This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please practice safe sex.   Please let me know if you like it or not.  I'm sure it won't be for everyone's taste....    Posted:   September 1, 2009

Adam was bent over at the waist in his driveway after a long grueling run of over 3 miles in mid April.  He felt proud of his latest accomplishment and was returning to his younger fit days.  He looked at his house and was proud to have a nice middle class house in a quiet neighborhood.  He walked slowly inside and threw off his sweaty running shorts once inside the front door.  He entered his steam shower that was part of the large remodel he and his departed wife had done almost 2 years ago.  He wandered into the kitchen for water with a towel wrapped around his waist.  He downed the water in two big drinks and heard his doorbell.

“Just a minute!” Adam yelled to whoever was at the door.  He grabbed some shorts from the laundry room, hoping it wasn’t another neighborhood kid selling things for school, charity, sports teams or whatever.  He slowly opened the door to see his wife’s son, aka his step son, standing there. “Caden?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Adam replied.  He watched the tallish 19 year old with spiked black hair, stud earrings in both ears and a tattoo blazoned on the inside of his right forearm.  “What’s up?”

“Adam, I need some help, you might say,” Caden replied.  He walked over and found his old favorite chair to have a seat in his usual way.

“What kind of help do you need, Caden?”

“Well… I fucked up you might say,” Caden replied in his usual tone. “I got kicked out of college today after a little too much partying a few weeks ago.  I… sort of… need a place to stay for a little while.”

Adam shook his head and knew Caden’s partying ways had come back to haunt him. “I guess you can since you really don’t have any other place to go.  I was wondering if you would come here once college finished for the summer anyway.  It is good to see ya again.  I haven’t seen you since….”

“Thanks Adam,” Caden said, basically ignoring Adam’s statement. “I was hoping you’d say yes.”

“Why didn’t you call me first though?”

“I left and drove straight here after they told me to leave today.  I guess I should have,” Caden stated and shrugged his shoulders.

“It would have been nice, you know,” Adam stated. “Your room is still the same but clean.  With just me and you, I will have some rules you know.”

“I figured that,” Caden stated.

“For one, I expect you pick up after yourself.  Your mom is not here to pick your shit up,” Adam said firmly. “It would be nice if you let me know where you are.  I will worry about you when you’re out knowing you like I do.  I expect and demand respect.  What I say goes no back talk here now.”

“I understand,” Caden said. “I don’t have much of a choice.  Hopefully I’ll find a job and be out of here say 2 months tops.”

“If you act mature and don’t cause a problem, I don’t have a problem with you here,” Adam said. “This house was your mom’s house as well, you know.”

“Thanks but I want to grow up and be on my own,” Caden stated.   He stood and went to his car to retrieve his things.  Adam pitched in and helped Caden move his things in.  In a short time, Caden’s things were back in his old room. 

Adam returned to his living room and started to watch television for the night.  Caden walked in without a shirt and was back in his old favorite chair to feel right at home. 

“Adam, you have really lost the weight,” Caden noticed finally.

“About 30 pounds since you last saw me I guess,” Adam stated.

“Was it from depression and missing mom?”

“I had no one to cook for me…”

“Mom was a great cook…”

“She was.  I got my ass off the couch and returned to working out and running like I used before I met Anna,” Adam stated.  “I see you’ve gone all out since she died.”

Caden smiled, “Oh a little.  Check this shit out.”  Caden stood and turned around to show his latest tattoo in honor of his mom on his shoulder blade across from one in honor of his father, who was killed in the military almost 10 years prior.  The newest tattoo was peace lilies with ‘Anna’ written across it and the date she passed away. 

“I like it, Caden. I don’t know if Anna would,” Adam stated. “I see you still work out some.”

“Oh every once in a while when the mood hits me,” Caden sat back down.

They spent the rest of the night watching television together and talking a little.  About 10, Adam went to his bedroom for the night.

The next day when Adam returned home, he found Caden on the couch in his athletic shorts with empty soda cans and food boxes scattered about.  Adam saw the mess in his living room and grew angry. 

Caden saw the look from Adam who he never considered to be a father figure as such since he lived with him only a year, “Sorry Adam.  I’ll clean it up right now.”

“You better,” Adam said, tight jawed. “I hate a messy house.”

Caden was up and throwing away his trash. Each time he passed Adam he said he was sorry and had the living room back to normal.  Adam saw the effort and was pleased but hated having to tell him to do so.

“I’m going to the gym,” Adam stated once things were back in place.

“You care if I come along?” Caden asked.

“Of course not,” Adam said. “It might be fun and see if you out do a 34 year old.”

Caden smiled, “I’ll try to and not show you up too much.”

“It won’t be too hard,” Adam smiled and went to his room to gather his things for the gym.

After a long intense work out at Adam’s gym that left both sweating from head to toe and exhausted, they sat on the bench in front of their lockers.

