Posted:  August 13, 2012

Lying in bed that night I almost didn’t want to get up to brush my teeth
before I went to sleep because I would be brushing away the taste of Kris and
Colt’s cum that still lingered in my mouth.

I couldn’t believe what had happened and that I had finally given in to my
urges, even initiating the blowjobs, but nothing about the situation felt
wrong. I didn’t feel guilty that I’d let Kris and Colt blow me or that I
sucked them off and swallowed their loads. I just felt happy.

I think one of the reasons why it felt so good was because it was something I
had wanted to do for a long time but had never allowed myself to do. It was
like seeing something you really want in a store and not having the money to
buy it so you save up for months in anticipation of finally getting your hands
on it and when you do there is such a feeling of satisfaction that it almost
overwhelms you.

What made the whole thing even better was that Matt knew about it. By sending
him that photo of Kris and Colt sucking my cock I had come clean straight
away, hell, it was while I was getting sucked off, and I wasn’t hiding
anything so there was no weight on my shoulders. If anything it got Matt in on
the action, and I had just jerked off again after Matt sent me a hot picture
of his big dick lying on his stomach in a pool of cum he had shot looking at
that picture of us. He loved the idea and was so happy I had the photo as

Eventually I pulled myself up off the bed and walked the few steps into my
bathroom. I picked up a towel and ran it under the tap so I could wipe the cum
off my abs. Reluctantly I then started brushing my teeth and as I looked in
the mirror I saw the huge smile etched on my face. I felt so good.

I drifted off to sleep so quickly and woke up the next morning feeling
refreshed and alive. I took a quick shower, grabbed some breakfast and headed
out to work at the Rec after giving a quick knock on Kris’ door to make sure
he was up for his own shift, which started an hour after mine.

The whole day zoomed past and I really enjoyed myself, going around the
different rooms and talking to all kinds of people who had come from all over
the country, not just the state, and I got to know them a little while I
helped them with their workouts.

I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after what happened the night
before. It just made me feel free and like I didn’t have to hold back anymore.
I could talk to hot guys who came to the Rec, even flirt with them, and I knew
it wouldn’t ever go anywhere so there was no harm in it. Before last night I
kind of felt as though it was a form of cheating to flirt with a hot guy and
maybe lead him on a little while I was with Matt. Now I chuckled at myself for
being such an idiot.

When I finished my shift I headed home with Kris still working on the front
desk. He waved at me and told me he’d see me at the apartment in an hour when
he finished and that I should have a cold beer ready for him. I flipped him
off, telling him I wasn’t his wife, and walked out of the Rec hearing him
laughing behind me.

The apartment was empty when I got there and I knew Colt was still over at the
Athletics Center with the football team, so he would come home totally beat
again and probably wouldn’t want to do too much. As for me I still felt like I
had a bit of energy to burn off, even though I had done a good amount of
working out at the Rec and managed to get some more in during my lunch break,
so I figured I would make the most of the facilities at the apartment and
would go swimming.

I put all my things in my room and threw on some swim shorts, grabbing a towel
and heading out to the pool, seeing quite a few people around it, unlike the
day before when Kris, Colt and I basically had it to ourselves, not that the
extra people bothered me.

Laying my towel down on one of the loungers I quickly jumped in to the pool
and after I got over the sudden shock of the cold water against my skin I
started swimming lengths, loving the feel of my muscles just pulling slightly
as my arms and legs worked to move me around the pool.

I swam leisurely for maybe twenty minutes, feeling like I had done enough for
the day so I climbed out and just let the water drip from my body, letting the
sun dry me off instead of using my towel. As I stood staring up at the blue
sky I could feel eyes on me and quickly glanced around to see a few girls
looking at me, admiring my body, while a few guys looked at me with what
seemed to be a bit of jealousy. I know that probably sounds big headed, but
you would be amazed at how many guys hate another guy who has a great body
when they themselves are either a little overweight or have smooth bodies with
next to no muscle definition. I get loads of guys coming in to the Rec who
feel inferior and want to do something about it, which I am more than happy to
help them with.

I had just dried off nicely and headed back inside when Kris walked in the
front door with a grin on his face. “Been in the pool again?” he asked.

“No. I just thought I’d put on my swim shorts and get in the tub to give them
a wash while I wear them. What do you think?” I said with the sarcasm clear in
my voice.

“You could have waited for me,” Kris said.

“And you could get your sorry ass out of bed earlier so you can work the same
shift as me and not start and finish an hour later. Besides, I needed to burn
off that extra protein I swallowed last night.”

