COREY’S POV...WRITTEN BY BIG 'D'... Posted 7/18/12

Arriving back at the apartment after being away for a while felt kind of strange. The
surroundings were still pretty new so it almost felt like I was moving in for the first time
all over again. Then there was the feeling that I was somewhat caged in. I don’t mean that
the apartment was small, because it wasn’t, but more that we had almost nothing to worry or
care about while we were in Holland, we could just be ourselves, our true selves, and enjoy
it. Now we were back in the US I felt as though a leash had been put back on me to keep me
in check. I would never hide who I was but I knew I couldn’t be as open as we had been out
there, and we certainly couldn’t have such public sex, whether that was in clubs or outside
in parks. Those kinds of things just didn’t happen in the US, not legally anyway. It was
somewhat depressing to think that this was where I called home, a place that proclaimed
itself to be the land of the free and yet in many ways was so far behind other countries in
their values, beliefs and laws. Even though I am so proud to call myself an American, I
couldn’t help but think that we had such a way to go before gay men like myself are truly
accepted by society and state.

I had spent the first night back from our vacation at Matt’s place since it was closest to
the airport. I had a great time catching up with Linda and just being with Matt in his own
bed, holding him while he slept. When we woke up the next morning, and I knew I wouldn’t see
him for another week, I got a little emotional, knowing I was going to miss him. I couldn’t
dwell on my feelings for too long though because as I still held Matt in my arms my cock
began to grow and, with nothing but spit to lube the way, I pushed my fat cock inside him
and gently rocked back and forth, moving in and out of his hot ass, making love to him
slowly as I held on to him and kissed his neck.

After almost an hour of me showing my boyfriend how much I love him, we both reached an
amazing climax and eventually got up to shower together. We headed downstairs to eat a nice
breakfast and then, after a long, passionate kiss, I left Matt with his Mom and drove home
to see my own parents. I can’t have been there for more than a few hours but I just couldn’t
take it, especially not when I knew I had somewhere else to live that I would be going back
to a few days later anyway.

Being in the apartment alone was strange. I had been on my own there before when Kris and
Colt were out doing one thing or another, but I always knew they would be back in a matter
of hours. This time I was set to be alone for days.

The first thing I did was unpack my case and sort out everything that needed to be washed.
Usually I would have done all that at home but I just couldn’t stay there. Luckily our
apartment had a washer and dryer so I wouldn’t have to find a launderette since I could do
it all at home. That was going to be such a bonus for the next two years.

With the first load in the wash I headed to the fridge and saw that there was next to
nothing in it. We had made sure not to buy anything that would spoil while we were away and
ended up having a major using up phase for the last two days. After the long drive and
sorting out my things I was beginning to feel a bit hungry so I made a quick list of things
I thought I would need and headed out to the store to buy it.

Arriving back I quickly made a nice salad, drizzled with a little dressing and accompanied
by a bottle of water, before clearing away the paper plate since we still hadn’t bought any
proper ones, by which time the washer had stopped and I could take the clothes out and put
in the next load, transferring the first to the dryer. It was so easy it was almost unreal.
I had a feeling Matt was going to like living with us much more now cleaning was so much

I then went around pretty much the whole apartment just picking little things up and putting
them wherever they needed to be, stacking DVDs and games, putting Kris and Colt’s things
back in their rooms, and just generally tidying up. I even swept and mopped the tile and
laminate floors and then ran the vacuum over the carpets. I chuckled to myself thinking
about how domesticated I could be and wondered why I wasn’t more so when Matt was around. In
truth I think it was always because I knew, and to some extent still do know, that Matt
would just do it all for me. If I left things to build up Matt would come along and clear
them up, and he would do the washing, but with him not around I had to do those things for
myself and it was really gratifying to know I could.

Before I knew it I was feeling hungry again and looked at a clock to see that it was around
the time when we would usually go out for something to eat, though Kris, Colt and I had been
making more of our own food since moving to the apartment. Not wanting to go out by myself,
I decided to get one of the frozen pizzas that Colt had bought out of the freezer. Usually I
wouldn’t really eat one but I knew I’d burn it off the next day when I went to the Rec to
work out, I could even go back to work early since I was back with little else to do.

