This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This is pure fantasy and one that Big D wrote a little while back.  Hope you enjoy it!!

With Kris gone, I caught a little weather on the TV. I was about to go to my room when I heard a knock. Opening the door, Ted was standing there with his backpack on.

“Hey, wassup?” I asked.

“I’m glad you’re here, Matt. I need some help with our class for that upcoming test. I went to the tutor but he couldn’t explain this one theory I know will be so key to our test. Plus, I’m not sure how much I’ll be around this weekend. Do you mind if we studied for a while?” Ted asked in his deep voice.

“Of course not. Kris is gone and Colt’s in the other room so we can use my room to study as long as we need to.”

“Awesome. Thanks for helping a dumb jock out,” Ted laughed.

“Any time,” I said. We headed to my room. We pulled out our laptops and started first with his problem area.  After he grasped that concept, we moved on to cover other areas we knew would be covered on the test. 

After studying intensely, we stopped. “They were right.  I picked one smart cookie to study with.”

“Ah, it was no problem and I’m glad I could help,” I stated.

“Matt, I do appreciate that for two hours not one word was mentioned about football or the team…”

“Ted, I see you as a student who plays a sport here and not the other way around. I can see each time you are around us how much you wanna be treated as one of the guys. I will say you’ve made me a big fan. Now that I know you and Luke, it does make the games that much more interesting…”

“One day, I do want you and my nephew to talk. He needs to see how a real gay guy is and how one acts. I have a ton of respect for you and Corey and the way you handle yourselves.”

“I appreciate that. I’m lucky to have Corey, Kris and all of the guys here. Sure there are jokes but they treat us like they do everyone else.”

“That’s because you’re amazing, Matt, and you show people that it’s not a bad thing to be gay,” Ted said with a strange look in his eyes.

Before I had time to say anything in reply Ted leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against mine. My eyes were open wide in shock but I could see that Ted had his closed. I didn’t kiss him back but I didn’t pull away either.

Ted broke the kiss and sat back. He looked at me and then quickly stood, his huge body towering over me.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done that,” his deep voice had never sounded more childlike.

He started packing his things away as I sat in my chair, still in shock, but as he made a move to leave I stood and grabbed hold of his arm. When he spun back around to look at me I reached up and pulled his head down to mine until our lips met again.

Ted dropped his bag to the floor and took my head in his huge hands, returning the kiss with passion. I could tell just from the hold he had on the sides of my head that he possessed more power than I had ever encountered in another man before but he was so soft in his movements. He really was a gentle giant.

We continued to kiss, just our lips meeting. I can’t remember the last time anyone ever kissed me like that. Slowly Ted removed his hands from my head, dropping them to take hold of my waist.

I reached up, managing to wrap my hands around his neck. The next time our lips met I opened mine slightly, running the tip of my tongue over my own lips, which in turn ran over his. He moaned into my mouth and it was like the flood gates were opened. His tongue pushed into my mouth and we embraced each other fully, making out with such intensity that I thought we were going to hurt each other, but there was no danger in that.

I moved my hands so they were running up and down Ted’s huge back, slipping under his shirt to feel the surprisingly smooth flesh. My hands caressed the muscles in his back that were both soft and hard at the same time. Ted was naturally muscular, though I’m sure the gym helped some, it was totally different to what I was used to.

Ted’s own hands moved from my waist, travelling up until they slipped under my own top. As his hands ran over my developing abs he growled into my mouth, the vibrations running along my tongue sending a shiver through my entire body.

His hands moved back down, gripping the bottom of my shirt and pulling it up until we had no choice but to break our kiss so he could rip it off over my head, tossing it across the room.

He pulled me back to him, his tongue slipping into my mouth again. His hands continued their exploration of my body that was so different and so much smaller than his.

His lips moved to my neck and his deep voice whispered against my skin, “I love your body, Matt. You’re so hot. You’ve got definition but you’re not all pumped up like most of the guys I’m around. I want you so bad.”

Hearing those words in his deep voice had my body trembling in his hands.

“I want you too,” I said, pulling his head back up so I could kiss him again. I was so hungry for him.

As we kissed I mimicked his earlier movements by running my hands up the front of his shirt. My God, he was sexy. His muscles were nowhere near as defined as Luke’s or even Kris or Corey’s but they were so much bigger, pushing against his skin from beneath with just a little added meat around them. He was a mountain of muscle.

