New Summer Chapter 3

Warning:  The usual disclaimers apply here.  If you don’t like any of the following, leave now:  gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this.
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Please practice safe sex. Remember this is fiction.

Saturday started out pretty normal to me with just getting up and preparing for work.  I showered and shaved just leaving a little stubble on my chin to see what it was like. I looked in the mirror and just smiled at the small growth.

Work was typical for a warm mid June day.  The crowds were as big as ever with word getting out and being one of the few refuges from the heat here in Eastern Texas.  Maybe something was changing with me for I began noticing the guys a little more.  Normally I just helped them out when needed and didn't give it a second thought.  Now I noticed their bodies, their hair even things like tatts and earrings like never before.

After a tough and tiresome day, I fully expected to see Neal but he wasn't there.  I just headed home and called a friend or two to see what was going on for the night.

My fishing buddy, Colt, didn't have plans so after I got home and grabbed a quick bite, I headed to his house.  Normally we just hit the normal spots in our small town to shoot the breeze with various friends.  We did that but not a lot was really going on.  We headed to his house in his truck.

“Colt, you haven't been yourself all night, wassup with that?” I asked.

“Oh, it's just one of those nights,” Colt said quietly.

“Yeah I guess we all have them,” I replied.

“Dustin, do you ever question things in life like why we do certain things?”

“Sure, all the time.  Colt, are you starting to get the jitters about going to A&M?”

“Yeah, a lot here lately.”

“Dude, you can handle it.  You were one of the smartest guys in our class. You'll do just fine.”

“I guess so.  I just don't know if I'm quite ready for it yet. It sure is going to be different and scares me a little bit.”

“Colt, stop kidding yourself.  You'll do great.  You have wanted to be a vet ever since we were in junior high. You love animals and will be one hell of a vet.”

“Thanks, Dustin!” Colt said and surprisingly gave me a hug.  My eyes bulged out of my head since he normally wasn't like that around me.  He patted my butt, which got my attention in the worst way. 

“Colt, are you coming on to me?”

“Dustin, get real would you?  Like I'm that kind of guy.”


“Dustin, you wanna stay the night with me like we used to do or you got to head home so you can get up early to work?”

“I guess so I could stay like we used when we were in junior high.  Let me call Mom and tell her.”  I whipped out my phone and called her.  Knowing that Colt and I were good friends, she didn't have a problem with it plus I didn't go to work until 2 the next day. 

About midnight, we just headed to bed after playing his video games, messing on the computer and watching TV.  I was actually tired and just undressed to my boxers and got on my side of his queen size bed.  Colt did the same and got down to his boxer briefs.  We talked about our high school days and friends until I dozed off.  I woke in the night and found Colt practically snuggled up next to me with his arm on my waist.  I just readjusted and went back to sleep.

The next morning, his mom woke us up with Colt having to go to church while I just headed home.  Not much was going on back at home before I headed to work.  Work was pretty much normal.  I ended the day and ran into Neal in the shower.  He was quiet in the shower and in the locker room.

I ran to catch up to him in the parking lot, “Neal, wassup?”

“Oh Dustin, not much, you?”

“You didn't say a word again to me either today or yesterday.”

“I didn't have anything to say,” Neal said.

“I guess it's over with us then,” I said.

“No, it never actually started.  See you around,” Neal said and got into his SUV.  I got in my car and was left to wonder what I would have done if he wanted to try to be more than friends.  I was relieved and now could just continue with my life the way it was. 

The week was just work and fishing on my day off with Colt.  Barry had actually cooled it for the time being with his drinking and smoking. 

That Friday after work, I saw Neal talking with another guy who was our age. I didn't know the other guy but knew Neal so I assumed it was his new guy or at least one he was hitting on.  I just said hi and went about my business.  When I got in the car, I noticed a few missed calls.  One was from Mom and the others were from Colt.  I called Mom to see what she wanted and found it was a mistake.  I then called Colt.  I could hear country music in the background when he answered the phone.  He wanted me to come to a friend's pool and hang out with them.  I agreed to do so, though a pool didn't sound like my idea of fun.

