Posted:   September 7, 2009

Adam and Caden finished eating and cleaning what needed to around the house.  Adam liked his house clean and was almost compulsive about it.  Caden helped and knew it was his duty if things were to continue as smoothly as they had over the past few days.

“Caden, you wanna hit the gym with me?” Adam asked.

“I don’t see why not,” Caden replied and was eager to go again. “I liked it the other day and need to stay in some type of shape with the summer here in a few months.”

“You look great without working out,” Adam said and kissed Caden on the cheek.  The two found their things for the gym and headed off.

For a Saturday, Adam’s gym was bustling with activity in all directions.   Adam was used to a little crowd but hated the wait between each lift and machine.  The best part was there was a ‘help wanted’ sign posted at the entrance that peaked Caden’s interest somewhat and could be an environment he would be happily employed. 

After the workout, they had no problem with taking a shower and were ready to do so to rinse off the day’s work out sweat.  Now, Adam could see Caden’s eyes wondering about at the array of naked men and boys using the shower.

Adam and Caden were walking out with a towel around their shoulders.  They didn’t mind who saw them until Jay, Adam’s friend, spotted them and came right up to them.

“The invitation is still open for tonight if you two studs are up for it,” Jay commented about his party.

Caden looked at Adam, “Sounds like fun to me.”

That statement was a little shock to Adam since Caden knew nothing about the party other than it was a gay sex party.  “We might come stop by then," Adam stated.

“Your son will be a major hit there by the looks of things,” Jay stated with eyes fixated on Caden’s low hanging cock.

“Ummm… will there be guys my age?” Caden backtracked a little.

“Well… there are a few in their mid 20’s.  How old are you, by the way?” Jay asked.

“19,” Caden said.

“Old enough for me,” Jay commented with a smile. “So you guys showing up or what?”

“We’ll talk about it,” Adam said.

“I hope to see you hot guys there,” Jay said and went on about his business.

“It’ll be fun, huh?” Caden asked Adam with the two now dressing to head home.

“Caden, are you sure about this?”

“I’m very sure.  You saw how into it I was last night with Josh,” Caden replied.

“Okay, let’s get dressed and discuss it just a little more before making a final decision,” Adam said. “Don’t forget to ask about that job before we leave.”

“I won’t for sure,” Caden said. “It would be awesome to work here.”

They finished dressing.  Caden stopped by the front desk to inquire about the job opening.  Naturally it was for the lowest job there.  Caden took the information they had and would definitely think about applying but didn’t want to commit at that very moment.

“Caden, this party is really different you might say,” Adam said, while driving back to his house.

“I can handle it or at least I think I can,” Caden said.

“I’ll be completely honest with you.  It’s very hardcore.  There will be things there you may have not seen before,” Adam warned.

“Like drugs and shit like that or you talking about weird ass sex with whips and chains?”

“Both actually but without the whips and chains,” Adam replied.

“Sounds great to me,” Caden said.  “Let’s go then!”

“Alright we’ll go and you’ll really get an experience and a half,” Adam said.  “You do know every guy there will probably want to be with you at one point or another.  Seeing fresh hot young flesh like you will drive them totally insane and have them aching for a piece of you.”

“Hell yea, I might really get into this shit as long as it ain’t too radical,” Caden stated. “Is there pissing?”

“If you want, I am sure someone will let you piss all over them,” Adam said.

“I might be cool with piss but shit’s a totally fucking different story,” Caden stated.

They arrived at the house and took their sweaty things inside.  Adam pulled out the laundry and started it.  He saw Caden approaching him with something in his hand.

“Ummm… Adam, I think I need some help,” Caden said.

“Help with what?” Adam asked and could clearly see it was a razor in his hand.

“I need a shave all over for tonight,” Caden said.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I want to shave my pubes, balls and ass just like Josh had last night,” Caden replied. “I trust you and think it would be easier.”

“Well… I guess so if you want to,” Adam said. “You know it’s itchy after a few days.”

“I know and have done it before,” Caden said. “That’s why I wanted you to help me.”

Adam followed Caden to the bathroom.  Caden stripped down and got in the shower to make less of a mess.  He wasn’t so hairy yet still had a considerable amount of hair.  Adam lathered him up and took his time to give Caden the clean smooth look he desired.

“I guess you’re all set for the party now,” Adam stated.

“I am and getting a little psyched about it to tell you truth,” Caden said while looking in the mirror at his new look downstairs. “This party is a little fantasy of mine. Are you ready now for me to shave you like this?”