I started tugging at his shirt and he quickly took the hint, pulling it off and dropping it to the floor. My eyes almost popped out of my head seeing his hot body in front of me.

Reaching out my hands I touched his bulging pecs, cupping them and squeezing his nipples. He let out a deep groan that only excited me more so I leaned in and took one of his nipples into my mouth, kissing it, licking it and playfully biting it. Ted moaned and pressed my face harder against his chest.

I kissed my way further down his body and then dropped to my knees in front of him, pulling down his shorts. His hard dick sprung up as I pulled down his boxers, almost hitting me in the face.

FUCK! What a cock!

I was literally drooling as I stared at the most perfect cock I had ever seen. It was huge and utterly beautiful. It was cut, the pink head shining with precum as the entire seven inch shaft throbbed. But it wasn’t just long, it was thick too, much fatter than Corey’s. I reached out to wrap my hand around it and to my amazement my fingers wouldn’t actually touch as I tried to close them around the shaft.

Giving it a few quick strokes I couldn’t resist. I leaned forward, taking the dripping head into my mouth with Ted letting out a deep groan and his cock jumping between my lips.

Damn! My mouth was stretched to its limits and I could barely take more than about a third in my mouth. I couldn’t believe the size of his dick. Other people might be scared of tackling such a big cock but all I could think of was how it was an incredible challenge.

Ted was moaning, stroking my head as I continued to bob up and down, working his shaft and head with my lips and tongue, trying desperately not to catch him with my teeth but it was so hard because my mouth didn’t open wide enough.

I kept taking deep breaths as I started to drive his cock further into my mouth, swallowing more and more of it, pushing my jaw to the limit, feeling my skin stretch. I managed about five or six inches of it before I just couldn’t take any more and had to pull back.

“Holy fuck!” Ted breathed, panting heavily. “That was fucking incredible! No one has ever sucked that much of my cock. Most girls stop at the head, if they’ll suck it at all. Fuck!”

I used the back of my hand to wipe away the spit that was dripping down my chin, taking deep breaths to recover. Ted pulled me to my feet and looked into my eyes, softly stroking the side of my face before leaning in for a hot kiss.

Gently he pushed me backwards until I fell onto my bed. He kneeled down on the floor, pulling my shorts down and off, my hard dick slapping against my abs.

“Damn, Matt!” Ted chuckled. “Your dick’s even bigger than mine.”

“Nowhere near as thick though!” I chuckled back, still catching my breath.

Ted studied my hard cock for a moment, seemingly drinking in all of the details of it. Slowly he moved a shaking hand toward it, wrapping his fist around my shaft.

I was looking down at this hot college football star, this huge linebacker, kneeling before me, my rock hard dick in his hand, but what was perhaps most unreal about the situation was that his massive hand was wrapped around well over half of my eight inches. He brought the other hand up to join it and wrapped it around what wasn’t already covered, enveloping my entire dick in his fists. No one had ever come close to that before.

Using one hand he slowly started to move up and down, caressing the shaft, while the other hand formed a dome around the top of my dick, his palm swirling around the head. It felt unbelievable. I knew that he must be using one of his own jerk off methods to work my cock and it was totally amazing.

I lay back, enjoying what he was doing with his hands, picturing him doing the same thing to his own massive cock that was still throbbing between his legs as he continued to work my dick.

After a minute or two of pleasuring my cock like that he removed the hand that had been massaging the head of my dick, slowly leaning in until his lips were kissing the tip, tasting the precum that had gathered there.

He opened his mouth and took the head inside, using his tongue to lap up my juices and press into the slip, before running it around the glands and up and down the first two inches of my shaft.

My entire body was in a state of pure sexual bliss, watching this giant of a man who could probably snap my neck in a simple move on his knees sucking my cock like a new born baby suckling at its mother’s teat.

My dick was throbbing and leaking in his mouth and I felt my balls start to tighten. I didn’t want it to end so quickly so I pulled Ted up until his huge body was completely covering mine and leaned up for a kiss, which he returned with enthusiasm, letting me taste myself as his tongue battled with my own.

Needing to pull away to take a breath Ted looked deep into my eyes, leaning down to press his forehead against mine. Without breaking eye contact or moving his head back Ted shifted his body and his cock rubbed against mine. We both moaned and started slowly thrusting against each other.

“Oh God, Ted… Fuck me!” I panted.

Ted pulled back and studied my face. “For real?”

