Posted:   March 5, 2011

Kris and I were being lazy the next day, Wednesday, after a really long day for me.  The best surprise of the day was a nice box waiting for me when I came up.  Mom had followed through and made a bunch of sweets for us.  Kris didn’t care about the healthy snacks at that point and dove right in.  We heard our door open slowly and looked to see the buzzed head Bryson who was still sporting his chin strap beard.  There was a big smile across his face.

“Wassup, bitches?” Bryson asked with his arms thrown out trying to act all hard.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” Kris replied for us while Bryson grabbed my desk chair.

Bryson started nodding his head, “Guess who has a date this Friday night?”

“Garrett?” I asked in an excited tone.

“Fuck no, Matt.  He wouldn’t know what to do if he had one.  Me!”

Kris winked at me, “You know Matt and I were just discussing you last night.  We were about to the conclusion you were gay and not ready to admit it.”

“Fuck you, Kris!” Bryson stated while Kris and I busted out laughing.

“I was messing with you, dude.  I guess I’m going to have break down and call Liz,” Kris stated. “I don’t have to even ask if she’s hot.”

“No you don’t,” Bryson said and grabbed a cookie.

“Kris, we haven’t had date night here in a while,” I stated.

“We might have date night, Matt but we’re doing it alone.  Remember how the last one turned out?”

“What? Was that when you and Colt threw down?”

“Exactly,” Kris said with Colt coming in the door in a sleeveless tee showing his two tatts on his arms.  He migrated to my sweets without asking but I didn’t care at that point.

“Wassup?” Colt asked, grabbing Kris’s chair.

“Bryson was done here bragging about having a date Friday night.  Matt’s dumbass suggested we have another date night,” Kris replied.

“Ummm… I don’t think so,” Colt said with his mouth half full. “I remember the last one but that was just a matter of time before I found out what she was doing.”

“Colt, we do need a date though and not let little man show us up,” Kris stated.

“I’m working on it,” Colt said, finished his cookie and brought out his can.  All that did was remind Kris to put in a dip.  “Want one?” Colt held out his can to Bryson.

“Ummm… I don’t know.”

“It ain’t all that bad.  First time might get you a little dizzy,” Kris said with his dip now in.

“Alright, I guess,” Colt said.  He took the can to put a some between his lip.  “Next… I wanna see Matt do it.”

I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”

“Imagine seeing a gay dude with a dip,” Colt laughed and spit into our sink.

“I could totally see Scott and maybe Corey doing it.  Matt’s a different story,” Kris stated.

“What?  You don’t think I’m manly enough to do it,” I said.

“Not that but I can’t see you doing it.  Just stating the facts,” Kris said.

Thankfully the subject changed before I was challenged.  I may have done it to show them.  They talked about tomorrow night’s game for a while.  The two finally left after staying about thirty minutes, a short visit by everyone’s standards here.

“Alright big boy, get on that phone and do it,” I said to Kris.

“It is time to put pride behind me.  The worst she can say is no, right?”

“Or fuck off loser,” I laughed.

Kris laughed at my humor, grabbed his phone and stepped outside to do his duty.  Kris came back inside with a big smile.

“See all you had to do was call,” I said.

“I got ya this time, Matt.  I got shot down for Friday night.  It seems she has a date already,” Kris stated. “It wasn’t all bad though.  She said she might be free next weekend depending on how her date goes.”

“Well… that’s a start in the right direction,” I stated.

That night, I did hang with everyone in Scott’s room.  By then, Colt announced he had a date as did Alex with his steady girlfriend.  Kris was pissed and said he’d find one if he had to beg a girl.  It was settled though they would go it alone.  I didn’t get any time alone with Corey since he joined us in Scott’s room and stayed until we broke up the gathering.  All we got to do was kiss before going to our rooms. Before we went to sleep, Kris stayed in his boxers.

“Kris, what’s up with the boxers tonight?”

“I was cold…”

“There’s a first.”

“Matt, I’m really sorry what I almost did last night.  Damn, I almost kissed you for no reason…”

“I’d about forgotten all about it,” I said but it was a lie.

Shaking his head, Kris said, “It just sucks.”

“Are you worried you’re changing?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m worried…”

“Kris, don’t worry about it.  You’re curious is all I can see just like Jess and Juan.  I don’t see anyone saying they are turning gay.”

“Maybe I like sex too much and was going after what was available yet forbidden.  I don’t know what the fuck it is.”

“I’d chalk it up to having a dick,” I said and snickered.