Kris smiled at that. “I don’t see my cold beer ready for me.”

“Fuck you!” I laughed. “I told you I’m not your wife, and I’m definitely not
your bitch.”

“Oh you will be,” Kris smiled, stepping up to me and reaching around my waist
to put his hands on my ass, pulling me to him so our chests were pressed
against each other and our noses were almost touching.

“You sound confident there,” I smiled, looking into his gorgeous blue eyes. I
had the sudden urge to kiss him but held back.

“We both know it’s just a matter of time until I get inside this hot ass,”
Kris said, squeezing my cheeks in his strong hands.

“I think you might be disappointed there,” I replied, reaching down to pop the
buttons open on Kris’ shorts and slipping my hands down into the back of them
to take hold of Kris’ bare muscular ass, gripping it tight.

“Nah… Now you’ve opened up to the idea I know I’m gonna get to fuck your ass
soon,” Kris grinned, the teasing tone of his voice telling me he wasn’t being
entirely serious.

“Well expect me to return the favour. Matt will tell you that I give it just
as good as I take it,” I said, slipping my finger into the crack of Kris’ ass
and pulling him closer to me so our crotches pushed against each other.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass so hard,” Kris breathed on my face, tilting his head
just slightly, his hands squeezing my ass.

“Not today you’re not,” I laughed, stepping away from him, pulling my hands
out of his shorts and walking over to the fridge. I bent down and pulled out a
bottle of beer. “This is the only thing you’ll be getting your lips around

Kris chuckled, holding on to his shorts that were hanging loose. “You’re just
as much of a fucking tease as I am.”

“I know,” I replied, “but you shouldn’t be so horny, should you?”

“I can’t help it, bro. Megan’s on her period and I haven’t had any real action
in days. I just wanna sink my dick in to a nice, tight hole.”

“Well you’re out of luck,” I smiled. “Anyway, if anything ever does happen
between us, remember I’m in complete control of it. If we fuck we do it when I
say, and not before. But… who knows when that will be?”

I put the bottle in Kris’ hand and walked into my bedroom, closing the door
behind me and locking it to make sure Kris couldn’t follow me inside, trying
to tempt me in to doing something just to prove he was the one in control,
even if he was just playing around. The whole situation with him had been so
hot, holding each other that close and feeling each other up. Neither of us
had been hard when we pressed our crotches together, but it was the closeness
that said all it needed to.

Usually I didn’t like being cocky with Kris, or anyone for that matter, but I
felt like he needed me to be like that and to deny him what he seemingly
wanted so he’d realise he can’t just have everything his own way. We’re all
young and horny but Kris can’t just expect to get a fuck from one of us
whenever he feels like it or whenever Megan won’t put out. That’s not how it

I went into my bathroom and pulled off my swim shorts. They were almost dry
but I still hung them over the top of the shower to dry completely. I could
smell the chlorine in my hair and could feel it clinging to my skin so I
turned on the water, waited until it got warm and then stepped under the
spray, enjoying the feeling as the heat soothed my muscles.

My ass felt a little sore from where Kris had gripped me so tightly. I’m sure
if I could see my own ass it would have had his hand print on at least one of
the cheeks. I smiled again thinking about what it felt like to have his
powerful arms around me, holding me so close and pressing his big chest
against mine. It would never beat the feeling I got when I was in Matt’s arms,
but with Matt I was always the strongest and know at any time I could
overpower him and take control. With Kris our bodies were pretty similar we
were more evenly matched so I felt more vulnerable in his arms, as though I
was giving up control and power to him and it was a bit of an adrenaline rush
like I’d never felt before. At that moment as I started rubbing soap all over
my pecs and abs I knew I wanted to fuck Kris and wanted to feel what it was
like to have someone so powerful fucking me like he really could.

My dick started to harden with the thoughts and I wondered just how different
it would feel to get fucked by a dick other than Matt’s big cock. I know I had
been fucked by other guys, I’d even been fucked by Kris before, but that had
been eighteen months ago and it had been about nine months since Scott fucked
me during our insane threeway, where we all took turns bottoming for each
other, with Matt and I actually double penetrating Scott, so I had almost
forgotten what it felt like to be with someone else, not that that’s a bad
thing, I was committed to Matt.

Still, I couldn’t get the thoughts of Kris out of my head and I started to
think about what his dick had tasted like the night before when I swallowed it
down to the base and kept sucking him until he came, savouring the sweet yet
salty taste of his cum.

