Posted:   September 5, 2009

Adam woke the next morning which was a Friday.  He looked to see Caden sleeping soundly and looking so sexy and hot.  He got out of bed and felt no remorse over having great hot sex with Caden, since he never considered Caden his son.  Caden never considered Adam his dad either for that matter.  They had only lived together a year if that after Adam married Caden’s mom, Anna, who died with a brain tumor only 6 months ago.  He showered and grabbed something to eat before heading off to work.

Adam returned to his house about 4:30 and was shocked to see Caden’s car gone when he drove up.  He gathered the mail and headed inside.  He was pleasantly surprised to see the house untouched and headed to his room.  There he saw a feeble attempt to make the bed but knew Caden had at least tried and Caden’s clothes removed from the room.

He was reading a magazine he received in the mail when he heard Caden drive up.  He watched Caden enter and slam the door.

“Is there a problem?” Adam asked.

“Not one person is hiring anywhere I went today,” Caden said in disgust.

“Caden, I’m impressed that you’re at least trying to find a job.  So where’d you try?”

“I went about 5 places in the mall and then about any place where I thought I would like to work,” Caden said and sat down next to Adam.

“Sunday we’ll comb the paper and see what’s out there for you, alright?”

“Cool with me,” Caden said and threw his arm around Adam.  Adam looked at him and smiled. “Last night may have been the best for me.”

“I can’t deny it and will admit it was simply great.  The honeymoon with Anna was the best,” Adam said.

“Had mom screaming all night huh?”

“She screamed out of passion but there was a lot of love that night and lots of it,” Adam said.

“Adam, I’ve never said this but thanks for all you did for her those last days.  I wanted to be here but…”

“I know and it was hard on me watching her suffering the way she did.  It was short lived and puff, she was gone from me.  I miss her a lot you know,” Adam said quietly.

“I do too.  I have zero regrets letting you fuck me last night.  I seriously wondered what it would be like but never imagined it would happen,” Caden said.

“I have no regrets either.  I was as shocked as you were to find out you were gay.”

“I did hide it well from you and mom, huh?”

“You did,” Adam smiled. “Caden, did you ever consider me your dad?”

Caden pulled back and looked at Adam, “Hell no!”  Caden started to laugh.  “You were just Adam to me.  Did you look at me like a son?”

“Are you kidding?  Fuck no,” Adam laughed jokingly. “I suppose that’s why neither of us feels last night was wrong on any level.”

“I sure don’t,” Caden smiled. “Are we going to sit here or are we going to do something?  I saw our bikes in the garage if you want to take those out since it is a nice day out.”

“I suppose we could take them out for a while and knock the rust off them,” Adam stated.

They changed and pulled out the bikes that were hanging on the racks.  One tire needed aired up and the chains needed oil.  They did what was needed and headed out to enjoy the sun and nice breeze in their faces. 

About 3 blocks down the road, Caden spotted his old friend Josh in the yard and stopped.  Adam stopped as well and listened to the two talk.  Josh had no idea Caden was around and seemed glad to see him.  After the brief stop, Caden and Adam pedaled away and continued on the ride.

Once back at the house, they stored their bikes like usual and headed inside.  Both needed a shower and did so together with lots of touching and kissing for an appetizer on another promising night together.  They dressed in shorts and went to the kitchen to find something to eat for the night.

Their night was interrupted when a knock came at the front door.  They looked at each other but Caden knew it was Josh.  He opened the door and welcomed Josh into the house.

“You said stop by later,” Josh said.

“It’s cool. I guess you took me at my word,” Caden said. 

Adam was cleaning up in the kitchen and saw and heard Josh come in.  He always thought Josh was cute and even more so now with his short blond hair and hoop earrings.  He was a little shorter than Caden and a year older as well.  Caden and Josh sat on the couch and flipped on the television.  Not wanting to intrude on Caden, Adam went to his bedroom after speaking to Josh for a moment and being friendly to him.

While watching television, Adam heard the front door open and close.  He got up and opened his door.  He saw Caden sitting there on the couch.

“He went to get a bottle of Vodka from his car,” Caden stated. “Do you care?”

“Nah, I don’t guess so as long as you stay under control,” Adam replied.

“You don’t drink much do ya?”

“I do what they call socially but not often,” Adam replied and heard the front door open.  Josh had the bottle by the neck.

“Damn!” Josh said and became a little frightened.