“Hey Adam, is this cute guy a new boy or what?” a guy asked.

“Jay, it’s my wife’s son,” Adam replied.

“Oh I see,” the guy said. “If you want, we were getting together a bunch of guys this weekend over at the house again.  I know you’ll want to come and enjoy that again.”

“Don’t count on it,” Adam said.

The guy proceeded out of the locker room with Caden staring at Adam. “What was that about?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Adam said.  “Are you ready to go?”

“No, first I want to shower,” Caden said. “I know you do too or else you won’t have brought another set of clothes.”

“Okay then but let’s make it quick,” Adam said. 

Both dropped their clothes.  It was the first time for both to see each other naked. Caden looked at Adam, smiled and grabbed a towel.  They entered the shower with Adam’s mood totally changed.  He did like what he saw from his step son who had a nice thick long cut cock, trimmed pubes and long hanging balls. 

“Now I see what Mom saw in you,” Caden laughed, soaping his body up in reference to Adam’s long cut cock but a little shorter than Caden’s in comparison.

“Let’s finish and get the hell out of here,” Adam said.  He finished in a hurry and quickly dressed with Caden taking his time.

They got in the car and headed back to Adam’s house for the night.

“So Adam, what exactly was that about in there?” Caden prodded.

“I’ll tell you at home,” Adam replied, looking straight ahead at the traffic and trying to think of a way to break a few things to Caden.

Once back at the house, Adam quickly exited his car and carried his things from the gym straight to his bedroom.  He threw his bag down in disgust.  He paced around his room until Caden knocked on his door.

“We’re home,” Caden said.

Adam sat down on his bed, “Caden, I have a bad gambling problem.  He wanted to know if I was up for another night of high stakes poker.”

“Bullshit! You are way too tight for that shit.  I know you too well,” Caden said. “Adam, I’m 19 years old and know exactly what guys do.”

“It’s the truth,” Adam stated.

“Yeah right!  Tell me or you can keep lying out your ass about it,” Caden said.

“It’s not a lie!” Adam shouted. “We play poker!”

“Not with cards, huh?”

“Fuck you!”

“You are so full of shit, it’s unreal!!” Caden hollered. “Here I was trying to be very adult about this yet you are acting just like I did when I was 15 or 16.  I lied about everything so mom wouldn’t be disappointed in things I did.  I guess when you get older you still do the same shit.”

Adam took a deep breath, “You want the truth?”

“I know the truth.  You’re bi and now like fucking around with guys with mom gone.”

“Here it is,” Adam stated and drew a deep breath. “I don’t know if you know this but I met Anna at a swinger’s party a few years ago.”  He looked and saw the look of surprise all over Caden’s face with his dark eyebrows arched high.

“Now it makes sense why she would leave me at my grandparent’s house or friend’s house for a weekend.  Was she bi?”

“She was, Caden.  We curtailed it your senior year until you left for college and then started back swinging again.  That is what I loved about her; she didn’t get mad if I enjoyed a guy.  I would let her have her fun as well.  As strange as it sounds, it really worked for us and actually made our sex life great together.  Now, I have been seeing mostly guys for sex and can’t bring myself to be with another woman just yet.”

Caden sat quietly and took all what Adam laid on him.  “Ummm… Adam, I’ve lied a little bit to you as well or didn’t come totally clean why I’m here.  I did get kicked out of college for being drunk and disorderly but it was after a big ass fight with my… my boyfriend.”

“Are you serious?”

“Dude, I’m dead serious.  You maybe bi but I’m totally gay.  Remember that guy I came home with when Mom died?”

“Yea… Alex, right?”

“Right. He’s the one. He was so great when Mom died then we started fighting like cats and dogs…”

“Caden, you sure had me fooled.  You were so athletic,” Adam said.

“I know.  I was good, huh?”

“You were,” Adam replied.

“I loved athletics since I could feast my eyes on hot naked guys and work on my body. Once I knew I was totally attracted to guys, it was one huge bonus and had lots of benefits,” Caden laughed.

“That would be one advantage.”

“Like today, I was dying to get in the shower and relive that again to see hot naked guys like you.  Adam, you are fucking smoking hot naked!” Caden slid his hand on Adam’s knee.

“Caden, I’m attracted to you as well,” Adam said. “Where I go for older women, I love younger guys.”

“Perfect,” Caden said and let his hand roam further up Adam’s shorts.  Adam leaned back and didn’t stop Caden.  He closed his eyes and felt Caden’s hand on his balls.  Caden leaned over and undid Adam’s shorts.  Adam lifted up and helped push them off.  He sat naked on his bed with Caden’s hand all over him.  “I like a little hair on a guy.  You are absolutely perfect.”

Adam ran his hand over Caden’s smooth chest and down his stomach.  Caden stood and took off his shorts to be naked with Adam.  Caden leaned over, reached for Adam’s cock and landed a kiss on his lips.  Adam felt the warm lips and pulled Caden closer while staying lip locked.