“Yeah… Fuck me!” I nodded.

“Are you sure you can take it?” He asked, concern evident in his deep voice.

“There’s only one way to find out…”

Ted smiled but pulled away from me, moving to sit on the bed. I got up and walked over to my drawer, pulling out one of the condoms I always kept because I never knew when I might need them. I was glad I’d bought magnums with the size of Ted’s dick.

I tossed Ted the condom and picked up the bottle of lube that was seeing a lot of use but was still plenty full to serve its purpose. When I showered earlier I made sure I was nice and clean in case Corey wanted to fuck me so I was good to go. Lubing up my ass good, hoping it was enough to ease the pain I knew would be coming, I walked across to Ted and applied some generously to his now covered cock.

“How do you want to do this?” He asked. “Most girls make me stop so if it’s too much for you, just tell me, okay?”

“Ted, stop worrying. I know it will be uncomfortable at first but so was Corey’s cock. Take it slow and I’m sure it will be fine. If it gets too much I’ll tell you to pull out and I’ll suck you off. You can blow your load in my mouth if you don’t blow it up my ass.” I smiled, leaning in to kiss him.

We made out for a minute with me moving up to straddle him, putting one arm around his neck and reaching down to stroke his cock with the other, getting it good and ready to fuck me.

I lifted my ass up and positioned Ted’s big cock so it was running up and down my crack as I moved backwards and forwards, up and down, in his lap. Ted hung onto me, moaning, as I squeezed my cheeks together, trapping his cock between them.

Moving so that I was on my knees the head of Ted’s cock was rubbing against my hole. Ted held it up, allowing me to brace myself on his shoulders as I moved my ass to line up his cock perfectly with my entrance.

I gasped and clung to Ted as the huge head pushed against my hole. Fuck it hurt. Even feeling it stretch my mouth didn’t prepare me for how big Ted’s cock felt as it slowly pressed through my sphincter and popped into my ass.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck!” I panted, burying my head against Ted’s neck as his thick cock stretched me wide and pushed inside me. I hadn’t felt such pain or discomfort since the first time I got fucked, but just like then it also felt strangely good and I was excited for what was to come.

I was breathing so heavily now it was like I had just finished fifty laps in the pool. Ted didn’t move, he just sat on my bed with his eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of my tight ass being wrapped around the head of his cock.

I must have stayed in the same position for three or four minutes, letting my ass get used to the invasion. My breathing calmed down and I moved my head back so I was making out with Ted again.

With Ted’s tongue swirling around mine and his hand running up and down my back I felt myself begin to relax and slowly I started to sink my ass down on his cock. Inch by inch I lowered myself down, moaning into Ted’s mouth as his cock moved deeper. Never before had I felt someone fill me and stretch me so completely.

I had to have been sitting on his dick for more than ten minutes when I finally sat down fully on his cock, feeling his pubes against my ass.

“Holy fucking shit!!” Ted screamed. “You took all of my cock! No one has ever done that!”

I smiled, so proud of myself that I was able to take all of him. The first part of my challenge was complete. Now came the real test. I was about to get fucked by the huge cock lodged inside me.

Needing to adjust to his entire dick being deep inside me, I sat still, my mouth returning to Ted’s. He was such a good kisser, so gentle, yet so passionate at the same time.

Feeling more at ease I started to rotate my hips, moving them around in a circle, grinding my ass on Ted’s hard cock. He started to moan, pulling back from the kiss to look in my eyes, his hands travelling down to my hips to hold on to them as I started to pull very slightly off his cock before sitting back down.

I started with just an inch leaving my ass, getting used to the feeling and then moving further until around half of his shaft was pulling out and then plunging back inside me.

Ted was really starting to get into it, thrusting up ever so slightly as he pulled me down to meet him. It was a really slow fuck but it was so good. His cock was really working my hole, his shaft rubbing every part of my insides it came into contact with, pushing against my prostate time and time again, causing my dick, which had started to go limp as I took his cock, to rise again, dripping as it rubbed between our stomachs.

“Oh fuck, Ted,” I breathed. “Your dick feels so good inside me.”

“Yeah?” Ted asked, almost as if surprised.

“Hell yeah! So good!” I said, riding him harder.

“Your ass feels is so tight around my dick. Better than any pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

I smiled. “Put me on my back, Ted. I want you to really fuck me with that big dick.”

“Are you sure?”

“Just fuck me, Ted. Fuck me hard.”

