Written by Big 'D'... posted Aug 8, 2012


After spending the whole weekend at the apartment with Matt, and once
again seeing what life could be like with him around, I wanted him to move
in so badly and was so happy when he said he would arrive on Sunday night,
giving him one final full week at home with his mom.

When I waved him off this past Sunday, having spent a long time kissing
him goodbye, I didn’t feel as sad as I had done before because I knew when
I was going to see him again and this time he wouldn’t be leaving again
after a few days. My spirits were much higher and I didn’t feel down like
I had done before.

I realized Matt was right when he complained about the way the apartment
looked and how little food we had in. When I first moved in to the
apartment with Kris we had cleaned up after ourselves and had even bought
in food to cook with and to experiment with making different things. We
were doing well for ourselves, but all that seemed to change when Colt
moved in with us. It’s not that Colt was a bad influence or was the reason
we didn’t keep that up, but the dynamic and atmosphere changed in the
apartment and became a little more relaxed, which then meant so did our
routines, not to mention the fact we were working much more. The novelty
of cooking for ourselves wore off and since there were three of us we
usually ate out, even with the added cost, instead of having to make
enough food for three. Also, when it came to picking up after ourselves
and cleaning things, Kris and Colt stopped doing it and I guess I didn’t
want to clear up their mess in case they came to expect it of me so I
didn’t bother and got in to the bad habit of not clearing up after myself

Since Matt had got us to clean the apartment and we had gone out and
bought proper utensils and plates, though we still had plenty of paper
plates to use, we had no real choice but to clean up as we went along,
washing the dishes and putting them away, washing our own clothes, and
making sure we didn’t just throw things anywhere when we were done with
them. I don’t think any of us wanted to face Matt’s wrath if he came back
in a week and it had all gone to Hell again.

The first night without Matt felt strange, just like it had the previous
times. After having him in my arms at night I was left alone with a big
empty space beside me and a throbbing cock that was only going to get
attention from my hand.

The next morning, Monday, was a pretty normal day for me as far as this
summer goes. I got up and showered before getting dressed and grabbing a
quick breakfast of the bars we had in and then I headed over to the Rec
for a 10am start.

My first few hours were Hell. I was on the front desk and the new week had
clearly brought in an influx of new students to campus so I spent the
first two hours signing new people up, which really seemed to drag.
Luckily for me, after lunch I switched with Kris, who seemed to get a kick
out of greeting all the new students, while I went off to the weight room
to make sure none of the newbies pushed themselves too hard and knew their
limits so as to avoid serious injury.

The rest of the day was pretty much spent putting the new recruits through
their paces or giving them tours of the facilities, which is something we
hadn’t really had when I first signed up. Some of them were amazed by what
was on offer and it was great to see the enthusiasm in some of them, which
I hoped would last past the initial excitement.

By the end of my shift I was beat, with Kris not being in much better
shape. We headed back to the apartment and showered before waiting on Colt
to come home so we could go out to eat. When Colt arrived he too was tired
after a hard day with the football team, who were all back and were
starting their pre-season training.

Once Colt was showered and changed we headed out for a nice relaxing meal,
heading a little further away from campus for a change, meaning we had to
drive. The food was awesome and we took our time over it, eating much more
than we should have and knowing we would have to burn it all off later.

After that we were stuffed as we drove home, stopping at two separate
liquor stores as Kris and Colt tried to score us some beer, being turned
away from the first but succeeding at the second. Arriving back at the
apartment we just crashed in the living room, having two drinks each
before I went and grabbed a joint, which we smoked in the doorway to our
patio. I know Matt frowned on me using the stuff but it really was just
occasional and it helped me to relax after a tough day. I wasn’t in any
danger of getting hooked and knew I could stop at any time.

Soon after we decided to call it a night since we were all working again
the next day and didn’t want to feel like shit when we woke up. The day
must have really taken it out of me because I didn’t even jerk off, I just
fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning meant I had to do it all over again, though
unlike the day before, this Tuesday shift was a pretty easy one by all
accounts, spending the first few hours on the front desk, with far fewer
students to sign up, and then splitting the rest of the day between the
weight room and the running and cycling machines before finishing up as a
lifeguard by the pool, something that was new to me this year.