“Yeah but damn I love pussy way too much to be even thinking about getting with a guy let alone you…”

“Kris, don’t tell me you’ve thought about us.”

“No… No!  Fuck no, Matt!  Let’s just drop it right now,” Kris said.

We did drop and talked about everything else Kris could think of.  In the meantime during the conversation, Kris came out of his boxers and said they were way too confining. 

Thursday, classes continued with the weather fairly nice for the last week in January.  Our first tests were announced thus turning up the heat a little.

I found out that night that we had some very impatient and antsy guys.  Since the game was at 8:30, it almost killed them having to wait around, especially Kris.  At seven, the guys on the team left to head to the Rec Center.  There was no sense in going early so I stayed back and studied some along with talking to my Mom.  Her first question was when was I coming home.  I couldn’t give her an answer and felt bad about it.  The thought had entered my head about this weekend until I got word of some tests.

At the Rec Center, I entered the gym and found Corey standing with the guys.  I headed over while Hayden came in right after me. 

Corey pulled me aside, “I don’t think this will be much of a game.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Well, we saw them warming up and it wasn’t pretty.”

“It may be different once the game starts,” Hayden said.

“I doubt it but we’ll see,” Corey said.

Hayden manned the clipboard again and was asked to keep up with individual scoring as well.  Corey’s assessment was spot on with our team scoring ten points before the other team did.  By the end of the first quarter, we were leading by fifteen.  Kris pulled all the starters and called off the press.  The lead swelled to twenty at half without much effort but everyone did get involved.

“This sucks. This ain’t even fun,” Colt said.

“Yes it is,” Scott said. “I can actually hit a shot.”

The second half was almost a joke.  The other team didn’t care and worse didn’t try.  Our team wasn’t in the jubilant mood as they were the game before but did show some sportsmanship by letting them score easy baskets at the end. 

We were back at the dorm before ten.

“That team was a joke,” Kris stated, almost in disgust.

“I told Matt they were before it even started,” Corey stated.

Kris was shaking his head. “Other than letting everyone play, the game wasn’t fun at all.  I hope our next game is competitive.”

“Maybe the team is better than everyone thought,” I commented.

“We’ll see but we are pretty damn good,” Kris said.  He undressed and headed to shower.  He came back in the room with Colt, Alex and Juan coming in shortly thereafter.  They talked about the game and how bad the other team was to the point of making fun of them.  After that, they talked about the next night.  If nothing else, everyone out on a date would curtail the drinking around here.  For a change after I was with Corey, I came back and found Kris sound asleep.

Friday after my short day of classes, I was chilling in the room when Kris bolted in the door.

“Fuck yeah, motherfucker!” he screamed. “I have a date tonight!”

I smiled, “Do I know her?”

“Hell, I barely know her, Matt.  I saw her eyeing me in my last class and thought she was hot as hell.  So after class, I just walked up to her and asked if she had plans tonight.  She said she didn’t, so I asked her out.  See I am straight as fuck!”

“See I told you. What’s her name?”

Kris’s eyes shot to the ceiling.  I could also hear the wheels in his turning.  “Ummm… Cindy… no wait it’s…ummm… Carrie… fuck it.  I got her name in my phone.”  He pulled out his phone.  “Callie.”

I laughed, “You might wanna remember that.”

“Matt, you talk about hot as hell.  She puts Liz to shame and his nice big titties.”

“Kris, I hope she’s nice is all.”

“Wouldn’t that suck if she was a total bitch?  It’s just a date any way,” Kris said.  “How sweet would it be to see Liz while I was out with her?  She’d be so jealous.”

“And may never speak to you again either.”

“Her loss,” Kris said.  “Finally, I have a date.  I hope she puts out.”

“Just remember Liz didn’t on the first date…”

“Then I wore that shit out,” Kris said.  He bolted out the door and was surely going to brag.  He was back in about five minutes with Scott and Alex. 

“Matt, remember Fridays,” Scott stated.

“Yeah, are we swimming?”

“I know I am,” Scott replied. 

The idea did sound appealing and something different.  I changed as did Kris.  The water was nice and felt great.  Scott begged me to race to add something to our swimming.  I gave in and did put up a small fight since it was just a lap.  After showering, I found Corey to tell him about Kris and to stop by after work.  He smiled really big and said he’d be over right over.  I said hi to Trey to be nice and thanked him again for our stay before we left.

Before his date, Kris was looking rather hot in his blue polo shirt and low rise jeans along with a necklace he borrowed from me. 

“Are you nervous at all?” I asked.

“You know I’m starting to get that way, Matt.  I usually do before a first date especially since I barely know her.”