“Maybe a little trim wouldn’t hurt,” Adam said.

“Definitely,” Caden said. “You do have quite the bush going there even though I don’t mind it that much.”

Adam found some clippers and allowed Caden to trim his pubes up to look nice and tidy.  Adam glanced in the mirror and liked a little less hair.  They both cleaned up the mess with pubic hair all over the shower.

“Hey, would you care if Josh went with us?” Caden asked.

“Caden, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Adam replied. “Not that he wouldn’t be another welcome addition, I think bringing guest of guest is rather rude at times.”

“I gotcha,” Caden stated. “I’ll see for myself first then maybe down the road he might join us.”

Adam and Caden stayed near the house the rest of the day.  Adam finished the laundry with Caden doing the folding of the towels without being asked.  Part of the afternoon was spent taking a nap to be fully ready for anticipated long night.

Adam was ready to go and did feel a tad nervous about the upcoming party.   Caden came out of his room dressed like he was going to a club or something special.  Adam quickly instructed him to wear the oldest clothes possible in case something happen to them, either lost or torn in some kinky way.

It was right before 9 pm when they drove out of the drive.  The drive was a longer than expected and further out than Adam had remembered.  They found the lone house on the outskirts of the town with about 8 cars parked.  Adam and Caden walked around the nice house to the basement entry near the pool and hot tub.

“Damn, this is sweet!” Caden complimented the style.

“Yea, we stay confined to the basement not to mess up his really nice house,” Adam stated. “Sometimes it does spill out to back here.”

Adam opened the basement door to enter.  He could hear soft music playing in the background and possibly a ten or more guys.  A few were already naked while some were enjoying a drink.

Jay spotted the two entering and ran right up to them.  “Caden?”

“Yea, it’s Caden,” Adam said as he could see Jay struggling for the name.

“There are a few here close to your age,” Jay said.

“Sweet!” Caden said.

“Who’s the fucking hottie, Adam?” Adam heard the deep voice.

Adam turned and saw his older friend Brian.  “Hey Brian, this is my step son, Caden?”

Brian forewent the handshake and shoved his tongue in Caden’s mouth.  Caden could feel Brian taking liberties feeling his crotch.  “Hell of an intro,” Caden said.

“Damn boy, more fresh meat,” Brian said.

“You brought your goddamn step son,” Adam heard another voice.

“Yes I did.  You remember Anna,” Adam said to Keith who spoke up.

“Oh yea, I remember,” Keith said and introduced himself to Caden in a more normal fashion. “He knows what his ass is getting into right?”

“I know and bring it on,” Caden said with a smile and his arms open wide.

“Bring that fucking tight ass bod over here and get this shit started off right,” Pete, who was the oldest there, said and was naked next to Keith. “I’ll show your boy a thing or two,” Pete said to Adam.

Caden walked over to Pete and stood there in front of him.  Caden threw off his shirt to show his lean body and had Keith’s hand immediately on his body.  Pete unbuttoned Caden’s jeans while Caden stepped out of his flip flops.  Caden’s jeans fell to the floor.  His nice long shaven cock was there on display. 

Damn!” Keith shouted.

Fuck, Adam!  You better watch all of us horny fuckers around this stud,” Pete said and grabbed Caden’s long cock. “You like this?”

“Fuck yea, I do!” Caden said without fear. “Blow me!”

“You want a real daddy to show to suck this hot cock?” Pete asked.

“I do or else I wouldn’t have said it,” Caden said with a few more gathering around.  Adam seized Caden’s clothes and found a place to put them. 

Pete opened his mouth and took Caden’s cock in his mouth.  Caden felt lips hit his and was shocked to see a guy close to his age kissing him.  He could smell the smoke on his breath and feel Pete’s mouth on his cock.  He felt a hand on his ass but didn’t care.  He looked around and saw the variety of guys, one Hispanic and two Black guys were in the mix.  One black guy was the stereotype with a long cut cock that looked so heavy and meaty where as the other one was normal.  The Hispanic guy had a nice uncut cock that Caden loved the feel of.

Jay found Adam while Caden was the center of attention, “I told you…”

“I know,” Adam rolled his eyes.

“Do you have sex with him?” Jay asked.

“Yes and it was great,” Adam quickly replied and watched the scene around Caden.  He saw Caden turn and another guy’s mouth take his cock.

“You sick motherfucker!” Jay said. “Fucking your son!”

“Look you don’t know our situation.  I was only married to his mom for a year and half.  He lived with me for a year.  If you think it’s sick so be it.  We don’t see that way!”

