Posted:  February 19, 2011

Nudging Corey in the side, we woke up in his friend’s apartment.  Corey softly kissed me on the lips.

“Remind us to do this again sometime,” Corey stated. "Matt, I don't have to tell you how great you were last night."

“It was pretty sweet. Corey, you were great as ever.  I have one hell of a lover."

“No doubt they heard us last night.  This damn headboard nearly knocked down that wall with you banging my ass last night but Trey and Towson sounded like they were enjoying some great sex as well.”

“They did with their bed knocking against the wall. I guess they couldn’t let us show them up.”

Corey smiled, “I don’t guess not.”

We kissed for a few minutes with me perched on top of my boyfriend.  His hands found my bare ass while we made out.  Before going at it again, we got up and dressed.  Opening the door we saw the two sitting on the couch in their underwear.  Trey was fit as hell whereas Towson was about as average as they came with a very hairy chest and stomach.

“I see the two lovers are up,” Trey commented.

“Sorry about that headboard in there.  It does get noisy as hell,” Towson laughed.

It does,” Corey laughed as well.

“Nothing wrong with showing a little love to each other.  That’s the advantage of having a boyfriend, huh guys?” Trey said.

“It is,” I said with a big smile. “The sheets are off and sitting in the corner.  Thanks for everything.”

“Yeah dudes, thanks.  It was fucking tight!” Corey said.

“Anytime,” Towson said. 

“We’re out of here,” Corey said.  We exchanged goodbyes with Towson hugging us goodbye. 

We were back at the dorm on this Monday, a school holiday for MLK Day.  Corey had plenty of time to prepare for work.  Opening the door to my room after being away was always an adventure.  I never knew what to expect.  Kris was asleep with my bed empty.  He woke when I shut the door.

“Thanks bitch for waking my ass up,” Kris said and stretched.

“Sorry about that,” I said. “It wasn’t on purpose.”

“Matt, you didn’t hear this from me but we have a few druggies among us.  They broke out the pills right after you left.”


“For one, our neighbors are big time into prescription meds.  Emmm… Bryson I think enjoys them as well.”

“Did you take any?”

“Nah, I didn’t.  I have before but wasn’t in the mood at the time.  Wanna hear something really awesome?”

“No,” I smiled. “Is it more juicy gossip?”

“Juan bought last night and didn’t get carded.  We may have another outlet though he said we should try on our own sometimes and see.  I know the perfect person that looks older than 21.”

“I know without a doubt it’s not me…”

“Corey, dude.  I swear the dude looks 25.”

“Maybe,” I said. “How about you?  Let your goatee grow out and see what happens.”

Kris rubbed his stubbly face, “I might give it try.  What’s it going to hurt?”

Feeling the need for something to snack on, I went over and opened the cabinets.  Nothing was there.  I looked around in more drawers.

“We got the munchies last night,” Kris commented.

“Fucking shit, Kris!  Those weren’t cheap!”

“Chill, Matt!  We can buy more.”

“Still, everyone comes down and feast on our shit!  I’m not fucking loaded!”

“Fuck dude, I’ll buy more.  Don’t get your panties in a wad over it.”

“I’m just pissed because I bought them just yesterday.  Here they come down and eat everything in sight,” I said.  “From now on, our snacks are ours.  They can bring their own shit!”

Kris got out of bed and threw on his clothes.  “To please you, I’m going to get fucking more, alright!  Damn, sometimes you are such a fucking bitch!”

“I’m a fucking bitch whenever someone takes my shit!”

“I’m going… I’m going.  Stay here and chill, dude!” Kris slammed our door leaving.  I watched TV until he returned about an hour later.  He threw down the sacks.  “Here, are you fucking happy now?”

“Yes, I am,” I said.

“I don’t see why you have to get all pissed off over something so trivial like them eating our food,” Kris stated.

“I did because we try to keep some for us.  Then when we want some, they are all gone.”

“Whatever?” Kris said. “It was nothing to blow up over though.”

“Maybe it wasn’t but I made my point wouldn’t you say?”

“That you did,” Kris stated.  He put away our things and hide them this time. 

Nothing happened for the rest of our holiday or that night.  I didn’t mind at all but wasn’t anti-social about it.  I saw Corey for just a minute and let him do his thing.

My alarm early on Tuesday signaled another start of classes.  Other than working out at the Rec Center and getting a schedule of intramural games, the day was like most except for the fact Corey and I had dinner with my dad and Gloria.  It was very nice and quite tension free.  Slowly, I think Dad is growing to accept me.

Wednesday’s classes were about the same except the fact Scott, Michael and I attended a lab that afternoon as our professor said we should to stay up with everyone else since it was scheduled for Mondays.  I entered my room and saw Hayden talking with Kris and Colt. 