That night, after watching a little TV and playing on a game, I went for a nice long shower
and then slipped into the big bed. It felt wrong, being alone in the huge bed with no one
beside me. I had just about got used to sleeping alone in the apartment, but then we went to
Amsterdam and I spent every night cuddled up to Matt. I felt lonely.

Sleep didn’t come for a long time and my mind was racing, thinking about so many different
things. I was so happy to have Matt and I couldn’t wait to see him again, to hold him in my
arms and kiss him, to make love to him and have him do the same to me. Being apart from him
showed me how much I really do love him and how much I want to be with him. In a way that
was a good thing because we both saw what it would be like if we weren’t together.

I thought back to what my life was like two years ago before I met Matt and there was no way
I wanted to go back to living like that. It was unbearable. My life had improved so much
since I found him and we started seeing each other. That of course got me to thinking about
how I almost screwed it all up by cheating on him by wanting to spread my wings and see what
was out there. I didn’t need to sleep with countless men for one night of fun when I could
be with just the one man who meant everything to me and who I could make love to every night
for the rest of my life.

As I stared at the ceiling I thought about my sexual encounters and what they meant. Matt
was the one who popped my cherry, and I was so thankful for that. He would always be the one
I remembered as my first and I truly hoped he would be the last too. The guy I cheated on
Matt with was really just for sex. He was a nice guy, and really hot, with a nice dick that
felt so good when it was pumping in and out of me, but the whole situation had been devoid
of the feeling and the love and intimacy I had almost come to crave with sex. Physically it
was great, but emotionally there was definitely something missing.

Then there was Kris. Just thinking about that sent a shiver through my body. I was the first
guy Kris ever fucked. That thought was really hot. He had come a long way since then and
really seemed to love gay sex, more than I ever thought he would, but I was the first guy to
take him over that barrier and it was something I took pleasure in.

My thoughts quickly turned from that night last January, over eighteen months ago, to just a
few weeks back when we woke up together on the sofa bed and Kris had his hard dick resting
in the crack of my ass. It had felt so good rubbing against my cheeks and my hole. I had
almost reached back and let it slip inside me, but I quickly came to my senses.

When that was followed by the near kiss I had started to worry. I didn’t have feelings for
Kris in the same way I did for Matt. Sure, Kris is hot as hell, as is Colt, but neither of
them come anywhere close to how hot Matt is in my eyes. Still, I wasn’t sure if I would be
able to resist the urges I was feeling toward Kris if we were alone, even though I looked at
it as a great test of my commitment to Matt. When Kris and I had been wrestling and when he
pinned me down on the ground, his lips so close to mine, I really wanted him to kiss me and
maybe even fuck me, but there was something about the situation, about the atmosphere and
the intimacy, not to mention being completely alone that made me feel as though sleeping
with Kris would have been like cheating on Matt all over again, and it was something that
neither of us were willing to do.

Luckily our problems were solved when Colt moved in. It really changed the atmosphere in the
apartment and there was much less sexual tension in the air, even though Colt loved to fuck
as much as any of us. Kris and I still shared knowing glances and I know we both wondered
what might have happened if Colt hadn’t turned up, but he had, so there was no point on
dwelling on what ifs, we just had to look toward the future.

The next couple of weeks went by quickly and life just went on. Kris and I were working at
the Rec most days, sometimes together, sometimes apart. We loved our jobs and got so lost in
them that most of the time the shifts just flew by. When Colt arrived back he had gone to
the Athletics department to ask about work for the summer but with most of the teams having
gone home for the break there wasn’t a whole lot of work to do until they returned. Two days
later we all headed out shopping, looking for things for the apartment to make it feel more
like a home, when Colt spotted a ‘help wanted’ sign in the window of a sporting goods store.
He went inside, had a chat with the owner and came bouncing back to us saying he had an
interview the next day. Needless to say the interview went very well and he got the job for
the summer, working most weekdays, and I knew he had a blast because he loved talking about
what he had done when he got home and chilled with us in front of the TV while having a

