Another story from Big 'D'.  Written from Scott's viewpoint.
Posted:   August 6, 2011

Yes! Finally they were gone. I had been waiting for hours to see my parents leave for the weekend and they had only just driven away. I don’t have a problem with my mom and dad they just tend to cramp my style, especially when I’m dying for a smoke. It had been nearly three days since I’d been able to pull out my stash and I just really wanted a bit of weed. I don’t smoke it as much as some people think but I do enjoy it, much more than alcohol to be honest. The buzz is so much better.

The added bonus of this weekend was that my brother, Trevor was away too. He was staying at his boyfriend’s house. Usually his boyfriend, Landon, would end up staying here for one reason or another and they would hang around with me; which wasn‘t a problem in itself but it got a bit boring. This weekend I was truly alone since I was pretty such my brother and his boyfriend were planning to have sex.

That was my plan too. I figured I might as well since I had the house to myself. My first choice was Hayden, but when I invited him to come he seemed reluctant to commit to anything. He had been acting the same way since after he came to mine a few weeks earlier when all of the other guys did too. I wanted to meet up with him afterwards because I was missing him, but he didn’t seem to have the same urges, even though there had been no signs of a problem when we were together. I had no idea what had happened.

Surely if we were boyfriends we should want to see each other. I had even offered to travel to his house last weekend but he just wasn’t interested, saying he had other things to do, so instead I went to Colt’s and ended up having some of the greatest sex of my life with Brennan.

So with Hayden out of the picture I decided to call the girl I had been casually seeing over the summer. We got on really well and had some amazing sex. She was quite adventurous and even let me fuck her hot ass from time to time, which allowed me to picture Hayden, though I made sure never to say his name while fucking her!

I love being with a woman. It’s so different from being with a man, but in a good way. With men there can be a great bond and a feeling of security to go along with strong, powerful sex. With women it’s often more tender and I’m almost always in control, which I sometimes don’t get with men; they want to control me.

I had dressed up a little to look my best, though really it was just like foreplay. I would do a strip tease to really get her going to the point where she would usually try to rip my pants down. It was really hot.

I was waiting by the window, looking out at the street, waiting to see her car pull up when I heard my phone ringing. I ran to pick it up, thinking something was wrong.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey, Scott, baby, listen, I’m not gonna be able to make it tonight, something’s come up with one of the girls and I have to go over to her place. We’ll arrange something for later in the week. Bye.”

Before I could say anything or ask her if she was kidding she hung up on me. What a bitch! I’d been planning the night all week, even bought some food in and got some wine for her, then at the last minute she ditched me? What was I supposed to do with my Friday night?

Fuck, I needed to smoke. If I was going to have to be around the house on my own I might as well get wasted. I could probably just go out somewhere else and pick someone up, not that I’m arrogant but it seemed to happen a lot when I was back home, but being turned down twice had really put a dampener on things.

I went upstairs and rooted in the back of my closet for my stash. I think my parents knew I smoked but it was one thing knowing, it was another thing catching me with a joint. My mom had a habit of cleaning my room too so I had to make sure it was hidden.

I headed out back to sit by the pool while I smoked. At least having the house to myself meant I could relax and not have to worry about anyone walking in on me doing something I shouldn’t be. I took my shorts off so I was just in my boxer briefs and sat down on the side of the pool dangling my feet in the water when I saw lights coming from down the side of the house. That had to mean someone was pulling in to the drive.

I sighed and pulled myself to my feet, quickly stepping in a pair of shorts having over the back of a chair and putting the joint in the pocket. I headed around the side of the house and unlocked the gate wondering if mom and dad had come back, if something had happened with Trevor, or if my girl was lying and had come to surprise me, but when I saw the car a huge smile broke out on my face.

If it hadn’t been for the gathering at mine a few weeks before I might not have recognized the person who stepped out of the car. The long brown hair was blowing in the slight breeze as the guy got out and walked towards me.

“Jess?” I asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey Scott! I was just passing through town on my way to a friends’ house and thought I’d drop in to see you. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. In fact, I’ve been stood up twice so you’re a welcome sight. I was just about to light up so you can join me round the back if you want.”