“Dude, it’s fucking cool, chill.  Adam’s one cool dude,” Caden said.  “Pour me some that with… ummm… orange juice while you’re up.”

“Adam?” Josh asked.

“The same but not too strong,” Adam smiled.

Josh opened the refrigerator like he owned the place and pulled out the orange juice.  Adam pointed to the glass in the cabinet after seeing Josh look around.  Josh poured the drinks with his straight.  He returned and handed out the glasses.  Adam took one drink and could see there was a mix up so he swapped with Caden.

“Josh and I have had some good times here in this house,” Caden said.

“I can imagine,” Adam said and could see Josh was ghostly white now.

Caden elbowed Josh in the ribs, “Chill.  He’s sort of like us.  He likes guys too.”

“Dammit Caden, I’m not here 30 minutes and you’re opening your big mouth!”

“Josh here is a great lay,” Caden said and put his arm around Josh’s shoulder. “He loves my big cock.”

Josh stood and was pissed. “Fuck you Caden!”

“Sit your ass down,” Caden said. “It’s no big deal.  Adam fucked me last night.”

“Caden, you need to keep your mouth shut!” Adam said loudly.

“You did?” Josh wheeled around and looked at both with his head going side to side and his mouth wide open.

“He did.  He was great just like you were,” Caden said.

“Now that’s weird,” Josh said with his anger leaving.

“You said…”

“Caden, I think you’ve said enough as it and about to piss us both of something fierce,” Adam said.

“I didn’t know you liked guys, Adam,” Josh said and sat back down.

“He’s bi, dumbass.  He fucked my mom,” Caden said and was downing his drink.

“Adam, you won’t go blabbing like some people we know, will ya?” Josh asked.

“No, I know to keep my trap shut,” Adam stared at Caden.

“What’s so weird about me and Adam hooking up?” Caden asked Josh.

“For one, he’s your step dad,” Josh said.

“I’ve never looked at him as my dad nor has he ever looked at me as his son.  It so happened he married my mom.  I only lived here maybe a year,” Caden said.

“Well…” Josh said.

“I feel exactly like Caden.  I guess you have a right to see it as taboo but I really don’t at all,” Adam said. “It wasn’t like we did when his mom was here.  It really came out on accident…” Adam told about the gym incident where his friend blabbed out.

“I can see your point now,” Josh stated after hearing the story.  “I can’t blame either one of you.”

“Are you and Blake still together?” Caden asked.

“Would I be here on a Friday night if we were?  He’s been long gone and farewell to his ass,” Josh said and took a drink.

Caden killed his drink and asked if anyone else was ready for seconds.  Josh downed his and held up his glass for another one while Adam was slowly sipping on his drink.

“I take you and Josh have hooked up here a few times,” Adam asked.

“Oh a few times, right?” Caden looked at Josh.

“A few you might say,” Josh smiled.

Caden threw his arm around Josh, “More at his house like that weekend you and mom left and now I know did your thing.  We were doing our thing all weekend with his family long gone as well.”

“I was so sore after that,” Josh kissed Caden.  Josh continued and told stories about the two when they were younger.

“I think I can see what is about to happen again here with my knowledge this time,” Adam stated after hearing Josh and Caden’s stories about their young sex life.

“If I have anything to do with it, it will,” Caden smiled and kissed Josh.  The two stayed lip locked for some time and enjoyed the wet kiss they shared.

Adam stood, “It is high time I left you two hot guys alone.”

“I don’t care if you join us,” Josh stated.

“Yea Adam, two fucking hotties for the price of one,” Caden said and smiled.

“I don’t know guys,” Adam said and looked at the two.

“I know you want me,” Josh said sexily and raised his shirt to show his nice firm body. “No older man can deny they don’t want this shit.”  Josh pulled off his shirt the rest of the way to show his nice body and his tattoo on his chest along with a few moles here and there.

“Fuck yea,” Caden said and had his shirt off in a split second.  “See my tattoos.”

“I saw the one on your arm,” Josh said.  He looked at the two on Caden’s back. “Sweet dude! You got any Adam?”

“No, I don’t,” Adam said.

“Let’s see what you’ve got hiding under that shirt,” Josh said and removed Adam’s shirt for him.  He leaned over and started playing with Adam’s nipples while Caden played with Josh’s. 

