Warning:  The usual disclaimers apply here.  If you don’t like any of the following, leave now:  gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this.
This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.

Colt stared at me hard and dropped his head after I said I had a problem. “Dammit, I knew this was too good to be true!” Colt said quietly and extremely disappointed.

“Dude, it's not what you think,” I said. “Today was miserable for me.  All I could do was think about you and what we did, which was so fucking hot dude.  My problem is that all I could do was stare at the hot guys that were there.”

“Did last night have that big effect on you?” Colt asked.

“I guess it did.  I could've cared less if a girl came down topless today. All I could think about was us and how hot some of the guys were.  Listen to me Colt, fuck!!”

“You said you were confused last night.”

“Now it's worse.  What do I do?”

“For now, just go with it like I'm doing.  What's the worse thing that could happen?”

“A hell of lot.  Everyone could find out.  Our friends.  Our parents.  My brother, your sister.”

Colt looked at me with his big green eyes, “Yeah, we're going to have to be super sneaky about this ordeal or it could turn out to be a big pile of steamy horse shit!”

“Yeah it could.  Colt, if I was gay, you are definitely a dream guy for me.”

“Same here Dustin. Dude, you are as gay now as I am.”

“Not yet, but thanks!!”

We embraced affectionately.  We both knew our world as we used to know it had totally done a complete 180.  Neither of us wanted to face the music especially Colt with his religious background.  Deep down, I wondered if this was just a summer fling or a life altering experience.  I wondered if another girl showed interest in me what I would do.  We talked for some time that night.  Colt really was gay and pointed out a lot of cute guys that he thought was cute, had a nice ass and cock.  He confessed that why he was so well built and stayed with it was to attract guys not girls like the rest of us thought.  The other changes were his signal, too.  Even that night, he had on a tight t shirt that showed off his pecs though not huge but were perfect size and sagging shorts.

After a good talk, we cruised around town a little bit in his truck.  While out, I spotted my brother with his date and friends.  His initial reaction to seeing me gave away he was up to no good.

“Barry, what are doing?” I asked, pulling him from his friends.

“Just hanging with my friends like you're doing with Colt,” he quickly replied.

“Dude, just be careful.  I know the shit you are up to,” I said.

“Alright, I will,” Barry said and left.

We too left.  “Barry is cute, Dustin,” Colt said.

“I guess so.  Hell, he's my brother,” I laughed.

“I saw him in the locker room after practice.  He might be thin and pale but he is still really cute,” Colt said.

“Just drive, Colt,” I said, shaking my head.

“Dustin, it is so cool hanging with you now.  I can say now what I'm thinking rather than suppressing it like I did.”

“That's cool.  You know, Barry really has been a wild child here lately.”

“He was pretty messed up, huh?”

“Yeah, he was.  We had it out a week ago.  He'll learn the hard way just like Kendall and Ben when they got busted.”

“They had it coming though.  They were dealing drugs at school left and right.”

“You ever do any drugs, Colt?” I asked since he normally just drank.

“Not weed or shit like that.  I have done a few cycles of 'roids.  It put some mass on me plus really scared me too.  I was so moody then.  I think Dad knew I was using them.  I suspect you have done a few in your day.  I know the crowd you ran with a few years ago.”

“Yeah I have, sad to say.  I did Meth two summers ago once and see how people get hooked on that shit.  That's when I knew I better change my buddies and run with a calmer crowd.”

“Dustin, I'm glad you changed when you did.  Even in our small town, drugs are way too big and available.”

We stopped by Britt's for a little while and then headed back to Colt's house for the night.  Being it was past midnight, we headed to his room after locking the doors.  Colt fell on top of me when we got to his room.  Now it just seemed so right but something we better not get too used to.  We kissed and I showed him how to use his tongue during our making out.  After a few minutes, I had to get him off me for his weight was becoming too much. 

“Dustin, I think I'm in love with you and want you to be my boyfriend,” Colt said staring deeply into my eyes. 

“Colt don't get offended but I don't love you yet.  For it takes more than a good fuck or make out session.”

“I understand.  I just feel like I never have before.  Dustin, I guess I'm in love but never have before.  They say there's no real defining moment but that you just feel for someone.  I do feel it for you now.”  Colt pushed off my shirt, boxers and shorts.  He kissed my neck and nipples.  His licked my abs and down my faint treasure trail.  He looked at me and smiled.  He took off his clothes frantically so he could be naked as well.  With Colt now leaned over, he literally worshiped my meat by kissing and licking it.  With it rock hard and pointing straight up, Colt's mouth covered my cock.  Again it felt incredible.  Watching one of my best friends go up and down on me was still rather odd but I didn't complain. 

“Fuck my face with your hot cock, Dustin!” Colt looked up at me.

I rammed my cock in his mouth, “This what you want, motherfucker!  OHHH... yeah!! Take my cock!!”

“Fuck yeah!!” Colt stopped and quickly returned.  I grabbed his head and shoved it down on my cock.  I waited to hear gagging but he didn't.  He looked up at me with his mouth full. 

“Deep throat that shit, Colt!” I screamed. “Oh fuck yeah baby!” Colt took over then and went up and down me.  His tongue found the perfect spot and massaged my underside.  He licked, sucked and mouthed my cock for a while.

“Oh shit!” I said. “I'm about to cum!!”