Ted smiled, wrapping his arms around me. He pulled me further onto the bed with him and then rolled us over, his huge hard cock burying itself totally inside me as he laid me on my back and lifted my legs to give him easy access to my ass.

While I was riding him I had been in total control, Ted had barely moved, letting me do all the work, but now that he was on top, his dick deep inside me, he realised he would have to take over, slowly pulling his dick back until it almost popped out before pushing it back in.

Fuck that felt incredible!

He kept long dicking me slowly, making me feel every inch of his fat cock as it moved inside me. I felt light-headed at the sensations it was causing in my ass. He was going almost agonisingly slow but it felt so fucking good.

“Oh yeah… that’s it Ted… fuck my ass… harder!” I panted.

Ted smiled, a look of disbelief on his face. He started to thrust quicker, taking shorter, yet deeper thrusts. Seeing that I could take it he moved even faster, building himself up into a rhythm until he was really fucking my ass.

His huge body was leaning over me, my hands running up and down his back, down to his big bubble butt that I knew would be so amazing to fuck, pulling him deeper into me, wanting him to fuck me even harder. His dick felt so good inside me.

It wasn’t long before Ted grabbed my legs, hooking his hands under my knees and pushing my ass up to really expose it for his cock to pound down into it. He started to pummel my ass with his big cock, giving me all that I could handle.

I was moaning constantly feeling his cock rubbing my prostate and he continued to fuck in and out of me, his balls bouncing off my ass.

His breathing became very unsteady and he leaned back, wrapping his hand around my cock as he continued to thrust into me. The movement of his hand around my cock matched that of his own dick fucking my ass and I felt myself racing toward my climax.

I let out a shriek, trying to make sure I didn’t make too much noise in case it alerted Colt, who I knew had been in the other room fucking Andrea as Ted was now fucking me, my cock exploded in Ted’s big hand, coating my chest and abs.

I felt my ass tightening around Ted’s massive cock, squeezing his dick. He leaned down, screaming against my neck as he pushed his entire cock back inside me, going as deep as he possibly could, his entire body shuddering as wave after wave of cum fired out of his cock, filling the condom deep inside me.

We were both totally out of breath after our orgasms and remained in the same position for more than two minutes, staring into each other’s eyes and kissing each other as we came down from our sexual high and Ted’s dick went limp, slowly slipping out of me.

He pulled back and removed the condom, tossing it into the bin beside Kris’s desk. He sat back down on the bed, still panting. I sat up, reaching down to a pile of washing at the bottom of my bed for a dirty shirt so I could wipe the cum from my body.

Ted held his hand out for the shirt but I threw it back onto the pile and crawled across the bed, taking his softening cock into my mouth and licking it clean, much to Ted’s obvious delight.

He pulled me up so that I was back straddling his lap and wrapped his hands around my back. I threw mine over his shoulders and leaned in for an amazing kiss.

“That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life,” Ted said, briefly breaking the kiss before attacking my lips again.

“Your dick is so big,” I smiled.

“No one has ever been able to take it all. It felt so good inside your ass. Maybe I need to fuck guys more often.”

I just smiled and went back to kissing him.

Finally lifting myself up off him after we made out for another five minutes, we went around the room picking up the clothes we’d thrown off, putting them back on until we were fully dressed and looked like we had done before our study session, using the mirror to make sure out hair didn’t look too out of place.

“Thanks for helping me study… and for everything else. It was amazing.” Ted said, slipping on his shirt.  “You don’t know how much I really appreciate it.”

“Any time,” I said.

Ted smiled and stepped closer to me, taking my head in his big hands and leaning in to place a soft kiss on my lips. He pulled back, resting his forehead on mine as me looked into my eyes.

Ted pulled away and headed to the door. Opening the door, Colt and Andrea’s head turned.

“Damn, I had no idea you were even here,” Colt said.

Colt and Ted chatted for a minute but I wasn’t really paying attention to what was being said, my mind was too busy thinking over everything that just happened and how good it felt.

Ted said goodbye and left. The door was barely shut. “So what were you doing in there?”

“Studying for a test next week,” I replied. If only Colt knew what we were really doing in there…


There you have a little fantasy story between Matt and Ted.  Hope you enjoyed it.  It was originally intended to go a while back but then he wrote 'All American' instead.  I saw some comments saying you missed his writings.  Hopefull this will suffice until he has new things ready to go.

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