When Matt came up to join us one weekend it was great and I loved having him at the
apartment with me, being together and enjoying each other’s company, not to mention getting
a lot of use out of our new bed. I had to work one of the days he came to visit, which
really annoyed me, but I had booked quite a bit of vacation time already, as had Kris, with
us going away twice within the next few weeks. Even so, the feeling was incredible when I
got home and found Matt waiting on me. To have his arms around me and his lips on mine after
a day at work gave me such a lift, even when my body was sagging, and I wanted it to be like
that every day.

His weekend with us went by far too quickly and I waved him off again. This time though we
wouldn’t be apart for long because we were all going to Bishop’s place to celebrate the 4th
of July. I was actually surprised by how tame the weekend was, especially considering what
we got up to when we were there on Spring Break. Of course, having Kris with us meant we had
to go to the nude beach, which none of us complained about because it really was fun, though
I did have to joke with Matt that we might see his Professor again.

When Matt and I separated this time it was only for a week as our trip to Holland was on the
horizon and we were all looking forward to it more than we could put into words. When we
packed our things before heading down to Matt and Kris’ homes, since they were the closest
to the airport, Kris was so excitable he was almost bouncing off the walls.

The trip itself was amazing and I wished I was back there, enjoying the freedom and living
life to the full. I do have to say though that the trip really opened my eyes, not just
about the world and about how tolerant some people and places can be, but about sex too.

I wouldn’t say I was closed-minded about sex before but I guess I have always attached
feelings to it, especially when I’ve been with Matt. We tell each other that we love each
other all the time, but we also like to physically express that love too. So thinking about
having sex with someone else has always felt like I would be betraying Matt and doing
something with them I should reserve entirely for him.

It was strange because I didn’t think that way back when Kris and Colt were first starting
to explore the world of gay sex. When Kris fucked me it was all about us being horny and
wanting to get off. Kris was supposedly straight back then and it was so hot thinking about
getting fucked by a hot straight guy, and then when the opportunity arose to do more with
him, swapping blow jobs mainly, I was eager to get my lips around his hot cock and his
around mine. When I sucked Colt’s cock for the first time, the night of the poker game, it
was something I had wanted to do for a while and I couldn’t pass up the chance to get his
nice, veiny cock in my mouth. I loved it.

But over time, being with Matt, sex came to mean more to me than just giving in to urges and
wanting to get off, it became a declaration and something that should have meaning behind
it. It’s not that we didn’t fool around in that time because we did. We had our amazing
night with Scott where we fucked for hours, making the most of the three-way sex. And of
course there was watching Matt fuck both Kris and Colt and seeing how much they enjoyed it.
Even so I never really felt the need to fuck those two because I had Matt, but recently my
mind had been changed again.

When Matt fucked Kris for the second time, back at the dorm, I had been a little scared that
it would change things. The first time Matt fucked Kris it had shaken Matt up a little, but
the second time really didn’t do that. Both guys were fine with what happened and there were
no repercussions whatsoever, if anything it helped by giving them something they both
desired so they could get it out of their systems.

That got me thinking about how maybe I could experience something similar with either Kris
or Colt, but there was still that barrier I had to get over and the time I spent with Kris
before Colt arrived at the apartment made me hide behind it. It was only when I saw Matt in
that sling getting fucked by two complete strangers and I saw the look of sheer pleasure on
his face and how hard his cock was as he was being fucked, that I truly accepted that sex
can just be that, sex. There doesn’t have to be feeling or meaning behind it and it can be
enjoyed by anyone without having to commit to them. Yes, making love to someone is totally
different, and I would only ever do that with Matt, but to just give in to your primal needs
and fuck someone, that can just be animalistic and needn’t have any conditions attached.