“Definitely. I’ve got some beer in the trunk if you want me to get it.”

“No, let’s just smoke and see how we feel.”

“Works for me.”

Jess threw his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me tight, quickly placing a kiss on my cheek, his beard felt strange against my face but it was a nice feeling. I put my arm around his waist, hugging him back as we walked toward the swimming pool.

Jess paused as I continued toward the water. I turned around to look at him. For the first time, with the lights on the wall of the house lighting up the yard, I was able to see Jess properly. His brown hair was long but it was clean and well kept, his beard had been trimmed down so it actually looked really hot and the arms sticking out of his shirt looked more ripped than just a few weeks before. He was looking hotter than ever.

I sat down on the edge of the pool and dangled my feet back in the water, pulling out my weed and lighter. I looked back as Jess smiled and kicked off his shoes, coming to sit down next to me with his feet in the water.

We sat side by side just catching up on what had happened since we last saw each other, even though we kept in touch through text or online. It was great just sitting there chatting to him, it was just like some of the times when we were together at college. He really was a good guy and I know he didn’t mean to do what he did so I was glad that I had forgiven him.

As we were talking and passing the weed between us we would kick our legs in the water and occasionally our bare legs would come in to contact. A jolt of electricity shot through my body at the contact and I felt my dick hardening in my shorts. That surprised me.

I had always thought Jess was hot, smoking even, he really did get me going and when we finally had sex on the ski trip it was incredible. I had thought about having sex with him after that many times but I didn’t want to ruin the friendship and I was still in that state of mind. We were friends again after what happened when he left college and I didn’t want to mess that up.

We kept talking for a while, even after we had finished smoking, just sitting around, enjoying the warm weather, the cool water around our legs and each other’s company. Being with Jess again made me realize how much I wanted to get back to college to be around everyone, though I was sad thinking about that too because Jess wasn’t going to be there and I wouldn’t be rooming with Juan anymore.

As the weed started taking its effect we were joking around, cracking jokes that probably weren’t even funny. After I told one joke that was particularly bad Jess pushed me and I was laughing so hard I lost my balance and fell straight in the water.

Jess was rolling around on the floor by the side of the pool laughing as I came up from under the water, spitting out what had gone in my mouth. I was laughing too but seeing Jess laughing at me put an idea in my mind, so I quickly lunged at Jess and grabbed his leg, pulling him in to the pool with me.

When he resurfaced Jess was smiling, but it was a mischievous smile as he shook his head like a dog, the water on his long hair splashing me in the face. He jumped toward me quickly and dunked me under the water before we started wrestling each other.

We were just playing around for a while until Jess started pulling at my wet clothes, so I started doing the same. Soon we were both topless in the pool and started diving under the water going after each other’s shorts. I was worried at first because I was hard but since it was Jess and he’d done a lot more than just see my hard dick I figured it didn’t matter.

Jess was the first to get my shorts off, pushing me backward so I fell in to the water as he pulled my shorts off my legs. That just made me even more determined to get his shorts off.

I dived down and used my swimming experience to catch Jess off guard, tripping him and pulling at his shorts. When he fell down in to the water he fell forward, directly on top of me and as my momentum carried me forward and I got his shorts around his ankles, his hard cock sprung up and slapped me in the face.

When I surfaced with Jess’ shorts in my hand, he had an embarrassed look on his face, so I threw his shorts out of the pool and walked up to him through the water. His eyes were fixed on mine the entire time as I approached and, reaching my hand through the water, wrapped it around his hard cock, giving it a few strokes.

Jess didn’t move, he just kept staring in to my eyes but the moan when I was stroking him told me how good it felt and that he liked what I was doing. I stepped even closer to him, still stroking his cock and gently leaned forward, placing my lips against his.

For a moment Jess did nothing, just stood still like he had been since my hand was on his cock, but then it seemed like he came alive because he suddenly grabbed my head in both hands and his tongue was in my mouth. It was one of the most forceful kisses I’ve ever had with anyone and I could feel his excitement because his cock throbbed in my hand.