I called Mom back to tell her where I was going. I headed over to Britt's house, a friend of mine.  He was actually better friends with Colt than me.  I drove up and saw just a few trucks in the driveway.  I headed around back to where his pool was and where the music was blaring.  It was just Britt, Colt, another friend Fran, Britt's older brother and his girlfriend.  I no more was in the gate until Britt handed me a cold Bud Light, which did taste awefully good.  I threw off my shirt and was still in my shorts from work. 

“Dude here is so fucking dark!” Britt said to me.

“No shit.  I work my ass off at the water park,” I said quickly.

“Dustin, I could work there all summer and never be that dark,” Britt's brother, Anthony, said.

“I wish I could that dark,” his girlfriend, Trish, said.

I could immediately tell Colt was wasted no more than 10 minutes after getting there.  We all swam a little but mostly just shot the shit around Britt's pool. About 11, the party broke up.

“Hey Dustin, can you drop off Colt at his house since you only had a couple?” Britt asked.

“Sure, no problem!!” I said.

Colt stumbled on his way to my car.  “Thanks Dustin, I owe you.”

“You've done it for me a few times in the past,” I said while backing out of Britt's driveway.

We got to Colt's house which was very dark.  I helped him in and could see no one was home.  “Where is everybody?”

“Oh my sister had a softball tournament this weekend out of town,” Colt said. “Hey, you wanna stay again with me?”

“Sure dude,” I said and called Mom to tell her.  She didn't mind and knew I was safe.

We watched TV a little while in his living room.  “Dustin, I'm ready to call it a night,” Colt said.

“Sounds good to me.”

We headed back but I didn't have any underwear on under my swimsuit.  “Colt, can borrow a pair of undies for the night?”

“Sure, second drawer down in my dresser.”

I pulled open his drawer and grabbed a pair.  I wasn't used to boxer briefs. I turned away from Colt and slid them on.

“Dustin, is it true you been hanging with a gay guy from the water park?” Colt asked when we got into bed.

My heart skipped a beat, “I did go to his place was all.”

“That's cool.  Did he try anything with you?”

“Fuck no!  I would have kicked his ass!”

“Oh okay, I was wondering,” Colt rolled over.

“Who told you?”

“Oh Keith did.”

“That dude runs his mouth way too damn much. He’s got a lot of run to talk with the nasty ass girls he hangs with.”

“So you just went to his place and that was it, huh?”

“Yeah, he wanted a friend so I was being a nice guy to him.  What's wrong with that?”

“Nothing at all.  Did you want to try something with him?”

“No way! That's fucking nasty, Colt!”

“Alright,” Colt said and rolled back over.

“Colt, are you trying to tell me something or is it the beer talking?”

“What the hell, Dustin?”

“I was just wondering too,” I rolled over.

A few minutes went by in silence other than the air conditioner running. “Dustin, are you asleep?”


“Dustin, I really think I'm different.”

“No you're not.  You're just like the rest of us.”

Colt faced me then. “Dustin, I think I might be gay.”


Colt took a deep breath, “You're the first person I've said anything about this to.  Please don't tell a sole.”

“Why are you laying this on me right now?”

“Dustin, I thought you might be too since you hung around that guy at work. Don't it make the least bit of sense to you?  I haven't had a girlfriend since the ninth grade.  I made up every excuse when a girl would hint she wanted to date me. Dustin, I like guys.”

I was stunned, “So is this why you've been asking me over and shit?”

“Yeah, it is.  Dustin, seriously, I've got a big time crush on you and always have had.”

“Whoa!!  Colt, are you drunk or something?”

“Dustin, I drank a few and then found ways to pour the others out so you would have to take me home. I am a good actor, huh?  I did love sleeping with you last weekend.”

I turned on the light and just looked at Colt.  “Are you fucking serious or are you just fucking with me?”

“Dustin, I'm dead serious,” Colt said. “Every time I've seen you lately, I pop wood in the worst way. I just hope I haven't freaked you out or anything. Dustin, you are fucking hot as hell!”

