Fuck me, Colt!”

He pulled his fingers from my ass and slowly kissed up my spine until his cock was lined up with my
hole and his lips were pecking at the skin between my shoulders. Then slowly, almost painful so, he
started pushing his cock into me until I couldn’t take the teasing anymore and just forced my ass
back, feeling his cock slice through me until it was lodged in my depths.

Colt gave me maybe twenty seconds to get used to the feeling and then he started fucking me.
Thankfully I was on the receiving end of Matt’s huge cock on an almost daily basis so there was no
pain, just sheer pleasure and the cock of a really good friend sliding in and out of me.

Grabbing my hips, Colt held on and picked up his pace pretty quickly so that soon he was pounding my
ass, and I mean really fucking hammering it. The force of his thrusts almost drove me up onto the bed
and I had to lock out my elbows to make sure my arms would hold up my body as he drilled into me.

I was screaming now. His dick felt so good inside me and was hitting all of the right spots. I wanted
to jerk my cock, but I needed both of my hands to hold myself up as he continued to pummel me. I
loved the feeling of him using me for his own pleasure, but he was also giving me so much myself.
Matt almost never got this rough with me and it really had the adrenaline flowing.

Just when I was about to ask Colt to jerk me off, he drove his dick all the way into me until he was
balls deep and bent over so he could wrap his arms around me. His lips kissed at my shoulder blades
and then he slowly leaned back up, only he never let go of his grip on me and so took me with him.

Once we were upright and my back was pressed against his sweaty chest, he nuzzled his face against my
neck and placed kisses all over it as his hand ran down my body and wrapped around my cock. He moved
his hand back and forth, jerking me slowly with his own dick still buried inside me. 

I leaned my head back onto his shoulder as he continued to kiss me and he started moving his hips,
drawing his cock out of me and then sliding it back in as he held onto my chest with one hand and
jerked my dick with the other.

His thrusting picked up speed so he was fucking me in a nice rhythm again. Every time his hips got
faster, so did his hand. He was fucking my ass now while pounding away on my cock. I knew it wouldn’t
be long until I blew because he was making me feel so good.

Using all the skills I’d learnt from my nights with Matt, I clenched my ass around his cock and he
groaned against me, occasionally biting down on my shoulder. He slowed down with his thrusts and let
me work his cock over with my ass as he slowly slid in and out of me, almost long dicking me. The way
he was driving his dick into me made it feel like it was getting so deep and I knew from the moans
that he could feel me milking the length of his cock with my ass.

He let go of my dick and moved his hands up to caress my body until he had them planted on my chest,
squeezing my pecs hard and pulling me back against him. His cock still slid in and out of me, but he
almost seemed to be fighting with himself.

“Jerk for me,” he whispered in my ear. “I’m close but I want you to get off first.”

I didn’t try to speak because I was close too. He was such an amazing fuck and I knew that if I had
the chance to be with him again I would. We didn’t really make love at all or even act like we were,
we just wanted to fuck each other and that’s what we had done.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock, jerking it as quick as I could, wanting to see the
huge load I knew was about to rocket out of it. As soon as I started stroking myself Colt went back
to fucking my ass and I had to move my legs further apart to give him better access so he could drive
his dick in and make it comfortable for the both of us.

I felt his breath against my shoulder. It was very ragged. He was close and was so desperate to cum.
I jerked even harder and then Colt thrust in at just the right angle so his cock crashed into my
prostate. That did it. I let out a scream, threw my head back onto his shoulder and felt the cum
firing out of my cock like it was being shot out of a cannon. The first few shots were so powerful
they flew straight over Colt’s bed and landed somewhere on the floor on the other side. The rest of
my load sprayed across the bed and finally came to a dribbling stop on my hand.

Colt groaned as I came and buried himself inside me, only making gentle thrusts that barely moved his
cock out of me before pushing it back in. When he looked over my shoulder and saw the cum on my
fingers he reached down and pulled my hand up until he could lick it clean. The moment he got a taste
of my cum he moaned and then his eyes rolled back in his head as his dick seemed to expand in my ass.
When I felt it pulse and twitch I knew he was cumming deep inside me, sheathed inside the condom.

When he finally came down from his orgasm, he pushed us both up onto the bed and we fell down on the
pillows, lying beside each other, still too breathless to speak. Finally he broke the silence.

“That was amazing. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before. It was like I knew I was close but I
couldn’t go over the edge until you came first. With Kris I sometimes end up fucking two loads out of
him before I cum, but I had to hold off then because I really wanted to make you cum.”

“Well you did that,” I chuckled. “I just hope Kris and Matt enjoyed something like that over in the
other room.”

“I’m sure they did,” Colt smiled.

Nothing else was said between us, we just cuddled up to each other, enjoying the afterglow of our
sex, and drifted off into a really peaceful sleep.

The End!!

There's the story of what happened between Colt and Corey while Kris and Matt had their night.  
Thanks to Big 'D' for taking the time to write it.

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