Hearing Kris and Colt then talk about their night at the first club we went to when they
both got fucked by strangers they had only known a few minutes and how they had loved every
minute of it only helped to show me that I had really closed myself off and was keeping
myself from really experiencing life while I could. I knew I would be with Matt after
college unless anything went drastically wrong, and we had even agreed that so long as we
remembered who we loved, and didn’t do anything too reckless, we could experiment a little,
spread our wings, and fool around with our friends, because we would always end up back
together. So why was I holding myself back? Kris and Colt have fucked more guys than I have
and I’m the one who’s gay.

All of those thoughts of sex that were running through my mind had my cock rock hard so I
closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild. I saw Matt back in that sling getting fucked
so hard by that hot English guy. I saw Kris being fucked in a toilet stall, thinking back to
how he had described it. Images of Colt fucking a guy and then being flipped over and fucked
by that guys boyfriend got me so hot and I felt my cock thicken as I ran my hand up and down
it, not needing any lube since there was more than enough precum flowing out of it to help
my hand slide back and forth. Then the image changed back to the sling, only this time
Matt’s ass was being pounded by Kris and then Colt, both fucking him so hard the slapping of
their flesh sounded like someone being whipped.

Suddenly I saw Colt pull out of Matt and turn to look straight at me with nothing but lust
in his eyes as he spoke in his southern drawl, “Your turn.”

That was all it took. My cock expanded and then exploded, sending cum flying out of my cock
and hosing down my body, literally. I was covered in so much cum that someone walking in on
me would have probably thought I’d had three loads dumped between my abs and across my pecs.

After a few minutes of just lying there, struggling for breath, my whole body tingling, I
managed to get up off the bed and stumble into my bathroom to clean myself up before turning
out the light and returning to bed where I pretty much passed out, barely registering the
sound of the door to the apartment being opened before my eyes were closed and I was fast

It was only when I woke up the next morning that I remembered what I had heard. I got up and
slowly walked toward my bedroom door, opening it just a crack and taking a deep breath,
expecting to see the place trashed with the TV and Playstation missing. Instead what I saw
was a clean apartment, left exactly the same way as it had been the night before when I went
to bed.

Wondering if I had imagined the noise, I made my way over to Colt’s room, wary of someone
still being there who might attack me. I pushed the door open slowly but the room was empty.
I then made my way next door to Kris’ room and peeked inside. There he was in all his glory,
naked as the day he was born, lying on top of his bed, sheets thrown off, his hot body and
incredible ass on show. I was confused as to why Kris was back so early, he had been
planning on staying with his parents for at least another day, and yet here he was back at
the apartment, and I didn’t even know if he realised he wasn’t alone.

Wanting to let him sleep, I went back to my room and threw on a pair of shorts before
heading to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I was so glad I had gone to the store the day
before and had grabbed some bread and eggs because eggy bread, as they’d called it in
Amsterdam, was just what I wanted.

The smell it cooking must have woken Kris because he came stumbling out of the bedroom butt
naked, with his long hair a total mess.

“Corey?” he asked.

“Hey Kris, hope I didn’t wake you,” I replied. “Do you want me to cook a little extra so you
can have some?”

“Yeah, that would be great, but what are you doing here? I thought you were spending a few
days with your folks,” Kris said, rubbing his eyes.

“I was, but I just couldn’t take any more so I came back early. Why are you here?”

“The same reason,” Kris said, plonking himself down on one of the stools at the breakfast

“Your parents? I thought they were cool,” I said.

“So did I, bro, but my mom really ripped into me last night.”

“What for?”

“They were asking me about the trip and I was telling them about all of the amazing stuff we
got up to.”

“Not all of it I hope…”

“Okay, no, I didn’t tell them I got my ass fucked all over Amsterdam by three different
dicks,” Kris laughed.

“Good, I’m not sure how your mom would handle that.”

“Dude, she would totally flip, not that she didn’t anyway,” Kris sighed.

“Yeah, what was that about?” I asked, turning the bread that had been dipped in the beaten

“I was talking about all the stuff that’s different in Holland and I made a comment about
how some things are still the same, like with the hobo we saw, and she chewed my ass out
when I said I wasn’t giving him a penny. She started ranting about how I don’t know how good
my life is with everything I’ve got and that when someone is homeless and living on the
streets I should do whatever I can to help them.”

