Posted:  March 2, 2011


Kris got his towel to dry off with and dressed in his shorts.  I swear he was getting bigger by the day with a really defined chest, rounded shoulders, defined biceps and triceps with a well designed tattoo around one, rock solid abs and that distinctive V-taper with nice cuts down into his shorts along with solid cut legs.  It seemed as though all of us had lost our razors over the weekend as well with all of us sporting facial hair growth.

“I think you enjoyed coaching,” I said to him.

“Matt, I really did.”

“I saw a guy who put others before himself too, Kris.”

“Ah, I wanted the others to play and not bitch about me putting myself into the game.  Actually, I about forgot all about playing.”

“You did make a great cheerleader.”

Colt opened our door, dressed only in his shorts.  “Y’all want anything from Wendy’s.  Kendall and Noah volunteered to go.”

“For sure,” Kris said and found his wallet.  “Tell em I want a grilled chicken sandwich.  Matt, do you want anything?”

“I’m good but thanks for asking.”

“Write it down, Kris,” Colt said.  Colt headed out with Jess, Scott, Bryson and Garrett piling into our room.

“Where’d Hayden run off to?” I asked Scott.

“He said he needed to least look at a book,” Scott replied. “That shit can wait.”

“Hell yeah it can,” Jess said with Alex and his roommate Justin entering the room.

“Justin, you missed an ass kicking,” Scott stated.

“I heard I did,” Justin said. “When’s the next game?”

“Thursday night at 8:30.  Right Coach Kris?” Colt said.

“It is.”

“If you need an extra, holler,” Justin stated.  “I’m not a great shooter but I can handle the ball a little.”

“Well then bring your ass on,” Bryson said. “I could have used a breather.”

“Dude, you were eating that shit up,” Alex said.

“He was.  Don’t let him fool ya,” Garrett said.

“I think the big man threw down,” Kris said.

Garrett smiled. “Hell yeah he did!” Scott said. “Bryson that was a sweet pass you made.”

“We’ve done it before,” Bryson said grinning from ear to ear.

They relived all of the game until Kendall and Noah came with the food.  That stopped the talking briefly.   By now, Tashaun and Khalid had joined us in our packed room.  While they were eating, Corey came down and slid next to me.  They had to share the key moments again with Corey.

“Next game, I’ll be there,” Corey stated.

“You can play if you want,” Kris said. “I don’t have to play.”

“Nah, it wouldn’t be fair,” Corey said. “If I didn’t work then I might.  I don’t know if I could hang with y’all.”

“Damn Corey, you could hang with us and give us another fresh fit body.  Every game, we’re pressing the shit out them,” Scott said.

“It would be nice if we could hit a few shots though,” Alex stated.  “I couldn’t hit shit tonight.”

“When have you ever?” Colt joked and got shoved by Alex.

“I guess with the snow melting classes are on for tomorrow,” I commented.

“Sad but true,” Kris said.  “I hate to say it but that’s the reason we’re all here.  I know I better keep my grades or else my parents will not be happy.”

“What was your GPA last semester?” Bryson asked.

“2.75, which for me wasn’t too bad.  Matt had a fucking 4.0,” Kris replied.

“Wow!  I thought Garrett was smart in hauling in a 3.6 where mine was a 3.0,” Bryson said.

“Better than my 2.5.  My parents weren’t happy at all,” Jess stated.

“Scott?” I asked.

“3.5,” he replied and smiled. “I’m smarter than I look.”

No shit!” Colt exclaimed.  “Better than my 2.25.”

We continued to talk about our grades.  Noah had a 4.0 like I did with Kendall having a 3.5.  Alex admitted it was a struggle for him and was happy with his 2.5.

At one with all of us still crammed in my room, I hated to be rude but I did have an eight o’clock class the next morning.   Everyone took the hint and left with no one mad or disappointed since we were together all night.

Kris and I hit the sack with the light on between us.

“Was that too rude?” I asked in my bed.

“Nah, you need your beauty rest.  Someone had to say it.”