When I finished, having watched people having a great time in the pool,
some just wanting to get some exercise and others actually kind of
training as if they were athletes, I was itching to get in the pool
myself. Since I didn’t have any swim shorts with me other than the staff
ones I decided to head back to the apartment complex to see if Kris and
Colt wanted to join me in our pool there since they should both have
finished work before I did.

Back at the apartment I threw my phone and keys down on the coffee table,
noticing two beers open on the counter and smiling, knowing Kris and Colt
were already enjoying themselves. With the sun still shining brightly
outside I noticed the door was slightly ajar so I went over and looked out
toward the pool and had to smile because Kris and Colt were already out
their catching some rays.

I went to my room and changed in to a pair of swim shorts, grabbing a
towel and heading over toward where Kris and Colt were relaxed on the
loungers, letting the sun beat down on their incredible bodies, I couldn’t
help but admire them and think how hot they were.

Kris had his blond hair pushed back away from his face and his eyes were
closed. A little sweat ran down his thick neck and continued on to his big
pecs. The sheen continued over his incredible abs that were framed
perfectly by the cuts at his waist that disappeared into his shorts.

Colt lay next to Kris with his mid-length brown hair still dry as it
swirled at just the right moment to leave his eyes visible as he noticed
me approaching and smiled. Those hazel eyes and that smile were so hot.
His pecs were hard and seemed to be glistening with his pointy nipples
sticking up and begging to be licked, just like his tight abs that caught
the sun perfectly allowing shadows to form between them, adding to the

I had two of the hottest roommates ever, with a guy I thought was even
hotter coming back to be with me next week, life couldn’t be better. I
waved at Colt as a greeting and stepped over to the other side of Kris,
putting my towel down on a lounger. Then I leaned over and slid my hand up
the leg of Kris’ shorts.

Kris jumped and his fist immediately clenched, ready to attack whoever
dared to touch him, only for him to smile when he saw me. He used the fist
to give me a playful punch on the arm. “What time do you call this?”

“I was working,” I smiled.

“So was I, but I’ve been out here for nearly an hour,” Kris smiled.

“Yeah, well, I’m not as lazy as you, I don’t just stay until my time is
up, I stay until a job gets done,” I grinned, trying to provoke him a

“You mean you’re more of a bitch than I am,” Kris chuckled.

“Not if Colt’s stories are anything to go by,” I replied. “The way he
tells it when it comes to his cock you’re the biggest bitch there is,
begging for every inch of it.”

Kris was staring open mouthed and looked over to Colt in disbelief. Colt
did his best to maintain his composure but eventually he cracked up and we
both started laughing.

“You fuckers!” Kris exclaimed, smiling. “I was worried then.”

“Why?” Colt asked. “Because you thought I’d been talking about our sex
life or because you know it’s the truth?”

“Fuck you!” Kris laughed. “You love dick just as much as I do.”

“Yeah, I do, but we shouldn’t be talking about this shit out here where
anyone could hear us,” Colt said.

“You’re right there, bro,” Kris agreed, lying back down to let the sun
bake his hot body some more.

For the next few minutes there was no talking and I just lay down next to
Kris and Colt to enjoy the heat of the sun on my skin. I half expected to
see some of the other guys around the complex but none of them showed up
so I let the thought go and appreciated the relative silence that was much
needed after a day at work.

When I turned over onto my back I almost screamed, feeling something cold
hitting my skin and, I nearly punched Colt in the face but he quickly got
out of the way. What he had done, without warning me, was to squirt some
sun cream on my back to protect me from the sun. When I saw him with the
bottle in his hand I relaxed and let him rub it in.

“Relax, I just don’t want you to burn. Damn, I thought you were gonna
fucking kill me then, Corey,” Colt laughed as he rubbed his hand over my

“So did I. You could have warned me,” I replied. “That scared the fucking
shit out of me.”

All three of us laughed at that and when the lotion was rubbed in I lay
down again, closed my eyes and thought about nothing as my body seemed to
melt into the lounger. Rarely was there ever such a peaceful time spent
with Kris and Colt. It was kind of surreal, but it was so nice and

After we spent maybe twenty minutes in the sun I still wanted to do some
swimming, only now it would be that much more enjoyable as the cool water
would feel so good on my warm skin. Kris had turned over on to his stomach
so when I got up I slapped his ass hard, hearing him scream as I ran
forward and dived into the pool. The water felt so good and I knew the
feeling was worth whatever punishment was coming.