I sat up and was totally speechless.  This fishing and hunting guy just had put it all on me.  I would have never guessed he was of all the guys I graduated with.  He didn't look gay even though he let his blond hair grow out from always having a short cropped cut. He did change his style before last year and started wearing more preppy clothes and even sagged his jeans but I just thought he was trying to fit in.  I looked over at Colt and saw he was very fit with a nice chest and shoulders.  He had a nice 6 pack going plus had very vein ridden arms from working out for football then soccer.

“Dustin, I'm going to sleep now. Good night!”

“Don't I at least get a good night kiss?”

Colt leaned over and quickly kissed on my cheek.  I grabbed him and wanted to show him a real kiss.  Colt pulled back with his eyes wide open in amazement. “Damn!” he smiled.  He leaned back over and kissed me again.  Sparks seemed to fly but neither of us knew what to do with our hands.  I took the lead with our lips locked and ran my hands down his back, feeling each vertebra in his back.  His hands now went down my back.  I put my hands down his boxer shorts and felt his muscular ass.  Colt pushed down his boxer briefs just in the back.  His hands mimicked mine and found my ass. 

Colt broke the kiss, “Damn Dustin, your ass is so hot and felt so good!”

I smiled, “Yours did too Colt.”

“Dustin, you aren't just fucking with now, are you?”

“Colt, I've been a little confused myself lately.  I lied and yes that guy did suck me off.”

“Did you like it?”

“Hell yeah I did. I'm not stupid am I?”

“Dustin, I would love to suck your dick,” Colt smiled. “I want to see what its like.”

“Go for it!” I said.  Colt got between my legs that were spread wide as I could.  He kissed me and slid his tongue down the length of my torso.  “Colt, where did you learn that?”

“The internet, where else?” Colt smiled.  He pushed down the boxer briefs that were tented from hell.  He licked my cock up and down while playing with my hairy nuts.  “Here goes!” Colt said.  I felt his warm mouth cover my cock.  He went down an inch or so a few times.  “This is so awesome!” he said.

“It felt so awesome too!” I said and watched his mouth take my rock hard cock.  There was no hesitation from him.  “Fuck yeah, Colt! Suck those 7 inches!”

Colt stopped and thought something was wrong or he was finished.  “I love the dirty talk!  Keep it up!  Pull me hair and treat me like your bitch!” Colt said. “I'm getting naked too!”

“Oh yeah Colt! Suck my fuckin’ dick!” I said as soon as I felt his mouth on my aching cock.  He looked up at me with his big green eyes and long eyelashes.  “MMM dude, you don't know how good this feels!  Fuck yeah!” I was getting actually enjoying this.  I grabbed his hair and shoved him down further but heard him gag a little.

Colt stopped again and coughed, “Sorry Dustin!”

The second he returned his warm wet mouth, I let out every nasty phrase I could think of.  With the excitement and heat of the moment, my balls were churning my boy butter.  I pulled him up, “How was it?” I asked.

“Not bad at all!”

“I stopped you so I won't bust,” I said.

“That's cool! Now suck my cock like I did yours!”

I took a deep breath.  I didn't want to do it but I had little choice.  Our eyes connected and I leaned over.  I licked his cut hard probably 6 or so inch cock.  With my teeth covered, my mouth slid down on his throbbing meat. The taste wasn't bad but never did I imagine sucking another guy's cock.

“MMMM Dustin, that feels so good!!” Colt moaned while leaning back on his elbows.  My hand touched his abs while I tried to mimic Neal's talent.  All I could hear was Colt moaning and groaning like my ex did when I ate her out.  I licked and sucked his dick for what seemed like forever until Colt pulled me off.

“Did you like it? I sure did!” Colt said.

“It was aight, you know,” I said yet still had the taste of his cock lingering in my mouth.

He kissed me softly.  “Dustin, would you...?”

I just looked at him.  “What?”

“Fuck me!”

“Are you sure about this?  We can just jack each other off.”

“Umm... Dustin, I want you to be my first.”


Colt reached under his bed and pulled out the lube.  He smiled at me and coated my still hard cock with the lube.  He smeared some around his ass and got on his knees.  “Dustin, please be gentle.”

“Colt, I don't want to hurt you.”

