New Summer--  Chapter 1

Graduation was over for me.  I felt sort of lost and really didn’t see a direction my life was heading.  My thoughts were to attend college here in East Texas to test the waters and see if I was ‘college material’. 

My summer job was lined up at a brand new water park about 15 minutes from my house.  Everyone in my part of the state was skeptical this grand concept would go over but Mr. Ted Newfeld had the money and nerve to give it a try.  The park was small to start with as a tester, I think.  There were just four water attractions along with a wave pool and lazy river.  My job was to attend the attractions at the bottom since I was certified as a lifeguard from last year.

The grand opening was Saturday after graduation which really put a huge damper on my party time after graduation.  Luckily, my girlfriend of 6 months Mandy understood the situation and went to the big parties without me.  I trusted her now with her friends.

That Saturday morning, I was up bright and early.  I trained the previous weekend but still didn’t know what to expect crowd-wise.  My mom cooked breakfast for me and was happy that I took the initiative to seek employment without her asking unlike my 16 year old brother, Barry.

I drove to the park in my assigned red swim shorts along with a sleeveless t-shirt just in case the sun got too much along with a bag of fresh clothes to change in.  I was blessed with a fairly dark complexion and didn’t burn very easily.  Normally by summer’s end, my skin was nearly black like the year before at the local pool. 

Once inside, we had a grand meeting with Mr. Newfeld reiterating the standards he expected from us.  My eyes scanned the room and saw a few of classmates there including a few that looked very hung-over.

The work was relatively easy for I just helped people out of the water after the chute ride.  Some guys complained about the nut buster effect but I just laughed, knowing they didn’t listen up top.  The worst were older women and helping them out especially the overweight ones.  Helping out the cute girls was a bonus in my eyes.

I got off early around 3 since I worked the next day as well.  I headed to the employee locker room with my first day behind me. 

“Dustin, wassup?” Keith a friend asked.

“Not much.  Just finished working for the day,” I replied.

“You missed it last night.  Mandy was fucking wasted,” he said.

“Get real.”

“No dude, she was throwing up everywhere at Kell’s party.”

I shook my head and kept walking.  I grabbed a towel and headed to wash off the chlorinated water from my body.  Seeing another guy showering, I stepped in without a thought since it was normal when you played sports in high school like me.  I just nodded with him looking at me and turned on the water.  He looked to be my age if not younger and nodded as well.

“How did it go for you?” he asked.

“Not bad at all, you?”

“Pretty good.  I can’t believe the people that came today.”

“I know.”

“Dude, did I get red today?” he asked and turned his slender body and ass my way.

“Maybe a little bit but not too bad,” I replied.

“I hope not.  It feels like I did.  That would royally suck to get burned the first day.  You don’t look like you have much of a problem as far as that’s concerned.”

“No, Mom says I’m part Indian.”

“That’s cool.  I’m Neal,” he said.

“Dustin, nice to meet you,” I replied.

I rinsed off and headed to the locker after drying off with Neal right behind me.  He really seemed to be a talker and bombarded me with questions while I dressed.  I gave short answers before telling him good-bye.

I jumped in my car and immediately called Mandy to hear her end of the story.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing for she told me all the fun she had with her friends drinking.  I was pissed beyond belief and headed to her house. 

“Mandy, why?” I asked her after she ran out to my car.

“Because you never let me have fun and do things I want,” Mandy replied.

“I don’t, huh?  What about spring break?  What about after the last soccer game?”

“So those are just twice,” she replied.

“Mandy it’s okay to have fun…”

“So what I drank!  Maybe I wanted to.”

“That’s fine!  Next time, don’t throw up everywhere and learn to control it!”

“Dustin, as far as I’m concerned, we are history.  Jason showed me what it was like to be a woman last night, too!”

My blood boiled after she told me that.  Before doing anything stupid, I jumped back in my car and put it quickly in reverse.  Long skid marks were left on her street to show my displeasure.  I drove home as fast as I could.  My younger brother had to jump out of the way to avoid me in the driveway, where he was shooting some hoops.  I slammed the door to my car and ran into the house, still mad as hell.

“Dustin, what’s wrong with you?” Mom asked seeing me so furious.

“Mandy is the problem.  It wasn’t bad enough that she got hammered last night then she had to tell me she hooked up with Jason!”

“Oh that is a problem.  Son, maybe you’re too good for her anyway and will find a nice girl.”

“She’ll be sorry she ever dumped me!” I said and headed to my room.  The second the door was closed I called Latham, Jason’s best friend to see what he knew.  He basically confirmed that Mandy and Jason had hooked up last night.  I banged my fist on my bed and knew I should have given her my 7 inches more often but was terrified of the consequences one little mistake could be.  We did fuck a few times but I was so scared of getting her pregnant that I could hardly enjoy fucking her.