I barely had time to surface before Kris splashed into the water after me
and I could see that Colt wasn’t far behind. I tried swimming away from
Kris but he soon caught up with me and was on my back, pushing me under
the water. Just when I thought Kris wasn’t going to let me back up I felt
movement behind me and managed to get out of his grip, rising to the
surface and gasping for air.

Colt was laughing and holding his stomach as I tried to see what was going
on. Kris was bent over, reaching down beneath the water.

“What’s wrong, Kris?” Colt asked, still laughing hard. “You don’t usually
mind when I pull your shorts down.”

“What?” I asked in mock surprise, “Kris not wanting to be naked in

“Fuck off!” Kris laughed. “You know I’m trying to keep out of trouble here
after I answered the door naked when we ordered that pizza in and that
woman saw me as she walked by.”

“What do you expect, bro?” Colt asked. “That woman hasn’t seen a hot cock
in years.”

We all chuckled and then looked around to make sure the woman in question
hadn’t heard us talking about her, but we were in the clear. We now made
Kris throw on a pair of shorts before we let him go to the door, even
though they were back off as soon as it was closed behind whoever had come

Instead of fooling around and making noise we actually started swimming
lengths. The pool was nowhere near as big as the one at the Rec, but all
that meant was that we had to do more lengths to make up the distance. As
usual with Kris it all became a bit of a competition and we almost started
racing, wanting to see who could go the longest without having to stop.
Colt was the first to drop out after about 800m, whereas Kris and I both
made it to around the 1500m mark before we started to feel the strain and
I decided to pull up to give Kris the win, not that he needed the ego

Once we were done we climbed out of the pool and dried off, but I could
smell the chlorine from the water in my hair and so went to get a shower.
As I was running my hands over my hard pecs and down over my cut abs I
couldn’t help think about Kris and Colt’s bodies that I had admired so
much earlier.

Just as my dick started to get hard there was a knock on the bathroom door
that made me jump and had me soft again in seconds.

“Yeah?” I called out.

Colt opened the door and popped his head inside. “I just wanted to ask if
you wanted to go out for food or if you wanted to order in. Kris doesn’t
mind, and I don’t really either, but if you want to go out we need to get

I thought for a moment and then smiled, “Let’s just stay in. What did you
guys have in mind?”

A grin appeared on Colt’s face. “Well, you reminded Kris about the last
time we ordered in pizza, so we were thinking we could do that again, only
this time he’d be wearing shorts to answer the door.”

I laughed. “That’s cool. Are you wanting to order now?”

“We were thinking about it, yeah,” Colt replied, and I noticed his eyes
were scanning me through the glass.

“Just order something for me then,” I said, smiling. “You know the kind of
thing I like.”

“I do…” Colt said as he took one last look at me before leaving the

I washed the rest of my body and turned off the water. I grabbed a towel
to dry myself off and then headed back out into the bedroom wearing
nothing but the towel around my neck.

“Look at that thick cock,” I heard Kris say as I had the towel over my
head, drying my hair.

Before I could say or do anything I felt his hand wrap around my dick and
I couldn’t help but let out a moan. His strong hand felt so good on my
cock and, even though he had only held it for a second or two, I felt it
getting harder.

“What are you doing, Kris?” I asked, pulling the towel off my head.

“I just wanted to touch it,” Kris replied, still holding my cock in his
hand and looking directly into my eyes.

“Well you can let go now. Where’s Colt?”

“Taking a shower,” Kris said, giving my semi-hard cock a few strokes. “He
told me to wait in case the pizza guy comes, so I was just checking in on

“For what? Lumps?”

Kris laughed and slapped my ass hard as he let go of my dick. “Hurry up
and throw some shorts on so I can get my shower before the food comes.
When we ordered it the guy said it would be here within twenty minutes and
it’s been five already.”

I shook my head as Kris left the room, his swim shorts still dripping on
the carpet, thinking about how far he had come since the first night he
had ever tried gay sex. Then again that first night was the night he
fucked me, so even as a beginner he pretty much went all in.

