Saturday was again another long day and started early for me.  Mom seemed very pleased that I had taken responsibility with my new job.  She fixed me a quick breakfast and off I went to my job at the local area water park. 

The second I got to the employee locker room, Neal was there.  I avoided eye contact with him and spoke with Keith, a friend from high school.   He boasted about another party he went to the previous night.  It wasn't unusual to find a good party being there was little else to do around my small hometown.  He did have to tell about my ex girlfriend Mandy and Jason.  Hearing this didn't start my day off great.

“Hi Dustin!” Neal said to me while we were heading out to our spots in the park.

“Hey Neal,” I replied.

“Any regrets?”

“Not really but keep it quiet if you don’t mind, okay?”

“Seriously, I don't know anyone here but one guy I vaguely know from class. I understand you don’t want everyone to know.”

“That’s cool, see ya later!” I said and headed back to the chute to start the day. Again, it was the same thing as before, just helping the riders out of the landing area and making sure they were safe.  About noon, my brother and his two friends came down the chute and tried to annoy me as only a younger brother would do. I still rather enjoyed seeing the girls and helping them out and noticed the guys a tad bit more than normal.

At 4, my work day here at the park was over.  I scoped the locker room but Neal wasn't there surprisingly.  I hopped in my car to head home for the day.

No one was at home so I just kicked back in the living room and called a friend to see what was going on for the night.  As luck would have it, he had a date.  Hanging up, Barry, my brother, came in the door with his two friends.

“You have fun today?” I asked seeing them still in their board shorts.

“Yeah for the most part we did.  There were some really hot girls there today which made it even better,” Barry said with the evidence of sun on his face as well as his two friends.

“Yeah, it is the only place around to hang out on a warm day around here in our little boring town,” I said.

“Dustin, you think you might could score us some beer tonight?” Barry asked.

“I wish, Barry.  I don't even have any for myself,” I said.

“That's cool.  We really wanted to get wasted tonight!” Barry said.

“I guess we can call up those girls we meet,” one of his friends said.

“Like they are going to put out!” Barry quickly said.

“You never know,” his friend said.  They headed to the kitchen to see what they could find to eat.

Barry and I were pretty much typical brothers.  We fought like hell at times but we always had each other's back.  I knew he drank like I did when I was 16 and covered for him in front of Mom as he did for me.  She wasn't stupid and knew what was going on most of the time.  She tried to discipline us the best she could for a single mom who worked a lot but also knew what teenagers did around here for fun.

Mom came home right after Barry and his friends headed to the kitchen.  “I take you saw Barry today.”

“Yeah along with a million others,” I said.

“I drove by earlier and saw it was packed.  Maybe the place is going to make a nice run at it.”

“So far it is.  Rumor around is that they are going to start construction on another ride next month and expand the concession area.  The lines just to get something to drink are ridiculous.”

“I know they are. We waited 30 minutes to grab a slushie,” Barry commented from the kitchen.

“Hopefully, they will bring in some portable concession stands to ease the crowds,” I said.

“Maybe Barry then you could get a job,” Mom stated firmly.

My cell phone started ringing.  I checked the caller id and didn't recognize the number.  I answered it and heard Neal's voice then.  I made my way to my room to finish the conversation. 

After talking to Neal, I put on a shirt and headed over to his apartment since he asked.  I told them I was going over to a friend's place and left it at that. 

When I arrived, Neal was there waiting on me with a big smile.  “Glad you could come over and hang out with me!”

“No problem,” I replied since I didn't have much else to do any way.

“I got a movie like I told you.  It's an adventure film not some artsy movie like you asked,” Neal said.

“Thanks, I really do appreciate that,” I smiled.

Neal started the movie and popped popcorn in the microwave. It was nice to be treated like he was treating me.  I am not sure this was his kind of movie but I sure enjoyed this type with lots of car chases and hopefully some T&A along the way.

As the movie progressed, Neal kept getting closer and closer to me on his couch.  “Is this making you uncomfortable?” he asked quietly.

“Ummm... just a little bit if you want to know the truth,” I said.

“Dustin, just pretend I'm your girlfriend,” he said.

“Okay but you don't have nice tits for me to play with,” I laughed and returned to watching the movie.  After about 10 minutes, he lifted up my arm and put it around him.  He looked at me and waited for my reaction.  I just kept watching the movie and was really into it as much as Neal seemed to me into me at that moment.

The movie ended with a typical end of the good guys coming out on top after a good shoot-out.  “You wanna play around again?” Neal asked.

“Dude, I'm not your fucking toy!” I said.