Soon Jess moved his hands down to run them over my body, taking his time over my chest and abs before moving his hands around to my ass, pulling my body against his. Our dicks were pressed against each other with my hand still wrapped around Jess’ hard cock, so I moved it and managed to get it partially around both, jerking us together as we kissed.

It didn’t take long for Jess to take a bit more control, pushing me back against the side of the pool. He moved his hands until they were under my arms and all of a sudden I was lifted out of the water to sit on the ledge. I barely had time to react since almost as soon as my hand left my cock it was replaced by Jess’ mouth.

His tongue attacked the head of my uncut cock, running around it, probing the slit. He was bobbing his head up and down, working the head and shaft. He was incredible, taking almost my entire cock in his mouth, using one hand to stroke what wasn’t between his lips and the other to fondle my balls.

I wasn’t sure how many men he had been with since he left college, but whatever he had done meant that he had become a total pro at sucking cock, I mean he wasn’t bad before but he had me ready to cum in a matter of minutes.

I pushed him off and pulled his face to mine, kissing him deep, tasting my precum on his tongue. I wrapped my arms around him and managed to pull him out of the pool so he was lying on top of me, grinding his hard cock against mine.

We continued to hump against each other by the side of the pool, my hands cupping Jess’ hot ass as he slid his hand over my body.

“Fucking hell, Scott, you are so sexy,” Jess said as he pulled back from a kiss, his hands all over me, tracing my muscles with his fingers. “Your body is so tight… such hot compact muscles.”

With that Jess started placing kisses on my neck and body, focusing on my pecs and abs. I was nowhere near as built as guys like Kris and Corey but I was so proud of my swimmers body. I’ve been told by many people I could be a model in an underwear catalogue.

He took my cock back in to his mouth, deep throating it, which nearly pushed me over the edge again. Being sucked deep by a sexy guy in the middle of my back yard, out in the open, under the stars, was a dream come true. I wanted him to fuck me right there but we didn’t have any lube or condoms and I hadn’t expected to get fucked so I wasn’t clean and it wouldn’t be a pretty fuck.

I had barebacked with Brennan before but that was just a one off, I still wanted to play safe and I didn’t know what Jess had been up to, which will sound awful but I didn’t want to take the risk.

I pulled him off my cock again and kissed him, taking his hand and pulling him to his feet, leading him in to the house. We had dried off quite a bit while we were thrusting against each other so we didn’t bother with towels.

Just inside the door I stopped Jess, “how far are we going to go with this?” I asked.

“All the way, Scott, I want all of you,” Jess said, kissing me again.

“Good, me too, but I’m not ready, so what do you say we shower together and take care of that?”

Jess just smiled and let me lead him to the bathroom. We stepped in and washed each other all over, getting rid of the pool water that was still on our skin. Then we took turns in getting ourselves ready with me going first, followed by Jess.

I was in the kitchen when Jess came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck. The feeling of his beard against my skin was so new but so exciting too, it felt so good. I moaned and turned around so we could make out again.

I took Jess into the sitting room and pushed him down into a chair. I got on my knees and pushed his legs apart, leaning in to kiss his hard cock before taking it in to my mouth going to work on it, using my tongue to taste Jess, running it all over the head and shaft, sucking his balls in to my mouth and rolling them around on my tongue. He was so hard.

He started thrusting in to my mouth pushing his dick as deep as it would go; I had long since lost my gag reflex so I managed to take all of him in my mouth and down my throat. His moans filled the room and were music to my ears.

I pulled back and kissed up his sexy body making sure to focus on his nipples, flicking them with my tongue and giving them a playful bite. I straddled Jess so I could kiss him, my legs we over the arms of the chair, but there was an added bonus to the position because it placed my ass directly over his cock, so I started moving my hips back and forth, rotating them so his dick was running up and down my crack.

Jess was thrusting up against me, holding on to my waist with one hand, pulling me in to a kiss with the other. It was so hot, having this gorgeous guy under me in my own sitting room. I was living many fantasies I’d dreamt about over the years with Jess.

I pulled back from the kiss and reached over to where I had set the condoms and lube. The condom I gave to Jess, while I busied myself lubing up my fingers. I reached back and ran my hands over my hole, slipping first one and then two fingers inside my ass to really lube me up.