I made sure I was dry and then grabbed a pair of shorts, pulling them on,
and throwing on a t-shirt as I headed out into the living area where Kris
was waiting. As soon as he saw me he pulled off his swim shorts and threw
them at me but I managed to duck and they went past my head into the

Kris gave me a huge smile and headed off into the bathroom, where Colt was
still showering. There was no telling what those two would get up to with
Kris in a playful mood. But that wasn’t something I needed to think about
because if I did have to answer the door I didn’t want to have to do that
with a tent in my shorts.

I spent the next ten minutes waiting for either Kris or Colt to come out
of the bathroom, but neither did and I started to wonder what was going
on. Just as I was about to go check on them the doorbell rang, which was
still such a strange thing to have happen since we weren’t used to it over
the past two years, but then that’s what living in an apartment instead of
a dorm will get you.

It was only when I opened the door and greeted the delivery guy that I
realised neither Kris nor Colt gave me any money for the food. Looking
around to check they were still in the bathroom I asked the delivery guy
to wait a second and ran in to Kris’ room first, grabbing $10 from his
wallet, and then I did the same in Colt’s room, running back to the door
to pay the guy and telling him he could keep the change as his tip. I
figured since it was their idea they could pay, especially since my last
twenty went on the beer.

With the door closed and the pizzas in hand I headed over to the breakfast
bar and set them down, grabbing some beers out of the fridge and opening
the boxes to see which pizzas they had ordered. I spotted which one was
mine straight away, Texas BBQ, with Kris’ being a New Yorker and Colt’s
being a Spanish Sizzler. I just grabbed the box, not bothering with a
plate, and took a beer with me over to the recliner chair, sitting down to
eat while I waited for Kris and Colt to emerge from the bathroom.

“Hey, Corey,” Kris called out from behind the door. “Is the food here

I said nothing and waited to see what they would do.

“Corey!” Colt screamed.

The bathroom door was thrown open just as I was lifting a slice of pizza
to my lips.

“You fucker!” Kris exclaimed. “Why didn’t you call us?”

“I thought you might have been… erm… busy,” I replied, taking a bite.

“This dumb fucker wanted me to shave him,” Colt laughed.

“I think it looks hot,” Kris smiled, moving his towel to show off his
shaved pubes. “Not quite as smooth as Scott did it, but not bad. Now
where’s my pizza.”

I laughed and pointed to the counter. They each grabbed their pizza and
sat down on the main sofa, completely naked. It was great seeing how
casual they were about showing off such hot bodies, and as a gay guy it
was about the best situation I could have found myself in.

As Colt was eating a slice of his pizza he dropped some of the topping on
to his chest and before he could do anything about it Kris leaned over and
licked it off, taking longer than he needed to in order to clean Colt’s
chest, even flicking his tongue over Colt’s nipple before he gave him a
quick peck on the lips and then sat back to eat the rest of his pizza.

“Okay Corey,” Kris said as he threw his pizza box down on the coffee
table, “get those clothes off. You know the rules.”

I chuckled and stood up, pulling off my shorts and tee and throwing them
over toward my bedroom door. I sat back down and grabbed my beer, taking a
drink as Kris and Colt did the same. It was the first time I noticed there
was no TV on and we had just been idly chatting while we ate.

“So how’s things, Corey?” Colt asked.

“How do you mean?” I replied.

“Without Matt. You’ve really missed him when he’s left before and I don’t
like seeing you down. How are you handling being all alone in that big

“Okay…” I said, trailing off as I started thinking about Matt.

“You really do love him, don’t you?” Kris asked.

“I do,” I said, truthfully. “I never dreamed I would love someone so much
and feel so good with someone, but Matt makes me feel so special and I
couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend.”

“So is he the one?” Colt asked.

“I honestly think he is. He makes me so happy and I can’t imagine not
being with him.”

“Ever?” Kris asked.

“Yes. When Matt was here this past weekend being with him felt so right,
even when he was chewing our asses out. Getting to go to sleep with him
next to me or in my arms, waking up and seeing him first thing in the
morning, it’s so special and it’s a feeling I never want to lose.”

“So what do you see happening after college?” Colt asked.

“I’m not sure what will happen immediately after college, but I know we’ll
end up living together, probably in an apartment first and then hopefully
in a house we can buy and make our own before we get married somewhere
that allows it and have kids.”

“You want kids?” Colt asked.