“It’s natural but just be Kris and you’ll be fine.”

He smiled and went over to grab some condoms.  “Just in case.”

“Yeah, wishful thinking is more like it.”

“Damn right it is,” Kris laughed.  “What do you have planned?”

“Actually nothing… other than waiting on Corey.  Knock before you enter tonight.”

“I almost forgot about that,” Kris laughed. “Oh well, it won’t be anything I haven’t seen before in case I forget.  See ya, Matt.”

“Just have fun.”

“You know I will,” Kris said and left the room about 6:30. 

Now the only problem I had was there was no one really around to go eat with.  Scott and Hayden were out tonight with Hayden following through on his date with a girl on Saturday.  Jess was gone out somewhere.  Kendall and Noah went home for the weekend since nothing major was planned and to make for sure everything was set for Spring Break.  My last hope was Garrett.  I lightly knocked on his door.  He yelled it was open.  I walked in and found him on his bed in his shorts watching TV.

“Do you care to go grab something to eat?” I asked.

“Sure Matt, I was hungry and just assumed you were out with Corey.”

“He’s working.”

“I forget all about that.”  He changed into his jeans and shirt before we headed on campus to see what was available.  We grabbed some sandwiches in the rather vacant student center and took a seat.

“Matt, I really do admire you.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, just the way you handle being gay.  You handle it so well unlike some other gay guys I’ve been around.  You don’t really get upset when someone cracks a joke.  You never get offended.”

“Garrett, I could but what good would it do?  I know I’m in the minority with all you guys and accept that as part of life.  Having a good boyfriend helps out a bunch.”

“You and Corey do seem like a really good match for each other.”

“I think so.  We’ve had our trouble as you know.  Garrett, it was hell to go back to him.”

“I bet it was.  Did you really catch him in the act?”

“Not in the act but in bed one morning…” I relived a little of that horror.  “All told it may have made us that much closer.”

“Yeah, Corey can’t mess up,” Garrett laughed.

“For that matter, I can’t either,” I said. “Garrett, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a date.”

“Matt, I wish but around girls I’m rather shy plus can’t you see me with some short girl?”

I laughed since he was 6’5” or 6’6”.   “Being tall shouldn’t hold you back though.  I’m sure there will be that special girl come along.”

“Maybe one day,” Garrett said and took a bite. “Wasn’t that a sorry game last night?”

I got the sense he was done talking about finding a girl so I went with that instead.  We talked about our classes before we finished and headed back to the dorm.  Neither one of us said much on the way back other than we were glad it wasn’t as cold as it normally was.

“I’ll see ya, later.  Thanks for asking me to go grab something to eat,” Garrett stated at his door.

“Anytime, see ya,” I said.  It was a little surprising he didn’t ask me to hang out but then again he may be like me and enjoys his alone time while he has the opportunity.  I cracked a book or two to review my notes and get them organized.  With Kris gone, I picked up trash, mostly his and his nasty spit bottles. 

Deeply immersed in a computer game to pass the time, my door opened.  My dear Corey was slowly coming in.  He grabbed me with his strong arms and delighted me with a kiss.

“You look incredible,” Corey stated to me even though I was in my shorts.

“You always look incredible.”

“I’ve got to tell what I saw earlier tonight…”

“Okay, it must be important.”

“I don’t know whether it’s funny or embarrassing.  My boss said there was a stopped up toilet,” Corey said and grabbed a seat on my bed.  “I grabbed the plunger and knew some dude had taken a monster dump…”


“It’s part of the job, not the fun part though.  So I went in and didn’t see anyone.  I opened the first stall and there was this dude jacking off…”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing since we were both embarrassed.  The thing was he had his feet in the air.  Another thing was I got so damn hard after that.”


“Well, I just fantasized it was you Matt that I walked in.  His dick didn’t look as big as yours but he kind of looked like you when we first meet.”

“The question is did you find the stopped up toilet?”

“I never did.  Come to find out it was in the gal’s locker room,” Corey laughed.  “Matt, is there any way you’d play for me?”

I looked at him.  “Like what?”

“I know it’s really weird but could you maybe go to the toilet and start jacking off.  I wanna walk in on you.”

“Ummm… how about I do it on my bed?  Would that work?  Say you’re just getting off work…”

“That’ll work like a charm.  You’d do that for me?”

“Sure, why not?  Just go to your room and let me get hard.  Then come back and catch me in the act.”