Applying more lube to my hand I reached down and wrapped it around Jess’ cock, which seemed to be bigger than ever, lubing him up real good. I kept his dick in my hand, holding it up and lowered myself down until I felt the head brush against my hole.

I rubbed the tip of his cock against my ass making us both moan. Jess had such a look of lust in his eyes and he pulled me in for another kiss. When I pulled back I lowered my ass and slowly Jess’ dick started to sink inside me, spreading my ass wide.

“Oh fuck, Jess!” I panted. “I fucking love your cock. Push it in deeper.”

Jess smiled and grabbed my hips. With one upward thrust he buried himself inside me. I screamed out and grabbed on to him, feeling his dick fill me.

“Your ass is so fucking tight, Scott. It’s unbelievable.”

“Hey, I might like dick but I’m not a total whore.”

We both started laughing and I lifted myself up, lowering myself back down on his hard cock, fucking myself on his dick. It felt so good inside me, but it wasn’t just that it was a gorgeous cock filling me up, it was that it was Jess’ cock too that made it extra special. This wasn’t just some random fuck but sex with someone I genuinely cared for.

I kept moving up and down on Jess’ dick, alternating between lifting myself and driving my ass back down and just gently rocking rotating my hips, grinding against him while his dick was deep inside me, changing the angle of entry so it rubbed the walls of my ass and brushed against my spot, making me yelp.

Jess then started thrusting up in to me, really pushing himself deep. At first he was long dicking me, letting almost all of his cock pull out of me before he plunged it back in. When he was doing that I leaned over and covered his mouth with mine, my groans being muffled by his tongue as it attacked my mouth.

Soon though Jess had a hold on my hips and he was drilling his dick up in to me, pounding my ass hard, lifting me up with the force of his thrusts. I was screaming in ecstasy. It was amazing. It was a good job we were alone in the house because there was no hiding what we were doing.

That thought sent me racing toward my climax. We were in my sitting room and I was getting fucked by a hot guy. The chair was the one my father would sit in to read or watch TV and here was his oldest son having his brains fucked out on it.

Jess must have sensed that I was close because amazingly he picked up the pace of his fucking that much more. I felt like I was about to pass out with the feelings coming from my ass. His cock was like a jack hammer as it fucked me.

Then he grabbed my hard cock that was rock hard and had been throbbing and leaking all over him. It only took him a few strokes for me to cum all over his body, screaming with each shot that fired out of my dick. I collapsed on to him in exhaustion afterwards, softly kissing his neck as he continued to slowly thrust up into me.

Oh fuck, Jess… That was incredible.” I said, panting.

“Your ass is so fucking hot, Scott. I could fuck you all day, every day.”

“Oh God, I’d let you Jess, I’d let you.”

I gave him one of the most passionate kisses I had ever initiated, wanting to show him my appreciation for the great fuck he’d just given me. That was when I felt his hard cock that was still in my ass twitch.

“Shit, Jess, you haven’t gotten off yet, have you?”

“No,” he said, stroking my face.

“When I get my breath back, I’ll get back to work.”

“That’s okay, Scott. I was actually thinking of something else.”

“Like what?” I asked, interested to see what he had in mind.

“When you’re ready… I want you to take me upstairs… lay me down on your parent’s bed… and fuck the cum out of me.” Jess said, drawing his dick out of me as he spoke before plunging it back in as he took a breath.

That idea had my softening cock rock hard again in an instant. I couldn’t believe I was even contemplating it, let alone wanting to do it but I’d just been fucked in my sitting room and came all over the guys chest who still had his dick inside me, so why not?

Slowly, I pulled my ass up off Jess’ cock until I was standing in front of him. I had to laugh looking down at him covered in my cum. I hadn’t realized what a massive load I shot but Jess had fucked me so good there must have been about ten good shots across his chest and abs.

Jess looked down at himself and chuckled. “I guess I fucked you good?”

“You fucked me so good, Jess. We really should have done that more often when we were at college.”

“You’re right, maybe we should have,” Jess smiled.

I grabbed his hand and walked toward the stairs, pulling him along behind me. When we reached the top I grabbed a towel and threw it to him so he could wipe himself off but he just threw it to one side, telling me how he wanted me to make him cum all over himself too so that our cum could mix and then we could share it.