“I really do,” I said, “and I’d love for them to actually be ours.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’d want them to be ours biologically. I know we’d have to see how that
could be possible, but it would be awesome.”

“And I’m sure until then you and Matt will enjoy the process of trying to
get pregnant,” Colt smiled.

Kris and I laughed at that image and Colt just kept grinning.

“Do you miss not getting that huge dick up your ass every night?”

“I’m not Matt’s bottom bitch, you know. It’s not every night, and he likes
my thick cock just as much as I like his big dick.”

“Yeah, but he fucks you more than you fuck him, doesn’t he?”

I thought for a moment. “I guess he does, but we just do what feels
natural. I’m sure you and Kris do the same. Well, except for those days
when you just need a cock up your ass, fucking you hard.”

Kris chuckled. “You’re right there, bro. That night you watched me fucking
Colt’s ass he was begging for my dick.”

I froze and knew my eyes were open wide.

“What do you mean he watched us fucking?” Colt asked, “When?”

“Last week when I sucked your dick and you wanted to get fucked. After we
went to my room and I bent you over the bed and started pounding your ass
Corey came home and saw us,” Kris said.

I was mortified. I had no idea Kris had seen me standing there watching
him fuck Colt’s ass. He never said or did anything that night to indicate
that he’d seen me and nothing had been said in the week since either.

Kris and Colt were staring at me now, trying to gage my reaction. I knew
they knew it was the truth just by them looking at the expression on my
face, I just didn’t know if they knew how long I watched for.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Kris asked.

“When did you see me?” I managed to mumble.

“When I pulled out of Colt and flipped him onto his back. I saw you
standing by the door looking in,” Kris replied.

“How long did you watch us for?” Colt asked.

I decided to just be blunt now they knew. There was no point in denying
it. “Until Kris fucked the cum out of you.”

Colt was taken aback by that but then he smiled. “Why the fuck didn’t you
join us?”

“What?” I asked, surprised.

“You never fuck around with us,” Colt said.

“That’s because I’ve got a boyfriend,” I replied.

“What a load of shit,” Colt laughed.

“What?” I asked, almost offended.

“Why are you so against fucking around with other people when you let Matt
do it?” Colt asked. “I could understand if neither of you were fucking
other people, but you’ve stood by and let him be with so many guys when
you’ve hardly been with any.”

“Colt’s right, bro, it does seem strange. Is it because you cheated before
and you’re wary of fucking around on Matt?” Kris asked.

“I just don’t feel the need to be with anyone else. But then I guess part
of it is because I cheated before and I don’t want to fuck everything up
again,” I replied.

“So do you not want to be with anyone else or are you just holding back
and controlling yourself?” Colt asked.

“Holding back,” I smiled.

“So you do want to fuck other people?” Kris asked.

“Of course I want to fuck other people,” I laughed. “I see guys every day
who I would gladly go to bed with, but that would be the easy thing to do.
The hard thing is to fight temptation and to overcome it because if you
can’t do that then you’re not in a position to commit to someone. For me
when you make a vow you should keep it, and it’s not about never having
the desire to be with someone else, it’s about never giving in and never
BEING with someone else. That’s the true test.”

“Is that how you’ve seen it? A test?” Colt asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Bro, you’ve more than passed that test. You need to give yourself a
break. If Matt’s okay with fooling around a little and having some fun
while you’re in college, before you commit to each other fully afterwards,
then make the most of it and don’t come to regret what you didn’t do.
That’s how we’re doing things,” Kris said, pointing to Colt.

“It just doesn’t feel right,” I said.

“Why? It’s not like you’d keep it from Matt. Then it would be wrong and it
would be cheating. You let him fuck all these guys and you’re not fucking
anyone but him,” Kris said.

“It’s not like Matt’s fucked loads of guys,” I said in his defence.

“Okay, maybe it’s not loads, but come on, when it comes to actual fucking,
and not just sucking a guy off or giving him a hand job, how many guys
have you been with since you and Matt got together compared to him?” Kris

“Erm… Well, Matt was my first. Then there was the guy I cheated on him
with. Then you fucked me, Kris. And we had a threesome with Scott last
year,” I replied.

“Four people?” Colt clarified.


“So the only guy you’ve had sex with other than Matt in the past eighteen
months has been Scott?” Kris asked.

I thought about it and nodded my head. “Yes.”

