Mike pulled his pickup into the parking lot at the franchise suit seller.  He opened the door and walked in with the smell of new clothes filling his nostrils.  He looked around for a minute yet felt so out of place and hadn't owned a suit in over 10 years.  He needed one now for a formal party in honor of his elderly father. 

"May I help you, sir?" a young blond male salesperson asked.

"Yeah, I need a suit," Mike replied.

"That's what we're here for," the salesperson smiled. "Any style or price range you looking for today, sir?"

"Honestly, I just want a suit," Mike stated. "Mid range price would be great, ummm..." Mike tried to make out the name tag.

"Tyron, sir," he smiled.  He led Mike over to a wall filled with different colors and styles.

"Black preferably," Mike said. "I want it rather simple too."

"Yes sir, that should be rather easy then," Tyron searched the rack and pulled out a plain black suit for a look.  "I suppose we need to grab a size right quick for the coat.  We can alter the rest.  Follow me and I'll get a measurement."

Tyron led Mike to the rear of the store and found a tape.  Mike held up his arms and allowed Tyron to measure his thick chest.  Tyron while there measured Mike's waist, then inseam.   Mike jumped back when he felt Tyron placing the tape near his balls.  Tyron looked up and smiled while grabbing the measurement.  "All man," Tyron commented with a smile.

"You betcha," Mike said.

They returned and found the correct coat size and style that fit Mike’s simple request.  Mike gave the coat a try over his plaid shirt.  It was uncomfortable since he disliked wearing a suit for any occasion.  Tyron knew the pants would need altering and showed Mike back to the dressing room.  Mike put on the pants and returned.  Tyron was waiting to mark the pants for alterations.  Mike lifted up his shirt slightly exposing his hairy stomach.  Tyron went in the back and marked the pants.  He got on his knees and got the length pinned off just right.

"Boy, you like what you see, huh?" Mike asked in a gravelly voice.

"Ummm... sir, I'm happy to assist you," Tyron smiled and stood up.  "I'm finished.  You can put back on your jeans now. The alterations should be ready in three days."

Mike returned to the dressing room.  He came out and saw Tyron there waiting on him with the suit in hand.  "You like older, hairy guys?" Mike asked.

"Excuse me," Tyron said and was caught by surprise.

"Boy, you've been eyeing me the entire time.  You like older hairy guys?" Mike asked again.

Tyron didn't answer and turned to walk to ring up Mike's suit.  Mike paid by credit card, signed the recipt and grabbed it to leave.  He looked down on the receipt and saw a cell number written down.  Tyron smiled at Mike when Mike looked up at him. 

"You must like an older man.  I might call you later," Mike said quietly.

"I hope so," Tyron smiled.

Mike got in his pickup and left but kept the number close to him. 

On the day before his suit was to be ready, Mike called Tyron at the number given.  Tyron answered on the third ring.  Mike was checking to make sure Tyron would be at the store when he came to pick up his suit. 

First thing the next day, Mike reentered the store and found Tyron there waiting on him.  "Mr. Green, your suit is in back waiting on you," Tyron smiled.

"Great, I hope it fits now," Mike said.

He followed Tyron to the back.  Tyron handed him the suit. "You can come with me," Mike said and opened the door to the dressing room.

Tyron looked around and followed Mike in, "Sir this is against company policy."

"Well, I don't care plus I know I fit need special attention," Mike said and dropped his jeans.  Tyron stared at Mike standing in his briefs and handed him the suit pants. 

Mike put on the pants and buttoned them around his waist, "See how they fit now."

Tyron felt along the waist.  He felt Mike grab his hand, "Sir."

"Check out the area you want most and see if it feels good to you," Mike said and moved Tyron's hand to his crotch.  "How does that feel?"

Tyron was speechless.

"That's what I thought," Mike said. "Speechless. Now let me see what you're packing."  Mike moved his hand and felt Tyron's crotch.  He looked up at Tyron and reached down for a good feel. He lightly stroked Tyron’s cock over the dress pants. "Packing a big stick, I can tell.” Tyron smiled.  "What time you get off tonight?"

"7," Tyron replied.