“I did feel a little bad about it.”

“So what you were a bitch?  Speaking of bitches, how was Liz?”

“Fine I suppose.  She told me to tell you hi,” I replied.  “She was there to see some frat guys play.”

“I see.  I don’t guess my ass was good enough for her…”

“Kris, don’t say that.  I could see her looking over at you.  Maybe tonight she saw what she had been missing.”

“Matt, I’m about to the point where I don’t know if I’d even take her back.  It’s time to move on and find someone else.”

“You say that and will be with her in a heartbeat.  She just mentions you two having sex…”

Kris laughed, “You’re right there.”

“Kris, to change the subject, have you ever thought about going into coaching?  It looked so natural to you out there tonight.”

“Not really, Matt but now that you mention it; I did have the time of my life out there.  I didn’t think I would enjoy sitting on the sidelines but it was fun.”

“You should think about it.”

“I will but it was just one game,” Kris said.

“Yeah, I better get to sleep,” I said.

Classes the next day, Tuesday, were intense with the instructors/professors getting down to business with all of us students.  Being Tuesday, we headed to work out but I wasn’t that into like Kris, Corey and Colt.  It appeared I had hit a wall with my gains but Corey told me it was natural and to keep at it.  We were all about to head up to the room for the day when we saw an older man, early forties, milling around side our dorm and looking upward and at the front door.

Oh my god,” Bryson said quietly. “Everyone be cool. That’s my dad.”  He casually walked up behind the shorter man, which we all saw where Bryson got his height from.  “Looking for anyone, old man?”

“Well…” he said and turned around. “I’m not sure but I think I’ve found it.  Son, turn on your phone for once.”  The two exchanged a brief hug.

“It’s up in the room.  All of us went to work out, Dad.”

“I see now why you haven’t called as much or at home every weekend like last semester.  Your mom and I figured you had a girlfriend,” he stated.

“I wish.  Let’s go inside and then I’ll introduce to all my friends.  By the way Dad, what are you doing here other than checking up on me?”

“I was driving through and had a few hours to kill,” he replied with all of us behind them.  In the hall, we all introduced ourselves to Bryson’s Dad.  “Garrett, are you taking care of him?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Holland…”

“More like I’m taking care of his sorry… sorry butt,” Bryson stated.

“Son, could your father take you out to eat since I haven’t seen you in some time since your brother seems too busy right now? If they want, I would like to treat y’all to a nice meal if that is alright with them,” he said. “I would enjoy getting to know your new friends here, Bryson.”

“You bet it’s alright.  It’d be killer!” Kris spoke up.  “What time, sir?”

Mr. Holland looked at his watch.  “Say in about an hour.  I know it’s early but I will need to be back on the road shortly thereafter.”

Most agreed with me and Corey non-committal to the idea at the moment.  Kris, Corey and I headed to our room.

“That was very nice of Bryson’s Dad,” Kris said. “I hope he realizes what he just committed to.”

“I don’t think I’ll go,” Corey stated.

“I won’t either.  I had really big lunch.  Besides, I see my Dad and have dinner with him occasionally without ever inviting anyone else.  Kris, you go and fill us in.”

“I can’t believe you two would pass up a free meal.”

“Besides, I would like to spend a little time with Matt.”

“Yeah right,” Kris stated and laughed. “Any bets on who’ll drop the first f-bomb tonight?”

“Well… you,” I said and laughed.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Bryson but I wouldn’t put pass any of us since it’s a habit around without any parents around,” Kris stated.

“I’ll go with Scott,” Corey said.

“I may go with Corey’s guess.  The last thing I wanna do is embarrass Bryson in front of his dad.”

“I honestly think his dad was surprised to see him with all of us.  The way it sounded he and Garrett went home every weekend last semester,” Corey stated.

“It did sound that way.  There again, they all love us once they start hanging out with us,” Kris said.

“Don’t I know,” I commented.

“Kris, you’re the reason and have been since day one,” Corey said.