“And that doesn’t really count because you said that was a threesome, so
you and Matt are on equal terms there,” Kris said.

“How many guys has Matt fucked?” Colt asked.

“Not that many. Scott, like I said.”

“More than once,” Kris added. “He fucked him when you were broken up after
you cheated.”

I nodded again, knowing that was the truth. “Yeah he did. Then he fucked
you, Kris, which he’s done three times.”

“Twice,” Kris protested.

“He’s fucked you twice, and you fucked him, remember?”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about our little orgy for Colt’s birthday,” Kris

“And that last time they were alone, right?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, we were. The other two times Corey was there, but that last time
Matt fucked me it was just me and him. So if anything, you deserve a shot
with someone else for that, Corey.”

I laughed at Kris’ reasoning, “I don’t think it works like that.”

“So, come on, who else has Matt fucked?” Colt asked.

“Well, you for starters,” I smiled.

“So that’s two already,” Colt said. “Three if you count Scott.”

“I think that’s it,” I said.

“I think you’re forgetting about Holland, bro,” Kris smiled. “He got
fucked in that sling by two random guys and you got nothing in return.”

“I fucked his ass first,” I said.
“Yeah, but you let him get his ass fucked by other guys and yet you won’t let
the same thing happen to you,” Kris said. “You’ve never fucked me or Colt.”

“And I’ve never fucked you,” Colt added.

“You’ve never fucked Matt either,” I replied.

“No, but I'd like to fuck his hot ass one day.  Would you let me fuck him?” Colt

“I guess I would if the circumstances were right,” I said after thinking about

“So you’d let him get fucked by me, but then you won’t let me fuck you? That’s
some fucked up shit right there,” Colt said, shaking his head.

“Colt’s right, Corey,” Kris said. “Why do you think it’s okay for Matt to fuck
other people or get his ass fucked, but then it’s not alright for you to do the

“I don’t know. Maybe I thought I owed it to him for cheating on him.”

“You can’t be fucking serious,” Kris almost laughed.

“You don’t owe Matt anything. You’ve more than proven yourself to him now,” Colt

“And he’s even told you he’s cool with it as long as you tell him afterwards and
it’s not just random guys you pick up,” Kris added.

“I know, but it’s just never felt right. When we nearly kissed when we first
moved in here I felt like if we did anything it would have been cheating because
it wasn’t just sex,” I said.

“Okay,” Kris said. “I can understand that. We did get a little intimate there.
But, surely you know sex really can just be sex and nothing more.”

“I do now,” I smiled. “I finally realised that after our trip.”

“So why not let go a little bit?” Colt asked. “Look, the way I see my future
I’ll end up marrying a girl and settling down with her to have kids. Once I do
that I’ll never fuck another guy again, but while I’m in college, young, hot and
open-minded, I’m going to enjoy myself. Hell, I’ve fucked more guys than you
have and you’re the gay one.”

I laughed. “I know. You and Kris are total whores. Who have you fucked now?”

Kris and Colt looked at each other but it was Colt who spoke first. “I’ve been
with Kris, obviously, topped and bottomed. I flipped with Scott at New Year and
got fucked by him again in that birthday orgy. Matt fucked my ass with his big
cock. I flipped with Brennan and got fucked by Garrett on Spring Break this
year. And then I fucked that guy and got fucked by his boyfriend in Amsterdam.
Shit, I really am a whore!”

“Then what am I, bro?” Kris laughed. “I’ve fucked you two, Matt, Scott, Brennan,
Garrett and Brad, which was a three-way Jess, and then I got fucked by the guy
in that club in Amsterdam, oh shit, and our Swedish friends too.”

“Shit!” Colt exclaimed. “I forgot about them. Damn! We really have put out.”

“And yet you always come back to each other,” I said as Kris looked at Colt and
smiled. “How do you really feel about each other?”

Kris continued looking at Colt, “I love him like a brother, but in a different
way to how I love Matt. Matt kind of completes me, whereas Colt complements who
I am. Colt and I have so much in common so it’s almost like we have a closer
bond over certain things, and I guess it pulls us together more than it does
with Matt, even though I love Matt and miss our night time chats.”

“I feel the same way about Kris,” Colt said, looking at Kris but talking to me.
“We just click. It’s effortless. We don’t have to try with each other, it just
works. Even when it comes to sex, it just feels right.”