“So you didn't enjoy last night,” Neal said and removed my arm from his shoulder.

“Neal, every guy I know loves getting their dick sucked probably no matter who does it. Hell yeah, I liked it!”

“Well, I can do it again.  I actually loved sucking you off last night.”

“Yeah all faggots love sucking straight boy dick!”

“Fuck you then Dustin!  I did it because I like you a lot not because I'm some pervert like you think,” Neal said and curled up in the corner of the couch.

“Neal I like you too but not the same way.”

“Dustin, maybe I'm hoping beyond hope that maybe I found someone who would like me.”

“I do like you Neal but that's it. No boyfriend. No sex toy. None of that shit. I look at you like I do the rest of my friends that I kick it with and have fun with.”

“I see your point, Dustin.”

“Great! I better head home.”

“Okay then.  See you!”

I headed out the door and to my car.  Maybe I led him on too much and really disappointed him but he was just a friend who did suck cock very well.  Barry was there when I got home.  I could tell he was stoned by the look in his eyes but didn't say anything. 

The next day, Sunday, at work, I saw Neal as we drove in at the same time. He just looked at me and kept on walking like I wasn't even there.  The day was rather short as a sudden thunderstorm interrupted what was a busy day.  The locker room was crowded and my shower was quick.

Monday and Tuesday were off days for me.  I took advantage of the time and went fishing both days with a friend, Colt.  It wasn't unusual for me to fish or hunt for I enjoyed both outdoor activity.  Fishing gave me a little peace and quiet away from the hustle of work and my home life.

Barry was high and laughing it up with his two close buddies when I returned from fishing with Colt that Tuesday afternoon.  I just gave Barry the eye.  The second Mom came home from work; they bolted out the door not to give Mom any suspicions.  I kept my peace and had gone through the same thing at his age where I thought it was cool to get high and fuck around until a friend's dad busted us and laid down the law to us.  I still hit on a joint at parties when offered but it didn't control me.

The rest of the week in the middle of June was back to the water park and working like a dog.  I didn't mind especially come pay time.  It wasn't a lot but kept a few dollars in my pocket, so I could grab something to eat and put gas in my old car.

That Thursday night, Barry wasn't home when I got home at 8.  Mom and I talked a little but just about work and family members, like my cousins, aunts and uncles that lived nearby.  At 9:30, Mom headed to bed at her normal time.  I waited around until Barry got home at 11.  I instantly knew he was drinking and probably high too.

“What the fuck, dude?” I asked him and threw up my arms to demonstrate my displeasure with his wild behavior that was developing.

“What, Dustin?” Barry replied.

“Don't what me.  You know what I'm talking about.  Every night for the past week you are either stoned or drunk.”

“So! You do it too!”

“Yeah but not every night.  Dude you really need to chill it some!”

“Fuck off! I'll do whatever I damn well please!  I'm enjoying my summer!”

Rage came over me.  I grabbed him by the shirt, “Listen you little cocky bitch!  You better cool it now! I'm serious!”

Barry swung and tried his best to hit me.  I grabbed him and pinned him down on the floor.  Mom came flying out of the bedroom. 

“What's this all about!?” she asked in her robe.

“Barry thought he was man enough to take on his brother!”

“Okay you two!!! Off to bed!!” Mom screamed.

I let him up.  I gave him a look and headed off to my room. He knew I could have ratted him out but knew I might need for him to cover my ass later.  I just hope he got the message.

The next morning with just Barry and me, he thanked me for covering for him and promised to not do it as much.  I headed off to work after our little brotherly talk and understanding. 

During the entire week, I had barely even seen Neal much less talked to him. This Friday to start the day wasn't any different.  I just headed to my assigned spot and did my job.  Now, a lot of the faces were starting to be the same to me. It was evident that people had season passes and were using them frequently.  Being an employee, I got an extra one, which Barry used some.

At the end of the day and the park's close, I headed to shower and called it a day.  I stepped in the shower and saw Neal there.  He didn't say a word to me.  I washed up and slapped his ass when he passed.  He gave me a terrible look.  I finished showering and headed to the locker room to get dressed.

“Neal, wassup!” I said, trailing him.

“Nothing Dustin.  I didn't appreciate that slap in there.”

“Hey, it was just in fun.  Are you avoiding me or mad at me?”

“Dustin, I want a boyfriend in the worst way.  I can see that's not happening with you.”

“You got that right but we can still be friends.  Matter of fact you are the first gay friend I ever had.”

“Oh yippie!” Neal said sarcastically.

“I was going to hang out with you some but I can see you're not interested.”

“Oh boy, I feel so privileged.”