“I’m just being me.  So, Matt has me in our bet.  Corey has Scott and I have Bryson.  I know I’ll die laughing when the first person says fuck.”

“Just let us know,” I said laughing.

Kris dressed in his button up shirt and nice jeans.  He was out the door to leave us alone. 

“We have an hour or so to fuck,” Corey laughed.

“You horny dog, you.”

“Damn right I am and wanna use the opportunity while I can,” Corey stated.

“I would love it.  I’d be a damn fool to resist you.”

Our clothes went flying with me on top of Corey.  While kissing him, I reached down and grabbed our cocks together.  I grinded them together while we made out.  That had us raging hard and ready.  After releasing us, my finger found its way to Corey’s hole.  We broke the kiss with me fingering one hot ass.  Two fingers soon followed with Corey looking so pleasured and lightly moaning.  My tongue was next to enjoy his ass and his scent.

After donning a condom and applying lube, I threw his legs high in the air.  My hard cock slid along his crack to tease him and make him eager to take me.

“Matt, just fuck me!”

My cock slowly entered with the usual wince from Corey’s face.  He needed a kiss while I went deeper into him.  It was a privilege and honor to be fucking such a man.  We kissed passionately while I pumped my eight inches slowly into his warmth.  He grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper.

OOO yes Matt!”

Corey, you’re so fucking incredible!”

You feel so good in me.  Fuck me, Matt!  Let me feel that big dick!”

I leaned up and placed my hands near his sides.  I slid out completely and felt him reaching around to insert me back inside.  My pace was nice for both of us with our skin slapping together.  We were breathing hard with Corey moaning softly at each push. 

I moved over to fuck him on our sides.  I was against the wall with Corey’s defined muscular leg thrown over mine.  Once back in him, he turned his head for a kiss.  I continued our nice pace with my hand gravitating towards his cock.  I stroked him in rhythm with my thrusts. 

Matt, I love you so fucking much!”

I love so fucking much too!” 

Our tongues battled, my hand stroked, my bed squeaked and my cock thrusted. 

“Matt, I’m damn close!  Fuck the cum out of me!”

I leaned back and punished his ass.  He took over the stroking.  He groaned loudly and squeezed his ass.  He erupted onto my sheets while I busted in my condom. 

“Nothing better, is there?” Corey stated after we erupted and filled the room with smell of sex and a little sweat.

“Hell no.”  I slid slowly out.  We lay there with Corey in my arms. 

“We better get dressed before Kris and everyone else comes back,” Corey said.

“Tonight, he’s welcome but not the others.  There are other rooms they can congregate in beside ours for once.  I could simply hold you all night.”

“I’d let you too.”

We did clean up our mess and dressed in shorts before the door flew open without a knock.  Kris came in with Colt and Jess trailing behind.

“Colt won,” Kris stated and laughed. “He said fuck first.”

“Bryson’s dad was cool about it though,” Colt said. “At first, I was so embarrassed.  I wasn’t really thinking at the time since it’s such a habit here around everyone.”

“So, how’d it go?” I asked.

“Actually the food was okay.  He treated us to the Sizzler but it was steak.  No telling what our bill was…” Kris said.

“He offered,” Jess stated.

“Kris tonight, is there anyway everyone could find another room for a change?”

“Why Matt, don’t you love us being in here?” Colt asked.

“I really do but just not every night.”

“Alright then, be a fucking bitch,” Kris stated. “Stay here with Corey and get you some loving.  We’ll find somewhere else to hang out.  Don’t you come down there later, Matt and say you are bored.”

“Kris, you’re fucking pissed because one time I don’t want ten guys in our room.  You don’t have to worry about me showing up later either no matter how bored I get.”

“Damn, just chill.  It’s cool, guys,” Colt said.  “We’ll head to my room or somewhere.”

Kris slammed the door on his way out. 

“You got your point across, Matt.”

“It gets really old every night.  This is half my room too I hope he knows.”