I poured shower gel into my hands and rubbed them together to make them nice
and slick. Then I ran one hand up and down my thick shaft as I moved the other
lower and rolled my balls around on the palm. Moans escaped my mouth as I
stroked my cock and gently tugged on my balls, thrusting my hips up to meet my
fist so I was fucking it. God it felt good.

I stroked my dick up and down, sliding back and forth over the length and then
pulling off until just the head was in my hand and I was using my palm and
fingers to caress the tip, sending shivers up my spine and making my legs

I slid the hand that was on my balls up until I was pinching my nipple just
hard enough to give me a little jolt of electricity, but not hard enough to
hurt, while I kept stroking my cock with my other hand.

The image in my head changed from just being of Kris to being Kris and Colt.
They were down on their knees working over my cock like they had been less
than twenty four hours before. I still found it hard to believe that had
actually happened, but I knew it had.

As I was watching them sucking my cock, pretending my hand was one mouth and
then the other, I subconsciously moved the hand that had been on my nipple
down and around to my ass, pushing my middle finger deep into the hole. I
groaned and in the vision I was still picturing in my head Kris and Colt were
still on their knees but now Matt was behind me sliding his big dick into my
ass, getting ready to fuck me to show me who my ass belonged to.

The images in my head and the feelings I was causing by fingering my own ass
and jerking my cock furiously combined into one of the hottest, hardest
orgasms I had ever had alone and I shot my load up the wall. My orgasms were
never usually that intense when I jerked off but that had been incredible and
I had to steady myself on the tile wall as I panted for breath.

When I regained my composure I cleaned the rest of my body and made sure I
washed all of the cum down the drain and off the wall before I got out. I was
still breathing kind of heavily when I dried myself off with a towel so I went
to lie down on the bed but I still couldn’t get the images out of my mind and
I needed to talk to someone so I leaned over, grabbed my phone and called
Matt’s number.

“Hey babe,” Matt said as he answered the phone. “What’s up?”

“Does something need to be up for me to call?” I asked.

“No, but we usually talk just before bed so I wasn’t expecting you to call so
early,” he replied.

“I can call back later if you’re busy,” I said.

“No, I’m not busy. I’m happy you called, just surprised. Is there something
you wanted to talk about?”

“Damn, you know me so well,” I smiled, loving how he knew me so well and could
almost read my mind.

“I should after two years together,” Matt chuckled. “So what is it?”

“Kris,” I said.

“Oh God, what’s he done now?” Matt asked with a sound of concern.

I laughed, “Nothing bad, don’t worry. I think I made a mistake in fooling
around with him and Colt last night.”


“Because now Kris seems to think it’s open season on my ass,” I said.

“Did he fuck you?” Matt asked, sounding curious.

“No. But he wanted to.”



“I’m getting hard just thinking about that,” Matt chuckled.

“That’s not fucking funny!” I laughed.

“Oh come on, Corey, are you telling me the thought doesn’t turn you on in the

I thought for a moment and I couldn’t help but smile. “I guess it does a

“I’d say from that smile on your face and your cock starting to get hard it
does more than a little for you,” Matt laughed.

“You don’t know me,” I protested playfully.

Then Matt got more serious, “Do you want to fuck him?”

“What?” I asked.

“Do you want to fuck Kris or have him fuck you?” Matt asked.

“I guess I do, but I won’t act on it. You’re the only one I really want, Matt,
and the only one I need.”

“Corey,” Matt said, and I could tell he was going to mean what he said next.
“I have no problem with you fucking Kris. You let me fuck him and I think it’s
only fair you get to as well. It won’t change anything between us, will it?”

“No,” I said. “Nothing will come between us now.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know. It just seems wrong to fuck someone else while I’m with you.”

“So don’t,” Matt said. “No one can make you do anything. I’m giving you
permission to do it if it feels right for you. Just make sure you tell me all
the dirty details afterwards if you do.”

I laughed at that and felt more at ease. “He’s just horny ‘cause Megan’s on
her period and he hasn’t fucked anyone since I caught him fucking Colt last

“He’s still horny after you blew him last night?” Matt asked.

“Clearly my mouth isn’t enough. Now he wants my ass.”

“Well, like I said, it’s up to you. Maybe sleep on it, the thought I mean, not
Kris’ dick, and see how you feel in the morning.”

“I think you’re right. God, I love you,” I said, meaning it with all of my

“I love you too,” Matt said, making me feel warm inside. “Mom’s calling though
so I’ll have to go. I’ll call you later.”

“Bye,” I said quickly before Matt hung up.