The night became a total waste.  I was so bummed out that I didn’t even go out with a couple of friends of mine, who offered to help ease my troubles.  I wasn’t exactly perfect but never did drink or smoke in Mandy’s presence.  In hindsight maybe I should have.

The next day, Sunday, I slept in since I didn’t go into work until 2.  I just messed around the house and still bummed about last night.  I grabbed a t-shirt and headed out the door to work. 

When I arrived it took a few minutes to find a place to park my car being it was so crowded.  The second I stepped in the gate, my supervisor grabbed me and told me to head out since it was so busy.  This time, it was the end of the raft ride.  It was basically the same thing as the day before.  Right off the bat, I saw a few girls I knew from school that were a year younger coming down in their cute bikinis.  I helped them out.

“Thanks, Dustin,” one said rather flirty.

“Yeah Sam, I hear he’s fresh meat now,” the other one said.

I just kept doing my job since we weren’t exactly allowed to socialize with friends that much.  We could say hi and something quick like but were told to keep doing the job.  “See yea,” I said and waited to help a young boy off his raft.

After 7, which was closing time, I headed to the locker room to wash off the day’s chlorine from my tired body.  In a rush, I didn’t have a chance to put on sunscreen but luckily I didn’t feel burned.  I grabbed a towel and a friend from school along with Neal was showering.  I spoke to my friend and did my business.

“How’s it going, Dustin?” Neal asked while I was drying off.

“Aight, I guess. You?” I replied.

“Not bad,” Neal replied.  “Man, I would give anything to be as dark as you are already.”

I just smiled and finished toweling off.  I dressed quickly and headed out to find my car.  Being exhausted from 2 long days, I just headed to the house to chill for a while.

The week went pretty well for I now was adjusting to life without a girlfriend.  It was crushing but it allowed me time to reconnect with a few old friends that I seemed to neglect while dating.

Friday was the long day for me at the water park.  Working open til close wasn’t fun or easy.  The sun was bright all day long and took a toll on my lean body.  The shower at the end of the day really hit the spot for the time being.  I looked to my right as I was showering and swore Neal was staring at me and even worse at my dick. 

“How was your day, Neal?” I asked to stop his trance.

“OOO… alright I guess.  Glad it’s over with,” he replied.

“Yea, me too,” I said.

“Dustin, you got big plans tonight with all your friends?” he asked.

“Not really.  Neal, I freaking zapped after today,” I replied.

“If you want, you can stop by my place,” Neal commented.

“Umm, maybe,” I said without thinking about it.

“Cool then I’ll show you the way,” Neal perked up.

I finished showering as did Neal.  I dressed in just some soccer shorts, boxers and sandals.  Being a nice guy, I knew just seeing his place which was probably his parents house would kill a little time before heading home to my house. 

“I won’t drive too fast so you can keep up,” Neal said while we headed to the parking lot. We exchanged cell numbers in case I got lost.  I got in my old Accord while Neal jumped in his tricked out Tahoe.  I followed close behind him about 15 miles the opposite direction from my house.  I called Mom to fill her in so she won’t worry.   He turned in to some apartments near a local college with me right behind him. 

I parked next to him, “Neal, nice ride!”

“Thanks, Dustin!” he said and showed me the killer stereo and the nice leather seats with a GPS navigation system.  I was awestruck by it all. 

I followed him up some stairs.  He opened the door to his apartment.  “Whoa dude!” I said upon first impressions.

Neal just laughed, “I like it nice and neat.  My roommate is home for the week so I’ve been able to keep it clean.”

I just looked around and again was stunned at his place.  “Dustin, sit down anywhere you like.  Want something to drink?”

I sat on the nice leather sofa, “Water would be killer.”

He laughed, “After being in it all day, you still want water?”

I stared at his big TV and took the bottled water from him.  “Man, this is really nice.  I had no idea you were in college.”

“I just finished my freshman year here.  The lease is for a year so I decided to stay around and get more adjusted to the area and living out on my own for a while.”

I gulped a big drink, “All I know is this place would be awesome to have some hot chick over and for some kick ass parties.”

“Yeah it is way better than living in the dorm,” Neal said.  “Dustin, I think I overheard you say your girlfriend just dumped you.”

“Yeah but I’m about over it now.  It was good while it lasted,” I smiled.
“You got a girl?”

“No, I don’t,” Neal said and turned on the TV.  If nothing else, it was good to be off my feet.  After downing the water, I got directions to the bathroom.  I walked down the hall and saw a bedroom door open.  A picture of a guy posing in bikini swimsuit caught my eye but I just headed to the bathroom. 