“Fine with me.  I'll just head home and see what's kickin there.”

Neal got in his car as I did too.  He quickly got out and stopped me, “Alright, I guess I can hang out with you tonight.”

“Hey don't if you don't want to.  I was just trying to be friendly.”

“No, it's cool.  It'll beat sitting there alone.”

We headed off to his place.  His roommate was there on the couch with another guy.  “Andy, Josh, this is my friend, Dustin,” Neal said.

“Nice to meet you,” Andy said.

Andy was Neal's roommate.  He was about 6 foot tall and normal built where his boyfriend Josh was about 5'7” and really a cute guy.  Both appeared to be Neal's age or mine. 

“Hey Neal, we'll just go over to Josh's for the night,” Andy said.

“You don't have to if you don't want to,” I said.

“It's cool.  We want to,” Josh smiled.

“See ya,” Neal said.  They left after Andy grabbed some clothes. 

“They didn't have to leave,” I said.

“Oh well, I don't have to hear them tonight in Andy's bed,” Neal said. “You want something to drink, Dustin?”

“Water is great with me,” I said.

Neal headed to the kitchen.  I quietly walked behind him.  “You want this?” I asked with my dick hanging out.

“No, not all faggots like to suck dick,” Neal said startled.

“Fine with me,” I said and started to zip up my pants. 

Neal grabbed my shorts and pushed them down. “On second thought, I do!”  He got on his knees while I tossed my shirt off.  I wanted another blow job and knew Neal would deliver. The second my shorts and boxers hit the linoleum floor in his kitchen, Neal was on his knees like the cock sucker I expected he was.  It didn't take me long to achieve full hardness since his mouth and tongue felt so damn good.  He looked up at me and I gave him a big smile.  I never imagined a guy's mouth on my cock ever but I wasn't complaining. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth going up and down along with his tongue action as well. He really seemed to enjoy it as much as I did except when his hands ran up my stomach and in back to my ass.  I pulled out and nutted on his chest while he was jacking his cock.  A minute or so later, Neal busted his nut there on the floor

Right after he exploded, Neal stopped and stood up, “I want the truth, Dustin Sampson.  Am I just your personal cocksucker or do you think in a small way you might like me?”

“Neal, right now I'm so confused and a little scared too.”

“I get the confused part.  Why are you scared?  Are you afraid someone going to find out that a guy's been blowing you?”

“That and I'm starting to like this and you.”

Neal just looked at me just as confused.  He leaned forward and gave me a kiss squarely on my lips. I accepted the kiss and told myself it was just like kissing a girl but I knew it was totally different.  He stopped and again looked at me.  “What's the deal? You didn't flinch or try to stop me.”

“Maybe cause that's what I wanted.”

He grabbed my hand and led me to his couch. “Dustin, are you serious or are you just playing me for a fool?  Are you doing this just to bust a nut?”

“Neal, I don't know.  Part of me wants you while the other part of me says this is fucking stupid.”

“Dustin, I want a true boyfriend and a lover just like what Andy has going now.”

“Neal then maybe we should stop.  I can't be like Josh or Andy or you for that matter.  I do like you a lot.”

“Dustin, can I have some time to think about it?”

“Sure dude,” I replied quickly.  I got up to find my shorts, boxers and shirt.

“We should call it a night and let me ponder this for a while,” Neal said.

“Okay with me but I might have seconds thoughts too, you know.”

“I realize that but I’m willing to take that chance.”

“Neal, have you known your entire life you were gay?” I asked.

“Pretty much so.  When I was about 16, I just came to the realization that I found guys way more attractive.  At first, it was hard to accept that fact but I knew there was little that could change me.”

“What did your parents think?”

“Just your typical parental reaction.  Shocked as hell, angry and then knew it was who I was and accepted the truth.  Now they are really cool about it.  I even brought my old boyfriend home last year for them to meet.”

“That’s cool.  What happened to the last one?”

“Things basically happened.  We both fooled around on each other, not sexually but hanging with other guys.  It just fell apart after we found other guys more tempting.  Dustin, we were compatible sexually either.”

“How’s that?”

“We were both bottoms and tried to make it work,” Neal said.

I stared at him, “What’s bottoms?”

“Oh it means on bottom while have sex.”

“I get it.  Both of you liked to get fucked,” I surmised.


“I think I see now why you broke up.”

We had a good 'get to know each other' conversation after that.  We really didn’t know much about each other’s past.  We were opposites in a lot of ways.  He despised hunting though liked a good hike or swim. After we talked, I left and had plenty to think about as did Neal. I was still confused and scared but now had a better understanding of Neal.


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