My cock at his hole pushed forward.  Colt groaned but no penetration. With more lube, I guided my slippery meat and pushed.  Keeping my cock there, Colt tried like hell to take it up his ass.  The next attempt was successful.  My cock entered the tightest spot ever.  Colt gripped the sheets on the bed and looked back at me. My cock was past his tight ring but not much further.  I pushed his legs out further and slid my cock deeper.

FUCK!” Colt screamed in agony.

“You okay?”

“It fucking hurts!” Colt snarled. “I read that it hurts and then pleasure but man does it hurt.”

Slowly my cock went deeper.  Each movement caused a shout of pain from Colt. I waited until he seemed adjusted to me. Looking down I saw I was pretty buried up in his ass.  I pulled back and waited for a reaction. 

“It still hurts a little but its getting better,” Colt turned to me. “Try slowly fucking me, Dustin!”

I did as asked and slowly started feeding his tight ass my cock.  His ring gripped my cock while my cock scrapped his inner ass.  “How's that feel?”

“Not too bad actually,” Colt said.

I went a little faster.  “Fuck yeah!” Colt screamed. “Fuck me Dustin! Fuck my gay ass and show me how fucking gay I am!”

I leaned forward and braced myself.  I went a little faster.  My cock then slipped from his ass but I quickly rammed it back in.  “Colt, you are so damn tight!”

“Dustin, they were right.  Your cock feels so good in me! Fuck me! Fuck my tight ass!!!”

I fucked him hard with my hands on his hips.  My balls slapped his ass while his bed rocked with our motions.  It was different than fucking a girl for sure but I still enjoyed it. 

“Dustin, stop!” Colt said.  My cock escaped from his ass.  “I want fucked on my back. I want to see your cute face while you fuck me.”

Colt flipped over and spread his legs.  I got behind him while he put his legs on my bony shoulders.  My cock went back in with little effort.  He pulled me close and just stared into my eyes while I fucked his tight hot ass.  He stole a kiss from me.  Leaning over, his cock was so hard and pressed into my stomach.

“Fuck me a little harder!” Colt moaned while staring into my eyes.

I grabbed his ankles, spread his muscular legs and pounded his ass.  I felt his ass tighten like a vise grip and cum flew from his cock.  Quickly, I withdrew in time as cum shot out of my cock and flooded his tight ass body.

“Damn Dustin, I wanted bred,” Colt said.

“I didn't know,” I said.

“Stick it back in me,” Colt said.  I sunk my cock back in him.  He grabbed me around the neck and kissed me so deeply with my cock deflating in his ass.  “Thanks Dustin, that was too fucking hot! Thanks for popping my cherry and being my first.”

“I admit it was hot and pretty bad ass!” I said.

I wiped Colt clean of our drying cum from his body.  He snuggled up close to me for us to sleep for it was almost 2 in the morning according to his digital clock on the night stand.  I put my arm around him and knew what the real meaning of sleeping with someone meant. 

The next morning Saturday, I woke to find Colt staring at me still snuggled close.  “Any regrets?” I asked.

“Fuck no.  It was like a fucking dream come true.  Dustin, do you have feelings for me now after we had sex?”

“Colt, I really do.  I wanted to see what it was like too but never in a million years expected you'd be gay.”

“I know.  Dustin, I have fought this for at least 2 years.  Now we just have to be discrete about it.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I need to shower and want to shower with you,” Colt said.  He grabbed my hand and we headed to his shower.  We kissed a lot while in there.  I soaped up his fit body and he did the same to me.  We both hated for it to end.

I hung around until I left for work about noon.  I saw Neal and just said hi in a friendly way.  I wanted to go and thank him for opening my eyes to a new world.  I headed to my assigned ride for the day.  The entire day my mind wondered back to the previous night with Colt.  It was hard to concentrate with cute guy after cute guy coming down the slide.  Sure there were others but the guys caught my attention more than ever. 

At the end of work, I called Mom to tell her I was going back over to Colt's house for the night.  She didn't care plus I think Barry had a date with a girl he was after for a while. 

Colt was at his house and waiting for me. Seeing him now was totally different especially after he kissed me when I got in the door.

“Colt, please!  I got a problem,” I said.


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