Corey and I watched some TV together and laughed at American Idol, which I enjoyed but hadn’t caught much of so far.  The nicest part was we could lay together and enjoy each other without interference.  Corey left about eleven as we agreed a little study time wouldn’t hurt. 

Kris came in the door after midnight while I was ending my studies.  “I hope your ass is happy,” he said and pushed on the back of my head.

I got out of my chair.  “Kris, all I did was ask that you find somewhere else to hang out.  I don’t think that was asking too much.”

“Matt, I was just messing you.”

“Fine then,” I said.  “Anything exciting happen?”

“What do you care in the first place?”

“Sorry I asked.  Kris, occasionally I just get tired of everyone in here.”

“Is it about our snacks again?”

I laughed, “No but who cleans up after they leave?”

“I see now.  You’re pissed because everyone makes a mess.”

“Kris, it really doesn’t bother me that much.  Just every once in a while, we can hang out in other people’s room.  I know you love having everyone here…”

“Yeah, I get a place to sit,” Kris laughed.

I laughed, “So are we clear now?”

“Yeah, I guess but it was nothing to get your panties in a wad about,” Kris said.

“I wasn’t the one who got pissed off,” I said.  Kris charged and tackled me onto my bed.  He started tickling me and wrestling with me.  He moved close and for a second there I swear I thought he was going to kiss me.

Kris jumped off me in a heartbeat.  “Holy shit!”

“Kris, don’t tell me…”

“Matt, it was nothing like that… honestly dude… I don’t know what hit me just then.  I’m sorry… really I am,” Kris said and moved to his bed.  “Damn, I really need a girlfriend in the worst way.  I almost fucking kissed you for no reason.  Don’t you dare tell Corey I did that shit.  I would never ever wanna come between you two ever.  God, what the fuck was I doin’?”

“Kris, I wouldn’t dare tell Corey in a million years.  Maybe you aren’t as straight as you think…”

“Matt, I am goddammit!  I’m fucking straight as hell… well except one drunken night I never wanna relive again.”

“Kris, I wasn’t offended by it in the least…”

“Of course you weren’t.  Matt, let’s forget that ever happened.”

“Kris, you don’t follow through so it doesn’t count,” I said trying to rationalize what had happened in my own mind as well as appease Kris.

“Yeah, we’re just best friends but almost… fuck!” Kris screamed.

“Kris, I do love you but like a brother.  I don’t love you romantically like I do Corey.  I kiss my mom on the lips…”

“Matt, I know you’re trying to help me but just stop it.  I nearly fucked up again with you.  Maybe next semester we don’t need to room together.”

“Yes we do, Kris.  I do wanna live with Corey but I want you and whoever in the next room.”

“I don’t think so.  I don’t know if I could handle that.”

“You handle us pretty well now.  We need each other.”

“Maybe we do.  I handle you well now because I don’t see or hear you and Corey fucking or blowing each other,” Kris said.  He lowered his head and was rubbing it, “What did I do?”

“Sit over there and beat yourself up if you want.  No one brief attempt or does one night of sex with me and Corey make you gay like you’re thinking right now.”

Kris raised his head.  “Damn, you are fucking physic.”

“No, I know you far too well and know what you’re thinking.  Kris, my suggestion is to call Liz and just see if maybe she’s reconsidered.”

“I can’t do that Matt.”

“Fine then.  Sit there and think you’re becoming gay. Go down and fuck Scott or Jess or whoever wants to hook up with you and prove that you are gay like me.  I don’t care if you are gay.  We can talk about how really cute guys are…”

“I get your point, Matt.  I’ll push my pride away and see what happens even if I embarrass the living shit out of myself.  I’ve wanted to do it anyway and needed a little push. Now, can we forget what happened?”

“You bet.  Nothing really happened though Corey might get pissed if I told him no matter what we think.”

“Just once though, I wanna see that dude get pissed off…”

“I don’t ever wanna see that.  I don’t think he knows his own strength just like you don’t, Kris.”

“You’re right.  We could destroy someone.  I’m lucky I haven’t.”


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