“It does,” Kris added. “Whether we’re fucking each other’s brains out or making
love to each other, it just flows and there’s never been a time when we haven’t
wanted each other or got completely lost in the moment. It’s just so good.”

“It doesn’t matter who tops and bottoms because we both love fucking each other
or getting fucked by the other’s hot cock,” Colt continued as I noticed his cock
was rock hard and he was beginning to stroke it. “Kris is one hot fucker and I
love being with him.”

“And I feel the same about Colt. We can’t get enough of each other,” Kris said,
his own cock now throbbing as he reached down and wrapped his hand around it.

“So why don’t you try being together properly?” I asked, with my own dick hard
from the way they were talking and from watching them jerk themselves slowly as
we talked.

“I’ve suggested it,” Kris said. “I’d love to try it, just for a little while, to
see if there’s anything there between us like there is between you and Matt. If
I was ever going to end up being with a guy then I know it would be Colt.”

“And it’s the same for me with Kris. I couldn’t ever see me being so intimate
with anyone else. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because we’re not gay so
it doesn’t seem like it’s a gay relationship, and maybe that’s why I’m not ready
to try it, but I like what we’ve got going right now. We have our girls, who we
have real feelings for, but we also get to be with each other and occasionally
other guys too.”

“But you never sleep with other girls?” I asked.

“Well, we fucked that woman in Amsterdam, but no. I’d never sleep with another
girl while I’m with Andrea,” Colt said. “I know that’s weird since I’ve got no
problem fucking guys, but it feels like it would be wrong to be with another

“Yeah, I feel the same way. Last year when I cheated on Jacee, even though it
was a one night thing, I felt so guilty and it totally fucked with my head.
Being with another woman would feel like I was cheating on Megan, and I know
we’re not as close as Colt and Andrea, but I do value what we have and wouldn’t
want to mess it up. I think she’s come to terms with me fooling around now so
long as it’s not with other girls,” Kris said.

“That’s pretty much how I felt with Matt,” I said. “I haven’t been with other
guys because it didn’t feel fair to him, but I don’t have the luxury of wanting
to fuck girls too.”

“We get that, bro, but come on, what stops you from fooling around with us?”
Kris asked. “You know nothing is ever gonna happen between us. We’re not gonna
end up having an affair behind Matt’s back, so why do you hold back when it’s
just sex?”

“It just never felt right,” I said, stroking my hard cock. “But maybe things
have changed.”

“Wait, do you mean…?” Kris asked, leaving the question hanging in the air.

“I’ve seen that sex can just be sex, so why not enjoy it with you two?” I

“Are you messing with us?” Colt asked.

“No. I think I’m finally ready to do this,” I said.

“For real?” Kris asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Finally!” Kris exclaimed.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You’re like the hardest fucker to ever get in to bed. Colt and I have talked
about it and for such a hot guy you’ve really held yourself back. You’re the
only guy we have a chance with who we’ve never really done anything with

“You’ve fucked me before,” I said.

“Yeah, I have,” Kris said. “But that was my first time. I wasn’t really that in
to it and I ended up switching with Matt after a few minutes. Since I started
being with guys properly I’ve really wanted just one time with you, but you’ve
never taken the bait.”

“Is that what our near misses have been about this summer? You were trying to
tempt me so you could add me to your list of conquests?” I chuckled.

“Damn, when you say it like that it sounds so wrong. I’m not a predator.”

“I know, but you’re about to chew down on a thick slab of meat,” I smiled,
holding up my hard dick.

Kris smiled, stood up from the sofa and took a few steps across the room to
where I was sitting in the chair. “Tell me if this feels right,” he said, and
before I could react he dropped to his knees, knocked my hand away from my cock,
leaned in and sucked my dick into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as his tongue started swirling around the head of my cock
and he used his hand to slowly jerk my shaft.

“That is so hot,” Colt said, moving from his place on the sofa to get a view of
Kris as he started to take more and more of my cock into his mouth.

Kris tried to deep throat me but he gagged and quickly pulled off, gasping for
breath. “Fuck, Corey, that is one thick cock.”

“You’ve had thicker,” I smiled, recalling Kris telling me about the Swedish guy
who fucked him in Amsterdam.