“Matt, I need you to go with me to Scott’s room,” Hayden said. “I’m gonna see if there is hope left for us.  If not, so be it.  It’s completely my fault.”

“Hayden, I think it would be best if you went alone.  You need to privately explain your situation and hope for the best,” I said.

“Matt, he needs your support,” Kris said.

“He’s a big boy and needs to do it with no one around,” I said.  “If you need me, holler.”

“Fine then. I’ll go it alone and see what happens,” Hayden said.

“Scott will not hurt you if that’s what you’re scared off,” I said.

“What are my chances?”

“Good,” Kris said.

“I don’t have a clue but good luck,” I said.

Hayden left the room and appeared rather nervous.  I had no idea what Scott would do and stopped trying to guess what he’d do. I really liked Scott but he does fly by the seat of his pants at times.

“Do ya think we’re getting any of that snow they are calling for on Sunday?” Colt asked.

“Knowing this weather, probably not,” I replied.

“Matt, think positively dude.  Think how fucking tight that would be to get like a foot of snow,” Kris said.

“I stop getting my hopes up by our weathermen back home.  Every time I’d physic myself up to be out of school, it’d never come.”

“It will.  Just wait,” Colt stated.  He threw in a dip and tossed the can to Kris.  Kris threw one in as well while I sat at my desk.

“Colt,” Kris said and spit into a bottle. “Don’t fuck with our snacks any more.”

“Why not?”

“Matt threw a bitch fit we ate all of em Sunday night.  I had to go out and restock before he started crying like a pussy.”

“I wasn’t going to cry but I was pissed off.  I was hungry and knew there were snacks here.” 

“Here was about to get up and find something to eat.”

“You can if you want to,” Kris said. “I paid for the shit.  Eat whatever you want.”

“I was,” Colt spit into the bottle, “fucking with Matt.”

I did have to laugh.  For a change, I decided to play a game on our system.  I was right in the middle when I got a text message from Scott.  I handed off the controller and left the room.

The door was open with Scott sitting on his bed in his shorts sagged low on his cut hips.

“So, how’d it go?” I asked.

“It went okay but I don’t have a clue what to do, Matt.  I heard his excuse…”

“Do you believe him?”

“I do.  I can see where he’s coming from and all.  Matt, what do you think of an open relationship if I were to get Hayden to agree to it?”

“Whoa! I don’t know Scott.  Are you sure about that?”

“It works for my brother…”

“He says it does but does it really?  Why would you even think about it?”

“I wanna keep my options open around here.  Matt, I’ll tell you this since you kept Hayden’s secret so well.  Oh, he just knew I knew and appreciates that you didn’t say anything…”


Scott sat up straight.  “I’ve kinda been a little slutty lately around here.  Sunday night… well… I… ummm… had a threesome with Stephan and Grayson.”


“It was hot as fuck though, Matt. You talk about two hot fucks.  Those two know what the hell they are doing sexually.  That Grayson can suck a dick like you wouldn’t believe.  You should be a little more open with Corey and try different things.”

If only he knew how open we had been and tried new things.  “That is you, Scott.”

“I know.  I just don’t wanna be pinned down.  Say Juan or Jess wants to have sex with me?”

“You can always say no.”

“I know that but damn it is so hot.”

“I just hope you are using protection in all of this.”

“Duh, I am, Matt.  Have you and Corey done it bareback yet?”


“Why not?  You’re both faithful to each other.”

“I’m not comfortable with it, Scott for one.  There may be a day when we do when I’m totally ready to go that step.”

“You don’t have to cum in his ass or shit like that, you know?”

“I know that but there are still risks involved.”

“So is sucking dick without a condom, too.”

“You’re right there.  That would be odd though.”

“Tell me about it.  It just wouldn’t be the same.”

Scott and I continued to talk about things associated with an open relationship. I gave him my honest opinion in most cases but Scott could make it work if anyone could.  We tossed about the pros and cons until Kris came down.  Scott told him in general terms what went down before we both asked if there was any word from Liz.  There wasn’t much to Kris’s chagrin.

That night not much happened other than the guys heading to Rec Center in preparations for their basketball games.  It gave me time to study and stay on top of things with a demanding class schedule on my agenda for the semester.

Thursday, I did look forward to my class and talking to Hayden.  We sat next to each other but really didn’t get to say much before class started.  When class was over, we headed out the door.

“Matt, what are my chances with Scott?” Hayden asked.

“Hayden, I don’t know,” I replied.

“Yes you do.  Tell me if I waited too long.  I think I can handle it.”

“You may have waited too long but there’s still a chance.  You never know with Scott though.  Either way won’t surprise me.”

“God I hope he will take me.  If nothing else, I miss hanging out with everyone at your dorm.  That is a small reason why I wanna get back with him.  My social life here sucks ass now but it was my doings.”