“You were a little harsh,” I said. “It wasn’t like you at all.”

“I guess I could have been nicer, and I do regret it in a way, but sometimes you never know
with homeless people, especially in a city like Amsterdam. What if he was an addict and we
were giving him drug money?”

“I see your point, but then I kind of see your mom’s too.”

“Oh, she didn’t stop there, bro.”

“No?” I asked.

“No. After she was done telling me about all the things I should be thankful for in life she
started lecturing me about how I never go home to visit anymore and that they’re starting to
feel like they don’t even have a son because Nathan’s gone and I’m never there.”

“Damn…” was all I could think to say.

“She was so angry and the tears were just rolling down her face. I felt so bad. She right
though, Corey. I got so caught up in my own life and experiences that I didn’t even think
about them. Have I been like that with other people?” Kris asked, the pain clear in his

“Not that I’m aware of. Your mom just misses you, Kris, that’s all. She loves you and cares
about you. Maybe if you just make a little more effort to go home every once in a while then
all will be fine. I wish my mother cared where I was or what I did.”

“I know, bro, I have it so good compared to some people and I just take it for granted. I
still have both of my parents and they love me and help to fund the life I’m living now.
Without them I wouldn’t be here and I don’t show them the respect and appreciation they

“So you left?” I asked, dumbfounded.

Kris smiled, “Yes. I spoke with my dad and he thought it was for the best that I come back
here and let my mom cool down a bit. I told him I’d go home in a few weeks and would try to
get home once a month, or thereabouts.”

“That sounds like a good plan. It’s one of those situations where you both have to make the
effort. She has to keep in touch with you and you with her.”

“I know. Anyway, enough of this shit, serve up that bread before it burns,” Kris smiled.

I scooped everything out of the pan onto our plates and we sat down at the breakfast bar to
eat it. After we finished I cleared away the pan and threw our paper plates while Kris went
off to brush his teeth.

“Fuck!” I heard him scream.

“What?” I quickly answered, rushing to the bathroom.

Kris was looking in the mirror. “Did my hair look like this the whole time we were eating?”

“No, it just magically exploded when you came in here…”

Kris threw a towel at me and we both laughed. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t think it would be nice to say you look like a clown who’s been electrocuted,” I

Kris laughed again, “I do look like that, don’t I?”

“You do, now get a shower and get dressed, I’m taking your lazy ass to the Rec, you haven’t
worked out in over a week and it’s starting to show.”

“You cheeky fuck!” Kris exclaimed. “I’m still as hot as ever.”

“Hey, I don’t mind if you let yourself go. Though I’m not sure Colt will still fuck you if
you’re a fatty.”

I saw the change in Kris’ expression and knew what was coming. I turned and ran out of the
bathroom and across the hall into my room, not stopping until I had the door to my bathroom
closed and locked behind me.

“You can’t stay in there forever, Corey!” Kris shouted, banging on the door. “I’ll be
waiting when you come out.”

“I came out years ago,” I shouted back and heard Kris laugh as he walked away from the door.

I stripped out of my shorts and got into the shower, washing myself thoroughly and stepping
out to dry myself off. I opened the bathroom door slowly to make sure Kris wasn’t there and
then walked out to get some clothes. I had just put what I was going to wear down on the bed
when I was tackled onto it by a naked Kris, who was still dripping wet from his shower. He
ripped my towel off and threw it across the room as he tried to pin me down to the bed. I
wasn’t going to give in easily and started fighting back, pushing up against him and
slipping my legs around his waist to squeeze him tight until he let go. Seizing the
opportunity I wriggled out from beneath him and spun around so I was behind him, with him
still on his hands and knees on the bed. Licking the palm of my hand I then slapped his bare
ass hard and immediately felt my hand stinging from the contact.

“FUCK!!” Kris screamed, reaching around to rub his sore ass.