Colt took my cock from his mouth.  He closed his eyes.  My cock shot cum all over his face, chin and hair.  He licked off what he could and smiled at me.  “Not bad at all,” Colt said.

“Damn dude now that's fucking nasty!  I don't care what the fuck you say!”

He just laughed and wiped what he could off his face.  He grabbed my head but I wanted to suck him off just as bad.  He moaned and groaned while I went down on his 6 inches of manhood.  Following his lead, my tongue swirled around in my mouth and tried to please him.  He played with my dark hair while I felt up his abs and nuts. 

He pushed me off just in time.  His load shot on his abs and dribbled down his cock.  He scoped some of his cum up and offered it to me but I refused whole heartily. 

I fell into his arms and felt that I was truly loved by another person not in my family or female.  He stroked my face softly and told me how great a person I was and how much he loved me.

“Colt, I can't fool myself any longer..” I said.

Colt quickly interrupted, “Please Dustin don't tell me I'm just another hook up to you.”

“If you would let me finish, Colt I'm definitely falling in love with you too!”  All this did was ignite the greatest make out session of my life.  I can't tell you how long we kissed, petted and told each other sweet stupid shit.  We would stop for a moment, look at each other and go at it again.  Naturally both of us got rock hard again.  The second I was at full mast, Colt lubed me up and guided my cock in his ass. It felt so right at the time.  I slowly fucked him while we kissed.  Each time our lips departed he moaned and told me how good it felt.  Time didn't matter to us at that moment.  My head spun out of control.  Colt's hands pulled me deeper in him while I freely enjoyed touching his body. 

Colt started jacking his cock a little when he started riding me.  Seeing him going up and down was out of this world.  His ass was so hot and felt so good wrapped around my cock.  He groaned and shot his second load.  His ass was so tight when he cummed that I uncontrollably busted my load in his ass.  The second he felt the warm jizz in his ass he leaned over and kissed me so passionately.  I hated when my cock left his ass. 

Colt's ass was dripping cum after I pulled out.  He collapsed on me after we fucked.  “Thanks Dustin!”

“My total pleasure!!”

His phone woke us up the next morning.  His parents were on their way home and snapped us back to reality.  It was okay with me since I had to be at work at 10 that Sunday.  In a way, I was glad they called or I might have been late. 

Work went by slowly that Sunday even though the crowds were still there. Each guy with a nice body that came down the slide just made me think of Colt.  It kept the day from being boring.  Each person down I waited to see what sex and then if it was a guy how cute as long as he was a teen or older.  I still enjoyed helping the little ones out but hated the overweight fat asses.  The worst part to me was seeing a father/son come down one after the other.  My dad was gone right after Barry was born and never was part of my life.  I don't know what became of him or where he is.  I missed that part of having a dad.

After a hot long day, I headed to the locker room.  I want to shower and feel refreshed.  Neal and his friend were in the shower together.  It was evident they had something going. 

“Hey Dustin, how's it going?” Neal asked.

“Good and you?”

“Never better.  I found what I was looking for.  This is Wes,” Neal said.  I scanned Wes' hairy nondescript body and his average cock surrounded by a large bush.  I was sure he was older or just plain hairy.

“That's great!”

“See ya around!” Neal and Wes left together.

When I got to the parking lot, Colt was there waiting on me.  “Can I take my boyfriend out to eat?”

I smiled, “Sure you can as long as you're buying!”

I followed him to a local place.  Colt was all smiles when we entered.

“What are you so happy about?”

“Well, I told my parents I was going to college here instead of A&M.”

“Colt, please!  This may not last.  I would feel so awful if something happened.”

“Dustin, I was looking for an excuse anyway.  I'm not ready just yet to tackle what A&M throws at me.  It has very little to do with you.”

“Colt, I wish you would reconsider it before you call and cancel all your big plans.”

“Dustin, I never really wanted to go there in the first place.  They offered me.  My family was so excited that I had little choice but to accept.  I do have an offer here too that pays even more if it is still on the table.”

“Well, if that's the case, then do what you need to do.”

Before I knew it the summer had come and gone.  I was dark as ever from a long summer at the water park.  The park had great and grand plans for the next summer with construction already begun on a new phase.  I finally decided with a little prodding from Colt to go to college with him but only to test it out.

Somehow, Colt and I remained discrete during the entire summer.  I'm sure there were now whispers since we were always together.  Every time his sister had a tournament out of town, my ass was there at his house.  We even found a way to fuck after fishing.  It was great though no real comfortable.  Both of us got a bad case of poison ivy from fucking in the woods but it was well worth it.  Being so discrete, when we did have sex, it was electric.  Colt took my cherry in August at his house but I enjoyed being the top more. 

After a successful first semester, I became a full time student thanks to Colt and his relentless tutoring.  We moved in together then as well.  We both decided to end the charades and come out.  He had a rough time coming out but his parents show it coming.  My mom cried on me while Barry just laughed it off.  Barry did get busted with weed at school his junior year.  I still don't think he learned his lesson though. 

Colt and I are living the good life now in Dallas as a gay couple.  I studied hard and got a degree in forensic science while Colt changed and got his degree in computer engineering. We both are so happy together and live life to it fullest without worry what others think or say.

Looking back, that summer did change me and I did find the greatest guy ever even though we had been friends before we were lovers.  It was a great summer and we still have a few good laughs about those days even today.


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