“Well… I can’t blame you,” Jay smiled. “Oh forget that shit and let’s have some fun.”

Adam moved closer to the surroundings.  Caden walked up to him and rammed his tongue in Adam’s mouth. “Fucking great start,” Caden said.

“Yes it is,” Adam said and felt someone reaching for his pants.  He turned to see Jay on his knees and pulled at his pants.  Adam dropped his pants and stuck his cock at Jay’s mouth.

“Look, look father like son,” Brian stated. “You big dicked studs.”

Caden kissed Adam again while Jay was now on Adam’s cock.  Caden broke the kiss and pushed Keith off his cock, “I don’t want to bust yet.”

Keith pulled up and covered Caden’s mouth.  Caden reached down and felt Keith’s cock while they kissed.  He broke the kiss and let his nose lead the way.  He walked to the rear and found the two younger guys and another one enjoying bong hits. 

Seeing Caden, the three stood to introduce themselves.  Caden had already met Evan, who kissed him earlier but didn’t get a name.  Evan had a nice built but no definition.  He had short brown hair, earrings and a tattoo on his shoulder along with a cut cock maybe 6 inches.  Next was Greg, who was in his early thirties, balding but had a muscled body and a small uncut cock.  He finally met Matt last among the tokers.  Matt was a big athletic looking guy with dark blonde hair to his shoulders, a few tattoos scattered on his body and a nice cut cock.  Each one of them greeted Caden with a kiss.  Caden was now eager to partake and get high.  He took a few hits while the others watched.  Evan took another hit and shotgunned the smoke into Caden’s mouth.

“What the fuck are we doing here, dude?” Matt asked.

“What do you mean?” Caden replied.

“No offense Greg but there are some old fucks here who are after nothing but our young hot asses.  You saw how they gathered around you like vultures,” Matt replied.

“Yeah Caden, you’re way too much of a fucking hotties for this shit,” Evan stated.

“I came here to have fun with whoever was here.  No harm in giving some older guys a little thrill, plus he could suck a dick,” Caden said.

“He can,” Greg said. “Why did you come then?” he asked the other two.

“Well… we heard the words party and gay sex together from Jay,” Matt said.

“Either leave or enjoy it,” Greg said. “You can say no.”

Caden stood and could feel the effects. “By the way, where’s the bathroom?”

Greg pointed the way.  “I’ll join you,” Matt said. 

They walked back out with the party going but nothing too wild.  By now, no one was dressed.  Most were sitting around and drinking.  Adam waved to Caden, who waved back.

Caden and Matt entered the bathroom which had no door like all the other rooms in the basement with a strong smell of urine hitting them quickly.  Matt grabbed Caden and kissed him.  “Dude, if you need to piss, piss all over me.  I loved a fuckin’ golden shower.”

Caden stood back and let the piss flow from his cock.  Stream after stream of piss hit Matt’s big frame.  Matt got on his knees and let Caden finish pissing down his back.  When Caden finished, Matt stuck Caden’s cock in his mouth for a quick taste.

“I need to piss, if you’re into that shit,” Matt stated.

“Bring it on,” Caden said.  He felt the warm piss cover his body.  Caden dropped down when Matt was finished and tasted his nice cock as well.  They found a towel and dried off before leaving the bathroom.

“Damn Adam, your boy is fucking pig,” one guy stated.

So?  Who gives a fuck?” Caden threw out his arms.

“Fucking cocky as hell,” another said.

“I would be too with a dick like that,” Keith laughed.

Matt was at the mini bar.  Caden walked over and grabbed the biggest bottle he could find and turned it up to take a big swig.  He handed it to Matt, who did the same.

“Now when’s this shit starting?” Matt asked.

“By the looks and smell of things, it already has,” Jay said. “Thank goodness this floor is all tile.”

“If piss is the worst thing that ends up there, you’re damn lucky,” Pete laughed with his belly shaking.

Adam walked over and pulled Caden aside, “I know you’re having fun and all.  Don’t overdo it.  I can smell the urine on you and the marijuana.”

“Chill, I know my limits, Adam,” Caden stated. “It is fun and can’t wait til the real action starts.”

“Let these guys get a few more drinks and you’ll see,” Adam said.

Caden kissed Adam and went back to Evan and Greg.  Caden looked to his right and saw a sling ready to be used and tested.  He nudged Matt and smiled. 

“Evan’s killing to try that out,” Matt said.

“Well, let’s kick start this shit off right and hook his hot little ass in there,” Caden said.