I thought about what Matt said and again went over what I told Kris when I
said I was in control of what happened. I was. He couldn’t force me to do
something I didn’t want to do, so if anything did happen it would be because I
wanted it to. I knew it would just be sex, probably a good hard fuck, so there
was no real dread there. If anything I felt excited about it, but in the back
of my mind there was still that doubt that held me back. I needed a clear head
before I did anything I could come to regret.

I got up and got dressed. When I headed out into the living room Kris was
sitting with Colt, Scott, Shawn, Brennan and Garrett. They were all hungry and
wondered if we wanted to get something to eat. We all agreed and headed out to
a place not too far away for some nice food.

After that we came back to the apartment and just hung out, happy we had so
much more seating space now with the recliner, two sofas and the stools from
the breakfast bar. We watched some crap on TV none of us were really
interested in and played a few games, just chatting shit the whole time. It
was nice to kick back and relax with my friends and it took my mind off
everything else.

Before we knew it the clock struck midnight and the guys all headed off back
to their own apartments and, after the days we all had at work, we decided to
call it a night too, heading off to our own rooms.

I sent a quick text message to Matt, after seeing that I had a missed call,
explaining that I had been busy and to see if he was still awake. The phone
rang almost immediately after I sent the message and I spent the next hour
just chatting away to Matt like I had so many nights this summer, filling him
in on what happened with my day, hearing about his, making sure he was up to
date with anything the guys had said, and of course updating him on things
with Kris, which thankfully hadn’t gone anywhere. Shortly after one we hung up
and once I did my usual night time ritual I got in to bed and was quickly

When I woke up the next morning I felt great. I got out of bed and had a
shower, taking much longer than usual because I knew I didn’t have to be at
work so I gently played with my hard cock while I washed myself, but I never
let myself get close enough to the edge so I couldn’t hold back. I even
fingered my ass a little as I slowly jerked my cock.

After my second near miss, where I just managed to stop myself from cumming, I
stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, throwing the towel over my
shoulder and heading out into the kitchen for some breakfast, not bothering to
put any clothes on since Kris and Colt were at work.

The place was a mess. There were beer bottles, plates, knives and forks, all
stacked up by the sink and I groaning, wondering why they couldn’t clean up
after themselves. I knew what Matt felt like now when he came back and saw the
place was a dump.

With little else to do, and my frustration seemingly spurring me on, I started
washing the plates, putting them on the rack we had to dry them. I was amazed
by how quick and easy it was to wash them, and that only made me understand
Matt more.

I had my hands in the warm soapy water, cleaning the last plate, when I nearly
jumped out of my skin as a large pair of arms wrapped themselves around my
chest and I felt a hard dick come to rest in the crack of my ass.

“What the fuck?” I almost screamed, trying to break free of the grip.

“Relax, Corey,” Kris whispered in my ear. “You don’t want to alert the
neighbours when we’re like this.”

Kris punctuated his point by moving his hips so his hard cock slid up and down
between my cheeks, while he held on to my chest and pulled me closer to him,
running his hands over my pecs and abs. We were both naked and I couldn’t help
myself as I let out a moan when his cock rubbed against my hole.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, no longer trying to fight him off.

“Why not? You liked feeling my dick against your ass a few weeks ago when we
were sleeping on the sofa bed. You nearly fucked yourself on my cock,” Kris
breathed in my ear.

I shuddered and felt my dick twitch as it began to grow, knowing he was right.
“Why aren’t you at work?” I asked, trying to take the conversation in a
different direction.

“It’s my day off. I thought you knew that,” Kris replied.

“Clearly not,” I said. “Why are you doing this, Kris? Is it just ‘cause you’re

“Yes,” Kris said, running his hand down so he could wrap it around my cock.
“My balls are aching, even after you nearly sucked me dry. I just need to fuck
someone. Megan still won’t let me fuck her, I text her last night to ask.”

“So you want me as a substitute?” I asked as Kris started jerking my cock in
time to the thrusts of his own dick as it rubbed against my ass.

“Yeah, you’re hot as Hell,” Kris said, moving his free hand down to squeeze my
ass. “And you have an amazing ass.”

I groaned again and threw my head back as Kris moved his hand back up, running
it over my abs and up to my pecs, where he gave my nipple a hard squeeze. He
leaned his head in and started kissing my neck.

“Oh shit!” I cried as he pinched my nipple again. “You really are a horny
fucker, aren’t you?”

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” Kris said through gritted teeth as I felt him
thrust against me again, leaving a trail of precum on my lower back as my hole
tightened and twitched at the thought of it being inside me. Damn, it felt

I threw my head back on his shoulder and his lips found my neck again. I lost
all control and just couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh Kris… Oh God… fuck me.”