When I got out, I noticed the door was now closed.  I sat back down and saw how nervous Neal had become.  He just stared at me for a second while I said nothing.  I broke the ice and talked about work for a while and the various people we worked with.  We shared a few good laughs about a few experiences there to start.

After talking for a while, I asked, “Neal, are you gay?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Well… you are always in the shower when I am.  You have stared at me a little.”

“So what?  Maybe it was just a coincidence since we do work the same schedule, Dustin.”

“You still didn’t answer me.”

“You can leave now!” Neal answered sharply.

“Dude, I was just asking a fuckin' question was all.  Are you or are you not?”

“Yes Dustin, I’m gay.”

“Oh well, I guess I can leave since you answered my question,” I said and started to head to the door. 

“I figured you would after I told you. You are just like the other guys when I tell them."

I stopped and turned around.  “Neal, I guess I’ll see you at work tomorrow then.  You do have a nice place and a sweet ride.”

“Dustin, you’re welcome to stay longer if you want,” Neal said quietly.

“I guess I could for a little while longer.  I don’t have much going on anyway tonight,” I smiled.

“Dustin, is it cool with you?”

“Yeah Neal, you’re a nice guy plus all my friends are gone tonight so I would just go home and chill there.”

“Thanks Dustin, besides being very hot, you are a really nice guy.”

“Thanks, I guess.  I’ve never had another guy tell me I’m hot.  I guess it’s cool since girls tell other girls how cute they look.”

“Dustin, you seriously until now had no idea I was gay.”

NO! I’m used to the looks in the shower from the soccer team but I’ll admit you were staring me down something hard today.”

“Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Neal, I’m sort of flattered.”

“You are?”

“Yeah.  You didn’t touch just looked at me.”

“I did like what I saw too,” Neal scooted closer to me on the sofa.

“Neal, are you coming on to me?”

He put his hand on my stomach, “Yes I am now.”

I was dazed and confused.  His soft hand did feel nice on my dark skin.  “Neal, I dunno know about this shit, dude!”

“I understand, Dustin, but that tent in your shorts tells me different.”

“Ummm…” I stuttered and was embarrassed now.

“Dustin, I can relieve that for you if you want me too,” Neal said and slide his hand down further. I felt his hand brush my pubes and hit against my hard cock. He just smiled at me and relived my straining shorts. My shorts were at my knees with Neal staring at my hard cock. 

“Dude, I dunno know about this,” I said.

With his hand on my abs, Neal looked at me with his big blue eyes and short blond hair, “Dustin, I can stop but I don't think you really want me to.”

I took a deep breath, “Neal, this is so different to me, you know.”

“I know but you wanna see what it's like?”

“Umm... I guess so,” I said.

He stroked my cock with his hand.  I just was mesmerized by this new experience even though it felt really awesome.  He looked up at me again.  I watched him lower his head and lick my abs.  His tongue made its way down to my cock.  I shivered upon feeling his wet tongue on my shaft.  Seriously, I didn't know what to think while his tongue went up and down.

“Feel good?” Neal asked.

“Fuuuuckkk yeahh!!”

It felt even better when his mouth covered my cock head and slide down on me. I was actually getting a blow job from a guy, shit! I just watched his mouth slide up and down.  I didn't know what to do with a guy so I just rubbed his blond hair like I did when a girl sucked me and kicked back on his nice comfy couch. 

“Fuck yeah, Neal!!”

He stopped, “I knew you would like it!” His mouth instantly returned.  I just closed my eyes and enjoyed his mouth pleasing me beyond words.  He definitely knew what he was doing with his masterful tongue as well. Soon I felt the deep urge to cum.

“Stop! I'm about to bust!” I screamed.

He stopped but jacked my wet cock.  I tensed up and cum shot out of my cock onto my abs in a continuous steady flow.  He found a towel and wiped it off me.  By now, Neal was naked and his cock was rock hard.  I just watched my friend jack his cock until he busted on his flat stomach.  He cleaned his cum up and sat next to me.  He ran his hand through my short dark brown hair with a few highlights for effect.

“Neal, thanks!!” I smiled.

“The pleasure was all mine!”

He leaned over to I think kiss me but I pushed him away.  “Please don't!”

“I was just going to kiss you.  Dude, I just sucked off your dick!”

“I know but I don't kiss dudes!”

“Okay then.”

“I better jet!” I said.  “Thanks again!”

“Yeah, maybe next time we can go even further!”

I pulled up my shorts.  I did shake his hand before leaving.  On the drive home, all that crossed my mind was his mouth on my cock and just how good it felt.  I drove in the drive with all the lights off in the house.  I quietly headed to my room and went to bed.





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