"If you want play, I'll see you after you get off," Mike stated. "I'll write down my address and number for you."

Mike took off the suit pants. Tyron neatly placed the entire suit in a suit bag to send Mike on his way.   "See you tonight after I get for sure," Tyron said quietly.

Mike winked and left the store with his suit.

At 8, Mike had about given up hope of seeing his young guy.  He had stayed dressed in his clothes he had worked in all day.  They were sweaty and dirty but perfect for his encounter.  He heard his doorbell ring then and walked to see if maybe.  He opened the door and saw Tyron in his t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.  Tyron's highlighted sandy blond hair was spiked and looked different than the professional look at the store along with earrings in both ears.

"Come on in, you little hottie," Mike said. “Damn you’re one fine ass young man I must say.”

"I went to my place to change to look my best," Tyron stepped inside.

"Well, I was expecting you earlier and almost gave up," Mike said. "I wanted to see you in that sharp looking suit."

Tyron laughed, "That's just for work.  This is the real me and I see the real Mike as well."

"You like me all dirty and sweaty?" Mike asked with a wry smile.

"Even fucking better for me," Tyron smiled and sat on the couch.

"So you do like older guys then?"

"Oh yeah, I like a real man who is all man, not some damn sissy who bitches at every move and does know how to treat a guy," Tyron explained. “I have a feeling you won’t bitch at all.”

Mike grabbed Tyron for a tongue laden kiss and ran his goatee over Tyron's smooth face.  Tyron felt the full goatee before lifting off Mike's dirty, sweaty plain white t-shirt.  He ran his hands through Mike's hairy chest and sucked his nipples. 

"Oh hell yeah, boy," Mike stated while enjoying Tyron's mouth on his nipples. "How old are you, boy?"

"22 and you?"

"Twice your age, 44."

"Perfect," Tyron resumed his exploration of Mike's hairy body with his hands.

Mike let Tyron do his thing before yanking off Tyron's t-shirt.  "Damn, smooth as a baby's butt but very nice."

Tyron smiled and watched Mike lick his pecs and suck his nipples.  Mike ran his tongue down Tyron's flat stomach and licked the sparsely hairy trail.  Mike undid Tyron's shorts.  "You really got dressed for nothing," Mike stated.

"I think so know.  I like your aggression," Tyron said. "Nothing timid about you."

Mike pushed down Tyron's shorts and mouthed Tyron's nice cock through his green boxer briefs.  He popped the waist band and pushed them off. He smiled seeing Tyron’s trim pubes and how great his cock look freed from the boxer briefs.  He kissed Tyron's hips and licked Tyron's cut cock.  He moved down and sucked his balls.  He got down on his knees while Tyron sat on the couch with his legs spread wide for Mike's pleasure and desire.  Mike licked Tyron's big cock head and put his mouth on it.  He opened up and slid down on Tyron's hardening cock.

"Fuck yea, dude.  Suck my dick!" Tyron shouted. "Show me how a real man sucks dick!"

Mike sucked for a minute, "Bet you like feeling my goatee on your big dick?"

"OOOO feels so damn good, dude," Tyron said and leaned back to enjoy Mike's mouth. “Keep sucking my dick!”

Mike sucked and licked Tyron's cock with vigor.  Tyron began moaning and running his hands through Mike's graying hair.  Mike went down and deep throated Tyron's cock with his hands cupping Tyron’s nice balls.  Tyron held Mike there for a second before Mike came up to catch his breath.  He quickly returned for a few minutes of Tyron’s hot cock.

Mike stopped and kissed Tyron's thighs.  He stood up in Tyron's face.  Tyron unbuttoned Mike's jeans and pushed down his sweaty briefs.  Tyron grabbed Mike's floppy cock and licked it along with servicing Mike's hairy balls.

"Nice dick," Tyron commented.

"Now suck me like I did you.  Then you're going to fuck my ass," Mike stated.

"The pleasure will be all mine," Tyron dropped his mouth down and began sucking on Mike's cock.  He grabbed Mike's hairy ass while constantly sucking Mike's cut 6 inches.  Mike stood there and watched Tyron do his thing.  He could tell Tyron knew what he was doing.  He grabbed Tyron's head and began fucking his face with his hard throbbing cock.