Kris moved his lips up to my ear, “So you want it now?”

“Yes… Fuck me,” I panted, wanting it now. Needing it.

I felt Kris pull away from me, releasing the grip he had on my dick. He spun
me around so my back was against the sink and leaned in to kiss me but I
placed a finger over his lips to stop him. He looked at me, confused.

“No kissing, no foreplay, just fuck me,” I commanded, wanting to cut out all
the intimate stuff and just get down to business. Kris had made me as horny as
he was.

I saw him shudder as he heard the tone of my voice and realised I was serious.
This wasn’t going to be a sensual love making session. It was going to be a
hard fuck that both of us would remember for a long time.

The smile that appeared on Kris’ face told me he was ecstatic that he was
getting what he wanted. He broke away from me and ran across the apartment,
disappearing into is bedroom and reappearing just seconds later with two
condoms and a bottle of lube in his hands.

He walked back over to me and put the supplies down on the counter next to the
sink. Then he moved so he was in front of me and placed his hands either side
of me, effectively blocking me in. He stepped up so we were looking directly
in to each other’s eyes.

“Just one kiss,” he breathed, moving his hand to my chest.

I smiled and nodded, leaning in to press my lips against his. At first the
kiss was very gentle and really was just our lips brushing against each other,
but then when I felt Kris’ mouth open and his tongue slid across my lips, I
opened up and let him inside. He kissed me hard then, moving his hand to the
back of my head, pulling me against him as he pushed us back so I was pressed
up against the sink.

After maybe a minute of making out I pushed him away from me and turned
around, taking hold of the lube I passed it to him as he stood behind me. I
bent over slightly, bracing myself on my forearms as I leaned over the sink,
which pushed my ass out toward him.

“Fuck…” Kris moaned. “You have the most amazing muscle ass.”

“Just shut up and rub some lube on my ass. I need your dick inside me,” I
said, lost to the moment. My dick was so hard and I was so turned on that
nothing else mattered to me but what Kris and I were about to do.

It was my turn to moan when I heard the cap on the bottle of lube being opened
and then seconds later Kris’ slick fingers slipped into the crack of my ass
and gently teased the hole. After running his finger around the opening he
added more lube and then slowly pushed one of them inside my ass, pushing it
deep and then just rocking it back and forth as he started to fuck me with it.
It was so hot. My dick was pulsing and leaking precum as my ass clenched
around Kris’ fingers and he added a second alongside the first. I started
pushing back on his hand, trying to get him to finger fuck me faster, panting
and moaning and still wanting more.

“FUCK ME!” I screamed as I drove my ass back on his fingers.

Kris almost yanked his fingers out of me and reached over to grab a condom. I
heard the packet tear and waited as he rolled it down his hot cock. He
squeezed lube into his hand and then spread it all over his dick, getting it
nice and slick.

Then the moment came.

He stepped up and rubbed the head of his dick against my ass. I almost
screamed because it felt so fucking good. I couldn’t wait to get his cock in
me again and had pretty much forgotten what it felt like, which just made me
hotter for it.

Instead of just pushing it in, Kris used his hand to brush my hole with the
tip of his cock, teasing me as my chest was heaving and I could barely breathe
with the anticipation. He pressed forward and I felt my ass begin to open to
accept him, but then he pulled back and I groaned.

“JUST FUCK ME!” I screamed.

“Damn…” Kris breathed as I pushed my ass out further hoping he would stop
playing around and would just pound me like I wanted him to.

He stepped up to me again and put his hand on my lower back, pushing my ass
down just a little so it lined up with his cock. Then he used his other hand
to guide his cock to my hole and started to push inside. When I felt his cock
start to enter me I pushed out and his dick sank into my ass, slipping almost
all the way in.

“HOLY SHIT!!” Kris and I both screamed together, me from his dick as it
pierced my body and sawed straight through me and him from the feelings of my
ass swallowing his cock and gripping it tight.

“What a fucking ass!” Kris groaned as he buried himself completely inside me.
“Matt is one lucky fucker.”

“Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me, Kris!” I panted. His hard cock felt so good inside

Kris kept his cock balls deep inside me and leaned in, pressing his chest
against my back. He wrapped his arms around me and put his hands on my pecs.

“How do you want it?” he whispered in my ear.

“Hard,” I replied. “I want you to use your muscles and your strength to really
pound my ass.”

I felt Kris’ cock jump inside me and moaned, my hands clenching around the
edge of the counter. Kris moved his hands down to my hips and gently slid his
dick out of me until only the head remained inside. Just when I thought he was
going to fuck me slowly and start long dicking me he drove his cock back
inside me hard.