They found Evan and Greg in the room.  They all took another hit on the bong and discussed the sling with Evan.  Evan wasn’t sure he wanted to be the first one in it for the night but had a great interest in it.  After another long hit, they convinced Evan it was time.  They exited the room as a foursome and went to the room with a sling and other various sex toys.  A few of the guys spotted the four walking into the room and walked over to watch the younger crowd experience the ‘play room’ as Jay referred to it.  Evan jumped in the sling while Matt and Caden fastened him. 

“Loosen my ass up first with one of those dildos,” Evan instructed once in the sling.

Greg found one that wasn’t too thick.  He found the bottles of lube and lubed the dildo up.  He put it at Evan’s hole and pushed it inside him.  Evan groaned a little at the jelly like dildo invading his hot hole.  Matt leaned over and kissed Evan while Greg slowly worked the dildo in and out.  Caden was on the other side and stimulating Evan’s nipples with his mouth and tongue. 

“You like this?” Greg asked.

OOOO fuck do I ever.  Feels good!” Evan moaned. “Caden, you have to fuck me first with that big fucking tool of yours.”

“Whatever you say,” Caden smiled.

“Fuck me like the little bitch I am,” Evan said.

Caden found the lube, a condom and coated his cock.  He stroked it for a while before it was hard and ready to enter Evan’s waiting hole.  He grabbed the straps and put his cock at the hole.  Evan opened his ass and felt the long cock invade his ass.

“OOOO motherfucker!” Evan screamed.

“Fuck his boy!” Pete’s deep voice was heard. “Fuck like a man.”

Caden grabbed the straps and slid deep inside Evan.  He could see the pain written all over Evan’s face.  Matt kissed him, hoping to ease the pain.

“Too much for ya?” Caden asked.

Fuck no, fuck me!” Evan said.

Caden knew all eyes were on him to perform.  He pushed hard and pulled out.  He rammed his cock back in Evan to hear a loud scream. 

“Atta boy, fuck him,” Caden heard one black guy say.

Yea, ram that big fucker in his ass!” he heard another voice.

Caden pulled almost out and shoved his cock back in with his hands on the straps.  He felt a slap on his ass while he started to bang Evan at a good steady pace.  He was able to cut his eyes and see most guys were really into his fucking Evan by the growing erections and few scattered kisses.  

Fuck me, Caden!  I want that cock, bitch!” Evan said.

Take it then, motherfucker!” Caden shouted and fucked him hard.  The sling rocked as Caden drilled Evan for a good 3 or 4 minutes.  Caden could feel the excitement was about to get to him.  He pulled out and moved to kiss Evan while the Hispanic guy took his turn on Evan. 

Caden felt an arm around him.  He turned to see Jay staring at him.  Jay spoke in a sexy tone, “I know you aching to bust a fucking nut.  I would love it all over me and in me.”

“Oh am I ever,” Caden said.

Jay grabbed Caden’s hand.  He found the nearest wall and leaned up against it. He turned his head, “Fuck me with that big cock of yours!”

Caden found a little lube and condom to enter Jay there against the wall.  He wrapped his arms around Jay and gave him all he had.  Jay was moaning and groaning but loved the feel of Caden deep inside him.  Caden pulled out at the right moment and splattered Jay’s back with his cum.   Caden felt such relief and was happy to have gotten to bust a nut.

Jay turned and smiled, “House rules are the first one to nut has to blow everyone here.”

You fucking tricked me!” Caden said.

Adam walked over and was all smiles, “Welcome to the party, bitch!”

“Fucking fine then, bring it on.  I suck every fucking goddamn cock here!” Caden said. Caden had to smile.

Adam patted him on the shoulder, “You wanted to experience this.”

Caden shrugged his shoulders, “Like I said, bring it on.  I love sucking cock and have been eyeing all these hot fuckers anyway.”

Jay led him to the make shift glory hole in one corner of the large play room and sat him down.  “You might enjoy this as much as I did you fucking me.  It was hot as hell just like Adam said it was.”  Jay kissed him while Caden took a seat.

Caden looked up and saw a nice cock sticking through.  He dropped his head and started his duty for the night to be everyone’s cock sucker.
He sucked and sucked.  He took a break and down a large glass of vodka and smoked a cigarette, which was very uncommon for him.   All the while the party had begun in earnest.  Caden hated being confined to the glory hole area and wanted to be a part of the action.  He could hear moaning, groaning, screams and lots of dirty provocative talk all around him. 


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