“Hayden, either way good luck to ya.  If not Scott, I’m sure there are others here that would love to date you.”

“We’ll see about that.  See ya, Matt!”

The first thing I did when I got back was talk to Scott.  He had made up his mind that he would under the condition they have an open relationship.  I wanted to tell him how I felt but held off in expressing my opinion.  I guess more than anything I felt for Hayden and knew he would accept Scott’s terms since he sounded desperate and lonely.

Friday the talk around campus and on the floor was not if it was going to snow but how much.  Most sounded like they’d never seen snow.  Come to find out, Kendall and Noah hadn’t that much neither had Bryson and Garrett. 

After working out, Kris and I came back to our room. 

“Matt, I’m going to try to go and buy some beer tonight,” Kris stated.

“Good luck with that.”

“They say it ain’t that hard.  You just need to be lucky and get the right clerk.  It’ll be better than having to beg others to do it,” Kris said. “Besides with my chin hair, I may be able to pull it off.”

“I think your attitude might as well.”

“I know I’ll be nervous as hell but I really wanna see if I can buy.  If I don’t, do you think Corey might give it try?  We need some beer up in here with all the snow they are predicting.”

“I don’t know if he would or not.”

“I bet he would if I said I’d fuck him again,” Kris laughed.

“Kris, don’t even think about that.  I can’t believe you even said that.”

“I was just joking.  One time in the other world was enough for me and more than satisfied that little curiosity.”

“Kris of all the people around here, you can have a good time with or without any alcohol in your system.  We’ve made many weekends before without it.  We may be pressing our luck with Rick.  One day, he’s going to have enough and drop the hammer on us.”

“I still wanna try for the adventure of it.”

“Good luck,” I said.

“So do you think it’ll work between Scott and Hayden?”

“Who knows?” I said shaking my head. “If nothing else, Scott was more settled down if you know what I mean.”

“I know what you mean.  I was that way with Liz though.”

“Do you miss not having her around?”

“I just miss one thing,” Kris laughed.

Well, your hand has been doing the trick every night.”

“Still… it’s nothing like fucking someone.”


Kris headed out the door for his first try or what he claims to be his first try at buying.  Knowing Kris and his boldness, he may have attempted it in high school a time or two to be part of the group.  Back home, they sounded stricter about carding than they do here.  It is surprising they have tried before now.

Just a few minutes later, Scott came in the door holding Hayden’s hand.  They really did make such a cute couple and looked hot together with Hayden’s low rise jeans sagged low as were Scott’s jeans.  Scott was dressing nicer since this semester started but I don’t know if it was to garner attention or opening up more.

“I don’t even have to say a word, do I?”

“Nope,” Scott said. “Dude, make up sex is the fucking bomb!”

“I know,” Hayden said.

“I have to agree but I only wanna do it once with Corey.”

“Just get into a fight and then fuck like dogs,” Scott said laughing while he and Hayden sat on Kris’s unmade bed.

“Matt, I really have missed so much.  Scott has tried to fill me in on everything…”

“How’s Kris and Liz?” Scott asked with arm around Hayden’s waist.

“There’s really nothing to report.  I don’t think Liz has called or anything.  Kris hasn’t said if she did.”

“Where is he?” Scott asked.

I laughed, “Get this. He’s out trying to buy beer.”

“I sure hope he can. That’d be fucking tight if we can get a few.  I know Juan can but his hours are really fucked up,” Scott stated.

“How does he like his job?”

“He likes it and gives him money.  I think he’s like Corey and misses hanging around us.  Matt, I feel for the dude.  Now with his grandmother gone, he really doesn’t have shit.”

“Yeah, I was afraid of that.  I’d be the same way if something happened to my mom.”

“So, you wanna bet whether Kris scores or not?”

“I’d say a dollar he doesn’t,” I said.

“I say he does,” Scott said.

“I’m with Scott.  He’ll talk em into it even if he does get carded,” Hayden stated. 

“I see you still remember Kris,” I said.

“Of course, I do,” Hayden said.  “It does feel so great being back.  I just hope one day I can get up the courage to tell my parents.  I know how they will react so it may be a while.  In the meantime, I’m gonna go with the flow and not worry about it.”

“Ummm… the open relationship?” I asked.

“We’ve talked about it and are going to see how it goes.  I told Hayden everything Matt.”

“Matt, I understand Scott’s situation as long as I’m put first in line,” Hayden stated.

“It was hotter though, Hayden.  There were feelings besides just sex,” Scott said to him.

“I know and I love that feeling of closeness when Corey and I are intimate.  There’s no greater feeling in the world.”

“Nope better than fucking weed,” Scott said.

The door opened…


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