"Suck me," Mike screamed.  Tyron looked up at him with his mouth full of cock.  His nostrils were filled with Mike's manly musk.  He reached around and slid his forefinger into Mike's ass while still sucking his cock.

"Let me get on this couch so you can ate my ass out," Mike said.  Tyron smiled and watched while Mike got on the couch and spread his legs.  Tyron pushed his legs up further and dove down to Mike's hairy ass.  "MMMM yeah boy," Mike moaned, feeling Tyron's tongue at his ass.  Mike continued to moan while Tyron licked and tongued his hairy sweat ass.  "Ripe enough for you?" Mike asked.

"Fucking perfect! Just how I like a man hole," Tyron replied with a smile and licking his lips.

Mike closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure.  Tyron stopped.  Mike opened his eyes and saw Tyron spit on his cock and then Mike's ass.  "Oh fuck yeah!" Mike screamed and waited.

Tyron put Mike's feet on his shoulders, lined up his 8 inches and slid it in Mike's ass.  Mike moaned feeling Tyron easily slid in him. 

"Oh fucking hot ass, dude!" Tyron shouted.

"Fuck me, Tyron! Fuck my ass with that big dick of yours!" Mike screamed.  

Tyron rammed his hard cock deep as it could go.  He looked into Mike's eyes, pulled out and rammed it back in.  Mike screamed but loved the feeling this hot young guy was delivering.  Tyron leaned over and ran his hands through Mike's hairy chest while fucking him as hard as he could.

"OOO fuck yeah!" Mike screamed and grabbed Tyron's smooth ass. "Fuck me boy! Keep fucking me with big dick!"

“You like this big cock up your ass?”

“Been waiting all day for this shit!” Mike screamed.

Tyron slammed his cock hard as he could.  He began breathing heavily while constantly pounding Mike's ass.  Tyron pulled his cock out and rammed it back in Mike’s hairy hole.  Mike screamed for more and got more cock.   

"Let me ride this shit!" Mike stated.

"Hell yeah!" Tyron said and maneuvered around with his cock deep in Mike.  He sat on the couch and felt the weight of Mike.  Mike bounced up and down on Tyron's hot cock while Tyron sucked and twisted Mike's nipples.  He moved his hand down and began jacking Mike's cock.  Mike slowed and Tyron took over.  Tyron pushed his cock deep and hard with Mike moaning and groaning there on the couch. 

After a few minutes of Tyron jacking his cock and fucking his ass, Mike shot his load onto Tyron's smooth chest and stomach.  "Damn that felt good," Mike leaned back. "I want you to bred my fucking ass with that boy cum of you got."

"I was fucking planning on it," Tyron gritted his teeth.  He fucked Mike at a fever pitch.  He rammed it deep, moaned loudly and filled Mike's ass with his cum.  Mike could feel the warm cum deep in him and squeezed his ass to milk Tyron's cock while Tyron grunted.  Tyron pulled his cock out and rammed it back in Mike's cum filled ass to push his cum as deep as possible.  Tyron went limp after a few deep plunges and slipped out of Mike's hole.  Mike could fill the rewards of his fuck dripping out of his ass.  He sat next to Tyron and played with Tyron's limp cock.

"You're one hot fuck," Mike said.

"You are too," Tyron smiled. "I loved fucking you."

Mike kissed Tyron briefly.  They petted each other while coming down from their blissful encounter.  "You wore my ass out," Mike said.

"I guess I did," Tyron said. "I better jet."

"That's fine," Mike said. "I'll recommend you to all my buddies.  The after service was great."

"I hope you will send them my way," Tyron said while putting on his boxer briefs.

"Thanks again!" Mike sat there on the couch filled and satisfied.

"See you later," Tyron finished dressing.

"Can I call you again?"

"Hell yeah, I hope you do," Tyron smiled and left out the front door.

Mike put his finger up his ass and tasted Tyron's cum mixed with his ass juices.  He smiled but doubted he could ever score another hot young guy like that again.  Even if he didn't, he sure enjoyed buying a suit for a change and would remember him every time he put on the black suit.