“I don’t know you guys but my ass is getting fucking naked now,” Caden said after getting hot and bothered along with playing with his cock.  He stood and had his shorts and underwear off in short order.  He moved to Josh and undid his shorts and peeled off his tight low rise briefs.  He complimented Josh’s style before flinging them across the room.  Next Josh and Caden undressed Adam.

“Two big dicked fuckers here,” Josh said and grabbed both cocks.

“We’ll have fun tonight,” Caden said and dropped to start the action off right by sucking Josh’s uncut 6 inch cock that he had experienced in the past. 

The night was beginning for the three.  Adam was a little hesitant at first to get involved with Caden and Josh but once he felt Josh’s mouth on his cock he was ready and horny to experience a threesome with two younger guys. 

“Damn, this is so hot,” Caden stated, licking up Josh’s cock.

Josh pulled off Adam’s cock, “I know dude.  I guess we’re some horny fucks.”  Josh moved over and started down on Caden’s long cock.  Adam sucked on Josh’s nipples a little before he worked on Josh’s cock for a little while.

Josh was able to see the two kiss and was more turned on than ever.  Caden and Josh both started working Adam’s cock together.  Adam leaned back and saw the benefits of having Caden there with another hot young guy.  He groaned a few times before being met with Josh’s mouth for a kiss.

Adam and Caden spread Josh wide and dove down to work on his ass.  They swapped off eating and licking the puckered hole of Josh. 

“Fuck yeah!” Josh screamed multiple times in ecstasy.

Adam left the scene to retrieve the condoms and lube.  He returned to watch Josh and Caden kissing and playing grab ass.  Josh wanted Adam first to experience him.  Adam opened the condom and lubed them up.  Adam entered Josh’s tight hole and heard him gasp. 

“Fucking great cock, huh?” Caden asked.

“OOOO fuck I’ll say it is,” Josh stated with his head thrown back and enjoying Adam going inside him.   Caden put his cock at Josh mouth and shoved it between his lips with Adam slowing fucking Josh as well.  Caden leaned over and pulled Adam for a kiss.

“Nice ass,” Caden stated.

“Great ass is more like it,” Adam stated.

The sex continued on for the three.   By the end, the room reeked of sweat, cum and other bodily odors.  There were a few cum splatters that hit the furniture and floor but Adam didn’t mind at the time since he was experiencing this hot duo.

With Josh gone and worn out from taking both cocks a few times, Caden lay with Adam in Adam’s bed.  He looked at the tired Adam, “I saw a side of you I never knew existed.”

Adam smiled, “You underestimated me, huh?”

“Oh yea!  Tonight was fucking epic!”

“Unreal yet blazing hot,” Adam stated. “Thanks for letting me experiencing that.  I would have let you two have sex alone and had it all to yourself.”

“I know but adding you made it that much hotter.  I think Josh enjoyed it a lot,” Caden stated. “I don’t think Josh can say shit about us especially since he has sex with his step brother Noah some.”

“So that’s what that was about?”

“Yea and what he meant when he said he might bring someone else later,” Caden said.

“How old is Noah now?”

“He’s 18 or 19,” Caden said. “I haven’t seen him in a while though.”

“I’ve only seen him in passing but that was a while ago but he was really boyish cute and didn’t look that old to me,” Adam said.

“He graduated with me but we never hooked up for some reason,” Caden said. “I would have in a heartbeat though if he’d only asked.”

“I see,” Adam said.  He leaned over and kissed Caden goodnight.  He rolled on his side and soon felt Caden’s arm around his chest and holding him close to feel their skin naked skin together.  In the dark, he turned his head and smiled as a show of approval.

Adam was up early the next morning.  He put on his shorts and went to assess the damage caused by the threesome.  He opened his bedroom door and saw a little mess and quickly had things back in order.  He was sitting having fruit and a bagel when Caden walked with his cock swinging side to side to greet him.

“Adam, again thanks for last night,” Caden stated.

“No problem since I loved it just as much.  It’s not everyday I get to experience two young hot guys at the same time,” Adam said.

Caden found something to eat and joined Adam.  “Did you think anything close to this would happen when I showed up a few days ago?”

Adam chuckled, “Not even close.  Here I was worried I would have to change things and sneak around to enjoy my life.  It’s now just the opposite.”

“Not many secrets between us now,” Caden stated.

“I don’t suppose there is but we’ll surely find out different things as time progress,” Adam said.

“I guess we will,” Caden smiled. “You know this is pretty dope now.  I was expecting the opposite as well.”


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