“That’s hot!” Corey said.  “You’re the best, you know it!”  We kissed for a moment before he headed out.  Once he was gone, I threw off my shorts and got naked on top of my bed.  It only took images of Corey to get my eight inches rock hard. 

The door opened with Corey being a great actor.  “Matt, what the fuck?” he asked.

My legs were spread wide and I was jacking my cock.  “OOO Corey, fucking knock next time, why don’t ya?”

He approached me while I tried to cover up.  “OO Matt, seeing you stroke that big fucking cock really turns me on.  Let me watch you stroke that cock, please!”

“Well… alright… I guess,” I said, playing.  I removed my hand and resumed stroking my cock.   I leaned back and began to moan with Corey watching.  I looked up to his jeans tented.

“So beautiful.  Stroke it, Matt!”

“It’d feel so much better with your hand…”

“Or my mouth,” he said.  The words were barely out before his mouth took my cock.  There was no acting now when I started to moan.  He was bobbing his wet mouth up and down my erect cock.  My hands found his head while he licked every inch and down to my nuts.

I continued to moan and offer encouragement.  Leaning back on my palms, he ran his hands all over my lower torso while taking what he could of my hard throbbing cock.   “Corey, I’m getting really close.”

Licking up my cock and circling his tongue on my head, “MMMM… I can really tell you are.”  He stopped and kissed me with an open mouth.  I reached down and pushed his jeans down as far as I could get them before unbuttoning them.  They hit the floor with his belt making a noise.  With both hands inside his boxers, I pulled them off.  My watering mouth gravitated to his hard cock.  My extended tongue got a taste before my mouth took his cock.  He reached down and began slowly face fucking me.

“OOO Matt, yes!”

“MMMM” was all that came out with his cock lodged in my mouth.  My hands found his ass while he increased the pace.  I moved one hand down to stroke my cock while enjoying his cock.   I watched his abs tighten and within seconds felt his warm load shooting down my throat.  Taking his load, my cock released and spewed cum all over me up to my chest. 

His limp cock exited my mouth before he used his tongue and fingers to scoop up my fluids.  Finished, his mouth found mine. 

“Damn Matt, I can’t tell you how much I love you.”

“I love you just as much, Corey.”

My head fell on his chest to rest and listen to his heart beat.  He ran his hands through my hair while we enjoyed this time together.  Once the haze and excitement of sex left me, I wondered just when I might see Kris.  Corey and I stayed naked on my bed and talked about various things including upcoming Valentine’s Day.  It was easy to see the day would be special with a room secured for us to enjoy quality alone time without being interrupted. 

Our time of peace was interrupted when Colt came to the door to see if Kris was around since he did try calling and didn’t get an answer.  He was brief about his date but said it went fairly well for a first date. 

Colt was about to leave when we got another knock.  Colt answered it to see Kris standing there.

“What the hell?” Colt asked.

“Matt told me to knock,” Kris replied, entering the room.  I tried to read his body language but couldn’t tell much.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“Well… I don’t know how to say this…” Kris said.

“Just tell us,” Colt said.

“You first tell me how your date went while I try to think of a way to explain mine,” Kris stated and grab his desk chair while Corey and I were in my bed now in our boxers.

“My date went pretty good…”

“I was used!” Kris blurted out.

“Used?” Corey asked.

“Just what do you mean by used?” Colt asked.

“Basically, she used me for sex…”

“At least you got some,” Colt said.

“Yeah, I got laid.  I was trying to be affectionate to enhance the situation.  She pushed me away and said I was okay in bed but nothing special like she expected I would be.   She thanked me and said she was satisfied though.  I just looked at her and asked what the fuck.  She said she was horny and needed a guy to fulfill that need.”

“Oh fuck dude!” Colt said. “Any chance of another date or do I have to even ask that?”

“Only if I’m horny as hell and wanna just get off,” Kris said, shaking his head.  “God, it feels awful but I guess I had it coming in a way.”

“Who says girls don’t use guys just like we use them is a goddamn lair,” Colt stated. “Kris, look on the bright side.  You got laid.”

“That’s the only good thing about it.  You talk about a dead fish in bed, look in the dictionary under dead fish and you’ll see her face.  Lord knows I tried my best.  I know now not to trust a girl that wants to jump in bed on the first date.  Believe it or not, it was her suggestion.”

“By what you’re saying, I actually believe you,” I said.

“I’ll chalk it up to experience,” Kris said.  “The sad part was she was hot and actually fun to be around.  Looking back, it may have been an act to get me in bed with her…”

“Now I bet you didn’t have to be asked twice though,” Colt laughed.

“Hell no,” Kris stated.


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