When he turned to me there was fire in his eyes and I feared I was going to have to deal
with angry Kris when he got into one of his moods, but there was no one else around to help
me this time. Instead what happened was that Kris spun around himself, grabbed my arm,
pulling me over the bed, and moved into position so I was pretty much over his knee as he
started spanking my ass hard while I tried to get away.

After about five slaps I managed to get away from him and we looked at each other, both of
us panting. That was when I realised we were both hard as a rock. Our play fighting had
excited us both. I took a few steps forward until I was just in front of him and then I
slapped his cock, which caused him to bend over and moan, grabbing his dick. I quickly moved
behind him and slapped his ass again. This time when he spun around we were face to face and
were staring into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly we heard the door open and slam shut, followed by a familiar voice.

“Are you two fuckers here?” Colt shouted. “Your cars are outside.”

Kris and I both stepped back and noticed that our dicks had quickly gone limp. It was the
second time Colt had stopped the flow of whatever it was Kris and I were doing and it made
me wonder if there was some kind of divine power at work keeping us apart. We walked out to
greet Colt, who gave up both a hug and asked what we were doing. I explained that we’d just
showered and were heading to the gym.

“Why did you shower before the gym?” Colt asked. “You’ll only have to shower again after.”

“If you were here to see what Kris’ hair looked like you wouldn’t be saying that,” I smiled.

“Oh, I saw it when we were on vacation. I woke up next to him and thought I was in bed with
a troll doll.”

I laughed, but Kris didn’t look amused. “Anyway, let’s get dressed and head over to the
Rec,” I said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Colt said.

We all went to our separate bedrooms and changed into our workout clothes. This time I
didn’t even dwell on what might have happened with Kris because I had come to the conclusion
that as long as it was just sex I could do it with him and it wouldn’t have to have any
consequences, that is if the time and place were right.

All dressed and ready we headed out to the Rec to work out. Almost as soon as I walked in
the door our manager came hurrying over.

“Oh guys, you’re back. I’m so happy to see you,” he said.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“A lot more people than we thought have already come back to campus and we’re a little short
staffed. Could either of you possibly work a shift for me this afternoon?” he asked.

I looked at Kris and then replied, “Sure, I can do it. I’ve got nothing else planned.

“Thank you, Corey. I’ll arrange it so you get an extra day off in a few weeks to make up for
it. I’ll see you back here at two.”

Once he was gone we signed in and went off to do our usual workouts, pushing ourselves a
little harder than normal because of us not really doing anything for more than a week. When
we were done we were all hot and sweaty so we headed back to the apartment to shower. Kris
then helped me put together some lunch, which we all ate together, and I headed off to work.

My shift went like pretty much any other and nothing happened that was remotely interesting.
I didn’t see any of my friends, though, and wondered where they were since I knew at least a
few were already back, even if I hadn’t seen them. Maybe they had just got out of the habit
since they didn’t have Kris to encourage them.

I enjoyed the walk home since there was a light breeze blowing, though it was still a nice
summer night, and was soon letting myself into the apartment. I had barely closed the door
behind me when I heard moaning. I locked the front door and tiptoed over to Kris’ room where
the moans were coming from, careful not to make a noise myself.

When I looked through the partially open door into the room I almost stopped breathing. Colt
was bent over the bed with Kris pounding his cock into Colt’s ass.

“Oh yeah… Oh yeah…” Colt was panting as Kris held onto his hips and pumped his covered cock
in and out of the tight hole.

“You love my cock inside you, don’t ya?” Kris growled, fucking Colt even harder.

“Yes! I fucking love it! Fuck me harder, Kris,” Colt screamed.

I was in a state of shock. I had seen Kris and Colt fuck before, recently too, but this was
different to those other times, they weren’t making love, they were fucking, hard.

Kris continued to hammer Colt’s ass as Colt moaned and pleaded for more, gripping onto the
sheets beneath him. Kris then pulled his cock completely out of Colt and flipped him over so
he was lying on his back on the bed with his ass hanging over the edge. Leaning in, Kris
rubbed the head of his cock over Colt’s hole.

“Stick it back in,” Colt moaned.