Caden broke the kiss and looked at Adam, “I’ve been told I give great head.”

Adam smiled and watched Caden drop down.  He felt the wet tongue circling his cock and on his shaft.  He leaned back on his palms to see and feel Caden’s mouth engulf his cock.  “OOOO Caden!”

Caden groaned with Adam’s cock in his mouth and continued to suck and lick every inch he could.  Caden kissed Adam’s stomach, “Damn this is so fucking hot!” 

“It is!” Adam replied with a kiss.  Caden returned his mouth and tongue to Adam.  Adam began thrusting his cock into Caden’s mouth.  Caden continued to groan while sucking Adam.  “Take my cock!” Adam shouted and was getting into face fucking Caden. 

“I love your cock!” Caden pulled off.  “Keep ramming it in my fucking throat!”

Adam stood with Caden on his knees.  He grabbed the back of Caden’s head and face fucked his cock deep into his throat.  He loved Caden’s ability to take his cock and how eager he was to do so.  He pulled Caden up and dove straight down to Caden’s semi hard cock to suck and lick it just as he had been done.  Adam opened his mouth after licking Caden’s cock and balls.  He went as deep as he could before gagging.  Caden pulled out a little while Adam slobbered and sucked on his cock.  Caden leaned back on the bed that was near and had a seat.  Adam cut his eyes up at Caden and continued to suck him.  Adam ran his hands and all over Caden’s nice body before spreading his legs.

“Open this hot ass for me,” Adam demanded.

Caden grabbed his cheeks and spread to allow Adam’s tongue and face to his ass.  Adam stuck out his tongue and started licking around and in Caden’s ass.

“Better than mom’s pussy?” Caden asked.

Adam stopped and looked at Caden, “Fuck no but it is sure is nice.”  He returned to enjoy rimming Caden.  His excitement grew hearing the moans now flooding the room from Caden.  Caden squirmed and enjoyed having his nice ass eaten until making Adam stop.

“Fuck me!” Caden said. “Fuck me hard with that big mommy fucking cock!”

“I’ll fuck you just like I used to slam it in your mom’s pussy every fucking chance I got!” Adam said and was so horny for Caden.  He reached over and grabbed the lube from his night stand that lately had been just for jacking off.  He lubed up his cock and then Caden’s hot hole. 

Caden was on his knees in the center of the bed.  Adam saw the tattoo on Caden’s back.  He leaned over and kissed it while penetrating Caden’s hot ass.

“OOOOO fuck!!” Caden moaned.

“You like my cock in you?”

“OOO fuck my boy pussy!” Caden screamed. “I love your fucking big cock in me.”

Adam shoved his cock in deep to hear Caden moan.  He pulled back and shoved back in to hear a high pitched whimper. “Fucking take my cock, Caden!”

“Give it to me, Adam!  Fuck my ass!” Caden screamed. 

Adam leaned over with his hands around Caden’s chest and started pounding his ass.  The bed started shaking like it had numerous times with Anna.  He pulled Caden’s head around for a kiss and continued to hammer his cock inside Caden.

“OOOO Adam!” Caden moaned.

“OOOO Caden, your ass is so hot!”

“Your dick is fucking great!”

Caden flipped to his back and threw his legs on Adam’s shoulders.  Adam stuck his hard throbbing cock back inside.  The two continue to moan, groan and fill the bedroom with dirty talk.  Both were enjoying this first encounter beyond all imagination. 

Adam turned Caden to his side and continued to fuck him with all he had.  Sweat rolled off his face.  He reached down and started pulling on Caden’s long cock. 

“OOO fuck, I’m close!” Caden shouted. “Stay in me and keep fucking my ass!”

Adam kept his cock deep and felt Caden tense up.  He pulled out.  Caden turned to Adam and coated him with his cum.  Adam jacked his cock and watched Caden move his face close.  He spewed cum all over the cute face of Caden.

The two lay side by side motionless and quiet.  Adam leaned over and kissed Caden, “Thanks!  You’re one hot fuck!”

“You were too.  Now I know for sure what Mom saw in you.  I see the same thing,” Caden said with a kiss. 

They got up from the bed and headed to the shower to wash off the sweat and cum.  They kissed often in the shower and washed each other clean.

“Adam, I’ll go to my room now,” Caden said.

“The hell you will,” Adam said.  “Nothing better than sleeping next to the one you just fucked the hell of out!”

“You got that shit totally right,” Caden smiled.

They pulled back the sheets and got into bed.  It was still relatively early but neither cared.  They stayed close to each other and spent the rest of the night talking about life with Adam doing most of the talking while Caden petted Adam’s body.  Caden took over and helped Adam put the pieces together of Caden’s sexuality.  By the end, it all made perfect sense and completely was missed by Adam or his wife. 


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