“Fuck!” I yelped. “Do that again!”

Kris repeated the move and I yelped again, which only encouraged him to keep
on doing that. It felt amazing. He was drilling my ass, knocking me forward
with his thrusts so I had to hold myself up on my arms or I would have gone
crashing into the cupboards.

The next time Kris pulled back his cock slipped out of me and I thought it was
by accident when he first shoved it back in, causing the breath to get caught
up in my throat, but when he did it a second time I knew he meant to do it. He
was working my ass over and I knew I would be sore when it was over, but it
would be the good kind of sore.

He buried his dick inside me again and his hands went back to my hips, holding
on as he started to move his cock in and out of me. He was no longer playing
around; this was the real starting point. He went back and forth, pulling
about five of his seven inches out of my ass before corkscrewing them back in.
I was on my tiptoes and gripping on to the counter as chills ran through my
The thrusts into my ass got quicker and quicker until Kris was really pounding
me. He used his grip on my hips to pull me back onto his cock, impaling me
fully on his hard dick. My eyes were rolling up into my head at the incredible
feelings as our skin slapped together and he continued to fuck me hard.

He was doing just what I wanted him to do. He was taking control of me, and
for the first real time during sex I felt as though maybe I was a little
vulnerable. Everyone else I had been with I could overpower so they could
never do anything to me I didn’t want them to do, and even though I trusted
Kris and knew he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t like, there was still that
element of true submission that was just so hot in giving my ass up so such a

Kris then moved his hands from my hips, running them over the muscles on my
back that I could feel were tense as he fucked me. My back was arched to allow
him better access, and his hands running over the skin added to what I was
feeling in my ass.

Still hammering his cock up into me, Kris pushed his arms underneath mine and
wrapped them around me, pulling me upright so my back was against his heaving,
sweaty chest. He crossed his arms over my pecs and reached up to take hold of
my shoulders, gripping on tight as he pulled me down onto his cock and thrust
up at the same time. In that position, and with Kris’ strength, his dick went
deeper than it had so far and it even felt as though it was going deeper than
Matt ever had, even though Kris’ dick was about an inch shorter. My own dick
was so hard and I could barely believe how good I felt.

Kris was really thrusting hard into me and a few times I actually felt him
lift me off the floor with the strength of them, which was so fucking mind
blowing as my feet came off the ground. I was being lifted up by nothing but
his cock.

It was something I had always dreamed of, having a strong man fuck my brains
out and take control of me, overpowering me and making me his. It wasn’t
something Matt could really do, but Kris was more than fulfilling those
fantasies and I felt the power in his arms and the strength in his legs as he
hammered his cock up into my ass. I felt like I was at his mercy.

I hadn’t touched my cock yet but it was leaking precum like a faucet and was
twitching and bouncing in the air. I was about to wrap my hand around it so I
could jerk myself off, but before I did I felt Kris let go of me and pull his
cock out of my ass.

“On your back on the floor,” Kris demanded with gruffness to his voice that I
knew was lust.

I did as he said and dropped down onto the cold tile floor of the kitchen. I
wasn’t sure what it was going to be like getting fucked on the hard ground
with nothing underneath us, but at that point I really didn’t care. I needed
to feel Kris back inside me.

As soon as I was on my back, looking up at Kris, he dropped to his knees and
pushed my legs apart, using them to pull me closer to him. I felt his cock
brush against my hole again and thought he was going to push back inside, but
he had other ideas. He turned me slightly so I was on my side and moved one of
my legs up onto his shoulder while the other was left sort of in mid-air. It
was a bit of an uncomfortable position but it was perfect for Kris’ cock as he
pushed it back inside me.

He quickly went back to fucking me, drilling his cock in and out of my ass,
using the leg on his shoulder to pull me closer to him, really driving me
deeper onto his dick. His cock was just sawing through me, plunging in to my
depths with each thrust, and he was manhandling me still in a way that I had
never experienced before.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed.

“God, you’re so fucking hot, Corey. Your ass is awesome,” Kris replied, not
letting up as he continued to fuck me hard.

My cock was so hard and was slapping against my abs as Kris continued to
plough me hard. He was looking down at me with his blue eyes and there was
such intensity in his glare. He reached down and wrapped his hand around my
cock, jerking it as he continued to fuck me. When he did that I saw the
muscles in his arm pop, looking incredible. Then my eyes travelled to his
chest, which was glistening with sweat, and his amazing abs that tightened
every time he pushed his dick into me.