“Not yet,” Kris smiled, running his cock up and down Colt’s crack.


“I want you to beg for it.”


“You’ve fucked me so many times recently, especially when we were away. I was always the
bottom. Why is that?” Kris asked.

“Because you love getting fucked,” Colt replied.

“Yeah, I do, but so do you. So why haven’t you been letting me fuck you?”

“I’d have let you fuck me any time, all you had to do was ask.”

Damn, my cock was rock hard hearing those two talk like that. I quickly stripped out of my
clothes and kept watching them as I started to stroke my dick.

“So you want my dick back inside you?” Kris asked.

“You know I do.”

“Tell me how much you want it,” Kris said, pressing his cock against Colt’s hole enough so
that it started to open and swallow the head of Kris’ cock but not enough so the head would
slip inside.

“FUCK!” Colt screamed. “I want you so fucking bad, Kris. I love your dick. I want you to
shove it back inside me and just fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I could see Kris smile, satisfied as he took hold of Colt’s ankles, pulled the legs up and
apart, and then sank his cock back inside Colt’s tight ass.

“Oh yes…” Colt moaned as Kris pushed deeper inside him.

Soon Kris was back to fucking Colt’s ass hard, pushing the legs back to angle his ass up to
allow for better access and deeper penetration. Colt was moaning constantly and was throwing
his head from side to side as Kris continued to pound down into his ass.

“I love fucking your ass, Colt, you’re so hot and your ass is so tight,” Kris said as he
pushed Colt’s legs apart and bent down to kiss him.

Colt embraced Kris and eagerly returned the kissed. When they broke apart they looked into
each other’s eyes and Kris held himself there as he continued to slide his cock in and out
of Colt’s hole.

“Fuck me, Kris,” Colt panted. “God, I love it when you fuck me. Your dick feels so good
inside me.”

Kris kissed Colt again and then pulled back, “Does that mean you’re gonna let me fuck you
more often?”

Colt just moaned, so Kris pulled his cock completely out of Colt’s ass and then slammed it
back in as hard as he could.

“That didn’t sound like an answer,” Kris said, emphasising it with another rough thrust. “Do
I get to fuck your hot ass more often this year?”

“YES!” Colt screamed. “I want you to fuck my brains out.”

My cock throbbed hearing Colt talk like that. Precum was flowing out of my cock, which I
quickly smeared over the shaft as I continued to jerk off, watching the hottest porn show
ever unfold before my eyes.

“We’ll fuck each other’s brains out, Colt, whenever one of us needs to get fucked,” Kris

Colt was just panting and moaning now as Kris changed the angle of his thrusts and his cock
went crashing into Colt’s spot, which I could tell from the way the pitch of Colt’s moans
went so much higher and the hot muscles on his whole body grew tense. He was close.

Kris smiled down at Colt, seeing the reaction he was causing, but when Colt reached his hand
up to stroke his cock Kris slapped it away.

“No,” Kris said. “You’re not touching your cock. I want to fuck the cum out of you.”

Kris then picked up the speed of his thrusts and was really drilling Colt’s ass until Colt
screamed so loud it almost deafened me, even though I wasn’t in the room. I watched in awe as
he arched his back and cum rocketed out of his cock, the first shot actually flew over his
head with the second landing on his cheek, the third on his neck, the fourth on his chest and
the rest onto his abs.

That did it for me. I quickly bent down and grabbed the boxers I’d just taken off, holding
them out in front of my dick as I started shooting my load. I managed to catch it all and was
just coming down from my orgasm in time to see Kris pull out of Colt’s ass, throw off the
condom and spray his load all over Colt’s body.

As Kris collapsed down on top of Colt’s body I picked up the rest of my clothes and headed to
my own room. It was so hot watching Kris and Colt fuck, and a part of me had wanted to push
the door open further and maybe even go in to join them, but in the end I left them to it,
slipping into my own bed to think about Matt coming at the weekend and about the sex I was
going to have with him.


Hope you enjoyed another chapter for the summer written by Big 'D'

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