Once again he had my cock throbbing just with an idea. Damn, Jess knew how to turn me on. I wanted him so bad. I grabbed his cock and pulled off the condom.

“You go in there and get ready for me,” I said, pushing him into my parent’s room after a quick kiss.

I ran back downstairs to grab the other condoms and the lube. I was so caught up in what we were doing that I forgot to pick them up. I nearly tripped as I sprinted back up the stairs, I was so eager to get back to Jess.

When I got back in to the room Jess was on my parent’s bed on his back with his legs pulled up, exposing his ass to me the moment I went in the door. Fuck! I couldn’t get the condom on quick enough.

I lubed my dick up while I was still looking at Jess’ ass. It was so hot and inviting. I just had to fuck it. Walking up to him I lubed up my fingers and pushed them inside him, moving them around at different angles to get him ready for me.

Fuck me, Scott, fuck me good,” Jess begged.

I smiled and gave him what he wanted. I shoved my dick straight inside him in one swift move. He screamed out, gripping the sheets and bucking up in to me.

I didn’t move for over a minute, wanting to let Jess recover from my sudden invasion of his ass. The muscles were twitching and tightening around my cock as he tried to catch his breath. I ran my hands over his body gently, trying to make him feel better.

I was starting to regret just driving my dick into him when he grabbed hold of my arm and pulled down, wrapping his arms and legs around me, running his tongue over my lips until I opened them and allowed him inside.

“That was intense,” Jess said finally. “But so fucking good, Scott. No one has ever done that to me. I’m so glad you could give me that. Now do what I asked.”

“What’s that?” I asked, even though I already knew.

Fuck the cum out of me, Scott.”

With a smile I pulled my cock back until it almost popped out before slowly pushing it back in. Jess kept me in his arms, running his hands all over me. He didn’t seem to be able to get enough of my body.

The long strokes seemed to drive him mad, he was grabbing at me, trying to pull me deeper inside him, trying to make me fuck him harder.

Harder, Scott, harder!”

I pushed his arms away from me and grabbed hold of his legs, pushing them back so I had better access to his ass. I climbed up properly on the bed for better leverage and started moving faster, my cock moving in and out of his ass as quickly as my body would allow.

I pounded him into the bed, there was no other way to describe it. I almost bent him in half as I kept pushing his legs back, driving my hips harder against his, our flesh slapping together, our moans seemingly echoing around the room.

For the first time that I can remember I actually felt my cock hit his button and he screamed out so loud I almost thought I’d hurt him until I saw his cock explode all over his chest and face.

His ass clamped down on my cock as he came sending me crashing over the edge, my cock shooting another huge load only this time inside the condom deep in Jess’ ass.

When we had both come down from our orgasms I lowered Jess’ legs back to the bed so he was flat on his back but I didn’t remove my cock from his ass, I just lay on top of him, stroking his chest and kissing him.

There was cum on his face that I licked off and fed to him. It was so hot. We just lay together in the afterglow of some incredible sex, holding each other and kissing. Just being in Jess’ arms was something special, I couldn’t even explain it, I think it was just that feeling of having sex with someone you really care about.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms on my parent’s bed and spent the night in a really contented sleep. The next morning we both woke up needing a shower but things went a little further than expected and I ended up fucking Jess under the spray, just slowly fucking him until there was no more hot water.

After that we made our way to my bedroom, still naked and Jess told me he had to get going because he was supposed to have been at his friend’s last night. I asked him when he had to go and with a smile he said that he could maybe stay a bit longer so I pulled him to my bed and he made love to me.

I don’t usually use that term when I have sex with someone but Jess really did make love to me; holding me and kissing me, taking his time and letting me feel that he really cared about me, which is just what I needed after getting stood up. He was inside me for nearly an hour. I was totally spent when we finally came together.

I think we both wanted to make the most of it because we had no idea when we might get to see each other again. When he drove away, I really was sad to see him leave, but with college back on the horizon I was looking forward to all kinds of new adventures and maybe I’d even get to meet another guy like Jess who I could be truly happy with. I could only hope…


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