I knew now what Colt felt when I watched him get fucked by Kris and there was
no doubt in my mind as to why he loved having Kris’ cock inside him. Kris was
a fucking stud, with an amazing body, a hot cock and he knew exactly how to
fuck you to make your body tingle.

My back was just starting to ache from being on the hard, cold floor when Kris
pulled back slightly and the pace he had set as he fucked my ass slowed down.
I looked up at him, wondering what was going on.

“I’m getting close. Your ass is just too fucking hot,” he panted, still gently
thrusting in and out of my ass and jerking my hard cock. “Are you?”

“Not yet,” I answered, honestly. “It feels amazing and your dick feels so good
inside me, but I’m not there yet.”

“Okay,” Kris, said and this time he pulled his dick out of my ass completely
and stood up.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Kris smiled and reached over to the counter beside the sink, picking up the
other condom he had brought from his room. “Your turn,” he said, tossing it to

I watched in shocked silence as he pulled off his condom and tossed it in the
trash. He gave his dick a few long strokes and then headed into the living
room where he bent over the back of the sofa and presented his ass to me.

My whole body shuddered and my cock pumped out more precum at the sight of
that incredible ass. Even though I had seen Kris’ ass plenty of times it was
never in this context and the fact I knew I was about to fuck it for the first
time just made it seem like the Holy Grail. It was perfect. It was big and
muscular, in perfect spheres that seemed to be enhanced by the muscles on his
back. I couldn’t wait to get inside it.

I tore open the condom wrapper and rolled the condom down my thick cock. Then
I slathered lube all over it, getting it good and ready so it would just slide
up Kris’ hot ass. As I was walking over toward Kris I had every intention of
just grabbing him and sinking my dick deep in him, but when I got a glimpse of
his tight hole I instantly licked my lips and dropped to my knees, burying my
face in his ass.

“Oh fuck, Corey!” Kris screamed. “Eat my ass! Get it ready for your thick

I poked my tongue into his hole and then ran it around the opening before
pulling back. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, Kris. I’ve wanted to get in your
ass ever since I met you but I’ve always fought the urge because I love Matt
so much.”

“Well there’s no need to fight it now. Fuck me, Corey. Fuck me like a man,”
Kris pleaded.

I used the hand that was still covered in lube to tease Kris’ hole and gently
push a finger into his ass to get him ready.

“Come on, Corey, stick it in me,” Kris moaned.

Like Kris I just couldn’t wait any longer. I stood up, took my cock in my
hand, gave it a few strokes and lined it up with his ass. When the head
touched his hole I felt him push out, which made his ass relax so I took
advantage and pushed my dick inside.

“Oh fuck!” Kris moaned. “Your cock is so fucking thick.”

“And your ass is so tight. Fuck it feels good!” I groaned, bottoming out in
his ass. “I’ll go slowly so you can get used to it.”

“No!” Kris screamed. “I’m so fucking close and your dick feels so good in my
ass. Just fuck me, Corey. Fuck me hard.”

I had never heard anyone sound as desperate as Kris did. He really wanted it,
and feeling his tight ass massaging my cock I knew it was just a matter of
time before we both exploded so I was determined to make the most of it.

I leaned over and kissed Kris between his shoulders, running my hands down
until I was holding his hips. Looking down to where my dick disappeared into
his ass got me so hot and I couldn’t hold back. Keeping my eyes on that spot I
pulled my dick back and then drove it forward, getting faster and faster as I
fucked Kris’ ass. I fucked him harder and harder until I was pounding the holy
Hell out of him, fucking him much harder than I ever had Matt. I was almost
scared of hurting him.

“YES! YES! FUCK ME!” Kris screamed, sounding almost euphoric.

I could barely breathe. The tightness of Kris’ ass, hearing how much he loved
my cock inside him and seeing my dick fucking him all came together to take me
right to the edge, but I wasn’t ready to cum just yet so I pulled my dick out
of Kris’ ass.

“What the fuck?” Kris asked, standing up and turning around to look at me.

I said nothing and just pulled him to me, pressing my lips against his and
demanding entry to his mouth. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his
cock, feeling how incredibly hard it was and being amazed at how wet it was
from the precum leaking out of the tip

When I pulled back I looked in Kris’ eyes and I saw a look of lust that I knew
he would be seeing in mine. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him
backwards until his back was against the wall just outside his bedroom. With
him at my mercy I kissed him hard again, loving the softness of his lips, and
then I pulled back to look at him once more.