“Maybe, but your dick is damn impressive. Matt’s ass must be stretched wide open
every time you fuck him.”

I chuckled, “Maybe you’ll find out soon.”

Kris smiled too and turned his head ready to go back to work on my cock but
before he could Colt took my hand in his and pulled me to my feet. I was
standing up with Kris on his knees in front of me with my dick only inches from
my lips.

Colt leaned in and kissed me quickly and then he dropped down to his knees
beside Kris and took my cock into his mouth, bobbing up and down almost straight
away, sucking my cock and making me feel so good.

As Colt continued to use his lips, tongue and hands to caress my dick, precum
literally flowing out of the head, Kris moved down and took my balls into his
mouth, rolling them around on his tongue. It was so hot having these two working
over my dick and I wondered why I had waited so long to let them do it.

As they were working me over and making me feel so good I spotted my phone on
the coffee table and bent over, picking it up as Colt pulled off my cock and ran
his tongue up and down the shaft. Kris soon joined him and they were both
running their tongues up and down the length of my cock, letting their tongues
meet around the head. Looking down on it was incredible and I knew I had to
capture the moment so I used the camera on my phone and took a photo. It was so
hot and I grinned as I pushed send and selected Matt’s number.

My body shivered as Kris and Colt started making out around the tip of my cock,
with Colt’s finger gently brushing against my hole. The whole scene was just too
hot and I knew I wouldn’t last. These two had become expert cock suckers over
the past year.

As I felt my balls begin to tighten and pull up toward my body I felt my phone
vibrate in my hand and had forgotten I was holding it. I lifted it so I could
see the screen and opened the text message Matt had sent me.

“Holy fuck! That is the hottest picture ever. Those two sucking your thick cock
is so hot. I’m rock hard right now and thinking of you. Enjoy it babe. x”

Thinking about Matt jerking his cock over that picture, along with the feelings
Kris and Colt were making me feel, pushed me over the edge and without warning I
started shooting my cum into the air between Kris and Colt’s faces, coating each
one with my cum.

When I shot the last of my load on to Colt’s face Kris leaned forward and licked
some of it off. Then he moved up and stuck his tongue in my mouth, letting me
taste my own cum. Colt then did the same with what landed on Kris’ cheeks and
also shared some with Kris so we all had a taste of my cum.

I collapsed back into the recliner chair to catch my breath but Kris and Colt
weren’t done. Their dicks were rock hard and standing up away from their bodies,
with Kris’ looking even bigger than normal with his shaved pubes. I reached up,
wrapped my hand around each hot cock and started jerking them. They both moved
in so they were by the side of the chair and once I had recovered from my own
orgasm I leaned in and started sucking on Colt’s cock for a while and then I
turned my head and leaned in to blow Kris, still using my hand to jerk the dick
that wasn’t in my mouth.

“Oh shit,” Kris moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

I quickly swallowed Kris’ dick and he put his hand on the back of my head,
keeping me on his cock as it exploded and he started shooting in my mouth. I
swallowed the first batch of cum that landed on my tongue and then as the flow
slowed down I kept the rest in my mouth.

Without so much as a word, Colt pulled me off Kris’ cock and shoved his own dick
in my mouth. The second the tip of Colt’s cock hit my tongue and was coated in
Kris’ cum, he started firing off his own load into my mouth and I don’t know how
but I managed to catch all of Colt’s cum too and when he pulled out I mixed it
around with my tongue and then swallowed it all, loving the taste of my two hot
best friends as their cum travelled down my throat.

Kris and Colt both gave me a quick tongue-filled kiss, trying to taste
themselves, and then they each went to a different sofa and fell down on them,
still gasping for breath.

“Fuck that was intense,” Colt panted.

“It was awesome. Damn, bro, you really have been holding out on us,” Kris

I just laughed and relaxed back into the chair thinking about how good that had
been. Knowing that Matt knew what had happened and had probably got off himself
over that picture made me smile and nothing about the situation felt wrong. I
had fooled around with Kris and Colt without Matt here and there was no feeling
of guilt because I knew it didn’t mean anything and so did Matt. I had really
turned a corner and now I knew that if either Kris or Colt was up for more there
was no real reason why I shouldn’t make the most of it. I was in gay guy heaven.

To be continued…

This is the third of Big 'D's Summer series.   I hope you have enjoyed it.
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