“Put your arms around my neck,” I said, and without question he just did it. I
moved my hands around so they were on his ass. “Now jump up and wrap your legs
around my waist. Then hold on.”

Kris looked at me with confusion in his eyes for just a second but he then did
as I said and as he jumped up and threw his legs around my waist I used my
strength to catch him and position him so his ass was just hovering over my
covered cock, which was still as hard as ever.

I pressed Kris back against the wall, loving the feeling of power I had over
him with his huge muscular frame being supported almost entirely by my own
strength, and then lowered him onto my dick, thrusting up to meet his ass,
impaling him back on my cock. His arms immediately tightened around me and he
buried his face in my neck to muffle his screams.

This was it. I knew we were both so close we could explode at any second, so I
started drilling my cock up in to him, using his weight to bring him down
harder on my cock. He was screaming and whimpering against my neck, holding on
to me so tight his fingernails were digging in to the skin on my back. His
dick was rock hard and was being rubbed between our abs, coating them with his
precum and bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me you fucking hot stud!” Kris screamed.

“I’m gonna fuck the cum out of you, you sexy motherfucker,” I groaned as his
ass tightened around my cock.

I moved my arms so they were under his knees and held him up as I drove my
cock up in to him. Now that I held him like that it meant I was using my own
strength to hold him up so he slowly pulled back and took his arms from around
my neck, leaning back against the wall. I still held him and fucked up into
him but he now relaxed against the wall, thrust his ass down hard to meet my
cock. He started jerking his cock frantically, so desperate to cum.

“So fucking good!” Kris moaned and his arm was almost a blur with how fast he
was jerking his cock. “I’m gonna cum.”

With that he threw his head back, not caring that it crashed into the wall,
and let out an almighty scream as his dick throbbed and pulsed and finally
erupted, sending cum high into the air, splashing us both on the neck, chest
and abs.

“Oh shit!” Kris panted as cum continued to trickle out of his cock. His body
looked incredible. His abs were the tightest and hardest I had ever seen them
and the fact they were covered in sweat and cum just made it even hotter.

That image, along with the feeling of Kris’ tight ass squeezing my cock was
all I could handle so I drove my cock into his ass as it continued to spasm
and just let it out, firing load after load into the condom.

“Here it is, Kris! Take my fucking load,” I screamed.

“Yes! Give it to me!” Kris said, throwing his arms around my neck again and
lifting himself up slightly so he could drive himself down harder on my cock.

When the final spurt of cum left my cock I felt completely drained and took
the few steps over to one of the sofas and just fell down onto it with my dick
still deep inside him. We clung to each other, breathing heavily as we came
down from our amazing orgasms.

When my dick started going soft and slipped out of his ass I pulled myself out
of his embrace, after a final kiss, and went into the bathroom to get a couple
of washcloths, even though my legs were shaky. I threw my condom into the
trash after tying it off and then headed back out, handing Kris one cloth as I
washed myself down with another before sitting down to recover some more.

After about five minutes Kris broke the silence when he turned to me and said,
“Fuck, bro… that was awesome. It was everything I dreamed it would be and

“It was incredible,” I smiled back at him.

“What do you say we throw some clothes on and head over to the Rec?” Kris
asked, and I knew it was a genuine question.

I laughed, “Is that it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were horny as fuck before. Now you’ve blown your load you’re back to
normal?” I asked.

“That’s how it works with me sometimes, bro. I told you this was just a fuck
and that I needed to get off. I wasn’t lying.”

I laughed even harder, but then a part of me was so relieved it really was
just a fuck. I knew there would be no complications, no repercussions, and
that Kris and I could go about the rest of our day as if it never happened.
Why had I been so against this before? It was fucking awesome.

I turned to look at Kris, “Okay then, let’s go.”

“Cool,” Kris said, jumping to his feet and heading into his bedroom.

I chuckled to myself at how things had turned out as I went to get dressed
myself. Just before I went back out to see where Kris was I spotted my phone
and checked to see that I had a message. It was from Matt.

“So, what was it like?”

I smiled and knew Kris must have text him to tell him what had happened. I
quickly sent a text back. “It was unbelievable, but he’s still not as good as

Almost immediately a reply came back, “Good! You can tell me more tonight. I
can’t wait til I get there tomorrow. x”

“Me either. x” I text back before I threw my phone on the bed and headed out
to find Kris so we could go to the Rec.

I felt so good. Kris and Colt were such amazing friends, and Kris was a great
fuck. Matt was the man I was in love with and wanted to spend the rest of my
life with. Tomorrow all of us would be living together in our own apartment
that would belong to us for the next two years. Nothing could be better.


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